Denzel Washington partied too hard during his vacation, so he went to rehab


I’ve always thought Denzel Washington had everything in his life in order, you know? You never hear about him on the gossip level (except for all of the people who say he’s unpleasant in real life). He’s happily married, his kids are grown and they’ve all gone to college and seem to keep on the straight and narrow. Denzel works consistently in film and theater and no one is ever like, “This dude is a mess.” But every year, Denzel and his wife rent a yacht and sail around for their summer vacation. And after this year’s yacht-tastic vacation, Denzel came to the realization that he’s a mess, so he checked into to some kind of rehab. Isn’t that weird? Denzel would have been on my list of “people I never thought would have a problem with drugs or alcohol.”

Denzel Washington just left an Orange County residence where he was staying for more than 2 weeks to detox after a wild, alcohol-fueled, gluttonous month-long vacation … TMZ has learned. Sources connected with the actor tell TMZ Denzel was on a yacht during the month of July with his wife … and was partying and partying hard.

When he returned to L.A. … our sources say Denzel went to the OC residence where he had professionals help him “detox.”

One source says this was more than just alcohol … it was an overall cleanse for toxins. In addition to the professional who supervised the detox, we’re told Denzel had a nutritionist, a trainer and a chef. Denzel we’re told is out and back on his game.

[From TMZ]

What’s the line between “an awesome summer vacation on a yacht” and “sh-t, y’all, I was blackout drunk for one month straight”? I suspect the answer differs for everybody. And I guess we should give Denzel credit for being self-aware enough to understand he had crossed over that line and he went to get help on his accord. Like, he wasn’t arrested or anything and this wasn’t court-ordered. Isn’t this the way it should be? That being said, I don’t think two weeks is much of rehab. Maybe he’s doing more of an outpatient thing.


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  1. Seapharris7 says:

    Sounds like he just went to a Hangover Spa

    • Liv says:

      He was on vacation with his wife and then needed a rehab? What’s wrong with this world? This is either super crazy or there’s more to the story.

      • Fan says:

        A one to two week detox is usually required before a patient enters rehab. Many rehabilitation facilities have both detox and rehab at the same location. However, there are a lot of rehabs where the patient has to stay at a detox facility first for 1-2 weeks before entering the rehab. In the case of heavy alcohol use, heroin, etc detox first is mandatory. Detox is monitored 24/7 by a nurse and a Doctor comes often and is on call. A detox facility has a really low patient to staff ratio.

      • Liv says:

        Thanks for the info. My point is: why was his wife with him (obviously about quite some time) and he partied that hard that he has to go to rehab now? I think there’s more to the story. He’s either addicted for longer than this summer or he didn’t spend much time with his wife or she’s addicted herself. Otherwise this story makes no sense in my opinion.

    • StormsMama says:

      Yup. He wanted someone to help his get back in shape and keep him in line and accountable. But comfortably.

    • MyHiddles says:

      It wasn’t rehab, it was just a spa.

  2. Sullivan says:

    It sounds like he ate too much, drank too much, and did “toxins” too much. Two weeks is more like a cleanse than rehab.

    • Olenna says:

      Agree. He probably binges on food and liquor between movies, then pays someone to get him cleaned-up for the next shoot. Such is the lifestyle of the rich and famous…

    • Sugar says:

      Yes, I agree. He did a spa cleanse. I don’t think this had anything to do with rehab. He just needed a vacation after his vacation.

  3. Luca26 says:

    Good for him.
    However there has always been a ton of gossip about his alleged affairs on black gossip sites and he comes off like the kind of sanctimonious prig that would cheat for decades while presenting a family man image.

    • Frida_K says:

      I’ve read that too. Based on what I’ve read over the years, he sounds like he’s not pleasant at all AND he has a total wandering dong.

  4. Rusty Machine says:

    Denzel stays cheating on his wife. All day every day. Rumor is that she knows and doesn’t care. That’s their business.

    Is this actually rehab? Sounds more like an actual detox. A bunch of fresh juice, fresh veggies, and water.

  5. Detritus says:

    Sounds like he gained a bunch of vacation weight and felt like crap. Good for him for taking care of it. I wish I could go to a detox spa every time I felt a little messy.

  6. Brittney B says:

    Am I missing something? The article (and even the TMZ headline) doesn’t say anything about rehab. He didn’t even go to a rehab center, just a “residence”… so basically, someone’s house? Or is it more than that?

    Sounds to me like he just needed to cleanse his system after a particularly indulgent vacation.

  7. maybeiamcrazy says:

    I guess it is more of a detox. I can go without touching the stuff for months ang get shitfaced a week straight. Maybe it is the same for him. So he wanted to cleanse his body for health reasons. Good for him.

  8. Leaflet says:

    Denzel recognized that he had an issue and dealt with it like any other mature person. I know Chaka Khan mistakenly became addicted to narcotics after the doctor prescribed her some to treat her body pains. She eventually realized that she was becoming addicted to them and sought help. This is what mature people do. I don’t believe that Denzel is an irresponsible guy. It’s like when one realizes something is beginning to have a bad impact on their life, one takes measures to try and prohibit that thing from destroying them.

  9. snowflake says:

    sounds to me like rehab, but his pr is trying to make it sound like some get healthy thing.

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    Maybe it wasn’t his idea to go…maybe wifey, after seeing D going wild, told him, rehab or half your money, darling!!! Just kidding….whatever happened, I’m glad he got help…

  11. Lucy2 says:

    Sounds like a detox spa kind of thing.
    I’ve heard rumors about his marriage too.

  12. TX says:

    A friend of mine grew up down the street from Denzel (his dad was an NBA player), and from what he has heard, not only does DW cheat but that he has a child with one of his side pieces

    • taxi says:

      Sana’a Lathan is his baby-mama.

      • andypandy says:

        Sanaa does NOT have any kids , Sanaa and Eva Mendez were his costars in “Out Of Sight ‘ when the rumor broke that he was fooling around on Set Sanaa got the blame But is was Eva who had just been with him In Training Day and then he got her this Gig in his next movie and helped her Get The role in Hitch with Will Smith who is his friend
        In the meantime Sanaa had already built up an impressive resume Best Man , Love & Basket, Brown Sugar etc BEFORE doing that one movie with Denzil and hasn’t worked with him since

  13. Audrey says:

    Good for him for getting help

    My mom will not get help for her alcohol issues and it’s so hard on family to see their loved one suffer. At least he wasn’t forced into it. We have no idea how to get our mom to go for help and it’s so hard and scary

    • Leaflet says:

      @ Audrey,
      I’m so sorry to hear that. When my mother finally left her husband, she began dating a guy who was an alcoholic. When he moved in with us he became very violent, and the experience was an absolute horrible one. Unfortunately, people have to want the help, or else they can’t really be helped. “You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.”

    • siri says:

      @Audrey: Unfortunately, your mother needs to acknowledge it as a problem herself. It is indeed scary to witness, how long people can ignore it, and postpone to take any steps. How promises are made, and broken. It’s a serious disease though, please always try to keep that in mind, as hard as it will be for you at times. There’s ALWAYS help, but the hard work has to be done by the person addicted, and it’s a lifelong process. I truly wish you strength. And please do not forget to take care of yourself first!

    • kri says:

      @Audrey. I am so sorry for your family. I work with recovering addicts, and all I can say is that it is always up to the addict. That may not be a popular thing to say, but it is true. That person must be ready and must truly want to quit. They must be prepared to work and suffer through it. That is the honest truth. But I also believes there is always hope, and it can be done. Addicts hold alot of power over others, but because of their disease, they cannot see clearly. You and your family sound like you are willing to anything to help. Take care of and support each other, and let your mom know when she is ready, when she can face the truth, you guys will be with her. Peace to all of you.

      • Audrey says:


        It’s a longtime issue which she avoids with excuses

        It’s getting worse though cause she inherited a large sum of money so she doesn’t bother staying sober enough to keep a job

        We’re stuck and waiting and hoping that she’ll get sober

    • Aotearovian says:

      I’m really sorry about your situation, Audrey. I would recommend Al-Anon if you haven’t explored that already.

  14. Black Veronica Lake says:

    Sanaa lathan has been his side woman for years. No body is shocked when it comes to Denzel.

  15. eliza says:

    Wait, no one is going to rant about Denzel polluting the environment by being on a yacht like they do everyone else???

  16. Josefa says:

    2 weeks is deffo not rehab. It’s just a fancy detox. Good for him, though, if I had the money I’d probably do the same.

    I like Denzel. He’s a talented actor and if those rumors about his affairs and unpleasant personality are true… well, at least he’s discreet. If he were on Charlie Sheen’s level of douche we’d all know about it.

  17. LAK says:

    Given the co-opting of the word ‘partying’ by those who mean ‘drugs’, does this mean Denzel is a druggie?

    Or should we take the use of said word at face value and assume he simply had a fantastic vacation that probably included alittle too much food and wine and he needed to check in somewhere for a little R and R.

    • T.C. says:

      Sounds more like a whole body detox and diet than Rehab. Druggie Rehab would need to be more than 2 weeks and require health professionals to make sure you don’t die while getting off the stuff.

      Whatever he does in his private life I’m glad it’s not so blatant to embarrass his wife and kids. All these famous guys cheat.

  18. Talie says:

    His public image is reportedly very much at odds with who he is privately… and that doesn’t even include the rumors of affairs, illegitimate children, etc…

  19. Liz says:

    He looks like a miserable man. He gives off very negative energy.

    • Josefa says:

      I know, right? I find him a very good actor, but I’ve never liked looking at pictures of him in red carpets or whatever. He always looks so unhappy.

  20. FingerBinger says:

    It doesn’t sound like Denzel is in rehab. It sounds like he’s at a place where he’s drinking green juice,getting massaged and maybe a mani/pedi.

  21. Izzy says:

    Life together? Meh, hardly. He’s well-known for a wandering dong. I have a friend who used to work as an event planner for celebrity-packed events, and she had plenty of gossip. Word she got from several random groupies that she had unfortunately had to deal with was, DW was a man-ho and his package was… um… less than impressive.

    Shame he’s such a douchenozzle. He’s a talented actor.

  22. sean says:

    By “vacation”, you mean the last 20-30 years right?

  23. Jaded says:

    This guy’s image and what he’s really like is a total dichotomy. My BFF’s ex-husband who was very high up in PR for the American Air Force knew him from a number of charitable and promotional things the AF was involved with. Said he was really arrogant and chased women constantly. God love his long-suffering wife for putting up.

  24. Ag says:

    I’m kind of surprised. I guess I naively expect the younger celebrities to be messes, but the older ones to have $hit under control, at least publicly.

  25. Diana amos says:

    Aging gracefuly

  26. Kim1 says:

    Duh Denzel does this before he starts a new film project.He does a cleansing including a colon cleansing.
    As for Sanaa he hasn’t been with her in years.I’m sure he has young side pieces.

    • Gypsy says:

      Don’t tell the Tabloids but that’s the smart thing to do for a man of his age.
      According to Denzel: He’s about to start a new film that requires he loses/gains weight so he gets a cleanse and a full medical workup and consult with diet professionals, before meeting with the movie insurance medical team.
      Denzel has done this before and every time he does it Tabloids say the same thing. His real problem is, he’s a slob, he allows himself to get fat the when he has a film role he goes on these supervised crash diets.

  27. Genuine says:

    I’ve wondered about him before. I remember reading an interview where he said he hasn’t been a saint in his marriage and that his wife put up with him very well. I think it was minor stuff – physical infidelity probably – not like a full blown affair. Otherwise his marriage seems solid. Also, he seems a little bored in his career. He’s always getting the single guy takes on the world type roles…I love watching his films when they arrive on DVD though.

    • Bridget says:

      A lot of those roles were because he liked working with Tony Scott, and they did a lot of those types of movies together.

  28. Brionne says:

    I don’t find him to be arrogant at all. He exudes exactly what a highly paid box office drawing leading man should be: self confident with a killer smile.

  29. Jayna says:

    He’s in the top five of my favorite actors of all time. He always gives a great performance.

    If I couldn’t stand leading men and/or women who cheated or could be assholes in private at times, I would be missing out on some of the best movies ever made. Hell, even funnyman Bob Hope was a notorious cheater. It’s their business, not mine. Maybe they have an understanding. His wife doesn’t strike me as a shrinking violet type. Shirley MacLaine was on Oprah once and said it went on all the time on location. Even Meryl Streep was rumored to have cheated. Just give me great performances and act appropriately in public, which I’ve always enjoyed his interviews and TV appearances on interview shows. He always gives his wife credit for how the children turned out, not himself since he was away on location for movies often. His son is at Penn State and is on the football team. He sounds very proud of their children and they don’t sound like Hollywood brats. It seems like he is a good father.

    Johnny Carson was a cheater, a d’ck in private, a mean drunk, but he was the best late night talk show host there ever was