Christina Hendricks vs January Jones: who had the best red gown at the Emmys?


Christina Hendricks arrived on the red carpet early so her red Marchesa dominated early fashion conversation. Some of you liked this Marchesa on her (I think CB liked it). I did not. One, it’s Marchesa which always looks cheap once you see the full-length look. I joked that bad, ill-fitting skirts were part of the Marchesa Signature, and here you go. I guess the dress is taffeta and that’s why the skirt looks that way? So, basically, this is a prom dress for the bustiest ginger in high school. I don’t mind the gold Neil Lane jewelry but I do mind the hair. This is not red carpet hair!!!


I do not understand how my favorite icy bitch and high-fashion drama queen January Jones got it so wrong. I think the mom bangs are throwing her off. The mom-bangs – which she tried to make “high fashion” by adding grease/product – are the worst part of what is a pretty boring look. The gown is Prabal Gurung and I really don’t like it. The red is a weird shade, the train is too much and the fit is off in the bust (it’s sitting too low, probably because the skirt is too heavy). AND THE BANGS. Ugh. You changed, January.



Jessica Paré in Lanvin. It’s a dress that manages to have a vintage flair while still being “just another boring black dress.” I think it’s the girl wearing the dress, right? I’m so glad Jessica/Megan Draper is (SPOILERS) off of Mad Men now. Good riddance.


Kiernan Shipka is growing up! She’s a young lady now and she’s still showing child actors/teen actors how to do age-appropriate red carpet looks. Kiernan wore this Antonio Berardi – very pretty.


Teyonah Parris looked fab – she plays Dawn, Don Draper’s former secretary and now the new office manager of SCDP. She really wanted to make a big statement and she did in this bright Christian Siriano gown. I really like this.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. in_theory says:

    January Jones’ dress is nice, the shape reminds me of a dress Diane Kruger once wore to great effect. And as much as I like Christina Hendricks – I just hate it when redheads wear red, it clashes so badly.

    Teyonah Parris looks the best of all, I think. Those colours!

    • jessica6 says:

      I rather like January Jones’ gown too, although I’d opt for less material at the bottom so it wouldn’t be as sweeping as that. Too much volume for my taste, but I like the simplicity of it. Her gown sort of reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara’s ripping down the curtains at Tara to make the dress she wore to visit Rhett at jail to ask for the 300 dollars for the back taxes on Tara!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree about Christina in red. A lot of redheads look good in red, but she doesn’t. I’m blonde, and while many blondes look fabulous in red, I can only wear one shade without looking like I forgot my coffin. She needs to come to grips with the fact that she can’t wear it, either.

  2. hutter says:

    January’s dress reminds me too much of the blue Versace she wore a couple of years ago. It’s a different colour and from what I remember the Versace was a mullet dress but it feels so samey.

    And Christina’s hair is offensive.

    • atrain says:

      Agreed – that was my first thought about January’s dress. Strange to basically repeat the same dramatic dress style of a few years back.

      And both January and Christina’s hair is offensive.

  3. Kiddo says:

    Teyonah Parris wins. And how refreshing to see her big wide confident beautiful smile, instead of posing like she smells something rancid or is angry?

  4. Francis says:

    I like January’s dress now that I’ve seen it from all views. She’s beautiful, not wild about the bangs, but I actually like the dress on her.
    Christina Hendricks dress looks ok on her, better than in the past years, it suits her figure, she’s a beautiful woman, but the gold color on the waist gathering ,it’s a bit too much but Christina is a lovely looking lady.

    I actually like Jessica Pare’s dress and Tenoyah Parris looks stunning, I think she looks best of all the Mad Men actresses.

    Kiernan looks very sweet , my only complaint is the color washes her out , but the dress is pretty, I just wish she had a bit of color somewhere, it just looks all to grey in photos.

    Where is Peggy? 🙂

  5. Petrichor says:

    I actually like January’s dress the best. The skirt is big, but the dress is kind of pretty.

    Christina looks uncomfortable, and I agree– her hair is awful.

    Kiernan looks very pretty and age-appropriate, but her posture is terrible! I love her hair, though. It looks really soft and pretty.

  6. Linn says:

    I like the dress of January Jones better than Christina’s. I’m just not sure if I like it on her.

    The dress of Teyonah Parris is everything I would usually hate, but somehow it works for her.

  7. Hissyfit says:

    Parris looks the best here. Kendrick’s hair looks greasy and gross and she’s got too much gold accessories going on that made her look like a hot mess. Jones’ dress is cute, she pulled it off very well.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      “Hot mess” exactly describes Christina. She looks like she’s falling apart. Maybe that’s her idea of sexy – “Hey guys, in two seconds I can be naked!”

  8. lower-case deb says:

    i thought Jan Jones was Taylor Swift for a moment there….

    Teyonah wins it for me in this post!
    what a breath of fresh colors!

  9. kibbles says:

    January and Christina show that hair can make or destroy one’s entire ensemble. Christina would have looked glam had she not had a horrible middle part and flat hair at the top. I’m surprised because I’ve never seen her hair this bad. It’s as if she just stepped in from a rainstorm.

    January’s gown isn’t pretty but I looked at the photo with my finger over her face and the dress itself became much nicer. Her hair is atrocious.

    Kiernan has so much class and is so put together. You know that her parents keep her grounded and are making sure she is dressed age appropriately for every red carpet she is on.

    Teyonah looks nice. I would have never thought I’d like a dress in that type of neon green color but she pulls it off. I still think it would have looked nicer in a different color.

  10. Marianne says:

    I really liked Teyonah’s dress. There was lots of pictures where she was fluffing the train out and stuff and she seemed to be having lots of fun with it.

  11. DanaG says:

    It’s not just me then I thought Christina looked awful that dress was so wrong on her and January just looked bad. The dress reminds me off a quilt and she needs to drop the bangs.

  12. Emma33 says:

    I think Teyonah’s dress was my favorite of the night. I also saw photos where she was fluffing the train out and it looked amazing.

  13. Lucy2 says:

    Best red dress- Uzo Aduba.
    January and Christina both have terrible hair.
    The rest of the Mad Men ladies look lovely.

  14. Kristen says:

    Teyonah Parris looks amazing! That big smile makes her look confident and approachable. I kinda want to buy her a drink.

  15. Godwina says:

    Love JJ’s dress. Yeah, CH’s hair–WHAT IS THAT? She always makes me weep with envy but not this time.

  16. JudyK says:

    January Jones had by far the better red dress (except for too much back fullness). She has never appealed to me, but I think she looks beautiful in the dress–first time I’ve ever thought of her as truly pretty.

  17. bettyrose says:

    I got as far as “Christina Hendricks vs. January Jones. ..” and I was all Christina Hendricks. Next.

  18. eliza says:

    I have never seen a Marchesa gown that was nice.

  19. Lady says:

    Jessica Pare looks stunning. She looks like a doll in that photo! Gawd!

  20. decorative item says:

    Hendricks and Jones had horrible hair. Jones needed her fringe up, and Hendricks need an elegant up-do. Jones looked better, Hendricks looked like Jessica Rabbit.

  21. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Not reading comments, still half a season behind, so saying Megan is off (then announcing it’s a spoiler after the spoiler) is not particularly helpful. – grumpy spoiler rant over. Not that I will miss Megan, aside from her clothes.

    I don’t love either dress. I feel like red is a big colour for such big, fabric heavy dresses. I know it’s the colour this season but I just think it’s prettier in simpler cuts. Christina’s actually fits well aside from the ugly curtain gathering folds at the bottom, and I feel like the hair and earrings are an homage to Mad Men late 60’s which I love so they don’t bug me much. January’s bangs trauma is another matter entirely.

  22. Rice says:

    Never seen this show but I love Teyonah’s and January’s dresses.