Kelly Osbourne in Honor at the Emmys: tasteless or rock ‘n’ roll?

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne attended the Emmys last night in her usual fashion. She’s a member of the E! Fashion Police, which is always hard to believe. Kelly usually goes out of her way to look and act super rebellious on the red carpet. Her attitude is growing tired. Kelly wore Honor last night. This dress wasn’t as faux rock ‘n’ roll as many of her other attempts at fashion. Did Kelly score a victory here? No way. This dress starts out as Kelly’s attempt at goth-inspired lace on top and melts into a fug doily mess on bottom. Her hair is still awful. Faux-hawk. So much faux. Faux badass.

Kelly Osbourne

Guiliana Rancic wore a tomato red Gustavo Cadile gown with a structured neckline and bustle. This dress is fine but nothing special. If she’s going to stay blonde, Guiliana needs to get her roots done. Yes, I’m going to concern troll and point out that she gets thinner on every red carpet.

Guiliana Rancic

Heidi Klum wore a Zac Posen dress that looked very un-Posen-y. I honestly didn’t recognize her at first because her rack wasn’t on display. That sounds terrible, but it’s true. Heidi went for a casual, beachy turn on the red carpet. She mostly succeeded except for the orange tan.

Heidi Klum

Amy Poehler dressed for a snowflake gala in this silver Theia dress. This ensemble would have been fine on New Year’s Eve, but it looks out of place at the Emmys. She could have dressed it up with a piecey updo. I also feel like we’re moments away from seeing her bits and pieces.

Amy Poehler

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  1. Rae says:

    I usually hate seeing weight comments on here because women come in all shapes and sizes… but I’m with you Bedhead. That is very concerning indeed.

    • Bedhead says:

      Yes, I agree. That’s not Guiliana’s natural shape or anything close. She’s purposely losing weight when she never needed to in the first place.

      • Adrien says:

        Well, idk. She is battling breast cancer.

      • Bridget says:

        This is a woman who utterly refused her doctor’s orders to gain 10-15 pounds in order to get pregnant. The thinness is both intentional and important to her – she herself has talked about all of this, but seems to think that its just par for the course in Hollywood.

        And Adrien her thinness goes way, way back before any cancer diagnosis.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        The thing that you have to remember is that people generally look bigger in photographs too.

        No bueno.

    • eliza says:

      I read on another blog that Rancic is on medication that ruins her appetite. I have no idea if that is an excuse being made to cover up for an eating disorder or if it is true.

      She has always been obsessed with her weight but she is looking very frail at this point. I hope she is not sick again.

      • Lia says:

        She looks absolutely skeletal. Covering up the arms and collarbones would have given her a better look, but in this dress she looks like she has one foot in the grave already. I hope that isn’t the case.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Please, are we all going to pretend she hasn’t been struggling with an eating disorder for years? I am not “concern trolling”, I am concerned, girl needs a sammich and most importantly she needs to change her relationship with food before she wastes away completely before our very eyes.

    • Kswan says:

      I don’t need to comment on her weight… everyone can see she is sickly thin. Her face is very unattractive and her head is way too big for her body. Somehow she acts like she is beautiful when she is far from it… just like SJP. I am surpised she is on television, nobody wants to see her. She would be okay on radio.

      • Kswan says:

        And while I’m on the bandwagon… do her and her husband really need the money doing furniture commercials? Really? This just lowers my opinions of them. Also who names a son “Duke”? That is a dogs name, or a penis.

      • Antonym says:

        Who names their p-nis Duke?!?

  2. Kiddo says:

    I like Kelly’s hair in the profile pic.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah me too.

      That dress needs to be burned in a fire though.

    • mimif says:

      I like the profile pic, do I see a braid? She’s such a brat tho, it’s difficult for me to like anything about her.

    • Sugar says:

      I like Kelly’s hair, too. What’s more, I really like her dress and think it flatters her shape so well.

      Usually, I despise Posen’s designs but Heidi’s dress is pretty cool. It’s nice not to be visually assaulted with her tatas.

  3. Mmhmm says:

    I like Kelly’s hair here and the top of her dress. But yes, she’s becoming annoying.

  4. Samigirl says:

    I thought Amy looked sexy. The makeup was very hot.

  5. eliza says:

    The sight of Kelly Osbourne brings up an unnatural rage side me.

  6. Inconceivable! says:

    Why is Kelly attending the Emmy’s instead of reporting on them from the red carpet? I don’t recall other people like her – either former reality stars, or fashion commentators attending the awards show.

  7. Bridget says:

    Will there ever be a point where the powers that be at E! step in about G? Because concern trolling aside, she simply doesn’t look good.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      No, of course not, whatever happens to her will be exploited by the network. She’s a commodity to them and that’s all.

  8. Alex says:

    I really think Kelly’s dress is very pretty, and certainly don’t think the lace looks goth.

  9. OhMyMy says:

    I thought Heidi was supposed to wear the dress designed for her by the Project Runway contestants? Right? What happened?

    • eliza says:

      She wore it to the Emmy telecast last week for technical merit or something like that.

      • OhMyMy says:

        Ahh, so she did wear it but nowhere near the red carpet exposure the newbie designer was hoping for.

      • Kori says:

        But they said even on the show that it was for the Creative Arts Emmys (which are never televised) so they knew it wouldn’t have the exposure of the regular night. However, I saw a lot more photos of her in that other dress than this one though so maybe being a big fish in a smaller pond (fashionwise) actually worked in the designer’s favor.

  10. Aussie girl says:

    I don’t like Kelly herself as a person but her hair looks good. I really didn’t think Guilianna could lose anymore weight! Wowsa, I hope she isn’t sick or it’s intentional.

  11. sisi says:

    Odd that you say that you thought that you were moments away from Poehlers bits, there were far worse dresses on the red carpet in my opinion, several strapless sweetheart necklines were hanging so low that they seemed to be slipping from the body.

  12. Allie says:

    Kelly’s so unattractive from the inside, out. Why is she even working as a fashion host on E?

    I like Amy Poehler’s look! I don’t think we’re close to seeing her bits at all.

  13. DrFunkenstein says:

    Tasteless. And by the way, Kelly, in case you missed the memo, it’s your FATHER who’s rock and roll. You’re just a rich kid garnering wholly undeserved attention by association. Good thing, too, because you’re probably best suited to a career as a server in a fish and chips joint.

  14. Chinoiserie says:

    Heidi looks thinner in these photos than she usually does. I usually do not care but when somebody looks only slightly heavier than Guilianna that looks too thin.

  15. Jayna says:

    How can Guilianna not see not bad she looks. She has always been a thin woman, but not like this and other photos I’ve seen the last few years. It’s painful to look at her. I can’t believe her husband doesn’t see it and talk to her about it.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Having a distorted self-image is part of many eating disorders. She looks super-skinny to us but when she looks in the mirror, that’s not what she sees.

  16. Jayna says:

    Kelly’s arms are her problem area, so I think the sleeve works for her. I didn’t like her gown at first, but up close the detail to it looks beautiful. So I changed my mind. I like it, and it’s one of the most flattering things on her I’ve seen. She’s usually tragic in the gown department

  17. Tammy says:

    The sides are shaved and the middle is longer, that’s a real mohawk. A faux hawk is when you have short hair on the sides and spike the barely longer middle up, as though you had the real thing. She’s still an idiot though.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      She is not shaved, she has plenty of hair on the sides, it’s a faux hawk.

      • Ryan says:

        The sides of her head are buzzed extremely close to her scalp, probably an eighth of an inch long. Her hairstyle is definitely a Mohawk.

  18. Pepsi Presents...Coke says:

    That last sentence that came out of nowhere made me cackle like a goon.

  19. Miss Bennett says:

    I saw a picture of Kelly with a red wig on (I believe it was last Halloween) and she looked amazing. She should dye her hair red. Perhaps it’s the fact that her mom had her hair red for so long that’s stopping her?

  20. empiregirl says:

    G has always reminded me of a praying mantis but being so skinny her head looks even bigger. Will someone please explain why the trollops that are the E! “fashion team” are always judging with such nastiness when they in turn almost always look like hot messes?

  21. Brittany Driver says:

    Just have to point out that as much as you’re bitching about K. O.’s faux hawk – it’s not a faux hawk. it is a mohawk. if it’s NOT shaved on both sides but worn as though it were that’s a faux hawk.

  22. mzizkrizten says:

    I love the fabric of Kelly’s dress. It would be really cute sleeveless and tea length.

  23. birch says:

    I want to see a pie tossed in Kelley Osborne’ s smug face whenever I chance to see it.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Yeah, she rubs me the wrong way too, I used to watch Fashion police but the combination of Kelly and Kardashians got to be too much for me. I no longer watch that network at all, I will never forgive them for making kelly and the Kardashian’s a thing. Rot in hell, Seacrest.