Al Pacino attracts many female fans in Venice: would you still hit it?

Al Pacino

These are photos of Al Pacino at the Venice film festival. He’s flanked by his girlfriend, Argentinian actress Camila Sola, for The Humbling premiere. He’s 74, and she’s 34. They’ve been dating since about 2009. So five years. I can’t even imagine dating a guy 40 years older. I guess they’re making it work. Ladies do love Pacino. He’s nowhere near the dreamboat he used to be, but the man still attracts his fair share of attention. Page Six says women have been falling all over him in Venice. Here’s some photo evidence of Pacino’s very female fanbase at the festival.

Al Pacino

Pacino has two films debuting in Venice. Both of them are roles where he gets to break out the tears. The Humbling features him as a suicidal theater actor (the The Wrap says he achieves “late-career greatness” in the role). In Manglehorn, Al stars as a man trying to cope with losing his great love. Pacino answered questions about how he was able to vividly portray depression:

He approaches the topic lightheartedly: “Fortunately, I may be depressed, but I don’t know about it. I don’t see how I could not be depressed, some of the time, but I don’t know about it. How does it go? You say I’m depressed? Life is sort of like all over us. Things make you sad. Basically you’d like to be a little happier sometimes. But ‘depressed’ seems so ominous. It’s really in all of us. We all relate to it. I probably have been, and I’m glad that I don’t know about it, but now that you mention it maybe I’ll give it some thought and be depressed.”

Seriously, though: “People go into depressions and it’s very sad and it’s terrifying. I’ve had bouts with that, that comes close to that, but nothing that deep. I feel spared and I’m lucky. What you look for are the similarities in character that are similar to you. I understand depression and that’s part of what we do, is to go out and understand the character.”

What makes him happy: “I have three children. That’s been a real source of enlightenment for me, plus the friends I’ve had, the people I’ve met over the years, the relationships I’ve had. All of it has contributed to an amazing, shocking journey I’ve had so far. I feel as though I’m doing OK.”

[From Hollywood Reporter]

Pacino knows he’s lucky to have never experienced major depression. He’s an incredibly talented actor, and it sounds like these new roles will put some of the old Pacino magic back on the screen. I long for the days before Pacino used to make brunch out of curtains and scream every bit of dialogue. Don’t even talk to me about Jack & Jill.

Pacino’s discussed depression before in 2013 with The Express. (I keep tabs because The Godfather is still my favorite movie, okay?) He said, “I was not prepared for fame. It hit me hard and I did not have the capacity to cope. I’ve never liked the recognition, the questions, the publicity. I have often felt like running away and hiding. There has been a lot of self-doubt and unwelcome events in my life.” He then went on to describe his “downward spiral” of alcoholism. Pacino had a deep well to draw from for these two Venice films even though he escaped long-term depression.

Al Pacino

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  1. jinni says:

    Imho, DeNiro has always been the hotter of the two. So, that’s a no for Pacino.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Reminds me of my college housemates and I’s late night debates “Pacino or DeNiro?” (Heat era), it was endless! I’m more Pacino, but I’ve seen him in person and he is charismatic and charming and super friendly. And short, of course. Both have devolved into hammy acting, but Pacino still seems like more fun.

    • Ann says:

      holy crap – neither deNiro nor Pacino are good looking men. If anything, they are joli laid but even that’s a stretch.

    • Just Me (and my Bobby McGee) says:

      Good, more Pacino for me. Dear God, Pacino will always do it for me.

  2. Chris says:

    Love his 70s stuff like Dog Day Afternoon, And Justice for All, Godfather, Panic in Needle Park and Serpico. And course he was also great in Scent of a Woman, Scarface and Heat.

    • Ellie66 says:

      You named all if my faves from him. But let us not forget The Devils Advocate he was hammy and over the top and it was awesome best thing in the movie Because Keanu Reeves is a horrible actor.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      And Donnie Brasco.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        I won’t lie, my gay b.f.f. and I were obsessed wih him in Scent of A Woman! So bad it’s good – Hoo-ah!

  3. LDUB says:

    Maybe…..In the right lighting

  4. als says:

    That woman that is posing in such ridiculous manner is ruining everything. She may be 34, but she acts like she’s 15. Yuck!
    So Al Pacino is dating a 15 year old. Double Yuck!
    I am not surprised Pacino is big in Venice, generally Europeans are very loyal to the classics (Sharon Stone is big in Europe too).

  5. Jayna says:

    No way, Too old These photos are more flattering than how he seems on video, more frail, older. I don’t know how a 35-year-old does it with a 74-year-old. And he rambles too much for me, also. Not even my beloved Liam Neeson at 74, but I would still hit Liam now at 62, and drown in his voice.

    Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of all time on screen, though.

  6. PunkyMomma says:

    No. He was so beautiful as Michael Corleone, but I wouldn’t have hit him then, either.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I would have then, oh, he was handsome, but he aged very badly. And I’m 58, and he’s too old for me, so not sure what Miss 15 Minutes of Fame and I’ll Suck Every Ounce Out of It is thinking. (I meant she would suck every ounce of fame, but that came out sounding really dirty, sorry.) it disappoints me that he can’t be happy with a woman closer to his age. They look ridiculous, although I agree with psuedointellectual below – this woman is not 34.

  7. psuedointellectual says:

    She is not 34. She posed with her adult daughter on the red carpet. She is closer to 45. Just saying.

  8. Princess Sofia says:

    No thank you.

  9. Shijel says:

    In his youth and even today he is a beautiful beautiful man. His height somehow actually makes it more profound – he’s got weird presence.

    But I’d still share a coffee with him as my older relative rather than a banger. Zero sex appeal from the beginning.

  10. Ellie66 says:

    Oh hell yes! 😀

  11. Pager90 says:

    As Michael Corleone. yes back in the day.
    Deniro ,I’d still hit now. Something sexy about him to me even though he’s old now.

    • Chris says:

      Me too, de Niro or death!
      But I admit Al was sooo beautiful as Michael Corleone.. In GF3, in the study, there’s photo of him from GF2, and you look at him standing near and mentally tell him he never needed that face lift….he’d be beautiful at 99!

  12. Syko says:

    As a 72 year old myself, absolutely.

    You know, everyone’s gonna be old someday, if you’re lucky. Age has nothing to do with sexiness (see, e.g., Sir Patrick Stewart), and someday you’re going to be sorry you dissed people because they’re old.

    • Gina says:

      Awesome. Young people think they’re going to live forever…and we all know that isn’t true. I worked for an attorney in his 80’s…he used to say to us, if you’re lucky enough to reach my age, you’re lucky enough! Pacino is the man at 35 or 75….the age just doesn’t matter.

    • Chris says:

      Well said Syko
      Every time Mick Jagger appears on CB we have young ones going ‘ew’ all over the place! One magical thing about ageing is that those you loved when young, remain young in your eyes over the decades……(which is surely proof that spending every waking hour fighting wrinkles is not going to make any of us more adorable!)

    • Just Me (and my Bobby McGee) says:

      Good wine only ever gets better with age!

  13. Eazypeazy says:


  14. Tig says:

    Gosh, that pose from that girl- like folks are there to see her? Re his kids- I hope he and the twins’ mom( Beverly D’Angelo) get along better now, bec for seemingly years they were in court all the time. I don’t think he’s aged particularly well either. He’s still an amazing actor, tho it seems sometimes that directors can’t/won’t reel him in a bit.

    • Bella bella says:

      He tries so hard to look “young.” He’d probably be a silver fox without the facelift, hair implants and dye job.

  15. Size Does Matter says:

    Wait, Al Pacino is dating Nikki Cox?

  16. Gina says:

    He looks like the Godfather’s grandfather but this is Michael Corleone. I’d love to have a couple of cocktails with him, but would only hit it if it was CPR. JK

  17. Courtney says:

    She looks quite a bit older than 34. Actually most of the women with older dudes end up aging badly themselves. (Jeff Goldblum’s fiancé, etc.)

  18. siri says:

    No, but I’d share a herb tea with him.

  19. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    *timidly raises hand*
    I’m sorry. But he is FINE for his age. He does look scraggly and old, but if he slicked his hair back again, and put a suit on that actually fit (and quit it with the jogging headbands) then I’d hit it.

    Can’t be surprised, celebitches–I’d marry and hit it ON with Liam Neeson if I could.

  20. icerose says:

    He was always sexy on screen -he just had that charisma especially with Ellen Barkin in Sea of Love. Even in his recent films I find him attractive but talent id always a turn on.

  21. jferber says:

    What a stupendous actor. I also loved him in Warren Beatty’s film Dick Tracy. Pacino stole the whole movie, as far as I’m concerned. Damn, but he’s good.

  22. allheavens says:

    Diane Keaton said he was, let’s says very frugal when they dated. Basically she always ended up paying, she laughed about it but I hate cheap men and women.

    Would I hit it? No.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      But she “dated” him off and on over several decades so there must have been some reason to keep going back.

  23. tessy says:

    He looks so tired he’s going to fall over in the top photo, and that she’s holding him up. Very weird.

    He used to be my big celebrity crush for awhile, loved him in Dog Day Afternoon.

  24. M M says:

    NO WAY! Pacino has a DISGUSTING nail fungus on his FINGERNAILS! ICCKK!!

  25. delorb says:

    Still? That implies that I was ever up for a hit and I wasn’t. Not ever. Bobby D on the other hand….

  26. SamiHami says:

    Any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Hell yes!!!! IMHO he was at his peak of hotness in Carlito’s Way. Those eyes…that hair…sigh….

  27. Pants says:

    He certainly has a thing about him, but he’s not DeNiro <3