Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg got married on Sunday in St. Charles, Illinois


Fun fact: whenever I come across Donnie Wahlberg’s name, I say “Donnie” to myself in my Donnie Brasco accent, like he’s mobbed up. DAH-NEE. Anyway, as we discussed a little bit yesterday, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg got married. Mark Wahlberg was not there. Most of Donnie’s family did not attend. Something about how the family doesn’t care for Jenny, which… eh, I understand. According to People, they got married on Sunday in St. Charles, Illinois.

Call her the new Mrs. Wahlburgers. Former View co-host Jenny McCarthy and Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg have made it official, tying the knot Sunday at the historic Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois, outside McCarthy’s hometown of Chicago, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The bride, 41, wore a gown she picked up at Berdorf Goodman, a source tells PEOPLE, after the couple was spotted at the store’s bridal shop in July. The fête was a bit fancier than McCarthy previously joked.

“I could get married in Kentucky Fried Chicken,” she told PEOPLE in July. “I don’t care as long as the heart is in the ceremony.”

Guests included Sherri Shepherd, who posted an Instagram photo en route to Chicago, as well as three members of New Kids on the Block: Jordan Knight, Danny Wood and Jonathan Knight. One person who didn’t make it to Sunday’s event was the groom’s brother Mark Wahlberg, who Tweeted his good wishes and posted a congratulatory video.

“I love you, Donnie, we’re very happy for you,” he says in the video, surrounded by his wife and four kids. “Sorry we couldn’t be there, we’ll see you soon.”

This is the second marriage for both. McCarthy’s son Evan, 12, helped with the April proposal by hand-delivering notes to his mom with the words “Will” and “You” and “Marry” before Wahlberg, 45, walked in with a t-shirt that said “Me?” Wahlberg also has two sons: Xavier, 21, and Elijah, 13. The couple began dating last summer before Wahlberg proposed in April.

“The very first time I saw him, I was in the eighth grade and New Kids on the Block was on MTV,” McCarthy has said of Wahlberg’s boy band days. “I thought Donnie was the hottest one.”

[From People]

Well, congrats. I actually think Jenny and Donnie are somewhat well-suited for each other. I used to like him a lot but I’ve heard stuff about how his first marriage ended and nowadays I just kind of think they deserve each other. So, congrats. May you two be very happy together for the next three years or so, or however long this marriage lasts.


Here’s Mark Wahlberg’s congratulatory Instagram video. This is literally the least he could do for his brother, I guess.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lisa2 says:

    I actually forget that people get married on Sunday. That could never ever happen in my family..LOL.

    Anyway congrats to the couple..

    • Kim1 says:

      Yeah in my family we get married and buried on Saturdays.If I die on a Saturday they will bury me the next Saturday.No exceptions

    • FrenchLily says:

      In France you can’t get married on Sundays because town halls are closed (except if someone from the mayor’s office agrees to work on a Sunday… but good luck with that ^^). Usually weddings take place on Saturdays.

      • Jadzia says:

        Yup. Every single Saturday I get caught in a traffic jam at the mairie, and I kick myself for forgetting about the wedding parties.

  2. SK says:

    Oh he’s in Blue Bloods! I never made the connection. He’s actually really quite good in that show!

    How did his first marriage end? You’ve piqued my curiosity!

    Ah well, congrats to the happy couple. I want to bitch slap Jenny for the damage she’s done to vaccination rates; but I do wish them the best.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I disliked the man my brother married, but I still flew to another country to make the wedding. I love my brother through the bad times and good, and being there for his (ill-fated) wedding to his (rotten) husband showed that I would be there for him when it all fell to pieces. And I was. Not being there would seem like gloating when his heart was broken.

    • Meredith says:

      Well said.

    • Jadzia says:

      Exactly. I almost think it’s more important to be there to support your sibling when you think the whole thing might not end well. For example, if your sister feels like she has lost her family because they don’t approve of her husband, who does she have to turn to? I have a family member who was in this exact situation, and I am so glad that I went to her wedding, because when she started to get black eyes and I had to go get her, she did not see me as the enemy or like it was her and her husband against the world.

  4. Ag says:

    I have nothing but negative feelings toward McCarthy, she’s such an ignorant, awful, harmful person. I can’t imagine what kind of a guy would be ok with her stance on issues – unless she found someone like her. Ugh.

    • JudyK says:

      Have to agree.

    • homegrrrl says:

      Yeah, and the pharmaceutical companies, who have our nation hooked on opiates (heroin)- they really have your back, they REALLY care about patient before profit.

      God forbid a parent should stand up the the way big money has hijacked our medical system. I had 20 vaccines when I was growing up. Kids today are recommended to have 100 from births through high school. Do we just follow corporate medical practices and sh-t on someone like Jenny Mac? The woman had a point about the amount of mercury in vaccines and the schedule/amount “required” to be in the mainstream. Why do people on this website think she’s the anti=christ for having an opinion and wanting viable answers?

      • Lady Macbeth says:

        Because the antivaccination stance is dangerous. For instance I know a few parents that in Italy decided not to let their babies get ANY vaccination and there were a few deaths. It is ok to discuss these things or also to demand answers but careful in supporting the idea that vaccinating kids is bad.

      • SamiHami says:

        I’ll take the word of medical professionals over the word of a Hollywood D list bimbo any day of the week.

      • jwoolman says:

        She gets the heat here only because she’s in the tabloids. The vast majority of people don’t know who she is or her stance on anything and they are not making decisions based on anything she says. There are real concerns about vaccinations, their safety particularly for the very young, their efficacy, and the long-term effects of the huge number of vaccinations now required for children by the age of six. But such concerns get shouted down by people who don’t realize why physicians have been and continue to be dead wrong on so many things, the fact that your doctor recommends it is no guarantee that it’s safe or effective for you or your family. We just don’t have the kind of knowledge we need to make such absolute judgments. I can guarantee that i myself am far more knowledgeable about vaccines and the immune system than the average physician because I know how they are trained. Half my workload as a scientific translator one year was for a vaccine manufacturer, and in the process I had to read extensively in the English language medical literature as well. I came into it neutral and came out believing they were seriously misinterpreting the data and that overuse of vaccines was becoming a major health risk. Veterinarians, since their patients have shorter lifespans, have often been more vocal about such concerns because they have been seeing the effects. Adjuvants and other components can cause serious problems as well, in addition to the shock of the vaccine itself (which can be more problematic for those with genetic frailties). Every parent has a difficult decision to make, trying to weigh the risks against the benefits, and I can only hope they make the right choice for their children.

  5. Audrey says:

    They’re a good match because he’s a cheater and she’s willing to look the other way as long as she’s married to someone with more fame than her.

  6. eliza says:

    Lol. As if Mark was the only sibling in the Wahlberg family, so it has to be mentioned again he didn’t attend. None of his siblings or mother did either.

    • Charlotte says:

      The Daily Fail article I skimmed (though I don’t know why. I think because I was trying to ignore my sons’ nightly fight-before-bed) mentioned that his mother and a couple of brothers were seen arriving.

      And we all know they never make mistakes.

    • Decloo says:

      Hmm….Labor Day weekend in St. Charles, Illinois? No thanks. If you are going to take my long weekend, you had better be getting married somewhere good.

  7. pwal says:

    Awww… the price of being spotlight-hungry.

    If she opted to fly under the radar regarding her nuptials, no one would’ve been able to do the familial bean-counting and speculating.

  8. Tippy says:

    Seems like a lame excuse to boycott a sibling’s wedding. Maybe Mark had a perfectly acceptable reason for not attending.

    The thing that bothers me is that Wahlberg felt the need to drag his kids in front of a camera to help perpetuate a lie.

    • Enid says:

      It was also his daughter’s birthday. So that seems like a good reason not to go.

      • homegrrrl says:

        You celebrate a child’s birthday during the day and the whole family attends an afternoon/evening wedding. Bring nannys and chauffeurs if you’re wealthy, and ask for help from family if you’re not, and get the kids to bed early while the parents party the night away. It sounds like the wahlberg family made a statement about not believing in this match.

  9. lisa says:

    it’s a 2nd wedding on a holiday weekend. i wouldnt go either.

  10. CooCooCatchoo says:

    I can speak from experience: Donnie’s relationship with his family will never be the same. “Wedding Boycotts” bruise those relationships forever. I think that Mark and his money call the shots in that family. They all seem financially dependent on him to some degree – except Donnie. Trust me, there are some butt-hurt feeling in that situation right now. I’m glad that Jenny and Donnie went ahead with their plans in spite of his family’s absence. Momma Alma should have gone (she could have driven, or hired a driver). I guess money talks.

    • Candy Love says:

      I now how you can say the other didn’t show because of Mark. You don’t like him fine nether do I but you can’t blame him for the sibling and mothers action.

  11. Kelly says:

    I like them together. Marky Mark just looks like a jerk.

  12. porplexed says:

    She’s annoying, but I’ve never thought of the Walhbergs (especially Marky Mark) as “above” her in terms of character or stature. Maybe that incident from Marky Mark’s past where he beat up an Asian man is responsible for this thinking.

  13. jferber says:

    Yeah, no matter how much you hate the intended spouse of your sibling, you frigging go to the wedding to support said sibling. Your sibling’s choice is his or hers alone to make. It’s not your job to judge, but to stand next to your sibling to celebrate a milestone that means something to HIM or HER, if not to you. That’s what family does. A real a–hole move for most of the family to boycott this wedding. What a slap in the face to Donnie and how very selfish and smug. Moreover, Mark has no leg to stand on in terms of morality (cheats on wife, blinded an Asian man in hate-crime, etc.). And not to forget, his ridiculous, arrogant, disrespectful comments that he alone would have stopped 9/11 had he only been on the plane (presumably the same plane an Israeli military operative had his throat slit trying to prevent the act of terrorism). But I guess Mark, all 5’2″ of him, could have diverted what a true hero died trying to do. Mark later apologized, but I believe in his stupid little mind he still truly believes his asinine bragging. Cannot stand him.

  14. Deb says:

    Was I hallucinating or did Mark’s one son yell “Congratulations, Gandolf!”?? lol

  15. Amy says:

    Yeah but isn’t this Donnie and Jenny’s second wedding? Typically second weddings are smaller and isn’t the Walhberg family huge? Not to mention they decided to do it on a holiday weekend when other people may have made plans already. I had a friend get married the weekend right after Christmas and her wedding was very small. (I did go, I was a bridesmaid). Anyways doesn’t seemed like anybody really missed much. Melissa McCarthy is probably glad she wasn’t invited.

  16. OTHER RENEE says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong not going to the wedding. I have not forgiven my brother for not coming to my 2nd wedding 2 years ago even if he does live abroad. He’s not married, no kids, a girlfriend who makes more than he does, he was visiting the US every year or so anyway and can afford it. He only met my husband once and everyone adores him (my husband) He’s a kind hearted hospice nurse and how can you not love such a guy? My brother was just being self centered. No excuse even or good wishes. We used to be very close. Not anymore. Not over it by a long shot.

  17. Veronica Knowles says:

    Hell is other people’s weddings …

  18. shixappeal says:

    The yuck is big with this one. I do hope they are happy and totally infertile.

  19. SamiHami says:

    I think this was a wedding for publicity only, so I don’t blame anyone for choosing to stay away. Why waste time on a sham wedding? I suspect they will be divorcing by this time next year.

  20. Christina says:

    Don’t believe all the junk rag stories. While Mark did not attend, other family members of Donnie’s did. His mother WAS there as was his brother Paul. They were photographed outside of the hotel ,by either paps or fans. Mark should have shown up for his brother. His own wife is kind of a ditzy bitch, so he really should not judge anyone else.

  21. tracking says:

    Anyone else annoyed by his smug, silent wife? I am a little torn here–they could have not scheduled their wedding on the birthday of a young niece, but of course siblings should do their best to attend.

  22. fartfetched says:

    Anybody think about EJ and Sammie’s wedding before the hostile takeover of his business? Kind of reminds me of that