Tom Hiddleston has ‘no moan or soul’ in his voice, says Hank Williams III


As we discussed yesterday, Tom Hiddleston made a surprise appearance at the Wheatland Music Festival in Michigan over the weekend. There were fan videos of Tommy singing Hank Williams’ song “Move It On Over,” and there was some debate on this blog (and other sites) as to whether Tommy will be able to pull off Hank’s singing voice for the film I Saw the Light. My opinion is that Tom is not a very strong singer but he still has time to work on his general mimicry of Hank Williams, and it may end up okay in the end. There’s also this video of Tom thanking the people at the music festival:

Cute. He seems genuinely nervous, even though we all know him to be a performing circus bear that will literally do anything he’s asked. But there is a disruption in the Dragonfly Empire. Hank Williams III has spoken out AGAIN against Tommy’s casting. Shortly after Hiddleston’s casting was announced this summer, Hank III told media outlets that his grandfather should not be played by an Englishman, and that producers should have tried for Matthew McConaughey. Now that Hank III has seen the Wheatland performance, he still has a hate-on for Tommy.

“Here is how you do it TOM ,You got no Moan Or Soul In your voice,” Williams III, also known as Hank3, wrote on his Facebook page along with a video of himself singing “Move It On Over.”

Hank3 sounded off to FOX411 in June when the news first broke of Hiddleston’s upcoming role.

“To do a Hank Williams movie the way it should be done you need certain aspects in the mix to make right,” the singer told FOX411 in a statement. “It goes way beyond having [an] American to play the role of Hiram Hank Williams, Sr. for it to be somewhat natural, [it] needs to be [an] American from the South who has eat lived and breathed these kind of roles before to make more respectable movie on Hank Sr.”

So who would play a good Williams? Matthew McConaughey according to Hank3.

“Matthew McConaughey would be a good person for this role is because of he has played many roles as a Southern man. And he is from the South. And that is something no amount of money or acting classes can put into a role,” he explained. “The other reason I thought Matthew would be a good fit for the role is because he has a natural arrogance, aka fire, that is needed for this role. Hank Sr. was very very sure of himself and basically very cocky. And Matthew always brings that fire to the table in every role he [plays].”

[From Fox News]

Ouch. I know the Dragonflies believe that Tommy can do anything, anywhere, at any time, but this really hurts. If Hank III is going to chime in every time Tom does anything related to Hank Williams, it’s going to hurt in the long-run. Or maybe it will just add to the publicity the film has already gotten. For the record, I have no doubt that Tom will be able to pull off the dramatic part of this role, but I’m concerned about the singing too. Sigh.


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  1. Nikki says:

    Give the man a break! Tom’s a great actor and performer! Sorry, (not sorry), I’ll always love Tom

    • Lady Macbeth says:

      I jumped the Hiddleswagon recently but Hank Williams, could he please shut up and go away? They didn’t even start to film yet, you are right.

      Plus… He is not his grandfather.

      • Sarah says:

        He clearly wanted the role for himself. See Bobbi Christina for reference.
        His video link to himself singing telling Tom “this is how it’s done” said it all, he thought he had the look and the voice they’d want when he heard there was a movie.

      • mayamae says:

        I have never commented on poor Bobbi Christina’s looks, but really – has she looked in the mirror? She could not be more opposite of her mother in appearance.

      • Lady Macbeth says:


        In a few words… he is clearly jealous Tom got the role. He could get over it though, I don’t think producers would replace Tom with another actor at this point, unless he pulls out…

      • delorb says:

        Just because he has reservations doesn’t mean he’s jealous. Jeez. Its his grandfather! How would any of us feel if it were one of our family members? He’s right about the soul in the voice, BUT that can be done by any ACTOR who brings feelings/emotion to his movie roles. Its obvious that he’s going to rail against Tom every chance he gets, so why give him air? Read it and move on, IMO.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        He isn’t going to shut up and he isn’t going to go away. He is doing this for the publicity, which is all he can get for it. He isn’t in the film, he has not been consulted for the story or the music or the casting. He is trying to draw Tom into some sort of fight just to get himself in the news. He is going to do something stupid every step of the way until this film has been released, run its course, and made it to Blu-Ray. He very childishly tried to make it personal this time with an insult on Tom and that won’t reflect well on him outside his die-hard fans.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @delorb, if Hank III’s “You have no soul in your voice, look at me, professional musician, do it” and “Anyone can act, the director makes the actor” qualify as reservations…

      • jammypants says:

        No I’m pretty sure he’s jealous. We all know he wants to play the role, obvs. It could be Tom Hiddleston or any actor. He won’t be happy until it’s him.

      • delorb says:

        @Innie, I think I posted that he had reservations, but that doesn’t mean he’s jealous. I mean, really?! He’s also not going to stop commenting on this, so are you guys going to jump every time he does? He didn’t want Tom, we get it. Don’t wake me the next time he opens his pie hole.

      • DahliaDee says:

        Bless your heart, sugar, no one “woke you up” with a post on Tom Hiddleston. No one except yourself, that is.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @delorb, since my sarcasm seems to have been lost, let me paraphrase it: Hank III’s words that Hiddleston cannot sing with a soul while he, Hank III, can and does it so much better, and also that anybody can be an actor do not qualify as “expressing reservations” in my books. I’m more likely to file them under “unprofessional attitude”, “conflict-mongering” and “the perks of being a churl”. I also just cannot help being surprised by your lenience since only a couple of weeks ago you qualified cringing at grey undies as castigation ;)

      • delorb says:

        The only thing I’m trying to express is that this guy is not jealous of Tom and he will continue his diatribe against Tom, even if Tom starts walking on water. Why give in to him? Why not ignore him and move on? Or show some of that wit that you guys are known for.

        I don’t remember what I wrote about grey underwear and I probably won’t remember this conversation in a week or so either. But if people had issues with grey underwear, then yeah, they should have been castigated. This man having issues with Tom who has gotten the job and will continue on the job is not enough for me to get upset. Especially since he’s going to complain again and again and again. Not going to play his reindeer games.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @delorb, well, it’s probably great that you don’t remember your previous remarks. The world is always full of novelty and surprises for you then lol.

        You’re of course right about Hank III continuing with his agenda no matter what. It’ll be up to Crowell, Hiddleston and producers to decide whether they are going to respond to it or will simply ignore it since Hank III has nothing to do with the Hank Williams Estate.

        However, Hank III is imo deservedly getting negative comments from Tom’s fans here and elsewhere. It should not turn into any kind of fandom wars of course, but I think that people were right to voice their opinion. He isn’t some nameless internet troll and hence I am of the opinion that the kind of attitude he demonstrated in his internet communications should be met with a symmetric response instead of silence.

    • Ladybird83 says:

      I know it will upset the ladies but I have to agree with H3…somewhat. I think Tom has the acting chops to pull it off but his voice is so flat. No soul with a side of forced twang. Bless his heart!

      • Lady Macbeth says:

        At least they should wait a bit, sorry but it doesn’t seem fair they criticise the work of an actor even before watching the movie…..

      • Camil says:

        Well. I Saw the Light is a biopic not a musical film nor a concert. Obviously, Tom will sing but the main part is the acting and manner he is going to perform Hank Williams’ life, his career, success, and, of course, his death. That’s the reason they need an actor.

      • pantalones en fuego says:

        @ Ladybird- you forgot “God love ‘eem”. Seriously though, aesthetically, he is a a good choice but singing wise, idunno, I think they probably could have done a little better.

    • icerose says:

      he was never going to be happy so I tend to give him a pass.
      There is also a group saying a tribute singer should have got the role.
      I really like the Wheatland’s official video. It made you realise how much sound distortion there was on the fan video. It also shows the audience reaction which id very positive.

  2. Chicagogurl says:

    His grandson is mostly right. Toms signing doesn’t even compare. He has no twang and his range is flat and low. Matthew is also not a good choice though.

    • Lola says:

      Don’t know about singing nor music but can you mimic or learn about a twang and range?

      • Chicagogurl says:

        You can enhance but if it isn’t there it doesn’t just suddenly come. You can expand but not create. He’s not going to come close. His pitch, his vernacular, his twang, all wrong. Hank sang through his nose and tom sings from the bottom of his throat. It’s really hard to nail bluegrass if you’ve never learned properly

      • Innie Outie says:

        Imo – and I think it’s a very fine matter – an actor playing a famous person in a biopic should not strive to become that person’s complete replica. I have always felt like that. He is doing a creative interpretation. I also think that keeping this sort of smaaall distance is a way of showing respect to the person whose shoes you’re trying to fill. And where singing is concerned, it applies even more.

      • janeite says:

        I agree, Innie Outie. I’m going to reserve judgment until the movie is out there but in general biopic portrayals are mostly creative interpretations of the subject.

        I don’t think Hank III’s criticisms are going to cause much damage, especially before the movie is even made. For now I think it’s just adding to the publicity.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      I agree on some distance but hank was the father of modern bluegrass. He brought it mainstream and toms voice in no way even sounds bluegrass. I have no doubt he can’t act the part but it will fall apart if he doesn’t get the twang and bluegrass style.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @Chicagogurl: I agree with you re: his speaking accent. I still think his singing will be very limited in time and will not define the film in its entirety.

        I have posted a link below to Hiddleston reading Tennessee Williams. I am no American – and English isn’t even my mother tongue – so I only discern between major English accents. What would you say about his Southern accent on that recording? I’ve heard all sorts of opinions on it – from “It’s spot on” to “It makes my ears bleed”.

      • SD_R_SR says:

        @Innie_Outie It’s not a terrible accent in the link you posted, but 1) I can’t place the Southern accent, and it’s quite annoying to hear someone go back and forth between various regional dialects (Georgia, Appalachia, Texas, etc.) and 2) There’s some sort of… sound in some of the words that puts me off. I think it’s in the S’s, maybe? The drawl isn’t quite there? I don’t know. It’s hard to explain, but this accent in a movie would drive me absolutely nuts. I love Kevin Spacey, but couldn’t watch House of Cards because his accent was so awful.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @SD_R_SR, thanks for your opinion! And I totally see your point. I think we can only hope that Hiddleston will work harder on his accent for I Saw The Light then.

      • icerose says:

        @Chicagogurl have you listened to the official video or just the fan video which is very distorted, When I listen to Hank his voice has quite a rasp but I do not get the feeling he is singing through his nose especially if compare to Willie Nelson.
        I have sat and compared the recordings of him and Hank and he is not far off.
        But I suspect some Hank fans will never be happy and that is understandable. When it comes to my favourite music artists I often find bios irritating at first but once you get into the story the singing tens to fade into the background as the film unfolds.
        Biops are never meant to be a perfect copy -it is more about the artis and his story.

    • Camil says:

      So, what do the producers need ? An imitator to play Hank Williams? o.0

      I don’t know, biopics are delicate issues LOL.

      For example, I remember the movie La Bamba, Lou Diamond Phillips did not look like Ritchie Valens at all, but Los Lobos produced a pretty cool soundtrack xD.

  3. aims says:

    I think it’s unfair to Tom for the backlash when he hasn’t even started filming yet. Hank Williams is very influential, and an icon in American country music. But I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone’s performance on their nationality. I think Tom will give it everything he has.

    • suziekew says:

      Sorry but you might need to get over that. Lots of great actors have had to go through the same thing when they portray a legend/icon on film. It’s only natural that everyone will have an opinion of who they think should be the “one” to play the part. Hiddles is no different and he should probably prepare to toughen up his pale, pasty skin. For the record, his singing sounded a lot like a screech owl and his talking voice didn’t sound much better. Of course, it’s the first time I have seen or heard him on film, so it might sound better if I heard more.

      • Innie Outie says:

        Here’s some more screeching for you then (aka Hiddleston reading T. Williams’ Kingdom of Earth) ;)

      • Abby_J says:

        Vivian Leigh playing Scarlett O’Hara and Renee Zellweger playing Bridget Jones come to mind.

        I imagine that they all expected the backlash for his nationality.

      • icerose says:

        @suziekew I do think it was unfortunate that the very distorted fan video went on line prior to the official video coming out. Tom will is a risk taker and will be fine.I do not think he needs to toughen up because he knows how the business works and is very good at putting aside the negative reactions to his casting.
        If you look at the official video you can see that the audience was appreciative.
        Maybe you should actually see him in a film or interview when the sound is not distorted,. You do not get to be a well received stage actor if your voice lacks quality and his voice is considered one of the besi.

      • icerose says:

        @Abby people were veru unhappy that an Enlisg actress was chosen to play a southern belle at he time but they got over it.

      • Abby_J says:


        That was my point. They got over it. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorites, and most people now-a-days don’t even know that she wasn’t American, I think.

        Renee Zellweger might be a completely different matter. :)

    • icerose says:

      I do think Hank’s concept of acting is a little gung ho American. Meryl Streep played Thatcher and is now playing Pankhurst, Kevin Costner played Robyn Hood and the list goes on. Taken to its logical conclusion no actor should ever play any character who is not where he comes from or even state/county and Americas should certainly not play Shakespeare -I mean how can they understand the British character ,history or cope with the accent. Straight men should never play gay men and black men should never play any role unless it is specifically written for them and they character comes from the country of their birth. And Americans should certainly not play Canadians because they could never really understand what it means to be politically correct and darn near perfect.

      • mayamae says:

        Well said. I’m grateful that Lincoln’s ancestors didn’t whine that an Irishman couldn’t play the part.

      • Lady Macbeth says:


        Perfectly spot on. Although I am a bit annoyed when there are some American actors playing Italians… All italo-americans in movies have the accent of Italians coming only from Naples and Sicily… That accent is now so ingrained in British-American minds that most of the time they used to think I was not Italian when I arrived here because my accent doesn’t sound like a “padrino’s” lol

        P.S: might I add, I never understood the Italian spoken in the Godfather movies.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @icerose, it isn’t just H3′s concept of acting. It is his very narrow jingoistic concept of life. That he has resorted to rather personal attacks on Tom, who has done nothing to him as far as anyone knows, is just an example of his childish mentality in search of publicity.

  4. Lola says:

    Questions: Did Matthew McConaughey got offered the role? Can Matthew McConaughey sing? I am not messing with you, I really don’t know.

  5. Abbott says:

    This dude is on Loki like lice on Lohan.

    • Lady Macbeth says:

      Yes, I guess he will open his blabbermouth any time he has a chance. Long way to go until the end of the promotion tour…..

      • Abby_J says:

        Really, it is the only way he can get attention.

      • icerose says:

        you are right -I am going to purchase some Hank 111 ear plugs not because he is criticising the casting but an American on my facebook who is not into Tom told me Hank really is unthinkingly Americana and known to be so. I cannot cope with gung ho Americans any more than I can cope with toffee nose Brits who look down on everything American.

      • Lady Macbeth says:


        Ditto to everything!!

  6. Erinn says:

    I’d have issues with most people portraying a relative of mine, I think. It’s a touchy, personal subject that is putting out for the masses a version of your loved one. It’d be difficult, no matter the actor. While I’m no fan of Hiddles, I do agree that the dramatic parts of the role are probably things he could handle. But the singing is such a big part of Hank, that I can understand the upset.

    And I agree with the arrogance of McConaughey – he does have a certain level of sure footed, bold, pride. He probably would have been great in the role. But – he wasn’t cast. Tommy was, so unfortunately, that’s what Hank3 is going to see. I’m hoping he knocks it out of the park, just to put the family at ease.

  7. Innie Outie says:

    *patiently* Hiddleston will not sing live. His Hank songs will be recorded in studio where he won’t feel nervous or pressured (which really improves his singing, see Move It On Over from day 2 of his performance at Wheatland) and where he’ll be able to record 1001 takes which then will be tweaked and cleaned and will end up sounding perfect.

    As for Hank III’s words – I’ve said on the other thread that he’s being embarrassingly immature. The chip on his shoulder is nearing the size of the boulder from Thomas the Tank Engine. As for how much mess he can cause – I have no idea if/how influential he is on the country music scene and how much his words weigh. Surely he isn’t any more popular or respected than Crowell who’s coaching Hiddleston?

    • Lady Macbeth says:

      Huuuugeee chip on the shoulder…..

    • MissMary says:

      HW3 is…ugh. I’m sure he’s lovely with his family and friends, but he always comes off as a jerk in interviews and, where I live in SE US, he is seen as a dinosaur with a dated attitude towards many things he spouts off about. He’s not going to be happy that he wasn’t invited to play his grandfather, that the actor he’s a fan of wasn’t asked… He basically just won’t be happy with this production, period.

    • Christin says:

      I think H3′s main beef could be that he wants to do the soundtrack, just as his father did for the 1964 low-budget Hank movie.

      Hank Sr. was of English ancestry and I think TH should be given a fair chance. Who would have thought that the actress who played Carrie could pull off Loretta Lynn back in 1980?

      I don’t know much about H3 personally, but I am not a fan of his dad (Jr.), who seemed like a jerk riding on his dad’s name.

      • AG-UK says:

        Sissy Spacek was brilliant and she is from Texas.. :)

      • mimif says:

        I love that movie, she & Tommy Lee Jones did such a bang up job.

      • Christin says:

        She was great (one of my all-time favorite movies). I just don’t get why he’s against an Englishman having the role when a lot of us Southerners are almost fully of English descent and carried over some of the same pronunciations (probably not many, but a few, at least where I live).

      • Innie Outie says:

        The irony is that Hank William’s biography which the film will be based upon was written by Colin Escott who’s also a Brit.

      • mayamae says:

        Who thought that the actress who played Carrie could portray Loretta Lynn? Loretta Lynn did! Sissy Spacek said that Loretta Lynn was giving interviews that “little Sissy Spacek” would be portraying her before she was even offered or interested in the job.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I remember that Mayamae, Loretta loved Sissy.

    • icerose says:

      @Innie Outie Some fans will never be satisfied and neither will Tom’s detractors. The crowd obviously did no think he was pants. Rodney did not think he was pants because he let him stay on set for what looked like most of the set.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I attend dozens of concerts each year. If I don’t like the guest artist, I take the opportunity to find the rest room and I’m usually not alone. If there isn’t an exodus, the crowd is intrigued and enjoying itself.

  8. CeCe says:

    The whole thing about being an actor is to act, isn’t it? Tom’s a great one and as long as he can pull up an accent, mimcs etc. I don’t get the criticism about him being an Englishman. I don’t think though he’s a great singer but Joaquin Phoenix hadn’t the voice either and he was amazing as Johnny Cash. Tommy’s got a nice voice so with a lot of practice he’ll be ok.

    • Hannah says:

      I agree but not every actor is suited to every part. Tom Is talented but there are gonna be parts that won’t suit his vocabulary as an actor.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Very true but this is one I think he can do.

      • icerose says:

        @Hannah the vocabulary comes through the script not the actor I think possibly range or personae may actually describe what you mean.
        The producers and director obviously feel it is within his range. He will have had a screen test more than likely so until they are proved wrong none of us really know,

  9. Miss Jupitero says:

    Where is the love, where is the love?

    I am not shy at all about giving TommyAnne a hard time on plenty of things, but man…

    I wish this guy would LIGHTEN the eff up. We all know this is really because Tom is not Amurkin. I am so tired of this.

    Shut up, Hank Williams Jr! He hasn’t even started filming and all you can do is dump on him! Guess what! Nobody made you the director!

    I have to give Tom HUGE credit for being willing to go into this lion’s den.

    All this said, I would agree with HW3 on one thing: a heavy dose of cockiness and arrogance will go a long, long way toward making all the pieces fall into place for this role. I fully believe Tom is capable of this. Judging him on this early performance is unfair though because he wasn’t up there playing HW, he was just singing.

    • Pocket Lint says:

      It’s not Hank Jr, it’s Hank III. As I’ve not read Jr comment about the movie, my guess is Hank III is mad he didn’t get a cut of the profits

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I stand corrected.

        I don’t see any reason to think it is about the profits. I suspect it is garden variety control freak behavior. He wants it HIS way.

      • Abby_J says:

        Hank III has also been pretty much disowned by his Father, and has no say, what-so-ever into the estate of Hank Williams. He would have zero say or involvement in this movie, no matter who they got to play his grandfather.

      • Josa says:

        @ Pocket Lint. That’s exactly what I think it is. No one from HW’s Estate said anything about Tom’s casting. HW 3 stated very clearly that he is not part of HW’s Estate and gets nothing from this film. He is the only one who has voiced against the film and the casting, coincident? I think not. Why is he not part of HW’s Estate anyway? He was cut off by his own, he probably doesn’t want the Estate to gain any profit off this film either.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      “Not Amurkin” says it all.

    • Sixer says:

      I think he’s quite brave, too! Especially to get onstage live with a possibly inimical audience. I hand it to Puddletom.

      However, the biyotch in me will be very interested to see how the Tomster handles a bit of negativity. He’s not really had much else but uncritical lurve from a hardcore band of fans and industry peers so far. Plus a highly insulated life generally.

      The (oh so cruel) world of impassioned nastiness hasn’t really touched him aside from a bit of half-hearted posh-bashing. This role will beget some hardcore opposition from people as keen to slag him as his fans are keen to praise him, won’t it? They’re people with big feelings, these country music types.

      • Dara says:

        ^^^ Yes, this ^^^
        He’s had a good run lately, but I do wonder what might happen if the reviews are ever negative – it’s bound to happen at some point…

      • InvaderTak says:

        He handled Hank III the first time this came up pretty well; the line about HW1 not being the hillbilly Shakespeare for nothing. Hopefully he’ll be ok in the long run.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        He has been very sheltered, hasn’t he? But it is brave for an actor to take on an icon, especially one whose family is still living and known for being intolerant jerks. So far Hank3 has made himself look prematurely judgmental and somehow, I doubt many of his followers are big moviegoers, what with their anti-Hollywood views. This should be interesting.

      • Sixer says:

        I hadn’t thought about anti-Hollywood views! That’s the Brit in me, I suppose. I’m not 100% sure on how American subsets of interest groups intersect.

        I think for sure he’s going to take some spite, though. And I’m mean enough to be interested in how his relentlessly positive public persona will deal with it. I’ll never get to heaven!

      • icerose says:

        Sixer He was at a country music festival and in the official video which is a hell of a lot better sound wise the audience was appreciative. admittedly it was not down south which is probably where a lot of the spite will come from.As an Americain frind said to me at least it was not at the Grand Old Opry .If he has any sense he which I think he does will just switch his meditation phrase to Vivian Lee and Leslie Howard. Come to think of it he looks a little bit like Leslie Howard. High forehead ,curls and sensitive intelligent face and they let him play a Southern man.

      • icerose says:

        @Sixer -you should read some of the posts underneath one of Hank 111′s links-they make Mel Gibson and his defender sound quite mild when it comes to the subject of Jewish film moguls. My British and Canadian sensibilities were quite shattered by the experience and I my fan was working overtime. It was almost as bad as my brother discussing Obama and anybody remotely left wing. Mind you his language is a bit more refined.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I dunno, Sixer. Deep Blue Sea? Pirate Fairy? Puddletom has gotten his share of not so great reviews.

        That said, I don’t have high hopes for this film. I think he will give it his best, which is the only thing anyone can do, but my magic eight balls says this is a bomb waiting to happen.

  10. flavia_deluce says:

    Poor Tommy! C’mere, Dancing Bear, I’ll give you a hug. xxxxx

  11. Pocket Lint says:

    Not a big Hiddleston fan, but I can appreciate his talent. Like his father, Hank III is a loudmouth. Unlike his father, Hank III has no talent and can’t get a career going and lives off his name. Sour grapes, Hanky?

  12. alex_r says:

    I like Hiddleston but am not a Dragonfly by any means but even I am getting irked at HWIII. He does realize that this will be a movie right? And a movie will about Hank’s whole life and not just his singing. Tom is a fantastic actor (definitely the best of the whole Marvel lot) and he will do justice to Hank’s character. And as others have already mentioned, studio singing is not anything like live singing. After all the post-production work, Hiddleston’s singing will be just fine.

    Also isn’t MM about 15 years too old to play Hank?

  13. joy says:

    Matthew 20 years ago maybe.

  14. Jen says:

    Nobody is ever going to sound like Hank Williams. Of course, it’s a movie and he doesn’t NEED to sound like him… he just needs to be able to lip sync to the music. I think Hiddleston is perfectly cast and I’m excited about this film.

  15. Anon says:

    There are a lot of foreign actors who successfully pull off various US accents. One of the most memorable to me is Kelly McDonald in No Country For Old Men. She did an excellent Texas accent- not over the top, just right. If US actors can play British roles, UK actors can do US.

    • flavia_deluce says:

      I have heard that a Southern US accent is particularly easy for ‘fakers’ to pull off. Tommy is a good mimic and he can sort of carry a tune, he will be fine.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think many people who are not from the South think it’s an easy accent to fake, but If you’re from the South, the fake accents are very obvious. There are many regions of the South, and many Southern accents. Most people who fake the accent mix regions as well as economic and education situations. For example, two people from the same small town in NC would pronounce the word “light” entirely differently, depending on their background. So a faker who was supposed to be a wealthy, educated person would pronounce it inappropriately for that character.

        That’s probably true of all fake accents, but I particularly notice it in the accents I’m most familiar with.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        Most people think they can do a southern accent well, when in reality it’s atrocious, and usually an exaggerated, stereotypical conglomeration of things they heard from Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo.
        Now, if you are actually on either of those shows I will give you a pass.

      • Josa says:

        I’m not from the South, and I will never be able to know the differences between different regions, they all sound pretty much the same to me, they all sound South.
        There is hope then this won’t be too much of an issue for a lot of us non-Southern folks as long as someone sound southern to our Eastcoast/Westcoast ears. Just try not to concentrate too much on selling this film to the Southern gangs and they will be fine ;) . This is a big country. MM won’t work though, even I don’t know much about the southern accent, he sound just Texas to me. Ever since he lost weight because of his recent role, he added another 10 years on his face.

      • Innie Outie says:

        Couldn’t agree more, @Josa! The accent thing is going to matter most of all to Southern American crowd. I presume that the rest of Americans and quite a number of Europeans/Canadians/Asians who are going to watch this film will care much less or not at all.

      • icerose says:

        yes but that is true of just about any country.People think they can do a Canadian accent bit it varies slightly as you cross the country and equally a lot of actors doing the British accent go for an overview as opposed to a more regional version. Dick Van Dykes interpretation of a cockney accet was dire but it did not stop him receiving praise. What is as important is getting the enunciation, rhythm and flow of the person they are playing right. That is what good actors are trained to do and that is why they have voice coaches,

      • Crocuta says:

        I find this “will he do the right regional accent” debate hilarious. Yes, the way people speak varies from person to person and from town to town, but is it really that terrible if an actor sounds like a mixture from Chattanooga and Atlanta instead of Tupelo? Only locals notice this.

        Because I’m from Southern Europe, and it seems every Hollywood or British actor ever doing Slavic, Romanian, Hungarian or Baltic accent (and that’s 4 language groups, 10s of languages and 100s of dialects) always just sounds like Bela Lugosi in Dracula. We sound quite different here and yet nobody really whines as much as these “Southern” people do.

        Drawl and moan not present, oh the horror.

        Sorry if I offended anyone, but surely there’s more to a movie than a twang?

      • Lady Macbeth says:


        Exactly!! Sometimes the whole ‘accent debate’ totally seems ridiculous. Polish, Hungarians and Czech people sounding all Russians? lol
        I used to live in USA but I couldn’t have told an Oregon accent from a Texan one. Only Southerners in US will hear the difference, the rest of the planet won’t. I can’t even recognise British accents and I’ve been here for ages now. I still mistake Liverpulian accent for a Scottish one lol

      • solanaceae (Nighty) says:

        Oh, the accents… for crying out loud, I’m also from South Europe and my accent is a mix of British and American accent… It’s impossible to mimic with the utmost perfection a regional accent…What’s important is to portray the person (in this case HW) as faithfully as possible….

      • sigh((s)) says:

        If he gets it in the neighborhood of southern without it sounding caricatural, then I’ll be happy.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        He needs to do a passable American accent, nobody remembers Hank Sr.’s voice really, he died in 1953. Most of you have probably never heard any of his music, let alone hearing him talk. He did have a distinctive voice and accent but I don’t think anyone expects an actor to mimic him exactly in a movie, they never do in movies.

      • icerose says:

        @Bob Loblaw I remember hearing his music when I was younger and I am familiar with his songs but mostly sung by other artists who often do a better job in my opinion. My country music tastes were honed in the 70′s with Kristofferson, Cash ,Nelson etc but I also have a passion for Parsons, Emmy Lou ,Rodney ,Gilmore, Hancock ,Townes Van Zandt ,Albert Lee and Guy Clarke to name a few.So not very traditional country but I listen to their DVD’s and play some of their songs on guitar and catch them in concert when they come to the UK if I can. Many of then have dome Hank songs at some point. I have have also been listening to some of his performances on you tube.
        His live performances sound quite raspy but in the recorded versions he sounds smoother.
        Tom has already appeared in a film playing Fitzgerald and he does do very good imitations of his American co stars. I do think the twang and accent need to be good even if it is not regionally precise. But as you say most of the viewers will not be familiar with Hanks work and I feel that as well as accuracy the music needs to be put across in a way that attracts wider audience if not it will a very narrow circulation
        I did listen to Hank 3 singing one of his grand fathers and I did like his singing but apart from the accent it did not sound that close to the recordings I have been listening to.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Anon, Christian Bale’s Dickie Ward in The Fighter is considered one of the best Boston accents on film. Bale did what Depp, Hanks, Penn, DiCaprio and others failed to do.

  16. Jaderu says:

    Poor little guy is being benaffleckted. And I don’t even like Hiddleston.

  17. Allegra says:

    Here what Jerry Roe – who works as drummer for Friendship Commanders, k.d. lang, John C. Reilly & Friends, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell- said:
    “I’m an old country/punk nazi & was the one playing drums with him in that video. You’ll be happy when the film’s out.”
    “…He(Tom)’d just landed in Nashville straight off filming High-Rise. We just had him sit in because he’s awesome.”

    • flavia_deluce says:

      Aw, that’s very cool of him to say.

    • Innie Outie says:

      It seems Tom Ball, the vice-president of Wheatland fest, also gave Hiddles his blessing:

      According to published reports, production for “I Saw the Light” begins in October in Louisiana, and Ball is confident the British-born Hiddleston will shine. “He’s a pro; he’ll deliver,” Ball said, adding that it isn’t clear whether the actor will do the singing in the movie.

      (from here

    • icerose says:

      nice one that it came from well respected musicians. I thought the young guy playing the riffs on the official version was excellent -I could become a fan cute with hands of fire.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I love the picture Roe put out of the two of them in deer hunting hats. “Fear no deer.” Tom looks badass.

      • icerose says:

        I was wondering who that was in the picture with him. Lilacflowers do you know who the young guitarist playing the riffs is.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @icerose, don’t know but would you like me to steal him for you when I see them next week?

      • icerose says:

        @LilacFlowers yes please.I know it is cradle snatching but there is just enough room for him in the boot of my Bugatti and I might even let him sit up front and blast me with his guitar rifts.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Will do, ice rose, I think we’re camping after the concert (not my idea!) and the little tent may get a bit crowded, especially if Tom is there and I steal him too, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice. My boyfriend may have to sleep in the car.

  18. Lilacflowers says:

    There are these places called recording studios where voices can be altered. Get over yourself, Hank3. They didn’t want you for the part and they didn’t want your input and you won’t make a cent off this film, which is your main gripe. Nothing is stopping you from making your own film and you are sounding like an envious, jingoistic idiot. BTW, I listen to your grandfather’s music but not yours. I find you lacking.

    • Lady Macbeth says:

      Totally agree with everything you said…..

    • Christin says:

      Agree. This is sour grapes on his part. I’m sure he will have more to say about the storyline as the project goes forward (as if knows with certainty how his grandfather was).

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Totally agree. Nobody asked you Hank Sour-grapes the third. Buzz off.

    • Dara says:

      Almost by accident, I came across Holly Williams on iTunes – now there is a grandchild of Hank Sr. that I want to hear more of and from. I love her music and her voice – she’s got enough talent that trading on her family name is unneccessary, although she’s covered a few of her grandfather’s songs.

      And slightly off-topic – why did no one mention Rodney Crowell used to be married to Rosanne Cash? This is a gossip site after all…

      p.s. Hank III comments were covered by a Fox News affiliate… ’nuff said as far as I’m concerned.

      • Christin says:

        Several posters yesterday seemed familiar with Rodney, so I assumed (wrongly) it was known they were married and sang together in the 1980s. They seem to be on good terms (as they should be, having three daughters together). Marty Stuart is another of Johnny’s famous former sons-in-law.

        Now I will have “It’s Such a Small World” running through my head. :)

      • icerose says:

        I thought I mentioned it but maybe it was somewhere else. I really like the backing on the official video in which it comes over loud and clear with no distortion but lets face it we are talking Grammy winners who have got where they are on the strength of their talent.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And Carlene Carter was married to Nick Lowe. Just to complete the musical small world.

    • janeite says:

      Yes, to all. Especially the jingoistic part. It’s no accident that he was on Fox News mouthing off about it.

  19. Algernon says:

    ” If Hank III is going to chime in every time Tom does anything related to Hank Williams, it’s going to hurt in the long-run. ”

    Nah, it won’t. None of Roseanne Cash’s bitch-fitting over Walk the Line affected that movie in the least. HWIII is not prominent on the country music scene, and let’s face it, the general public has largely forgotten about Hank Williams, Sr. anyway. The comparisons from the public aren’t going to be nearly as stringent as what Joaquin Phoenix faced with Johnny Cash. Tommy will be fine.

    • janeite says:

      I think people may be suprised and curious about a British actor in the role but if critical reviews for the film are good, people will see it regardless.

  20. Dancinnancy says:

    Tom is still workshopping the character. I wasn’t thrilled by what I heard – but this is still early stages.

    Also, if he’s worried about arrogance he needs to watch the extras of Only Lovers Left Alive. Tommy had a bit of a hissy fit. He definity has an inner diva/jerk. I’m not worried about his swagger at all.

    I love my Imaginary British Husband.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I’d like to see Tom’s inner bitch. Is there a link?

    • Leah says:

      He barely raised his voice. Don’t come to my house if this is considered diva behavior. LOL. I was expecting hollering and chairs flying across the room.

      • Innie Outie says:

        To me, he sounded more exasperated and genuinely upset that he couldn’t get that scene right than diva-ish ;) I usually have very low tolerance for drama queen behaviour, but here I was like “Awww, don’t be so upset, it’ll turn out alright in the end!”

        I think Hiddleston doesn’t throw tantrums (as we once agreed here lol). I think he sulks.

    • icerose says:

      I love his hissy fit just because it is so very British and I love how Tilda supports him.

  21. jwoolman says:

    It’s called acting because you don’t have to actually be anything like the person you are portraying. Children and unskilled adults need to be closely matched to the character they play because they have no range and can only play themselves (and can fail even at that). A skilled adult actor, however, should have sufficient range to play someone from an entirely different time and place who is nothing like them.

  22. 'P'enny says:

    I said on the other thread that the Hank W 111 needs to put a sock in it, he is coming off as a jealous sour-pus. But, I know that all this will be brilliant PR building for the film to begin with, he is building a curiosity. How much damage his vitriol will have the long run will depend on who comes out publically and tells him off and backs Tom’s final acting performance. In the meantime, I hope Rodney will be the winning influencer and speak out in support of Tom eventually.

    I amazed how many people are attacking someone, who is well out of his comfort zone. And, which he did, straight off travelling from London to NY to Michigan. Unless he serenaded Majorca and Belfast, I am not exactly sure the guy has had that much practice – performing in front of others. Bedroom playing to friends is not the same thing.

    He put his head on the block and he has lit a fire across a lot of American news sites, this weekend. Thankfully, there are now there are better quality videos out there of his final day performance. And he is a lot better than this first performance.

    He is in Nashville at the moment, if he gets a few radio interviews under his belt more mingling with the community, a visit to Graceland he will be well in. Charm you across, Hiddles. well jel.

    In the meantime, I am sending an email to Dolly Parton to find him and give him a supporting hug.

    • Anne tommy says:

      Fantastic post “P”enny, hug-wise Dolly better wear her highest heels and Tom would need to brace himself…

    • Dancinnancy says:

      I’ve never been one to strut music row hoping to run into someone, but knowing he is in town… (Cough cough) may be time for some sick leave :-p

    • Abby_J says:

      I just hope he doesn’t come off as trying too hard in his interviews. He kind of has a thing for that. If he starts trying to sound like he has always been a HUGE fan of Country music, etc, it will likely turn people off.

      You can’t fake country.

      • Innie Outie says:

        I agree with you, @Abby_J. Tom has this tendency to be too enthusiastic to the point of trying too hard to please and it can be offputting. I hope he’ll rein that in lol. I also hope that the fact that he dressed his usual inexpert self for Wheatland performances instead of trying to pull off some country fashion is an indication that he understands the situation :D

      • 'P'enny says:

        Hiddles can vary his interview technique, I’m not saying he can’t get it wrong & he can get too giddy for some of the avengers press tour. But his interviews for Hollow Crown, OLLA & Deep Blue Sea are thoughtful and measured.

        However, the Hillbilly Shakespeare references will be flowing 😜 be prepared for the metaphors.

    • icerose says:

      Tom is in Nashville -I need my fan

    • icerose says:

      great post P’enny did you know that Penny means something very rude in Spanish. My cousin started using her second name when she was living out there because she got fed up with the flak

      • 'P'enny says:

        @icerose 😛😳 no, I’ve been to Barcelona about 4 times and had no problems… I shall google to find out more.

    • joe spider says:


      “in the meantime, I am sending an email to Dolly Parton to find him and give him a supporting hug.”

      Could be dangerous.

  23. jwoolman says:

    Did H3 ever actually know his grandfather? Hank Sr. died at 29 years old. H3 may have other motives in this case.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Hank 2 was a very young child when Hank Sr. Died. His grandson never met him. This is about getting attention for himself.

    • Christin says:

      Junior was three and a half years old when Senior died. How the Third can have such a deep knowledge of Senior is highly questionable.

      His grandmother (who died before Third turned three) and Senior had a volatile relationship that ended in divorce. Her focus seemed to be keeping the gravy train going after his death. She allegedly even paid off his second wife so she alone could use the title of being Hank Senior’s widow. Not sure how balanced her remembrances would have been.

      • lunchcoma says:

        Third wouldn’t have heard many of his grandmother’s remembrances in any case. She died when he was a preschooler. I would guess that most of what he knows of his grandfather are things Hank Jr. heard from his mother growing up and repeated to his children.

  24. OhDear says:

    Eek. Ouch. Though HWIII seems like the type who would try to find something wrong with the movie, even if he himself were cast.

  25. RK says:

    I like Tom, but I think this was a bad casting choice. I hope he does it great tho

    • mom2two says:

      I do agree. I do hope that Hiddleston does exceed everyone’s expectations though.

    • janeite says:

      It’s certainly a surprising and unexpected casting choice. I’m not willing to say it’s a bad choice yet though. Reserving final judgment until I actually see his performance in the movie.

  26. Nikole says:

    Hank III is a turd.

    • joe spider says:

      Is he related to Richard …….

      (sorry Brit joke)

      • Dara says:

        Gawd! It took me three passes at that joke before I finally got it. I was doing my “dog trying to understand words” quizzical face with accompanying brow furl and head-tilt. Carry on – I’m off to find more caffeine…

      • Lady Macbeth says:

        lol I didn’t get it, Joe Spider… Was Richard III a turd? oh well and I thought his reputation had been polished recently…

      • joe spider says:

        Haha, did you know we also have a phrase “you can’t polish a turd?”

        No, Richard is suspected of involvement in the deaths of the two little princes in the Tower so some people jokingly call him Richard the turd. And with the recent rumours of Tom doing Richard II for MErchant Ivory I couldn’t resist throwing that one in.

        For those who don’t know much about RIII – he had an impeccable record of loyalty to his brother Edward IV until after his death and until Shakespeare got hold of him!! But it was all downhill from 1483.

        Sorry, folks -history lesson over.

  27. InvaderTak says:

    This movie seems like a huge risk for all. I don’t like bio pics at all so I probably won’t watch.

    And hank the third is a raging a$$hole. His music is for red neck jerks. He picked a fight with Shooter Jennings (Waylon and jessi colters son) for no good reason. Everything he has to say should be disregarded. He’s an embarrassment to country music. The only reason he signed a major label deal is because he had back child support payments and was in danger of going to jail.

  28. Grace says:

    Check it ya’ll Tom’s Official Pinterest :D D

    • MissMary says:

      LOL I kinda hope that’s legit because it amuses me has a Pinterest.

      • Pocket Lint says:

        Why would he only have pins related to roles he has played? Don’t you think he’d have a wider range of interests than Shakespeare and Marvel?

    • joe spider says:

      I’m not sure this is official, is there a way of making sure?

      Think someone discredited it on a certain other site because it initially described him as ……and gentleman, which he would never do.

      (If this was the same pinterest of course)

      • Dara says:

        @Joe – Pinterest has the verified account icon (check mark) the same way Twitter does, but I think the verification process is different – it has to do with tying back to an external website that you control. IE – Diane Keaton’s Pinterest has the check mark, along with the designer Lela Rose and LuluLemon. I’m sure there are others, but those came immediately to mind. There are also some that I know are the person in question, but are not verified – not sure why.

        The tomwhiddleston Pinterest does not have the check mark. Still could be his, but I seriously, seriously doubt it. It looks like a fan having a lark.

      • joe spider says:

        Thanks for that Dara. Also if his twitter and facebook accounts are tw not Tom. Only a small point I know.

      • Innie Outie says:

        His Twitter and Facebook accounts are officially confirmed as his.

    • 'P'enny says:

      it’s fan site, hun.

    • janeite says:

      I find it highly unlikely that Tom Hiddleston has a Pinterest site. Just doesn’t seem like something he’d do. And considering that Pinterest is mostly women, I just don’t think it makes much sense.

      • Dara says:

        @Janeite – agreed. Tom has far better ways to occupy his time. But can I take a moment to sing the praises of the Men of Pinterest? They may be a minority, but I love ‘em! Gay, straight, old, young, redneck, metrosexual – I don’t care. They, and their pins, are so much more interesting than the usual Pinterest demographic (of which I am one). And if I find a guy with a quality pin collection – I follow the hell out of him!

  29. Lilacflowers says:

    The PR battle when this film is released is going to be fascinating. In one corner, Hank3 posting badly written rants about Amurkins on his Facebook page and whining to Fox News. In the other Tom & Rodney doing the talk show circuit with little performances, brotherly hi-jinx with Kimmel, Fallon, and Colbert, and charming Whoopie and the two Rosies on the View and dancing with Ellen. And John Oliver’s take on it all will be Emmy worthy.

  30. lunchcoma says:

    Tom’s singing isn’t amazing. Maybe it will be better in the movie; maybe it won’t. I’ll judge then.

    I’m really tired of Hank Williams III, though. He’s coattailing the hell out of this, and despite bearing the name, I don’t think his opinion is any more relevant to casting than anyone else’s. It’s one thing for a spouse or a child to have an opinion on a portrayal, but Hank Williams III never knew his grandfather, who died 20 years before he was born. He would have barely gotten a chance to get to know his grandmother, who died when he was 3. His own father was a small child when Hank Sr. died. I’m sure Hank III has listened to a number of recordings, but I don’t know if he has any particular claim to have his casting preferences honored.

  31. Hautie says:

    Wow. Nice. *sarcasm*

    Glad to see that #3 is still p*ssed after all these years. Isn’t this the same son, that Hank Jr. barely recognizes? This is not a person, with close inside connection to the subject matter. At all.

    Even Hank Jr. was barely a 3 year old when Sr. died. And I don’t see him out here bitching and moaning about any of it.

    Yet, I suspect Jr. has control over the music rights. And if the production has secured the rights to the songs. Then no matter what Hank III is out there mouthing about… it will make no indention on how this movie is getting made.

    Again. Hank Sr. was not a gifted singer. So #3 needs to go take a seat and shut up and the quality of the singing. I have heard his singing… and the sounds that come out of him are unfortunate.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      The Williams family has no control over the music rights because Hank sold the rights before he died. The family members had to sue the company and each other to get a small percentage of royalties. They will get nothing from this film and they can’t stop it

      • Hautie says:

        I have a suspicion, that Hank Sr’s estate will make money off the movie.
        From 1990 – People

        “….The royalty income from Hank Williams Sr.’s 150-odd songs is $1 million a year, by one estimate, and a lower court will now determine how to divide those proceeds between, among others, Jett, Hank’s widow, Billie Jean, and Hank Jr. …..”

        There was a Discovery ID show done a couple years ago about the court case. That had Jett Williams participation. And it was a doozy of a fight over how ugly everything was… since Sr’s estate generates so much income.

  32. FW says:

    so only an IQ 200 genius who suffers from ALS can play Hawking?

    HW3, feel free to make you own HW movie while I happily, if can’t watch ISTL in theatre, order bluray/OST, knowing that none of my money is going to your pocket.

  33. Abby_J says:

    He never even KNEW his grandfather. Heck, Hank Williams Jr. barely knew his father. I’d be MUCH more interested in his opinion.

    Besides, Have you heard the music Hank 3 performs? There is a very good reason that the man isn’t a household name. Yeah, he may sound fine playing Granddaddy’s songs, but his real music is not good.

    Having said all of that, I don’t think that my beloved Tommy boy sounded that great, but with autotune and studio time, I think it will be fine. I just hope he sticks to that, and doesn’t start to think of himself as a singer. I’m pretty sure we don’t need him singing at award shows, etc….

    The more Hank 3 speaks out and whines, the more ridiculous he sounds. I also don’t believe that he has enough power to help or hurt the production.

    • icerose says:

      I can cope with his singing if it is related to the film more than I can with Cucumbers random political statements at the moment. Mind you if Tom starts breaking into show tunes I will and two stepping with a cane I will personally lock him in the Burgatti boot and paddle his little behind.

  34. Cait says:

    I said this on the original thread about his casting, and I’ll say it again, despite the obvious fact that III cares not a whit for my opinion:

    Conflating southern pidgins/accents is dumb. Scratch that, sweeping generalizations about any particular accent are obnoxious.

    McConnaughey is from Texas. He’s an exceptional actor. But to suggest that his Texan drawl is the same as a coastal Georgia accent, the Mississippi Delta blur or the odd Brooklyn cadence of New Orleans is unfortunate and worst of all, hideously inaccurate.

    Hiddleston is a mimic by nature. He’ll probably do a better job with that easily discernible Alabama accent (hell, he should just hang out with my cousins for a week) than Cumby did with that odd Osage County attempt that sounded nothing like the midwest. As for his singing voice, that can be a work in progress. I applaud him for practicing and hell, for his sheer chutzpah in getting up on stage to sing a beloved country classic. Joaquin Phoenix didn’t sound like Johnny Cash when he sang, and Reese Witherspoon didn’t particularly sound like June Carter, but as an audience we forgave them because their performances seemed so organic and passionate.

    At this point, III just sounds like he has a case of the bitters. We get it. You want dominion over your grandfather’s story. It’s personal to you. But Hiddleston has been cast. Stomping your foot and having a tantrum akin to my two year-old daughter is not going to change that fact. Sabotaging a biopic will not improve the quality of it.

    Maybe III could actually stop moaning like Lohan on a film set and consider acting as a resource to ensure that the film is enhanced? (Then again, if he’s looking to whitewash Hank Williams’ life, that’d be a damned shame, because the man was a dissolute addict by the end of his life, and that’s half of the tragedy of his early end.)

  35. joe spider says:

    Just listened to a few seconds of Hank III singing (That was enough!). Sorry Hank III but even at this stage and at a first public attempt Tom is better than you even if hemay never sound quite like Hank Sr

  36. Beth says:

    I just think this guy sounds like an asshole. Maybe next time he should produce the movie himself or shut up.

  37. yogapants says:

    Is it rude of me to say that Hank Williams III has been quite rude about this whole thing? Criticizing again? And aiming it at the actor himself? Sheesh!

  38. joe spider says:

    Has anyone else noticed – no Luke and no Orange?

  39. M.A.F. says:

    I saw Hanks response the other day. He truly has a chip on his shoulder. This will only help the film in the long run.

  40. Altariel says:

    Shut up already Hank 3 !! What the hell is wrong with this guy, regularly attacking an innocent actor who means him no harm?? Dude, it’s just a movie HONORING his granddad’s life, not a singing contest!! I’m sure the world will remember HW for more than just a biopic movie. Down South Homey needs to chill !! I’m ready to go Full Loki on this guy! Move over Son of Coul, you’re in the way!

  41. EscapedConvent says:

    Or Hank3 could shut his gob until the movie comes out & then bitch up a storm, as we know he will.

  42. Anne tommy says:

    Hank 3 certainly has a moan in his voice and should STFU. As usual Tom’s miniature plastic alter ego is on the case…

  43. Kate says:

    Hank III, if you don’t think Tom Hiddleston can do ‘cocky’, you don’t know anything about him at all. Hiddleston OOZES cockiness, to me. Sure he has nice manners and plays things very humble and genuine, but I think deep down Tom is one cocky (sexy) man.

    I won’t even make a pun about Tom’s other cockiness. Heh.

  44. TotallyBiased says:

    @JerryRoe, the drummer at Wheatland this weekend, said on Twitter that
    a) The movie would be good (he was responding to a negative tweet about the video) and that
    b) Tom WASN’T “being Hank.” They just asked him to sit in “because he’s awesome”…or charming…or a great way to get coverage of performing at a lesser known music festival. Because like I said, PR in Nashville is a blood sport, and Rodney Crowell is a wise, experienced old fox. :D

    So all of this Hank the third railing at Tom about a performance that wasn’t even meant to be a ‘Hank’ attempt looks even more grasping on his part. But there you are.

    Also, casting call is open for people, cars, et cetera in Shreveport! But you must live locally. SMART MOVE, GUY!
    (link is in other performance thread.)

    • icerose says:

      I actually posted the Wheatland’s video on one of the country sights last night and left a pro comment amongst all the nay sayers. A also made a polite comment.i can be quite diplomatic if I try and had a email of thanks from the sight organiser and one of my twitter comments also got favourite by a radio station programmer so there is support in the world of country music

      • 'P'enny says:

        fantastic! icerose, what was your comment or are you keeping yourself incognito.

      • icerose says:

        @P’enny I just tweeted that a picture taken of Tom and Rodney captured a lovely moment and Rodney and Tom were two men I admired -something like that but more concise
        My comment on the site was something like I know this may not make any difference to how people feel but here is the official video with out the excruciating distortion. I went on to say something else about the best bios I had seen were not so much about imitation as putting over the emotion in events which had an impact on the person’s life ( I think it was more concise) anyway he emailed thank you and said he would put Wheatlands video up which I thought was a really nice gesture.

  45. HW3 needs to lighten up and STFU. You can’t become a musician overnight (as he well knows…from when I’ve heard, he’s still working on it himself)…this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and in the end, there will be post-production. That music festival performance will have been part of researching the role, and its not just about the singing. I was a professional musician for 17 years, and there is a lot more that goes into it than just the getting up and playing/singing the tune. They need an actor who has range, which Tom Hiddleston has by the bucketload.

  46. Altariel says:

    I’d wager more folks would rather hear Tom’s brand of moaning than Hank3′s ANY day.

  47. BengalCat2000 says:

    I’m from Hank’s home state & I approve of this casting.
    I would also like to bang the Honkey Tonk hell out of TH.

  48. jammypants says:

    PR noise aside, those suit pics are ON POINT.

  49. Browniecakes says:

    So I have until October to help with the moaning in TH’s voice? Done.

  50. joe spider says:

    The timing of the film could be interesting – at the moment we have Cumberbatch’s Imitation Game and Redmayne’s The Theory of Everything coming out now. Cumbie’s is getting mixed reviews, and some suggest he is playing his usual character, but the review of Redmayne’s performance are extremely good – and in the clip I have seen he was amazing.

    Accepting that ISL is a much smaller project I think Tom will have to nail it to avoid getting compared unfavourably with his fellow Brits.

    • Innie Outie says:

      LOL and I’ve been mostly reading positive reviews of TIG and mixed reviews of TTOE ;) In any case, both Cumberbatch’s and Redmayne’s performances are praised above the respective films. It’ll be a very tough year for Oscar noms for best actor – while there seem to be very few actress names thrown around =/ Shame.

      As for possible comparisons – it’ll be a big time gap between the release of TIG and TTOE and ISTL. Also, I think Hank Williams will be a very different character explored under a very different set of circumstances. I honestly don’t see any grounds for comparison except that all three lead actors are Brits.

      • icerose says:

        @Innie Outie The Guardian and one of the other big UK papers did not like it or BC’s performance. It may be because we are more familiar with the story through theatre and the BBC version. They felt the characters had been modernised to such an extent that it impacted on the issues involved.Which is kind of what I felt watching the clips. Interesting comments by people on the thread who know people who worked with Turling and felt that he had been over dramatized at the expense of the team who worked on the project,

    • 'P'enny says:

      I don’t know what the budget is for Hank film, compared to Imitation Game and Theory of Everything, which I think are two british indie films? and Hank film is a Canadian Indie? It could be pretty even I would think.

      What I would like to add though, Hiddle’s film CV up to now very different to Cumbie and Eddie who have drama heavy CV’s where Hiddles has been stuck in Marvel Universe for the past four years. Now he is Marvel free, he has taken off! Squeezing more in, than most and 2015 will provide us with three ‘very’ different films – all so different that he will probably confuse the critics who like to pigeon hole actors.

      I don’t think he will be compared to Benny or Eddie because he is not doing their kind of British intelligent bio-stuff. I think Hiddles is out of their film sphere for now. If anyone is going to compare Hiddles to Benny next year it will be the press over Hollow Crown and Shakespeare stuff. There will be another round of whose best Shakespeare actor of…. again.

      And, I am not sure what the leading Indie films which are due to hit next year, I think Ben Whishaw may be due for some coverage, Cillian Murphy, and Tom Hardy may have indie-festival circuit films out, Hiddles may get thrown into this lot at Cannes/Tiff. I am not sure.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @’P'enny, I might be wrong but I also think that TIG was originally a modest indie film. I think its budget was smaller than Tinker Tailor. Also iirc its release got postponed several times before Weinstein bought it, no? I really am not sure so somebody please correct me if I am wrong.

        Also – agreed with everything else.

      • joe spider says:

        Actually after Les Mis this is the first Film Eddie has had released I believe. Quite a gap.
        @ Innie Outie “I honestly don’t see any grounds for comparison except that all three lead actors are Brits.”

        Just because there aren’t any grounds, doesn’t mean to say it won’t happen. :)

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Tom takes more risks and shows more variety in his film choices. I want to see more of Eddie and am looking forward to TTOE for the acting. I want to see TIG for the story, which has always fascinated me and the other actors (Strong! Dance! Kinnear!)

        @joe spider, Eddie is in a film with Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, and Sean Bean that was supposed to be released this summer but has been pushed to February.

      • joe spider says:

        @ Lilacflowers – Yes I saw that film was made earlier, wonder why it has been pushed back. (No doubt to the distress of our Sean Bean fans!!)

        You are right about Tom and risks – he makes me wince for him a little at the same time as admiring him for his bravery.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @joe spider, Jupiter Ascending is the film. The reasons they gave were that it needed more time for some of the special effects but the trailer had already been showing in theaters and I heard they were getting some negative feedback on clips that had been show. Eddie was playing some sort of space alien king or something and he looked like a shellacked elf in the make-up. I wonder if Sean Bean’s character dies?

      • joe spider says:

        @ Lilacflowers thanks for the explanation – but isn’t it part of all Sean’s contracts that his character dies? :)

      • icerose says:

        @Joe Spider re wince-you and me both.

        I think comparisons re Shakespeare characters are par fro the course so yes we will have a round of who was better in the Hollow Crown but like Tom with Henry episodes Ben will also be compared to other great Richards.
        I love the variety in Tom’s roles and next year will be very interesting. If the buzz fro High Rise and CP is good it will help ISTL. I am still hoping both HR and CP will hit Cannes but not so sure about ISTHL.

      • icerose says:

        @Joe Spider Redmayne was in My Night with Marylyn prior to Les Mis and if I remember correctly it was hid break out performance and he was excellant

    • icerose says:

      I have seen three reviews of TIFF so far looking at possible Oscar contenders and none of them mentioned Imitation but they all mentioned Redmayne as a possibility but then Hawkings is more well known. Remayne is mixed for me I love him in some things but sometimes he comes over as a bit wet but I really want to see this film.
      From the many reviews I have read TIG sounds like a glossy version of the Beebs Breaking the Code which as a play won awards for Jacobi in New York . The opening scenes sound very similar but the ending has been reduced to a written bit ion the screen. So for me the story is pretty familiar and does not seem to offer any new insights, Mind you Strong and Goode are two of my top notch actors so I am tempted to se it just for them.
      Somebody was raving over the Turner film with Timothy Spall which made me happy.

    • jammypants says:

      Apparently The Theory of Everything brought Hawking to tears when he watched it.

  51. Lilacflowers says:

    Country Weekly says the people crying in their beer over the casting should stop because Tom’s performance at Wheatland shows he can handle the role. I’m going back to worrying about the director now.

  52. Lilacflowers says:

    Since Tom’s in Nashville can we get a picture of him with Emmylou? That would be something my boyfriend and I could both enjoy – and cheekbones.

  53. Crocuta says:

    OK, two questions regarding Hank III’s reaction (and his fans):

    1. What’s up with people using the word grandDADDY instead of grandFATHER? The man’s in his 40s? Is that normal in US or at least the South? Or are they just trying to emphasise an emotional connection that really isn’t there since Hank Sr. died decades before III’s birth?

    2. Hank III said they should not only cast an American, but American from the South … Would American from the North be a worse or better choice in his Southern mind than a Brit?

    I’ve listened to some of Hank Sr.’s songs now. I actually recognised two. Cool.
    But I wonder: Are the highest vocals in Lovesick Blues and especially refrain of Long Gone Lonesome Blues considered good signing? The lower vocals are fine but these high ones … Good luck Hiddleston with trying to mimic THAT, because it will be impossible to sound as close as possible to the original but not sound terrible. Because the original is already … off.

    I do understand what they mean by drawl and moan now, tho.
    I guess we can conclude Hank Williams Sr. is just not my cup of tea.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I’m a northerner but I would never refer to either of my grandfathers as “granddaddy” or any other nickname that a family member would use when speaking to those outside the family. I have cousins in the south on both sides and none of them would either.

      Hank Williams had a distinctive voice but was not a great singer. He was a great songwriter. To me the modern equivalent is Bob Dylan. Fantastic songs but please have somebody else sing them.

    • icerose says:

      does he yodel in Love Sick Blues

    • Crocuta says:

      I wouldn’t call that yodelling. At least not the way Austrians do it. I don’t want to insult him but it just sounds like attempt of singing too high that goes “dog howling at the moon” bad. I mean if I did that on karaoke night people would surely laugh at me.

      If that’s what some people believe yodelling is … Then they haven’t heard REAL yodelling, which is a very hard thing to do. I dislike it dearly, actually, but I have to give credit to those who can do it.

      Both songs I mentioned I listened on YouTube. You can tell me if that’s what you meant.

  54. joe spider says:

    Haha like this (if it works:

    • joe spider says:

      and from the same Rodney Crowell facebook page a comment:

      Diane Willis Davis:

      ……………….. It was gracious of Mr. Crowell to invite Tom Hiddleston to share the stage. There’s nothing like a warm, appreciative audience, a great band and a star backing one’s first live performance for a confidence booster! I’m not in the music business however, I noted a marked difference from Saturday to Sunday’s performance. Bravo! I predict Hiddleston will be superb portraying Hank Williams, Sr. As a bonus, I was grateful to have my picture taken with both gentlemen who were courteous and gallant throughout the process. Lasting memories. Thanks for the memories!

    • icerose says:

      love it. There is a brilliant post of Tom underneath a very stern picture of him on stage which says “This picture really makes Tom look like a guy that would sweet talk you, fuck you within an inch of your life, be gone by sunrise and not remember your name or ever call you again” But I do not know how to post it here!!!

      I have titled it ode to the bike sight.

  55. TotallyBiased says:

    Just going to leave this here since the other thread is getting no love. :)
    It’s a casting call-
    Notice the requirement “MUST LIVE LOCALLY”–they’re already preparing for the fan girl onslaught.

  56. Ellen says:

    I was thinking that maybe they should of got Hw3 involved in the film like coaching Hiddles. This may have placated him and make him feel involved in some way.

    • joe spider says:

      And you never know, some of Tom’s good manners may have rubbed off on him. :lol:

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Ellen, his own family doesn’t deal with him and his own music is dreadful. His input would not be helpful and his attacks on Tom show outright bigotry. Without him, the filmmaker has more creative control. And H3′s tirade is getting far less coverage than Tom’s surprise performance.

    • TotallyBiased says:

      Ellen–Rodney Cromwell is a HIGHLY respected, Grammy-award winning member of the Nashville community. I’d put money down that if you asked Hank JR who would be a better coach for Tom, Rodney or HIII, he would answer Rodney.

  57. Cecilia says:

    I once saw an interview with Stephen Sondheim where he sort of lamented the fact that it was necessary to pick acting ability over singing ability (because he loved the songs he writes and would like to hear them sung by a proper singer). But he conceded it was necessary to do so because the acting was much more important to the shows than the singing. A good actor can pull off just enough of the singing to get the job done well. But it is generally not true in reverse – good singers are mostly not going to be good actors (this is why opera is, for me, difficult – beautiful voices, awful acting). So, yes TH will be fine – the producers are going to hire the proper professionals (vocal coaches, accent coaches) to get his performance where it needs to be. Hank Williams III is just looking for his 15 minutes.

  58. joe spider says:

    What is needs is for the film to be a huge success and for Tom to thank HIII for the free publicity when they are doing the press rounds.

  59. Maria of MD says:

    Knock it out of the park, Tom-tom Hiddleston.

  60. gatofemme says:

    I tried Goolging Tom and a saw a variety of news clips about him. Although most are about him showing up in the music festival, only one was about Hank iii bashing him.
    I Googled Hank III and almost all are about him being rude to Tom.
    I only checked the first page but that says a lot.

  61. joe spider says:

    And we have confirmation from Luke that Tom is not on pinterest.

    And Elizabeth Olsen is to play his wife – trying to put in the link but they keep disappearing.