Holly Madison and Criss Angel’s romance magically disappears

Holly Madison and Criss Angel
A young girl loiters around a senior citizen, desperate for marriage and babies. When she realizes that an 82 year old man might not be keen for marriage and babies at this late stage, she decides to leave for a man exactly half his age. Sadly, a conflict of schedules got in the way of their love.

The couple had been dating since late last year after Madison moved out of the Playboy Mansion following her breakup with Hugh Hefner.

“She was very much in love with him and they’re still very close friends,” says a source close to the couple. “But it was a conflict of schedules. She felt she couldn’t devote 100% of her time to him in Vegas, at the expense of her own career and her goals.”

Madison, 29, and Angel, 41, had been living together in his Las Vegas home since December, but she has recently moved out and is staying with family.

The source went on to say, “It was a tough decision for her to make, but she wanted pursue her career. She still has very intense feelings for him.”

OK! Magazine

Holly and Criss have been officially dating for four months, and in the time honored tradition of the Paris Hilton-Benji Madden union, she liked to talk to the press frequently about how much they were in love.

Holly planned to propose. She made Criss a little paper ring to wear.

She quit her awkward job with Hugh Hefner so she didn’t have to commute to Vegas anymore to be with her new love.

Criss met her parents, her first boyfriend to do so. I guess Hugh didn’t want to meet parents that were young enough to be his children.

And they did this all in a public forum, which can be kind of awkward. Anyone who has ever declared within hours of meeting someone that they’re ‘the one, I’m in love’ before discovering in the next fortnight that they are decidedly not, feels a fool. It’s cute when after ten years of marriage you declare that you knew right away, but you just look silly doing it any time beforehand. Maybe you can do it on your wedding day, maybe, but no sooner.

I’m sad these two couldn’t make it work, they seemed like a couple made in reality show heaven.

Photo is of Holly and Criss on 11/6/08. Photo credit: PRPhotos


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  1. Lem says:

    whew. that went on too long

  2. HEB says:

    I dont know why people keep saying that Hef never met Holly’s parents, they met plenty of times, and they were both on the TV show a few times also.

  3. Raye says:

    Aw, Holly is so pretty once you look past the plastic tits and the bleach blond hair!

  4. Mairead says:

    That eejit is 41? Holly, sweetheart, you must try to avoid men who are perpetual teenagers or stuck in a permanent mid-life crisis.

  5. danteshell says:

    Scheduling conflict?! She didn’t have crap going on! She dumped Hef, left her “supposed” job at Playboy, moved out of the mansion and high “bunny” tailed it over to Las Vegas to follow Criss Angel around 24/7! She probably left after realizing she wasn’t going to get a ring or baby out of Criss Angel either and that she was nothing more than arm candy! Hello?! We’re also talking about a man who kept his wife of eight years a secret only to dump her after he became famous!

  6. xxx says:

    It was a contract for her to make appearences with him

  7. Ron says:

    Perhaps she finally realized that she was dating Liza Minelli in goth drag and went….eeewww.

  8. Aspen says:

    This poor woman is looking for a daddy.

    She needs to meet some men her own age. If her desire is to marry and procreate, then the best thing she could do, honestly, would be to go to college or grad school if she’s already got a degree of some kind, and find some serious men in her own age group.

    She could find some wealthy men who wouldn’t use her for her money (yes, she has her own now), and somewhere she’d find a quality relationship.

  9. believeme says:

    Did Holly “screwing someone old enough to be my great great grandfather” Skankison actually think she was getting a ring out of Criss Angel after dating him for only five friggin minutes? Puhleeeze girl!!! Not only was he still going through a divorce when he “supposedly” hooked up with Skankison but, hello he lives in Vegas now and he’s been having woman just as hot if not hotter than her throwing themselves at him on a daily basis and she thought she was going to pin him down because she had the “made in playboy” stamp on her ass?! And just to top off just how much class she fucking has she went on the Chelsea Handler show, mocked Criss’ lisp and stated how her book would only list “fun” things to do in Vegas after Chelsea asked her if Criss Show would be mentioned in the book! Grow up you dumb skank no wonder Hef didn’t marry your immature, faked boobed and bleached ass!