Kim Kardashian sorry for chimp adoption, says it was just rented for week

Kim Kardashian outraged a lot of people when she stupidly posted photos on her blog last week of a three year old chimpanzee she said her family adopted. All she basically said about it was “We got a Monkey!!” [sic] and what amounted to “isn’t she cute?” Kardashian posted the entry which made it seem as if her family had a new, permanent, less materialistic member on February 20, a full four days after the high profile chimp mauling incident in Connecticut. Now Kardashian is backtracking, and claims that the young chimp was “rented” for just one week and that the footage will be featured on her family’s reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” She says she didn’t mean to insult anyone by making it seem as if they were getting the chimp right after the whole world learned how dangerous it could be, and says she “cried” when she heard the news about how a woman was put in critical condition when by a longterm family pet mauled her. Did Kardashian just forget seeing that on the news or did she think it wasn’t relevant to her own adoption of a chimp, since she had a “monkey” and that’s different, right?

Kim Kardashian has issued an apology for posting photos of her new chimp Suzy on her Web site the same week a simian mauled a Connecticut woman.

“I understand my timing was not appropriate and it was insensitive of me, so I want to explain,” she blogs. “The pictures I posted are from six months ago when we were filming season three of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I had held onto these pictures for months and preset them to run the month before my show was going to air, to give you guys exclusive glimpses into season three.

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“My mom has been begging Kourtney, Khloe and I to settle down and have kids, so we thought it would be funny to rent a baby chimpanzee for a week and leave her with my mom! We don’t still have Suzy, she was just rented for a week! You guys will see what happens this season with Suzy!

“What happened to the woman that was attacked by the chimpanzee was devastating!” Kardashian says of 55-year-old Charla Nash, who was attacked last week and remains under sedation at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio (police shot and killed the chimp).

Adds Kardashian, “My mom and I saw it on the news and heard the 911 calls and we both cried!”

Before signing off, she writes, “Our family is praying for everyone involved in that traumatizing attack. In no way did I mean to insult or offend anyone by posting these pictures.”

[From US Weekly]

If the producer want to do the right thing they will cut all the footage of the chimp and won’t air it. It’s irresponsible to make great ape adoption seem somehow cute or fun, especially after that woman in Stamford was nearly killed by one. As I mentioned before, it’s also cruel to the animals. Chimps are meant to be in the wild and shouldn’t become house pets. You know producers will never do that though, because they probably have some antic-filled footage and will make the chimp seem seem adorable. Maybe Kim Kardashian isn’t as much at fault in this instance as the show’s writers. It probably wasn’t even her family’s idea. Still, she should have known better than to publicize it at the worst time possible.

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  1. Sasssy says:

    why is this fam famous? some1 help me understand pls

  2. Kukster says:

    Their also working on passing a law that makes it illegal to keep primates as pets.

  3. kiki says:

    famewhores.. what is it exactly you are famous for?
    oh having a big ass and a sex tape
    that one holding the cihimp is a beast

  4. Whitey Fisk says:

    I think it was a good move to release an apology, and it seems as genuine as possible, considering it’s coming from a Kardashian. (Or at least one of the Kardashian’s publicists.)

    And by the way, is she saying they brought the monkey in to spice up the show? Wait, does that mean the show isn’t based in reality, as purported? The horror!

  5. Whitey Fisk says:

    Kardashians’. Misplaced apostrophe. Damn you, edit function!

  6. Feebee says:

    Pleased to hear they’re working on a law to make primate as pets illegal.

    Pity Kim didn’t think to also apologise for the blatant lie they told to publicise their stupid show. Adoption is totally different from renting for a week. The shallow stupidity of these people never cease to amaze.

  7. anna says:

    the fact she thinks that “renting” a chimp for a week is any better makes me sad…

  8. Dana Da Designated Hata says:

    What the hell? Who goes and rents a monkey? I swear, not everyone deserves to have money!!! Poor monkey, now you’re going to be tossed back out on the street after the Kardashian’s used you as a publicity stunt for attention. Hopefully you watched a little Grandmas Boy while you were chillin on the couch. I want you to show them why they shouldn’t play with the monkey…LOL!!

  9. Leandra says:

    These animals should be treated with respect since we humans are just one step up really from them.
    The DNA sequences of humans and chimpanzees are 98.5 percent identical.

  10. Amy says:

    Hey, at least she writes these statements herself. I do give her credit for being able to operate a laptop. “Traumatizing” events, Kim? “Traumatic” would have sufficed.

  11. Christina says:

    i’m sure they didn’t mean any harm… for some background info… the reason the kardashians are somewhat famous is because the father of the kids was oj simpson’s lawyer…. kim dated nick lachey for a second (literally) And she used to hang out with paris hilton quite a lot back and the day and people noticed her booty and took a liking to her i suppose… the public sensationalizing hot chicks for no reason isn’t new… it’s sad, but it’s not new…

  12. Baholicious says:

    Right, because renting a highly intelligent, sensitive, sentient being – and an infant one at that – is any less offensive.

  13. April says:

    So what if they have a chimp on the show? People get their bodies ripped up by sharks sometimes, and Animal Planet still airs Shark Week every year without people getting all up in arms about the victims’ feelings.

    It’s not as though they planned it so people would want to run out and buy monkeys (and potentially get mauled).

  14. pato says:

    someones that helps me too, why are they always on the gossip sites? are they like the hiltons or the trumps and that´s why paparazzis follow them?

  15. cheekemunkey says:

    I’m disturbed to hear that the chimp was ‘rented’ for their amusement. How confusing and upsetting for the chimp to be thrown into living in a stranger’s home. What is wrong with these people?? And by people, I mean not only the Kardashians, but also the chimp’s owner. A law forbidding chimps and other wild animals from being kept as pets can’t come soon enough.

  16. Megan says:

    It’s really sad the lengths that some people will go to to get attention.

  17. sam says:

    to the daughters:

    you are far too old to not know better than to “rent” a living creature for your amusement.
    If you want to rent something for kicks rent a fucking bubble machine or a waterside-fuck, rent a prostitute for all I care
    but do not rent a living creature who has feelings and needs REAL care not some ignorant bored idiots.
    I think it is great that you have wealth and fame, but I wish you
    also had the intelligence and compassion to match.
    Try to think of other living creatures not just yourself.
    Animals are NOT Your toys
    they deserve the care, attention, shelter, and respect every human being does.
    I feel really sorry for you that you are mid life and have all the opportunities and blessing a person could wish for and yet you are so shallow and self centered and frankly very very stupid.

  18. Francis Scott says:

    This country needs to have laws that protect wild animals. Chimpanzees are not domestic creatures, just as lions tigers, alligators, snakes etc. are not domestic. I have NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER for people that are attacked by these animals. Parents of children that are attacked should be prosecuted for child endangerment. Chimpanzees especially are highly intelligent and just like people have a spectrum of emotional requirements specific to their genetic makeup. Laws should protect the public from people that would rent out or sell these animals and also should protect the animals from people that would rent them or buy them. People that are stupid enough to rent and buy these creatures are in most cases not competent. I do belieive that there is room for exceptions for cases in which people can provide sanctuaries or environments under strict license guidelines that are reviewed/run by competent biologists/zoologists. The Kardashian’s are just another family trying to gain fame off of Bruce Jenners former celebrity and his stepdaughter’s home made sex tape. I was one of those kids that used to think Bruce Jennner’s achivements were something cool. From the bits and peices of their show I have seen I think he’s just another desperate has been.

  19. I am appaled at the way that Americans can hire/adopt a chimpanziee over the internet,have you never herd of the late(Jim )& Alison Cronin who are both American and have set up Monkey World in Dorset England as a rescue center for all primates, how shocked and upset would they be to know that in there native country that this is allowed to happen. Jim & Alison have changed the way all Europeans treat and value these wonderful animals As a avid fan of Monkey World in England i am shocked that this is allowed to happen and be aired on national tv in America and to advertise this cruel and illegal trade in smuggled chimps is beyond belive “shame on you Kardashians,” i have now switched off from your show, to endorse such a horrific trade is would you feel being ripped from your mothers arms see her mutilated, killed and sent thousands of miles to be dressed in childrens clothes for some hormonal broody human being to gratify themselfs say no more!!!!!!!!!

  20. mel says:

    all i have to say is THANK GOD that chimp mauled that woman…chimps SHOULD NOT be kept as pets they deserve to be in the wild w/their families, or at the VERY LEAST AT A CHIMP REFUGE…NOT AT A HUMAN’S HOME!!!! and the Kardashian’s sicken me for renting this poor little baby chimp for tv! They should think about these poor chimps! no mommie, just dropped off at random stranger’s homes, at the hands of these human strangers to do anything they want to them….this leads to a chimp (when they grow big enough and strong enough) fighting back…why wouldn’t they??