Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sue stroller company for $30 million

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony showed off their twins, Max and Emme, for the first time in a rarefied spread for People Magazine last March that is said to have earned them $6 million. They posed in couture and included photos of their twins’ high end nautical-themed nursery, which many experts said wasn’t safe for babies. The photo shoot also included a picture outside their Long Island mansion in which Lopez and Anthony laughed maniacally while posing with two high end retro-style black matching strollers. The “prams” are among the most expensive in the world and retail for nearly $3,000. The stroller maker, Silver Cross, featured the photo of Lopez and Anthony with their product on their official blog and apparently in some some print work for the company. I found a cache for this now-removed entry on the official Silver Cross blog which refers to the People photo.

Jennifer Lopez Chooses Silver Cross for Max & Emme

Jennifer Lopez will be the envy of Long Island when she’s out and about with her new baby twins, thanks to the two beautiful Onyx Black Silver Cross Balmoral prams she has taken for the pair (see above). Silver Cross was invited to the world exclusive first photoshoot of the new Lopez twins.

Little Maximiano and Emelina (Max & Emme) will enjoy the greatest comfort in the iconic British classics that Jennifer ordered from exclusive baby boutique Petit Tresor. The twins were pictured recently at home with their proud mum and dad, along with their beautiful new hand made Silver Cross carriages. The babies are the first children for pop diva Lopez, and the fourth and fifth for her partner, salsa songwriter and singer, Marc Anthony.

[From Cache of Silver Cross’ official blog, original entry now removed]

Lopez and Anthony aren’t pleased with being made the unpaid spokespersons for the stroller company and are suing Silver Cross for $30 million.

The supercouple filed the suit in a California District Court on Wednesday against Silver Cross Ltd, claiming the company, which has outlets in the U.S. and U.K., used a photo of them to help sell a baby stroller.

According to the lawsuit obtained by Access Hollywood, the entertainers claim the company used a photo of the couple using a Silver Cross Balmoral Pram Carriage stroller to help sell the product on the company’s Web site and “in various print and electronic media and newsletters,” the suit reads.

They claim Silver Cross “knowingly and intentionally misappropriated and used the names, images, likenesses and photographs of Lopez and Anthony to market and sell Defendants’ line of high-end baby carriages throughout the world,” the suit continues.

The couple added in their suit that the “defendants have sought to illegally capitalize on Plaintiffs’ hard work, reputations and world-wide celebrity and recognition.”

Jennifer and Marc have eight complaints listed in their lawsuit, including violation of civil code, misappropriation of the common law right of publicity, false designation of origin, dilution of common law trademark, copyright infringement, unjust enrichment, accounting, preliminary and permanent injunction.

In addition to asking for more than $5 million in damages on six of the eight claims, the couple have asked for attorneys fees and profits associated with the sale of the baby buggy.

[From MSNBC via WeSmirch]

There are two schools of thought on this. On one hand of course Anthony and Lopez shouldn’t be used to sell a product without their permission. They get paid millions for endorsements. On the other I wonder if they even bothered to send Silver Cross a cease and desist before deciding to sue them. Surely if they had their lawyer send a strongly worded letter then the stroller maker would have removed the material, apologized, and issued a statement that no endorsement was ever provided by the couple. It just sounds very heavy handed and you wonder if they exhausted their other options before suing. Celebrities get used for unpaid endorsements all the time based on the things they wear, use, and are photographed with. It goes with the territory and there are more diplomatic ways of handling it than suing.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are shown at the 2009 Latino Inaugural Gala on 1/18/09. Credit:

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  1. Polkasox says:

    Ugh, vomit. I can’t stand these attention-whores.

  2. CandyKay says:

    The thing about lawsuits is they take up a lot of time and a lot of attention, even if you’ve got a team of flunkies to do the leg work for you.

    This sounds like a waste of energy they could be using elsewhere, particularly when Jennifer’s career is MIA.

    Unless, of course, they really need the money.

  3. geronimo says:

    Ok, Silver Cross shouldn’t have implied an endorsement from these two, that’s fair, and they deserve an apology and possibly some compo.

    But the idea that they have a reputation worth protecting to the tune of $30M? Pure unadulterated opportunism. Accept an apology and a free pram and stop with the hysterics.

  4. MSat says:

    That’s a lovely shade of orange you are wearing there, J.Lo….

  5. cedar falls says:

    I wonder if they’ve given any of the money they made from pimping out their kids to charity yet…

  6. Kayleigh says:


  7. Lem says:

    well the lawsuit should increase the advertising and word of mouth of this company and pram I had never heard of.

    if I had something to sell and had a picture of JLO in it, with it, or near it, I’d put the picture on my blog too.
    as a matter of fact I have a picture of a celebrity on my website. (it’s more of an endorsement for him than he endorses me.) oh crap. I don’t have $30 million dollars. Maybe I can sue that celebrity for having something I sell. zomg. If you buy 6,000 worth of prams you are endorsing that company. Did she ask permission to show their product in People? She brought them to the party. That’s be my defense.

  8. Codzilla says:

    I need to understand how JLo, someone with access to ridiculous amounts of cash, can end up with such a putrid fake tan. Hell, go down to the drugstore and buy some Neutrogena spray-on stuff — it’ll look 100 times more natural. What a dumbass.

  9. Maritza says:

    Looks like JLo and Marc are taking advantage of the Companies mistake. Well someone’s got pay for they luxurious lifestyle!

  10. sissoucat says:

    Still Jenny from the block, huh ?

  11. Yadira says:

    I bet they are excited now that they found another way to make more money for their selfish greedy little selves. I hate these two. Always bragging about how great and wonderful their life is! How about donating a couple of bucks to like feed the children or St Jude’s hospital. You would think having children would bring some empathy to these two empty souls.

    I earn a year probably what these two have in spare change in their couch cushions and I still find a way to give back to the world and help those that are less fortunate than myself.

    Yes, her tan is awful and so is that skeleton looking thing on her arm.

  12. Wonder Woman says:

    esceletor is muy feo and jlo looks lika an umpa lumpa. and also they are greedy bastards. Nice combo

  13. mojoman says:

    Let see what adjectives should I describe her and Anthony? hmm..tacky, greedy, orange and skinny! see it rhymes!

  14. Alias says:

    Malicious greed. You never hear of them doing any charity work with their millions, it’s just a vicious cash-grab. They’re probably clapping their hands in glee and drooling thinking of all that easy money. Cochinos.

  15. May says:

    Ugh she’s still the money-grabbing attention whore we know and hate. I mean don’t you have enough already?? You can’t take it with you you know!

  16. nini says:

    OK let see (sigh…..moan….) I just can’t believe these 2. I also wonder as one other e-mailer did they give any money from the PEOPLE thing like JOLIE AND PITT did. I think not. Either they need the money or is it for attention. Perhaps she wants her career PUMPED up. I really dislike these 2.

  17. hmm says:

    This is a trifle ridiculous. First of all, most people in the world could not afford the stroller, so the idea that using Lopez and Anthony would generate millions in sales is quite ridiculous. My point is that the rich people who were going to buy the stroller were probably going to buy them anyway, regardless of JLo. And we all know that they were problably bragging about their expensive strollers and had to name drop. So don’t get mad when the company returns the favor. Secondly, the company referenced a People magazine article which discussed them using the prams. It’s not like they pretended that they used them when they didn’t and used photoshop to create the image. So you have to wonder who owns the image, People or Lopez and I’m going to guess that she has no ownership rights in the magazine photoshoot.

  18. karamelatte says:

    Moves like this is EXACTLY why no-one buys your records or watches your films anymore Jenny-from-the-Block!

  19. caribassett says:

    Gee, did Jello and H ask permission to show the stroller/brand in their magazine spread?

  20. ebgirl says:

    Well, I guess they need to make SOME money since no one wants to buy J Lo’s music or watch her movies anymore. This is such a BS lawsuit. I wouldn’t buy anything these 2 endorsed. I won’t even buy a magazine if they’re on the cover! They’re lucky that a high-end label actually wanted to use photos of them and their “breathtaking” babies.

  21. ae says:

    She sucks…no if and or buts about it! I use to love her back in the day…Money Train, Angel Eyes even her first albums…now I can’t even stand her or her mousey little husband. Get over yourself loser!

  22. pixiegirl says:

    It’s like they’re *trying* to make us hate them. What’s wrong with them? And again, why on earth is she orange? I’m trying to be nice, but ugh. They’re so awful!

  23. Jenna says:

    What people do when the checks stop coming in… Sue others! At first I thought that one of those ‘amazing’ strollers broke and I thought that maybe J.Lo’s ass broke it just by nudging it but I guess not.

  24. ivelisse30 says:

    Yesterday the story was 5 million ,, here it’s 30 million, I really wish the tabloids would get things straight.. And for the record,, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have every right to sue.

  25. Trillion says:

    Nadya Suleman take note…

  26. morgs says:

    They were probably pissed because the stroller company wouldn’t hook them up with new strollers whenever they snapped their fingers. The couple didn’t get what they wanted out of it, so they’re sueing to make their point.

    Either that or Virgin’s Blood has gone up in price.

  27. Hmmm says:

    I bet that they sent those strollers to JHO for free!!! and look how she repays them She seems all about herself and money. You Hardly ever see her with her kids. As much as people talk about Jessica Alba’s acting skills she seems like a wonderful mother.Smh JHO take some notes.

  28. Yaya says:

    Remember guys They may not be all aware of what it is happening they have way too much work on their hands and money to be putting off this, one thing I have to say their LAWYERS are the one always trying to find someone who is making a living up their names, remember they have to get pay, why you think in their suit says they have to pay lawyers’s fee…Hellooo….anyways there no excuse into that. I think is not fair to do that is not like anyone knows this company like a Wal-mart brand or Sear’s Come on now they are being stupid to this point.

  29. lrm says:

    I think they are in the right;don’t use celebs’ images to sell your stuff. That’s fair.
    30M? Don’t know about that one-but maybe they want to make an example out of this stroller co.,so others don’t follow suit and begin using celebs in their advertising.
    Yes,celebs sell stuff by wearing it-when it’s free stuff sent by the makers….but the makers don’t then use pics of them in their print ads. That’s also just plain tacky. no story here-just drama.

  30. Cinderella says:

    I guess they really do have financial problems. Hope they lose.

  31. Shelley says:

    This couple needs to open their eyes and see that there are far more important things in the world…..then pocketing money just because they used their image which I highly doubt the consumer would care anyway if JLo and her Stickman Husband used it or not!!Open a newspaper once and awhile and get a taste of what “REAL PEOPLE” have to experience just to make ends meet these days and then decide are your images really worth that much money!!????I don’t think so!

  32. Starr says:

    One word to describe those two…”pathetic”

  33. Lila says:

    Wow….just….wow! 30 million though?! PLEASE!

    The photo was already published, as was the article. Sure Silver Cross should have obtained permission from all parties.(For this exact reason!) however I think it is outrageous that JHo and scary thin Marc I look like I am on drugs Anthony are asking for 30 mil.! I say at the very most 250K is what they should get and a public apology!

    Or if the couple wanted to be decent human beings they could ask for the public apology and ask the company to make a donation to a organization to help infants/children. That is what the lawsuit should consist of. However that won’t happen! They are both so damn money hungry! The pictures had already been ran elsewhere! People would know about it if they read that article!

    Trust me…if I were rich I would by a Silver Cross pram. Only because I am a fan of the style. I have always loved Prams. I would not go “OMG! JLO HAS TWO OF THEM! I MUST HAVE IT!”. That is stupid. Only people who can afford those darn things are wealthy people, and I really doubt they give a damn about what she’s more then likely paying a nanny to push her children around in. They are a bit full of themselves. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU TWO AND YOUR CHILDREN! Realize the company was out and selling prams BEFORE you decided you must have two for your children!

  34. Lila says:

    Sad thing was I read this article thinking because of something the stroller company did one of the babies got hurt. So I was like “Wow! What horrible company is this?!” I read it only to find this rubbish….it’s just…pathetic. There is no other word for it.

  35. •GwadaBoy• says:

    •WHAT THE F*** IS SHE WEARING !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG•

  36. dovesgate says:

    Wait… what? There’s nothing wrong with the stroller and they feel the need to sue for *how* much?!

  37. lvee says:

    First of all, no one has a right to use your image or likeliness to promote a product giving people the impression that the people in the add endorse their product. As I understand it the strollers were a gift to Jennifer and Marc for the babies from Eva Longoria.. So they didn’t even purchase those strollers , so I see why it would bother them to be shown that they are endorsing this product when it’s not that way at all. If there is a problem with the stroller and some baby gets hurt (as happens with a lot of baby products) the company would be sued and Marc and Jen would also face a lot of flak for “endorsing” an unsafe product..Be real people , I’m sure if it were any one of you, you’d sue

  38. getreal says:

    $10 Million for each twin plus $10 million for the lawyers adds up to $30 million. They don’t ‘deserve’ to sue unless the company was sent a “cease a desist order” which they refused to follow. Most companies follow such letter when received. Besides, they invited the company to the photo shoot!

  39. Mya says:


  40. Mya says:


  41. MARIE says:


  42. Caryn says:

    I can see sending a cease and desist to the defendant in this case. And I can see a lawsuit if in fact they did not own or use the stroller to begin with.
    But this couple made millions showing pictures of them using the stroller- they posed in pics they knew would be published using the very recognizeable stroller (I am a Mom – when you see that stroller you know what it is is)
    How many times have you gone somehwere and scene pages or info taked from publications that show a celebrity usign the product they are trying to sell.

    If anything the magazine has the right to ask for damages for the use of copyrighted maerial.

    THis just shows the couple as the greedy materialistic low class couple that they are. All I have ever seen either one of them do is – livin large.

  43. lee says:

    no matter how much money jennifer has, or gets, she will still always be trash. the best clothes, jewelery and make-up doesnt make someone beautiful inside. greedy, self centered, b*tch.

  44. Sometimes unbelievable what celebrities have in their lives. It gives us warped ideas of what we need in life. But then again, it’s Hollywood! Go JLO!