Linda Hogan uses death threat against victim’s mom as PR opportunity

John Graziano was left in a permanent vegetative state with literally part of his skull missing (warning on that link) after Hulk and Linda Hogan’s son, Nick, got in a car accident in August, 2007 when drunk and drag racing on a public street. Instead of expressing their remorse that their son so carelessly endangered his passenger’s life and left him irreparably damaged, Nick and Linda issued a statement that John wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. The Hogan family continued to talk smack about the victim afterwards, calling him a negative person and making obnoxious statements that the accident was God’s will.

Nick spent 166 days in jail after pleading guilty to reckless driving, but many thought it was not enough. He’s out now and the first thing he did was head to Vegas to celebrate.

Victim John Graziano’s father is now under police custody after cops caught him in a sting trying to hire someone to kill his wife, John’s mom. This made me inappropriately crack up because the idiot paid an undercover cop $2,100 plus a $13 pizza gift card to kill his wife in a car accident. I know it’s wrong to laugh at that, particularly considering his poor son’s state, but why did he throw in the pizza gift card?

Today I received an e-mail from Linda Hogan’s PR person informing me about this, with a completely unnecessary statement from Linda. She also used it as an opportunity to slam the family. According to a local newspaper, Linda is also claiming that she was threatened by this guy, which police of course can’t confirm:

Linda’s statement, e-mailed to me:

“Any threat from Ed Graziano would and is being taken very seriously. We all prey [sic] for John’s recovery. This kind of behavior is why John turned to us as a loving family and we made him one of our own. God Bless John.” Linda Bollea

News report, in which Linda claims she’s being threatened too:

Clearwater, Florida — Ed Graziano is behind bars accused of trying to hire someone to kill his wife. But Linda Bollea apparently believes Graziano wanted to hurt her too.

Bollea’s publicist tells 10 Connects “people around the case” have told Hulk Hogan’s estranged wife Graziano also made threats aimed at Bollea. After hearing about the possible threats Bollea’s publicist described her as “scared to death.”

Bollea issued a statement Thursday night saying “Any threat from Ed Graziano would and is being taken very seriously.”

A spokesperson for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office could not confirm the alleged threats aimed at Bollea, but they did detail Graziano’s apparent attempt to kill his wife.

Authorities say Graziano paid $1,100 in cash, a $1,000 personal check and a $13.06 Westshore Pizza gift card to have his wife murdered. According to detectives, Graziano wanted his wife killed in a car accident.

A tipster told officials about Ed Graziano’s plan and an under-cover detective posed as a “go-between” to a “hit-man” as they investigated the case. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office learned about the plot in December and also notified Debra Graziano as a precaution.

Thursday, Ed Graziano was arrested at his home in Palm Harbor and later booked into the Pinellas County jail. He’s expected to make his first court appearance on Friday.

On August 26th, 2007 Ed and Debra Graziano’s son John was seriously injured in a car crash with Hogan’s son Nick Bollea.


STFU Linda Hogan! Your son and your family caused this family enough pain and suffering with your careless actions and words. Now that they’re going through more problems, you want to rub it in!

Linda never should have issued a statement about something that didn’t concern her. Now she’s only made this story get national attention and brought more shame on that family. What a nasty piece of work that woman is.

Linda Hogan and her barely legal boy toy are shown at Sundance on 1/17/09. Credit: Fame

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  1. nanster says:

    The entire Hogan/Bollea family is an embarrassment to the Tampa Bay Area. If there were any justice in the world, a giant sinkhole would open up and devour the entire family. They’re worthless attention wh*res who don’t deserve anything that they have.

  2. Lem says:

    is there any chance this kid can recover?

    “hitmen” have agreed to work for alot less. A free pizza and a six pack of natty light seems an appropriate offering or in light of the economy maybe a value meal and a 40 of PBR

    a personal check? dumbass

  3. HEB says:

    I knew something with the Hogans would come up because of this.

  4. caribassett says:

    I am going to vomit. Truly. What a horrid shrew.

  5. This guy was gonna pay a hitman with a personal check? WTF? The Hogans are shameful. STFU Hogan family!

  6. Kayleigh says:

    That poor mother of that man, first her son, then her husband tries to kill her, what the hell is going on these days? And Linda makes me embarrassed that she lived in my home city of Miami.

  7. boomchakaboom says:

    The husband might have had better luck by getting his wife to take a ride with Nick Hogan.

  8. boomchakaboom says:

    Linda is totally unaware that nobody would really mind if she got the crap beat out of her in the middle of the street. At noon.

  9. SW says:

    Westshore Pizza isn’t even that good! That would be $13 worth of indigestion…

  10. Wonder Woman says:

    they need to send these useless bitches (ex: linda,paris,lindsey, lily allen,octo mom) to a deserted island. Survivor of the dumb useless bithes edition

  11. Wif says:

    Does that mean that the police notified Debra Graziano BEFORE her husband placed the hit to keep her safe? That’s how it sounds. If so, how scary would that be, knowing that at any moment of the day you could have someone try to take your life! Wow. I wonder what his reasons were.

  12. mxmissiles says:

    “what a nasty piece of work that woman is.” perfectly phrased, Celebitchy!

  13. bdnera says:

    There’s a special circle of Hell reserved for the Hogans.

  14. SW says:

    WIF – the local news said that Debra has known about it since December of last year, when her ex started talking about it undercovers.
    You could notice that he was a volatile person when his son was injured and in the hospital for the first several months.

  15. SW says:

    Hope it is ok to paste a URL to another site? This is the link to the local news/story about Graziano….along with local commentary from fellow Bay Area folks.–hire-plot/

  16. pixiegirl says:

    And what, might I ask, is that ‘woman’ wearing in the above pics? Seriously, WHAT IS SHE WEARING?

  17. Jenna says:

    Why is there a dog dressed up in human clothes in that header pic? Looks like the owners did a horrible job in trying to make it look ‘pretty’ and ‘lady-like’.

  18. Ash says:

    I actually think she’s trying to get her kid boyfriend to look just like her. Tall, bleach blonde and dressed to make me vomit.

  19. Holly says:

    Her misspelling of the word “pray” (prey) was spot on. I SO KNEW she was going to use this situation to just get more attention for herself.

  20. Christina says:

    wow what an idiot…. why was he trying to kill his wife? hasn’t he had to deal with enough death and suffering in his family? how sad…

  21. becca says:

    “What a nasty piece of work that woman is”

    How about what a nasty piece of work that family is? The entire family makes me sick.

  22. yadira says:

    She already makes me sick to my stomach by looking at that bloated face of hers but when she opens her mouth, I just want to punch her tattooed eyebrows into her botoxed, pudgy face.

  23. RAN says:

    I dislike her more and more each day. She IS a nasty piece of work – couldn’t have said it better myself.

  24. RaraAvis says:

    I guess if it looks like a whore, talks like a whore and acts like a whore, it must be a whore.

  25. sissoucat says:

    RaraAvis: you wouldn’t want to insult whores, would you 🙂

  26. Codzilla says:

    While it’s certainly the least significant of Linda’s flaws, I feel compelled to call out that neon pink lipstick as the most hideous shade I’ve ever seen.

  27. I Choose Me says:

    “Why is there a dog dressed up in human clothes in that header pic? Looks like the owners did a horrible job in trying to make it look ‘pretty’ and ‘lady-like’.”

    Bwahahahahahahahahahah! Wipes tears then laughs some more.