Brad Pitt covers GQ UK: ‘I guess maybe I’m more of a miserable bastard’

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Wow! This is a great cover, right? I generally like Brad and I’ve grown to really respect him, but I usually don’t feel like “OMG Brad Pitt UNF” towards him. But I’m feeling some hotness pangs towards him with this GQ UK cover and shoot. Lovely. Brad covers British GQ because he’s promoting Fury. Most of his quotes about Fury and his career, but he does give away a little bit about his marriage. I guess this interview was done just after the wedding? Some highlights:

On marriage: “I wouldn’t say [marriage is] just a title. There’s more to it than that.”

On what he thinks his friend George Clooney meant when he recently called Pitt “unreachable”: “Well, you know, George is extremely accessible. He’s one of our best representatives. He’s funny as sh-t. He’s a joy to be around. I guess maybe I’m more of a miserable bastard. [laughs]. I’m a bit of a loner you know? I’m more quiet by nature. And coming from, you know, hillbilly country, I’m probably more reserved.”

On choosing work: “I’m actually very snobbish about directors. I have to say no all the time. ‘No’ is the most powerful word in our business. You’ve got to protect yourself… To leave home, it’s got to be worth leaving. It’s got to be worth it.”

On Shia LaBeouf and his commitment to acting: “Oh, I love this boy. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. He’s full-on commitment, man. He’s living it like no one else, let me tell you. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great actors. He’s one of the best I’ve seen.”

On purposefully slowing down his acting career: “I’ve been slowing down for a while now. And slowly transitioning to other things. And, truthfully, I do want to spend more time with my kids before they’re grown up and gone.”

On considering a TV role: “They’re doing great stuff on television. And we [Plan B] have a few television ideas ourselves. So yes, I’d love to do one.”

On not being on Twitter: “Listen, I see a benefit in it. You could, you know, combat the misconceptions of the misquotes immediately. And if I’d have had that in my younger days, I’d have used it… because I felt quite used, and completely misunderstood, and misread, and not given the benefit of the doubt. You know, I felt that a lot in my first years. I would have brought some logic to the table, and brought it immediately. But now, at this point, I don’t want to bother with it.”

On whether he’s happy: “I’ve always believed happiness is overrated, you know? It’s those difficult times that inform the next wonderful time, and it’s a series of trade-offs, of events, of wins and losses.”

[From GQ UK]

The thing about it is… Clooney also comes from hillbilly country, doesn’t he? George grew up in Kentucky and Brad grew up in Missouri. Both men have Southern/midwestern sensibilities which manifest in different ways. And yeah, Brad probably has no interest in participating in George’s “Chairman of the Board” shtick in real life. But make no mistake – Brad is a significant power player in his own right. I tend to think that these days, Brad is one of the most powerful actor-producers in Hollywood.

As for the Shia stuff… that’s a good example of Brad’s power. Brad could have singlehandedly crippled Shia’s career by badmouthing Shia in the interview. But Brad stands up for him, and now Shia will probably get to still have a career. Brad also told a long-winded story about how he and Shia got pissed off at Scott Eastwood for dipping (chewing tobacco) while filming. The moral of Brad’s story is that Shia and Brad were just on edge and Scott was actually doing something that was in the script.


Photos courtesy of British GQ, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. lisa2 says:

    I LOVE the cover.. and I think the interview was done before wedding actually. BUT most of the quotes regarding age and happiness he has said before.. but I’m sure the spin of him hating Angie and his life will be front and center.

    anyway.. I have to say that man has amazing hair.. and que the hair plugs silliness.. His father has good hair too.

    • Jen2 says:

      Yeah, that happiness quote is the same thing he has been saying since his first marriage. He said the same thing last year as well, so nothing new. He does have the best hair and is gorgeous. I agree that this was before the marriage since it takes quite a long time to get magazine interviews to print. But he knew he was going to be getting married soon, so he said that, but like when he was interviewed during Angelina’s surgeries, he gives nothing away.

      He could have ripped Shia a new one, but instead, gives him props. I think he remembers when he was young and foolish, so, being older and wiser, he does not condemn him. Others would have though, but I don’t think Pitt is mean in that way.

      • Andrea1 says:

        The Man is just do damn hot! Effortlessly hot damn. And yes he has great hair also.
        And I see some sites are already running with stories like brad miserable after marriage, brad an unhappy man and regretting his marriage blah blah blah
        And yes he does have great hair! I envy his hair!

      • Gea says:

        Brad is just great. No matter what he does lately , he commands control and respect.

    • Lena says:

      Yep, if it was ANY OTHER celebrity that sounded so negative about happiness everyone on here would be saying “I give it 6 months, no more”. Their wedding wasn’t a very romantic thing anyway. It was only for their kids. Now Clooney’s sure was different. The two of them seem head over heels.

  2. Jaderu says:

    He makes me toes wiggle. Erffff. I could play with that chin fur all day.

    • Chris2 says:

      Heh heh Jaderu……he’d bloødy gorgeous.imo.
      That was a good,worthwhile interview ( must get mag asap!)

  3. Rhiley says:

    Gorgeous. He looks like a wise, sweet father, and devoted, caring husband.

  4. Nev says:


  5. jinni says:

    Isn’t Kentucky considered the South or southern? I have never thought of it as being a part of the Midwest like Missouri.

    Also, is it just me or does he seemed to be coming off more depressed the older he gets? Idk.

    • Abbott says:

      Depends. I think Clooney’s family is close to the Ohio border. Didn’t dad, Nick, work for Cincinnati/Dayton-area news affiliates?

      • cr says:

        Yes, Nick worked in the Cincy market.
        There are a lot people in my area with family ties to that part of the Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio region. I’m not sure they’d use the term hillbilly, but they wouldn’t disown it either.

      • jinni says:

        Well according to Wikipedia he spent most of his childhood in Augusta KY and some early parts in Mason OH. Still I thought the whole of KY was considered a part of the South, but I guess it isn’t.

      • cr says:

        @jinni: I wouldn’t consider that area of Kentucky southern. It’s got a bit of the Midwest/South/Appalachia/rural mix going on.

  6. Talie says:

    Not surprised Shia would beef with Scott Eastwood who is taller and better looking.

    • Kiddo says:

      While I respect everyone’s preferences, Team/Shia, because he’s an enigma, over Team/ Sears catalog poser, riding on daddy’s coattails.

  7. Nima says:

    When I look at him now, I see Robert Redford and Benicio Del Toro all mixed up into one hot number.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think it’s been a sliding scale of more Redford in his youth and now more Benicio.

    • micha says:

      oh wow that is spot on! never saw it before, but you are so right. and i’m also digging this look. great cover.

    • Beep says:

      To me he looks like Miley Cyrus’ dad and Charles Bronson. It’s nice how he sticks up for his actor buddies but never stood up for his wife and kids when they were being trashed in the media and even gives the media more quotes to use against Jolie & her kids. I don’t find that appealing but hey different strokes and all that.

      • Jen2 says:

        Brad and Angelina do not respond to tabloid stories, that would give them credence. He was asked about Shia onset, nothing about his offset behavior. Again, he has said the same thing about happiness for more than 15 years, so how is this related to Angelina.

      • Kiddo says:

        Maybe he thinks it’s not worth dignifying (the stuff about his family) and that Angie can handle it because she is tough, while Shia doesn’t have clout and seems like a storm of vulnerability.

      • please says:

        Angie needs no defense as she has done NOTHING WRONG. I think it is very admirable that Brad & Angie have no PR- unlike others, they have better things to spend their money on rather than liars & spin doctors. Brad could jump on tv couches all day long and naysayers would still say he doesn’t love Angie or his kids. Why give any attention to liars and people that constantly want to hurt you. Living well is the best revenge and ignoring the nasty old liars drives them even more CRAZY. Game, set, match to Brad & Angie- they win the war without ever having to step onto the battlefield, all without spending millions on PR.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I see Charles Bronson too.

        Brad seems nice and I think he is decently talented…but I think he looks way hotter with different hair/facial hair. This look is not doing it for me.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Has anyone ever given Hugh Jackman shit for not bashing the tabloids for all of those gay rumors? Has he ever even commented on the gay rumors? No–not to my knowledge. And his WIFE has spoken up about how hurtful she finds those rumors to be.

        Why waste your time responding to stuff that’s not true (or maybe is)–that’s written about you in the tabloids? All it creates is another story. That’s why Chelsea Handler’s (for example) fixation on Angelina, Angelina’s kids, and Angelina’s relationship ‘woes’ is creepy and weird, and goes beyond getting attention and ‘comedy’–because no one from Angelina’s side has EVER said the name Chelsea Handler. Or referenced her in anyway.

    • jinni says:

      Like another poster said I am seeing more Billy Ray Cyrus. I do wonder if Pit will get his eyes done like Refdford since he has that hooded eye thing going on that with age can make them sag so much that it impairs one’s vision. If he does, hopefully his surgeon will do a better job than Redford’s.

      • Dany says:

        yes the possibility is high that he will do something with his eyes.
        That his eyes become more and more hooded is very visible in these photos. At some point you get problems with your eye sight and it´s better to correct that.

        And wow he looks totally like Billy Ray!

  8. Blythe says:

    Great interview! This just solidifies that he and Angelina are a match made in heaven. I love his comment about happiness being overrated. Brad’s a smart guy.

  9. sigh((s)) says:

    I’ve never really thought of BP as a great actor, but being able to spout that off about Shia with a straight face just made his abilities go up in my estimation of him.

  10. Dawn says:

    He is aging well and I believe he is at the point in his life when he feels good saying whatever he thinks. And I agree with him that they need to spend time with the kids because once they get into middle school the time just flies and before you know it they are heading off to college. Again he is like a fine wine and just gets better with age! I love that cover.

  11. Eleonor says:

    No it’s not, I don’t know what they did with his hair but it seems he is wearing the “Colin Farrell” wig.

  12. Chris2 says:

    what do you mean? Is that about BP, and if so, what on earth did he do wrong by his family? Genuinely mystified….

  13. Charlie says:

    I don’t find him hot, I don’t find him interesting and I don’t like him as an actor.

    • Jaderu says:

      Must have been excruciating to click on this story then. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

      • Charlie says:

        It was surprisingly easy. Besides, it’s usually more interesting to read about people you don’t like.

    • epiphany says:

      I don’t happen to share your strong dislike for Brad Pitt, but I must agree with you – it’s much more fun to read and comment about celebrities we don’t like. It’s rather irksome when post after post is a gush of fan love – bring on the snark!

  14. GlimmerBunny says:

    Tyler Durden is my ultimate perfect (fictional) man, and therefore Brad could ALWAYS get it! He looks extra handsome in these pictures though.

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    They made him look like John Cougar Mellencamp – the stylist or Brad must be a fan! I wonder if he and Meg are back together?

  16. Kiddo says:

    Intellectually and aesthetically speaking, I think he is a good looking guy, but on an animal magnetism level, he holds no appeal for me.

  17. lower-case deb says:

    Brad, you can’t survive twitter. your ‘you knows’ would eat up 140 chars long before you can get anything on the table.

    that said, i like Brad for his work with Plan B.

  18. elo says:

    I love him so much! I think he would be phenomenal on TV and I hope his production company does something soon. He would be great in something like True Detective, something creepy that allows him to be gritty and sinister, that is the BP I like the best.

  19. Paige says:

    He looks great

  20. Ciria says:

    This interview made me like him a little more. Generally I feel pretty neutral about him but he does seem he is really settled in his life, happy with his family/kids and I guess I do see him as more of a “loner” now. he isn’t in our face all the time (unless he’s selling a movie, which is part of the Hollywood contract).

  21. bns says:

    Shia Labeouf… One of the best actors… Mkay.

  22. lenje says:

    Lots of, you know.

  23. Annie says:

    I really think Clooney, Damon and lots of other HW actors like Brad a lot and wants to be closer friends with him and even hangs out with him. But Brad had changed when he hooked with Angie, he became content just being with her and their kids. Since they travel a lot, they are seldom around in HW and when they are in town Brad no longer attends big HW parties, I think mainly because Angelina doesnt like going to those parties. I think thats why Clooney called Brad unreachable. I’m sure he and Ange gets all the invites in HW but most of the times they don’t turn up. I even think Clooney have invited them to como so many times but the JPs were just too busy to have the time to go there. I think as Angie said in one of her interviews, Brad is her best friend and vice versa, Angie is now Brad’s best friend.. So he is a loner in that sense because he does not hang out anymore with men friends.

    • his choice says:

      Well, Brad has found time to still hang out with some male friends these past ten years (Fincher, Roth, Fassbender- that bike trip), but not the ones that hit up the pap hotspots. He & Angie went to Jonah H’s bday party and there have been parties with some of their African, German, Italian & Bosnian friends at various times- and that we only know because of pictures or people (Hill, Fassbender) telling us. They do a lot stuff we never hear about and, clearly, both have a strong preference for being at home together with the kids or a quiet dinner out. ANYONE who has kids has to cut back on the socializing. Blaming Angie for Brad’s choices is silly.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Exactly. It’s not Angelina’s ‘fault’ that Brad doesn’t hang out with his friends, and it’s not Brad’s fault that Angelina doesn’t hang out with her friends all the time. When you have kids–your priorities are different. My dad got married at 21, and three kids came with the marriage. I don’t ever really remember him going out with friends, or a ton of his friends coming over. I remember he taught us how to play chess and xbox–stuff he liked to do, and did with his friends. Even now–he has one best friend that he does stuff with, he coaches two soccer teams w/my siblings, but other than that, if he’s not working, he’s home.

  24. pmkitty says:

    The whole Daily Mail article about Shia not getting along with everyone was always BS. Daily Mail never tells the truth. The funny thing is the Mirror had an article about how great Shia and Brad were getting along and no one picked it up Then the Daily Fail writes an article how they don’t get along and everyone picks up that article. The pulling out the tooth thing was also blown up, Shia had posted a picture prior to Fury filming on how he lost his tooth during some training and had to get it fixed and then it got loose again during filming.

    • Fatty Magoo says:

      Thanks for the link! I feel like people like to pick on Shia a little. He is easy target I guess. I really don’t think Brad Pitt would praise him if he didn’t mean it.

  25. Lark says:

    He looks so hot….he always gives very thoughtful answers, too.

    Re: Shia…Shia comes across as incredibly obnoxious but I think he must be “okay” to people he knows…because he keeps getting roles after all of his crap (yes, I know he’s a good actor but still….). I also think he truly has some sort of disorder, and the people who work with him are aware of it.

  26. Longhorn says:

    Never was really into Brad Pitt. In his previous interviews he always came off dumb as rocks. At least in this new interview he makes sense. He seems like a nice caring person though. And Shia might be the best young actor around but that guy is a complete douche!!!

  27. Lizzie K says:

    I think he is possibly the best dad in Hollywood. He has genuinely co-parented his kids from babyhood, and he and Angie actually do seem to make sure one is free for the kids when the other is working. I don’t myself find him sexy — never did — but I do think he is a cool person.

  28. Chris says:

    Liked his comments about Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are like the McDonalds and KFC of social media IMO.

  29. Bella bella says:

    I’m not sure I would have recognized him if I wasn’t told it was Brad Pitt.

  30. LOL says:

    how do you think he is attractive?
    he looks like an old dried-up filthy smelly alcoholic

    And yikes….he needs to keep his thoughts to himself
    he is really stupid

  31. Someonestolemyname says:

    He is so gorgeous. What a beautiful man. I like him better now than when he was in his twenties.
    Love Brad. I love the way he and Angelina did their wedding.