Salma Hayek chooses ’30 Rock’ over honeymoon


After surprising everyone with her Valentine’s Day wedding to Francois-Henri Pinault, the French billionaire/baby-daddy/sugar-daddy, Salma Hayek decided to do something strange for her honeymoon. She decided not to go on it. Can you imagine?

Instead, Salma showed up for work on “30 Rock” where she is playing a reoccurring guest star character who is a devout Catholic, a McDonalds-McFlurry-lover and Jack’s girlfriend. As a fan of “30 Rock”, it pains me to say that Salma isn’t that great on the show, but she obviously cares enough about her role to show up for work even when she should be going on her honeymoon.

Actress Salma Hayek skipped her honeymoon with new husband Francois-Henri Pinault – flying straight back from her Paris, France nuptials to shoot TV show “30 Rock”. The Frida star married her businessman partner on St. Valentine’s Day (14Feb09) in a romantic ceremony in the French capital.

But the couple was forced to postpone plans for a relaxing post-wedding break, as Hayek was due to film her guest spot on Tina Fey’s hit comedy series immediately afterwards.

The news was confirmed by Alec Baldwin, who plays Hayek’s love interest in the show: “She flew right from her wedding to come shoot with us again. Her husband is a doll.”

Series creator Fey adds, “(Hayek) spent her honeymoon working with us! She told me, ‘You must go the parties with me and elope! You must party with me!'”

Hayek originally announced her engagement to Pinault in March 2007, but they called off the wedding in July 2008. They are parents to 16-month-old daughter, Valentina.

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It’s weird because after marrying a billionaire, I wouldn’t ever work another day again. It says something about Salma’s work ethic – and how much she believes in the show. Although, I imagine working on “30 Rock” is a hoot, so maybe it isn’t even like work. I wonder what Francois-Henri thought about skipping the honeymoon. It probably didn’t matter to him, considering that at the end of the day, he’s still married to Salma Hayek.

Here’s Salma Hayek dining at Beso restaurant in Hollywood last night. Images thanks to

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  1. Ash says:

    I could just hear Tina Fey doing the impression of her in that quote.

  2. lara says:

    “It says something about Salma’s work ethic” Really? I think it says more about their relationship, like, this is a business arrangement and not a love-match made in heaven. Why spoil the good business partnership with spending too much time together? 30 Rock is cool, though, even with her slightly boring character.

  3. daisy424 says:

    I adore her character on 30 Rock. Love the sexual tension between her and Jack.

  4. Holly says:

    Ugh I wish she had chose the honeymoon. Its her role on 30 Rock that made me realize how awful of an actress she is.

    As for the marriage and a rumored business arrangement, I wouldn’t be surprised. Her new husband was known for paying beautiful women exorbitant amounts of money to sleep with him, and he got Linda Evangelista pregnant while he was supposed to be with Salma. Then there’s the fact that no one even knew they were “together” until she had almost popped. I don’t think they ever had a real relationship.

  5. Dorothy says:

    I think she is great on 30 Rock and I hope she is on for a long time! But who cares if she didn’t go on a honeymoon, I am sure these people spend so much time going to fantastic places that one frecking trip is not a big deal!

  6. Lem says:

    kaiser: I haven’t seen the show but doesn’t she have to kiss a Balwin?
    I’m gonna have to disagree and say that’s work that deserves hazard pay

  7. Wonder Woman says:

    Holly: ever seen frida?

    Nuf’ said

  8. RAN says:

    Me too Daisy – just love her!

  9. Lina says:

    I would give up or postpone a honeymoon to have a role in 30 Rock too

  10. Jane says:

    I would skip my hm for 30 Rock too. 😀

  11. lvee says:

    Salma is such an overrated actress. How she was ever nominated as best actress is beyond me. and yes i did see Frida , acting is not worthy of a nomination,and as for her so called “marriage” , it’s nothing but a joke.. This woman has slept her way to the top . who in their right mind understands half of what she says?

  12. Maritza says:

    Everyone in that show seems to get along so well, I think it is more of a friendship bond that made her decide to do the show instead of her honeymoon. She travels around the world all the time and stays in hotels so why not do some other time.

  13. CB Rawks says:

    Mmmmmm McFlurries

  14. Little Hutt says:

    Blerg. I really don’t like her character on the show, and it pains me too because I look forward to every episode usually, but not so much when her character is around.