Benedict Cumberbatch steps out for London ‘TIG’ photocall: sexy or basic?


Here are some photos of Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley at the photocall for The Imitation Game for the London Film Festival, which opens today. TIG is the big opening night premiere. I don’t have the designer IDs for either of their ensembles. I kind of hate Benedict’s outfit, is that okay? Do I have to turn in my Cumberbitch Badge? This man can only really do formal red carpet-wear. Everything else he wears is usually kind of… bad. Wrong. Poorly styled. Like, I would have liked that blue shirt/sweater if he had unbuttoned the top button and not put the jacket over it. Also: the Cumbercurls are no longer in the building. His hair is much too short these days. SOB.

Keira recently spoke about her long-standing friendship with Benedict. They’ve known each other since they did Atonement and you can tell that she’s a big fan:

”Actually, I think I’m quite beastly to him as well. We’re sort of mutually beastly to each other. But Benedict’s been a friend ever since [2007] and it’s always nice to work with friends. You look at him in ‘Atonement’ and he’s all horrible and a rapist and quite disgusting, and in ‘Imitation Game’ he’s a tortured genius who’s affable and misunderstood. He can just do anything really.”

[From Contact Music]

I’m also including the new December cover of Elle UK, a special edition cover featuring a glorious close-up of Benedict’s beautiful otter face. They haven’t released anything from the cover feature at all, except to say that Benedict’s photoshoot was with an animal. I have my fingers crossed that he did a photoshoot with an otter. COME ON!! Please!

cumber elle


Photos courtesy of WENN, ELLE UK.

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  1. Birdie says:

    I will always find him gorgeous.

    • delorb says:

      Me too. I have no issues with the outfit, hair, eyes, face, etc. The Elle cover is my new desktop photo. Love it. Mesmerizing. Simply, mesmerizing.

  2. frisbeejada says:

    In that get up he looks exactly like he’ll do ‘Dad dancing’ at the after show party – and really go for it. Agree with Kaiser – please somebody get him into a black dinner jacket and tie – NOW!

    • Kiddo says:

      I think we’ve reached grandpa level with that shirt. Maybe it even has a pocket for tissues, or to hold the TV “switcher” in order to watch all Law and Order episodes, on every channel, 20 times over.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @kiddo, what, no breaks for that special NCIS episode he has seen 8 times?

      • Kiddo says:

        Oh sorry, yes. And I forgot Dancing with the Stars, since grandma likes it.

      • MissMary says:

        Can’t forget the repeat of Antiques Roadshow–this week, they’re in Newcastle and you know how Uncle Jimmy loves Newcastle and maybe he should give him a call, right after he doles out the Werther’s Originals in that pocket…

    • frisbeejada says:

      I’m getting a one-step-away- from Jeremy Clarkson jeans from that shirt.

    • Old Enough says:

      that was the outfit for the press conference. He wore a very nice 3 pc formal suit with straight black necktie for the premiere. Thought I saw his mum on the red carpet being escorted in and one of my friends thinks she saw his SSGF also.

  3. InvaderTak says:

    Yikes. Heathered blue, black and gray? No no no. But his hair looks nice.

  4. PunkyMomma says:

    The Elle cover is stunning. Thank heavens no thimble hats on the red carpet. Oh and loosen up Benny – unbutton that shirt a bit.

  5. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Wtf is he wearing? OMG. He needs a new stylist, bless his heart.

  6. Tiffany27 says:

    I will never, ever understand the obsession with that face.

  7. AG-UK says:

    umm for some reason he has lost the appeal for me but anyway he is a great actor and he looks like has purchased a new pair of Dr Marten’s LOL I am sure they are not but they are very similar to my son’s school shoes.

  8. Miss M says:

    Basically sexy!!! What an ALPHA male! My lord !


  9. HBIC says:

    Not his best outfit, but not his worst. Still love him anyway.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    I actually really like how he looks-lately he’s been a bit over-styled and I don’t think it is as good a look for him. He’s looks nice and relaxed and comfortable and frankly, younger. Let’s hope that this is a permanent return to the ginger locks and no more blonde!

  11. Green Eyes says:

    With all the Secret Girlfriend talk, I really wish it were possible for Benedict and Keira to get together. They are so adorable together and seem really comfortable around each other – it would be a joy to see this relationship in the real world. As opposed to the real Secret Girlfriend, with whom Benedict has all the chemistry of someone visiting their dentist…

    • Nic says:

      What ‘real secret girlfriend’? I find it a bit odd that people are led by that ridiculous trash gossip site article from April and have decided without question who he’s seeing based on a few sightings, none of which indicate anything more that friendship, btw.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        100% agree with you.
        Should I wait for someone to utter the “you’re in denial” crap again?

      • MissMary says:

        Kazlock: LOL we’ll have a “denial party” together, the lot of us.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I admit to dreading the LFF red carpet this evening lol

      • Tara says:

        I’d be surprised if he brought anyone to the premiere. He wants to keep the focus on the film ( not that that won’t stop people from talking about his personal life, of course ;) )

      • MissMary says:

        @Tara: LOL came here to say that.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @Tara @MissMary..Let’s hope!
        If not I can see myself eating my words!!

      • Nic says:

        It’s a depressing reflection of gossip and how easily manipulated people are.

      • MissMary says:

        Nic: I think it’s what keeps the media going nine times out of ten.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Not a Cumbergal, but…

        A) I think he looks damn fine here.

        B) Saw some pictures from James Rhodes wedding and “secret girlfriend” was there with him, but

        C) I agree completely, I don’t see any chemistry there… not from either of the two events where they’ve now been photographed.

        D) “Secret Girlfriend” does not at all match the long-haired model type he took to the theatre not so long ago. So I tend to think the jury is out and he is just dating a few gals within a very small pool.

      • Green Eyes says:

        Well, he did bring the Secret Girlfriend to the TIG premiere in London (just saw the pic on Eggs).

        Let the tears begin! LOL.

      • Nic says:

        Firstly can we dispose with the ‘secret gf’ nonsense? IF he has/had a gf and it is her, she’s v unlikely to have been the one that was fabricated for the press.
        And also, he would’ve invited all his friends to the screening just as he did with Star Trek.

      • MissMary says:

        Too bad he didn’t walk the carpet with her! It still looks sketch to me because everyone else with an SO walked with ‘em but eh, to each their own.

        I’m still not getting a loved up vibe from ‘em (last time he had a gf during a premiere, he had her at every gala and big to-do) but *shrug*.

        @Nic A lot of folks are pointing that out, and that a lot of his friends were to be there. I’m still saying fwb/casual plus-one.

      • Jane says:

        James Rhodes tweeted today that he woke up sick and would have to miss The Imitation Game. So it does sound like he invited friends to attend.

      • Linz says:

        She did not arrive with him. Pictures show Benedict and Karon sitting in and getting out of the same car. “IF” they are together, this is getting pretty weird. Not arriving together, not walking together.

      • MissMary says:

        @Linz; ooooh, i didn’t even see the livestream or those pics. I saw him w/Karon and just the blurry pics of apparently Sophie booking it along the pap line/fans… hmmm. Yeah, this does nothing to sway me from my “they’re FWB at most’ thoughts lol.

        Folks at the premiere are saying Adam and his wife were there, BC’s parents, and a ton of his friends and associates were being led in off the side of the carpet (special guests? is that a thing at these events?)

      • Tara says:

        I don’t think it’s weird. Let’s just wait until we see the after party photos. I’ll bet then we’ll see all sorts of pictures of them together! And with chemistry! Haha

      • MissMary says:

        NGL, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he and Keira were together and not him and Sophie. A million times more chemistry with her than anything I’ve seen with him and Sophie, including promo pics from Burlesque Faerie Tales. BUT… we’ll see *shrug*.

      • Tara says:

        Weren’t the burlesque fairy tales years ago? And didnt he have a girlfriend at the time? I wouldn’t expect much chemistry then.

        Yes, him and kiera would be adorable. They are obviously very fond of each other. Makes me smile.

        I think we’ll see plenty of cute candid pictures of BC and Sophie in the future. My guess is she’ll do the red carpet at the Baftas or Oscars (but probably Baftas b/c I think the Oscars are reserved for his mom). :)

      • Nic says:

        Wow Tara, that’s quite a lot of speculation there. Anyone would’ve thought she was kissing him for the cameras on the red carpet the way people are carrying on, instead of walking past like dozens of other friends did.
        You can’t have it both ways. If she wanted to hide, she could’ve hidden. If she didn’t want to hide, she could’ve walked with him.

      • Green Girl says:

        I think BC and Keira have a ton of chemistry together, too!

      • Linz says:


        I am sorry, But you’re making a lot of assumptions. There is no *solid* proof that Benedict and Sophie are together. They didn’t even arrive in the same car together.

        IF they are together, what makes you think that she will do the red carpet at the BAFTA’s and/or Oscars?

      • MissMary says:

        I would legit be surprised at any “cute candids” with the two of them. same with the BAFTAS (if he’s nominated and goes).

        During Burlesque Fairy Tales promo (2009?), he was at the tail end of the relationship with Olivia (I think they’d either just broken up or were about to).

        Well, either way, meh. I don’t get the vibe off ‘em. There’s more “chemistry” when he’s papped with TB or AA than with her, but maybe she’s just the sort that’s “too cool for school” and it comes across in pics.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        MissMary.. Did she arrive in the same car with him?
        Did she walk the red carpet with him?
        Was she the only one there or did many of his friends go to?(not just Adam)
        Was there any indication they were there as a couple?
        Am I still in denial????

      • Linz says:


        No, she did not arrive with him. They were not in the same car (Pictures show Benedict and Karon in the backseat. No one in the front passenger seat) No, she did not walk the red carpet with him. Friends and family were there.

      • MissMary says:

        What Linz said. Maybe she was in the group that got out of the “stretch minivan” lol but she wasn’t in the car with Benedict and Karon. IMHO as an adult who has adult relationships, it so doesn’t look serious. If you are legit together, *be together*. If what is going on is that he (or she) honestly thinks a relationship would ruin the brand or somehow cause world catastrophe so they’re hiding it, someone needs to get the fuck over themselves. Otherwise, it looks like very good friends, maybe FWB, casual plus one, and/or he’s helping her out with industry connections (like a successful friend might do for a not as successful one in the same industry). BUT that is all my own opinion and your mileage may vary.

        Pics and footage of Sophie show her walking alone the carpet to go in the same entrance as other guests who were not there as SOs (like BC’s family, Adam Ackland and his wife, and others who were guests of other celebs and industry sorts involved in the film).

        Maybe it’s their kink and they want to keep things super friendly on the surface but have a raging Harlequin romance going when no one is looking, but for a couple that so many are salivating to have “together,” it’s odd there’s no legit pics of them TOGETHER. Not at the Bright Young Things gala, not at any event other than the French Open.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Linz and MissMary
        It’s weird..whatever it is,is weird.
        If there is anything to it why all the cloak and dagger?
        They were pictured together at FO,then suddenly went all Secret Squirrel!

      • MissMary says:

        Keep in mind that any and all romance is, for the moment, in the heads of fans and posters and it’s not like they were loved up and kissy face then are suddenly distant and not touching, etc. This is how they’ve been since they started hanging out in 2009. I think a lot of the furor is due to bad timing–the FO pics hit right as the secret gf b.s. started and the two things have been entwined ever since. they haven’t changed how they present in public at all.

      • Felice says:

        I saw her read at the Hay Festival and she seems alright. She talks fine lol. But she is the weirdest person I have seen in my whole life if she is really trying to hide it that hard.

      • Nic says:

        The rolling around on the floor with a cushion up her dress sealed the deal in terms of her ‘art’ for me. Embarrassing.

      • tara says:

        Haha, Nic. Of course it’s speculation! :) Neither I, nor any other fan knows the status of their relationship. It’s just fun to discuss and guess at. My personal feelings are that they are dating and have been for a bit. I reached that conclusion by taking the sum of all parts about their confirmed sightings and concluded that a more than friends relationship makes sense. I could be dead wrong, who knows? Lol.

        But, I don’t think it’s fair to say that just b/c they didn’t walk the red carpet together that they aren’t in a relationship or are trying to hide it. Maybe she just didn’t feel like doing the red carpet. She could have attended to support him, but wanted to keep the focus on him, Keira, the other cast members and the film itself. If I was in her position, I would feel that my walking the carpet would be a distraction b/c people would be talking all about ‘his new girlfriend’ and not about the film.

        The Oscars and Baftas are a bit different b/c first, they are a few months down the line. Maybe their relationship will be in a serious enough place for them to feel comfortable with going public. Also, those shows are not just about him; there are many other movies and people there to pay attention to. Those would be perfect events to introduce her as a girlfriend.

        MissMary- for me it has nothing to do with the tabloid rumors. There’s been too many sighting of them together recently for me to believe she’s just a friend. Yes, I know, he has loads of female friends and all that. But Sophie has been around a lot recently, and to special occasions. The only thing to do is wait and see what develops :D

      • Nic says:

        I counted eight times he was seen with alice eve while filming in LA and that’s the only ones I know about. About five times seen with juliette Lewis. Four times seen with liv tyler in close succession. Six times seen with the same non famous friends (Viki) who live in London too..

        And she really wouldn’t have taken any attention away if she was with him on the red carpet. The world at wide doesn’t care. There are ways to avoid attention at a red carpet event and one of those is to not walk the red carpet.

      • Linz says:


        Confirmed sightings.. French Open. Richard III (She didn’t stay for drinks afterwards) BYT Gala (Not pictured together or near each other), Hay Festival (She was there to read. Pictures show them walking next to each other, and talking. She was seen talking with other people) James Rhodes Wedding (She was pictured standing behind him.) TIG Premiere (Did not arrive with him, did not walk the Red Carpet with him) Not a single picture of them being intimate/affectionate. I am sorry, but none of that is proof that they are dating.

        Let’s not forget that he has been seen with other women. The “NT Mystery” woman was obviously not Sophie.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Too many sightings?
        Hay in May.FO in June.Richard lll(but not after for drinks).
        James Rhodes’s wedding in September.Hecwas seen more often with AE last year and KB this year.And LB for that matter.

      • MissMary says:

        He was seen way more times with AE in rapid succession, including her movie red carpet, glasto, and many smaller, more private events, all of which they were not ‘together’ for (though most people think they WERE hooking up as fwb. He’s also been spotted out with that woman from Downton Abbey in very similar situations and they aren’t dating, either. I honestly think that if the “omg secret gf” hadn’t started in April, this would be barely a blip on the radar.

      • tara says:

        Nic- You don’t think that if she walked the carpet with him that at least one reporter wouldn’t ask him about her? I do, and I think they wanted to avoid that. The premiere was meant to be about Turing and the film.

        Yes, there are ways of avoiding attention, and they did that by her using the guests’ door rather than walk with him.

        Kazlock- yup, and the theatre double date with Anna Wintour. I don’t think he would have brought ‘just a friend’ on a double date with Wintour.

        From June until September he was out of the country for a while, so I’d say this number of sightings of them together is pretty good.

        As for the other ladies- Louise Breasly’s in a relationship, correct? Kinvara, I think *is* one of his lifelong platonic female friends. Same with Vicki. Alice Eve- total former friends with benefits. Lol.

        Linz- Well when you put it that way, maybe they are hiding. Haha, just kidding! Again, speculation, but I think they reconnected at Hay and are easing their way into a relationship. Doesn’t mean he has to walk the red carpet with her at his very important premiere.

        The fact is, eventually he is going to get a girlfriend, and from what I know/read about Sophie, she seems to fit the bill pretty well. So I can definitely see them happening. Doesn’t mean they are, of course, but it is a good possibility.

        Do we know any of his other friends that went to the premiere tonight? Besides Adam and his wife.

      • Nic says:

        Reporters always ask stupid inane questions, but her presence would not deflect from the film. That’s ludicrous.

        And she didn’t avoid attention. She walked the red carpet past fans and press. That’s avoiding nothing.

        As for the ‘double date’ with anna wintour, there’s nothing to suggest it was SH with him at all, guesswork.

        The ‘sightings’ total no more, in fact a great deal less, than his other female friends.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Tara. You seem very invested in this being a romance/relationship.
        Forward thinking to BAFTA’s and OSCAR’s next year?

      • Linz says:


        There was never confirmation that she was with Benedict and Anna Wintour. No proof/confirmation that it was a “double date.” Several people said that he was there (alone) with Anna and her guest. Some said that he was there with Sophie, some said he was there with an unidentified woman. So you really can’t count that. Due to all of the conflicting stories.

    • tara says:

      Nic- Well, it’s a bit different her walking past reporters and fans and walking down the carpet *with* him. The former was not attracting much attention, the latter would have attracted a lot.

      Kazlock- Lol, I guess I have nothing better to do! I’ll check back in four or five months (when are the Oscars?) and see if I was way off.

      Linz- Hmm, I thought that was more or less confirmed. I think it was her. Again, no way to prove any of this, it’s just my gut feeling. I’d like to be right about something sometime :)

      And I’d like to see him end up with someone like her. Educated, his age, probably pretty interesting. She’s exactly the type I can see him being in a relationship with.

      • Nic says:

        What I’m saying is she could’ve easily avoided the red carpet completely.

        The ‘sighting’ with the (hideous) anna wintour was absolutely not confirmed in any way at all. One person said they both had ‘dates’. That was it.

        As for her, I have no idea if she’s interesting. I don’t like her acting at all or her singing. I’ve never seen anything she’s directed and her performance art is terrible. Apart from that I have no idea how suitable she is for him, but I don’t know what age has to do with anything.

      • MissMary says:

        Nic, you summed up my thoughts exactly.

        It’s like that psychology experiment where you suggest something to someone and all of a sudden, they see it everywhere. Some tabloid posted a bogus story and now, every woman he’s with is “on the verge of the next step” or it’s a super secret caper or some b.s.

        ANd for sure, if she wanted to NOT be seen, whether by her wish or his, walking right up the red carpet in front of cameras and fans was *not* the way to go. The whole “they rushed her past with a handler and took her in through a side door” thing is so dramatic. She was walked by an escort, like everyone else on the carpet, through the door all of the guests were going through. But it’s much more “fun” if it sounds like a spy movie, isn’t it? *eye roll*

      • tara says:

        To me that shows that she’s not trying to hide. She’s his guest and walked in like the other guests. If she is his gf, she’s comfortable enough to not to have to walk the carpet with him. That’s cool.

        Ok, it might not have been confirmed, but I have a feeling it was her. Didn’t someone on here’s friend who was at the show get shown a picture of Sophie and said it was her?

        That’s fine, she could suck as an artist/actress/director. But she’s a creative type that loves the theatre.

        As far as the age thing, I was just hoping he wouldn’t date some 23 year old model. (Unless she is a really mature person), so him ‘possibly’ dating a 36 year old matches with what I’ve heard him say about what he’s looking for in a relationship.

      • tara says:

        Miss Mary- It’s not so much about that tabloid rumor. Since he and Olivia broke up, hasn’t he always been linked to ladies he’s seen with? A few were named upthread- Kinvara, Liv Tyler, Alice Eve, etc. So it’s not so much that people believe there’s a girlfriend because of those articles, but when he’s seen in the company of the same woman more than once, people (like me lol) speculate. It’s been like that for a while.

        Sophie is the newest lady he’s been seen with, so of course there’s going to be speculation. But this time, there may actually be something to it.

      • MissMary says:

        Like I said early, your mileage may vary, lol. I’m still not getting a loved up vibe from ‘em. I legit was more sure he and AE were an item based on their social interactions with one another than the interactions with SH.

      • Nic says:

        Nope. There was no showing of her photo to the person who saw him. Nothing at all and no allusion to her whatsoever. So total guesswork, like I say.

      • Linz says:


        It was NEVER confirmed that Sophie was with him, Anna Wintour and her guest. Again, lots of conflicting stories (Several people said he was there alone with Anna and her guest. Some said he was with Sophie and some said he was with an unidentified woman, one person said it was a “double date”)

        Let’s say that she was with them. That still doesn’t prove/mean anything. Anna was not there with her Husband. So how would that person know that it was a double date?

      • Linz says:

        (So far) There are no pictures of them together at the after party. There are pics of Benedict solo. Not a single pic of Sophie.

        There are pics of Keira and her Husband, Mark Strong and his Wife. Other people with their SO’s. But no pics of Benedict and Sophie?

      • tara says:

        MissMary- I definitely think he and Alice Eve were fwb a few years back. For sure. Lol.

        I agree that none of the photos we’ve seen so far of SH and BC together have suggested anything more than friendship. The tennis ones were kinda boring, haha. But we have only seen a handful of shots. The one James Rhodes wedding one I saw they weren’t even looking at each other. I would’ve liked to have seen a follow up shot of that one. Then we could see the ‘chemistry’ or lack thereof.

        Perhaps she’s not as demonstrative a person, or they are keeping it low key, or are not actually dating yet. I just tend to think that in this case where there’s smoke, there’s fire. She’s been seen with him on and off since June. And who knows what they’ve been doing that they’ve managed to keep private?

        Going to James Rhodes’ wedding (yes, it’s possible she was invited on her own and wasn’t a guest of Ben’s) and now the TIG premiere (even though she didn’t walk the carpet with him) show that she’s attending important events of his. GF or not, she’s special to him.

        Anybody know if his other female friends, Kinvara, Vicki, etc, went to the premiere? Mary, was there really a minivan full of his friends? Lol.

        Linz- You’re right, I don’t know that it was Sophie with him at the theatre, and even if it was it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dating. However, it could have been her, and going to the theatre with Anna and her guest would make for a date night probably right up BC’s alley.

        Interesting about the pictures, LInz. Maybe later on, they’ll be some? I guess they’re not ready to ‘out’ the relationship yet. Lol, we could go round and round on this all week!

      • MissMary says:

        Re the “minivan” lol it was a stretch limo type thing, same gray color as the other cars (same make too it looked like, BMW or whatever they were). It was the vehicle before his but the only person filmed getting out was a tall woman with dirty blonde colored hair, so I don’t know who all officially got out (lol I was being a bit snarky).

        Kinvara might do the after party–I’m just guessing. She seems more the rub shoulders type than the go to a movie type (a “see and be seen” kind of woman). Vicki–she’s an academic so if she’s teaching or has work scheduled, she can’t really pop off to go to a red carpet ‘do in the middle of the week, but maybe? As for the others, IDK. JR and his wife were to go but JR posted he was ill today, LB might have gone, and Gatiss (unconfirmed sightings of both). Same with MF and AA (also not confirmed but rumored).

        I find the lack of pics of them together more telling than not. Because really, unless you’re in Witness protection or middle school or trying to be on the DL b/c you’re cheating, who doesn’t want to be seen with their date, in love or just in like or in lust, whichever?

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @Linz @MissMary before I go totally bloody nuts over the crap being blogged!
        Could you please tell me..has SH,in any way,shape or form been treated any differently than any other person there?
        Was she given a handler?Someone to hold her umbrella? Escorted through a different entrance than his friends AND parents?
        I’m losing my rag with the crap!

      • Linz says:


        Nope, she was not treated any differently.

      • MissMary says:

        Only in the imaginations of the people posting that info. *EVERYONE* on the red carpet, even guests who were not in the movie but there with friends/family as special guests, were escorted down the red carpet, at least in part. That is frequently done to not only expedite the experience but to get them to where they need to go and not wander into photo shoots or an interview or something. Everyone had someone holding their umbrellas, again at least in part, until they were under cover or the rain stopped for a few moments, or they outright refused. And everyone in the “special guest” category went in through a non-main door, bypassing even more press. MANY people say that he arrived with Karon, he left with Karon, and that was that. No sneaking SH out of the car a block away, no trying to hustle her past dozens of photographers and fans and hoping no one noticed, no super secret squirrel side entrance.

        Sidebar 1: People at the after party are saying he is solo, mingling and chatting and dancing and NOT “debuting SH as his gf”.

        Sidebar 2: Ignore 99% of what is posted–folks from eB are starting pregnancy rumors and so on *eye roll* same thing happened when he was with…well, every woman he’s dated.

      • tara says:

        Haha, pregnancy rumors?! Now that, I don’t believe.

        what is eB?

        I’m glad there was no secret entrance/special handling of her. LIke you said, MissMary, that would be totally immature. Her just walking down the carpet with everyone else is totally fine, but to try and sneak her in, naahh, juvenile.

      • MissMary says:

        EB, a tumblr that posts “gossip” about BC but seems to be about 90% fanfiction based on the stuff posted.

        The pregnancy b.s. was due to the fact the woman supposed to be SH wasn’t wearing a skin tight dress but something with some give to it. *eye roll* And a lot of folks are pointing out the woman may not be SH since she didn’t have the same body type but meh, frankly, I wasn’t looking that close so I can’t comment on that bit of flail beyond repeating it, lol.

        According to people at the after party, he’s chatty and friendly and mingling and definitely not “with” anyone. Niece Emily and Karon were there (who knows if they stayed or were just making sure he made it in the door lol) according to posters, but no one has seen SH “with him”. He’s been dancing, drinking, chatting, and just doing his thing, apparently. Even taking pics with people at the party who are fans of his. And not one of ‘em has seen him with a sgf. So either they’ve got some weird-ass kink, she’s so shy she’s hiding under a table, or it’s all a tempest in a teapot.

      • Encumbered says:

        The question was raised on “that other site” about the possibility that the blurry figure in a yellow and gray dress might not have been SH due to a difference in body shape (the attendee was curvaceous). Curious, I took another look. And….hmmmm….I could see the possibility of there having been an incorrect assumption it was her. Or not….any other opinions? She is not the only brunette with thick bangs.

      • MissMary says:

        Going with the possibility it may have been someone else, thick and deep bangs seem to be a popular style with the “rah” set and their circles, esp those old enough to want to hide signs of aging (forehead wrinkles, crows feet–normal and natural stuff) or want to look younger (again, very normal for actresses and social types where your age or how old you appear is super important)… Maybe it was a near-miss in the look alike department? Looking at the screen cap, she *does* seem more hour-glass than SH’s body type but IDK if that’s a trick of the dress, the angle, or legit.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Do we know if she(if it was her) even went to the after party?
        I’m still in the friends zone with these two.Not changed my opinion by her being there

      • MissMary says:

        I mentioned above, folks who were at the after party and even interacted with him personally did not see hide nor hair of her. He appeared, for all intents and purposes, solo. He was having a good time, dancing and drinking and doing his usual thing but no SH on his arm or at his table. Now, that info may change come morning when more people post or pics come out but all pics of him, and all accounts from people at the party and who were on the red carpet to catch a glimpse, say she was not with him. Arrived and left with Karon, Karon and Niece Emily were at the after party (at least when he arrived), and word from inside was he was drinking, celebrating, being very social, dancing with strangers and friends. Not acting “loved up” at all.

        But we’ll see if more info comes out tomorrow.

      • Linz says:


        Doesn’t sound like/look like she was at the after party. (No pictures of her. No sightings) People who were there said that Benedict was with Karon and Emily. No sign of Sophie.

      • tara says:

        Of course her body looked different- she’s pregnant now, haven’t you heard? (I Kid, I kid, lol)

        Were there any pictures of him with his parents? They went to the premiere , right?

      • MissMary says:

        Indeed! HIs dad even took pics with fans on the red carpet!

      • delorb says:


        I love how your mind works. “So either they’ve got some weird-ass KINK, she’s so shy she’s hiding under a table, or it’s all a tempest in a teapot. ” Thanks for that.

    • Lindy79 says:

      IF, and that’s a huge IF they’re together in whatever capacity, I just can’t take all this cloak and dagger stuff seriously. I get not wanting to walk red carpets or wanting to stay out of the view of the press/cameras, plenty of partners don’t and meet them inside and it would have pulled focus slightly (as ridiculous as that is).

      What I don’t get is the not being at the after party IF she’s so special to him, again avoiding the press, she could have gone in They’re bloody grown ups, why hide it and what’s the point in being in a relationship/friendship if you can’t share moments like that with someone you care about?

      Frankly it’s become beyond boring now. He owes no-one anything in relation to his personal life but bloody hell it certainly looks as though he/she cares a lot what people know/see so…own it either way.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Anything popped up on Twitter about after show party?Any sightings of SH?

      • Lindy79 says:

        Haven’t checked to be honest. I mainly just go by what’s on here and maybe IMDB. As of last night, she wasn’t seen there at all.

      • tara says:

        Were Adam or any of his other friends we know at the after party? Maybe they all met him for a private after-after party. Lol.

        Agree Lindy, it would be sort of ridiculous if she skipped the after party so as not to be seen with him. The major premiere red carpet is understandable; so many people and cameras and maybe they just didn’t want to deal with that.

        I completely understand that he wants to keep his private life private, and I like that he does, but to deliberately hide a significant other is silly and a bit juvenile (for anyone).

        But who knows, maybe she had an early morning dentist appointment and couldn’t stay out late ;)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        The girl who posted picture on Tumblr updated.She said she sat near to BC’s parents never saw SH at all.

      • MissMary says:

        Numerous people saw his parents (several even took pics with his dad). Numerous people saw Adam and his wife. Several even think his sister was there (woman he hugged, looked like a younger Wanda). Not a soul saw him “with” anyone who might remotely be Sophie Hunter.

        Ya know, I’m starting to think maybe she’s testing that invisibility tech for the CIA or something *eye roll*.

      • Nic says:

        Where’s the pic on that tumblr @kazlock?

      • tara says:

        Aww, that’s cute that his dad posed with fans. I think he looks like his dad on the Elle cover. At least in the mouth area.

        Lol MissMary! I can just imagine: All of Ben’s potential girlfriends are given an invisibility cloak so no one sees them together and they can remain ‘secret’.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        It’s a Tumblr account.Girl was there for work.On a few FB pages to.
        Do you think it would be ok to give account name here?

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Same picture is on EB,you can go to her blog from there.

      • MissMary says:

        Ah, I saw that pic floating around tumblr. He also posed with other fans *at* the after party as well. By all accounts, solo and mingling and having a good time.

      • tara says:

        what is the picture of? His parents?

      • Linz says:

        “Oh Also! 3- (sorry I forgot to add this on) if you went and saw the movie, did he sit next to SH? / did you see her anywhere at any point that you were there or did it seem she wasn’t even at the after party?

        (Tumblr girl) haha omg! CIA questions :) I am not sure he stayed to see the film as I was upstairs (where his parents and publicist was) and he would have been downstairs. I wouldn’t think he stayed but can’t confirm. I didn’t see SH at any point for the whole night.”

      • Nic says:

        The blog saying ‘CIA questions’ doesn’t have any pics from last night on it.

      • MissMary says:

        The pic was on EB and her own Tumblr last night it seems–maybe it was taken down? I saw it on one of the fan tumblrs with links back to EB and the OP. Same with some fan pics from the after party, him doing the slightly-drunk-lean and smile.

      • Linz says:

        The blog saying “CIA questions” and the blog with the picture (and the story) of Benedict and the young woman pointing at each other. Are not the same, people just assumed they were.

        Young woman in the picture did say this.
        “And all though I didn’t spot GF at after party, I wasn’t actively looking for her haha”

      • MissMary says:

        Aaaah, I misunderstood! I thought they were the same person. That’ll teach me to google without caffeine, lol.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Can someone tell me,again,please?
        Are there any pictures on Twitter of Sophie at the première?
        Another thread just mentioned it.The only one I’ve seen is the one that we thought could be someone else.Because of her body shape.

      • Linz says:


        What thread?

        Only pictures I have seen are screencaps. People have said that she was there. But she did not arrive with him, did not walk the red carpet with him. She was not seen at the after party. Some people, have said that they did not see them together at all (the entire night)

      • MissMary says:

        Kazlock: Based on what has been reported, the majority of folks who attended then posted are saying he was with Karon, Emily, and his folks most of the evening, with Adam and his wife there for a while. And some friends f rom other films and projects were hanging out with him as well. No one legit saw her sneaking around into and out of cars, no side entrances or special treatment… the only “sighting” was that screencapped red carpet walk that some folks are saying isn’t even her. IDK if it’s her or not, but that’s the *only* image I’ve seen of anyone sophie-like from the event.

      • Nic says:

        Where have you read he was seen with him mum and dad?

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        It’s a thread on here.About the premiere. Poster said there was a picture on Twitter.
        That’s what I’d heard to.Also heard that she wasn’t seen at all,and definatly not at after party

      • Linz says:


        Just saw the comment. Pretty sure, they are talking about the screencaps.

      • MissMary says:

        @Nic: His folks were not only taking pics with fans on the red carpet (well, specifically his father), many people reported they were in attendance.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thanks.I had heard (from 2 separate sources)that she hadn’t been seen at all.
        That she definatly wasn’t seen at the after party.And that the lady in the flowery outfit wasn’t her.Body was more curvy

      • tara says:

        MissMary- Now that is interesting to me. SH was apparently at the premiere, and there’s not one positively identifiable photo of her? I would have bet money that at least one fan would get a good shot :p Although, they were probably more focused on the man himself (and rightly so)

        Do you have a good link to the screencap that might possibly be her? (I don’t do tumblr or twitter and don’t want to get lost in there haha)

        His parents were in attendance of what? The afterparty?

      • MissMary says:

        His parents were on the red carpet and at the gala premiere (many people saw them, some on twitter posted about sitting near them/with them). I don’t have a link to the alleged Sophie sighting, lol, but maybe someone else does? (Work computer so I don’t even want to try getting on twitter here!) After party–not sure on his folks (some people who went said they were there) but definitely Karon and Emily were there.

      • anon says:

        Need we more proof??

        She even got her own handler, the same handler who walked her down the red carpet!! Coz you know she’s the lead actor’s Girlfriend and is therefore very very important!!

        SOPHIE HUNTER spotted leaving Hotel Corinthia with cast members of TIG she left first and Benedict right after in a different car. She was with them because she is BCs SO and plus one!! They’re definitely dating!!!

      • tara says:

        This is interesting. She looks good.

        This was before the red carpet, yes?

      • MissMary says:

        Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah still not buying it. If they are dating and doing some ego stroking “OMG we must be secret!” I’m so done with the whole thing and will just wait to see if any of his movies do well and go see ‘em and stop paying attention to the other aspects of his fandom. That’s ridic.

        As well, I still find it interesting no one is reporting them together at the after party.

        Everyone got handlers who wanted ‘em by the bye–even people who aren’t in BC’s entourage. ;)

        ETA: Interesting the pics are labeled as “HAYLEY JOANNE BACON” who is an actress and director and whose pic looks pretty much just like the one in the link… Confusion by the fans or by the press? That lends credence to the “it’s not Sophie” camp. And Ms Bacon is involved with TIG. SO… I’m still “not her”ing this.

        Where did you get it was Sophie Hunter, anon?

      • Nic says:

        I’m sorry but this is totally weird. Why on earth would she choose to go to the hotel where the cast were doing press/assembled and walk out knowing there would be press there just to go in a separate car and walk down the red carpet on her own? Why would she even need to be there? And she can’t even use her own umbrella? Sorry the whole thing is abnormal and proof of nothing expect weirdness.

      • MissMary says:

        @Nic: Based on the name on the pics NOT being Sophie Hunter but the name of an actress who was in TIG, who has a similar “look” but curvier body type, and the fact it looks like most of the cast, even small part players, attended, I’m betting it’s mistaken identity with her and SH being mixed up. Because it’s ridic to think that two grown ass people who are educated, mature, adults would do this level of hide and seek with a relationship unless they were in serious denial or on the DL.

        So I’m saying not her, or if it was her, it’s just plain ridiculous and beyond idiotic.

      • Nic says:

        Have you looked at the photo? It’s clearly her, same s&@( sniffing expression on her face and incidentally the only one to have someone holding an umbrella over her head. Seriously, this is ludicrous and just embarrassing. Whatever is going on is ridiculous.

      • MissMary says:

        Looked at her pics and some of Haley Joanne Bacon… I can see how it can be confused. But going with it being SH… I’m still not getting and relationship vibe, esp after this malarkey. Even when he was with Anna, who he was very private about, he didn’t hide her and play games (I’m not saying that’s what’s going on here–just that he hasn’t done that sort of thing in the past when he had a gf he was quiet about). He just didn’t talk bout having a gf and just went on dates and took her to industry events without it being a fuss. She stayed out of the way for pics, life went on. The thing with Sophie… it really smacks of friends. Maybe he’s introducing her around to industry folks, maybe they’re super close, maybe they’re FWB… But seriously, if they are “involved” and this is how they’re handling the public side of being together? Someone either needs new PR or one hell of an ego check.
        ETA: someone who reads EB just let me know that HJB is in the background of the SH pic so it is SH but damn now I feel bad for HJB–her big moment in Contact Music and it’s got someone else in the foreground!

      • tara says:

        Naaah, if you imdb Hayley Joanne Bacon, you’ll see she looks different than the woman photographed. The woman leaving the hotel is Sophie. The photographer must have thought it was Ms. Bacon, that’s why she/he took the pictures. I’d imagine the name will be corrected in the future.

        I agree that it is immature and a bit silly to hide a relationship, but if they are both okay with it, then what’s the harm? If they are dating and not ready for the world to know, that’s their decision and it is fine.

        If she attended the press stuff at the hotel with him, then he’s not hiding her per se, b/c the people there would know who she is (I’m presuming he’d introduce her to people and not make her hide in the corner, lol). But I can understand if they didn’t want to be ‘outed’ as a couple at his big premiere.

        It’s different than with Anna, b/c he is so much more popular now. People want to know his every move. Perhaps he’s just hoping he can keep this relationship private as long as he can (without actually hiding Sophie away).

        Bottom line is that they’re handling their relationship the way they want to. When/if they go public, it’s not for anyone to decide but them :)

      • Linz says:


        Are you serious? The pics don’t prove anything. All it proves is that they left separately. That was obvious, because they did not arrive together.

        They didn’t walk the red carpet together. She was not seen at the after party. Some people have said that, they did not see them together at all (the entire night)

        There are pics of Keira Knightly and her Husband together, pics of Mark Strong and his Wife together, pics of The Director and his woman. Pics of other people and their SO’s. But not a single picture of Benedict and Sophie together? IF they are “dating” it’s very weird that they are acting like that.

      • MissMary says:

        @Linz: Have you heard the new theory? Some folks think she’s renting the bottom floor of his home (he apparently lives on the top two floors and rents out the ground floor, according to some older articles about him that came out around the time the neighbor was live tweeting his daily life). Meh. Well, more power to ‘em. It’s officially become too ridiculous for me (though I’m sure I’ll post more later lol… it’s just entered the realm of Dadaism).

      • Nic says:

        You seem pretty over Invested to this being a relationship, but what I’m saying is IF this is relationship there’s no arguing that it’s supremely weird behaviour. Of course it’s not hiding if she’s at the hotel, the point is she had no reason whatsoever to be at the hotel, he was there doing press and the reason for the other people’s partners leaving the hotel with them, is so they can go to the premiere together. For her to be there, and leave separately is so odd and pointless, as it’s obvious the press would be outside the hotel. If she didn’t want to be seen, she could’ve made her own way to the premiere and not walked the red carpet. This draws as much attention as standing with him, in fact moreso seeing as it’s so bloody odd.

      • Linz says:


        I have.. It’s ridiculous! Someone on (EB) is claiming that they saw pictures of their mail, and that the address is exactly the same except for one letter. It’s amazing out of all places, that person went to (EB) with that information? Hmmm?

        Sounds like it’s all BS. Just like (EB)

      • MissMary says:

        Okay, I’m calling it: This is Shia Lebeouf level performance art. It has to be.

      • Renee says:

        Hey everyone. I used to have a different user name (SophieK) and wanted to change it. Took a break from the Ben/Sophie drama and came back to find it all weirder and more bizarre than ever. Can’t believe BC is engaging in this ridiculous behavior with SH. I can’t even make any sense of their nonsense. I admire his talent and am looking forward to seeing TIG but the way these two people in their 30s are conducting themselves is immature and unnecessary.

        Also can’t believe SH couldn’t carry her own umbrella.

      • Linz says:


        You do seem over invested in this being a relationship.

        Where is the proof that they are “dating?” The pictures of them walking out of the Hotel separately. DO NOT PROVE ANYTHING!

        Let’s be real. There are bigger/more popular Celebs, who are in relationships, who don’t act like this. Celebs bring their SO’s to film Premieres all the time. It’s not a big deal. So I don’t understand why some people, think it would be catastrophic , if he was seen with his “girlfriend at a Premiere?

        They are not in their Teens/Twenties. These are people are in their late 30′s. IF they are dating. This cloak and dagger stuff is ridiculous and juvenile.

      • tara says:

        Nic- I definitely get what you’re saying. It might be weird to most people, but if it’s how they want to do things, and they’re both cool with it, then so be it. Not weird for them.

        Weellll, can’t the reason for her being at the hotel be that she was there to support him? As was said, other people’s significant others were there, so why shouldn’t his be as well?

        It’s not pointless that she left the hotel separately. I don’t believe that she didn’t want to be seen at all, just didn’t want to arrive together with him.. That makes sense to me. Walking the red carpet together would basically be announcing a relationship, her just being there separately still leaves speculation (like what we’re doing).

        If their relationship was already public and they did this, then yes, that’s weird. But they aren’t married (like Keira and James), aren’t in a known relationship (like Allen Leech and Charlie), and are not ‘official’ to the public. If that photographer hadn’t thought Sophie was another actress, we wouldn’t have even known about this hotel thing, probably. They’re doing a good job keeping it on the DL, which is the point, at least for now, I think.

        Miss Mary- Or, Harvey Weinstein told Ben, ‘get a girlfriend for awards’ season. Pick one most of your fandom won’t hate too much.’ And they’re really not into each other but are making an effort. Lol (just joking)

        That’s so funny about her being his tenant. I wonder how people reached that conclusion. Didn’t you say that EB site is mostly lies? LIke, not even worth reading type of stuff?

      • Nic says:

        Trust me, it’s 100% weird.

        She did not need to be at that hotel. Why would he need support while he’s doing press and getting ready? The point of the other people’s partners being there is to go to the premiere together. She sashays out with a flunky holding her umbrella for her (odious), just to go in a completely different car. She didn’t have to walk the red carpet with him, but at least travel in the same car if you’re going to walk out of a hotel in front of the press.
        Yes, it’s causing speculation which could’ve been easily avoided if she wanted to. Who he chooses as a date is NOT bigger than this film and anyone who thinks it is needs a reality check. If she’d got out of the same car as him, nobody would’ve thought too much about it. The focus is the film. But I’m sorry, THIS is utterly stupid and plain weird.

      • Renee says:

        Linz, Nic, MissMary….Their behavior is weird, ridiculous, immature and pointless. I have wracked my brain for any explanation that would make sense and I’m coming up with nothing. I’m so wanting to give Ben the benefit of the doubt on this juvenile nonsense.

      • MissMary says:

        @Renee: HI! Welcome back, lol! I was wondering where you’d gone (under your old name). I so want to give BC the benefit of the doubt, too, and keep saying they’re just friends but this is ridiculous no matter what configuration their relationship is in.

        @Tara: Most of the rumors you see on EB and nowhere else are b.s. Or if they originate there and not a traceable source. I mean, many of the sourced rumors are bs too but it’s less likely to grow legs like the salacious stuff on EB. Re the “Get a gf” theory–wouldn’t be the first time a studio ordered a public relationship, if that’s true. esp to keep a PR image golden (like, say, they didn’t want audiences to think their star was a womanizer or into donkey shows or something weird–SO NOT SAYING BC IS lol). Back in the day it was often done when someone was single too long, or to cover up being gay (again, not saying BC is) or just to have arm candy or look good or create a buzz.

        I think my favorite wtf fan theory is they’re both doing this on purpose to get her name more known. *eye roll*

        Like Nic said, anyone who thinks news of who he dates will overshadow anything to do with TIG needs a reality check (and if they’re the ones thinking it themselves, BC and SH, they need ego checks and possible help).

      • tara says:

        Linz- There is no proof they are dating. My point is they didn’t *want* there to be proof, yet. I suppose that’s the crux of it. If they are dating, they are obviously not ready for it to be public knowledge as of yesterday. That’s why she left the hotel separately, travelled in a separate car, did not walk to red carpet with him, and possibly didn’t attend the after party.

        Once they do an event together, that’s basically confirmation of their relationship. Maybe they’re simply not ready for that, but she wants to be there with him. Why else would she be at that hotel? Were his parents there? Adam and his wife? His other friends? Karon was, but that’s business related. Why would Sophie be there unless it was with him? Either as just a friend or gf, no one here can say.

        I don’t think it would be catastrophic at all if he went to a premiere with her. I’d like to see him have someone to go with. I don’t think he thinks it would be bad for his career or anything, it’s just that they simply aren’t ready to do that yet. And that’s fine. Each relationship goes at it’s own pace.

        He’s just being a lot more guarded with this than he has had to be with relationships before. It’s understandable. Don’t want to rush it too much. Or maybe it’s her that didn’t want to be photographed together. We don’t know.

      • Nic says:

        Tara, the point is there is no consistency. Arriving 5 mins before/after him doesn’t hide her, it does the opposite in fact and draws attention to her. She wanted to be at the premiere unnoticed? Could easily have happened. What’s with the pseudo celeb behaviour? A handler to cover her with an umbrella? Please..

  12. betsy says:

    I think he looks great. Years younger with that hair cut. He looks well and happy and rather sexy.

    • 'P'enny says:

      @Betsy, if I could just hijack this thread and cut in and mention how lovely Tom Hiddleston’s new haircut is, he is growing it longer now in a dark brown bed hair style. However, I have just noticed that Benedict has now followed Tom’s Coriolanus haircut. [rolls eyes] It’s a long way off but I expect Benedict to grow his hair long again to copy Tom’s new bed-head curls. I’m glad Tom has beaten him to it.

      • MissMary says:

        BC’s is wig-cut to hide under the Richard III wig and he’ll be growing it out soon for Sherlock…

  13. allons-y alonso says:

    I’d still go there

    • Miss M says:

      noooooooooooooooooooooooo, he is mine! :)

      • allons-y alonso says:

        Miss M I adore you too much to fight with you but come on!!!!!! Can I have him on weekends? I’ll swap you for James Purefoy….maybe Hiddleston if I’m feeling nice ;)

  14. An says:

    Bless him for not having a personal stylist. It amuses me.

    Anyhow, although I’m only interested in his acting and probably not the best appearance resource, I do think he looks younger(?) and his eyes are quite stunning on the Elle cover.

    • MissMary says:

      I think part of the younger look is his face isn’t as drawn. I think he had to fill out some for Richard III and it really de-ages him to have a less gaunt face.

  15. jammypants says:

    I rarely think he looks tall but in the first pic, he looks very nice and lean.

  16. Encumbered says:

    What throws his outfit off is he is too buttoned up. Loosening his collar is needed–volunteers?? His hair is so naturally beautiful. Needs stroking. I often wonder what he thinks about at this type of event where he has to pose in front of a bank of cameras. “Aw, boring….I need a drink….ooops, careful not to fart….”

    Keira’s dress is lovely. The pattern is very reflective of the WWII era.

    • Isadora says:

      Yes, I think part of the strange outfit is the way he stands there on the red carpet, both his hands hanging beside him and looking a bit like “what am I doing here??” *lol* He’s not really at home on a red carpet. ;)
      And I looove Keira’s dress for the occasion! She looks great!

  17. Lindy79 says:

    For the love of god please unbutton the top button on that shirt!
    I’m liking the jeans and blazer but those shoes are giving such a “my first pair of dress shoes” vibe and they don’t go at all.

    No glasses or thimble hat so at least there’s that.

    He’s doing a twitter Q&A this evening apparently. Bet it wont be as good as the Reddit AMA. Hopefully he wont be bombarded with “is Sophie your GF, please give him BABIES!!”

  18. kri says:

    I love him and his grandad gentleman farmer clothes, and I simply don’t care what he wears. He is fascinating to me. But I get when people say they don’t find him attractive. TBh, the first time I saw him in Sherlock, I said Um, WTF is he? or something to that effect. By the end of the show, I was thinking how lovely “Kri Cumberbatch” sounded. I shall help myself to some seats now.

  19. Gia says:

    I didn’t get the appeal until I binge-watched Sherlock. Now obsessed. Full-on, out and proud Cumberbitch. And my husband has recently declared himself a “Cumberbro”. LOVE!

  20. From North of Boston says:

    I like this look – he was absolutely adorable at the press conference (he and Keira Knightley have a nice chemistry) and seemed quite youthful. And he was back to red carpet form for the evening premiere, tux and all. So it was a very good day for this Batch fan :)

    • MissMary says:

      He and Keira seem like they’d be a blast to go drinking with, ngl. They also play off one another very well.

  21. Cel says:

    That outfit wouldn’t be quite so bad if he didn’t button it all the way to the top.

    • MissMary says:

      IDK why that seems to be a thing with him and with JLM… is it some British men’s fashion trend that’s not quite catching on or something?

  22. Kali says:

    I need to know if anyone else sees this because someone mentioned it to me and I can’t unsee it (and I’m saying this as someone who loves Benedict).

    Benedict = Kif from Futurama.

    • MissMary says:

      I think the comment was more to do with the nature of Turing’s work than any coy “oooooh sgf!” thing but given what’s going on in fandom, seems like it’s being read as “Yes, I have a secret gf!”

    • sigh((s)) says:

      That was…..eyebrow raising?

      • tara says:

        That was kind of awkward. Haha.

        I also think he was alluding to work secrets and the like.

      • blended says:

        a lot of his interviews lately have been awkward. i noticed it at TIFF. has he gotten weary of doing press i wonder? there just seems to be less of that spark and twinkle in his eyes.

      • MissMary says:

        @Blended: Yeah, I noticed that, too… Maybe all the projects after the other are getting to him? 38 isn’t old but it’s not 18, lol, so maybe his body is finally going “Uh, dude…REST!”

      • An says:

        Seems tired to me, not surprising. Shakespeare is exhausting plus he’s got other stuff on, I believe? It took him longer to answer questions and he’s speaking slower.

      • Lindy79 says:

        He’s definitely not really trying to hide his feelings about press intrusion anyway.
        Somewhere else he answered a question about what he does on his down time with “none of your business”, and then backtracked to say he meant it as a joke but I think it was him preempting that the question was leading somewhere and cutting the line of questions dead.
        I’d agree that he’s more then likely been made aware of all the hoopla, if not by Karon then his mates etc. Not saying they’re sitting there trawling through gossip sites but they have social media presence and I’d bet my boots some fans have been contacting them to ask.

    • Just here says:


      I agree. I actually wonder if he wasn’t trolling, LOL. He’s got to be aware of the rumours.

      Watch Karon behind him. She leans in to hear the question, sort of smiles as he answers cheekily, then shuts down the interview. I’m sure she’s thinking, ‘nosy reporter’ or something like it, LOL.

      He does seem different. I think he’s changing, personally, becoming more guarded and closed off. Probably best for his sanity, I suppose, but his charm and realness is what I admired most about him.

  23. Intro Outro says:

    I like the ELLE cover (ugh just please don’t let the interview be as soppy as some of ELLE stories), I like his face and hair in the photocall pics, he indeed looks younger and very good, but the outfit… *covers the screen with both hands so that only Ben’s face remains visible*

    • lady kather says:

      Just a piece of wild speculation, piecing the following (assumed) facts together into one narrative I find hot (but I am a masochist)
      Assumed Secret GF is indeed THE secret GF (hence a regular source of carnal contact)
      He still plays the prince and lover to his huge beloved other, the masses of the cumbercult, and will not torture them with any couple display
      Secret GF is fine with that
      The info about him being “Shades of Grey” with someone
      And I deduce: it is a BDSM relationship and she is more or less a sub who does as she’s being told, not disturbing in any way the beautiful romance he is having with the public, the internet, the fans and lusting nerd girls, but remains available when being called to do whatever.
      And will never be a Jolie sucking him dry and outshine him or a Zeta-Jones giving him tongue cancer for well-known reasons of submissive sexual behaviour.
      As I said, I am a sub, I like that idea – a lot.
      Calls for some fresh RPF fan fiction!

      • gg says:

        Except that he *is* torturing us by having her come to these things and be just barely visible, and neither confirm nor deny a romantic relationship. I’d rather they come out or she stay at home. Other than that, your fantasy is kinda hot and I’m not into BDSM at all. I just hope he is getting some, somewhere. Ever since I saw him at the Met Gala, I thought “If Prince Charming himself ain’t getting any there is no justice in this world.”

    • Green Eyes says:

      Maybe SH is a ghost that only we can see (we see dead people!). That would explain why Benedict virtually ignores her whenever they are photographed together – he doesn’t even see her!

      Boo! LOL.

      • MissMary says:

        And when he called her house to see if she was in, they told him she’d died in 1952! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

        *cough* Happy early Halloween?