Snoop Dogg was brutally mean to Iggy Azalea in the strangest feud

Snoop Dogg

I’ve reached the point where Snoop Dogg’s charming ways cannot resurrect any ounce of goodwill for him. The sad thing is that his behavior towards Iggy Azalea is what caused me to put down the Snoop pipe. He’s been acting weird for months though. His latest alter ego was a white guy named Todd, which wasn’t offensive but just dumb.

Snoop’s latest antics arrive after Iggy Azalea dared to walk outside without makeup last week. She looked very young and fresh even though her zipper-sweater was dreadful. Snoop decided to make fun of Iggy’s makeup-less face. Snoop mercilessly did so by Instagramming this photo. Pretty brutal, right? I don’t know what prompted Snoop to be so rude.

Iggy should have ignored Snoop’s trash talking. Instead, she fired back with a now-deleted photo of Snoop that described him as “when your drug addict aunt gets clean.” This was a childish response but nowhere as mean as Snoop’s first shot at her.

Snoop Dogg

Then things got super nasty. TMZ has a NSFW video of Snoop calling Iggy the c-word and the n-word; he said Iggy’s boyfriend, Nick Young, should “put her in check.” Nick had a response for Snoop:

Snoop wasn’t done. He Instagrammed this picture of Iggy photoshopped into a White Chicks 2 advertisement: “Ok last one n Imma leave the bitch alone!! Hahahahahah So says Todd.” Then came another photo: “Iggy was a man So says Todd. Hahahahahahah goodnight bitch !! Kangaroo yo pink punk a** bac to the land down unda !!

Ugh. This nonsense did not go over well. It was obvious that Snoop wasn’t going to stop on his own, so Iggy’s mentor, T.I. called Snoop on the phone. They exchanged words. Snoop posted an apology video yesterday afternoon.


It's over I'm bac on my cool sh-t no harm no foul. #ifitaintaboutthemuch love @troubleman31t respect sorry bout that

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Well. It’s nice that Snoop posted an apology video, but it’s sad that it took a call from T.I. to make him behave. Iggy tweeted in response, “I appreciate the apology @snoopdogg.” And this bizarre feud has come to an end. Maybe? Snoop was wayyy out of line here.

Oh, and Azealia Banks tried to jump into the feud too, but everyone ignored her.


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  1. Dani2 says:

    I’m team no one here, Iggy has a culturally insensitive past and Snoop “Lion” picking on the looks of a girl half his age is nothing but pathetic and sad.

    • LB says:

      Ditto. They both suck.

    • HH says:

      I didn’t care until I read the part in which Snoop called Iggy out of her name and told her man to check her. Not only was it uncalled for, but don’t come for me and then tell my man to check me.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      IMO, Snoop was way out of line here. I am not a fan of Iggy, she has made mistakes, but nothing she has done seems as malicious as this. It seemed to me that Snoop was threatening her there when he said she better be checked by her *** “before I do”. That is just way to far to take things after a stupid fight that he started.

      I have liked Snoop’s music for years, I don’t like seeing this side of him. It’s disturbing.

    • MCraw says:

      I was down with Snoop making fun of her, because he’s an equal opportunity joker. She shouldn’t have been initially offended and showed her insecurity trying to boohoo and check the Doggfather. Poor sport and complete brat. No one insults Snoop when he’s just jankin. That said, it did take a nasty turn. He’s always shown his brand of nastiness towards women, but in this case it was a famous white girl who’s a popular rapper- it was gonna blow up. The memes were funny. But the cursing, the videos and everything else just went too far. Wasn’t funny anymore and felt gross. Do better, Uncle Snoop! Iggy, have a seat with ur whiney ass. Wants to be a rapper, but can’t take jokes/insults, WHICH IS PART OF BEING A RAPPER. Can’t complain when everyone is treated the same way on the come up.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I know very little about either of them. Any idea why he would be so mean?

    • Aussie girl says:

      I’m really not sure why is was so rude and mean..? But his video apology was BS. He had a smirk on his face and it just seemed inseneire. Anyhoodle, is it wrong that I kind of wish Martha and goop with go this low. The inner ( ok maybe outer) bitch would love this.

      • deehunny says:

        Ha, could you only imagine how that would light up the gossip world? Martha’s next cover would have a GOOP meme. It would be glorious.

    • Brrrrr says:

      I think iggy claims that Snoop has some hurt feelings because she didnt take pics with him after some concert but honestly I doubt that. Snoop would be too blazed at a concert to even remember nonsense like that.

      I think its more to do with Iggy being an utter poser. Lots of people in the industry cant stand her and her Elvis shtick. I mean not only does she not write her own verses but she delivers them in a mimicked accent, so the only thing she brings to the table that thousand of black femcees dont is “acceptable coloring”. I read a blog that suggests that the argument is being made that afew black people (TI?) are making some money off of her, so maybe it isnt a complete loss. Perhaps the community can exploit a bad situation and come away with something but for me thats too small a win to put up with Iggy.

      Ofcourse that doesnt excuse Snoops misogyny here (calling her out on her appearance and then telling her bf to step in) but I can see where the irritation comes from.

      • QQ says:

        I was gonna say this too, it seems like a lot of dudes in the Industry just abhor her… OC Macko (another rapper) jumped in too and said something to the effect that “h don’t you call yourself a real N-word?? this is how we do” etc etc

        Also some tumblr denizens were pointing out that she has a history of saying rude stupid insensitive sh-t and when she gets a clapback she either deletes or whines all over the place about people being mean, that the feeling seems to be that cause she is white and pretty she is supposed to be exempt from any rough treatment in a world where most chicks (of the few that are even in it) get it DAILY and have to claw their way through… Is not ok that snoop got so bitchy but Culture Appropriation Stacey ( Barbie being Katy Perry) is NOT the hill I plan to die on *goes back to filing nails*

      • Marty says:

        Exactly QQ! Snoop is a d-bag, but Iggy has said some pretty messed up stuff in the past too.

        As far as I’m concerned just two a**holes getting into a lame twitter fight.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “I think iggy claims that Snoop has some hurt feelings because she didnt take pics with him after some concert but honestly I doubt that.”

        That’s not what happened. After he insulted her on instagram, she asked why he would do that when he asked to meet with her and acts like a fan when they saw each other an another show. She was saying he was being two-faced.

      • Somenestolemyname says:

        Snoop just gave her more publicity.
        I wonder if half of these rap feuds are even real, or created by managers, or people , music companies?

      • Brionne says:

        I kinda don’t get the cultural appropriation bit. Young white kids have been the biggest purchasers of rap and hip hop albums for at least 2 decades now. It was only going to be a matter of time before a youngster who grew up on rap stepped into the spotlight. Why not Iggy? Why does Eminem get widespread acclaim but not Iggy? Why does Justin Timberlake have a cult following for doing the same thing with R&B? Gwen Stefani with island music? Rappers have been exporting rap and hip hop all around the globe and other cultures have embraced it. Let Iggy do her thing. (I could’ve gone without the jlo/Iggy booty video though)

    • Kas says:

      What about the person whose picture he used??? I’m sure they’re on cloud nine.

  3. NewWester says:

    Snoop needs to get a hobby.

  4. Maria says:

    It’s a shame TI can’t defend his wife like he does Iggy.

    Snoop was dead wrong b/c that meme came at the expense of the poor woman pictured but IDGAF about racist ass Iggy’s feelings.

    They both suck equally for very different reasons.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    Doesn’t either of them have something better to do with their time?

  6. Abbott says:

    Gross and lame. If you’re gonna feud, feud like Martha.

  7. Mzizkrizten says:

    Ha. He and Martha Stewart have been possessed by the green-eyed monster.

    • ORLY says:

      Oh puhleaze. Snoop is a legend, he has nothing to be jealous of with this girl.
      I would be more sympathetic toward her is she didn’t tweet this sort of thing:

      • claire says:

        OMG. That’s for real?! I’ve heard people talk about her racist comments but never seen them. Wow. F*** her.

      • Diana B says:

        Those tweets are disgusting.

      • ORLY says:

        Yup, and that’s just a taste. I was apathetic about her, but I’m leaning towards dislike now.
        Snoop went too far, that’s on him, as far as Iggy goes, I don’t feel bad for her. At. All.

      • Mzizkrizten says:

        I’m not sympathetic towards her but I do find it sad a when a grown, successful person takes the time to publicly call out and insult someone else, and when it’s someone younger who’s achieving success it makes the person starting shit look petty and jealous.

      • Angie says:

        Wow Thanks for sharing that because I had no idea. Damn

  8. tmh says:

    I find it very funny how people are mad at how snoop dog was talking about iggy, when majority of the time black rappers like to call black women out their names and make fun of them and nobody seems to care. Since iggy is a white woman people are going to be upset and defend her. I remember ti was talking mess to a black female rapper and I didn’t see anyone make him apologize for talking crazy to her or try to defend her, even though they both were talking mess to each other.

    • Anna says:

      I saw people talking about Azealia and T.I. and how T.I. did some awful things that got barely any attention. Their feud even got violent and only the Urban blogs spoke about it. Not sure why Bedhead said people ignored Azealia’s comments because to me what she said was really relevant and valid and a lot of people brought attention to her posts. But this blog rarely talks about rappers or anyone in hiphop (except for Kanye and Jay, since Iggy doesn’t count) so I’m not surprised that they don’t really know whats going on.

    • Duckie says:

      Agreed! Personally I was bothered by Snoop’s transmisogynistics insults more than the rest. He could have argued with Iggy over something like her lack for rap talent, not her looks. Anyway like you said nobody cares when there’s misogyny against Black women involved.
      T.I has said horrible thing about Azealia Banks but where were all these outraged people back then?

    • tifzlan says:

      I totally agree. So many people agreed with Azealia Banks too so i’m not sure what the writer of this post is talking about when she wrote that people ignored her because if you read the urban blogs or if you are a fan of rap music, you know that what Banks said was 100% spot on.

      Iggy “Runaway Slave Master” Azalea, who is allegedly so down with hip hop culture, should’ve stuck a bandaid on that booboo instead of calling on her mentor for help.

    • Greyson says:

      Exactly. This is another case of white female privilege.

      Iggy was black or a Latina there would be no apology video. Snoop forgot, but he was reminded if that.

      • MB says:

        oh please!
        This is about standard celebrity kiss-and-make-up in public. It happens all the time, they pretend that the feud is over (or in some cases deny there ever was a feud) to maintain a certain public perception. In reality though, he probably still hates her and she knows it.

  9. Jess says:

    Well that’s very childish of both of them.

    • Erinn says:

      Agreed. And even though the BF probably didn’t need to reply… I laughed a little bit at his tweet.

  10. Anna says:

    I don’t care for Iggy at all, she’s a horrible rapper, a pretty awful person (based on her comments in the past) and just seems so phoney. Rap/hip-hop has always had feuds and pepope going back and forth ruthlessly so I don’t know why Iggy is so shocked about this. If she was really in with “hip hop culture” like she said she has been all along she should’ve expected these kind of things because honestly people have been a lot nicer to her than they could’ve been for various reasons but one being that her mentor is T.I.
    That being said, Snoop’s slightly transphobic comment wasn’t cool and I’m glad this feud is over. It got tiring after a while

    • Alexis says:

      Yeah I mean she’s all trying to be down and when a bit of classic hip hip beef arises (which is always random and childish) she’s all like “wah protect me I’m white and I’m being bullied.” I’m over it.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Almost all rap/hip hop feuds started in songs. That’s how it’s always been. It’s kind of cheesy posting twitter, Facebook messages and vine videos to dis people. This what hip-hop has come to.

  11. Talie says:

    I thought he pushed it very far threatening violence against her. Disturbing.

  12. Seapharris7 says:

    While I don’t condone what Snoop did at all, from the very beginning I’ve said Iggy looked like those god awful “White Chicks”.

  13. Kay V says:

    Wow, I thought pot made people mellow. It’s bad enough to see children, teens & young adults bully one another, but it is beyond pathetic when a successful supposedly “mature” adult can’t control his impulses.

  14. Duckie says:

    This “feud” is the epitome of childish. I think that the point Azealia Banks raised is every important! When she expressed her views on the racist Iggy’s lyrics, T.I. came for her and said very ugly things also threatening her. The media didn’t care, nobody stood up for her, there was no general outrage. Have you ever heard the term misogynoir? That term perfectly applies to the situation.
    Also I don’t understand why T.I. has to step in everytime anybody says something remotely critical about Iggy; you don’t see Jay Z doing the same thing for Rita Ora.

  15. Adrien says:

    Iggy isn’t very good at making comebacks. Snoop isn’t really known for his looks so that was meh. He knows he’s ugly. Azealia getting ignored reminds me of the time Li’l Mama bumrushed Alicia Keys and JayZ on stage Just minutes after Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift.

  16. Size Does Matter says:

    Attention men, if you resort to throwing out the c word in an argument, you’ve already lost.

  17. Steph says:

    Snoop is a gross misogynist pig. I am shocked that people find him remotely funny or entertainment. He treats women like property and yet women seem to love this guy. Go figure.

    • Artemis says:

      Crazy that some seem to think he’s some harmless funny uncle type character! The dude is worse than Jay-Z. J might rap about ‘bitches’ but Snoop was a straight up pimp! He likes to call himself a pimp and he was a pimp yet people still justify his actions because I.A. is racist?Snoop has a history of violence (even involved in a murder case!) so I don’t know why people are surprised about his mean streak. They’re both trash!

      Honestly, it just shows how much people know about rappers. This isn’t a black blog, that much is obvious.

      I could have defended Snoop if he mentioned the white privilege that made her a rap star. Or calling out T.I., the idiot, tripping over himself to defend his money-making protégé yet attacking a real black rapper. Embarrassment for the hip-hop community all around tbh. It’s sad that when I.A. gets made fun of, it doesn’t even touch the real issues with her.

    • SecretlySurfing says:

      I feel angry for the albino used in one of his memes. That meme was totally inexcusable.

      • HoolooPie says:

        It’s hip-hop – nothing remotely close to PC has ever figured in to most artists’ lyrics. Nobody cares about feelings getting hurt…actually, it’s kind of the point. This is nothing to cry about, compared to the other things that are said.

  18. Jh says:

    Is don’t know why, but TI just does something to me.

  19. Jalouse says:

    Agree that Snoop Dog is a pig. He’s over and needs to sit down. What’s unforgiveable is that he involved someone who is just living his/her life with a difficult condition. That unknown person got called out and basically called ugly. The fact that SD lacked any ability to understand what he was doing to that person makes him a sociopath in my book.

  20. Jaemena says:

    Why is everyone getting defensive on behalf of Iggy? Is she not in “the rap game” now? Instead of getting sensitive and crying she should’ve made a diss track just like all the other rappers that beef with each other. (other men have come for lil Kim and nicki and they both put out tracks…) Instead she’s sitting there crying white tears cause the god father of hip hop made fun of her? Uhhhhhh ok sweetie

    • Amy says:

      The best thing Iggy ever did was have the phrase, “First things first I’m da realest” be the intro to her most popular song.
      Every time another little scandal pops up with her and reveals more of her true character it’s the first thing I think of.

  21. Ciria says:

    Snoop is pretty high in the ranks of rap music so this seems totally beneath him to publicly be so rude. He should have said nothing about her at all since she is still an up and comer.

    I have no dogg in this fight (pun intended), but Nick’s comments about “midlife crisis” were funny. Ah, Snoop–you are finally “old” in Hollywood. That had to sting–when the grandkids start calling you old. haha.

  22. PART_RIOT says:

    First of all lemme just say I shamelessly love celeb feuds. Am a diehard Snoop apologist y’all and I don’t feel bad about it. This girl Iggy doesn’t know sh*t about the Rap industry. If you are going to rap how badass you are and how you tough then be able to back it up. You cannot have it both ways. The likes of Nikki Minaj know the streets and can hold their own and don’t just rap about it. The industry has gurus like Snoop who have done this with much harder Street tougher rappers than you so when you see beef like this stand up and hold your own, hell that’s the reason you don’t see people like Missy Elliot, Eve, etc getting picked on coz they proved the rap wasn’t just the accent but the lifestyle. As for SnoopLion blame it on the weed.

    • Duckie says:

      +1. If she’s really in the “murda bizness” like she raps why doesn’t she release a diss track?

  23. michael says:

    From Nas Vs Jay-z to this. Beef aint what it used to be.

  24. wonderwoman21 says:

    i like that people are acknowledging the racism of Iggy’s tweets; this woman is obviously shamelessly racist and homophobic.

    Snoop is a misogynist; i will not purchase products from either of these two.

  25. Ginger says:

    UGH! I’m left happy that I’m not a fan of any of these people. I only know this girl from her photos on this site and she’s gorgeous with or without makeup. Don’t these people have “real” issues to worry about? Like Ebola or the deficit or ISIS??? For heavens sake. Dang kids get off of my lawn! (I’m going back inside now).

  26. gobo says:

    There are some quite horribly racist aspects to Snoop Lion/Dog’s shit here.

  27. Grumpycat says:

    Coming from a white girl who knows nothing about rap, how does she have white privilege in a black dominated industry with a large percent of the market for rap music being black as well? Is it just because she is a novelty that she made it this far?

    She disgusts me. I hate the one song of hers I had the misfortune to listen to. She sounds ridiculous especially given that she is Australian. Once I read her disgustingly hateful tweets, I had absolutely no pity for her. She is not attractive in my opinion, but snoop really should have called her out on these other things and not that. His approach was bad. I wish desperately he had hit her where it really hurts and matters, her serious lack of talent, horrible comments and laughable posing.
    Snoop also took it too far and made himself look just as bad. He’s not the person I would expect to rise to the occasion though.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’ve never heard her stuff, but as far as how she soundsa- if she doesn’t sound Australian when singing, that’s pretty common when the model is another nationality or ethnic group. I remember Elton John pointing out that he listened to Americans when he was young, so an American accent came out when he sang at least in those days. I noticed that myself when I was young, non-Americans often used an approximation of an American accent. I don’t think there’s anything nefarious about it.

      Somehow I’m reminded of my uncle, who grew up in an Irish neighborhood (in the US) that was right next to a Polish neighborhood. At home, the Polish kids spoke Polish. On the street, they spoke English – with an Irish brogue! When I lived in the same town later, the whole town seemed to have a bit of a brogue to me, regardless of ethnic group.