Halle Berry wants her child support to Gabriel reduced from $16k to $3k a month

Exclusive... Gabriel Aubry Takes Nahla Out For Lunch
In June of this year, Halle Berry was ordered to pay $16,000 a month in child support to her ex, Gabriel Aubry, along with over $100,000 in missed child support payments. That amount was reduced from the $20,000 monthly child support she’d been court ordered to pay Aubry since 2012. (Of which she had missed about five months prior to that ruling.) Halle and Gabriel have one daughter together, Nahla, 6. They split in 2010 after five years together.

As you may remember, in late 2012 Berry launched a campaign to move to France with Nahla that was shot down by the custody judge. Shortly after that ruling, Berry’s then fiance, Olivier Martinez, got into a fist fight with Gabriel at Berry’s house during a custody handoff. That’s just background on Berry’s custody battle, which has been contentious and even violent at times. Anyway now Berry reportedly claims that Aubry doesn’t work at all and just lives off her child support so she wants to cut it way down.

Halle Berry has had it with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry … claiming he has been living ENTIRELY off child support, and she is asking a judge to STOP the gravy train.

TMZ has learned … Berry filed legal docs asking the judge in their custody case to reduce her monthly child support obligation from $16,000 a month to just over $3,000 a month.

Halle claims in her legal docs … Gabriel has stopped working and is content to live off of the child support, and that’s an abuse of the system.

She notes Gabriel is perfectly capable of getting a job … and by reducing the support it will allow 6-year-old Nahla to live a comfortable life … supplemented by his income.

Halle and Gabriel have joint custody … each has the kid around 50% of the time.

[From TMZ]

Aubry, 39, used to work as a male model so his shelf life is pretty limited despite his fame. I can understand why he’s not making what he once was and why Berry should pay him support. $16k a month sounds excessive to me, but they’re in LA and Nahla goes to private school. That number is based on Halle’s earnings, so both parents can afford the lifestyle the child is accustomed to. They share custody and Berry can definitely afford it.

Why is she aiming to cut child support down to just $3k a month though? Why not reduce it incrementally to about $12k a month? Maybe this is a legal move and the lawyers assume that the judge will reduce the amount but not by that much. We haven’t heard much from Halle recently. I’m surprised she hasn’t announced a breakup with Olivier.

Exclusive... Gabriel Aubry Takes Nahla Out For Lunch

Exclusive... Gabriel Aubry Takes Nahla Out For Lunch

Halle Berry & Daughter Nahla Shopping At The Grove

Halle is shown with Nahla on 9-29-14. Gabriel is shown out in August. He still looks incredibly fine. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. K says:

    Nahla is such a gorgeous little girl!

  2. Audrey says:

    That doesn’t seem like a valid reason to reduce it.

    Doesn’t it just depend on her income?

    He should probably use some of that to take courses so he can get a job…

    • starrywonder says:

      The judge looks at what it costs to raise the child in an entire month. She looks at the two parents or in this case ex partner’s incomes and decides how much the partner with the higher income has to pay for the child to be kept in the standard of living that both partners agreed to. If Halle wants the amount reduced she has to show that Nahla does not need that much money to be supported by both her and Gabriel. She can’t just reduce her payments to him and say to the judge she is paying for everything else herself. She doesn’t have primary physical custody. They have a 50/50 agreement which is why she must be looking to alter the terms of the custody arrangement. If anything the judge will maybe lower it a couple grand (not down to $3,000) or say no dice. If she really wants it reduced she could say my child does not need a nanny, bodyguard, driver, and private school. That is why it is so high.

      • Stephanie says:

        I’m having a bit of trouble phrasing this so bear with me. Why does she have to pay him for school? The tuition needs to be paid regardless of who she is with and Halle pays for it. The money dOesn’t need to go to him then to the school like say rent.
        Also, I don’t know how these custody arrangements work. Does she by law have to have the same level of living at each home? Can Halle tell the judge she is ok with the baby not living up to Hollywood standards if she is in a clean and safe environment that’s more middle class but only on Gabriel’s end?

      • Renee28 says:

        @Stephanie Even if Halle was fine with Nahla living a more middle class lifestyle with her father it’s not really her choice to make. Courts generally want the transition from one home to the other to be as seamless as possible. The idea is if a child is living in a mansion and flying 1st class with one parent and living in an apartment and flying coach with the other eventually the child may not want to spend time with the poorer parent.

        As for school, even if she does pay the tuition in full each month he still may be given an allowance to cover any incidentals that come up.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Fair, equitable, and in the child’s best interest is the basic theme here. No judge is going to willingly put a child in a situation where they live a lavish and comfortable lifestyle with one parent, but have to sleep on a futon on the floor with the other. This actually is a form of parental alienation– one parent tries to drive a wedge between the child and the other parent by doing everything possible to make the child’s time with the other parent difficult.

        I have a friend who went through this, but there wasn’t much she could do about it: her ex in-laws would spend lavishly on the children when they were with their father (who paid minimal child support because his on-paper income was very low), at one point buying them luxury beds that costs thousands– when for the same amount of money the children could have had lovely comfortable beds in both homes. Nope, can’t have that. That might make life easier for the children. One must *make sure* that their life with their mother is as uncomfortable as possible.

        So I don’t think the judge is going to buy this.

        This is pretty common, by the way, whenever one parent is paying a lot in child support– they often get a misguided notion that they get to decide how that money is spent, or that it is their privilege to control the other parent’s life by paying for goods instead of providing support (and thus be seen by the child as the magnanimous provider while treating the other parent like crap).

      • Stephanie says:

        Thanks for clarifying @renee28

      • Jedi says:

        Miss Jupitero – that story seriously makes me so sad. If those people were good grandparents they would recongize that those grandchildren may just grow up and resent them for what they put the kids mother through. heartbreaking for your friend to have to deal with jerks like that.

    • Sabrine says:

      She’s not expecting it to be dropped to $3,000 a month. She started low and is hoping for a decent reduction, maybe down to $10,000 a month. $3K is what an average joe might pay, so her request is ridiculous. Gabriel has said in the past that he has to rent a better place because of what the kid is used to and also needs money to entertain her. What did she expect? He was a model with a limited shelf life and he’s reached his stale by date. No doubt he’s salting the excess money away for retirement but that’s the price you pay for dating a hot model with an iffy career and then having a baby with him.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Exactly. if the show were on the other foot, nobody would be debating this. He’s a model, and everyone knows that is a career with a limited time span. Retraining for a new career is not a small undertaking: ask any woman who has had to do that.

      • ol cranky says:

        well, except for the fact she was in arrears earlier this year and there was a reduction in support from $20K to $16K only 4 months ago

        also, he was the primary caregiver and, in the past, often had to travel with Nala to where Berry was filming to care for her and ensure the child had time with her mother. That greatly impacted his ability to get work and he could (and, I think did, argue he had to turn down jobs that would have been local for him because he was on location to accommodate Berry’s career)

      • Shantal says:

        An average joe? Really? Most people don’t get anywhere near $3000 a month in child support.

      • denisemich says:

        I don’t think she is going to get a huge reduction to $3000 but she may get it reduced to $12,000. Sean Combs pays his ex $41000 for 3 kids and he has a much higher networth than Halle.

        Still …. this is why she should have just gone to the sperm bank.

      • jwoolman says:

        Yes, he went for child support in the first place because Halle complained about his cheaper accommodations not being up to her standards and so she tried to get full custody. The judge told him to get child support from her and rent/buy a place that would satisfy Halle… So she’s responsible for the high amount (which doesn’t go far in LA at her scale). This maneuver might backfire on her. If his income has dropped (not unexpected with age for a model, and he must have been out of commission after that ridiculous beating her boyfriend gave him, aiming at his face in particular), the judge may order more child support rather than less.

        Halle is just evil. She’s always scheming. She wants Nahla’s father out of her life just because. Long before she had a child, she was on some talk show with a guy who was gay, and she said something about how a guy like him would be perfect to have a child with because then she would have the child all to herself. The guy shot her down, saying that he certainly wouldn’t abandon his child. But for Halle, hope springs eternal. She was fine with Gabriel being the primary caregiver while they were together, then expected him to disappear on command.

        The fake Thanksgiving incident quieted her down, I suspect behind closed doors it was explained to her that she was close to losing custody and that if Gabriel brought charges, he would win on forensic evidence. Gabriel had no aggressive signs on his body, the boyfriend did have aggressive injuries; Gabriel obviously not only didn’t instigate the fight but just as he said, was caught off guard. He wanted the security tapes which mysteriously weren’t made, despite Halle claiming it was so hazardous in LA that she needed to relocate to France. The boyfriend tried to say Gabriel said something to him, which made no sense. Gabriel was letting the girl spend some of his scheduled time with her mom for the holiday, he had just won on court over the let’s-take-Nahla-to-France thing. A professional model is so unlikely to pick a fight with a professional boxer… Plus Gabriel just doesn’t have a violent history while boyfriend does. Even Halle used to remark on how gentle Gabriel was, until of course she was trying to get rid of him. She accuses all her exes this way. She has some corrupt police ready to do her bidding, but I think the family court judge knows what’s really going on.

      • Alice says:

        In addition to everything else, didn’t he pretty much have to sideline his career for a while after Berry took their daughter to South Africa for several months when she was filming? Chances are, all of the negative publicity she slung his way during the custody battle probably didn’t do much for his career either. And let’s not forget having her current husband beat the crap out of him, particularly concentrating on his face, judging from the pictures. Did that leave any lasting traces on his face?

      • delorb says:

        This guy isn’t working. He wasn’t working prior to Halle and he’s not working now. The only reason he got work was because he was standing next to Halle. I really wish that people would stop with this double-standard.

        When its a woman in his position, tons of people would be calling her a gold-digger. But because its a man, he’s some fine upstanding citizen, who just wants to be with his meal ticket, oops, I mean child. Jeez.

        IF he wanted to work, there is nothing stopping him. IF he wanted to work as a model, then he wouldn’t have fought hard NOT to go to Paris to be closer to his child. Male modeling is bigger overseas than in LA. He knows that he needs to stay in California. Why? Because the laws favor him there. Give him the money, but lets get real here.

      • Alice says:

        Of course he was working, he was one of the models who was constantly in the Hugo Boss ads. And the campaigns he’s been in this year are readily available online.

        I would ask you why you think he should have been willing to uproot his entire life and move to Paris? And why, for that matter, do you think he’d have the same career opportunities there?

        I will say though, that if his name wasn’t on the birth certificate as the father and that was never rectified, he’s 100% right to not have left California. He would have had a much more difficult time in France under those conditions if Berry had taken him to court there for custody.

  3. What? says:

    I agree, abuse of the system.

    She never even married him! I can’t believe she has to give him so much money.

    • HappyMom says:

      It’s not spousal support though-it’s child support.

      • Jayne says:

        True. Although he does seem to suffer from Wealthy Ex disease. You know where you treat child support as an excuse to never have to support yourself again. Sure Nahla should be comfortable but at 20K???

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Would that be said if he was a woman? First off, we don’t know his finances. We don’t know if or how much money has has socked away for HIMSELF. For all we know, he’s spending the money on whatever he and Halle agreed on was necessary for Nahla i.e. school, clothes, vacations, toys, trustfund, a house/place to live, and he uses HIS money for his own personal expenses. Second, who’s to say that him being a FOSTER CHILD made him want to be there for his daughter at all times i.e. stay home when he has Nahla in his physical custody. It’s his prerogative to stay home.

        In the end, if Halle (and any other wealthier-than-their-partner person) didn’t want to pay that much child support (or any at all), then have a child by yourself. You run the risk of having to pay child support when you get involved with someone and have kids.

        Unless Halle can prove that he’s just spending all of that money on himself, and nothing for Nahla, then I see no reason why the child support should be reduced to that much.

      • FingerBinger says:

        @VC I would say that if he were a woman. They have 50/50 custody. Why shouldn’t he have a job too. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I noted on the downthread that he does work, but child support is child support. Unless he’s spending it on flashy cars, rolexes, and designer clothes for himself, then I honestly don’t think it’s any of her business. And I think the same for if it was a woman getting child support.

        I think that it would be good if both parents worked, but everyone is different. As long as the child support isn’t used as a personal piggy bank, then I don’t side eye anyone who chooses not to work while getting child support.

        I know that with the child support that my mom got, she put part of it in a savings account for us kids, and then spent the rest on stuff for the house–food, mortgage payments, etc. She was not buying herself high heels and diamond earrings. And she did not work for the last few years of when she was getting the child support.

        As for Gabriel, I’d imagine that a good chunk of that money goes pretty quickly living in LA.

      • Leah says:

        I would absolutely say the same if it was a woman @virginia. I don’t agree with you saying Halle should have just had a kid by herself. That is putting all the responsibility on the woman. There were two people making that child and there should be two people supporting her both emotionally and financially. Of course Halle would contribute more as she is the wealthier parent but i don’t see why he can’t get a job.
        I have a friend who is in a similar position, Her baby daddy is a great father ( which i also believe Gabriel to be too). But my friends baby daddy only wants to do work that he feels is worthy his time. Since that kind of work isn’t coming his way he makes very little money but he refuses to look at other work or re educate himself.
        It puts my friend in a very stressful position where she carries 90% of the financial responsibilities.
        Its not the same as Halle as she obviously. But bottom line for me its that its about having respect for yourself and a sense of integrity and responsibility about the job you have to do as a parent.
        I also read in a previous post that Gabriel complained he couldn’t find work as a model because he lives in LA and has to live there because of his daughter. Well guess what? Noah Mills is one of the most successful male models in the business and he lives in LA. There are others too who are working steadily and happen to live in LA. So i just get the impression Gabriel is a making excuses for himself.

      • Stephanie says:

        VC’s comment turned me into a conspiracy theorist! She said being in foster care may have made GA want to be a stay at home dad. I’m thinking HB wants him to get a job knowing it would have to be more traditional since his modeling days are few and far between. If he gets a traditional job the custody arrangements would be more traditional as well. GA would get the cHild every (or every other) weekend. HB is trying to keep the kid away from her father!
        PS I’m only kidding here.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        My comment was more in line with Gabriel/Halle. I don’t feel like I am expressing myself very well. Yes–both parents should work. All I’m saying is that in Halle and Gabriel’s situation–basically any wealthy person who has to pay child support–you run the risk of getting a divorce and having to pay some kind of child support when you have kids with another person. If the idea bothers you THAT MUCH, then you’re better off, imo, having a kid on your own. Male or female.

        To me, child support is child support. I doubt very seriously that Halle wants the child support reduced because Gabriel doesn’t work–which isn’t true. As I noted on the downthread, he’s had at least two modeling jobs (either catalogue or campaign work) a year since 2008. She wants it reduced because she wants to stick it to Gabriel and take their kid away from him. So I have very little sympathy for her, even if he DIDN’T work.

        As for regular people–yes, I think that it’s a good thing for both parents to work. But my initial comment (about a parent choosing to stay home when they get child support) was more in line with wealthy people having to pay child support, not poor people who would not be able to survive on child support alone. But then again, that also depends on if the parent is doing it for the kids, or because they’re lazy. I don’t get a lazy, greedy vibe from Gabriel. So that’s where I’m coming from.

      • Leah says:

        Virgina, I am not really talking about poor people. My friend isn’t poor she has a good job, but it breeds resentment when one person has to carry the overwhelming responsibility, even if they have the money.
        Like i said i am not doubting that he is a good dad, but that doesnt mean he doesnt have character flaws.
        Like my friends baby daddy he is a great dad in spending time with his kids, they love him to death, he is just very uncompromising when it comes to his work and what he is willing to do. There is a part of parenting he is refusing to take responsibility for.
        Being a parent you put your kids first, Gabriel is almost 40 years old, he is a successful, good-looking, white male and must have a lot of contacts in hollywood and the fashion industry. I really can’t see whats holding him back. Like i said i saw the comments he made that he couldn’t work because he has to based in LA and i side eye that because there are so many male models that manage to work and live out of LA. 2 jobs a year sounds very little, People like David Gandy and Noah Mills work a lot more than 2 jobs a year.
        I am also not onboard with this cruella de ville image of Halle. Its too black and white for me. It takes two to tango. Its possible to believe that while Halle is kind of vindictive, Gabriel is also a bit work shy.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        But then the question is: What can he do that would have him make a lot more money, if two jobs a year aren’t cutting it (in your opinion)? He’s nearly 40 years old, and works as a model–an industry that doesn’t pay men nearly as much as women. He’s also not a huge name, imo. So if he doesn’t have any money, what can he really do? The only thing I can see is a reality show–where the only way people would watch is if he talks sh-t about Halle and Olivier. That’s it. And he hasn’t done that. I don’t think I’ve even read an interview where he talks about Halle.

        And I thought your whole point was that child support should be used for the child, and he should support himself? So his two jobs a year= stuff for him; child support for stuff for Nahla.

        And I think Halle created the Cruella De Vil image all by herself.

      • Lucinda says:

        I’m sorry but all those who are saying they would say the same if the roles were reversed…I just don’t buy it. We have deeply ingrained in our culture that men should work and make at least as much as the woman and if they don’t, they are slackers. People can’t seem to accept the idea that a woman may be far more powerful and rich than a man because it is such an oddity.

        There is no way Aubrey is going to keep up. It just won’t happen. Even with 16k per month, he will never be able to spend on Nahla the way she can. Even if he works his ass off, he will never make the money Halle does. It just won’t happen. If he was a woman, we would accept this idea because typically women do make less than men.

        This is an exception to the rule so it is easier to blame Aubrey than focus on Halle’s behavior which is atrocious btw. She has refused to pay support at all repeatedly. She has falsely accused him of child abuse. She has watched him be beaten by her current husband. She has tried, more than once, to take her child out of the country so he could not see her. How is he to blame here?????????

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        My questions is … who is the Honey in the picture with Gabriel and Nahla and two other kids? If Gabriel is using the money he gets from Halle for ‘Nahla’ to support someone else and ‘their’ kids then I think Halle has a valid case. Gabriel isn’t working, but he also isn’t a Monk. He’s using her money for his social life.

        Again … who is the Honey in the picture?

      • bluhare says:

        Then apparently I’m an oddity as I’ve supported my husband for years. And if we divorced he could legitimately ask for spousal support as he hasn’t worked outside the home for so long.

      • Jayne says:

        @ Virgilia

        In response to that first question you pose “would that be said if he was a woman?”

        YES. YES. YES. A parasite is a parasite be they male or female.

      • Leah says:

        Virgilla (sorry for misspelling your name previously)
        My point is that he should contribute to child support, it should be a 2 way street even if its an uneven contribution where the richer parent carry the main financial burden. If he isn’t contributing at all and just spends his money on himself and Halle pays for everything that has to do with the child well then thats really not alright in my opinion.
        If you are a model it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you won’t be getting as much work as you get older. The smart ones save their money, invest or educate themselves. There are many things he can do, and at 40 he is young enough to find a new career.
        I guess i just don’t understand people who rely on their ex to support their family.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        What I’m saying is that we don’t know that. We don’t know if he’s living off of the child support, if he’s had money saved or what. What we do know is that he will never, ever be on the same level as Halle when it comes to money–though I’m sure that he is wealthy compared to a regular person. But the point is that it’s about Nahla and her standard of living. The courts say it should be equal from parent to parent. If I were being generous and saying that Gabriel had a million dollars in assets/money, then Halle would STILL be 70 times his worth.

        I agree–you shouldn’t be lazy and just live off of someone else, if it really bothers your ex that much (I don’t know, some people might not mind their ex being a full time parent). But my point is that that’s not the issue with Gabriel. I’m sure that if it was, Halle would’ve been complaining about that through some well placed sources.

        And my main issue with Halle is that she’s been trying to keep him away from their daughter for years. So it’s not her looking out for Nahla’s best interest, or her thinking that Gabriel isn’t spending the money on Nahla….it’s her trying to alienate him. And that’s not right.

      • Leah says:

        Virgilla. I googled his net worth i assume its the same place people found Halles net worth. He is worth 5 mill, which is very little compared to Halle, but compared to the vast majority of american people, he is very wealthy. He isn’t lacking for anything and should be able to contribute his fair share towards child support.
        That Halle is aallegedly a bitch is not necessarily a reason to excuse his allegedly lazy ways. Those are two different things. The thing thats being discussed her is child support and i see many people say because they have a mess of a break up he deserves all the money he can get. I can’t say i agree with that.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @Emma re “the Honey”. To me it looks like they are two adults standing outside of a school with their two school-aged kids – but not “with” each other. Not a date between adults, but a school function or two adults picking up their kids from school. The adults are not interacting with each other, the kids are.

      • noway says:

        I would agree with Halle asking for a reduction, although an over 80% reduction from a court adjudicated amount is ridiculous, if she had just paid the original allotted amount and then went to court. No she didn’t pay for five months. That alone shows she is using this for something else. Probably to get back at Aubrey. I know she went once and had it reduced, but this amount was again agreed upon. She needs to learn to work with him. I feel for the Nahla.

      • snowflake says:

        @ Jayne

        How do you know he’s not working or trying to work? Just because you read that, doesn’t mean it’s true.

      • delorb says:


        I totally agree with the points you’ve made. There is nothing stopping this white male from working or trying to find more work. IMO, he’s trying awfully hard NOT to work. Hey, more power to him and all that, ‘get it while you can’ and so on, but for people to look at him like all his problems begin and end with Halle’s ‘mistreatment’ of him is absurd. A gold-digger is a gold-digger, is a gold-digger. He’s just a better looking K-fed.

    • PennyLane says:

      According to several websites, Halle Berry’s net worth is around $70 million.

      According to California state law, a child being raised by two separate parents should not experience a huge shift in lifestyle when moving between their two homes.

      The only way she’s going to get her child support payments reduced to three thousand dollars a month is to give away about 60 or 65 million dollars. Then a $3k monthly payment would indeed be parity.

      • AG-UK says:

        Also to rent a house in those areas that is 1/2 the size she is use to would be easily $7k-10k a month if not more.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        My point exactly, made up-thread. It is in the interests of the child. She can’t have it both ways. I know for us regular folk it is hard to hear figures like this without groaning, but given the lifestyle she leads, this is a reasonable level of child support.

        I think Halle Berry is a very dishonest player in this scenario.

    • Lucinda says:

      He’s not abusing the system. She is. If the roles were reversed, we would be focusing on the number of times she has failed to pay support at all. We would call her a deadbeat. She will always have considerably more money than him. Always. She’s just pissed that she has to pay anything at all. If she really cared about Nahla, she wouldn’t be constantly taking Aubrey to court. I’m so done with this woman. I don’t see why people consistently defend her and attack Aubrey.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Lucinda …

        If Halle were a man and found out the $16,000 a month he gave his Baby-mamma was being used to support ‘her’ lifestyle and a man who was shacked up with her and also not working, would you begrudge ‘him’ going back to court to reduce the child support payments?

        That money is for him to maintain a lifestyle suitable for Nahla … not so he can go out and flash Bank to pick up chicks and/or maintain the Chick’s lifestyle as well.

      • Betty says:

        I know of cases where the roles are reversed in real life and there is resentment against the woman for not getting a job and living off of her ex’s child support. Personally, I expect for men and women to do something productive with their lives and Aubry reportedly letting his career propsects fade away doesn’t sit well with me, if true. His child attends school. He has custody of her 50 percent of the time, not all the time. Why can’t he take charge of his career? Brandi Glanville did. And no self-respecting person should want to rely on their ex to pay their bills, male or female.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree Lucinda. There is no evidence that Aubrey is using this money to support himself or a girlfriend, etc. He might be working for all we know.

      • Ennie says:

        Brandi is in a reality that is not the best way, IMO, to handle this.

  4. Jaderu says:

    I hope they’re putting money aside for Nahla’s therapy.

  5. Loopy says:

    It must be really ridiculously expensive to live in L.A but i’m so tired of these K-Feds who sit back,don’t work and live entirely off someones child support, especially the originally K-Fed who has 6 kids.

    • Maria says:

      Do you feel same way about women who do this?

      /not being snarky, genuinely asking

      • bluhare says:

        Excellent question. Look at all the babies born to gfs of athletes. And how many times have we seen things about people (including men) wanting a pregnancy because it’s income for 18 years?

      • BangersandMash says:

        I don’t know about Loopy, but may I just say, “No!!!!!!!!!!!!”
        (but obviously if there was a woman who has children by two or three famous male celebrities ala K-Fed, then ‘yes)

        I know I’m prejudice and bias and sexist, and I’ve made my peace with this!!!

    • kibbles says:

      I don’t think he is living entirely off of Halle’s child support. He has money of his own and he spends a lot of time with Nahla and is by all accounts a good father. He is probably spending a lot of that money on Nahla as well as the upkeep of his house and property so that she is not going from mommy’s million dollar mansion to a home that is falling apart which she isn’t accustomed to. These people are unbelievably rich. Halle’s net worth is $70 million, so Nahla and any other celebrity child require more money to be spent on them than the average child. If he does not provide that standard to Nahla it could be used against him by Halle to demonstrate that he is an unfit parent. Also, I don’t have any problems with someone who has dealt with physical assault and a costly custody battle getting something extra to compensate for lawyers’ fees and emotional distress. Aubry has probably been through hell having to fight for his custody rights. I don’t see him as another KFed.

      • red_jane says:

        ITA kibbles.

        And I’d just like to add that as a parent wouldn’t you just like to see your co-parent happy and comfortable? To me it makes sense that you want your child’s father’s life to be stable, and if you can clearly afford to make that happen then why not?

        If he was running around town, throwing money away and being negligent in sure Halle would be all over it, so he clearly isn’t doing the wrong thing with the child support.
        Obviously at some point they cared enough about each other to make a child, I just wish they could put it aside and make their daughters life better by getting along. If she is really worth $70 odd million then $10k extra a month is nothing, but will make her daughter happy by making sure her father is looked after.

  6. aims says:

    Ever since their brawl, it’s been quite on the home front. Which is better for Nahla of course.

  7. starrywonder says:

    The parent with the biggest earnings has to pay support for the child, not the spouse or in this case her partner. If you expect your child to have a bodyguard, go to private school, have clothing, doctors, appointments, etc. then she is paying for that. He obviously has no money and can’t pay for that at all. That’s how it works. The same issue would be here if the guy was making more money. She could sue for primary physical custody and then she would not have to pay as much.

    What happened with Kelly Rutherford’s case?

    • krastins says:

      I absolutely agree with everything you said here.

      • starrywonder says:

        Thanks it just blows my mind everytime a Halle Berry article comes up everyone starts calling the guy a money grubber when he is not getting support for himself, he is getting child support. It’s just basic math on how this is done. Halle really doesn’t have a chance to reduce this unless she can get a new custody arrangement and even then she would still have to pay for Nahla for when she’s with Gabriel. She makes more money than him. The same is true when the man makes more money than the woman.

        Elle McPherson gets child support around $46,000 for her two children with her former partner.

        Linda Evangelista was looking for $46,000 a month from her one child with Pinault. No one knows what the final amount was that was reached but I am sure it was a lot.

      • janefr says:

        And everybody was criticizing Pinault.

      • Algernon says:

        I criticized Pinault because it seemed like he was trying to get out his responsibility toward his son with Evangelista. Their situation had been messy and contentious since Day 1. for a while, he wouldn’t even publicly admit the kid was his. Linda Evangelista was just asking that her child be taken care of the same way that Pinault’s daughter with Salma Hayek is. Specifically, she wanted an equitable trust fund for her son. Even though it was a sickening amount of money, I don’t think it’s wrong for a parent to say, “You’re trying to exclude our child while lavishing money/attention on your other kid. You owe equal responsibility to both.” I always said Pinault should just cough up the money because one day his son would be old enough to read and would find all this information and he was risking destroying his relationship with his child just to spite the mother.

      • Ennie says:

        As I understand, Augustine, Linda’s boy was already getting time with Pinault and his brother/sisters, he was being acknowledged but probably lacked that trust fund you mention, if it was only that, then why ask for almost 50000 a month? she was reaching there, I think especially when she said she wanted to have 24 hr child care. Anyway, if Pinault can pay it, then he should, just as Halle.
        He can have a girlfriend, I think. I have known about cases where the woman (do not know if it applies to men in my country), get money as widows, and they can have boyfriends but they cannot live together/remarry because they would lose the money, and some of them get on with their lives, but are very careful and discrete, especially when the arrangement is very, very juicy.
        If he works or not, it is the same as with other cases oof the opposite gender.

    • qwerty says:

      In both the cases you mentioned the father was a billionaire though. Halle’s rich but not a billionaire.

      • Anne tommy says:

        She sounds bloody mean to me though. Unless she has evidence the guy is spending it on himself and not the little girl she should pay up and shut up. I would have given my daughter my last penny at that age.

    • starrywonder says:

      @qwerty she makes enough money to pay $15,000 a month for child support. She is a millionaire. I think her movies are pretty awful but Halle Berry has money. The judges look at tax returns and at what the costs are for the child for a year on a monthly basis. The judge said it takes $15,000 a month to pay for Nahla. If Halle wants it reduced she needs to show it doesn’t take that much money to pay for their daughter, her income has drastically changed, etc. I doubt anyone is going to lower it to $3,000 though.

  8. Brrrrr says:

    I know I will be a minority but I am Team Halle here. I always felt that although Gabriel does love Nahla, he was also making a money grab.

    I think if he were female we would all be screaming at how shameless it is for a model to just birth a child and expect to live off the kids father. We would be saying that she needs to find a new gig. Start some new venture, hell even start making Club Appearances ala the Kardashians. Anything to make money. But this guy! Also did he pay off the IRS? Did we find out why he was in arrears anyway?

    Its possible to be a loving parent and be an utter bum as a human being and I think Gabriel is both these things.

    • Nev says:


    • Audrey says:

      It’s way more taboo and frowned upon for a man to receive child support.

      It’s pretty much expected that a woman will get. Women are encouraged to file for it.

      Men are called bums if they do it

    • Cheryl says:

      I’m not sure it’s a “grab” when a judge awarded the amount, and Halle is fighting for a reduction. He’s not going after more than was awarded.

    • Lucinda says:

      Yes. Exactly.

    • noway says:

      She is a bum and a deadbeat because she didn’t pay what the court ordered her to pay. She goes to court and is ordered to pay and then doesn’t, then is ordered to back pay per Aubreys legal right. They then reduce it and she is still five months late. She has the money pay and the fight till the cows come home for a better arrangement. She obviously has the money to fight she is doing it anyway just pay and then fight. She has to know she is hurting her chances with the court, she really isn’t showing any good will here. That is often an element in disputes if it looks like someone made the effort to resolve it. She is just not paying then suing each time. They may start garnishing wages or assets if she keeps this up.

      • Alice says:

        Didn’t the judge up the amount at one time during the custody battle after Berry claimed that she wanted to move her daughter to France because all of the pap activity was “unsafe”? I seem to remember that the judge ended up giving Gabe more so that he could upgrade where he was living and also upgrade the security at his home.

        Seems to me that Berry shot herself in the foot with that and is now trying to undo the damage she did to herself.

  9. StormsMama says:

    In all seriousness (asking bc I sincerely do not know) don’t women do this all the time? Don’t “baby mamas” often live off child support? I don’t get why this is different. She is just trying to marginalize and eventually alienate him right?

    • Jayne says:

      We frown at women who do this here. You are right its no different. Both guys and girls that do this are shameless moochers.

      • Ennie says:

        frowned or not, if it is their right, they can get their way. How many women are there living like this already?
        And… just a question what has her new man been working on? does he work at all? Is he as rich as her?
        He seemed very protective of Halle’s money…

  10. krastins says:

    “Why is she aiming to cut child support down to just $3k a month though? Why not reduce it incrementally to about $12k a month?”

    Cause that won’t hurt Aubry, which has always been her goal.
    She only hurts Nahla in this

  11. Hautie says:

    Hate to point it out… but women get paid ridiculous sums of child support money, for the same reason. From their wealthy (actor) ex-husbands. Most of those ex-wife’s don’t work either.

    Yet, when their ex-husbands attempt to get it reduce… the angry women brigade come out in masses to object.

    And to constantly spend MILLIONS to drag it back into court, is just insane.

    Then again. This is Halle. So never mind. She likes the self created drama. And enjoys paying not only her lawyer… but most likely Gabriel’s too.

    Maybe the new husband is costing her too much of her cash. And is looking to reduce her over head monthly cost. By attempting to reduce that child support.

    • Jennifer says:

      Exactly. Halle has shown her true colors and it was not pretty. She seems to be nasty and vicious. Team Gabriel and Nahla.

    • starrywonder says:

      Yep. For me if an independent judge looks at it and agrees to it then I am not commenting on it. Spousal support is one thing but to me child support is only for the child. It’s not like people are using that money to go party it up and buy themselves gifts. If he was believe me Halle would be all over it. I just side eye her ever since that fight since it was apparent based on all of the blinds she hoped this would cause her to get full custody and have the public turn against Gabriel. She’s a nut.

  12. Hissyfit says:

    Wasn’t she pissed at him at one point because he serves Nahla pizza and other peasant food? If I remember correctly, it was part of her complaint why she wanted Nahla’s full custody – because she can take care of her better than her no job husband. Well, if you want finer things for your girl, you better pay up for it!

    • LAK says:

      I agree with you in principle, but it has to be pointed out that Halle suffers from Diabetes which she controls through her diet (if we are to believe her interviews). She wasn’t always so health conscious she’s told us, but apparently she finally had good health after she took control of her food choices. I’d extrapolate that particular event to extend to Nahla ie wishing Nahla to eat only healthy food and no junk. Good eating habits start in childhood after all, so on the assumption that she was telling the truth, it’s easy to see her point.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I saw him and Nahla buying groceries at Trader Joes. I don’t think it is fair to assume that he feeds her garbage.

      • snowflake says:

        @ Tiffany : )

        you lucky girl. he is so fine! what’s the address? lol

  13. Jimmy Jab says:

    $16k is a lot. I liked them so much when they were still together. Halle looks so beautiful in that dress in the last pic.

    • bluhare says:

      $16K is $192,000 per year. A nice income to be sure. But assuming Halle is worth 70 million, as someone upthread said, and assuming she could get a 5% return on let’s say 50 million, that’s $2.5 million a year in just investments. $192,000 per year is about 8% of that. And she’s complaining about it. $36,000 per year for someone with that level of income is bordering on criminal when it comes to child support.

    • noway says:

      I agree, but also I think there are some security involved with Nahla and Gabriel and that plus the high cost of living in L.A. could eat up a lot.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Didn’t all of this start because Gabriel wanted his name on their daughter’s birth certificate and Halle was not having it. The break up and accusations soon followed. Gabriel has been working steady and had money saved up but lost it all between lawyers and his outside business ventures going belly up. It makes me wonder if all of this would have been avoided if Gabriel had equal parenting rights. You cannot just this of a partner as a human sperms bank and this they will go away when you are done with them.

    • Dawn says:


    • Seapharris7 says:

      Exactly. The only reason the support is even that high is because HALLE pitched a fit & said Gabriel couldn’t afford to support her in the lifestyle she was accustom too. The judge easily corrected that. Halle tried to screw him out of further custody by taking the kid to France… Luckily the judge has seen through her BS & really made the best decision for the child. Halle should look at this as payment for her crazy, getting her boyfriend to beat Gabriel up (damaging his money maker!), and pulling all those hit & runs.

      And don’t be mistaken, this is solely her going crazy on Gabriel bc there’s drama with Oliver. I can’t wait until that explodes.

    • Lucinda says:

      In her mind she can and is still pissed he didn’t let her.This has never been his child. It has always been HER child and he is trying to take away something that rightfully belongs to Halle.

  15. lucy2 says:

    If he has shared custody, there is no reason he can’t find some kind of job to occupy his time when his daughter is not with him, and to contribute to her support.
    That said, Halle is asking for WAY too big a drop, and if it’s all based on her income, she might have a hard time changing the judge’s mind.

  16. Talie says:

    I figured she would do this after all the drama died down.

    • Lucinda says:

      Wouldn’t it be funny if it backfired and she ended up paying more instead of less. That would make my day.

  17. Marigold says:

    If he’s using that money to maintain the house she lives in for half the week, to attend the private school, to put food in her belly and clothes on her back and not to buy luxury vehicles or fancy vacations or whatever, I can’t see it being reduced more than a couple grand. They have established a lifestyle for this child and at some point, a judge determined $15,000 was needed every month for Gabriel to maintain that lifestyle. I’d like to know what her argument is that he’s just living off her income. Even if he is, that living is also being done by her daughter.

    • Catk says:

      15k isn’t enought to maintain that lifestyle in LA. Halle should keep her lips zipped.

    • Montréalise says:

      That’s what’s setting Halle off. If he has to buy (or rent) a nice house for their daughter to live in, that means he also gets to live in that house. If he buys filet mignon for Nahla’s dinner, that means he also gets to eat filet mignon. If he takes the child on vacation, that means that he also gets to go on vacation. This is what upsets Halle and everybody else who grouses about paying child support – the fact that their hated ex is, indirectly, benefitting from a better lifestyle.

  18. kibbles says:

    He deserves the money. He is a devoted father who spends a lot of time with Nahla and loves her. He has gone through a lot including physical assault and nearly losing all custody if Halle had won permission to move to France. I can imagine how much stress and anger he’s felt from dealing with Halle’s BS.

    Nahla is one of the most beautiful celebrity children by the way. Obviously Halle used Aubry for his sperm to make this beautiful child. She chose him for good reason but probably thought it would be easy to lose him after their relationship ended. If Halle did not want to pay child support nor care about Nahla having a biological father in her life, she should have just went to a sperm bank.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      That’s a good point too. She tried to take his daughter away from him–he spent a lot of money fighting to keep his parental rights, and her husband physically attacked him. If this was the other way around, would the response be the same?

      A woman whose ex boyfriend tried to take their child away, accused her of being abusive/racist after he got a new girlfriend (is that how it went?), and whose future wife attacked her (with clear, offensive wounds on her knuckles)–all of that, to get 16k in child support, and then have the man get it reduced further to practically nothing (I’m sure living in LA ain’t cheap, especially if Gabriel wanted to stay close-ish to Halle to make the drop off easier) for what he’s worth? Yeah.

      I’m harping on this, because I have a sperm donor who did everything he could to get out of paying child support. Including demanding a DNA test when he knew full well that I was his kid. And even after he demanded the test–the military (Navy) had to threaten to arrest him because he didn’t show up for nearly a year (three separate court dates) to provide his DNA. And, in the beginning, all my mom wanted was 200 dollars for two kids, for the next six years (and he hadn’t paid any CS for the previous 12 years).

      And this same father of the year (ha!) let his first ex wife’s husband adopt my brother so that he wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore.

      I haven’t seen anything of Gabriel that has made me think that he is in it for the money. We don’t see him talking to every trashy tabloid and journalist he can get to listen to him, about how cruel Halle is. From what I can see, he’s respecting her as the mother of his child. And when Nahla is older, she’ll see that.

      • Lucinda says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “We don’t see him talking to every trashy tabloid and journalist he can get to listen to him, about how cruel Halle is. From what I can see, he’s respecting her as the mother of his child. And when Nahla is older, she’ll see that. ”

        Great point!

    • snowflake says:

      yep, all the shit he’s gone through, he obviously loves that little girl. I give him props for hanging in there and not going away, like Halle wants.

  19. Ally.M says:

    I wonder if she needs the money for the child support she’ll be paying to Oliver, rumour is they split a while back.

    • kibbles says:

      +1 Those two are bound to get a divorce and when that happens she will have to spend the next 12-17 years paying hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to her two baby daddies. She might run through her fortune faster than she had planned.

      • Samihami says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking this was about. She’s going to be paying support for two kids as soon as she and Olivier split; it’s going to get pretty expensive for her.

      • Alice says:

        That’s assuming Martinez would ask for custody. Somehow, he doesn’t strike me as the hands-on daddy type…

  20. Jess says:

    I really think Halle is just trying to hurt him here, that’s a drastic reduction and there’s no way he can live off that with the lifestyle Nahla is used to. I also think he needs to work a little though, he’s young and healthy and there’s no reason he can find some type of work, and yes I think the same about women who do this as well. That’s just my opinion!

    • snowflake says:

      how do you know he isn’t working? just saying, just cause it’s in print, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  21. original kay says:

    I understand that the child support is based on Halle’s income.

    If their agreement is 50/50, what is he doing the days he does not have Nahla? Is he working?
    If not, then yes, I believe he is using the 16K a month for BOTH himself and Nahla, and that is not what the money is intended for. If it was for his upkeep as well, it would be spousal support.

    This man needs a job, any job, to show his daughter he is not resting on what is, in essence, her money. Any income made soley by him, at this point, would suffice.

    Halle is a lot of things, and I don’t much care for what I read about her. However, in this circumstance, I agree it looks like he is using Nahla’s money for his own upkeep.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I just googled him–he’s signed on with two different modeling agencies (NY and Italy). This is his profile for the agency in NY: http://models.com/models/Gabriel-Aubry

      Looking at it, he’s had two jobs this year–a catalogue for February 2014, and an advertising campaign (thingy) for the Spring/Summer of 2014 for Barney’s. He had 2 jobs in 2013; 3 jobs in 2012; 4 jobs in 2011; 7 jobs in 2010; 3 jobs in 2009; 2 jobs in 2008. And according to the Telegraph, in 2012 he was one of the top ten highest paid models (and apparently uses his ‘super star status’ to open restaurants and release albums).


      • original kay says:

        thanks for googling. I admit I did not even think of doing that.

        so he is working. so like, she really is just starting drama again. this is so sad for Nahla.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I’m sure he’s working, though I think that link is actually from a satirical website.

    • Mimz says:

      I totally agree on everything you said. Well regardless of Halle being “allegedly” crazy and whatever she always did everything to protect her daughter. I think no one can take that away from her. And I mean, Although I understand the reasoning behind the judge’s decision for the child support amount of 16k, it must be incredibly frustrating to pay off such a high amount of money that is supposed to be exclusively spent on your child, to be also used to feed, pay rent, support this guy. Being a working mother and paying for your child and her non-working father’s expenses can’t be easy to watch/ experience.
      I can’t say I would be happy if I was in the same situation. I would try to find a way to “encourage” this guy to put some money into raising the child as well. And I do think the exact same thing about women trying to get a BIG paycheck from the fathers of their children.

    • bluhare says:

      The question I ask of you is how would you feel if you were in his shoes? A parent who had been in a relationship with someone for five years, someone who fought for parental rights as the other parent didn’t think you deserved any, and who got a legal agreement, and now your ex wants to slash your child support by 70%+? His job requires travel for the most part. Hers does not, especially now as she’s filming a TV series in LA. The deck is stacked against this man, no matter how you look at it.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        And I bet you that he’s scared to leave the state/country for more than the time that Halle gets their daughter…..I would be. I do feel really bad for him. She doesn’t care if he works or doesn’t, if he spends all the child support on designer clothes and a gym membership–she just wants him OUT.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I’d agree he should be looking at transitioning into a career that’s more compatible with the kind of father he wants to be, since he’s getting older for a model and that job involves more traveling than he can probably do.

      I still don’t feel very sorry for Halle, though. She chose to have a child with a guy who was a model and who was less high profile and less wealthy than her. Part of what goes with that is ensuring that the child has a comparable lifestyle when she’s with that other parent. The same goes for all the male actors who have children with women who are less successful than they are.

  22. Evyn says:

    Halle hates paying child support, but she doesn’t mind paying legal fees.

    She just needs to STOP.

    • briargal says:

      She has also been a total failure in the relationships she has been in. She needs therapy!

      On another note–I’d take GA ANYTIME over hot head Ollie!

  23. Tig says:

    Given their history, it’s clear the amt of CS isn’t the real issue- the fact she couldn’t take her to France still bugs her. I’m sure her lawyers are tickled pink that her contributions to their retirement accounts are about to resume, bec no way would CS be reduced by that much w/o a drastic change in his circumstances.

  24. FLORC says:

    Did Halle and Oliver break up? That will be a nightmare custody issue in itself.

  25. lunchcoma says:

    $3,000 a month? I know upper middle class professional people whose child support is in that range. Halle is worth $70,000,000. As for Gabriel, he may very well need to look into post-modeling career options, but realistically speaking Halle’s going to always have far more money and will be paying some support. If she wasn’t up for that, she should have considered using donor sperm, adopting a child, or pairing up with someone equally financially successful.

    • briargal says:

      She did use a sperm donor in the form of GA–and she was just hoping he would just disappear from her and the baby’s life. But he has shown the public how much he cares about his little girl. Good for him!!!

  26. andypandy says:

    Unfortunately some of Halles tactics in her custody battles actually may have back fired against her.
    First she argued that Gabe wasn’t living in a safe area couldn’t afford to keep Nahla in the manner to which she is accustomed and the court responded by awarding him support that would ensure Nahla wasn’t adversely affected when she was with her Dad

    Secondly she argued that he couldn’t provide a stable environment as since was a model he did a lot of international travel to which Gabe responded by staying put in LA which seriously reduced his income and further Justified MORE income from her to ensure Nahla was kept in the manner to which she was accustomed.
    Her attempt to move Nahla to France and completely strip Gabe of his custody rights was also not seen as someone acting in the childs best interest

    I think Halle is a narcissist and once Gabe gave her what she wanted a child and was no longer in her life she wanted to treat him like he was disposable .
    Gabe may/may not be a bum but he seems to really want to be involved in Nahlas life
    ( something Halle never had and doesn’t seem to get how important a Dad is in a child life )

    P.s I cant help wonder though if Gabe had been Black and just as devoted to Nahla how this would have gone down both in court and public opinion

    • starrywonder says:

      Exactly. This happened because of the crap she tried to pull to get full custody of her daughter and get him totally out of their lives. I doubt the judge will agree to this. Also I’m side eyeing her for being in arrears as bad as he was too. WTF pay your child support

  27. Reece says:

    Keep in mind also that modeling is one the few industries where women make 10 times what men make. He’s not making Gisele money being a model, he never would have made that, at any point. He can probably make enough to keep himself comfortably but in order to stay in the part of LA where he would have to live to stay close to Nahla, close to her private school, to keep her in the lifestyle she is accustomed to then yes Halle would/should be paying that much.
    The fact that she continually tries to rake him over the coals using her daughter absolutely grosses me out.

  28. My opinion says:

    If ga was black. He’d be called a no good blackman. But since black women just love white men these days te tune has changed. You all are jealous of halles beauty so the comments aren’t suprising. I think Halle knows what a loser he is better then the peanut gallery. Custody battles and spousal Support are this way to make lawyers and judges money. They don’t care about anything or anybody else. It’s a scam for profit system; akin to for profit private prisons. What’s GA going to look like in nahlas eyes? A leach that lives off of a woman.

    • Erinn says:

      And her mother looks like a bitter woman who wanted to cut her father out of her life.

      I find your whole post here pretty offensive, and incredibly narrow minded. Nobody is jealous of Halle’s beauty – that is perhaps one of the most childish defenses for justified criticism I’ve ever heard.

      If Halle knew he was a loser, perhaps she shouldn’t have spent 5 years with the man and procreated with him.

      And alternatively, if Halle was a man worth 70 million trying to cut down on the child support I’m sure you’d be calling him a pathetic deadbeat as well.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      Ha! I knew it would eventually show up – the “you’re just jealous” argument (usually comes into play where there are no logical arguments available to use).

    • snowflake says:

      ha, ha, that’s f-ing hilarious! thanks for the laugh.

    • Alice says:

      What does race have to do with any of this? Gabe obviously doesn’t have a problem with it, he dated a black woman for 5 years and has a child who is of mixed ethnicity. If Halle wants to be with white men, that’s on Halle, not the men she’s seeing.

      Physically, yes she’s a beautiful woman. But I’d bet that impression goes away 5 minutes after meeting her if her personality is as ugly as rumours and appearances suggest. I don’t envy that sort of person one little bit, eventually the physical beauty will fade and all she’ll have left is the ugliness inside. She needs to sort her sh*t out because in addition to everything else, she’s mostly harming her daughter when she goes after her child’s father like this.

      The woman should just move on. The amount she’s paying is a drop in the bucket compared to what she earns and one day that little girl is going to read all of the nastiness online. We might be looking at it from the outside, but that kid is going to be fully capable of comparing the sorts of things that are being said now to the reality of her life. Kids aren’t stupid…

  29. sapphire says:

    This just pisses me off. There is not reason whatsoever to reduce support-unless Halle’s arguing that her child isn’t worth the extra? Total BS that housing, security and other expenses have vanished. This is part of Halle’s need to “win” or otherwise push the child’s father out of the relationship. I hope the custody agreement requires her to foot the attorney’s bills for this nonsense. I don’t even see ground to reduce the support to $12,000.

  30. Montréalise says:

    Halle just doesn’t give up, does she? She was in court in June – just 4 months ago! – trying to get the child support reduced, and now she’s back again. So what’s her end game? If she gets the support reduced to $ 3,000 a month (peanuts for someone who is worth $ 70 million), Gabriel will no longer be able to provide Nahla with the lifestyle to which she is accustomed, which will open the door for Halle to ask for custody to be changed from the present 50-50 on the grounds that Gabriel cannot provide for Nahla properly. She really is a piece of work.

  31. anne_000 says:

    Was there ever a year in Nahla’s life that Halle didn’t take the father to court or was thinking about it and using up a lot of his own personal money for legal fees? For this year, it’s twice already, right? It’s like an addiction with her.

    She’ll complain that he doesn’t spend enough time with Nahla to warrant joint custody if he goes to work especially if it involves traveling. She wants to decrease child support now saying it’s stopping him from making more money but then will want to reduce it if he does make more money but then makes him spend his savings on legal fees every year. There’s no winning with Halle.

    Regarding child support, in addition to clothes and toys, it’s also supposed to go towards utilities, rent/mortgage, food, etc. School tuition & medical bills are a separate issue, I think.

  32. Guest says:

    I hope she can have it reduced to at least $6,000.00 for now. No matter what one thinks about Ms. Berry; she earned her income. She never married him. Rooting for her in this regard.

  33. Miss M says:

    I shouldn’t be speculating, but… She is asking for a reduction because she may have to pay child support to Olivier too?

    Nahla is so pretty! When they divorced/separated, she was initially friendly with Gabriel. But, if I recall properly, she went crazy after there were photos of Gabriel with Kim Kardashian.

  34. Hannah says:

    I couldn’t read all of the replies because most of them were factually incorrect and/or based on emotion rather than the law. I’m sorry if I’m being repetitive.

    1. Section 3900 of the CA Family Code states that BOTH parents have an equal responsibility to support their child. Equal responsibility does not mean same amount of money.
    2. Most people pay what is known as “guideline” child support which factors in income, percentage of time with each parent, etc. It is determined via the most crazy algebraic equation you’ve seen since high school. If you’re curious take a look at Family Code Section 4055. For the most part, passive income and the amount of savings one has is not one of the numbers used. The state has a program where you can input the numbers for anyone who’s curious. Also look at Judicial Counsel forms FL-150 and FL-342
    3. If the court deems that the low earner should work and they choose not to, the court may impute an income based on what the person could earn based on experience, education,age, job availability. Here it doesn’t matter how GA earns money, the court would probably rule that he has to do something or have income imputed. (you hear a lot of they could at least get a job at McDonalds) And yes, the court will take into account the amount of time needed to parent a child and thus the parent wouldn’t necessarily be expected to work a 40 hour week, etc.
    4. Typically extra expenses are not factored into the amount of child support but are addressed separately. Therefore, Nahla’s tuition is not something that would come out of CS and the judge would rule what percentage each parent is required to pay. Also, CS doesn’t have to be spent directly on kids. Kids need a roof over their heads, running water, etc. I had a dad complain that mom was using CS to buy food that she and her 2 kids from a previous marriage were also eating.
    5. Pursuant to FC Section 4057(b)(3) people with extraordinarily high income do not have to pay guideline CS. This is because if the equation was used the amount of CS paid would be significantly higher than a child’s needs. People go crazy over the $50k/mo CS that Charlie Sheen pays saying no kid needs that much money. For fun I once ran Sheen’s guideline numbers based solely on his reported earnings from current jobs and not residuals and the amount that came up was incredibly high–something like $200,000 per month. That’s why saying that Halle is worth $70 million is not really relevant.
    6. $3k is probably too low but Halle is right to ask the court to modify CS because GA chooses not to work. (Again, he doesn’t have to be employed as a model just be employed/have income imputed.) My recollection is that Halle was ordered to pay a good chunk of GA’s attorney fees.
    7. @Bluhare My dad says that he and my stay at home mom are a team. For my dad to be able to give his all at his high powered job, he needs my mom to run the household. To be able to run the household, my mom needs the income earned by my dad. One job is not more important than the other as each party works towards a common goal. (For example, one of the goals was providing the best education for each kid. We all have graduate degrees and none of us had student loans.)That’s why your hubby should get SS(Also, rarely comment but love your and LAK’s Duchess Kate’s comments.)

  35. Dany says:

    Some people seem to confuse spousal support with child support. Gabriel and Halle were never married and he receives no spousal support from her. Halle pays child (=Nahla) support to him. I don´t understand why Halle has a problem with it. Her daughter needs bodyguards and Co when she is with her father.

    He is still working as model and i heard somewhere he is (or was?) the co-owner of some restaurant/cafe? So he is not unemployed. He has money, but it´s nowhere near Halle´s millions. And Nahla would feel the big difference when she switches houses. Without Halle´s support Nahla´s lifestyle would change when she lives with her father.

    • Hannah says:

      I’m not confused. Most likely the bodyguard expense is not taken out of CS but is addressed separately like tuition. Halle is alleging that GA doesn’t work at all and thus contributes nothing for their child’s support. and THAT, if correct, is the issue.

      • noway says:

        Even if that is the issue, which I doubt, did this just happen or did it happen after June of this year when she was previously in court. Why not bring it up then. She should marry her lawyer next maybe then she can have reduced fees.

  36. jane16 says:

    Halle is quite possibly the biggest bitch in Hollywood from all the stories I hear. People seem to hate working with/for her, whether they are a highly paid director or one of her staff. Her acting talent is mediocre at best. The only reason she still gets work is because of her beauty. I also hear that she’s nuts, I have heard people (one example, the staff of one of the major late nite talk shows) tell the craziest stories about having to deal with her. As far as this issue goes, she is constantly dragging this guy into court. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nahla is a “daddy’s girl”, and this probably pisses Halle off, who always has to be #1. If she forced GA to get a full time job, he wouldn’t be able to pick Nahla up from school, which he seems to enjoy, and would undoubtedly have less time for her. Which would be great for Halle, but not for Nahla. I normally take the womans side in any issue, but I just can’t with her. I’m still pissed that she got clean away with a hit and run!

  37. jwoolman says:

    I’m amazed that people here don’t seem to recognize caring for a child as work. Get a job? How many jobs are set up so the parent can be with the child before and after school, when the child is sick, when there are school days off? Not many. My mother had a good job before she married, but gave it up to run a household and raise two children (which involved much longer hours). She stayed out of the outside job market as long as possible, so she was there when I came home, she was there when I was sick. She also managed to fit in some volunteer work around our schedule. My mother was not a parasite or a leach or a bum. She was always busybbut also always available. My dad was a deadbeat when he drifted away, leaving her with a pile of debts and a job market not very welcoming to a woman her age. He drove her nuts when he lived with us, too, since she would struggle to get enough money out of his paycheck to pay the bills and keep us fed before he spent it all on his latest short-lived expensive hobby.

    I can’t imagine that anybody would think it’s a bad thing for Nahla’s father to reduce his potential work schedule so he can actually be with her while he has custody rather than just leaving her with a nanny. He has always been willing to give up jobs for her, even back when he and Halle were together and he adjusted his schedule so he could care for Nahla while Halle worked on movies. My father couldn’t even spell my name right (not an exaggeration) and was fine showing up drunk once every year or so. He didn’t even notice when I decided enough was enough and I didn’t want to see him anymore. Really, Gabriel has the right idea. He’s taken a huge financial hit for it since he can’t take all jobs offered and also Halle keeps dragging him to court (further messing up his job opportunities). He has also made sure he lives near her. But Nahla will be an adult in just a few years, and this time with her can’t be made up later.

    I would worry about what will happen when Nahla has inevitable conflicts with her mom. Halle doesn’t do conflict well. Nahla is lucky to have at least one mentally and emotionally stable parent, so I hope Gabriel stays the course and stays firmly in her life.

  38. Jessica says:

    Just suck it up Halle. If you didn’t want to pay child support you shouldn’t have had a kid with someone you out-earn.

    My husband pays $3000 a month for his two children, and also pays for a lot of stuff on top of that. We’re firmly middle class, very comfortable but a million miles away from being movie-star rich. We manage $3000 pretty easily, so I doubt Halle would even miss $16,000 a month if she wasn’t so obsessed with screwing over this guy.

  39. Jesssaysno says:

    It’s always a douche move to withhold child support. She is rich, she doesn’t need the money. And it’s financial abuse to allow Nahla to live lavishly with her and downgrade at dad’s house. My dad tried to hurt my mom by earning money under the table and not reporting it, so he never paid enough support. My mom and I were so poor at one point we had bunk beds and lived in bad conditions until she was able to get her finances together again after not working for 8 years raising his damn kids. Ugh. This is so extremely opposite from Nahlas life but I will always hate people who don’t pay their CS.

  40. Chammy says:

    A single flight is often $600 – $1.000. Even more if you travel a bit more luxuriously.
    So if Gabriel accompanies his daughter and they visit Halle Berry on set then the travelling back will set him back $2.400 – $4.000.
    If they have shared custody 50/50 then there will be a lot of travelling.

    So if you consider their lifestyle then $16.000 doesn’t seem that excessive any more.

    Honestly she is a multi-millon dollar income / year actress and it is a bit pathetic to complain about those $190.000 / year she has to pay. It is a FRACTURE of her income. It is less than 10 PERCENT, I bet.