Halle Berry cannot move to France with daughter Nahla, judge rules

For more than a year, Halle Berry has been engaged in a legal and custodial battle to move permanently out of California. She wants to move to France with her fiancé Olivier Martinez, and she wants to take Nahla with her. The problem? Gabriel Aubry, Nahla’s father, put his foot down. Gabriel believed that this “moving to France” thing was just another attempt by Halle to deprive him of his custodial rights. Halle’s side always seemed to be that she didn’t want Nahla to grow up around the American tabloid press culture, and that somehow France would be better for Nahla. Of course, Duchess Kate’s topless photo scandal ruined that (Kate was photographed topless… on a private estate… in France). This particular custody issue has been going on for a long, long time, and it’s just been resolved. Sort of. Apparently, the judge just ruled on Friday that Halle is NOT allowed to move Nahla out of the country without Gabriel’s permission:

Halle Berry just lost big in court — a judge has ruled she cannot permanently move her 4-year-old daughter to France … TMZ has learned.

Halle had been fighting tooth and nail with her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry to bring Nahla to Paris, where Halle wants to live with her fiance Olivier Martinez.

Halle argued the L.A. paparazzi scene made life in California too dangerous for her and her daughter — but today the judge in the case ruled in favor of Gabriel, refusing to let Halle jet to France with their kid.

The full details of the ruling are unclear — but one thing’s for sure … Halle did NOT get what she wanted.

Halle has said from the beginning she never wanted to remove Gabriel from Nahla’s life — she merely believed France would be safer for everyone involved.

[From TMZ]

CB usually covers these stories because I have a history of going hard on Halle. So, let me go out of my way to be fair to Halle: I do think she has a point about the American tabloid/celebrity culture and how detrimental that kind stuff is for a kid. Unfortunately for Halle, she had already tried several other legal maneuvers in an attempt to limit Gabriel’s custody rights, so this argument just seemed like the latest in a long line of bitchy moves. Also: I’ve always felt Halle used the celebrity press when it was convenient for her, like when she wants to push an image of herself as a loving mother and how she has a “happy family” with Olivier, there are always some happy, “candid” paparazzi photos. My point is that she’s an active participant in the gossip-game too, so this “I must move to Paris, to be left alone!” argument never really held water with me. So I’m glad Gabriel’s rights were upheld.

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  1. Bluedog says:

    Hallelujah! I’m so glad that judge wasn’t snowed by her B.S.

    It’s obvious from the way little Nahla is snuggled in Daddy’s neck that she adores him; it would be criminal to separate them. I’ll never be able to like Halle Berry again.

  2. dref22 says:

    Because there is no paparazzi culture in France…

    • Sugarrbunny says:

      The French paparazzi are kind & gentle… Just ask Princess Diana! Wait, yu can’t because they chased her to her death

    • kw says:

      Actually Photographing celebrity’s children in france, is illegal. Also I read an article that the best place to raise black girls is either in France or the Caribbean.

      • Sassy says:

        Is Nahla considered a black girl? Her mother is 1/2 white and her father is white.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Yes, if you’ll recall Halle goes by the “one drop rule.” and therefore historically refuses to acknowledge her or her daughters whiteness. This refusal to acknowledge her own caucasean heiratage or her daughters whiteness is not meant to be seen out of any type of her own bigotry or rascism, however. No. Not at all. Not even a bit. wouldnt want to alienate her fan base, right? Thats all in her mind.
        Pfft. She is just wildly lameo. Get with the times Halle.

      • ShugAveryPee says:

        Yes Nahla is considered black… If you do not understand the ” One Drop Rule” then do some research …. That rule was created by white america who wanted to keep their race “Pure” … and in nowhere in this country are people like ” Pres Obama… Halle Berry …. Alicia Keyes considered anything but black…. You would not even know they were half if they did not tell you … Yes half black and white are considered BLACK … blame racist white america not halle for being realistic with her child… Even Halle White mother told her to accept that you are black and that is just the way it is .. PLEASE do some homework on the black experience in America if you do not understand but do not dismiss it

      • CC says:

        I think the problem is that for all purposes the cromosomes that give pigmentation are dominant, and any mixed race kid of parents of dirrerent colors have that evident on them. genetically she has 3/4 white genes (potentially, depending on the ones thaat Halle gave to her) but dominant hair eyes and skin color are dominant. So even socially it’s easy to be pegged as such. Nahla will have to decide for herself what best represents her identity when she grows up…The one drop rule is culturally obsolete, mixed races tend to identify with one or more of their backgrounds. Is it still legally binding, though? Because she’s neither black or white, she’s mixed rare, if anything, she should be listed as both. But this whole kinda reeks of nazi Germany, so in mixed race cases the individual should really have a say in it, and not defined by any standard rule.

        Besides, unless you’re an albino or straight out of central africa, you’re not white or black. Maybe they should establish color gradients, 8-16 or so, and just compare color against it. Because what’s the purpose of it, really, shouldn’t the picture give it away? Seems like a label to me, not actually identifiable features.

  3. Po says:

    The argument is ridiculous. She could easily avoid the paps right here in America. She could move 30 minutes outside of LA and avoid the paps. Also, let’s be real here. Who actually looks forward to Halle Berry movies. The only reason she is followed is because of her relationships and how much drama she always seems to have. If she stopped all of her nonsense and just agreed to quietly co-parent this child with her father no one would be following her anywhere.

    • Victoria says:

      Hahahaha who actually looks forward to her movies… I’m trying to think of the last movie I saw with her that was good. Maybe B.A.P’s ? That was a cute movie, from the 90s

    • Justyna says:

      I came here to write exactly the same thing. How come there are much more relevant actresses who live in America and still menage to avoid the paps almost entirely and she cannot? She lives in LA and always takes her daughter to the most paps-friendly areas, where she has about 90% chance to be photographed, that’s why. It would be weird if she was left alone under those circumstances. If she wants privacy, I think she should move out of LA but not to France – some smaller American town would be enough.

    • so true says:

      she signed up for paparazzi when she decided to be an actor/actress—- which she is not great at, she just does not have amazing acting talent. And to TAKE A CHILD AWAY FROM A LOVING FATHER … is just disgusting no matter what her reasons would be. She lured him to have a child, I do not feel he was beating down her door to have a baby with her.

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        Wow, talk about a sexist comment…Halle didn’t “lure” him into anything.
        Sex sometimes leads to babies, every adult knows that and if you don’t protect yourself chances are someone will get pregnant.
        On Oprah Halle said they had tried several times, so it wasn’t an accident or her luring him. He wanted a baby just as much as Halle did.
        If all she wanted was a sperm donor, she would have gone to a clinic – less hassle that way.

      • MW says:

        I heard her say she took at least 30 pregnancy tests. I have no doubt they both wanted the child, but I would not be surprised to learn that it was her plan just eliminate GA from both her and Nahla’s life, when the time came. Anyway, hooray for GA and Nahla on the Judge’s wise decision.

    • Liv says:

      That is what I was thinking! Just move out of L.A., there are thousands of cities in the USA where she could live and not be bothered with paps. She’s an idiot.

    • T.C. says:

      Halle was good in Cloud Atlas. I do agree that she could move to a less pap infested area of Southern California. Tom Hanks her co star in Cloud Atlas goes years without one pap shot of him. Many other actors and actresses to. It can be done.

      • lisa2 says:

        Just to throw some logic on the Tom part of the comment. Pictures of Tom Hanks don’t sell. Paps take pictures that get them money. It is their disgusting job. Pics of Halle sold because of her overreacting to them. The actual pictures of her and her daughter are not going to make the cover a tabloid. But Halle screaming cursing and throwing things at them will sell.

        I agree about her being able to avoid them to some degree. more high profile celebs whose picture fetch a great deal of not photographed on daily basis. The paps do follow her but she could use other means to avoid them.

        but when people talk about this celeb or that one not being photographed there is a truth that the pictures of them don’t sell.

      • Liv says:

        I read somewhere that she gets clothing for Nahla for free and has to be papped then to “promote” them. Seriously.

  4. Birdie says:

    Good to hear! Halle wants to take her daughter away from her own father for selfish reasons. I am glad the judge saw through that crap.

  5. jani says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! Now, maybe, her child has a slim chance at a semi-decent relationship with a loving father. I don’t think that Helle is done fighting, but at least this one judge’s decision is a significant victory for Nahla.

    Much bigger stars than Helle do not get papped. They work in L.A. and live in the area but we never see pics of them or their kids. Don’t want to get papped Helle? Try dialing down the crazy, vengeful drama that makes you tabloid fodder. Try not calling the paps and telling them where you’re going to be when you want a photo op showing what a great mother you are. Try moving to Santa Barbara.

  6. Suzen says:

    I would kill to move away from my ex. But the law states I cannot even move more than 30 miles from him… ever… at least until our kid is 18. Why should that witch be allowed to take her kid outta the country! That is not at all in the best interest of her child or the child’s relationship with her father. She is just being vindictive. Duh. Good decision Judge.

    • Kloops says:

      Exactly. Gabriel Aubry may be a complete and utter douche. Possibly a terrible spouse, but there is no (concrete) evidence he’s an unfit father. To effectively remove him from his daughter’s life hurts his daughter. And the fact that Halle Berry actively tried to do that speaks volumes. Hate your ex – that’s fine, I get it – but he’s the father of your child and she appears to love him. Don’t ruin that.

  7. Ms Kay says:

    Glad the judge didn’t buy her BS!!!

  8. mln76 says:

    The only sane decision from an LA judge regarding a celebrity this decade.

  9. aims says:

    I bet she’s so pissed about this. I can only imagine how she was after the ruling. She’s already played dirty, and I have a feeling she’ll get even dirtier, since she didn’t get her way.

    • j.eyre says:

      My prediction would have been that if this asinine case was ruled in her favor and she moved her daughter to France, in about a year we would be hearing how hard it is for her to raise her daughter alone and that Gabriel had all but abandoned his daughter. She was always/will always find a way to crucify him.

  10. Lizzie K says:

    I don’t remember the name of her long-term lawyer who resigned/was fired because he wouldn’t engage in scorched earth litigation like Halle wanted, but this result totally justifies his view.

    Halle just wasted a big pile of money on her shark lawyer and still didn’t get the result she wanted. Money don’t buy everything, Halle.

  11. T.C. says:

    Other men run away from their parental duties. You have a man who loves his daughter. Wants to be in her life. Halle is trying to deprive her daughter of that love. So selfish. So vendictive. Shame on you Halle.

    • Global Goddess says:

      Ok I donot know alot about LA laws (nor am I a Halle fan), but if he did love his daughter all this much why would he be asking (and receiving) a big FAT check every month from Halle?

      • lisa2 says:

        Do people ever ask that question of women who get a big fat check?

        I think he probably doesn’t need the money either. But just saying

      • Kimlee says:

        Why do mothers ask for child support?

        If celebs get divorce and the mother has custody/shared custody and gets child support do you question thier love because they get a big check every month?

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        To keep the child living in the state she is accustomed to. She cant go from opulant splendor in a masion with halle to a crummy little apartment in Gabriels.
        She accepted to make a baby with this man knowing he will never, ever have as much money as her. She secretly hoped he wouldnt be that interested in his daughter and maybe walk away easily as her own father did. Well, she was wrong.
        Its totally fair she gives him money to help raise their child. THEIR child. Not her child alone.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I suspect he started asking for child support because after a year of fighting through the courts to continue to see his child he was nearly broke. Speaking as someone who has seen perfectly normal fathers almost bankrupt themselves with normal-scale court costs to achieve that – he has to try to match her turbo-charged, insanely expensive legal team. It ain’t cheap, and I very much doubt the “child support” covers those bills, even now.

    • Loira says:

      I think that at the beginning he was not asking for money from her, but the continuous litigations of Halle started to impact him, theremis another legal reason, but I do not remember it, not just “greed”.
      I agree with his defending. Girl needs his father.

      • Global Goddess says:

        @lisa2 Well..people do question women too…however doesnt maternity take more of a toll on women rather than men? So nature itself didnot create this equal for the genders.
        And as for support checks, doesnt he have a job too…and shouldn’t he be realistic to what he can provide for his daughter? After all love is greater than material comforts.

  12. handsome man saved me from the monsters says:

    Yeah, I guess she’ll just have to go back to accusing him of abuse.

  13. Dree says:

    I have no doubt that this was a b-tchy move by Halle to try to separate Nahla from her dad. I really cannot handle Halle generally, but especially in this case – there is no denying that Gabriel loves his daughter and wants to spend as much time with her as he is allowed to.

  14. Mew says:

    I’m glad for both Nahla and Gabriel that the judge decided they should not be separated this way. Good ruling.

  15. Izzy says:

    The judges who have handled The Cracken’s cases could take a lesson from this judge about fair and appropriate decisions…

  16. dorothy says:

    Best news all week! Judge saw through Halle’s vicious, selfish wants. Given her track record with marriages and men the move wouldn’t have lasted long. Men always “turn on her” and treat “her” wrong…blah, blah, blah. It never has anything to do with her actions.

  17. Cody says:

    I am glad the judge ruled that Nahla stay in the US. I think Halle might only be thinking of what is good for Halle. I wonder what Nahla is going to think and feel years from now, when she reads about this public fight on the internet?

  18. lena80 says:

    I don’t think this is far from over, but hopefully it is. They need to be grown ups and co-parent properly for Nahla’s sake.

  19. Heathlar says:

    I rarely comment but… Yay! This decision made me so happy! This decision was in Nahla’s best interest.

  20. SusieQ2 says:

    This news makes me so happy for Nahla!!

    Mega kudos to the judge.

  21. MrsBPitt says:

    If I were Gabriel, I would be watching my back…I would not put anything past this nut! He should check his brakes before he gets in his car…seriously…

  22. I'm going to Guam! says:

    Just move to Quebec Canada.

    I refuse to jump on the hate-halle bandwagon because there is always two sides to every story.
    Gabriel should get a proper job and support himself and Halle should meet him half way, hence why I say move to Quebec Canada where everyone involved will feel right at home!

    • MrsBPitt says:

      This arguement always makes me laugh…”Gabriel should get a job and not take Halles money” First of all, he has a job…model…pretty sure they make good money…secondly, dont you think that if Halle wants their daughter all to herself, that she has already offerred Gabriel a boat load of money to relinquish his parental rights?

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        Wow. Ok. first of all you’re way too invested in these strangers drama but moving on…
        I don’t know all the details but I am pretty sure he gets a sum from Halle every month that goes beyond the costs for their daughter.
        Second, modeling doesn’t actually pay that well unless you are a big name and do a major campaign or a lot of catalog work.
        I haven’t seen much of his work but from I can tell, he doesn’t have a lot of work going on atm. He should get a *proper* job to support himself and their daughter.
        Again, Halle needs to meet him half way and stop trying to get rid of him.
        I can see both sides of the story here unlike some people who attack Halle as if she had done something personal to them.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @I’m going to Guam – lol…I am not invested in these strangers lives at all…just putting in my two cents on a celebrity website…however, I think you need to take a deep breath and go take your meds, since you are the one going all crazy, cause I dare to criticise Halle Berry! It is MY OPINION that Halle is a self absorbed, delusional, spiteful person…but its just my opinion…you are welcome to yours!

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Yes they speak French in Quebec and France but they cannot understand one another. It may as well be a completely different language.

      • Ms Kay says:

        Guam, for someone who “doesn’t know much and not too much invested in strangers drama” you certainly have a lot to say.

      • caribcanadian says:

        Blond on the dock… I am currently sitting in my kitchen in the suburbs outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Just so you know, Quebec French and France French are the same language. We can and do understand each other very well. It’s the same as the difference between British English and Canadian/American English. Some terms and expressions are different but it’s the same language.

    • mln76 says:

      Uhm yeah because Quebec is the same as France *eyeroll*

      In this case Halle is clearly wrong. Just like every other person in the state of California she is subject to the law. There is no reason for Gabriel to give up his legal rights for the sake of comprimise the last I checked California is the nations third largest state that gives her plenty of space to move around.
      As for the fiction that Gabriel is a deadbeat he is far from it HOWEVER there is a difference in Halle’s income and his. This affects what he can provide for Nahla in terms of security,staffing,and travel expenses (for instance traveling to movie sets etc). Just as any women would be given CHILD support so should Gabriel.
      Comprimise needs to come from a place of respect. They must get along for the sake of Nahla but neither is required to abdicate their legal rights

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        Calm down attack dog, I never said Quebec is the same as France but it’s a place where the french culture is alive and where people actually speak french!
        Woohoo win-win!
        Again, you guys are waaaaay too invested in these people’s lives, it’s seriously creepy.

        And I have also not said that ONE parent should do more than the other, please READ before you comment.
        I said Halle should meet him half way and they BOTH have the same responsibilities as parents obviously.

      • mln76 says:

        Very calm and not attacking anyone just stating facts. As for Gabriel he was (and is) one of the few upper echeleon of male models since well before he met Halle.iIn fact Halle herself said she saw him on a billboard and had the hots for him before they met. In fact up until their separation Aubry was in high profile ads for Gillette. Once they separated and custody got dicey Gabriel cut back his travelling first to care for Nahla on Halle’s movie set in South África and then to start defending his rights in this custody battle.

      • bluhare says:

        I think you’re doing a lot of doth protesting too much, Guam. Just don’t insult us all in your process.

        By the way, Halle would NEVER move to Quebec if only because that’s where Gabriel is from.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      Gabriel has a job. I presume you’re quibbling about the child support money?

      From having read the comments here many times before, I understand that California calculates child support based on a formula that looks at both parents income, regardless of the gender of the parent. (I may be mistaken, but that’s what I recall.)

      If that’s the case, it sounds pretty fair to me. I think some people just don’t like it because they’ve decided the norm should be that the guy always pays. :-/

    • Kristen says:

      Guam, I just find it amusing at how condescending you are to everyone on here who is “creepy” and “waaaay too invested in these peoples lives.” Yet you find no problem with your own passionate, argumentative postings. Apparently you’re an educated, objective poster and the rest of us are just creepy. Riiiight.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      What exactly is a “proper” job? He is a model, just as he was when they met and just like he continued to be all throughout their relationship. If you don’t consider modeling to be a “proper” job, then does that mean you consider acting to be a “proper” job? Acting and modeling seem to be along the same lines to me; if one is deemed “proper” so should the other one be.

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        Can everyone just chill out, it’s not that serious gosh.
        What I was saying was; Modeling usually doesn’t pay that well unless you are a big name,more power to him if he is in fact making lots of dollars!
        Clearly, he isn’t making as much as Halle, we agree on that! And I agree that he should get money to be able to support his daughter but at the same time, from what I’ve heard (again I don’t know that much about these people) he is getting more money than is necessary <— and for that reason he should get a job that perhaps will pay more AS WELL as modeling. Like branching out, starting a business or whatever.
        That is all I said.
        And yes, I am aware he is from Quebec hence why I even suggested it in the first place. I figured he was from there since he is french-canadian.

      • V4Real says:

        Hello to all ladies on this thread. I’m adding my two cents by saying I’m agreeing with MrsBPitt that we all have the right to voice our opinions on a celebrity website regardless of if we agree or not.
        As for Halle, I’m glad the judge saw through her BS. Ask yourself this question, would she have wanted to move to France if Olivier didn’t reside there? I’m not a big fan of Halle but I don’t hate her either but right is right and wrong is wrong. I question before why people were calling her crazy and when I found out the lengths she was going through to keep Gabe away from his daughter, I also jumped on the crazy bandwagon. Did you guys know that it was said that she tried to get her friends to say that Gabe used racial slurs towards her but her friends wouldn’t admit to saying something that they never heard Gabe say. That was a low blow because if she had played the race card in that manner that could have ruined that man’s career by labeling him a racist. Now I’m aware that couples going through bitter custody battles go through great measures to ensure that they are granted custody but most of these couples are everyday people that we don’t know. Halle is a huge celebrity who is in the public eye, so we as fans or non-fans are going to have something to say. It doesn’t mean that we are invested in their lives. But we have the right to comment when they are putting their personal business out there; be it via their direct statements or the media.
        I also had an issue with a woman paying a man child support but like Ducky said in CA it is pretty much based on the parent with the highest income. In NY the law is different and it doesn’t matter if the mother makes the most money, the father still pays if the mother has primary custody. The issue I had with Gabe was that he makes money even though not as much as Halle, why is he asking for child support especially when he does not have primary custody. As long as he could provide a descent place for her to live when she is visiting him what’s the child support for. I’m sure all Nahla, a child of her age cares about is spending time with her father and not the expensive material things. Then I gave it some thought, Halle started this custody thing and Gabe must have legal fees up to wazoo, which could pretty much empty his bank account which is nowhere near Halle’s. As we all know male models do not make as much as female models; one of the only jobs in Hollywood where women dominate.

        Like I said I don’t hate Halle but publicly she has demonstrated some questionable behavior that leads most of us to believe she is a little unstable. I’m sure if Halle had handled this situation in a more quiet and suitable manner instead of trying to paint Gabe out to be some kind of horrible monster, we might have had more sympathy for her. It worked for Tom and Katie; no matter what was said behind closed doors, they kept the details of their divorce and custody agreement off public records. The stunt to move her daughter out of the country backfired on her, good for the sake of the child. Isn’t this what this is really all about? Imagine not being able to see your child on the reg because of that kind of distance. There was a possibility that the judge could have ruled in Halle’s favor. I can’t imagine what actress Kelly Rutherford must be going through. Remember her ex won full custody and now her children are living abroad from her. We don’t know those details either but the judge must have found something wrong with Kelly to allow the father to remain in France with the children. So if people hate Halle it’s because of her actions with her daughter’s father. Like someone once said to me, if Gabe has done something so horribly wrong then why don’t she come out and say what it is he has done. Until then we can only go by what we hear.

      • liteNOTSObrite says:

        Gabriel has done major ad campaigns for Versace, Tommy Hillfiger, and Calvin Klein. He also owned a restaurant in Manhatten. He is reportedly worth $4.5 mil. I’d say that is rather successful.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Ummmm….just as an FYI….since you seem to be totally clueless about the modeling industry ….Gabriel Aubrey is one of the highest paid, most working models in the industry…he makes more than you or I will probably ever see in a lifetime. I understand you are obviously a halle loving fan but please research a bit before pushing your grossly uninformed agendas.

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        First of all, stop making assumptions (you know how that saying goes), you know absolutely nothing about me, so let us not make this personal.
        Second, if I was such a fan of hers I would know a lot more about her and her ex which I obviously don’t.
        Male models do not make as much as female models and he is still making less than Halle which was my point.

    • minime says:

      @I’m going to Guam!
      LOL I’m sorry but I have to laugh a bit with all the commotion you provoked. I totally agree with what you said. There are always two sides to each story and it seems like in this case, people easily jump on one of the sides and the emotional involvement is indeed fascinating. Yes, she gives a strange vibe, but judging all of her movements as solely an attack against her baby daddy seems a bit out of proportion (for me). He also doesn’t give such a extraordinary vibe to me, so that may be the reason why I don’t get all the hate against her…I’m not a fan of Halle Berry. Actually I don’t usually watch any movie with her because I don’t appreciate her acting skills (too boring for my taste). Also never commented on a thread of her (i think, but i would also not swear). Just decided to do it know to tell you that I share your point and that by you trying to be a bit more neutral in here it comes out as you are investing as much as everyone else in this story…You won’t win, just let it go ;)

  23. Shiba says:

    What an insane, narcissist she is to keep trying to get at Aubry the one way she knows he is vulnerable – his child. That monstrous, fragile, puffed up ego of hers can’t STAND rejection – she’d kill him a thousand times if she could!

    • Kasey says:

      You know what I don’t get in all of this? Parents usually want BETTER for their children than they had themselves. So she should want Nahla to not be abandoned by her father, right? I wonder, since Halle doesn’t think along “normal” lines if she thought that by moving away she could always say to Nahla, “oh once we moved its difficult for Papa to see you all the time and that’s why he spends time with you when he can”. Thereby, creating a continual desire to be with his daughter, yet controlling how much he sees her and can hurt her and also sort of preventing Nahla from being “abandoned” with the excuse that they live so far away. In her mind she’s protecting her from being not wanted and neglected by her father. Just a theory.

  24. ShanKat says:

    Dear France

    You’re welcome.

    Love L.A. County

  25. LucyOriginal says:

    Great news!

    In 3 months or so, we will hear Halle Berry talking about her split with Olivier…

  26. Jayna says:

    It was very transparent. He wanted to move back to France. period. Thus, when he fought it, made up other reason for move. If Oliver didn’t want to move back, this never would have happened. Nothing wrong with moving to France if there wasn’t an involved father.

    My friend married a father of two boys 12 and 14. He’s a lawyer. His ex was remarrying and wanted to move to another state not too far away with her new husband. He fought her in court and won. She, after a year and a half, though, moved and let him have primary custody.

  27. Amy says:

    Score 1 for Team Nahla. And remember that Halle Berry ADOPTED India Benet and then dropped that little girl (whose mother had been killed in a car accident long before she and India’s father married) like a hot rock when she split from India’s father.

    • I'm going to Guam! says:

      Amy, Halle never adopted Eric Benets daughter.
      A simple google search will tell you that.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I believe Halle was in the process of adopting India, when she broke up with Benet…it wasn’t finalized…

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        Really? Do you have any proof?
        You guys are just looking for a reason to hate on this woman.
        She never adopted his daughter and she has no obligation to take care of his daughter when they were no longer together after he cheated on her (That’s what I remember reading anyway).

      • Kristen says:

        Jesus Guam, chill the hell out. MsBPitt was making one of the least confrontational posts I have ever seen, and simply posted something she thought might clear up any confusion about the adoption issue. She wasn’t attacking you, Halle Berry, or anyone else for that matter. No, Halle did not formally adopt India and at this point in time, her intentions during that time period are unclear. But in defense of anyone who thought she had adopted the child, the internet news reports on that issue are so damn contradicting it’s ridiculous. For God’s sake, WIKIPEDIA has her listed as having adopted the girl, and so does People magazine, along with numerous other media sources. So contrary to your assertion that it only takes 3 sec to find out, all of the contradictory news accounts make it pretty damn hard to actually do that.

        My point is, once again, that you are actually the one who is getting awfully worked up about a group of people none of us knows. I’m not trying to bash you and I don’t think alot of the people who have responded to you here have done so merely to bash you. So calm down.

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        Uh, Kristen, I am perfectly calm here…I was just saying that it took *me* 3 seconds to google that information.

    • Seen says:

      You’re right … She had no OBLIGATION. But she ‘mothered’ her for years and then WHAM, where is she ? All of this paparazzi who follow her around (she says) where is the pic of her with her PREVIOUS little girl? No more hand holding, strolling thru the shop pictures that we use to see. And dad didn’t move away.

      • lisa2 says:

        Well didn’t Sandra Bullock do the same thing to Jesse James’s daughter. I don’t ever see anyone calling her out on that one. I find that interesting.

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        “Seen”, I would have done the exact same thing as Halle and Sandra if I were in their position.
        Their exe’s cheated on them and made the relationship even more difficult to maintain.
        I refuse to judge a woman on that because I know how difficult it must have been.
        Also, we don’t know if they keep in contact, they might still have some contact and Eric might even have cut her out of his daughters life, we don’t know, but it doesn’t even matter because whatever the reason may be, it’s her decision and hers only and it doesn’t make her a bad person.
        IMO, it was probably for the best.

    • Seen says:

      You’re right … She had no OBLIGATION. But she ‘mothered’ her for years and then WHAM, where is she? all of this paparazzi who follow her around (she says) where is the pic of her with her PREVIOUS little girl? No more hand holding, strolling thru the shop pictures that we use to see. And dad didn’t move away.

    • Seen says:

      You’re right … She had no obligation. But she ‘mothered’ her for years and then, wham, where is she? all of this paparazzi who follow her around (she says) where is the pic of her with her PREVIOUS little girl? No more hand holding, strolling thru the shop pictures that we use to see. And dad didn’t move away.

  28. Cam S says:

    I think it would be really hard to be that young and have bi-coastal parents.
    I don’t understand with all the deadbeat Dad’s out there, why this woman is trying to keep her daughter away from her Father? The little girl’s Father clearly loves his daughter. This is more than I can say for a lot of men out there. Halle should consider herself lucky that her Daughter has a doting Dad.

  29. jc126 says:

    Awesome!!!! Glad to read this.

  30. Dena says:

    Halle is not a special case. Absent the moving to France part, she hasn’t done anything other than what a lot of parents in divorce and/or child custody cases have tried before. She is not the first and she will not be the last.

    LET. IT. GO.

  31. Talie says:

    It’s pretty obvious this relationship with Olivier will be short-lived, so it’s best in the end. I just hope she stops the BS and learns to co-exist with her ex.

  32. Sugar says:

    my first thought on image 4…WTH Halle & Ollie what about Nahla-where are her aviators?
    actually they (H&O) come across so smug. oh to have been in ear shot after this came down. Did she rage while Ollie kept trying to interject a bunch of mousie “yeah but’s…” or was it the fall to pieces woe is me Halle that her strong manly man step in to comfort her?
    I’m going to go with raging H. she has put that ragin bitch image out there too much for me to ever buy into a softer kinder H. and yes, yes, I have read her interviews about her struggles from high school on. it’s what won’t kill you makes you stronger not what won’t kill you makes you a bitch-big difference.

  33. skuddles says:

    How long I wonder before Halle shows up in another cast? No innocent inanimate object will be safe from her wrath now…

    Oh, and congrats on the victory Gabriel!

    • Sugar says:

      up in 3…2…1 ladies & gentlemen introducing Halle’s next injury of sympathy grabbing (only in her head) attention.
      again I know of her condition that makes her susceptible to injury. I have my own & count it awesome if I get thru another year w/o breaking a bone but I have zero reason to use these injuries as attention getting props.
      & yup good for Gabriel but with her this is probably just one of many battles he will have to go through:(

  34. Aries_Mira says:

    If Halle is so concerned about the paparazzi in her daughter’s life, why can’t moving to a quieter part of the state (or elsewhere in the US) be an option? There are very famous celebrity families that aren’t photographed nearly as much as others. Is this because of where they live, or (also) because of HOW they choose to live with the fame that they have?

  35. I'm going to Guam! says:

    I secretly wish she would get back together with Gabriel, they looked so good together (shallow I know, I know).

  36. Jaxx says:

    Doing a dance of joy for this decision in Gabriel’s favor. Halle’s whole case was so clearly one of parental alienation, since France is no better protected from paps than the US. Case in point:

    Diana’s naked daughter in law.

  37. ezra says:

    Congrats Mr. Aubry and Nahla.
    Good one judge.

  38. Guest says:

    It is amazing how many people dislike Halle, she used to be a marketer’s dream. So unfortunate.
    In regards to her personal life; I hope she can find peace because of her daughter.
    If I disliked someone and they wanted to leave I’ll help them pack.
    Gabriel should get a job. Really it is about time.

    • Yasmine says:

      You obviously haven’t been doing your research. He does have a job, he’s a professional model.

    • Anna says:


      1. Gabriel Aubry HAS A JOB – He’s model, even one of the most recognizable models in USA. For the money claims, he needs to pay the lawyers for a ridiculous demand and cost money. Actually I agree with Ducky La Rue. As a woman I support equality, but also means equal responsabilities.
      2. Maybe she’s hated, but she’s a narcissist, hateful and crazy woman in a state of egocentrism she’s ruining the life of her daughter. There are few photos of Nahla and Gabriel and sorry, but the girl looks happy and she seems to love her dad. On the opposite side, the photos of Halle and Nahla, she looks a maid behind Halle in a sad situation
      3. I disagree in the part for “Pity for Halle”. Nahla deserves the pity

  39. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    Question.. Could Halle stop him from moving to any country he wants to? Does this right apply to fathers too..

  40. apsutter says:

    That’s what this crazy bitch gets for slandering the father of her child. Her whole argument that she needed to move to France to get away from the paps is total bs. She could live almost anywhere in the U.S. except for LA without being hounded by the paps. There are plenty of celebs who live in another state because they don’t want to deal with the harassment. This whole situation just shows how entitled she is and that she’s used to getting her way. What kind of person thinks they can move their kid out of the country away from the other parent?

    • OhDear says:

      Exactly! To be fair, French laws re: paps/publication of private information is stricter than that in the US. However, given that she could avoid the paps in the US by either (1) not calling them and (2) moving to an area where paps aren’t common, it’s clear that she wasn’t interested in her child’s maintaining a relationship with her biological father and used the tabloid culture excuse for her own self-interest.

  41. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Great news, congrats to Nahla!

  42. mrsezc says:

    If Halle didn’t want someone to block her efforts on custody .. she should of used a sperm donor!! I’m glad to hear the judge ruled against her, she’s been horrible to Gabriel and she deserves to have some of it heaped back on her!!

  43. mel2 says:

    So so happy for Nahla and Gabe. I will never endorse anything that Halle has her mark on.

  44. maxine says:

    Why do so many women hate Halle Berry? Not being snarky, just curious. Do any of the posters know her?

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      …Yes, we do Maxine. Are you her publicist?

    • I'm going to Guam! says:

      I have no idea, I’m not even a Halle fan (I have not watched most of her movies), but I got my head chewed off for daring to look at both sides to this story.
      I am not one to jump on bandwagons before I have the facts but I have noticed in other threads there is a lot of misogynist and thinly veiled racist comments about Halle.
      I disagree with Halle on the One drop rule, which I only recently started to read more about, however I will not stand for the horrible things said about this woman.
      I admit I usually try to defend women first because I know how (a lot) of women can be towards other women and frankly, it disgusts me.
      I obviously do not like how Halle has tried to move her daughter away from her father and even suggested they move to Quebec (shocker!) I got my head chewed off for that as well!
      And I also defended her right to not have contact with her exe’s daughter whom she did NOT adopt and yeah, head chewed off….Sandra Bullock did the same thing btw and I do not blame these women for that.
      And I think Halle comes off really bad with the way she’s handled her personal business.
      To answer your question; Something tells me some people would hate Halle no matter what she did.

      • V4Real says:

        Guam I posted on your other thread that I think the hatred for Halle stems from her antics with her custody case and the questionable behavior she has demostrated. I myself do not hate Halle but she comes off as a little unstable, it’s just my opinion, not a fact. I’m not a doctor.

        People also may tend to dislike Halle for some of the things she says such as the post about her deciding to cut her hair short to stand out from other Black actresses. It’s not only Halle, Selma Hayek was also ripped apart because the woman seemed to be obsessed with body image. We grew tired of contineous posts about this woman and what she had to say about her and other people’s weight. I guess we got fed up with two of the most successful actress of their time complaining about beauty when they are two of the most beautiful women in the business.

        As for the one drop rule with Halle; I don’t quite recall what she said about that but society did say that if a person had one drop of Black blood in them, they were considered Black. It’s not just a saying it was made law. So if she is agreeing with the law, then we can’t be mad at her for that. I tend to not believe in it, Law or not.

        There are a lot of celebs that get criticise on CB and we can’t defend what someone else thinks about them. I love Ben Affleck but on this site he is considered one of the biggest douches of all time. I still love him no matter what they say. People have the right to say what they want about any celebrity; and you have the right to not agree. Halle still has a great career and has stood the test of time. How many Black female actress has been in this business as long as she has and still going strong?

      • V4Real says:

        BTW I don’t think it’s a race thing either because read any post regarding Blake Lively, Kim K or Minka Kelly, we blast thier assess as well.

      • I'm going to Guam! says:

        I can’t comment so much about the one drop rule, I’m not African American, or American at all, so I don’t want to say too much about that, however, from what I’ve read I certainly don’t agree with it and think it’s horrible that was once law, and I find it especially horrible that there are people today that agree with it.
        I do understand Halle’s point as well, but I still cannot agree with it.

        I dislike the way she has handled the custody case as well and how she’s made what should be private matters, public.
        You talk about Halle and Selma etc, yes, they are both beautiful, but we must understand these are women of color whom have different experiences with sexism AND racism, that’s two very unique experiences which I try to have understanding for. Their beauty, although undeniable, come with a set of challenges that I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like.

        I can’t say I’m a fan of Halle or that I love her, in all honesty I’ve only seen one or two of her movies, my issue is with the one sided and unnecessary racio-misogynist comments aimed at her.
        I also find it worrisome how quickly people are ready to diagnose this woman with various different mental diseases.
        I try to have understanding for different people, no matter what their “race”, background and gender.

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        @I’m going to Guam: You did NOT get your ‘head chewed off’ for disagreeing with anyone. People criticized you for accusing anyone who tried to correct your misinformation of freaking out. Because noone was doing any freaking out but you. You were telling people to, “Chill out! OMG!” for no reason at all. People have contradictory views all the time. However, grownups don’t immediately whine that people are picking on them.

        You seem pretty informed on the portions of the story that you WANT to be informed on. And, if you’re going to over-post and whine at people who respond to your posts, don’t you think it would be a good idea to be more informed on the topic at hand? For example: Mr Aubry is a very successful male model who would be considered wealthy, but obviously isn’t as rich as Ms Berry (let’s face it–not many are). Unfortunately he’s had to cut back on his career to follow Ms Berry around to spend time with his daughter, and is being financially drained by constantly being dragged to court.

        Unfortunately, Ms Berry has given the public many reasons to dislike and distrust her over the years. She was vilified every single man she’s ever been in a relationship with. She was involved in multiple car accidents in which she never took any responsibility (one was a hit & run when she claimed she suffered a head injury and ‘didn’t remember’, another she blamed on the paparazzi, etc). She has also spent the last several years doing anything and everything she can to alienate her daughter from her father, for apparently no good reason at all.

        One more thing: I believe it was you who said that you would also drop your ex’s daughter if he cheated on you, as Ms Berry did with India (sorry, I’m too lazy to scroll back up and check). As a divorced mother who deals with my child’s inattentive father and how it affects my child I find this kind of attitude pretty disturbing. Even if Mr Benet DID cheat on Ms Berry (which over the years I’ve come to not be so convinced of) is that India’s fault? Ms Berry made sure throughout that marriage that the public knew she was an ah-may-zing stepmother and that she loved her stepdaughter oh-so-much. But when it no longer suited her she dropped her like a hot potato. I obviously can’t speak for you or anyone else, but this particular behavior definitively made me a non-fan of Ms Berry’s. But, you may believe whatever you wish–including that everyone on this entire thread are bullies that just want to pick on you.

      • V4Real says:

        Guam if anyone on this site is using racist remarks towards her then shame on them, that would only mean they have problems with Black people not just Halle. But what I’m trying to say is that Halle is one of the most successful Black or bi-racial actreses out there and I know she’s had her struggles in Hollywood but she is not the only actress of color that has had to struggle. She really needs to stop playing that card and be greatful for all her accolades and achievements. She won an oscar for crying out loud. After over 20 years in the business she still gets steady work.

        I even said that we are not doctors and and who are we to diagnose someone we don’t know but we are just looking at her public behavior. It’s just our opinions, not facts. We call Charlie Sheen crazy, Britney Spears and so on.

        This is just a gossip site which don’t make a dent in Halle’s life. Do you think that what we say on here is going to have an impact on her life or any other celebrity for that matter? I defend some celebs and I crucify some, this is the forum to do that. But I understand your need to defend Halle because yes some nasty things has been said about her. I made a comment about Zoe Saldana’s ethnicity and you should have seen the comments I got. It was like her entire family was coming after me. But that’s ok, say something bad about Idris Elba and the gloves are going on.(LOL)

        Lastly I don’t think Gabe’s hands are clean in this and the one drop rule is still law.

      • mel2 says:

        I did not read one racist comment about Halle. It doesnt matter if she was red, blue or yellow, she is a bitter woman who thinks she can take her daughter away from her father because she’s HB. Besides the custody case Halle always cries being a victim and never takes the blame. She’s a basket case and people can see right through her. I feel sorry for Nahla because she will inherit some of these same characteristics from her mother. It really is a sad situation.

      • skuddles says:

        Totally agree mel2, I’ve yet to see a racist comment about Berry on this site, thinly-veiled or otherwise. And I sincerely doubt CB would permit something like that to go through anyway. People’s problem with Berry stems from the fact she thinks fame and money entitle her to do whatever the hell she wants, including forcing Nahla’s devoted Daddy out of the picture.

        It was heavily rumored at the time of her and Aubry’s split that he was the one who did the dumping, despite her PR attempts to the contrary. She’s been on a bitter roll where he’s concerned ever since.

        I used to like her, as far as her acting and public persona went, no negative perceptions whatsoever. All I knew was she was talented and beautiful. But after hearing so many stories about her scheming, vile behavior and vicious (unfounded) accusations against Aubry, well now I just can’t stand the bitch. And I take great pleasure in knowing she lost this fight and that most people are smart enough to see through her manipulations. Awful to think she really doesn’t care what’s best for Nahla – if she did, she would not be trying to eradicate her daughter’s loving father from the picture.

  45. julie says:

    If I were Gabriel, I would sue her and make her pay my lawyers fees. Halle has basically ruined her career or what she had left of it

  46. Yasmine says:

    I can’t speak foe the other posters. However for me personally. I don’t hate Halle Berry. I don’t know her to hate her. I’m just disappointed that a grown woman who is way past old enough to know better would do the childish things she’s been doing. She’s an Oscar winner, so it shouldn’t have been hard for her to pretend to get along with him. I will say this for most of the posters though. They don’t hate her, they just cannot fathom that in this day and age where a lot of men don’t want to be parents, you have one who does and she’s trying to ruin that relationship. Especially when Halle herself said her father wasn’t in her life. A lot of people, myself included are not “team Gabriel “because he’s hot. Halle’s not hurting in the looks department either you know. It’s because every allegation she’s accused him of has been disproven. So either he’s good at keeping his dirt hidden or the dude really is squicky clean. Most of the people commenting have been following the case from the beginning so that’s why it seems as though they hate her. I do agree with you on the India situation. Eric benet himself said that Halle never adopted her. And lastly, Gabriel has a job, As I mentioned before, he’s a professional model, maybe if the commenters who automatically calls all of us Halle haters and then presumes to hate on him did their research before giving their two cents they would know that.

  47. Memphis says:

    She only wanted to move to France so she could cut Gabriel out completely and have Oliver step into the role of daddy.

    Her vision of the perfect family no longer included Gabriel and it would be much easier to have Oliver step in when Gabriel was thousands of miles away.

    I’m glad the judge ruled against her. A loving father shouldn’t be kept away for your own selfish reasons, Halle.

  48. Loulou says:

    Theres hope for the law in a state that regularly springs Lindsay Lohan, when you see such common sense exercised. Team Gabriel all the way! Nahla won’t be alienated from him and she’ll thrive. Halle Berry is seethingly jealous of Nahla’s healthy rapport with dad Gabriel and that’s the problem she should deal with in therapy, and stop taking it out on a father who’s devoted and present.

  49. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I hope she tried to pull this move for a legitimate reason (like Gabriel is a terrible father/wife beater/pedophile) something reasonable. If not it’s truly sad these two people can’t work it out. I’m sorry, you decided to have a child, put your big girl and big boy pants on and deal with it. That beautiful little girl didn’t ask to be born … but I’m sure she’d appreciate two parents that act like growns up and do what’s right for her. The pic of her in Gabriel’s arm is really adorable though … she is one super cute kid.

  50. Adrien says:

    The judge ruled against Halle’s wishes on the grounds that she named her daughter Nahla, after the lioness in Lion King.

  51. Lou says:

    I have a big, HUGE problem with the negative comments above about Gabriel receiving child support from Halle. If we, as women, want to ask for equality and be taken seriously, we have to be fair even when it isn’t beneficial to us. Either we do away with all spousal and child support across the board, or we need to realize that sometimes it’s going to work out that the female in the relationship is going to be the one paying.

    Also, can you imagine how much a protracted custody battle with Halle Berry would possibly cost? Gabriel has had to fight allegations of racism and abuse, as well as being a generally unfit father,for a couple years now. He may be a working model(and from what I understand he’s limited his work schedule since the custody issue came about), but his funds pale in comparison to Halle’s. He’s likely spent a huge chunk of change to retain lawyers who are the same caliber of Halle’s, just to maintain his rights as this little girl’s father.

  52. LeslieM says:

    Who cares about Halle Berry. I guess she’s in a new movie coming out,but the last time I saw her in one was for about four minutes in Valentine’s Day. The idea that her daughter should be raised in France to avoid the paps is crazy. Who want’s to see her picture anyway. If she wasn’t creating this fuss with her ex. No one would be photographing them at all. Selfish woman. Every child deserves to know both of it’s parents and Halle is no prize.

  53. Lee says:

    +1 each for law, order, and justice!

  54. Lisa says:

    I can’t stand her, every thing is always someone else’s fault, this latest stunt has me avoiding anything she graces the cover of, stars in and endorses….money talks:)

  55. Onyx XV says:

    ITA. In this custody case, it has always seemed like Halle was playing games. I’m glad the judge said no. Paparazzi may be annoying, but taking a little girl away from her loving father is just plain wrong.

  56. Kat says:

    What was she going to do in France with her daughter when her serial cheater “fiance” cheats on her? Because he is and he will, if he hasn’t already.

  57. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:


    Your mentallity and mind set is from the 40s and 50s and shes forcing that on her daughter…just because her daughters, what, darkly TAN??? Give me a break, please.
    As a white woman with a black husband I can tell you from white America we DONT ever think of people in the “one drop rule” rubric. To perpetuate it, as she is doing, is negative and fosters a tradition that ENDED long ago. People are mixed now and dont think like that. As well my BLACK husband thinks its lame as well.

    • ShugAveryPee says:

      No my mindset is not in the 50′s honey please I was born in the 80′s … But I am a black woman and i know what it is like to be black.. to grow up in southern california with white people and other races and i hear the comments.. i also have mixed cousins… i have whites and Mexicans in my family … you will never know.. I do not care if you have a black husband and black kids.. you will NEVER know.. i am glad you do not think that way .. but alot of white people do PERIOD.. I have heard enough comments to know… and the fact that you made a reference to her skin tone as what makes her black shows me right there how your mind works… my mother is black and she is lighter than Halle’s baby … so please educate your self

  58. G says:

    Why can’t she just move out of LA duh! I’m in northern CA and see celebs every now and then and you never see paps following them or it even reported. She’s FOS and I’m glad a judge saw right through her BS.

  59. Kosmos says:

    Oh gosh, I saw this news the other day and I was ELATED to learn that Halle could not move the child away from Gabriel…yay. Good try, Halle, but no yo-yo. If she didn’t want to share parenting, she should have thought about that before having a child. she had been with Gabriel for five years, so this wasn’t an overnight relationship and he definitely deserves to be the father he wants to be to this child. She may have star status, but can’t push every button to make things go her way…