Halle Berry ordered to pay $16,000 a month in child support: fair or exorbitant?

2014 CBS Upfront Presentation, New York
In June, 2012, Halle Berry was ordered to pay her ex, Gabriel Aubry, a whopping $20,000 a month in child support for their then four year-old daughter, Nahla. That number of course took into consideration the difference between their incomes. Halle has a net worth of $70 million, while Gabriel, a male model, has a net worth estimated at $4.5 million. Of course those numbers may not reflect their day to day financial reality. Halle has a new TV show coming out in July, a sci fi series on CBS called Extant. The last we heard about Aubry’s income, he owed $200k in back taxes and was rumored to be struggling in his modeling career.

Gabriel’s financial situation is about to become more stable, since Halle was ordered to pay him over $100k in missed child support payments along with $16,000 a month for Nahla, now six.

Halle Berry’s checkbook is about to get a workout … she’s going to start paying baby daddy Gabriel Aubry $16,000/month in child support — which comes to almost $200K a year.

A judge signed off on a settlement involving their custody dispute over 6-year-old Nahla.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon also ordered Berry to pay Aubry a retroactive payment of $115,000. And get this … she also has to pay him $300,000 in attorney’s fees.

[From TMZ]

What many outlets are missing is that $16k a month is a decrease from the amount Halle was previously ordered to pay, which she obviously hasn’t bothered to pay in over six months. She’s a deadbeat mom, basically, and what’s interesting to me is that Halle stopped paying her child support right around the time that her son with Olivier Martinez, Maceo, was born.

I wonder if Halle is still with Olivier. There was a rumor in March that Olivier moved out, and we haven’t heard much since. I did find photos of them together on Mother’s Day about a month ago, so maybe everything is ok on that front. Whatever the case, it’s probably a good thing that Halle wasn’t allowed to move to France with Nahla.

Update: A deadbeat, by definition, is someone who tries to avoid paying debts. So Halle does fit that definition.

Gabriel Aubry Picking Daughter Nahla Up From School

Exclusive... Halle Berry & Family Out For Mother's Day Brunch

The event photo of Gabriel above is the latest photos I can find of him, at a charity golf tournament in April. He looks like a douche with that hair. Other photos of Gabriel with Nahla are from last summer. Event photos of Halle are from May and June. Credit: WENN.com and FameFlynet

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  1. Mari says:

    Seems very fair. Most people had no problem with a judge ordering Salma Hayek’s husband to pay his wealthy ex-model wife 50k a month.

    • Renee says:

      For me personally, I thought that he should pay because it was an acknowledgement of the child, and I believe that Linda Evangelista had, and still has, primary custody. There was a discrepancy between how his daughter with Salma was being raised and how he was being treated. If they had joint custody and he had been actively involved in his son’s upbringing I wouldn’t have supported such a hefty payout, it was the principle of the matter. Of course, it doesn’t matter what I think as it’s up to the courts to decide:)

      • Lori says:

        I agree with you all the same.

      • LAK says:

        Renee: it came out in court that Linda had opted out of any support for her child right from pregnancy.

        She never pursued any support (for 4yrs) until her financial situation became precarious ie her billionaire BF dumped her and her long term contracts came to an end.

        The argument in court wasn’t really about child support since the baby father didn’t dispute his responsibility. What was in dispute was the level of mummy support inherent in the figures she presented to the court especially when she declared that she had no interest in being alone with the child.

        The baby father should have put the difference into a trust fund for the child.

      • JessMa says:

        Lak, it was never Linda’s right to opt out of support. The child support is for the child, his/her mother can’t waive their rights. The child has a legal right to support. People may make all kinds of private deals outside of court, but those will not hold if the matter goes before a judge.

    • AryaMartell says:

      From everything I just read and researched, it sounds like Halle and Gabriel have a joint custody agreement in place. Gabriel won his joint custody battle and that was part of his way of preventing Halle from taking Nahla to France. If that is the case then he deserves the child support.

    • judy says:

      totally fair, considering all the grief she put him through

    • ParisPucker says:

      Agreed. People are only questioning this because she’s a woman! She put him through hell and has gotten her comeuppance.

      • delorb says:

        What comeuppance? The guy is a model who didn’t want to move to FRANCE where he could have gotten actual WORK and seen his child. But he didn’t want to do that. He would rather sit on his butt and take her money. Fair enough, but lets call it what it is. Its the same thing Kevin F did to Brittany.

        I think that if he were a she people would be using the ‘gold digger’ moniker. But because they don’t like her, he’s this honorable father who is only blah, blah, puke!

        BTW, I think what he was given is a pittance of what she’s worth, so he didn’t win at that either.

  2. Loopy says:

    That is ridiculous, these Kevin Federlines truly nauseate me.

    • Renee says:

      I just commented below that he reminded me of K-Fed. Mainly in terms of looks.

    • Amanda says:

      I find it strange that it nauseates you. Child support in California is based on a percentage of your income. It’s so that the child continues to live in a house of the same financial means they would if mom and dad were still together. If it truly disgusts you, write your congressman since it’s THE LAW that it works this way.

      Anyways, I for one think he deserves every penny and she’s a deadbeat who doesn’t pay child support.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        (Blinks) Halle is a ‘deadbeat’ who doesn’t pay child support? Do you mean like a man who lives a responsibilty free life while a woman struggles to provide, care for, and raise his children on her own?? There is a distinct difference between a ‘deadbeat Dad’ who doesn’t pay child support to the mother of his children who is actually ‘providing care for/raising’ his kids on her own, and Gabriel Aubry’s situation.

        Halle is Nahla’s primary care-giver. Nahla doesn’t ‘live’ with Gabriel. That’s also the difference with Salma Hayek’s husband paying the ‘mother’ of his child $50,000 a month as well … the child ‘lives’ with his/her mother, and his/her mother is the primary care giver and actually provides a permanent home for the child.

        That’s what is so messed up with Halle paying Gabriel a shite load a money every month. He wants to create an environment equal to Halle’s for what probably averages out to two months, or less, a year that Nahla is actually with him (weekends, vacations, etc.). The other 10 months when Nahla isn’t with him, ‘he’ lives that life style equal to Halle, off of ‘Halle’s’ money … which, I think, was his goal all along.

        Nahla lives with Halle. ‘Halle’ provides a permanent home for her daughter. There is no way Gabriel should get that much money … no woman would, if she didn’t provide a permanent home for a child (if the child ‘lived’ with their father).

      • minime says:

        @ Emma
        You said it better than I could. No woman would get that much money in the same situation. Not that I will cry over it, she has the money to pay it, so be it.

        The insane hate against everything Halle Berry is already showing on this thread.

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t hate Halle at all.

      • Nightykickedout says:

        Oh, the baby lives with Halle? Wow, in my country, the parent who receives the money is the one providing for the child. Let’s take this situation: the kid lives with HB, so HB would be receiving money from him, even if the baby spends weekends an holidays with him…
        If the baby lived with the guy full time and only on weekends and holidays with HB, then HB would have to pay ….

      • bluhare says:

        I don’t hate her either, and Gabriel should get his share of child support. It is for Nahla, right? If a man and women in similar economic situations — with the man as the breadwinner at Halle’s level and the woman as breadwinner at Gabriel’s level, I seriously doubt people would be arguing.

        And she hasn’t paid him child support for the past few months. What would you say if a man was delinquent on his payments?

      • Hyena says:

        Does anyone actually know if Nahla lives primarily with Halle or Gabriel? It seems like a lot of people are making assumptions. We know what joint custody means but where does Nahla reside? Bueller? I don’t think anyone knows.

      • Bridget says:

        @Emma: a deadbeat parent is by definition one that blows off child support payments. If Halle hasn’t been paying for a significant amount of time that would make her a deadbeat.

        And I thought we didn’t actually know the Aubrey-Berry custody arrangement?

      • Stef Leppard says:

        It’s possible that they split care of the child equally, as is the case in some divorces (182 days with one parent, 183 with the other). IMO, if a judge (actually multiple judges) decided that this was the best situation for Nahla, then I’m not arguing :) . I think it’s best to remember that this is child support, not spousal support, so theoretically all the money is going toward Nahla’s care.

      • Algernon says:

        I thought the reason she wasn’t allowed to move to France was because Gabriel Aubry was demonstrably a daily part of Nahla’s life. I thought the reason her move was barred was because the judge determined it would be detrimental to Nahla’s relationship with Aubry.

        I’m with you guys. We don’t know how much time Nahla is spending with Aubry, but given how much he was awarded, it has to be fairly significant. And it’s child support, not palimony, and the courts do check up on those expenditures. He can probably use it for house payments, since that’s where he stays with Nahla, but it’s not like he can fund shopping sprees and vacations for himself with that money. He has to spend it on Nahla and Nahla-related things.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        “Bueller?” Lol!!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Bluhare, who wrote: “I don’t hate her either, and Gabriel should get his share of child support. It is for Nahla, right? If a man and women in similar economic situations — with the man as the breadwinner at Halle’s level and the woman as breadwinner at Gabriel’s level, I seriously doubt people would be arguing.”

        Halle and Gabriel weren’t married and they weren’t together long enough for him to sue for ‘spousal’ support. Normally, when a couple files for divorce the parent with ‘primary’ physical custody of the children gets ‘child support,’ which is different from spousal support … which is what I believe most posters here think Gabriel is getting from Halle. From what I remember of the legal case, the judge granted Gabriel joint ‘legal’ custody of Nahle, not joint physical custody. Halle has full ‘physical’ custody of Nahla, which means that Nahla doesn’t live with Gabriel half-time and Halle half-time. It means they both have a say in the child’s health and welfare (medical care, etc.), but Halle has full physical custody.

        Gabriel’s reason for not wanting Halle to move to France with Nahla was because he said he wouldn’t be able to afford to visit her in France. It wasn’t because he had joint ‘physical’ custody of Nahla and was fighting Halle on depriving him of joint physical custody. Many legal experts have said that the judge’s decision to prevent Halle from moving to France with Nahla was unprecedented since she has physical custody.

        Again … if Gabriel were a woman whose child lived with the father and who sued her past lover/baby daddy for money so she could provide the child with the same environment the child’s father has whenever the child visited her (which would be less than two months a year) people here would label her a gold digger who didn’t really care about the child and was only after what she can get from the father. This is exactly how I see Gabriel Aubry. He’ll never have to work again until Nahla turns 18, but he ‘will’ be able to wine and dine women on Halle’s dime and live the carefree life of a gigolo.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Emma, it seems a lot of your outrage comes from the idea that the daughter lives primarily with Halle. I don’t think that is the case.

        You are making all of these assumptions about Gabriel, which I don’t think come from a factual place. I have seen Gabriel and Nahla out grocery shopping, and he definitely seems to be a hands on dad.

      • bluhare says:

        This isn’t spousal support, Emma. It’s child support, and being married has nothing to do with it.

        Who lives with whom has nothing to do with it either. It has to do with what Halle is required to do. Period. End of story.

      • Omega says:

        @Tiffany ;)

        I think assuming that a man who calls paps to take pics of him shopping with his daughter is a good dad is a major leap. I suppose you are going to challenge that he called the paps (I have the gift of prophesy you see) but even if I left that bit out, you cant assume that just because you saw your neighbour shopping with his kid that he is “hands on”. Could be a once every six months event for him. Could be that neighbour is also extremely detached or even abusive when you are not looking. Could be that he arranges so outings just so that you think that he is an awesome daddy.

        Now excuse me as I wade out of this mess of a story.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Omega, I don’t need to do any assuming and your “gift of prophesy” seems to be broken.

        There were no paparazzi when I saw them. They were just doing their shopping at Trader Joes like a normal family. I say “hands on” because of their interactions, they seemed to have a very loving father-daughter relationship.

      • LNG says:

        Who lives with who actually has everything to do with it. Generally, the person with primary physical custody is paid child support, because they have more expenses related to taking care of the child (food, clothes, their portion of the housing, etc. etc.). It is rare to see someone with more than 50% of the parenting time paying child support to the other parent. In Canada, if one parent has the child 60%+ of the time, they are paid the full amount of support. If the parents share 60-40 or 50-50 than the child support amount for their respective incomes is set off of each other, and the higher earner ends up paying the lower earner child support (but in a lesser amount). Given the disparity of incomes here, it doesn’t really surprise me that Halle is paying child support even though she has primary physical custody. The disparity is so huge that Halle can afford to fund Nahla’s lifestyle at her home and at Gabriel’s home.

        The fact that this is a reduction in child support from $20,000 to $16,000/month tells me that either Gabriel is spending less time with Nahla or his income has increased. Those are the factors taken into account when determining child support – one of the other must be true in order to justify a change. If I were to speculate I would say that Gabriel started seeing Nahla less often, and Halle stopped paying child support as a result, but didn’t do so through the proper methods. The court is now recognizing that he sees her less and is therefore owed less. That is pure and simple speculation based on my knowledge of family law.

        $16,000 is not a huge amount given the income we are talking about. I have seen higher monthly amounts ordered where the income/net worth was nowhere near Halle Berry levels.

        The fact that Halle was not allowed to take Nahla to France does not necessarily mean that Gabriel has joint physical custody. Its a very high standard to be allowed to move a child away from a parent who has access rights to them, even if they only exercise access on the weekends. If the move will make access difficult, you have to show a VERY compelling reason why you are moving (i.e.: you have a specialized job and this is the only place that you can get employment). I know of a case where a mother had primary physical custody and her new husband was moved to another country for work. He had no choice about going. She was not allowed to take her children with her because to do so would have prevented access by their father, who saw them every other weekend.

      • MW says:

        He absolutely deserves the child support. What some of you do not remember is that one of the reasons Halle objected to GA having visitation with his daughter was that she didn’t like the the place in which he was living. That is why he got a more ritzy home, and the Judge rightly decided that if that is what Halle insisted on, she could come up with the exorbitant rent. The reason all of the countless custody matters started at all was that Halle left GA’s name off Nahla’s birth certificate, and he merely wanted to establish his parental rights. That started the ball rolling with her numerous attempts to get sole custody, (using every trick and false accusation in the book, in incurring hundreds of thousands in attorney fees) and kick him out of his daughter’s life. Which the Judge obviously saw through. Some people here do not know or remember the true facts of this travesty. GA has gone through Hell to remain a part of his daughter’s life!

      • delorb says:

        The ONLY reason he remained in CA is because of their liberal laws regarding child support. He and his fans claim that he’s a model, so being in France would be more lucrative IF one wanted to work. But its probably less advantageous if one wanted to get child support. Its why a lot of famous people file in CA.


        If you’re going to bring up the past, then don’t forget his using the N-word in front of his daughter. Or how his family has gone on record with how he truly is. This isn’t some poor guy trying desperately to stay in his child’s life. This is a guy who doesn’t have his daughter a lot of the time, who saw a paycheck and went for it. While there is nothing wrong with that, lets call it what it is.

    • Kaylen says:

      And single female mothers getting aid? They make you sick too, right? Right?

      • Jojoann says:


        Thats a strawman argument if I ever saw one. Lol.

        Seriously though, this isnt a gender rights issue. No need for MRAs to sharpen thir knives. Nobody likes a money grubbing mummy and same ought to apply to daddies. Female celebs who reach for large child support payments are routinely torn apaet here. And that applies across the board, even where the couple in question is a lesbian one (see Melissa Etheridge). Even where the dad is a grade a dbag, posters still question large payments (see Charlie Sheen)

        Actually lets stick with Charlie for a second to illustrate just how ridiculous this amount is for joint custody. Charlie doesnt share joint physical custody with Denise. They have two
        (maybe 3) kids with her. Charlie is worth much more than Halle. Now lets wait and see if the court does give her anything near the 50k mark. Highly doubtful but lets see.

        Gabriel has some serious cash management issues too, no? He clearly lives above his means and it looks like he expects his exto bank roll his lifestyle not to mention pay his IRS bill. Like many models, male and female, the guy got a retirement plan and its all about baby.

        Now, I think Nahla does deserve to have a good lifestyle at both homes. But its disingenous for anyone to suggest that 16,000 a month is what would create that lifestyle. As long as he has a roof over his head in a decent neighbourhood and has a running car to take her around that ought to be fine. He does NOT need to drive the latest BMW to create a lifestyle that doesnt disrupt her life.

        To summarise, I have no issue with child support orders in his favor but this is too much. Its greedt and makes me side eye him for even going after that much. I dont care how “likeable” (read hawt) he is, he just dropped about 100 notches in my book and I wasnt a fan to begin with.

      • Hyena says:

        Hey Jojoann

        Great argument considering charlie sheen was consistently paying both Brooke and Denise 55000/month in child support UNTIL he went on his recent rampage and now it’s with the courts.

        Also, the rest of your post is too long to read. why do you care so much?

      • bluhare says:

        Why is it too much, Jojoann? Does anyone know what Halle’s monthly income is? That would be how we could determine whether it’s too much.

      • Gen says:

        I think he can drive whatever; but security for the daughter of an uber-famous actress: that probably costs a lot.

      • Jojoann says:

        @ Hyena *crickets*

        @Bluhare; Seeing as they have joint custody and I gather she has primary physical custody, I am not too bothered about what proportion this is of her income. I am more concerned that a court decided that a monthly 16k was required to maintain a child who doesnt even reside with the father. Whats he doing with that cash? I mean, its not paying school fees or buying her clothes I bet. I think its cash to keep him in a “lifestyle to which he is accustomed”. Its back door spousal support even though he doesnt merit it. Now if he was destitute then I would think otherwise. But a decent house, a car and nutritious food is all he needs to provide. Sofas dont need to be designer, surfaces dont need to be marble and faucets dont need to be gold. That wouldnt be for Nahla……..that would be for Gabriel.

        @Gen; I completely agree on the security. But I suspect that Halle would have security who travel with Nahla if required. Even if that arrangement isnt in place and it was the rationale behind such a large settlement , I expect there would be a mention of it in the news. No I really think this money is about keeping Gabriels bum nice and cushioned now that he has few prospects post-modelling. Gold diggers take note.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “I am more concerned that a court decided that a monthly 16k was required to maintain a child who doesnt even reside with the father.”

        You wrote that after saying that you “gather” that she doesn’t live with Gabriel…but you don’t know that.

      • Leona says:

        Tiffany I think we are all operating on gossip here but all the reports I have seen state that Halle has physical custody. Also, remember when the judge denied Halles request to move to France? His argument was that Aubrey wouldnt have as much contact with the child as the custody arrangement requires. If Aubrey had primary physical custody, Halle would not even have been able to file for permission to take her along without significantly varying the custodial arrangement first. Her first filing would have been to strip him of primary physical custody and THEN file to have Narla leave with her.

      • MW says:

        Jojoann – he pays a large amount of money for rent. That is where the money goes. Not to mention attorney fees, thanks to Halle. Where he lived was initially one of Halle’s first reasons (before she came in with the big guns and was falsely accusing him of everything under the sun in order to have him declared unfit, and to have his parental rights taken away) why she did not want GA to have visitation — where he was living was not up to her or the child’s standards. So he moved, and incurred a huge change in rent. If you had followed this crazy story of Halle trying to kick this man out of their daughter’s life, you would know better. Thank goodness the Judge knew what he was looking at!!! GA has been through Hell trying to be, and remain, a part of his daughter’s life.

      • Lucinda says:

        @MW Everything you just said. Halle has done everything she can to kick GA out of her daughter’s life. That’s right. HER daughter. That’s how she sees it. She wanted a baby and then she wanted to walk away and lo and behold GA wanted to be involved in the baby’s life which was not part of her plan. Since then she has done everything she can to discredit him. God knows how much time and money he has spent to stay involved and how much work he has lost because he’s dealing with this nonsense.

      • MW says:

        Lucinda – thanks, and exactly what u said too. Some people just spout off without knowing about any or all of the facts, nor the duress she has caused him. Then without knowing all the facts, people post nasty remarks and call him lazy, or a golddigger? It was never about money. I think he has done an amazing job fighting to be part of his child’s life, and whatever the judge awards him, is well-deserved. And the judge thinks so too.

      • delorb says:


        The report clearly states that Halle has to pay his court costs. Jeez. You’re crying so hard for this dud, that you can’t even read straight. He’s not on the hook for anything, not even his child for the better part of the year.

    • eliza says:

      Do you feel the same way when a woman gets a huge amount of child support?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Eliza, who wrote: “Do you feel the same way when a woman gets a huge amount of child support?”

        The difference is that the woman who gets a huge amount of child support usually (99.9% of the time) has full-time 24-7 physical custody of the child/children (except for vacation/holiday time–if any–with Dad) and has to provide a home/place for the child/ children to stay, the food to feed them, clothes, school supplies, etc. And if she works, she has to pay someone for child care.

        Gabriel doesn’t have to do any of that. Nahla arrives at his house clothed by Halle and she is also paying for Nahla’s school tuition. All Gabriel has to provide is a place for her to stay when she visits him. The lifestyle he wants to maintain for Nahla is really for ‘him.’

      • Jojoann says:


        Perfectly stated. This is all about keeping a working model in luxury.

      • The Original Mia says:

        @Emma & Jojoann, do you think there’s nothing of Nahla’s at Gabriel’s place? That she doesn’t have clothes and toys and books that are purchased by her father for her? You act as if Halle is dropping her off with a suitcase. From what we’ve seen, one of the parents drops Nahla off at school and the other parent picks her up to begin their visitation period. Nahla splits her time between her parents and therefore, she should have (and it was reported when Nahla was a baby that she had the exact same bedroom at Gabriel’s place as Halle’s) the same things she’s accustomed to having at her mother’s. That’s what child support provides. Not for Gabriel’s benefit, but for Nahla’s. If it wasn’t for Halle saying his place wasn’t up to snuff, he wouldn’t have had to move to another location. He wouldn’t be paying more in rent. He would be living within his means as he was when they split.

    • Montréalise says:

      Why does it nauseate you? Because they’re men, and you believe that only women should get child support? Both Halle Berry and Britney Spears – both multi-millionaires – CHOSE to have children with men who are relatively poor. Remember that Kevin Federline got primary custody of his kids because their mother was too ill to care for them. Should the kids live in poverty, even though their mother is very, very rich, just because the parent who has custody is the father? I’ll bet that you wouldn’t be nauseated if a poor woman who had custody of her kids with a multimillionaire father received substantial child support from him, so why the double standard?

      • CC says:

        Biology. Women give birth to the children, men don’t. You can spin it any way you want about their contribution to the process, but the truth is women put a lot more of themselves into making a child existing, They carry the growing child for 9 months, are responsible for keeping themselves healthy and restrict what kind of food and drink they consume for the sake of the child’s healthy growth, and the child comes out of their body, that creates a bond that men simply don’t have.

        And as a rule, they act accordingly. Their visitation rights, as a rule, is weekends only, it’s not done in a way that will interfere with their careers and most are perfectly fine with it, they rarely press for more, but it will definitely interfere with a woman’s, who are already targets of discrimination even if they don’t have kids. You simply don’t see a lot of 50/50 arrangements. For 2 reasons: women actually would likely have their kids full time as sole guardians if allowed, and men would rather remain bigshots climbing the corporate ladder, which is incompatible with school pick-ups, making dinner at kids hours, etc.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        CC, your post is so wrong, I don’t know where to start. I should show it to my neighbor, whose ex-wife is a chronic alcoholic that has driven drunk with her kids in the car multiple times. My neighbor does EVERYTHING for his children, his entire life revolves around them. He isn’t a man trying to “remain a bigshot”, he sticks with a job he doesn’t like because it offers him the flexibility to tend to his children. His ex-wife doesn’t even bother to call or show up for the majority of her scheduled visits. She calls the kids when she is drunk, and makes them cry because they are scared of her AND for her. She introduces her kids to her latest boyfriends, some of which do crack cocaine. She fails in her responsibilities to her children over, and over, and over and over.

        The fact of life is this: the quality of a parent is not determined by gender, it is determined by character and actions. Fathers can be just as attached and involved in their childrens’ lives as any mother can be. And yes, sometimes they are MORE involved in their kids lives than a mother. Blanket statements just don’t work when it comes to the realities of parenthood. Parents, if judged at all, should be judged on their own actions, not on their gender.

  3. PHD Gossip says:

    First photo seems like Halle is sporting a wig.

  4. Maria says:

    She’ll be paying more money once things go bad with her current husband.

    If the genders were reversed, no one would say anything (referencing other sites, not this one).

    She got a decrease, Nahla will continue to have a good life, and it’s a win win.

    Also, not paying child support to Gabriel doesn’t make her a deadbeat, they have joint custody. She should be making them, no doubt, but she does support her child.

    • birdie says:

      Yeah, I don’t agree with this deadbeat comment in this article, too.

    • swack says:

      Yes, not paying child support makes her a deadbeat. We call men who don’t make child support payments deadbeat dads, why can we not call a woman a deadbeat mom if she doesn’t pay what she was ordered to pay. Charlie Sheen is a deadbeat dad because he hasn’t been paying his child support to Denise.

      • Maria says:

        Charlie doesn’t have joint custody of his children, isn’t playing an active role in their lives, and had his ex wife raising those boys because he couldn’t be bothered.

        Halle spend equal time with her child, provides for her child (on her end), and isn’t allowing others to be a primary caregiver to her daughter.

        She is NOT a deadbeat parent.

      • Madi says:

        If this was just a family in your street and a woman was working say in an office and raising her daughter in her home, and the dad worked part time in McDonalds (sometimes but refused to try and find a steady job) and had the daughter on the weekends and took her for vacations. Would you really think that it is still right that the dad received monthly money from the mum? Would she be a deadbeat if she refused to pay for the dad who couldn’t be bothered to try and get a steady income?

      • Snazzy says:

        Yup I’m with you swack – deadbeat mom for sure!

      • Hyena says:

        The definition of a deadbeat parent is someone who doesn’t pay their court ordered child support. It is not a term that references their time and energy spent in a child’s life. Let’s stop rewriting words.

      • bluhare says:

        It doesn’t matter who has custody. A child support order is a child support order and she didn’t pay it. Ergo, deadbeat mom.

      • swack says:

        @madi. Child support is for the child/children. If the situation you describe was happening, yes I would call the mom a deadbeat mom. The father is a DB for not trying to get a job. If any person paying child support, male or female, doesn’t think the money is going to the child then go get an order to make the other person show what the money is going towards. Again, child support is mandated by the courts and should be paid.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Swack, who wrote: “Yes, not paying child support makes her a deadbeat. We call men who don’t make child support payments deadbeat dads, why can we not call a woman a deadbeat mom if she doesn’t pay what she was ordered to pay.”

        The difference is that Gabriel ‘does not’ have physical custody of Nahla, Halle does. When the women/mothers you’re measuring Gabriel against don’t get their Child Support payments, their child/children go without food, clothes, etc. because the children live with those women/mothers 24-7.

        Nahla didn’t ‘suffer’ due to Gabriel’s lack of child support payments because she ‘lives with her mother.’ This is so whacked because child support is usually given to the parent who has actual custody of the child/children. In this situation, that person is Halle, not Gabriel.

      • Madi says:

        Then that makes me a deadbeat mum.

        Huh, who knew that someone who was physically and mentally abused for years (almost killing both me and our kids when he almost knocked me out while I was driving down a motorway), whose husband spent every last dime on himself when I got the courage to kick him out and walk into the job centre with my 18 month old son on my lap with only £50 in a joint account (even that he wanted) then for the next year worked 6 days a week in 2 jobs (with me paying for all the child care for 3 kids) then not long before our divorce came through I got a great job that paid more than him, who knew I should have given him money as we “apparently” had joint custody.

        Glad I live in Britain and not LA

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Have you failed to pay court-ordered child support? I’m guessing no based on what you said in your comment, so…you’re not a deadbeat mum…

      • Lucinda says:

        So Madi are you assuming GA is not trying to work? I know that he would have had a very difficult time finding work in his current career after HB’s current husband beat the crap out of GA. We don’t really know what kind of work he is doing. We do know that HB failed to pay court-ordered child support. Therefore the deadbeat title fits.

      • Montréalise says:

        Maria – if parents have joint custody but one makes more money than the other, the courts will still order the wealthier parent to pay child support to the poorer one, in order to avoid the situation where the child eats filet mignon and wears designer clothes in one household, but eats Kraft dinner and wears thrift shop duds in the other.

        Madi – why do you think that Gabriel is not working or not trying to find work? One thing is certain – Gabriel Aubry, like 99.999% of Americans, could never make the kind of income that Halle Berry does. If she didn’t want to pay child support, maybe she should have chosen a billionaire to father her child.

      • delorb says:

        Seeing as how this was working its way through the court, then she’s done nothing wrong and is not a deadbeat. Why pay for something when you’re not sure of the outcome? My brother paid child support on the word of the girl. She kept putting off the DNA test. In the meantime, the state of Texas took her word. When she finally got the DNA test, it wasn’t my brothers. The great state of Texas told him that he wouldn’t be getting ANY of his child support money back. Now if she doesn’t pay after this judgement and IF she doesn’t fight it, then yeah, she’ll be a deadbeat.

    • LadyMTL says:

      @ Maria Sorry, but if a parent – father or mother – is not paying child support that makes them a deadbeat (or borderline deadbeat). Especially in Halle Berry’s case, we know she has the money so why isn’t she making the payments?

      • Josephina says:

        Halle is the PRIMARY caregiver. Nahla lives mainly with her mother.

        Paying 16K/month to someone you were never married to, while YOU provide the permanent home and most of the care is crazy.

        Yes, they probably have joint custody or something like that. The child is a little girl, age 6, and still spends most of her time with her Mommy.

        From infancy until now, do you really think that Nahla’s needs were met largely through Aubrey’s parenting? In the beginning years, much of the caregiving rests upon the mother’s shoulders, married or not.

      • Snazzy says:

        @ ladymtl – ITA!!
        And since Halle spends most of her time in France, who’s taking care of their daughter! Papa is! So she sould pay or else accept being called out as a deadbeat mom

      • bluhare says:

        Josephina, take it up with the courts. The facts are she is supposed to pay Gabriel child support, and last I read they have 50/50 custody. Therefore she and Gabriel are co-parenting their child. Halle has a court order to pay child support. She didn’t.

    • Kimmy says:

      Does Halle have primary custody? Or is it joint?

      If she is the primary care giver, that does seem like a lot of child support. I thought the parent that didn’t have custody, owed the other. Were they even married?

      Guess I don’t understand CA’s custody laws!

  5. Renee says:

    I don’t understand why one parent would have to pay child support if there is shared custody arrangement in place and they are both earning money. And while his income pales in comparison to her’s, it’s not like he is worth $100 000 and is struggling to make ends meet in LA. But whatever, if she is ordered to pay that by the courts then she should pay. I know that people are going to come on this thread and crucify her now so I think that I will exit stage left. Except to say that I agree, he does look like a douche with that hair. He always reminded me of K-Fed appearance-wise, he just looks like he showers more often and takes better care of himself.

    • Kate says:

      Because it’s difficult when there’s a huge income disparity, even when both people are wealthy (though I highly doubt Gabriel is worth anything like 4.5mil unless he has some other income stream). Child support ensures the lower earning parent can still be an active participant in their child’s life.

      Where I’m from we don’t have this, and so you end up with situations like the wealthier parent moving to an extremely expensive area and enrolling their child in a local school. The lower earning parent can’t afford to live close-by, and so they don’t get to see their child nearly as often since having them on school nights is no longer feasible due to the commute. Or you have kids who live in a mansion during the week and spend the weekend in a run down 1 bedder, and the relationship with the lower earning parent suffers because naturally the kids want to be at the house with the pool and the home theater. Or the wealthier parent gets full custody simply because they can afford better childcare or are able to take extended leave from work, while the other parent can’t be as flexible since they need the money.

      • Renee says:

        What you are describing I don’t think applies to Gabriel. I don’t think that he is living in a bedsitter and driving a burned out ’79 Pinto. It’s one thing if there is a discrepancy in terms of how a rich parent treats their offspring with other people (i.e. children with different partners, I don’t know why I made that sound so convoluted) but if Halle is the primary caregiver who is paying for most of Nahla’s clothes, activities, lessons, etc., then why would she have to pay an exorbitant amount on top of what she is already paying? And if his modeling work is drying up then he should be looking for another form of employment. Again, he is not the primary caregiver so he is more than capable of doing this if his primary concern is keeping his daughter in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

    • minime says:

      “…if there is shared custody arrangement in place and they are both earning money. (…) it’s not like he is worth $100 000 and is struggling to make ends meet in LA.”

      If it would be with a woman everyone would be calling “gold digger” but apparently this guy gets a lot of slack for some reason. Anyway, if she is ordered to pay, she needs to pay, but lets not pretend that this guy is any better.

      • bluhare says:

        A gold digger is someone who is out for money. Gabriel was never called that until he started to fight for custody of Nahla. And all of a sudden, that’s what he was.

        Now those women having sex with famous and/or wealthy men without using birth control? Gold diggers if they’re looking for a baby to give them an 18 year income stream. I think that’s disgusting. And men having sex with these women without condoms? Idiots who deserve what they get. I feel for those poor children.

      • Snowflake says:

        But his standard of living without child support would be equivalent to you having a mansion and your ex living in a trailer park in a drug infested neighborhood and taking care of your kid there. I understand he doesn’t have to live like Halle but think about the disparity in their lifestyles. Is it fair to punish the dad? When he can’t provide the lifestyle nahlas used to? It’s ok, nahla, go to daddy’s shack , he doesn’t love you, that’s why he doesn’t give you the things I do

      • janeFR says:

        and considering her past behavior, that’s exactly what she would say. Just before going to a judge, saying that her ex is putting her child in danger and so should not be allowed to take/see the child again.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        What’s the difference between rumor and fanfiction here? Thin line and all that.

      • Leona says:

        Jane, Halle isnt fighting this. She has acceded to it and we dont even know how she feels about it

        Snowflake, thats really over stating it. At their level of wealth, theres probably not that much difference in how they live. Aubreys house may be smaller and he probably cant take a super expensive vacation on a whim but beyond that I dont think its that big a difference. He can still afford to feed her on gourmet food and take her on high end holidays. He is upper middle class in his own right after all.

      • janeFR says:

        If she had really accepted to do it, she wouldn’t be months late in paying child support.
        And I was NOT trying to say that she was actually, again, planning to take the child away from her father, but that I could see her doing it IF the CA laws were not here to make sure that the child lives in the same level of comfort with both parents.

      • delorb says:


        You are so right. For some reason (I think its because not many people like Halle. I think its akin to hatred from some people), that he gets a pass. I don’t get it. They seem to think that Halle is supposed to just take the first judgement and not fight. Everyone fights the initial judgement. And until everything is final, why would anyone pay one thin dime? And for this she gets called a deadbeat. Once that money is paid, it can never be returned. What if she’d won her case AND had paid? People around here would still be trashing her.

    • Ennie says:

      How many jobs can be paid as well as being a high rated movie actor? millions of dollars for a few weeks job?
      Even if Aubry can get a 9 to 5 job, it is not a definite that he will be paid as much as he gets as still being a model or something related to that.
      I have a friend who is a teacher and she had a baby with a rich man who does not go to an office, he just enjoys life (now she lives with him, but he is an as*).
      He was constantly berating her job, because she had to work everyday for hours and was getting little money. He had a nice house and bought his kid expensive clothes… if it were a competition, he could have made her life difficult in the long run because children many times become interested in nicer things, of course.
      I think some of this applies to the Nahla situation. I agree with the payments.

  6. Kiddo says:

    At her scale, I don’t see how it’s outrageous. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  7. notpretentious says:

    I don’t think it’s fair. Say for instance me and a boyfriend (not husband) had a kid together and it didn’t work out. As long as he has shared custody, I wouldn’t have to pay him child support. It’s not like they were married.

  8. K. says:

    Of course it’s fair. If it’s tied to her net worth and income, why shouldn’t she pay that amount? A MAN would have to do it if he was worth that much.

  9. Amy123 says:

    Isn’t a deadbeat parent somebody who never sees their child as well as not paying support? Halle is seen with Nahla all of the time. I assume that child support is based on salary because I never understood the huge amounts when a celebrity/wealthy breakup.

  10. Ali J says:

    Justice for all. Well deserved.

  11. Kim1 says:

    I guess he will never get a job now.Well at least he is not supporting 4 or 5 kids with her child support like KFed.

  12. Rose says:

    It upsets me that she owed child support for six months! Wth?

    Can someone inform me? I might have missed this along the way. I thought they had shared custody. Does this mean Gabriel has full custody?

    • Rose says:

      I commented before comments were loaded. I understand now.

    • lala says:

      Even in shared custody agreements there will always be what is considered “the primary caregiver”. I’m pretty sure Nahla lives primarily in CA with her dad, which means that because HB is currently living in France, GA will be taking on the majority of his & Nahla’s living costs.

      It drives me nuts when other women call GA a K-Fed copycat. He’s not. It’s so funny how women have such double standards. If the child support situation were the reverse I’m sure they wouldn’t have any problem with it. He actually wants to be an active father, which is a rare thing these days and he certainly doesn’t seem to be knocking up multiple women the way K-Fed has. How many kids does K-Fed have now? I think a total of 7 with 3 different women. GA doesn’t have any other children and I’m almost 100% sure that HB ended the relationship with him while he actually wanted to stay with her & work things out especially for their daughter, but HB decided to leave him anyway.

      There is a reason that the HB has never been in a relationship lasting longer than 4-6 years. She has some serious personal & emotional issues that prevent her from being in a stable lifelong romantic relationship. GA is a great looking guy, just google his images. He cleans up very nicely IMO. He just doesn’t give a damm what he looks like in everyday life because he’s busy taking care of his daughter. Same ridiculous double-standard. If a woman looks like crap while out with her kid she gets the excuse that “oh well she’s a mom so she’s busy and tired so we won’t judge her for looking like crap”.

      And quite frankly she is a crappy mother too because she chose another man over her child. I’m sure it was OM that persuaded HB to move to France and I’m sure from the constant rumors about how jealous/possessive/unfaithful OM is, that he wanted to keep HB away from GA purposely and I’m sure he’s also happy that Nahla is out of the way too. I think he wants HB all to himself and doesn’t want any reminder of GA around. There’s a lot of talk about how HB/OM won’t even make it another year and their relationship is already in deep trouble. A real man would not force a woman to choose between himself & her child. Anyway, Nahla always looks much happier when she’s with her dad than when she’s with her mother or OM.

      • Josephina says:

        People end relationships because something is NOT working.

        Halle has had to control her level of hostility towards Gabriel. At times, she has not been successful. We all know of persons who have kids with someone yet don’t have respect for one another. And yes, people who do not get along should not stay together.

        Halle’s relationship with her daughter is fine. Gabriel’s relationship with his daughter is fine. Halle and Gabriel together? No bueno.

        At this point, she has to pay the money. She is currently married and has TWO children that she is raising. The dust has settled, and these two will co-parent because they love their child.

      • delorb says:


        You need to write fan fiction for all the armchair analyzing you’re doing with Halle. A person who you don’t know personally, but can somehow determine she has “serious personal & emotional issues” and of course “she is a crappy mother too”. But Gabby is clean as the driven snow because he’s “is a great looking guy, just google his images.” I’m sure how a person LOOKS is proof.

        I think Halle has anti-STANS. Every time there is a thread on her, the same loonies come out and dissect her life. BALLS!!!

  13. birdie says:

    Halle Berry is not a deadbeat mom.

  14. Dawn says:

    I think by Hollywood standards that is very reasonable. Gabe seems like a very hands on father and I was sad for him when Halle tried to remove him from Nahla’s life.

    • Uh.. says:

      Dead beat is a bit harsh and judgemental from someone who doesn’t live with that child on a daily bases, no? Especially from someone who doesn’t have any children so it’s not as if your are speaking from personal experience. How rude.

      • Dawn says:

        @ Uh…did I miss something? Nowhere at any time did I call Halle a dead beat nor was I judgmental or harsh. You can see in every picture that Gabe and Nahla have a great relationship and Halle did try to take her from him. Did you read what I wrote? No matter how you slice it, fathers are important in children’s lives unless they are proven to be abusers which Gabe clearly is not. And I was NOT rude.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I am confused by Uh’s comment as well. Where did they get the idea that you don’t have any children, and is that really a reason to discount someone’s opinion even if it were accurate? Dawn’s comment was worded in a very reasonable way…it seems like Uh’s comment is a response to someone else’s comment, not Dawn’s.

    • Snowflake says:

      @ dawn
      I agree . He seems like a very loving caring father who wants to be in his daughters life. I think halls is one of those who likes bad boys, when she saw what a nice person he is, she lost her attraction to him. The way he has fought for his daughter is inspiring, esp when you see a lot of men that don’t seem to care about their kids.

    • Irishserra says:

      By the actual definition of a deadbeat, she sure is. She may have a great hands-on relationship with her child but if she breaks the law by arrogantly deciding not to pay what the judge ordered her to pay, she is – and there’s no way around it – a deadbeat mom. Sorry.

  15. original kay says:

    This was not the usual break up, custody sharing, etc.

    This woman has gone way beyond the pale with trying to keep Nahla’s dad from her. Yes, she should be paying child support, and yes to the attorney’s fees, yes to anything he can get from this lunatic woman.

    • eva says:

      Yeah, little sympathy from me, she basically tried to cut him out of his daughters life, who clearly adores her and she him. So selfish.

    • (The original, not CDAN) Violet says:

      This! I’m sure Halle’s antics have made it impossible for Gabriel to work steadily, what with needing to have lawyers on speed dial. Plus then there was the time Olivier left his face battered, which is not a good look for a model.

      Frankly, I think he deserves every penny…and then some.

    • Isadora says:

      I agree. Halle & Olivier seem well suited, they are both awful people. The whole assault thing was horrible (and Halle was there, so it’s not just Olivier) and it could have cost GA his most valuable asset as a model – his face.

      If the roles were reversed, if GA would be a mother fighting for her child, getting beaten up in the process and then the father wouldn’t pay the child support the court ordered him to pay… I guess it would look a bit different in the comment section here.

  16. starfan says:

    I don’t think Halle is a deadbeat mother. Guys want women to be “equal” when it benefits them I guess. That equality never shows up when it comes to equal pay at work. There are plenty of women who are single mothers & the guy doesn’t pay a dime. People have seen one too many Hollywood films because they think poor helpless men are being taken advantage off by the greedy, money hungry women. Hollowood rich guys pay because most of the women got married in their early 20s and never had to work. So when the guy dumps her at 39 for a 19 year old I’m not really surprised by the outcome. In the real world women have to find a job, or several jobs to support & raise the kid as a single parent. There are more Charlie Sheen type men in reality but go on with your “EQUALITY & JUSTICE FOR MEN” banter. Makes you look the kind of Fauxmenist guys would love to date.

  17. Monksolo says:

    Serves her right for being so superficial.

    • starfan says:

      He poses half naked for the camera. The guy ain’t curing cancer either. Nevermind, go on with your pitchfork & angry fist.

      • Khadijah says:

        Haahaa. In what way is Halle superficial? This dude is model. A Moooodeeeeel. And yes, he is over 30 years old.

        Is it just me but is there a tone on many of these comments that smacks a little bit like people are mad at Halle for being …………..a shade too dark?

      • Ennie says:

        oh please do not bring color into the discussion. Halle was abandoned by her dad. She knowingly got together with a man who was not in the same economic level as her.
        I think that she believed that Gabriel would abandon Nahla to her or something. The little girl deserves better.

    • Lily says:

      Please. Most men date women for their looks anyway. Honestly, most men take advantage of it when a chance comes up for them to trade up in regards to looks. Plus, she’s attractive herself. I think it’s funny when people call beautiful women superficial for wanting to date attractive men. Do all beautiful women have to date ugly men who are 15+ years older than them not to be viewed as shallow? You have been brainwashed by the ” nice guys” lol.

  18. If USA So says:

    If he’s worth 4.5 million why does her need child support from her? It’s stupid. I don’t blame her for not paying.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Being “worth” $4.5M doesn’t mean that you have that in cash. For example, he could have bought a home when he had more cash flow and that could be the bulk of his assets right now. He could also have investments that can’t be touched for certain periods of time, adding to his overall assets but not allowing him to pay bills.

      • If USA So says:

        Give me a break. I have two kids, who are with me three nights a week, and I support us on a 30 hour a week job. You have to live within your means. Maybe if this dude’s modeling career has dried up he should try getting a real job and downsizing his overheads.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        As others have mentioned, part of Halle’s complaints have been about the neighborhood that he used to live in and the fact that she wants her daughter to have security guards. High rent and guards might be a priorities that were determined by Halle and agreed to by Gabriel. Things aren’t always as clear cut as they seem.

  19. starrywonder says:

    She is a deadbeat. She did not pay court ordered child support for 6 months. She moved to France and had another family and seems quite content to not care that she owes the father of her other child money to support that child. If she was a guy everyone would be jumping all over this. As it is everyone is trying to call GH a deadbeat and K-Fed junior. HB was a huge model in Canada and was not broke. He didn’t have HB money but was doing great. And she talked all of the time about how loving and great he was until she broke up with him and thought it be cool to take their daughter away from him and not allow him to see her anymore. HB can go kick rocks.

    • Socalgal says:

      She didn’t move to France. She lives and works in L.A.. Her tv show films here.

    • Khadijah says:

      What fiction is this that people are spinning? Halle lives in LA with her kids and her new man.

    • starrywonder says:

      She is splitting her time between there and LA. She does not live permanently in France since she is not allowed to move there until her daughter is 18.

      Either way the CA courts ruled she owed child support to GA and she has not paid it at all. She is a deadbeat. They have joint custody. Halle does not have her daughter with her at all times since she also visits with her dad and when she has to travel or promote for work she is with him. Martinez looks completely checked out of their marriage so I guess in a few months we will get some more spin about how horrible he is too when that relationship implodes.

  20. feebee says:

    Wow I think she got off lightly.

    Deadbeat is the word. No different from any other co-parent who decides to not fulfill their obligations.

  21. ToodySezHey says:

    Alot of double standard whining up in here

    First if all, know the facts. . Part of the reason Gabe asked for support was because 1) Halle would demand that he care for Nahla while she was on set filming. Often. To where he had to turn down work to do so.
    And also because of the custody battle , just to be able to see his child, he repeatedly had to turn down work because Halle wouldn’t let Nahla travel to see her father.

    Basically Halle was blocking access to Nahla to spite him and it cost him lucrative career work in order to see his child. When he was awarded joint custody, part of the reason for the child support was so that Gabe would have the means to provide body guards and the same security she would get if she was with her mother.

    And crappy movies or not, Halle has bank.

    All I know is, Chris Bosh ‘ s baby momma needs to get Gabe ‘ s lawyer. That son of a bitch made 18 mil last year and only gives his ex 1200 a month.

    • Montréalise says:

      I hadn’t even thought about the security. Of course, you’re right – since Nahla is the child of a celebrity, she will need protection from potential stalkers, expensive protection that her father probably couldn’t afford on his own.

  22. Ruyana says:

    She probably didn’t help her case by having Olivier beat the crap out of Aubrey and then “losing” the security video. And the money is *child* support. It’s so her father can give Nahla the same benefits her mother can give. It’s not for him and it will stop when Nahla is legally an adult.

    My wealthy ex plunged us into poverty because he couldn’t grasp the concept that the money was for our children and *not* for me. So we suffered for years while he took home 20K a month, so this is a sore subject with me.

    • Lee says:

      I can relate. My wealthier ex kept me in continuous litigation for 11 years. Every time he didn’t get what he wanted, he would just start over. He actually said at the beginning he would destroy me financially, and he did, though he pissed off a few judges along the way, and hurt the kids. It always amazed me how he could get away with the most outrageous behaviour. Like Halle. The selfishness boggles the mind.

  23. Lee says:

    It’s all fair. Every single aspect of this decision is fair. Hopefully it will put a stop to constant litigation, and life can go on for Nahla, peacefully.

  24. lala says:

    Even in shared custody agreements there will always be what is considered “the primary caregiver”. Nahla lives primarily in CA with her dad, which means that because HB is currently living in France, GA will be taking on the majority of Nahla’s living costs.

    It drives me nuts when other women call GA a K-Fed copycat. He’s not. It’s so funny how women have such double standards. If the child support situation were the reverse I’m sure they wouldn’t have any problem with it. He actually wants to be an active father, which is a rare thing these days and he certainly doesn’t seem to be knocking up multiple women the way K-Fed has. How many kids does K-Fed have now? I think a total of 7 with 3 different women. GA doesn’t have any other children and I’m almost 100% sure that HB ended the relationship with him while he actually wanted to stay with her & work things out especially for their daughter, but HB decided to leave him anyway.

    There is definitely a reason that the HB has never been in a relationship lasting longer than 4-6 years. Her history shows this as a continuing pattern of behavior. To me that would suggest that she has some serious personal & emotional issues that prevent her from being in a stable long-term romantic relationship. GA is a great looking guy, just google his images. He cleans up very nicely IMO. He just doesn’t give a damm what he looks like in everyday life because he’s busy taking care of his daughter. Same ridiculous double-standard. If a woman looks like crap while out with her kid she gets the excuse that “oh well she’s a mom so she’s busy and tired so we won’t judge her for looking like crap”.

    And quite frankly she is a crappy mother too because she chose another man over her child. I’m sure it was OM that persuaded HB to move to France and I’m sure from the constant rumors about how jealous/possessive/unfaithful OM is, that he wanted to keep HB away from GA purposely and I’m sure he’s also happy that Nahla is out of the way too. I think he wants HB all to himself and doesn’t want any reminder of GA around. There’s a lot of talk about how HB/OM won’t even make it another year and their relationship is already in deep trouble. A real man would not force a woman to choose between himself & her child. Anyway, Nahla always looks much happier when she’s with her dad than when she’s with her mother or OM.

  25. The Original Mia says:

    According to Judge Judy, a parent who doesn’t pay court ordered child support, regardless of gender, is a DEADBEAT. So yes, Halle is a deadbeat and I am honestly shocked by those saying she isn’t. $16K is reasonable for Hollywood. Look at other celebrities and how much they pay. This isn’t that much considering her income and worth.

    I’m happy for Gabriel & Nahla. Things seem to have settled into a peaceful detente. For the moment.

    • Unsurprising says:

      It’s all through a lens of sex and gender for some people. It’s so gross. I agree with you, and we agree with the law.

    • Renee28 says:

      This. She’s paying him less than $200K/year. That’s really not much in LA. And if she didn’t try to play dirty they probably could have settled this privately and for less money. She screwed herself.

      • starrywonder says:

        Exactly. I don’t know if child support is taxable or not but if it is he is actually getting less than $200,000. I am sorry but I am not crying any tears for Halle Berry. I am still laughing at how she got cut from X-Men Days of Future Past and did not promote the movie at all. Apparently someone got wise that it would not do well to have her out there promoting the movie.

  26. Hissyfit says:

    Sounds fair to me. That’s what you get for trying to cut off your baby daddy in your daughter’s life for no valid reason.

  27. lisa says:

    Halle made this mess happen by going after Gabriel for full custody and using his living conditions as an argument. He got mad at her and went after child support. The same thing happened with Kelly Rutherford in her desire to keep her ex husband from her children she screwed herself. Lesson unless you have very good reason to keep your children away from a parent it is better to share custody and not start a fight you will lose.

  28. Patty Cake says:

    This is crazy. Aubrey just handed in his man card. You don’t take child support when you have joint custody. You take it when you have full custody, or unless you don’t have anything & the rich parent wants you to have full custody, or if the rich parent is unfit to have partial custody. I don’t like this dude’s character at all. One of the Arguments being made in favor of What Aubrey is doing doesn’t apply to this situation. The argument of “what if Aubrey was the woman.” That argument has zero validity with me because the custodial parent the majority of the time is the woman. If the situation was switched U’d be saying the same about her. A lot of people get the story of the altercation of Aubrey & Martinez mixed up to. They think Martinez and Halle started the fight with Aubrey, but this is not true. Martinez messed his face up because he came over to her home and instigated an argument with Halle, which Aubrey eventually admitted to starting the argument in the police document. I saw the docs on TMZ. However folks still want to misplace blame to Halle for it . All martinet dod was defend his girlfriend and their home. He also called her a ghetto ninja earlier when she took him to court the first time. I believe that he is just a gold-digger. Simple as that.

    • Hyena says:

      Wow! He handed in his man card? Could you be more offensive? I guess any woman who chooses to work has to hand in their woman card? Better keep women in the kitchen and at home with the babies since according to YOU gender roles can’t be reversed. Grow up.

      What about all the hollywood woman who earn large child support amounts? Do they not have to hand in their cards? Why not? Because you never expected a woman to contribute to the family income in the same way a man would?

      • Patty Cake says:

        We don’t know how far Aubrey went to instigate the altercation as to say whether the amount of harm done was justified. Then again, one shouldn’t instigate altercations either.

      • Patty Cake says:

        That is not what I’m saying at all. Halle has chosen to work and is supporting the child. Unless I am mistaken, and if I am , then I take my words back, but from my understanding, Halle is the custodial parent. With that being said, I believe that it is not right that the custodial parent give the parent that has partial custody child support. Aubrey is not broke from what I understand. His net worth is substantial enough for him to support his family. Now again, if he has full custody then I take my words back.

      • Liv says:

        She dragged him to court and tried to get full custody by spreading lies with her nanny. Someone mentioned that he has to live in a safe area and keep security around to make sure Nahla is safe (Halle said he couldn’t assure her safety). I think it’s perfectly fine that she now has to pay him money. And seriously, if he was a woman, he would get much more.

    • Dani says:

      You can ‘defend’ your girlfriend with words, not fists. He literally beat his face so bad he was unrecognizable. That’s not defense, that’s violence.

    • BendyWindy says:

      No. Child support is for the child, not the parent. It’s figured by an emotionless algorithm that puts in both parents’ income and assets and spits out a number. He isn’t less of a man because the state says that Halle needs to pay for her child. He can’t refuse the money, because it isn’t “his.” Nahla has a legal right to those funds.

    • Snowflake says:

      So you can’t be a man and get child support like a woman? If babe said something nasty, that does not justify getting the crap beat out of you. And quite frankly, if I was in habes position, I would have been frustrated too. Loving dad with a witch trying to take his little girl away from him! I’d be mad too! Olivier is a boxer, he did not have the right to beat on a no boxer. My husband used to box and he tells he could be legally more penalized if he got into a fight Bc he could really inflict pain on the average person. Just Bc someone says boo to you does not give you the right to beat the bejesus out of them.
      I fully support gabes efforts to be a dedicated, in his daughters life kind of man. You’ve seen how Halle’s attacked him and tried to remove him from her life, but he refuses to leave his daughter. He has my upmost respect for putting up with that crazy bitch! Hell, he should should get hazard pay. With her money, she’s put him through hell for trying to be there for his daughter. Halle should be ashamed of herself.

      • Patty Cake says:

        @ Bendy Wendy,
        I know the child support is for the child. My point is, imo, he should have made an attempt to decline the raise in payment. I would have. I say this because, if it were me, I would want my kid to know that the reality is everybody isn’t super rich. If I were Aubrey, I would want my kid to know that her needs are being met and that that’s what matters most. I think that lesson is more profitable than trying to create some faux reality for a child. The reality that should be taught is that one only profits from what they earn and not the other way around. But then again, that’s just me.

      • Patty Cake says:

        @ Snow Flake,
        That’s not what I’m saying either. What I am saying is hi net worth is substantial enough to raise his kid. Unless I am missing something here, and he is the custodial parent, then I don’t believe he should be granted that much cash. I think neither a man or woman should receive support if they have a substantial amount of cash, that’s all.

      • BendyWindy says:

        He should have declined the raise in payment? His payments just went DOWN. And he’s not complaining, he’s just living his life. And they’re both custodial parents. She splits her time evenly.

        I honestly don’t even know how anyone is defending Halle in this situation. You dislike your child support payments? Go back to court. You don’t just stop paying for 6 months or more. That is selfish, self-centered and disrespectful to her child. Whether Halle likes it or not, Gabriel is Nahla’s father and she spends an equal amount of time with him. If he gets evicted or can’t afford to pay for the security that HALLE MANDATES, Nahla suffers. She is too f.cking much.

      • Algernon says:

        @Patty Cake

        He didn’t get a raise in payments. He got a DECREASE.

    • The Original Mia says:

      His man card? Seriously?

    • Andrea says:

      Handed in his man card? Look up Brendan Frasier’s
      ex and what she is getting per month and I am sure that is acceptable because she is a woman?

      • Patty Cake says:

        @ Bendy Wendy,
        I know its a decrease. I was typing another statement on my phone. My phone erases words and sometimes whole sentences when I write a comment. The amount of errors in my first comment prove that.
        If her situation is the same and custody is split 50/50 then I believe the same can be said for her. It would be very wrong for a woman to do something like this if she has a substantial amount of cash.

      • Patty Cake says:

        Actually, the comment posted shouldn’t even read that way. It should read, from what I originally typed was : This is crazy. Aubrey just did the same thing an old friend of mine ex did to her. He is not being a good example as a man for his daughter. Halle never received card, license to take Nahla to France, so the bickering should be over and he should settle with what he has financially. For instance, You ( should be “he”) don’t ( should be “doesn’t need to tae”) take child support when you have joint custody.

        * I am typing this comment on my computer. It reads loads better than what is read in my first comment. Actually, I’ve gotten into trouble with friends over many mistakes my new phone has made during text messaging. I gave up on taking it to tech support because they refuse to give me a new phone.

    • starfan says:

      He needs to get a proper job & and earn money for himself rather than asking Halle for money. Embarrassing if you are a man OR a woman.

      • Ennie says:

        What is a “proper” job? Can I make millions every years out of a proper job? or is it only office jobs, administrative… errrr. I do not understand.
        Becoming a successful actor with steady acting gigs is a rare thing. I cannot imagine how many aspiring actors and actresses live in LA alone.
        I bet even if GA got a “proper job” he would still make far far less than Halle. She would still have to pay child support.
        I just cannot see how just by desiring it anyone can become a millionaire.

    • janeFR says:

      You do realised that we left the Neanderthal era a few centuries ago right ? Ever heard of brain over brawn? Or did I misread your comment. Were you actually saying that men are naturally limited creature, whose only recourse is violence? Or is it the women who do not deserve equality and so should not expect equality in treatment?

    • Jaded says:

      @PattyCake, your statement wins the “WTF” award of the day. Joint custody means the parent who breaks off the relationship pays child support. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman, you have to pay child support. Especially if there is joint 50/50 custody. Which Halle and Gabriel have. It’s not a situation of “oh the guy is a complete pussy to accept money from his ex”, it’s that he is half of that child’s parental unit and that child deserves to live in the manner in which she was living while Halle and Gabriel were together. Furthermore, we don’t know what went down in the fight with Martinez – Gabriel was clearly goaded after dealing with Halle’s crazy for months and months, plus facing the awful prospect of her taking Nahla to live in France. It’s his child FFS, he’s proven again and again that he’s a devoted parent, so yes, he is entitled to every damn last cent of child support PLUS payment of the legal fees he incurred fighting for the right to help raise his daughter.

      Now go crawl back into your cave.

      • Montréalise says:

        Just one correction on your otherwise excellent comment – you wrote that ” Joint custody means the parent who breaks off the relationship pays child support”. No – joint custody means that the parent who earns more money pays child support, so that the child can have a similar standard of living in both homes. It’s irrelevant which parent broke off the relationship between them.

  29. Unsurprising says:

    This isn’t alimony or a payday for him – it’s what Halle is legally obliged to pay by the laws of California, and she has a deadbeat history – she’s $115,000 in arrears, owes Aubrey attorneys’ fees, sicced Martinez on Aubrey, and attempted to move their daughter (not ‘her’ daughter. ‘THEIR’ daughter) to a foreign country, to placate Martinez. Aubrey was an unusually successful model. He worked, and had campaigns. It’s not that surprising that he’s struggling, but he also has ONE kid. “Federline,” really? Try again.

    I hate these threads where, primarily, a group of women put down a bunch of inaccuracies because at least some are projecting their bad experiences with men onto guys who have shown only that they are determined to help raise their daughters, and help their daughters, hopefully, escape the kind of psychological dysfunction exhibited by their mothers. See also: Frankel, Bethenny. And I’m no MRA activist – I’m a pregnant married woman and would fully expect my husband to do what was legally permissible to have a just living situation for our child if god forbid we decided to split — as I would.

    • Gonzalez says:

      I gleefully concur, but be careful – you don’t want to upset the patients here.

    • starrywonder says:

      I agree. This whole thread is a mess with people saying he’s not a man and Halle Berry shouldn’t pay. She is a deadbeat. She should be paying her child support. I am so sick of this woman it is unreal.

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t understand how they can try to wrap this into a MRA thing anyway. It’s court ordered and Halle had the audacity to stop paying. If this situation was reversed Gabe would be torn to shreds for not paying. She’s a deadbeat by definition. He’s a father who has had to sacrifice a lot to have his daughter in his life. The same people who moan about men not wanting to be involved rag on this man for doing everything in his power to be in his daughters life.

      And @Patty Cake that was an incredibly sexist and ridiculous comment. Based on your post, I don’t like YOUR character. Jumping on the ‘well he must have done something to instigate it’ line of thinking – do you say that when a woman gets beat? Do you say that when someone is raped? I really hope this isn’t indicative of your real character.

    • TG says:

      @Unsurprising – I agree with you only I would change your statement about Halle placating that violent drunk Olivier in the move to France. I think she is much more cunning than people give her credit for and that she planned this from the beginning. I think her relationship with Olivier was a cold business decision in regards to her custody plans to take Nahla away from her daddy. I also still think she only got with Gabriel to hopefully have a gorgeous child. At first she tried the boyfriend thing then she realized she needed to make it more legit so he became a fiancé then to make it even more valid he had to become a husband. I am not sure if having a second child played into her calculations or was just something she really wanted. After all narcissists also have biological clocks and desires for more offspring. One thing I am sure of is that Halle has not decided to play nice because she sees the value of Nahla having her father in her life. I believe she is only behaving because someone, maybe the judge even, sat her down and laid it straight to her. If I were Gabriel I would sleep with one eye opened and not ever give Halle or that violent thug Olivier any ammunition.

    • Geekychick says:

      + million, billion, trillion!!
      I find it especially ironic how forgetful some commenters are-2 years ago, Aubrey was a good dad who Halle constantly tried to alienate from his own daughter-that was the perspective. She accused him of being racist, FFS. There wasn’t a thing she didn’t try to accuse him of, and the court still wouldn’t budge. All you claiming he is a goldigger or what, think about that.
      Just a year ago, her fiance attacked Aubrey in front of his own daughter (no, I don’t believe Aubrey was to blame), before she got together with Olivier, Aubrey went to South Africa or wherever she was filming some movie or the other, to take care of Nahla.
      And you know what? I’m a daughter of a dad who sacrificed his career and stayed at home with us, being way more “maternal” and understanding of kids than my mother( I love you mom, but you just didn’t have the nerves for us.), and I really loathe the assumption: “Father is always the worse parent.”

      oh, congrats on the baby!!!

  30. DrFunkenstein says:

    Fair enough, that door swings both ways.

  31. Snowflake says:

    I can’t believe how people are attacking a man who wants to be in his daughters life. And the child support was reduced. Probably because he’s getting more modeling jobs, so the lifestyle diff is reduced. So he’s not a deadbeat! Such a double standard how people on here will support a woman getting 50,000 a month in child support but criticize gabe Bc his support is Reduced! I’m sure he’s been through hell and back with Halle, she has more money than God to Drag him through court, but he still stay there and stayed in his daughters life. He deserves a f*king medal in my opinion. And every single penny he gets.

  32. Helvetica says:

    Now I wish I were her baby daddy. Lol

  33. Andrea says:

    Does anyone know why Halle tried to block Gabriel from seeing Nahla? She just wanted to move to France for her new bf/ now husband? UGH. How can anyone support that or think that that is okay, man or woman doing it? The Kelly Rutherford situation is just as bad IMO because he moved the kids to France too..and got away with it.

    Gabriel has shown nothing but be a good father who wants to be in the child’s life, if this is the amount he is getting to keep up with the child’s lifestyle than so be it. I bet they have 50/50 custody and it kills Halle. Sounds like Halle needed therapy YEARS ago. Gabirel is HOT btw, I don’t see how any woman would turn him away.

    • The Original Mia says:

      OT: Kelly Rutherford alleged her ex-husband was funding terrorists. He was kicked out of the country. He moved to France to be with his family, while still fighting Kelly for custody. The judge felt Kelly had attempted to alienate the children from their father and that she was not compliant in taking parenting classes. Because of her actions, Kelly’s kids reside with their father in Monte Carlo and she has visitation rights to them.

    • starrywonder says:

      Yep. Kelly Rutherford is an example of a woman scorned and karma all in one. I feel for her but she really shot herself in the foot with claiming the man was funding terrorist so that she could get primary custody of her kids and not allowing him visitation. I don’t have children. If I ever marry and have children with someone and it doesn’t work out I am not going to go and try to alienate my kids from their father. And I would hope he would do the same.

  34. Kim1 says:

    He needs to get a job then maybe he wouldn’t owe back taxes.Child support is for Nahla’s support not for his support.

    • starfan says:

      Seriously, he should be embarrassed. And all these people here screaming “but what if he were a women”. The sad fact is outside of Hollywood, lot of the time women don’t get child support from the guy. When the guy walks out on you & the kid, the women has to suck it up and find work without getting any credit. It’s almost expected. But a guy wants to spend weekends with his daughter & look at all these women ready to take a bullet for him. People are jumping for joy to call a woman “deadbeat” because of equality and all but that “equality” never shows up for equal pay & rights.

      • janeFR says:

        So because, sadly a lot of women are scr*wed over, every men should be too ?

      • Unsurprising says:

        Your argument makes absolutely no sense. You have no support at all for accusing people you don’t know for not voting for politicians who push for pay equality, for equal treatment under the law as applied and other important issues. Because people don’t agree with what you see between Berry and Aubrey, they aren’t supporting equality but are ‘jumping for joy to call a woman “deadbeat”?’ THAT is just some cracked-out ad hominem.

    • The Original Mia says:

      The money he is getting is child support. Back child support that Halle didn’t pay. So, he’s not getting paid anything other than what he was supposed to get from the court ordered support for their daughter. And his lawyer fees, which he wouldn’t have had to spend if Halle hadn’t thrown up road block after road block to keep him from his child. As for his back taxes, unless you’re his accountant, you don’t know why he owes.

      • Lee says:

        That’s right. Lawyers need to be paid. If you end up getting some back in a judgement, great. In the meantime, the money has to come from somewhere. His rumoured tax issues are not really a mystery – if he pays at the end of the year as a self employed person, the amount can be a hardship, especially if all extra cash and then some has gone to lawyer’s fees throughout the year. If he really does owe back taxes, I’ll bet it would be one of the first bills paid when he finally gets what’s owed.

    • Jaded says:

      He does have a job. He models. He makes far, far less than Halle and it’s Halle’s responsibility to maintain Nahla in the manner in which she was supported during their relationship. When they broke up she did everything in her power to gain full custody, but it was a gigantic fail. He’s clearly a good parent and adores his daughter, so yes I think it’s a fair amount. Furthermore, the money isn’t for him, it’s for Nahla. The other amounts she had to pay to him were back payments for the amounts she reneged on, and his legal fees which were incurred fighting her vindictive actions.

  35. db says:

    Cheap compared with Olivier’s payday when Halle’s done with that marriage.

  36. mar says:

    it is a fair amount- I have several girlfriends who get about that and their exes are not worth 70 million.

  37. anon33 says:

    Astonishing misunderstandings going on in this thread. I can only imagine the outcry if this were a woman, and everyone here was saying “Well she doesnt deserve the support, she should just go get a job.” I mean, seriously???

    THE LAW IS THE LAW PRECISELY in order to keep these type of value, opinion-based judgments OUT OF CONSIDERATION when determining child support. NOBODY CARES WHAT YOUR OPINION OF GA’s MANHOOD IS, AND IT DOESNT APPLY.

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  38. hgs44 says:

    Facts from the judge’s ruling that is available publicly — custody is 50/50; berry owed back payments; and most, not all, legal fees are to be paid.
    Other fact: Aubry was NEVER on the list of back taxes owed and that document is also public and available from the state of California.

  39. Ella says:

    I’m sorry people, but it’s all relative to what a person makes and the lifestyle that goes with that. Yes, to a regular Joe, $16K a month sounds crazy, but we are talking a celebrity level here. And I love the double standard how people don’t flinch when the man has to compensate a woman for child support but suddenly when the woman does, it becomes this big deal. If she makes more, why shouldn’t she pay if she wants to keep her daughter in the comfort of what she’s used to? This should be a non-issue. And if we really get down to it, Halle has been an awful “B” with Gabriel for a few years now, constantly trying to take his daughter away from him, trying to move to France, fights with Halle’s husband, that left Gabriel pummelled. He definitely got the short end of the stick, and this should be see as true retribution for all the lawyer fees he had to pay out to try to keep his daughter in his life. I say it’s about time, after all, Karma is a “B”.

  40. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    IIRC, she made a big deal about how unsafe it is in American for her daughter, what with the paparazzi and stalkers. So the girl’s dad might NEED that much money to keep the daughter safe and her privacy secure. Apparently, it’s really a big problem if Berry thought she had to move to another country to avoid it. So the amount seems fair to me.

    • Montréalise says:

      It’s funny how that backfired on her, isn’t it? I can just picture the courtroom exchange:
      HB: Your Honor, my daughter should not stay with my ex, because he can’t afford to pay for the security she needs.
      Judge: Well, then, I’m going to order you to pay him enough child support that he will be able to afford that security.
      HB: You gotta be kidding.

  41. MinnFinn says:

    Physical custody is a 50/50 timeshare according to the Judgment filed 5/30/2014. The Judgment also states that this latest child support amount is based on 50/50 timeshare custody. (line 28 of the last page of the document)

    Here is link to the Judgment i.e. an image of the relevant bits of the actual court document.


    • starrywonder says:

      So she doesn’t have full physical custody and is not the primary custodial parent. Halle Berry needs to take a seat.

      • Unsurprising says:

        Yes. Also, he earned just under $200,000 in 2012, and roughly $150,000 in 2011 — it’s in the court’s findings FFS It’s disgusting to me that people here are so embittered and nasty about their own lives that they are calling HIM names, when she owes him a six-figure child support payment she could pay off this second, and when Martinez beat Aubrey, who earned money as a fashion model, in the face. Jesus.

    • someone says:

      Some people refuse to accept that he has 50/50 physical custody of his daughter. I keep seeing people saying so what if he as 50/50, Halle still has primary custody. What part of 50/50 physical custody do people not understand? Joint Legal custody just means both parents share decision making but 50/50 Joint Physical Custody means Nahla spends equal times with both parents and both houses are equally home. Halle’s house is no more “home” than Gabe’s house is.

    • debra says:

      also, if I read the legal document correctly, he could have been getting up to 26,000 per month based on income, but they both agreed to the 16,000 per month… people who keep saying he should just get a job don’t realize that this woman has kept him in and out of court for years, probably hoping to financially break him down so he would have to give up… the legal papers state $353,000 in attorney fees just through 2012… she’s had him in court multiple times since then … I don’t know many people who could afford the fight he has had to put up, just to keep his daughter… kudos to him for not giving up

  42. shelley says:

    I’m confused. I thought they had joint custody? Or does he have full custody? Why should she have to pay him anything if they have joint custody?

  43. Velvet Elvis says:

    Seriously….who needs 16K a month to take care of a kid?? Especially when you don’t even have the kid but less than half the time.

    • Ennie says:

      People with big money, that’s who. Her mother is a millionaire, she is entitled by law to continue her lifestyle. That is court ordered.

    • BangersandMash says:

      in his life. its nothing!!
      paying mortgage in that fancy3-5 million dollar LA home Halle left for him,
      Paying for the car he will be driving Nahla around in, say $700?
      water and lights. groceries, and body guards Halle insisted he hire for Nahla, and a nanny to help Gabe with Nahla.
      We haven’t touched schooling fees and all that.

      Look, I’m not a numbers person or anything, but $16,000 can dry up pretty fast given his lifestyle is what I’m saying.

  44. Lucinda says:

    So much of this whole thing is about who has the power in the relationship. Everyone is focusing on gender and saying if the roles were reversed, we would be responding differently. That may be true. But ultimately, HB has most of the power here because she has considerably more money and money is power. She has consistently abused it by trying to cut GA out of the baby’s life. Repeatedly. Just watch. In a year, we will be seeing this again but instead of GA, it will be the new guy, Olivier. She will accuse him of being abusive and how afraid of him she is. She will fight tooth and nail to keep the baby away from him. She has a pattern.

    • Kosmos says:

      I think I agree with this….first off, HB should never have fought Gabriel with that kind of vengeance. He’s the child’s father!! They were together for approximately 4 yrs prior to splitting, so this was at one time a serious relationship. If Gabriel had not been interested in exercising his fatherly rights, then he would not have pursued it. Secondly, Oliver Martinez was a dkhead to have been involved to the point of beating Gabriel to a pulp. He should have been jailed for that. That was completely out of line. I was thrilled when the judge denied moving the child to France, first win !! After what they put Gabriel through, I feel he deserves the child support and also having his legal bills paid. Honestly, given Oliver’s history, I find it hard to believe that he and Halle will stay together in a long term committed marriage.

  45. G says:

    Good for Gabriel! Of course she stopped paying when her other child was born. That’s what all deadbeats do. Has anybody actually seen the new baby yet?

  46. Dizzle says:

    My father had to pay child support to my mother when I was 15. She was lucky to get $40 a week. That was 1997. Idk, seems extravagant but Halle makes crazy money so it all balances out I guess.

  47. Jayna says:

    I have to look at it that I wouldn’t be even thinking about it if it were a woman in these exact same circumstances, so then I don’t have a problem with it this way. When she gets divorced the next time, because Oliver is no catch (I could be wrong) and not making much money, I guess she will have to ante up again.

  48. Putney says:

    I am not certain if any of the assumptions re: custody are factual tbh. In CA, custody cases with a minor are usually not public record. There is a ton of paperwork filed in court and a family assessment that determines custody percentages etc. My ex has stiffed me for the last year for $350 a month in alimony, no idea how to go about getting it. (Sorry had to vent a little on that bit:). I can’t even fathom $16k a month for a career let alone child support. These folks must be insanely wealthy. I hope the child does benefit from every penny, hopefully some of funds will be put in an education trust.

  49. jwoolman says:

    I don’t feel at all sorry for her. She tried to get full custody because his place wasn’t up to her standards. I think the judge actually suggested he go for child support so he could get a place more up to mom’s standards – which he did. She also has been dragging him to court on false charges, and also had her boyfriend beat him up when she was mad that the judge wouldn’t let her take the daughter off to France to live. She has so frequently disrupted his work and his life, while he has arranged his work to be close to his daughter. He’s not living off her child support, but it’s going to provide a life for his child that keeps Halle’s nonsense in check. If she hadn’t tried to sabotage him, he would have simply continued to pay expenses based on his modeling income. I don’t why people keep telling him to get a job. He has a job. But he also has a vindictive ex who has tried to squeeze him dry, hoping he will give up on his child.

    California has a standard formula used to decide who gets child support and how much. The idea is to level the playing field, so the child isn’t bribed so much by the richer parent and has a similar standard of living at both places. She blew it when she tried to take the girl away from dad and dad decided to let the judge decide on child support.

  50. jwoolman says:

    I think the K-Fed hate is misplaced. Yeah, he was a jerk to his older daughters’ mom when he was successfully pursued by Britney. And he hadn’t a clue what to do with Britney as she dive deeper into the pool of mental illness- as would be the case with many people in that situation. He was a backup dancer and she was amazingly rich, and had all the power however. But he really stepped up to the plate when she went off the rails entirely. He became the full time custodial parent and did a good job of it- those boys looked so relaxed around him, the few pics we had. His first ex said he had been a lousy boyfriend but was a good father, and tried to make sure all his kids knew each other because they were family. So his daughters and sons were spending time together. He also wasn’t calling paps but keeping those kids as sheltered as possible. Britney was in such bad shape that the judge had ordered no visitation for her. K-Fed allowed visits as long as she never drove and a grandparent was always there. He traveled when she was on tour later so the kids could be with her but also with him (a wise precaution). And he has never said a bad thing about her. During her darkest days, he said he was sure they could go back to 50-50 custody once she was well. Occasionally we see pics of Britney at sports events fir her sons and K-Fed is there with his other kids as well. He seems like a mellow fellow, which must be very helpful for Britney and their sons, even though he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree. His first ex’s assessment seems to be correct- he’s a good dad, he came through for his sons and their mom when it really counted. I remember the child support he was getting back during her breakdown and it was a pittance by area standards. I see the same nonsense directed against her father for taking what is really a small salary for all he does for her- he definitely could have made much more if he hadn’t focused on his very sick daughter instead. I do believe the hate against both is fueled by sexist notions. Men can bond with their children and be primary caregivers, which takes time and does mean taking a financial hit. Certainly if K-Fed were female and Britney were male, nobody would have blinked an eye at any child support money or engaged in trashing.

  51. Geekychick says:

    I kove how every single one of these commenters that claim the dad is a gold digger forget that Halle:
    Tried to alienate him from his child
    Her then fiance attacked him when he came for or came with Nahla, in front of his own daughter
    How just a year ago we discussed how obvious it is he is very close with his daughter and how awful it is that Halle obviously wanted him out of the way, completely, from Nahla’s life
    Oh, and I LOVE how he must be calling paps, although a lot of people seem to forget the daily pap-fest Halle did when she wanted to move to France.
    Yeah, poor poor Halle.
    People can be good or bad, douchebags or not, no matter the gender, FFS.

  52. Pepsi Presents...Coke says:

    Do the children of celebrities ever walk?