Gabriel Aubry owes $200K in back taxes, he lives on Halle’s support payments?


It was around this time last year that we were dealing with the last remnants of Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry’s physical altercation of Thanksgiving 2012. The general story is that Gabriel came to Halle Berry’s house to drop off Nahla and Olivier came outside to confront him. Long story short, Olivier punched Gabe in the face and a huge legal kerfuffle ensued. By this time last year, all of the restraining orders and investigations and accusations were dropping off and Gabe still had joint custody of his daughter Nahla. Halle spent the last year gestating and then giving birth to a son, plus she and Olivier got married. Gabe spent most of the year being quiet, rarely getting pap’d, and not giving any interviews.

Honestly, I keep waiting for another shoe to drop. It was obvious one year ago that Halle wasn’t simply going to give up, she had just exhausted all of her custodial battle options for the moment. I imagine her in her lair, plotting her next move as she stroked her pregnant belly. Still, not a peep in a year. Maybe it’s really over…? I hope so. But there are still broken pieces of Gabriel and Halle’s fight – like Gabriel’s extensive legal fees, and the fact that he can’t take any work out of LA because he wants to retain his joint custody of Nahla. All of this has put Gabe in a significant financial situation – Gabe is one of California’s top 500 taxpayer delinquents!

Gabriel Aubry is in some serious debt to Uncle Sam. Since December 2012, Gabriel has a spot on California’s Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers list, owing an eye-watering sum of $206,536.46 to the state.

“Since he and Halle broke up, it’s been difficult for Gabriel to hold down a steady job,” explains a source, who also notes that the male model receives $20,000 a month in child support from Halle. “He heavily relies on that monthly check from Halle.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

$20,000 a month is $240,000 a year. I could live on that and save more than $200,000 every year (for real, I live pretty cheap). I always forget that Halle has to write a check to Gabe every month – that must piss her off so much. But then, $240,000 doesn’t sound like a lot for a woman who commands 10-figure paychecks, although those paychecks have been fewer and far between as of late (it might explain why she happily took a small part in X-Men: Days of Future Past though). Surely Gabe still gets offers to model, right? He’s not David Gandy or anything, but if Kellan Lutz can get paid, surely Gabe can too, even if his work has to be “LA only.” As for the tax situation… the IRS will probably work on some kind of payment schedule for Gabe. They want their money, they don’t want to, like, put him in jail. Isn’t it a f—ked up system if a father has to practically bankrupt himself to get joint custody of his daughter?



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  1. blue marie says:

    Umm, the IRS will most certainly throw his a$$ in jail. It’s on him to work out payments but don’t forget it’s been the IRS that has taken down some of the top criminals. Now I’m not saying he’s a criminal, I’m just saying the IRS doesn’t play AT ALL..

    If it gets too bad though I have a closet in the back of my house he can sleep in, and we’ll work out the exchange once he gets settled. Seriously that dude is hot!

    • V4Real says:

      Yes that’s some extreme hotness seeking through his pores. Oh well your loss Halle. I guess Olivier Martinez is the consolation prize.

      • blue marie says:

        Can you return consolation prizes V4? I think I’d have to, cause that’s not just a step down but a whole freakin staircase.

        @ TG yeah, I’m not entirely sure why they gave them a pass (do they have them on payroll? serious question) but as a single person, you won’t win against the IRS.

      • Tazina says:

        I think he probably only works a couple of times a year, probably doing a spring and fall shoot for Hugo Boss. Once his looks go, he’s really not qualified for anything else. He better start putting away some of that Halle money. So far it looks like he hasn’t been doing that.

      • Julie says:

        Models frequently have tax problems. You get big chunks of money from your various gigs and you need to make sure to set some aside, or have a money manager who makes sure you do. It’s not like us regular Joes who have money automatically taken out of our paychecks and then refunded at the end of the year.

        That said, his career problems are probably linked to his age, his absorption in the child-custody case, and the fact that because of the case, people will be looking at him instead of looking at the product he is supposed to be endorsing. People who like Halle might even be turned off from buying the product. I haven’t seen Halle’s face on Revlon ads recently for the same reason; it makes me NOT want to buy Revlon products.

    • TG says:

      Didn’t the IRS and the FBI rollover for the CO$? Anyway, there is no freaking excuse for not paying your taxes. Why does this dipsh*t give that batsh*t Halle weapons? He makes it hard to be on his side.

      • V4Real says:

        I thought some people on C/B said Gabe was worth about 10 million and owned a resturant in Manhattan. That was their defense when some people were saying why don’t he get a job and stop depending on his ex to take care of him.

        Anyways if he ends up going to jail I will be the first one signing up for conjugal visits.

    • lainey says:

      His little girl looks like him. he is a really hot man, hope he gets gigs in L.A. shame he had to run up huge legal bills in order to maintain his right to HIS child.

    • Seth says:

      Blue Marie – I only hope that Olivier realize that he is the only real man in Nahla’s life and he need to do the fatherly things like establish a trust for her and contribute to her College fund (separate from Halle’s trust) and show her the kind of independent man she should be attracted to in life.

      • blue marie says:

        Well, that’s not true as Gabriel is her dad, but I get what you’re saying. However, I think that they should all put their differences aside so that Nahla has the best life possible. Instead of having just 1 loving dad she has 2 who have her best interest at heart. They really should not be fighting among themselves. I also think that if Gabriel is strictly living off Halle’s money, then he needs to go get a job. Surely a judge would let him out of state or country to go pose for some pictures without the threat of taking his child away, that just seems ridiculous.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Olivier is the only “real” man in her life? What? It seems that Gabe is a good father even if he is behind on his taxes. She seems like she very much trusts her dad.

        I was shopping in a Trader Joes in a non-trendy area and Gabe and Nahla were there with me in the pasta isle. He seemed to be a very good father.

      • mayamae says:

        Halle’s track record with men is poor. There’s little chance that Olivier will be in Nahla’s life a long time. Soon, he’ll be the new bad guy who treated her mother wrong.

    • Francesca says:

      With the outrageous penalties the IRS tacks onto dollar amounts they claim are owed, I wouldn’t be surprised if his original debt was under $10K.

  2. Lori says:

    Maybe that’s her plan. Put him so far behind on taxes that he end up jailed or bankrupted out of the joint custody deal?

    • Liv says:

      Can’t imagine that she plans to get him in jail or banrupted, but who knows – I’m convinced she and Olivier planned to provoke him to get full custody.
      I feel sorry for him. He doesn’t seem like a man who likes to live on her money and I suppose he’s in debt because the lawyer he had to hire to defend himself against his crazy exgirlfriend was pretty expensive.

    • Catherine Anne says:

      I also believe that the lawyers fees from all this mess has probably diminished any funds he has. He’s been dragged through the mud and will continue to be so by her. No wonder he has anger issues about all of this. She’s killed him financially and still trying to spiritually. I believe he stays for his daughter but he needs to get himself together and start earning money again so he doesn’t need to depend on anyone.

    • Merritt says:

      If he isn’t paying his taxes, that is no one’s fault but his own. But I know most people here seem to have the bizarre belief that the sun shines out of this dude’s derriere.

      I’m thinking the real reason is that he is no longer getting the job offers that he used to get. Maybe he is a pain to work with.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Thank you. No one will print this man’s prior dating history in Canada, yet nearly everyone here assumes that Halle and Olivier are villains who spend every waking moment thinking of ways to ruin this man’s life.

        I can’t for the life of me figure out why he gets such a huge pass for doing what ‘women’ have been condemned here for doing … requesting a huge child support paycheck so that ‘they’ can continue to live a life ‘they’ became accustomed to.

      • Leah says:

        Thank you @meritt. I fully expected to come here and read commentators hilariously blame Halle for his financial woes. And of course they did not disappoint. Seriously if you are a good looking blonde male model the commentators on this site will find an excuse for everything. I am not even a fan of Halle but its getting ridiculous. Gabriel is a grown man pushing 40. And people blame all his troubles on his ex girlfriend from years ago.

      • Lucinda says:

        I fully admit, I never heard of the guy before Halle. But I honestly believe she has Borderline Personality Disorder. It fits well with many, many of the things Halle has said in the past. Dealing with BPD it tough to begin with. Having a very rich, angry BPD person on your tail can make your life a living hell. I’m not saying he isn’t part of his own problem. But I, from knowing them so well personally (lol), firmly believe the criticism of Halle is valid.

      • Kim1 says:

        I have been saying this guy is a jerk who hasn’t worked consistently for over a year now.The Hatred for Halle on CB is so intense that people make excuses for everything he does.I’m not going to even read the comments to find out how “Evil,crazy,sick Halle conspired,manipulated,conned the State of California to put him on this list.

      • bluhare says:

        Here’s my pet peeve. People who have nothing to add to the conversation other than bashing other commenters. Which now makes me a hypocrite because I just did it.

        But thanks to Kim1 for pointing out it’s not the IRS after Gabriel, but the State of California.

      • The Girl Who Would Be King Of The Popes says:

        Seriously, I’ve got to develop the chemistry to become one of those guys because they’re untouchable and. I’ve got dreams, too! But I also pay my taxes, so…

      • The Girl Who Would Be King Of The Popes says:

        That came out weird. I’ve got to get off of the phone. Modern science must have a way in which to transform me into a male model because that’s a great way to score some love points. And the aforementioned dreams.

        It’s not a perfect transfer, but there are shades of Melissa and Tammy. I lurked then but people said Tammy should get a job or go back to school.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “And people blame all his troubles on his ex girlfriend from years ago.”

        She wasn’t just his girlfriend, she is the mother of his child who has repeatedly been bringing legal challenges against him for custody, petitioning to leave the country, having her current bf assault him, etc. Second, I think it is an assumption that he hasn’t worked in a year. Just because we haven’t seen a big campaign doesn’t mean that he hasn’t worked for something more low profile.

      • V4Real says:

        Oh it still doesn’t change our opinion that Halle is a crazy sick bitch. Snipes, Justice, Aubry and Eric Benet couldn’t have all been wrong.

        But nice try Halle’s camp.

      • Montréalaise says:

        He’s a model – a career that, by definition, has a short life span. With very few exceptions, most models (male and female) only work for a few lucrative years before other, younger models come along. Maybe it’s time for him to find a new career.

      • mayamae says:

        My support of Halle ended when she abandoned her step-daughter after making a huge deal out of being her mother. Apparently, Halle thinks Gabe is as committed to their daughter as she was to her step-daughter.

    • Delorb says:

      How can it be HER fault that HE didn’t pay his taxes? The guy is a loser, IMO. He picks a fight with Olivier, probably thinking he’d beat him (Olivier is shorter and older), not realizing Olivier used to box. LOL Tables turned and Gabs got his beat down.

      I remember when Gabs got with Halle, some of us used to say that the only work he got was because of Halle. His fans, screamed, he has his OWN money! He has his OWN jobs! Well, the proof is out. He is just like Kevin Federlaine (sp?). He looks better, but its the same deal. Knock up a famous woman and you never have to work another day in your life.

      @Kim1: you are so right. I don’t know where all the hate for Halle comes from. She marries a man who beats her and somehow its her fault for getting beat. She marries a serial cheater, tries hard to keep the marriage intact, but somehow its her fault. Meanwhile if any of the women here were told that the reason our man cheated was because WE couldn’t keep him, we’d scream to high heaven. I think its projection by some loony fans.

      • Latisse says:

        Thank you! I finally read this thinking people would see this guy for the real deadbeat he is only to read people blaming Halle for HIM not paying his taxes. It’s like WTF does it take for Halle not to be blamed? It was suspected that she broke up with him because the minute they got together, he stopped working/looking for work expecting HER to support him, she refused and kicked his butt to the curb and now this story only CONFIRMS those suspicions yet it is STILL “crazy Halle’s” fault? SERIOUSLY?

      • emmie_a says:

        Delorb: Please tell us more. You must have insider knowledge if you know for a fact that Gabe is the one who started the fight.
        And I think it’s sick to “LOL” over someone getting beat-up but of course a Halle lover would have such a demented frame of mind.

        Halle has a lot of clout w/in the fashion world – I’m sure she isn’t making it easy for Gabe to get jobs.

      • Delorb says:

        Emmie, is that the same ‘clout’ that she has with the courts where she’s behind this whole IRS fiasco? Jeez. Some of you need to check yourselves. He didn’t pay, so its HIS fault, not Halle’s. The fact that Halle chose to trust the wrong type of dude, doesn’t make her mental.

        Meanwhile, NO ONE is talking about Wesley beating her up (I guess for some, its the woman’s fault for getting beaten). NO ONE is talking about how David and Eric cheated on her. But again, somehow that’s HER fault. Hey ladies, if your man cheats on you, its YOUR fault! If your man beats you so hard it bursts your ear drum, suck it up and stop being so mental as to make him hit you like that. If he says that he’ll get help for his sex addiction, you shouldn’t believe him. Dump him right away. Don’t try to save your marriage. Oh, and don’t forget to bring some hindsight with you on your way to the shelter.

        No one is stopping a white, tall, good looking guy from working. Why? Because he’s WHITE, TALL and GOOD LOOKING. He’s not working because he prefers to sit back and get his welfare.

        As for any insight into the fight, one only has to read what he said led up to the fight and what happened during the fight. It reads like a child made it all up. Go ahead and read what Gaby SAID. You’d LOL at him too.

  3. Frida_K says:

    I feel sorry for him. That fistfight he had with the current sperm donor was appalling and the way he was used and discarded is repugnant. Something seems truly wrong with Halle Berry and he is paying for that now. The child is beautiful and she seems to love her father, so that has to be some sort of consolation, but deep down, he must rue the day that he ever got involved with Ms. Berry.

    • Liv says:


      I hope Nahla will realize one day how hard he fought for her.

      • Leah says:

        i am sorry but if he lands himself in jail due to unpaid taxes thats not good parenting. If he really can’t travel because of his child ( something i doubt because other actors and models have kids and seem to manage) he should have looked at finding some other work. Being a good parent is being responsible, and that includes paying your taxes so you don’t disappear out of your childs life for long periods.

        Also just the amount of money he gets payed by Halle is more than in many professions such as teachers and nurses and they still manage to pay their taxes.

      • Lucinda says:

        Other parents who travel don’t have an ex-partner threatening to take your child away the second you turn your back. Other parents don’t have an ex paying people to fabricate lies about your parenting. He needs to find other options, to be sure. But she is a big part of this.

      • Leah says:

        He is not the only guy in the world who has been involved in a custody battle. By the way It takes two to tango.

    • Delorb says:

      Oh please. He’s happy as a clam that the got with Halle. He’s $240,000 a year happy. And didn’t this upstanding guy get into a fight with HALLE while she was holding their baby? Some father, IMO. And some man to be demanding child support. Custody is one thing, but to have to PAY this deadbeat because he has the child for 2 weeks? You’d think a high paid model (snicker) would pay for his OWN expenses when he has his child.

      I remember when Heidi Klum had her first child by some billionaire. He threatened to withhold child support. Heidi replied, (basically), “I have my own money. I don’t need his.”

      IMO, if this guy were a woman, the majority here would be calling him all kinds of gold digger. That he’s not, is telling.

      • ennie says:

        Heidi’s baby daddy was not interested in his child, and Heidi, as the mother has preference while the child is younger.
        the roles ar reversed in gender, but it is not an equal situation.
        she has used her money and clout to try to keep the girl for herself, she wold be happy if he was disinterested in Nahla, she even has a dad replacement already who also speaks French. Too bad that it is the other way.
        I hope he solves his issues.

      • jjva says:

        “And some man to be demanding child support.”

        Hey now. Child support works both ways. Women can owe it to men just as legitimately as men can owe it to women. Your kid, your responsibility to support them.

      • Delorb says:

        ennie, one parent can’t have preference over the other, no matter how old the child is. If either of them wanted to sue for custody or child support they could have. The thing is, Heidi is rich and didn’t need his money. The baby daddy made it clear to anyone who would listen that he wouldn’t be paying. But that’s not his choice, IF Heidi had pursued it.

        jjva, yes it works both ways, but for such a successful model (snicker), one would think he’d have his own funds. Which is why I brought up Heidi’s situation.

  4. LAK says:

    I think his Hugo Boss contract ended. Haven’t seen his face on any big campaigns since last spring.

    If he is stuck in LA, that is definitely going to hurt his earnings because the big campaigns for male models are from companies based elsewhere.

    And also a model that can’t travel, if that is indeed a valid excuse, isn’t going to model for long.

    • Harriet says:

      I was thinking the same. I follow the fashion world quite a bit and model’s instagrams show just jow erratic their lives are- especially when LA is so far from Europe. I think even if he was stuck in New York he would be better off. I’m quite impressed he has hung on for so long, to be there for his daughter.

    • Delorb says:

      Say what? If he wants to work, he would find a way to work. No one with means is ‘stuck’ in LA. He’s only in LA to get money out of Halle. She offered to put him up in swanky digs while she was on location (working). He declined. She’s living in France now, which, if memory serves, is in Europe. One would think that IF he still had a viable modeling career and was desperate for work, then being in Europe would make the most sense. He’d be able to work AND be close to his daughter. But then he’d have to actually get off his azz and find a job, instead of fighting for more custody days with his daughter that Halle would have to pay for, natch.

      • LAK says:

        i’m commenting on the nature of modeling, not Gabriel’s options.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Is she living in France? That means that the kid is living in LA and her mom is in a different country. I don’t think that is how it is set up right now. I thnk she WANTED to move to France, and petitioned the court to move Nahla with her, but that request was denied so I dont’ think she moved.

      • Delorb says:

        LAK, isn’t that the same thing? The nature of modeling and his options? If LA isn’t a great place for him to model and he WANTS to model, then it stands to reason that he’d find a way to do it AND keep his daughter. If Halle is trying to keep her daughter with her, while living with her husband in France, and IF the modeling opportunities are more abundant in Europe, then wouldn’t he WANT to move where the action is? Plus he would be nearer to his daughter. But perhaps the custody laws are better in CA.

    • Kco says:

      Maybe he’s based here in LA, but he SHOULD be working in other markets. He should have agencies in other markets that would be direct booking him for work. That means that he would travel for a job, and the job only, being out of the state for the 2-4/whatever days the job requires. You would think that he’d be able to earn a living on his name and tears/resume alone. But maybe that’s just it. Maybe the clients aren’t calling for him anymore…

      I have a friend who is based here in LA. She Works SO much by direct booking work in Germany and London. She is ballin. She also flies to catalogue markets in, like Ohio, Chicago, and Milwaukee for 3-5 day jobs.

      Methinks a new trade is in order for Mr. Aubrey…!

      • LAK says:

        KCO: male modelling isn’t as well paid as female modelling even when that model is a supermodel like Gandy.

        Male models are in and out of fashion faster than a blink. Even Gandy said it took him a good 5yrs of working the circuit before making decent money and he is STILL working the circuit.

        Male modelling money is in the big cities of Miami, NYC, Paris, Milan or the far east. The mid-west is middling at best when it comes to male modelling cash especially when one is competing against movie star money.

        I fully support Aubry’s decision NOT to be dragged to Paris simply because Halle felt like doing so, but i’ve always felt that his decision to base himself in LA wasn’t so good for his modelling career. At the same time, he seems to have moved to LA for Halle and is now based there for Nahla, a good moral decision, but a terrible one for his career. Don’t also forget that living in LA might have initially been OK because he was associated with a movie star which might have opened doors for him.

        Also, it came out through all these trials that he cut back his work to concentrate on settling the custody issues. *That* might have affected his bookings due to his unavailability and in the meantime his ‘look’ has passed.

      • Delorb says:

        LAK, if he’s not working, then how can he be considered a supermodel? How can he be a supermodel if no one had heard of him prior to dating Halle? I don’t support his fans decision to trash Halle for all his woe’s. Or for saying that a man who needs help with support for his child shouldn’t move to where the ‘action’ is. Every other female gold digger is told to get a job. Why not him?

        BTW, his ‘look’ will never pass. He’s white, tall, blonde and straight. They are always in season. Even his age can’t be held against him, as there isn’t really a shelf life for good looking older men (as it is with women).

  5. Elisabeth says:

    i have a feeling she’s gonna be writing a lot of checks to baby daddys

  6. Helvetica says:

    Does he not model anymore?

  7. Audrey says:

    It’s definitely sad. Father’s rights need revamping. I know of a guy who basically has to accept that he won’t ever see his son because he can’t afford the lawyer or other costs (international custody case!)

    • LadySlippers says:

      I disagree.

      This guy might be a domestic abuser and everyone is blaming Halle instead. So how come we can slam Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Chris Brown, and Alec Baldwin but not him? Just because Halle seems to go for troubled men doesn’t justify abuse.


    • Lindy says:

      Actually, there has been *such* a movement in the direction of fathers’ rights and ensuring that fathers are allowed to stay in their kids’ lives no matter what, that now many women are really suffering.

      I can tell you this firsthand. I am in a huge custody battle with my ex, who was an alcoholic and who was arrested for assaulting me. But because we happened to move out of our home state for my husband’s job and lived there for about 10 months, it is that new state that has jurisdiction.

      My husband, who makes more than I do, hired a killer attorney, and has refused all mediation. He is insisting on a jury trial, and is trying to keep me in this new state if I want to have custody of our 4-year-old son. Even though both his family and mine, along with my entire support network and my job, are back in our home state.

      And he may win. All because he can outspend me, and because the courts have decided in the abstract that fathers and mothers have to be in the same geographic area. It’s been a nightmare, to be honest. I have sympathies for any parent, father or mother, who is in this situation. I am guessing that is what’s going on with Gabriel Aubry–geographic restrictions. He could move anywhere and get jobs but that would likely mean giving up much of his custody. Which–I mean–how can a parent do that? I know I can’t, even though if I lose and move back to the other state I will have to find a new job in this economy and will be completely isolated in a city with a man who has been violent toward me on numerous occasions.

      I’ll do it, because it’s my child, who is my heart and soul. But it’s a rough, rough situation–I feel for him.

      • dagdag says:

        Lindy, wish you all the luck you need and more.

      • Audrey says:

        I’m sorry for your situation

        I just feel for guys who have no assumed rights and have to gointo a huge amount of debt to be involved with their kids. I wish courts would treat parents as equally important. My friend’s situation is that he was dating a girl from another country. She ended up pregnant and flew home (Canada to Australia) to have the baby. Promised she would be back to visit asap. She never came back and cut all communication with the dad. He would need to sue for custody internationally to force contact and then pay for flights multiple times per year to visit if he was able to wun the case. It’s crazy that she can just refuse contact and refuse to just let him visit.

        I think courts are too big on biological parents in general tbh. I know many moms who should not have their kids but the court pushes for it just cause they share dna (well known example: octomom).

  8. Lucy2 says:

    He could certainly find SOME kind of job in LA. I feel bad for him for the legal fees, but… pay your taxes. People who make a lot less than $20K/month, like teachers, police, etc rely on that.

    • LastGasp says:

      Agreed. He’s a beautiful man, but modeling doesn’t last forever. He’s at the time of life when it’s a good idea to find a new career path. He’s not highly educated and he’s used to the good life, though, so this could be tricky.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      I don’t feel sorry for this guy…more like pity and contempt.

      He chose modelling. He knew the rules. It’s like Sport, it’s a short lived career so you have to think about career change and invest the money you get, which is much more than the everyday folks receive.

      Many models have invested in businesses, go back to school, ect.

      It seems to me that his career change has been being Halle’s boyfriend since the very beginning, living on her money and nothing else. He failed in his investments, doesn’t try other things on his own to get his Financial indepedance and build something for his daughter, doesn’t go back to school…

      He is just idiot, a lazy one at that and i am sorry, since it his BACK taxes (probably for years on non payment), he is fully responsible.

      I bet he stopped paying it once he hooked up with Halle, thinking she will always be there to pay for the both of them.

      I really don’t understand this guy mentality. He is a MAN with a single child he fought for..or was it just for Halle’s money ?.

      Doesn’t he want to build something on his own for his child ? Doesn’t he want to leave something for his child ? Doesn’t he want to make something for his child to be proud of ? Nhala should have been his drive…women generally fight even more when they have children to raise…they get two jobs.

      I don’t understand that. Men usually feel emasculaing not working. Their pride is even more affected than ours in this patriarcal world. He seems to me that he just enjoy living on Halle’s money, doesn’t pay taxes related to HIS past earnings risking prison…probably thinking Halle will save his sorry a$$ for the sake of their child.

      This guy has just no pride and is an airhead. If he goes to jail because of it, it will be his own fault and he should be blamed for inflicting THAT to his daughter,…an emprisonned parent is worst than any trauma this little girl has been through since her parents parted ways…and that will be Aubry’s OWN fault and responsability !

      Pay your taxes with the $20,000 monthly you receive or find a job to supply for it !…at least you have that support money…most people don’t have that chance !

      • emmie_a says:

        Hypocrisy: Do you know Gabriel? Do you know his job situation? His financial situation? Anything about him other than what you hear from the media? My guess is NO. All we know is he owes $200k in taxes. Everything else is an assumption so I don’t know how you can possibly analyze his life and character when you have no information.

      • Latisse says:

        Emmie_a, I could very well ask you the same questions about assumptions made about Halle! Do any of us KNOW the people in question? No. So Hypocrisy, LIKE YOU, is surmising what she can from what she has heard from the media.

    • Maria says:

      Pretty much.

      Why can’t his ass work? He doesn’t have to model and it’s not Halle’s job to keep him living large, especially when they have joint custody. ..

      This one falls entirely on him.

      • emmie_a says:

        Maria: Please tell me how you know Gabriel’s ass is not working. Just bc you have a large tax bill doesn’t mean you aren’t working. All it means is you haven’t paid a bill. Read a newspaper someday and you’ll read about millionaires and billionaires with tax problems, bankruptcies, liens, etc. Those people are working, they are wealthy and very successful yet they still have money issues. It has nothing to do with being lazy or not working. It’s possibly a money management issue but we don’t know.

  9. kay says:

    he’s not a real man just living off her money pathetic

    • Lucinda says:

      Sexist much? Would you say the same about a woman?

      • Maria says:

        They have joint custody, IF he’s living off Halle’s checks that’s pathetic.

        Anyone who shares equal custody shouldn’t be getting paid 20k a month: they weren’t married, he’s a grown man, and can take care of himself.

        If Halle was living off of him with shared custody and fully capable of work, I’d feel the same way.

        It’s not sexist, he’s lazy.

      • Delorb says:

        People say that about women ALL the time. Where have you been? Every time some skank has a child with a pro-ball player, she asks for the moon and people deride her. The difference is that most aren’t ‘models’ (snicker) and they usually have 100% CUSTODY. Something he doesn’t have. He needs to get out there and be hustle man. Instead, he’s sitting at home waiting on his welfare check from Halle.

    • LAK says:

      Wonder how you feel about Linda Evangelista.

      Or every supermodel whose retirement plan is a billionaire ATM.

    • sue says:

      Living off your ex’s $$ is pathetic whether you are male or female.

      • Ashl says:

        Unless you are also calling out every woman who accepts support payments from rich, ex partners you’re a throw back to a more sexist period.

        My understanding from friends who’ve gone thru divorce is that payment rates are often set based upon the idea that the child should have the same standard of living post-divorce as they had pre-divorce. Also in the case of joint custody the two households should be on par in terms of finances so that a child doesn’t (subconsciously or otherwise) feel conflicted about moving between households, ie resenting having to shift to dad’s house because he doesn’t have a pool, whereas mom’s house does, mom takes me out for ice cream but dad can’t afford that so I’d rather stay with mom, and so on.

    • Latisse says:

      Thank you, he is a LOSER. Always has been. People just are overeager to deride Halle as crazy. He WANTED to live off of her which is why she broke up with him in the first place. This is the proof. 20k a month and 200k in back taxes, are you kidding me? He is an embarassment. A pathetic excuse for a person. I would be ashamed to have him as a parent. NOTE I said parent, I would feel EXACTLY the same if he was a woman using a child to mooch indefinitely off of a rich man.

      • emmie_a says:

        Latisse: Wow – such hate in your post. Is your real name Halle? How do you know how/why Halle & Gabriel’s relationship ended??? Keep making assumptions.

      • Latisse says:

        Yeah because I would HAVE to be to call BS when I see it right? I’m a frequent poster here who is just trying (operative word being trying) to even out the derision dripping venomously off the anti-Halle brigade party line. But there is no point, people here will always find a way to blame every one of this hack’s failings on Halle.

  10. Applapoom says:

    Is that a receding hairline I see? That would getting modeling gigs more difficult, especially if he is stuck with LA only

  11. cutie says:

    So we’re blaming Halle ‘cos Gabriel didn’t pay taxes on the money HE earned?
    That is so much bulls**t. Tax is money you pay the government for past earnings not future. So his having to stay in LA majority of the time now should not have affected his Taxes.
    Basically he didn’t manage his money well. That’s it. End of story. Halle doesn’t even figure

  12. Hypocrisy says:

    I am sorry but why everything’s bad happening to him should be halle’s fault ? He is a 35+ years old man…and i am not even Halle’s fan. I just think in owning one’s responsability for things we did on our own.

    Everyone pays taxes based on earnings. He has earned better than 99.99 % of the population who pays taxes. Why should he get a pass and Halle get blamed for it ? So far, SHE pays her taxes.

    If he has problems, it’s because of mismanagement and bad investment decisions like this restaurant he once owned. He started working long before he met her, he knows the rules of the job worlds. He should be held accountable for HIS failing in his responsabilities concerning taxes and earnings not babysat like he is never responsible.

    He is a good looking man, he is better known than all of us. He should try to do something about it..maybe branch into acting. And if he doesn’t work, try something, especcially since he is single with no other children in charge…even go back to college if something there appeals to you, get a degree to find a decent stable job, to be responsible of your life and get that freedom money gives.

    Also, one day, he may consider getting married and have other children. Halle may not want to be another Britney taking in charge another Kevin with other children…especially now that she has another baby who has equal financial right as her daughter has.

    Anything could happened to her too…i mean, she can get a severe accident and get bankrupted.

    At his age, he shouldn’t only count on her to sustain his way of life….He will be 40 soon enough.

    • Lucinda says:

      She has caused a lot of stress in his life. Things fall apart when you are fighting that kind of battle. Yes, I blame her for a significant part of his problems because, as I said upthread, I believe she has Borderline Personality Disorder and that can be hell to deal with.

      However, I also think he is not very bright. If he were, he should have been able to parlay all this infamy into some kind of spokesperson job or tv hosting gig. He has the face and the name. It would allow him to stay in LA and have a steady schedule.

      It isn’t Gabriel or Halle that caused the problems. It’s both.

  13. Karen says:

    How is the guy owing over $200,000 in taxes Halle’s fault? I believe she was crazy vindictive when they broke up but surely if you’re an American model LA is not a bad base? He probably can’t move without losing joint custody but he must be allowed to travel. I mean Halle’s been on film sets all over the world since they broke up, why wouldn’t he be allowed to do the same? Bottom line is he is breaking the law by not paying his taxes and since he’s getting $20,000 a month that makes zero sense. Laziness and stupidity spring to mind, both of which has nothing to do with Halle.

  14. OriginallyBlue says:

    Lol. This is a joke right? Halle has nothing better to do than sit around and plot against her ex? It’s her fault he didn’t pay his taxes? Okay. Anyway, since he knew this was going to be the situation to retain his custody he should be looking for some other type of work. Go to school and get an education and he can find a job that will keep him in the area. Isn’t that what we tell women asking for child support from their exes?

  15. Oros says:

    I’m sorry but this guy is first class rubbish as my grandmother used to say. There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

  16. CC says:

    Considering that you pay taxes on income (which I guess it includes child support), that sure was a lot of years he didn’t pay taxes. Granted that I’m sure lawyer’s fees didn’t help, but that still means he had income he simply decided to skip paying taxes on. Maybe he should consider a lifestyle that is compatible with his income (regardless of the source). And people far less hot and even less relevant in LA live off paid appearances, so what’s his deal?

  17. The Original Mia says:

    He’s not going to jail. The IRS will work with him to make payments. It’s only when you get up in the millions they start seeking jail terms.

    • Maureen says:

      The IRS will absolutely work with him to make payments and to avoid jail. The IRS is not as bad as people think as long as you are making a real effort to comply with the law.

      And I think it’s a big mistake to view the IRS with fear and to apply a “thug” legend to the agency which in turn only perpetuates this fear. Remember, the IRS is part of the federal government, and the federal government is supposed to work FOR the American people. We’re not supposed to fear government agencies for any reason. This is not Soviet Russia; it’s America. Follow the laws, and when you need help show that you are good at your word and willing to work with the IRS to pay your debts. That’s all anyone has to do. The IRS is not allowed to abuse, intimidate, or threaten you.

  18. Elaine C says:

    This story says first that he owes money to the state..then it talks about the IRS…the IRS won’t work with him on a state tax, just federal obviously…I wish these writers would get their sh*t together..

  19. srn5977 says:

    Did he not realize that he had to pay income taxes on the child support? It’s not just free money – he has to report it as income!

  20. Grant says:

    He’s fecking beautiful. That’s all I got.

  21. cs says:

    I don’t believe Halle ever got 10 figure paychecks. Its been reported that after her Oscar win she could now demand $5-$7 mil for films, prior to Oscar she was getting $1 -$3mil per film.
    Oh well, she picked Gabriel to be a sperm donor so now she has to pay the price until Nahla is 18 years old.

    • Seth says:

      Then he will switch to having Nahla support him.
      Sorry but I have no respect for a man being supported by a woman especially an ex who he was’n't even married to, so he had the court force her to give him a monthly welfare check.
      Stupid Halle Berry always choosing losers.

    • TG says:

      Why does everyone use the magic number of 18? I know every state is different but I have seen it that you have to pay thru college to so if your child goes to university you are still in the hook, unless the child works and not sure about how any hours or how much then you don’t have to pay. Many kids are 18 while they are in high school and I think child support is still required.

  22. Samtha says:

    He owes state taxes, it looks like–not federal. The IRS has nothing to do with it.

    Paying taxes when you have a nontraditional job isn’t always as straightforward as people think. It gets even more complicated when you have multiple taxes (city, state, federal) to pay. No one takes out the $$ for you–you’re responsible for paying four times a year. My guess is that he underpaid a few times and got socked with fees.

    I’m dealing with the same thing for state taxes right now, and I have an accountant. (Though I owe a fraction of what he does!)

  23. AlmondJoy says:

    Some of the comments are simply embarrassing.

    • Julie says:

      I agree. Sounds like Halle’s paid publicity people are doing the boards again. We see you!

      • emmie_a says:

        Julie: That’s what I’m thinking. I have never seen a bunch of commenters attack him like this – with such pure hatred. Their comments go deeper than just casual commenting on the topic at hand. The commenter Hypocrisy wrote a few short novels about how horrible he is. I lost count how many people called him a ‘loser’ and a bad dad and stupid, etc. It’s a tax bill. It happens. Even to the rich & famous. Even a good dad. Geesh.

      • Etherous Cohen says:

        And do you work for Gabe? This guy was a nobody until he dated Halle Berry and now all these boy crazy lonely hearts are defending this guy like they know him personally. Everyone involved is a stranger to us. It’s ridiculous to blame his financial screw ups on others. He’s an adult male pushing 40 for godssakes!

      • LAK says:

        Etherous Cohen : That’s really funny that you think the commentors on here are ‘boy crazy lonely hearts’. Considering that comment is in line with Halle’s PR astroturfers…..hope they are paying you well. Pick a somewhat different line of defence. You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

      • Delorb says:

        Etherous Cohen, I think you’re spot on. During the custody fights, his fans were all, “he has his own money. he’ll NEVER ask for one thin dime from Halle.” When he did, they of course changed their tune to, “he can’t work because of all the stress Halle has put him through. there isn’t any work in LA.” They have a crush on the guy that he can do no wrong. I’m sure they’re all writing to the tax man to show some leniency.

    • Latisse says:

      The commenters on here ARE boy-crazed lonely hearts! So much so that many of them skip the entire crux of the article just to comment on how good the saintly one looks in white. LOL! It’s embarrassing!

      And what are you talking about with this “Halle’s Paid Publicity people” nonsense. The tidal wave of compliments and condolences stemming from Gabriel’s stans is almost impossible to stymie. I could very well ask you guys if you work for Gabriel’s team since you are so staunchly in his corner. But I’m smart enough to know that just because you disagree with me does not make you a PR plant. So stop with the ridiculous conspiracy theories.

      People are defending Halle not because they work for her but because they, like me, are tired of seeing the jobless wonder get a free pass on this site because of his looks.

      • emmie_a says:

        ONE person said he looks good in white. Out of 100+ comments. So your argument is void. And what is embarrassing is your intense hate towards someone because of something you read in Star magazine, amongst other rumors & assumptions; It’s so off-base, considering you have zero clue what is fact vs fiction.

  24. Seth says:

    A real man does NOT demand to be paid for his child. a real many uses his own money to take care o his child, right now he’s a welfare case, praying that Halle keeps working.
    Maybe now we really know why Halle dumped him, because he’s a bum.

  25. Bobbiesue says:

    His hotness has been seeping away through all this nastiness with Halle. He looks more haggard and worn down. He always seems very devoted to his daughter. Also, his clothes are still stylin’ so he’s not penny-piching on the threads…

  26. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    He is taking money from his daughter; that$240,000 could have been in a trust fund for her education or general welfare. She should have used a sperm donor it would have been so much cheaper with properly established boundaries.

    • Lex says:

      Hhaha that’s a joke right? That child with want for nothing – except maybe a more sane family.
      Halle Berry is a multi millionaire. Multi. The money she is giving to Gabriel is not money Nahla is ‘missing out on’. It is money that is being used to uphold the lifestyle she is accustomed to.

      • emmie_a says:

        Lex: Exactly. The money is not meant for Nahla’s future. It’s meant for her present.

      • Green Eggs and Ham says:

        Just because he has a child with Halle does not mean that she should support him; she is in a fickly profession whereby her earning power can decrease drastically. So she has to save money for her family. The last time I checked he was not part of her family. Madonna spoke highly of her daughter’s father who paid child support despite her millions and his main income which was at one time a weight loss trainer.

  27. aasf says:

    I like Halle and I just hope the men in her life are with (or were) her for the right reasons. This whole money thing makes me feel like they weren’t. I really hope Oliver is different.

  28. lunchcoma says:

    Team Nahla? I’m not impressed by any of the parents.

    Aubry has a right to child support, just any other parent does. The legal system thinks it’s in the best interests of a child whose parents aren’t together to have two relatively equal homes, not to go from a mansion to a tiny apartment. It provides a consistent quality of life for the child and attempts to prevent a richer parent from using money to compete for the child’s attention. Halle Berry is listed as being worth around $70 million, so child support is not going to end up destroying Nahla’s college fund.

    On the other side of things, Aubry has an obligation to pay his taxes, and he should scale down his lifestyle while he gets on a payment plan with the tax authorities. At nearly 40, his modeling career would likely be sagging even without the geographical restrictions, and he’d be wise to think about other things he can do.

  29. Jayna says:

    What a loser. He has half custody. He could take gigs out of state easily. Hallie does and hers are longer. His would be short gigs and could switch off days or there had to have been some openings on the weeks he doesn’t have his child. Loser.

  30. Loulou says:

    Ah Gabriel, one interview, one tell-all!!! He must be under gag order. What he should maybe do is turn to acting if her little mafia hasn’t curtailed that option for him either. She is one sick woman. It’s clear they have him backed into a corner.

    • Latisse says:

      Gabriel owes money to the government and Halle is “one sick woman”? I can not even begin to understand the roundabout biased reasoning it would take to come to that conclusion. I’m impressed.

      • Maureen says:

        Because it’s clear that she has really tried to destroy this man and take his daughter away from him. We know this for a fact. People share custody of their kids all the time. They even argue. They even sometimes do it with a frosty, though tolerant, relationship. The fact that Halle repeatedly has drama in her life is indicative of her own moral and mental state. The fact that GA supposedly pushed her or called her names or whatever the stories were aren’t an indicator of a violent and dangerous man (otherwise the State WOULD have removed the child from his custody — it is very telling that they didn’t). What is IS an indicator of is a man who was provoked to the brink by a woman who herself has proved to be violent, angry ,vindictive, spiteful, cruel, intimidating, threatening, and must ALWAYS have the upper hand and control — in every one of her relationships with her men. I don’t think GA is any prize. He seems lazy and never created a nest egg for himself because he believed he had it made for life with Halle. But he’s not the one who tried to take his daughter away from her other parent. THAT was Halle.

      • Latisse says:

        WTH does that have to do with him paying taxes on PRIOR earnings? It’s like if you said Scientology is evil therefore it caused an increase in the rate of global warming. Scientology may very well be evil. The rate of global warming may very well be increasing. Sometimes perhaps both those things are even true at the same time. But WTH does one have to do with the other? He didn’t pay his taxes! How is that her fault? The logic you’re using to argue that point is not only flawed, it’s downright hilarious!

      • Maureen says:

        @Latisse, you need to ease up off insulting people here with your high-octane defense of Halle. It’s making you look like you have an agenda.

    • Delorb says:

      I’m thinking that his lack of acting talent (and modeling for that matter) is what is curtailing any gigs that he might want. But why work when he can cash his Hallefare checks?

  31. dagdag says:

    Puh, a lot of hate for someone who does not look for the limelight.

    Please, what is the definitation of a real man or a real woman?

  32. Msirene says:

    Perhaps he should reconsider writing that book about his life with Ms. Berry. Certainly myself and thousands of others would be first in line to purchase his book. He’s been decent concerning his relationship with Ms Berry, as far as we know, and has tried to protect her. Who’s protecting him? He’s human and it seems that his troubles didn’t start until he got involved with Ms. Berry.

    I feel so sorry for him. I would love to see him invest in acting lessons and make some television appearances. Perhaps he could be on a soap opera!

    Gabe, I’m wishing the best for you….

  33. RHONYC says:

    he’s still lookin’ good. perhaps, if we’re lucky (by we’re, i mean ‘me’) he will get a male-model search reality show. like seriously, Kaiser…i really, REALLY Miss Hot Dong Fridays…or was it Hot ‘Guy’ Friday?! Lol :?

  34. Kosmos says:

    I think this whole thing escalated when Halle wanted to keep Gabe, the child’s father, from seeing his daughter, or having much to do with her. That was really low of her and I think the public didn’t side with her very much over this. That’s when the battle began, and then Oliver stepped in to help Halle handle the Gabe situation, but he should not have. I think the two of them tried to intimidate Gabe and then violence ensued, thanks to the nasty Martinez. Ever since he busted up Gabe’s face, I have had kind of a hate for Martinez because REALLY? Is this all he can do, which does not show an intelligent side, sorry… I think Halle and Martinez are at fault for escalating this situation and trying like hell to get Gabe’s child away from him, which was wrong wrong wrong to begin with.

  35. prayforthewild says:

    I searched that list on the official State site, and I can’t find his name at all. I have to call BS on this story, as I don’t see how Star mag has access to information the public does not, and they are the only source for the story. I’ll wait for the official site to list him before passing judgment.

    Also, FYI, alimony is considered income, child support is not, for tax purposes.

    PS: If true, this would not be anyone’s fault other than Gabe’s, IMO.

  36. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    He looks good in white – which is not easy to keep clean.

  37. madchen says:

    I can’t believe the hate for both sides of this equation. Think people. It’s highly unlikely that he does his own taxes. If he’s actually worth a lot of money, $200,00 would not be very much in the big picture. If this story is even true, it could have easily been an accounting error – or in the case of a friend of mine who was recently audited, the accountant misfiled a large amount on the wrong schedule.

    • Judi says:

      @Madchen it does not matter who help you with your tax return you are very much responsible for your taxes. Remember Wesley Snipes, he served a 3 year person sentence for not paying. How about Lauryn Hill who just served a 3 month prison sentence for not paying. Willie Nelson, Martha Stewart, Nicolas Cage to name a few more. Regular people have to pay taxes and do he. Shame on him for paying. I believe he living beyond his means and need to rein it in. Shameful to live off the child support money like K-fed. Remember child support money is not taxable. Sorry but pretty boy here is no better than any one else. I disagree with it being Halle’s fault. It’s Gabriel’s fault alone for not paying taxes off the money he earned. He need to get off his lazy but Angie go to work like the rest of us citizens.

  38. Cora says:

    So we’re believing stories printed in “Star Magazine” now? LOL!

  39. Observer says:

    He was on a date with Kim Kardashian ffs. He seems like a famewhore to me. Pics and vids were/are on TMZ.

  40. ToodySezHey says:

    Call me crazy, but Gabriel Aubry always struck me as the taller, more refined version of K-fed . Kfed and he have similar facial features, bone structure, hair etc and say what you want, but before he put on the chunk K Fed was actually a good looking guy, personality aside.

    That said, I do some naughty things to Gabe…naughty.

  41. Sophie says:

    I clicked on this link just to look at pictures of Aubry. Dude is crazy hot.