Kim Kardashian is still ‘waist training’ with a fancy corset: stupid or fine?

I'm really obsessed with waist training! Thank you @premadonna87 for my new waist shapers! #whatsawaist

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I could have sworn that I had already written about this mess, and as it turns out, I DID. Back in August, Kim Kardashian posted a “waist training” selfie featuring a fancy girdle, and here we go again. Kim posted the above photo yesterday. Hey, at least she’s not trying to convince us that she’s lost seven pounds like last time. Oh, and I guess this girdle is new? The girdle/corset from August was a What’s a Waist corset, retailing for $143. This new corset is… oh, it’s the same brand. But I guess this one is new.

I’ve heard of this before, obviously. Jessica Alba is also a fan of “waist training” and she’s said in the past that she wore a corset for months after she gave birth both times. I guess it’s a popular thing to do with moms, although Khloe Kardashian also “waist trains.” Critics insist that “waist training” is meaningless and your body will just return to its natural shape regardless of the time spent wearing a corset. Some critics even say it’s flat-out dangerous.

Meanwhile, this is my new favorite Kimye story:

He’s reportedly worth $130m. But Kanye West wasn’t in the mood to splurge for wife Kim Kardashian’s 34th birthday, which fell on October 21. According to Us Weekly, the 37-year-old rapper let the E! star choose whatever she wanted at low-priced clothing store The Gap. And he gave her two hours to do so.

‘He was like, “What do I get the girl that has so much?”‘ Kim told the weekly during her birthday party held at TAO in Las Vegas on Friday. The daughter of Kris Jenner added, ‘We bought five cream sweaters.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It sounds like something Gwyneth Paltrow would do. “Slum it” at The Gap for a peasant-y experience for one’s birthday! How quaint. How charming. Soon all of the upper-crust mothers will be doing the same thing. Hilariously, Kanye allegedly gave Kim a $100 maximum too. Actually, I bet they had a lot of fun doing that. Some of those sweaters and blouses at The Gap are decent.



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  1. AlexandriaTheGreat says:

    She should lower it several inches and do some ass training while she’s at it.

  2. GByeGirl says:

    I wonder if she said that thinking that Gap will pay her to endorse their stuff.

    • Tracy says:


    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Kiss of death for the Gap.

    • shunty says:

      Gbyegirl, you got a point. Beyoncé got a new partnership deal with topshop after wearing all those topshop pieces and boy did she wear so many. In her defence, she seemed to like them

    • FLORC says:

      Gap is awful anyways. Jeans are overpriced and poorly sized/cut. All other clothing appears cheap and lacks style. Very casual bland. You might find a gem here and there, but the bulk of clothes are horrible. The Gap is slumming it.
      Although, that’s regional. Here and there the store quality improves. The bulk ofitems though are just poor quality.

    • Miffy says:

      It was probably Kanye admitting defeat. After almost two years of cramming her into the worst of the worst outfits he’s just giving up. ‘Here! Go to the f*cking Gap. I can’t anymore. I CAN’T!!! Did you even SEE that sh*t I made you wear to the cinema?! Why did you agree to that, bae? Why?!’ And then he locked himself in his Parisian bathroom and cried into his leather hand towels. Not that Kim noticed because they were on Skype because she was in LA and thought the connection was just bad in little old Paris so she was all like, ‘Oh! How quaint! Let them eat Gap! Where’s my corset?’

  3. Ag says:

    is that their house? that is… tacky.

  4. kibbles says:

    Are any of the Celebitchy writers willing to be guinea pigs and try this What’s a Waist for the team? I really want to know if this thing works and if it can shrink one’s waist by a few inches if worn constantly for a few months.

    • Halah says:

      One of the NYMag writers has a hilarious article about trying the “whatsawaist” corset. It’s really funny

      • Christina says:

        That was great! Thanks for sharing. Corset wearing (because please … that is all “waist training” is) – let’s hope this fad doesn’t catch on. Spanx are bad enough.

      • Kiddo says:

        Wasn’t this a practice in the Victorian era? And smelling salts were used to revive fainting women?

      • Nur says:

        And why do you think they kept fainting? Hmm…

    • mernymerlyn says:

      I know a couple of girls that swear by it but mostly wear it during cardio sessions.
      When they tried to wear it all day they thought they were going to pass out!

      • Kitten says:

        During cardio sessions? Really???? That doesn’t restrict movement/breathing?

      • Kiddo says:

        If it’s really tight, it presses on internal organs, including the abdominal aorta, which is a tragically dumb thing to do while engaging in strenuous exercise.

    • Jag says:

      It can work, but realize that if done consistently, it does move the internal organs.

      The reason many women use waist trainers after childbirth is that it helps the muscles and loose skin go back to where they’re supposed to be.

      Using corsets during cardio is asking for a trip to the ER. That’s just insane!

  5. jaye says:

    What the smerks is that outfit in the bottom two pics? No. Just…no.

  6. Bridget says:

    What Kim is doing isn’t the same thing that a new mom does – the corset (which is actually referred to as a support band) is intended to help support the muscles that have been pulled and lost their strength during pregnancy, and help keep them supported and in proper form as you gradually regain your strength. Its not to train your waist to be tiny. This was also most likely what Alba was talking about – remember, your core strength is pretty much shot after pregnancy. If your abs ‘split’ during pregnancy it can help because they need a lot of extra support and help to gain the strength to go back to their proper place, and its also helpful if you’ve had a c section. But definitely not the same as Kim’s waist training.

    • notsoanonymous says:

      Yeah, definitely not the same thing as what Alba was talking about. This crap Kim is doing is what people like Dita von Teese have done to get their crazy hourglass shapes.

  7. Size Does Matter says:


  8. jwoolman says:

    Remember Kim is a liar. Just because she says she uses something doesn’t mean she uses it for more time than it takes to post the photoshopped picture. She gets paid to tweet (and I assume Instagram) product endorsements, plus free products.

    As for her Gap spending spree- obviously Kanye imposed color restrictions on the gift also. Five cream sweaters? Was that the only color left in stock and she was afraid they were on the endangered species list? Or was she just getting cheap gifts for her friends or family? Or else of course it was just a product endorsement for The Gap and/or another script in the “Kim and Kanye are just plain folks” story line.

    • Christina says:

      I agree. And GAP sweaters aren’t $20 a piece … unless super duper on sale and NOT at the beginning of the season.

    • word says:

      She’s probably trying for an endorsement deal from Gap. If Kanye was having a “hard time” trying to figure out what to get a woman “who has everything” why not just donate MONEY to a CHARITY in Kim’s name?

      Also, if Kanye is really worth $130 million why on earth are they STILL living with PMK ? It’s been two years now. They couldn’t have found a place to rent ? Maybe PMK’s house has really good mirrors and amazing lighting.

  9. swack says:

    Concerning the birthday gift, didn’t here Getty a birkin purse that North “painted” that was fairly expensive? And didn’t be whisk her away to Hawaii for her birthday? The gap story is more pr bs to make them more likeable.

  10. Ellie66 says:

    When I was about 12 my mom made me wear a wide elastic band around my waist for a couple of years and (wasn’t bad or uncomfortable) I’ve always had a small waist even when I gain weight my sister refused to wear it and I swear she has absolutely no waist at all nada..none. I don’t know if it worked or that’s our natural shapes (mom has tiny waist). Of course it was the late 70s early 80s so high-waisted pants were the bomb! Lol!

    • Seapharris7 says:

      You just nailed it without realizing it. Body shaping practices, like the one you mentioned & corset “training”, only really work if someone is doing them throughout their growing/puberty years. The body then grows into whatever shape you have. But if you’re already a grown adult, 30+, it’s just an illusion – like Spanxs.

  11. Steph says:

    The amount of time she wastes on waist training would be better suited and actually pushing yourself hard at the gym don’t you think? But then again, it seems like the Kardashian women like instant gratification

  12. msw says:

    Yet another mark of a person who focuses on is far more concerned about the meat sack than of the person inside it. I honestly cannot fathom a more shallow person.

  13. JB says:

    Hm. I feel like a hobo for not considering Gap a “low-priced clothing store.” I don’t consider it couture either but it’s pretty much a staple for my shopping, with a little J.Crew clearance rack thrown in. It’s not exactly K Mart.

  14. Dawn says:

    Oh good god this whole family almost drives me to drink. Nobody should be able to get by with so many damn lies. Last I heard that KanYe West was worth up to 90 million give or take a few million but only on paper. He is crash strapped because his music and concerts are not selling like they once did is the word on the street. And with Kim like everything like out of her like amaaazing mouth is like an untruth. Please waist training for 16 months after giving birth just means she has a gut. She also is now insisting that 17 year old Kylie Jenner is just a whiz at doing her makeup and she has NOT had any work done at all and people are just mean to say so! Again like another like lie. I guess the Kon show will just go on and on.

  15. kri says:

    She needs to wrap the trainer around her head. Let’s all kross our fingers, people.

  16. Rusty machine says:

    I wonder if that backless top in the last picture has a built in shelf bra….
    Random I know….

  17. Lauren says:

    Stupid. She should wear a hip and ass corset.

  18. PNICHOLS says:

    It’s pretty crazy that if she didn’t have her backside she’d be pretty tiny. She is not tall and is rather thin other than her butt. Am I wrong to think that??

  19. serena says:

    For sure those “cheap” gap sweaters are way better than the clothes she usually wears.

  20. Bread and Circuses says:

    Honestly, she’s so astoundingly hour-glassy naturally, I don’t see why she’d do this.

    Actually, I do. She’s shilling for the company. I’ll bet she barely ever wears the corset.

  21. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I love how corsets look (as long as they aren’t the kind with the uber tiny waist…that is gross), but they are horrible for what they do to the woman’s body, pushing her organs around and making it difficult to breathe. No wonder Victorian women were fainting constantly. I think a corset is a cute look to wear sometimes, but I would be careful about wearing it too often just for medical reasons.

    • Erinn says:

      They’re honestly beautiful. I always wanted one just because they’re so pretty, not for the waist cinching.

      I’ll do with my spanx for a couple of hours with minimal torment. The only part I hate about them really, is putting them on. Once they’re on, I find them pretty comfortable. Just a fight to pull them up haha.

  22. word says:

    LOL why didn’t he have her shop at Sears instead ? She does have a line there after all.

    • JudyK says:

      Sears has gone out of business where I live…will be closing its doors in January 2015. Can only hope that employing the Kreepy K’s had something to do with their demise.

  23. Green Eyes says:

    I wore a Milwaukee back brace for 7 yrs 23 hrs a day as a teen. Not only was my waist ridiculously tiny for many yrs afterwards.. To this day so are a lot of my internal organs. (And spine is still a mess). I hope young girls that have not physically matured yet, do not follow in Kim’s footsteps… Who comes up w/ these ideas?

  24. JudyK says:

    Was going to post one of the more-obvious comments, but this girl has no brain cells whatsoever in her narcissistic body. Go. Away. NOW. The only value she has EVER contributed at all is North, who is precious and deserves a better mother.

  25. vavavoom says:

    Why does she always look so much smaller in her selfies than paparazzi pics? hmmmmm…..

    Those jean shorts .. are.. awful.

  26. Amy says:

    The only historical figure I know of who corseting really worked for was Empress Sisi Austria (who was later assasinated). She famously wore one throughout her life and achieved a very narrow waist. I think she started when she was very young. It can work if you are as dedicated as Sisi but I think it only works if you start as youn as she did.

  27. Chris says:

    Kim thinks looking bad is the new looking good. She looks ridiculous in the last photo.

  28. Heidi says:

    It just looks so uncomfortable. Everything she wears looks uncomfortable. Yikes!

  29. Sparkly says:

    I know lots of folks in kinky circles who waist train, and I’m interested in it myself when I can save up for good corsets. But something makes me think that KK has not exactly researched it well and made sure she’s being safe. So my vote is: fine in theory if you’re into it, but probably stupid for any Kardashian.

  30. DrFunkenstein says:

    I vote stupid, but as the woman is a vacuous idiot, what’s the surprise.

  31. embee says:

    I shop at the Gap. Not always low prices. Have never seen trashy stuff like Kim wears. I hope I’ll never need to waist train! She’s just too much. Kanye’s mom must be rolling. Poor thing