Benedict Cumberbatch knows what Sherlock would be like in bed & it’s magical


Ha, I got some requests for MOAR Benedict Cumberbatch coverage! I love it when that happens. As we’ve been discussing all week, Benedict covers the special edition of ELLE UK and they’ve released the “full article” online – go here to read. It’s charming and liquor-soaked and Bendy seems like a good time, if your definition of a “good time” is being told off by a posh Englishman. During one of Benedict’s amazing rants/posh tell-offs, he goes off about Sherlock’s sexuality and how Sherlock would be amazing in bed if he actually prioritized sex. Here’s the basic gist, with some minor edits:

ELLE UK: A lot of women fancy Sherlock.

BC: Their problem, not mine.

ELLE UK: I do get it, he’s incredibly endearing, but…

BC: Will this tell me more about you than the answer will tell you about me?

ELLE UK: …I actually think he would be a terrible shag…I think he would be proficient, of course, but he would lack enthusiasm and he would find it distasteful.

BC: Ah, these are terrible stereotypes. And come on, he seduced Janine.

ELLE UK: But they didn’t have sex?

BC: Oh you’re right, very good, you spotted that.

ELLE UK: What do you think Sherlock would be like in bed? How would you play a love scene as Sherlock?

BC: Oooh… You know I’d get the, I’d probably test the latex, if it involved prophylactics, beforehand. I’d do a little experiment to do with durability, length, girth, and um, strength. And um, I would probably take a lot of vitamin supplements to make sure that I could perform, and had had my sleep, and probably not had many cigarettes. Or drink, for that matter. Not that he does drink.

ELLE UK: You see. Proficient, but lacking enthusiasm.

BC: Yeah, no wait for it. I would probably watch a lot of p0rn…I might have to shave, um, areas to fit in with a modern idea of bodily hair. And then I would be devastating. I’d know exactly how to please a woman, I’d know exactly where to put my fingers, where to put my tongue, where to put my – his I should say – his fingers, his tongue. Think about violinists, think about what they can do with their fingers. And I’d know exactly how to get that person into it, and get pleasure out of making that person feel pleasure to the point that I probably wouldn’t even have to enter…But when I did it would be explosive.

ELLE UK: But does he ever lose control?

BC: So in sex, would he lose control? I think to have really good sex he would probably have to.

ELLE UK: So he’d decide to lose control. He’d make a controlled decision?

BC: This is a very dark alley we’re going down. No pun intended. Um, Yeah. Yeah. If it was necessary yes, yes. Very much so.

ELLE UK: I’d quite like to watch that love scene now.

BC: You never will. It’s not that kind of a programme, is it?

[From Elle UK]

Oh my God. Just… OMG. This is right up there with Michael Fassbender taking about his inner sexual beast and destroying the sweetshop. Benedict talking about violin fingers and losing control and “dark alleys” and his tongue. The only thing that would take this next-level is if he mentioned his auburn dong muff again.


Photos courtesy of Elle UK.

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  1. Amy Tennant says:

    This is how I would imagine it, too. Sherlock is so perceptive and reads people so well, one would think he would know exactly what his partner would want at all times.
    Um, back to work…

  2. Jenna says:

    It’s like he just wrote some fanfic p0rno……

    Now if I could only insert someone I actually fancy into it. Like…Captain Sexy. Le UNF.

  3. Tracey says:

    If by “magical” you mean “cringeworthy”, then sure…

    • little whinge says:


    • MountainRunner says:

      I have no problem with BC joking around with his friends in this manner, but putting it out there on the interwebs for all of his fans to see, knowing that it’s going to set off the ones that are lusting daily after him, just comes across as pandering to them and trying to boost his self-esteem.

      I feel the need to cleanse my palate with some McAvoy, DanRad and Redmayne now… people that actually come across as less impressed with their own success and focus on their work rather than their sex appeal. Sheesh.

      • Green Eyes says:

        Agree 100%. This interview is making me rethink my Cumber Crush. It’s the Lowest Common Denominator Cumby. Most of the interview makes him look like a 12 year old in a grown man’s body, much like the plot summary for the movie, “Big”:

        “A young boy makes a wish at a carnival machine to be big. He wakes up the following morning to find that it has been granted and his body has grown older overnight. But he is still the same 12-year-old boy inside. Now he must learn how to cope with the unfamiliar world of grown-ups including getting a job and having his first romantic encounter with a woman. What will he find out about this strange world? ”

        Sound familiar, anyone?

      • Freebunny says:

        @Green Eyes
        People who know him say he’s nice but childish.
        I have to say it’s not a very attractive thing when you’re a 38 years old man.

      • Nic says:

        Totally manufactured to get fangirls giggling and that’s not sexy, natural or interesting at all. Its also pretty hypocritical.

      • jammypants says:

        I don’t think Elle does any actor any favors when it comes to image, honestly. They’re cringeworthy.

        But I see where everyone is coming from. In that other interview, he says his thoughts on fanfiction/slash. Now he’s fanbaiting. It’s not good to swing back and forth.

      • GeeMoney says:

        We all have our faults… and I know a lot of childish adults, so… whatever (Cancers = childish… one of their more negative personality characteristics… ugh).

        These sound like the same complaints I read concerning Tom Hiddleston’s interview with Elle (I swear, fans are never satisfied). What’s he supposed to say when you have an interviewer asking these questions? Should he tell her to eff off? Not to mention, Elle is the one who decides what goes to print and what doesn’t. So… who knows how long the conversation lasted, what was said or edited or how he came across. We all know that magazines print things that get people talking… no use in complaining since he has no say in what ends up in the article at the end of the day.

        And honestly… it just seems like most people just come here to complain, period. Complain about people they DON’T KNOW, but yet pretend like they can read 3 quotes from someone and know everything there is to know about who they are as a person. Ridiculous.

        I hope you all forget your Cumber crushes… that’s more Cumby for the rest of us, and less competition!

      • Nic says:

        @cmon Geemoney, I think you’re being a little bit childish yourself there. Forget our ‘cumbercrush’? Seriously?
        Yes of course journos trying and lead questions with bloody sherlock (which I’m SICK of incidentally, I wish he’d jack it in) but it was entirely up to him to lead off onto a ridiculous ‘I’d stick my fingers here and there’ speech which he knew would be tumblred to death. I thought he didn’t like these extreme fan worships and he’s encouraging it? He has no problem shutting down areas he doesn’t want to talk about so I think he could’ve found a better response to a dumb lowest common denominator question about sherlock shagging.

      • GeeMoney says:

        I want you to forget your Cumber-crush b/c I want him for myself! Being selfish… that’s my negative personality characteristic… not childish-ness *smiles from ear to ear*

        Look, I thought the “fingers” and “tongue” thing were a bit much… but whatever. I don’t take what the man says as the damn gospel. And I sure as hell don’t bother getting upset about it. I just think people complain too much about nothing especially when it comes to him.

        Maybe I just feel the need to defend him (and other celebs for that matter) b/c people just pick apart EVERYTHING he says. Of course, he probably doesn’t care for the extreme fans, but they are the ones that watch Sherlock and go to see his movies more so than anyone else. I’m pretty sure he still wants them to support him, but just not show up at his front door half naked… so he probably on some level panders to them a bit. He’s stuck trying to please two different types of fans (the sane ones, and the insane ones)… and in that situation… it’s impossible to win.

        No matter what a celebrity does, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Fame is a double-edged sword. And no matter what any of them do, someone’s not going to like it. Perhaps I just get tired of hearing people voicing it 24 hours a day like it’s going to change, when in reality… it’s not.

      • Nic says:

        That’s the point. He doesn’t need to ‘please’ any fans. Pandering to any group of fans is annoying and I would’ve thought beneath him. Just be himself, do your job and know when to keep your mouth shut.
        No, i don’t think ‘everything he says is picked apart’. He’s a public figure and his interviews will be talked about. That’s natural but some people can’t see to cope with anything mess than gushing, glowing talk.

      • GeeMoney says:

        He’s a bit of a foot-in-mouth kind of person… so I don’t know if he knows when to be quiet, lol. Perhaps he needs a new publicist/PR person to train him on that. I think it would go a long way.

        Yes, he doesn’t need to please fans… but I don’t know. Maybe he’s a bit of a people pleaser? Another fault, I guess.

        Nobody is perfect, though.

      • Chammy says:

        Well, Cumberbatch is talking about a FICTIONAL character. That is probably part of promoting Sherlock anyway … and part of what actors do to prepare for playing a certain character. They imagine what the character would do in certain situations even if it is not directly relevant for the script itself.
        Remember what Katia Elizarova said what Benedict made her think about … she had asked him how to prepare for playing a character and he expected her to think about thinks like how the character would dress her daughter … .

        Nobody really knows what exactly happened in the interview. Do interviewed actors get a lot of a say what gets published?

        I don’t really think he comes across immature. It might have been some slightly flirty banter with the journalist which then didn’t translate too well into print.

        I would not hold it against him. He still is a brilliant actor. And yes, I think actor are often more goofy even in middle age than non-actor people like Joe Average.

      • GeeMoney says:

        Finally! An objective/thoughtful comment. I just wish their were more of them on this site.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @geemoney “These sound like the same complaints I read concerning Tom Hiddleston’s interview with Elle (I swear, fans are never satisfied). What’s he supposed to say when you have an interviewer asking these questions? Should he tell her to eff off? Not to mention, Elle is the one who decides what goes to print and what doesn’t. So… who knows how long the conversation lasted, what was said or edited or how he came across. We all know that magazines print things that get people talking… no use in complaining since he has no say in what ends up in the article at the end of the day. ”

        Let’s allow each and every actor/actress to stand on his own and face responsibility for what he/she says or does without rushing to defend by deflecting at another actor/actress to justify, especially when whatever is being used to justify can be checked to show that, no, that’s not what the person did or said at all and nobody’s actions justify another person’s actions.

    • maria says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong @ geemoney, but aren’t you the one who, in several threads have claimed to ” I can read him, I don’t know why, but I can. I know I’m right”? So to come down on others and claim that they take things out of thin air while reading quotes is a tiny bit hypocritical. And calm down. Everyone doesn’t like everything Cumby does. So? I found it childish as well. Big deal.

      And NONE of us know him, so who the hell has any idea about what he is like or what he wants in his life? No one who is famous bears his or her soul to a journalist, and frankly, that’s all we got to go one when it comes to “reading” him.

      and what do you mean less competition?

      • GeeMoney says:

        I just get tired of the complaints. They are just silly. No one is objective. My thoughts are usually as such. I give most people the benefit of the doubt, b/c none of us truly know what’s going on in his life, what occurs during these interviews, or anything.

        Everyone has a right to their opinion… I’m not saying that. But very few people look at these interviews in a objective manner. They just complain. And most of the comments (and a lot of yours are, especially) are usually negative. Can’t you cut the guy a break? Follow up your criticism with a compliment. Damn. Hate on his face, but say he’s a good actor. SOMETHING.

        PS – And you are right, I can read him. I don’t know what’s going on in his life at this point in time, but I actually read and listen to the things that he says in interviews and put 2 and 2 together concerning his personality, that’s all. It’s not hard. I don’t have a crystal ball into what he’s doing at this moment in time or anything.

        PPS – And the less competition thing is a joke. I was just being silly.

      • maria says:

        No, you can’t read him. As I wrote before, no one pours their heart out to a reporter. His friends and family knows him. They might be able to “read him” (whatever that means). Few people knows what’s really going on with another person.

        and where are all this complaints you are referring to? We can’t be reading at the same gossip site. Most here are fawning all over him and take it when a few thinks he said something childish. And then you, among others, take it as “hate”. I can’t recall anyone hating on Ben. Saying they don’t get the appeal, yes. Hardly hate. Saying they think he sounds childish isn’t hate either.

        And please, find the comments where I have hated on him. Not agreeing with things he said doesn’t count. The last comment I remember writing that was actually about Cumby and not just the amount of threads about him was about Stuart, a life backwards. Where I expressed my admiration for both cumby and tom hardy.

        And lastly: RUN, SOPHIE, RUN!

      • GeeMoney says:

        Ugh, I don’t have the strength to argue anymore today… and I’m trying my best not to rip you a new one. And believe me, it’s hard.

        You can challenge me all you want or write something back that I’m sure you think in your mind is going to be a witty comeback, but, alas, it probably won’t be. And I’ve got better things to do with my day than to match hateful comments, idiocy and/or wits (or lack thereof) with a random person on this site.

        Happy Halloween! *fake smiles*

      • Chammy says:

        Quarrels about this interview are silly, indeed.
        Cumberbatch doesn’t say anything offensive really. He just explains how he thinks how Sherlock would do “it”. Big Deal. NOT.
        One can agree or disagree. No big deal.

      • MountainRunner says:


        You are overreacting to those that find fault with the way BC is handling his fame/fans as of late. While no one here knows the man, all we have to go on is what he says/does in public. Perhaps some of us are trying to balance the Cumby-worship that has existed all the interwebs for the past few years. What you’re seeing on these threads looks like constructive criticism to me, not hating on him.

        I feel no need to express something positive every time he does something I don’t like. (I did however, give my positive remarks to Betsy below, in case you want to read them) I think you’re taking criticism of him too personally; he doesn’t need you to defend him. There are plenty of women who love every damn thing that comes out of his mouth and won’t speak ill of him if their life depended upon it.

        I do think he could have answered more generically as he has done in the past…this was classic fan-baiting.

        No one here is forming an opinion of BC after reading only a few interviews. Most of us have read most everything out there interview-wise. We have some sort of “history” that is informing the changes / inconsistencies we’re seeing as of late.

        Honestly, if people dissed him like they dis Kim K, I wouldn’t bother saying anything. It’s the fact that most comments are overwhelmingly positive that brings us critics out to provide another lens at which to view him — one that shows the flawed humanity that we all share. If anything, I think it shows why no one should be put in on pedestal and thought to be better than average because he’s popular, charming or attractive.

      • GeeMoney says:

        It’s not just with him… it’s ALL celebrities. People are so highly critical and judgmental of them. All I would like to see is more objective comments, that’s all. I got worked up a while back about a comment someone made about Adam Driver as well (it’s not just Cumby), and had to take a break from this site b/c of it. The negativity on this site can be overwhelming at times.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion… I’m all about that. But, most comments are silly, ridiculous and completely judgmental without looking at all sides of the situation. That’s all I would like to see more of on this site. We all know what goes on out there in Hollywood… it’s a RAT RACE. And it’s not pretty. I just wish everyone would drop their biases and judgments and look at the situation all around. That is all. Not asking too much here.

        I’m not Cumby’s keeper… and I don’t pretend to be. So please don’t put that on me. I just like the guy. I acknowledge his faults and I have criticisms of him as well. But he strikes me as one of the more decent, honest guys out in Hollywood. And I can’t help but to defend someone who has qualities that I wish more people out there had.

        PS – And I can’t stand Kim Kardashian. And people rip her a new one on a daily basis on this site. For that, she has my sympathy. But I ignore the most of the posts about her and will try to write something fairly objective about her if I have something to say. I try, at least.

      • MountainRunner says:

        @GeeMoney: I see the “looking at all sides” occurring when people with different backgrounds, life experiences, ages, etc gather together and converse on a particular subject of interest. I’m not upset nor intimidated by those that loved this interview and they should feel free to express their enjoyment of it. Those that have trouble with it should also feel free to express themselves. But making sweeping statements like “it just seems like most people just come here to complain, period.” and “most comments are silly, ridiculous and completely judgmental without looking at all sides of the situation.” while your opinion, doesn’t really add anything substantive to the discussion, imo. It just tells me that you don’t like to hear criticism.

        Considering the abundance of Cumby-love that has existed on this site for years, his critics have been few and rarely heard from. I recall a slight backlash after he dissed DA and JLM and another one after the R. Kelly lyric-reading; otherwise it’s been only in recent months that it’s increased. I see those comments as legitimate talking points and if you don’t, just pass over them. His star isn’t going to fall because a few women raise concerns or criticisms about how he’s presenting himself.

    • sesame says:

      Totally cringe-worthy.

  4. Sullivan says:

    I need a cigarette.

  5. Freebunny says:

    Now we know he writes fanfictions and he’s “Sherlollyfan91xoxo” on

  6. Jaderu says:

    O.o If there were any more coverage of him this site would be called Benebitchy.
    I’ve fallen over the Cucumby cliff though so I’m not complaining.
    All I can imagine now is an otter shaving “um, areas…” LOL
    For me, it’s more funny than sexy.

    • GeeMoney says:

      LOL… I like Cumberbitchy… it just sounds better to me. 🙂

      • Sam says:

        I think all these complaints are a lot todo with nothing. Look at this man’s life right now. He is flying from sets, to interviews, to galas, to fielding projects, to getting pushed to campaign even more. The man is tired! Of course he may say or do stupid things, he is human.

        Is it the Aries in me or does all this complaining over nothing seem like a lot of work. And I would rather this interview than the one Jeremy Renner did with Elle where he talked about going to strip clubs and teaching his daughter to respect herself in the same interview. Please, that was a disaster. This interview with Crumbikins sounds like a man who doesn’t know how to self edit.

        And why turn on him from one interview? Why throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water?

      • Nic says:

        Why is this ‘turning on him’? I think people get a bit overdramatising about things sometimes. People are allowed to criticise him and the cringey shagging description is just one thing that’s been annoying me of late. I usually think the sun shines out of him, so I’m far from naysayer, but he’s changed I think. Don’t expect anyone to agree, don’t care, but I can only see myself getting more irritated of this oscar campaign which already seems at saturation level.

  7. OhDear says:

    He certainly knows what his fanbase wants, lol.

  8. Felice says:

    Well I mean I’m sure Sherlock does know the most sensitive areas of the body but at the same time I didn’t need to know that. So are we stepping around him ranting about Hamlet when the interviewer said that it sucks? That was rude I’m excited to see it on opening night.

  9. MeloMelo says:

    That’s the kind of crap fanfiction I go to read at 😀

  10. Beth says:

    When I read this last night I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. What the hell is he playing at? Trying to kill us all?

  11. LA Native says:

    Its really quite too early to have heart failure….gasp

  12. MissMary says:

    Quite a change from, even after S2 (and Irene Adler ugh–Lara Pulver is lovely but that character was awful) him saying Sherlock wasn’t sexual, had no interest in sex, was a virgin, etc. Maybe the fanfic got to him.

    • Jen says:

      Or he’s just better at baiting all his crazy fangirls.

      • MissMary says:

        I get the feeling he’s doing that more and more lately. Playing to your fanbase is one thing…

      • Felice says:

        It’s getting annoying. He’s more aware of his power but with great power comes with great responsibility :p

      • Intro Outro says:

        @MissMary: I am just hoping he’ll never complain about Sherlock fanfiction again. It’ll make him rather… inconsequential in my eyes.

      • MissMary says:

        @Intro Outro: That crossed my mind after reading his interview with Elle–wonder if he’s going to complain about fanfic again and if he does, will it just be slash or will he complain about all the portrayals of his likeness in a sexual way? Because if he’s just complaining about the slash and not *all* the sexually based fan fic, my side eye is going to give me a headache. (I know I’m harping on his complaining about the slash then reciting his own smutty fanfic to the journo, but it really irks me and I don’t even write or read fanfics or do the whole fanart thing. I still really love his acting but his interviews of late are striking me as annoying so I think I’d better avoid ’em for a while).

      • Freebunny says:

        He’s kind of cringeworthy lately.
        I think that he doesn’t really do the difference between himself and Sherlock, so he doesn’t like to see himself as gay and having sex.
        And he plays the fandom so much that it’ll be hard for him to complain because young fans are too intrusive.

      • MissMary says:

        I know part of it is leading questions from interviewers or how things are edited but, like someone on another site said, when a pattern starts to emerge no matter who is doing the interview, it’s time to start wondering wtf is up. Is he trying for an image change away from the “celibate, brainy” type he’s often portrayed as in the media? Or is his give-a-damn just busted?

      • J says:

        He was joking about Adler, he laughs. That’s not new, he’s made that joke before but he’s not giving serious answers to freaking Elle.

        I have no idea how ya’ll are equating this with fan fic though, this doesn’t involve strangers making stuff about him and people he knows in RL. He knows he’s not a fictional character 😎

        On a more serious note, he wasn’t winning no matter what he did here, so whatever floats your boat I guess lol.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @MissMary and Freebunny: perhaps he’s just adjusting like that to his increased popularity? He’s free to pander to the fanbase of course, I just hope he understands what consequences it might lead to and also that, once he’s started actively baiting the fans, he’s basically lost the right to ridicule same fans for devouring the bait together with the hook and line and going on a sexual sherlockian rampage 😀

      • MissMary says:

        Personally, I don’t care if he beats off six times a day to the idea of Sherlock and Adler going at it like pr0ny bunnies. I’m just really tired of the whole snark towards fans (yeah, I really get that people shoving fic/art at you is discomfiting but I don’t remember him bitching about Freeman doing it, or about het fics/art) but out of all the fans the man has, I doubt that’s even a percent of them who do that. And Intro Outro, I agree–now that’s he’s “opened that door,” if he starts kvetching about the fics or the speculation on his sexual prowess, he’s getting a cosmic Gibbs pop for that.

        And equating it with fanfic: Well, he was going on and on about what a fictional character would do in bed which is what a lot of fanfic seems to be so…

      • MountainRunner says:

        “…once he’s started actively baiting the fans, he’s basically lost the right to ridicule same fans for devouring the bait…”

        @Intro Outro: well said. He can’t have it both ways.

      • J says:

        missmary, please don’t think I’m being rude, I just don’t think we see this the same way. Sexualization of the character isn’t the issue. It’s the insistence he’s playing a character a certain way or toward a certain goal when he isn’t. Then they’re going to to mad at him when he doesn’t deliver. And the obvious he thinks Sherlock is kinda meh and isn’t someone who could be in a healthy relationship.

        It’s more than a few fans showing it to the cast, ive heard a lot of cringey stories tbh. Even MF, who is pretty level about it, got very mad when they were bugging AA on Twitter. And it’s always the slash people.

        I guess the tl dr is that i cannot stand the Sherlock slash fandom from a distance, and I’d be pulling my hair out if they up close. like i absolutely do not think he’s perfect but this is something i get.

      • MissMary says:

        I’m not offended! Opinions differ! My personal one is that if he is going to put down one segment of fandom, he needs to be prepared for backlash esp when he does it in reductive and dismissive manner. Do I think he needs to like slash? Nope. If it’s not his thing it’s not his thing. Do I think he’s being a bit disingenuous when he talks about how it’s weird to see or read about “himself” (never mind that Sherlock isn’t himself– though, yes, it’s his likeness in the BBC versions) and friends but then will talk about Sherlock (‘himself’) and female characters played by actresses also his friends? Yeah, I do. Given the writers have said repeatedly he’s not interested in sex and has no interest in women (or men, when pressed during interviews about Sherlock), I find it hard to believe he’s playing him straight or gay, reams of academia for either case aside. If he has a problem with being in gay sex fantasies, that’s his business and fine. Like I said, I just give a side eye over him bitching about the slash fic, then basically engaging in het fanfic discourse with an interviewer. I’m not saying there’s one way to see this or respond to it from a fan POV. I am still a fan of his work. I just think he needs to examine either how he responds in terms of phrasing, or realize he’s alienating a segment of fandom by treating those who perceive sherlock and watson as gay, whether they write fic or not, draw art or not, as somehow “Weird”.

        Gatiss gets far more “slash porn” than the mains do, from what I understand, and his response? He ignores it and goes on with his work and life. That, I don’t even begin to side eye or judge. Because it doesn’t bait.

        Sidebar about AA: She does the same thing. Complained mightily about Sherlock/John slash but squeed over het-depicting art.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        This is not the first time he has encouraged fan fiction and not just about fictional characters. The zygoma comment immediately springs to mind and the two other actors were not pleased.

      • jammypants says:

        What was Matt Smith’s reaction?

      • MissMary says:

        @Jammypants: IIRC, he was grumbly about it and sharpish but not outright “STFU CUMBERBATCH”

      • Freebunny says:

        @Intro Outro
        I’d like to agree but I don’t really, it makes years now that people say he needs time to adjust to his fame.
        I guess he is as “adjusted” as he’s ever going to be now.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Freebunny: I think that it’s the first time he has achieved this degree of fame though. He has been in the industry for years, true, but hasn’t had THIS level of recognition and success. So, I guess I am giving him the benefit of the doubt lol. However, I also think that this interview had a certain PR purpose but has been somewhat mishandled in the end.

      • Freebunny says:

        @Intro Outro
        This “interview” was really embarrassing to read. I thought it was a big teaser for the real interview but there’s no real interview behind. I don’t know what was the PR purpose here, let’s say his PR want us to believe he’s some dirty sexy charming prince lover.

        As for his adjustment, there has been few sh%tstorms before: Downtown Abbey and Elementary’s comments, his battle with the Gardian about Assange, the Hollywood Reporter interview, the posh bashing and punching above his weight interview, going to Hollywood and leaving London, IbizaGate….

        All this was one or two years ago and he was already real famous in the UK.
        But he still has not learn how to speak to the press and what to say in interviews if he wants to preserve his private life as much as he wants us to believe.

        At this point, I think he’ll never learn.

      • MountainRunner says:

        He’s had enough time to get used to fame as Freebunny noted. He hasn’t been able to be out in public unnoticed for at least 2-3 years. His impatience with invasions of his privacy are becoming more common now and he seems more willing to speak his mind, even if it causes a PR problem for him. Maybe he feels so secure in the love of his fanbase that he doesn’t mind ticking off a few now? Perhaps he was knackered and that’s why his self-editing button was off?

        Whatever the reason, I’m less impressed with him and how he’s handling things. He seems to lap up the attention and is consciously giving the fans what they want, but then complaining about the aspects he doesn’t care for (rubbernecking, interruptions, fanfic, interest in his love-life etc.). I just wish he’s take a page from the playbook of some of his pals who are consistently gracious with fans and don’t talk down the fan’s creative outlets or bait them with graphic sex talk.

        He’s gotten a bit too big for his britches, methinks.

      • Nic says:

        Question – now, I think adam is LOVELY. Seems a really nice and down to earth guy, their friendship is lovely. But what was the point of him crashing the interview? Just to say that bc is just an ordinary guy and his pal? He could’ve done that over the phone.

      • Freebunny says:

        From what I get the buddy dinner with Adam was planned and the journalist was the one crashing it, or perhaps I’m wrong.

      • An says:

        Intro Outro is correct. His level of fame changed over the last year. He was never photo’d, ‘spotted’, attracting large crowds on set etc. this much until middle of 2013 or so.

        He’s got another year to adjust if Bill Murray to be believed 😀 (famously said you’ve got two years once you really become famous).

        Of course, I’ve got to be the odd duck and say I think the opposite, MountainRunner. He knows this is empty. Actors who believe their own hype are able to enjoy it as a direct result. Knowing it’s bull is what makes it far less fun.

        He could handle it better, but in my opinion, he’s not doing terrible either. There’s a lot of examples of people first handing it ‘terribly’, such as RDJ and Depp.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I am sorry but expecting anything substantial from an ELLE interview was rather shortsighted 😉 The PR purpose of it was probably to increase BC’s romantic appeal but he got carried away on his current wave of success and on his booze. As a result, the younger and more exalted female fans are ecstatic and the rest are o_O Not sure if it what he and his team were aiming for. At the same time, he hasn’t said anything TRULY damaging so he will be alright lol.

        I guess I just prefer to believe that he indeed got carried away instead of knowingly catering to the desires of that part of his fandom.

    • Freebunny says:

      I think he wants to change his “image”. He plays the “great straight lover” but finally it’s more awkward than anything.
      He’s a Harrow boy, he knows how to be charming (just like an other CB fav) but now, perhaps because he’s more confident about his career, he begins to sound like a overgrown teen who needs to mature and perhaps a good spank.

  13. Really says:

    “I would probably watch a lot of pr0n…” After that part, all I could think about was when my son was 11 and I caught him looking at pr0n online (sorry for the TMI). My husband said boys get curious and I said that my concern was that he would think that pr0n is the way it should be and I didn’t want the first time he’s with someone that he makes her put on tacky high heels, grabs her by the hair, bends her over and rams her.
    I don’t watch Sherlock, but I’d like to know what pr0n he’s watching, cause penises is easy and vaginas is hard.

    • kri says:

      LMAO!!! “Penises is easy and vaginas is hard”.SHRIEK!!!!!!! That was platinum comedy @Really!

    • Felice says:

      Well he says that he steals John’s laptop for that. Oh sorry, “confiscates”

    • Soporificat says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Pr0n as a way to learn how to have great sex? Nope. Is that what people think these days? If so, that makes me real sad. Great sex has nothing to do with any porn that I have seen. Also, just in general pr9n =/= sex. Porn is a subset of mediocre sex at best, and really terrible sex at worst.

      So, basically, what I got form his description of Sherlock sex is that Sherlock would be terrible in bed, but would think he was some kind of sex god. The very worst combination, lol. So not sexy.

      • maria says:

        “Sherlock would be terrible in bed, but would think he was some kind of sex god. The very worst combination, lol. So not sexy.”

        Hahahah I met a few of those. Terrible indeed. *shudders*

      • Soporificat says:

        Hahaha! So have I! Sorry to trigger the bad memories, maria! Although, at a certain point it just becomes funny.

      • MountainRunner says:


      • Old Enough says:

        that was my reaction too. Watching porn to find out how to please a woman? not likely unless possibly it was woman produced porn.

  14. PunkyMomma says:

    My Gawd. Sherlock manscaping his bits? Fingering the violin? Kill me now.

  15. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Okay, him describing that love scene was better than all the Fifty Shades of Grey put together (at least based on the online paragraph I read from the first book…couldn’t stomach any more). If I still smoked, I’d need a cigarette now. LOL

  16. flavia_deluce says:

    This is super sexy and cheers to Annabel Brog for getting such an amazing interview with him, making him feel comfortable enough to playfully share things like that. We’ve seen what can happen when he’s grumpy/agitated in an interview and this turned out to be a good one.

    That being said, I completely disagree with everything he said about Sherlock in bed.

    • LadySlippers says:


      It was an entertaining read.

      And I’m with you about Sherlock’s skills in the boudoir — anyone who thinks emotions are stumbling blocks to good work in unlikely to have the ‘it’ factor in bed. Technically he might be brilliant, but emotion is what takes an okay experience into the stratosphere.

  17. Domino says:

    I love Ben but sorry baby you’re not Sherlock. Yes, he is my favorite portrayal of Sherlock Holmes but his giving the character his own personality traits doesn’t work for me. All the I’s instead of He’s throughout this interview had me rolling my eyes. He’s confusing Sherlock with himself and I think they are two very different people. His own sexuality seems to be getting in the way, it’s the typical case of a sexual person not able to understand asexuality (Sherlock went as far as to propose to Janine but he never had sex with her, that is so telling). Don’t get me wrong, as an asexual myself I do enjoy some of the Sherlock sex in fanfiction, at least the ones I have read, but then it seems like many fans are better at understanding Sherlock than Ben himself does.

  18. Kali says:

    Eh, the musician example would’ve been even more impressive if Sherlock played a wind instrument… 😉

  19. Tippet says:

    You guys are taking this too seriously. It’s a just an actor giving a fun cheeky loosey-goosey tipsy interview. Those are the best. Just enjoy it, sheesh.

    I like that he knows damn well how hot his hands are.

    • J says:

      People are reacting like it’s a Time interview and it’s cracking me up, ngl. Clearly the fictional scenario that he laughs mostly through for his character is his deepest personal sex secrets.

      • Intro Outro says:

        From what I have read, people actually do understand that it’s not a Time interview and it’s supposed to be a funny and informal kind of interview. They just do not like the particular type of fun that this interview is trying to sell.

      • MountainRunner says:

        His liberal use of “I” left me with the impression that he was confusing himself with Sherlock and letting his fans know what being with him is like…

      • J says:

        Some are, some not. youre not getting serious insights into the character or his personal sex life or anything worth psychoanalyzing, really. its elle.

      • J says:

        MountainRunner, actors do that all the time, him included. Like we are in trouble if Mads thinks he’s Hannibal LOL. Or if Benedict really runs all condoms through a series of test 😀

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @J, Mads! You mentioned Mads! Hurray, Mads! But yes, we would definitely be in trouble if he believed he was Hannibal. But Mads! Yummy!

  20. Veronica says:

    He’s not my type, so this is not really to my appeal. It would be ridiculously anti-sexual to me regardless, since he keeps harping on Sherlock’s sexuality like he must assure us that the man can f*ck. If you need to keep telling me you’re virile, dude, then sexy ain’t natural. Men and women who do “sexy” for me don’t need quantifiers. They don’t have to explain how they’re gonna do it because, trust me, I got it all figured out in my head already.

    • MountainRunner says:


    • Freebunny says:

      Sadly true…… T_T

    • Lilacflowers says:

      *claps and adds* and allow the partner some input. There didn’t seem to be any listening or responding going on in that recitation. She’s just supposed to be thrilled automatically. We’re all different.

      • MountainRunner says:

        @Lilacflowers: Yes! I was thinking I’d like to hear some of his “ladies” confirm that he is indeed a great lover, ’cause women can fake some pretty impressive orgasms! Women are soooo different in how they like their happies, that one should not assume they’ve got it dialed in…

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @MountainRunner, I really don’t need to know one way or another, but the whole idea of “I know how to please and where to put my fingers and I don’t even have to …” Just makes me roll my eyes and laugh. It’s almost like I want to dare him just to crush that ego, but he wouldn’t be paying attention! Too busy playing his imaginary violin to notice I’m making a list of what to get at the grocery store.

      • MountainRunner says:




    • CL says:

      After reading the entire thing (including the part about BC being a man in love), I cringed after reading “I’d watch pr0n, I’d know exactly where to put my fingers, my tongue”. Did it cross his mind that his girlfriend is going to see this? Isn’t she supposed to be uber-smart? As in making him feel more intelligent by her conversation? Why is he acting like a randy teen?

      A lot of women are attracted to Sherlock; “their problem, not mine”. Well, you certainly seem to have given it a LOT of thought.

      • CL says:

        BTW, that “you” at the end should have been a “he”.

      • Nic says:

        A ‘girlfriend’ isn’t confirmed. Neither is her being ‘uber smart’. In fact nobody really knows anything about her except she likes to roll around on the floor pretending to be pregnant and wrestling dead octupi in the name of ‘art’. Doesn’t scream ‘uber smart’ to me.

  21. betsy says:

    Got to laugh at how the people who dislike Cumberbatch spend a lot of time on here saying what they don’t like about what he’s said or done. Why bother.

    The interview is a light read – no more or less. But some of you analyse it like your still on your degree course. Lighten up.

    • MountainRunner says:

      You don’t seem to understand the purpose of the comments section. It’s to share reactions to what has been posted. I like reading all ranges of comments, even the ones that don’t agree with mine… some are humorous (I’m missing the *clique* and their outrageous Thornfield comments, Fanty, Sixer, Eve, EsCon et al… btw), some will cause me to alter my opinion, others I agree to disagree with.

      As long as people are not being nasty, everyone should be able to freely share their opinions without being shot down by those who don’t share them.

      Also, just because someone calls BC out on something, doesn’t mean they don’t like him. I’m annoyed with him as of late, but I would say without hesitation that he’s a damn fine actor, has an endearing public persona (for the most part) and that the ELLE shoot was probably his best yet. I’ll agree that he looks hot in that spread.

      • LadySlippers says:

        What?!? No mention of The Thornfield Garden?!????

        *collaspes into a sobbing mess of leaves and petals*

      • MissMary says:

        Thiiiiiiis… I admire the Hell out of his acting and yeah, I do find him attractive, but boy does he do and say some problematic things. Just because I kvetch about it doesn’t mean I don’t still like his acting/find him easy on my eyes.

      • MountainRunner says:


        I don’t know whose husband he is now (Eve divorced him over the Ibizagate affair, right?), but whoever it is needs to realign his priorities… He seems a bit distracted as of late.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Ladyslippers, would you like a beverage to revive you and lift your spirits? I’ll send my butler Colin Firth over to you with some refreshment straight away.

      • LadySlippers says:


        *perks up*

        I’ll take on the heady task of bringing him into line.

        *stands up proudly and solemnly*

        (I just have no wish to trip myself up over whether This means That or That means This)


        Dearest Lilac, you are a gem to offer your fabulous Firth to bring forth some sustenance for a Fellow Flower. I am, forevermore, in your debt.

        *turns head to shed a small tear in gratitude*

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @LadySlippers, of course, you are most welcome at any time. Colin just loves playing butler and is so grateful that I rescued him mid-air when he was shoved out a window at Thornfield over some petty nonsense. Colin will be serving us all a lovely Halloween dinner when my new secret husband Tom (yes, I have two secret husbands – I admit to polygamy but I do share and Tom was also hurled through a Thornfield window) is finished filming ISTL for the evening. Shall I send Mark Strong around with the Jag to fetch you?

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Why, hello! I thought I must wave to you when I saw that you missed the insane Thornfielders. I must say I miss the Golden Age of Cumber Games, as we don’t seem to be putting our hearts into shanking each other for him anymore. You’re right—-Eve dumped him rather abruptly when he cheated on her in Ibiza. Fanty and I used to take turns bickering over him and sharing him. But then she went on to another dude—-a manly he-man y’all call Captain Sexy. So, it’s just me now, partly because I’m idiotically loyal, and partly because we have curfew here at the Convent and I Just don’t get out very much. Also, I still adore him, but I agree he’s changed. He seems to love the attention and he is posing awfully hard, but I do like the pics.

        This interview strikes me as Cumby winding everyone up—-the reporter and the fans. Sherlock wouldn’t know what to do with a woman if she were presented on a plate. If he did venture there, I believe it would be a science experiment for him. He was very intrigued with Irene Adler, but he shut her down anyway.

        To sum up, I may not threaten anyone over my imaginery boyfriend, but I’m still lurking here, so y’all better watch yourselves, or I will summon Miss Eyre. 🙂

        (And per your excellent suggestion, I am going to re-align his priorities as soon as he steps off the magazine covers.)

      • LadySlippers says:

        Shoo shoo O Daughter of Nuns, he’s mine now.

        *fluffs out stem, leaves, and petals to appear more fearsome*


        Can I join you in polyandry (psst its polyandry not polygamy — until you want multiple wives)? I do fancy a few more boys than just Beautiful Benedict… But dearest me, I do so wobble over the available choices…

        *frowns in concentration*

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @LadySlippers, welcome, sister-wife. Do not fret and take your time over this weekend’s available choices. ‘P’enny has taken Cillian and AbbyJ has Jonny Lee for the weekend but you’re welcome to choose from the others. Here, Colin, do bring her some tea and some of those lovely maple shortbread cookies while she considers the wonderful possibilities. Mark, please put an end to the fencing match between Viggo and James before someone gets hurt?

      • LadySlippers says:

        *interrupts Lilacflowers*

        No no dearest Mark. Please escort Hunky Dude on a Horse (Viggo) and the Scottish Thunder (James) to my room. Tied up preferably.

        Oh Lilac *blushes* you remembered. Three beautiful (and bound) boys should keep me smiling ALL weekend. No where did my Dominatrix gear go?!???

        Ta ta for now!!!


    • Bren says:

      LOL! Truth to this, betsy!

    • maria says:

      if you call this analyzing, what do you call the thing that goes on in the girlfriend threads?

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Ah, betsy! Shall we forget that the next time you express dislike for someone?

    • 'P'enny says:

      *face palm*

    • Breezy says:

      Generally speaking I would agree with everyone else on this but now that people are picking apart everything like it’s got some hidden code I kinda agree with betsy, which is also an opinion.

      Doesn’t mean anyone else can’t or won’t try to read between the lines but I can understand someone pointing it out about the fans as much as fans try to read into every little thing Benedict does.

      I dunno. Maybe I don’t care enough. We could find out he sneezes glitter and it wouldn’t really affect me personally, so maybe I gotta lay off the gossip sites for a bit.

      Maybe instead of fire he breathes glitter. Glitter dragon. That would be interesting.

  22. Totes says:

    Honestly I couldn’t even make it through this I was so scandalized. I had to wait like an hour and come back to the open tab and read it.


  23. Kelly says:

    Um…I need to HEAR him say this. All of this.

    • MissMary says:

      Elle posted the audio clip from the interview–it’s on several of the Cumberbatch fan blogs. I think Londonphile has a link?

  24. I Choose Me says:

    Well he’s just given a bunch of his more er enthusiastic fans prime fanfic/wank material. This portion of the interview came off as very cheeky lad. Yes, I do think he’s pandering a little.

    Oh and I love the subtle bitchery of :
    BC: Will this tell me more about you than the answer will tell you about me?

    I’m still not completely on the Benedict train but now he’s on my People I’d like to have a drink with list.

  25. liab23 says:

    are they flirting?

  26. blended says:

    this fan-baiting doesn’t bother me so much. i think it’s light-hearted, and i people i know, who don’t follow him obsessively, have been totally turned on, so it’s worked in his favour.
    this is going with my theory that he/his PR are trying to make him look more dateable/romantic lead material.

    • MissMary says:

      I really am on board with that theory. I think he’s wanting some serious leading man roles esp as he’s not getting younger (and while age doesn’t impact male roles in H’wood as heavily as it does female ones, it does start to cost you parts when you’re getting old enough to play the dad instead of the lover).

      • 'P'enny says:

        hasn’t stopped Colin Firth of late :-p

      • blended says:

        also explains why he snaps at journos when they bring up the fact that he plays a lot of geniuses. i mean, he should take it as a compliment (and i actually think reporters mean it as a compliment). if he gets typecast, there are only so many roles he will get offered.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @’p’enny, is Colin with you? I sent him to deliver a beverage to LadySlippers and he hasn’t returned. Could you ask him to make sure the porch light is on for the Trick or Treaters? Thanks.

      • 'P'enny says:

        he’s trapped in my garden lake in his white shirt – he is getting on a bit now, but he’s still got it. BTW I’m not sending him to Ladyslippers until she answers my ransom – Colin for Tom no negiotiations.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @’P’enny, she doesn’t have Tom. He’s working and then coming home for dinner, which Colin was supposed to prepare for us all. You’re invited too. Mark’s on his way with the Jag to collect you. You may take a gentlemen of your choosing from the assembled group home with you after dinner.

      • 'P'enny says:

        mmm is Cillian there? I’ll take him – with pompoms on.

        i’ll let Colin go about ten minutes ago, he kept talking in the style of Mr Darcy, which was cute for a while but when he said, ‘you are tolerable, i suppose, but not enough to tempt me.”

        i booted him out.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        I realize I’m not an official Thornfielder, but I would be willing to offer my indentured servitude and work in the stables if you’ll let me take the stable boy home for supper on my day off.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @’p’enny, yes, Cillian is yours for the weekend!

        @sigh((s)), not sure who the stable boy is at Thornfield; we’re not Thornfielders either, we just rescued some of the guys they tossed out of windows during some Cumberfrenzy, but you’re welcome to help yourself to any of our Halloween party guests here. Although, Sean is still in the boot; he likes it there.

      • Isadora says:

        @Lilacflowers: Sean only likes it in the booth because the whole whiskey stock for Halloween is also in there. Or was there. No treats anymore, but a very drunk Sean. Keep an eye on him or he’ll try to skinny dip in a fountain somewhere.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Isadora, Mark has retrieved Sean from the fountains and is giving him very stern looks. He has been assigned to garage clean-up for the day.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        So, Sean apparently got engaged… See what happens when you guys liquor him up and let him out of the boot?

  27. 'P'enny says:

    “The only thing that would take this next-level is if he mentioned his auburn dong muff again.”

    As his “friend” once said, “That’s just asking for trouble, isn’t it? Oh my goodness. That’s quite a mischievous thing to do. I’ll be having words with him about that.”

    I sometimes wonder about his friends dong muff…

  28. Dara says:

    I almost hesitate to wade into this conversation, but here goes.

    TBH this exchange made me a little cringe-y and I think Elle knew it might be a little much and only put it online as a separate feature for a reason. There is a difference between a straightforward magazine profile (which I enjoyed reading) and the titillating, click-baitey things that spin up his crazy (in the best way) alternate-universe internet fan base. As the latter goes, this belongs in the hall of fame.

    I admire Ben’s usual lack of self-editing, but this time I am hoping that he was tipsy (or downright plastered) when all of this went down. He had to have known he was on the record, right? TMI Otter! But that’s just me, judging from other comments I might be in the minority. Oh, but I agree with him about his point of seeing Hamlet performed!

    And is it me or does it seem if Annabel Brog’s journalistic MO is to take her subject out and get them sh#tfaced drunk to see if interesting things spill out? I’ve only read two of her interviews (this one and the one of you-know-who… not hijacking…I can’t help it!), but she mentions in both how she took her subjects out to get them liquored up. In Benny’s case I think it might have worked. Not so sure about how successful the tactic was in the Tomster’s case – he didn’t seem to give much away. Or he can hold his drink better. I’m on the fence about which article gave me more insight into the personalities of those being profiled.

    • ukbound says:

      Yes, Dara. I was wondering if I was alone in this. It is rather tacky to go on like that in an interview. It seems he was very comfortable with the interviewer. I bet he is embarrassed now.

    • Margret says:

      When he does an interview isn’t his PR Rep with him, i.e. Karon?

      • MissMary says:

        Margret: Not always. usually, she’s at the big media circus ones, like pre-movie things where they’re held in hotel conference rooms and they go down the line, answering the same things over and over.

    • An says:

      Benedict can’t hold his booze, if that’s what you’re asking? More than one person around him has joked about that.

  29. Nic says:

    I’ve only just noticed the amount of other places making an actual STORY out of his stupid fingers and tongues comment. Even the telegraph. Has the world gone actually mad? I mean…whut?

    • Freebunny says:

      This will follow him interview after interview…. Until he complains that people over-sexualize him.

      • MissMary says:

        Word. By New Year’s, his interviews will include angry passages about being sexualized .

  30. MaddieH says:

    I think the things he said only sound sexy if you’re already into him. If you’re not, it just makes you think “TMI” and feel embarrassed for him. This is why not everyone is on the same page about this interview. Having said that, I don’t think it’s fanbaiting or fanservice on his part: as far as I can gather, what he says is kind of the opposite of what most of his fans what to hear, at least judging by tumblr. There are like millions who ship Sherlock with Watson, dozens who ship him with Molly, and he goes and breaks their collective heart for those three who are actually in favor of him with Irene Adler.

    • Nic says:

      I find him *incredibly* sexy and I didn’t find it hot. It wasn’t natural, he didn’t mean it.. So there’s really nothing hot about that. He’s just saying words. All rather manufactured and forced and therefore not sexy.

    • Veronica says:

      I don’t find him ungodly beautiful, but I don’t find him unattractive either. It’s more anti-erotic to me because it’s so try-hard. Like watching a frat boy try to explain to the bored sorority girl that he totally knows where the clitoris was, babe, don’t worry.

  31. Kazlock 1307 says:

    No sightings of BC since Brighton(allegedly)

    Whoever has him locked in their bedroom please release him.Lady Stickupherarse needs her weekly outing( sans PDA).

  32. Dorky says:

    Man, what a let-down. The scenario he describes, sounds so unsexy and clinical to me. I’ve been with a few guys like that, and lemme tell you, it ain’t hot.

    • blended says:

      well of course it’s clinical. it’s how he imagines sherlock (the fictional character he plays) would do sexytimes.

      • Maggie says:

        @ Blended

        Exactly. He is describing how Sherlock would go about it so of course he doesn’t talk about the getting to know you phase or the romance nor would Sherlock think much about his partner’s responses or feelings.. He does use “I” at times as many actors do when describing a character they are very familiar with but he does correct himself.

        I found it funny, I thought he was having some fun with it and it was no big deal. And I must admit when you look at those beautiful hands of his it is all rather appealing.

  33. Encumbered says:

    Well, at least we now know how to get him to ask for a quick one before dinner….

  34. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Question for @Linz or @MissMary.Or anyone else that knows.

    According to a post on you know what,the Brighton server as more or less confirmed he was with SH.Via instagram.
    Do either of you use instagram please?And know if it was.

    • Freebunny says:

      Instragram confirmed he was with someone “snobby”, so 99% chances it was indeed Sophie ;).

    • Linz says:


      We went over this. She NEVER confirmed/said he was with SH/a brunette.

      From Brighton girl’s Instagram:
      “she is! But quite snobby:,) haha”
      That is all it says. The question/comment was deleted, along with the Instagram.

      The Brighton “sighting” was Oct. 26th, and people on EB are still obsessed with it.. Seriously, LET IT GO!! MOVE ON! People on EB are saying different things. Some are saying that the deleted Instagram asked, if he was with SH/a brunette. Others are saying deleted Instagram, said “Benedict is gorgeous and his GF is pretty too.”

      No screenshot(s). No one knows for sure what the deleted Instagram, asked/said. End of story!

    • MissMary says:

      There was *never* confirmation from “Brighton server” or anyone that he was with SH. And as well, there was a single person who saw him there? Quite possible he wasn’t there and it’s another sock acct trying to stir the pot. This is *exactly* like the KB rumors that went on before SH and “Omg he was with her in *wherever* and they’re so in love!”–so many people swore they knew for sure, had proof, etc… and where are they now? If he’s getting papped/sneaky-pic’d on these trips with the likes of Adam Ackland, for example, where’s everyone with a camera when he’s out with this alleged brunette? I don’t buy, for one hot minute, he was with SH in Brighton (and I’m on the fence about whether or not he was even in Brighton to start with esp as the next day he was up bright and early at Haddon Hall for filming).

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        MissMary Linz
        I saw the server’s reply.But posters are now saying they saw the question,from a pro SH account, and it said his gf is pretty.
        Why wait a week to say they’d seen the message?And why does the server reply “is very pretty”? Wouldn’t the correct tense be “was very pretty”? If she had seen her days before?

      • MissMary says:

        It really smacks of baiting/sock acct, Kazlock. SOmeone wants it to “happen” and wants to be the one to either sell the story to a tab or be internet famous over it or some b.s. With anon posters, you have no idea if it’s different people, the same person, whomever, sending multiple posts swearing they saw it. Besides, famous psych experiments have proven the human mind is very suggestible. Even if folks aren’t pulling stuff out of their ear over this to “prove” it, there’s all sorts of possibilities they really think they saw a reply even though none ever was made, or a specific tweet, just because they’ve read about it over and over.

        P.S. There’s sites where you can make fake twitter convos and social media posts. some of these tweets and posts that vanish or are from null accts smack of that. Some of the posters I’m hearing about sound delusional enough to do that and build a foaming frenzy over it.

      • Nic says:

        Erm, how can that girl be a sock account? If it was a egg icon and not many tweets then maybe, but she’s a real person with a life and thousands of tweets. That’s not a sock account.

      • MissMary says:

        Nic: Im not following the drama on EB or the instagram so I was just replying with what it sounded like to me. And I was referring more to the missing posts that had been deleted from the IG, where her response is still apparently visible but the questions are not. I’ve been given to understand, and having seen it in other fandoms, when people aren’t getting the responses they want to buoy a story or theory, they delete their questions.

      • Linz says:


        People on EB can’t keep their stories straight.. They are saying different things. Some are convinced that Brighton girl said/confirmed that he was with SH/a brunette. She NEVER said he was with SH/a brunette.

        Now, others are saying that the Brighton girl, agreed with the deleted Instagram. Again, No screenshot(s), No one knows for sure, what was said/asked. No PROOF! Move On!!

  35. Kristen83 says:

    The one thing that I was looking forward to the most in the article, was the bunny. I thought there would have been pictures of benedict cuddling a bunny or something with the way they were talking about it. But, sadly, was not to be:(

    Re the sh stuff….the big indicator that they are not a couple for me is Wanda. Do you honestly think that whoever bc’s s.o. would not sit with his parents at the LFF? And she wouldnt be able not to talk about it. She practically begged Caitlin Moran to find him a bird in the middle of his interview.

    My b*tchy question of the day, re the LFF. Was Sophie the only one who didn’t carry their own umbrella? I mean, Keira carried hers, and it was her big night….

    • MissMary says:

      re the umbrellas: some of the celebs had “holders” but looks like they all ended up taking charge of their own brollys before long whilst on the carpet.

      Re the SH stuff Heh tha’s another good point. I don’t for one second think Wanda would put up with snotty-ness from anyone involved with her son, when it comes to family interactions or lack thereof.

      And WHAT ABOUT THE BUNNY? I saw some of the outtake pics with the bunny posed “like” BC but that was about it.

    • Nic says:

      SH was the only one who wasn’t part of the cast/crew who had a person accompanying her along the red carpet and holding her umbrella. Ditto to the chauffeur driven ride to the red carpet. Utterly ridiculous when you consider if she’d walked to the carpet carrying her own umbrella,she would’ve been largely unnoticed. Hence why the ‘she wants to stay low key’ bullshit really irritates me.

      • MissMary says:

        The narrative *her* fans–and that’s what they are at this point–are spinning, that SH is a delicate, shy flower who would never seek publicity and only cares about creating good art and being a strong, silent, type is cringe-worthy. I’ve seen posts linked from EB and to tumblr accts (you can probably find them on EB itself if you want to dip your toe in) actually describing her behavior at LFF as “quiet, noble beauty” and “being afraid of all the attention” and “shy, delicate, and waiting for Ben to rescue her”.

        What the actual frell…

      • Nic says:

        You are joking? What is wrong with these people? The only way her appearance could’ve been more noticeable is if she parachuted onto the red carpet.
        Not to mention the sashaying down the hotel steps into a crowd of paps.

      • MissMary says:

        I avoid EB like the plague so I’m not going to go dig through their archives but I have seen several pro-SH tumblrs posting links back where anons said how “noble and delicate” she was (that one really sticks out for some reason lol) and I do start to wonder if SH herself is trolling EB, ngl, but I’m cynical-pants like that. Someone posted a photo collage of SH at parties doing the “stare at the camera and act casual” maneuver in response to someone’s claims that she’s so shy and doesn’t like attention–almost every party or event she is at, she finds who has the camera and makes eye contact and does the “I’m not posing” pose… She loves attention and anyone who says otherwise is in a dream world.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Not totally sure how true it is,EB again.But someone posted that she has a brother who works for the British Film Institute (or something like that),and that could be why she didn’t sit with friends and family.Doesn’t explain why she didn’t interact or attend after party though

      • MissMary says:

        @Kazlock: All that tells me is, that if it’s true, she went with her brother’s group and not as BC’s date.

      • BethR85 says:


        Well there’s an anon on EB who attended the TIG premiere and posted a write-up and said SH was snooty.

      • MissMary says:

        @Beth: Pretty much what we’ve all parsed out on here but it’s good to see someone on EB Isn’t in flail mode, lol. I still really don’t think they were together-together, esp since most of the post party commentary from folks who attended said she was nowhere in sight, no where near BC anyway, and he hung out with Karon and Emily and friends most of the evening. My snarky little heart wonders if she realized she wasn’t getting as much of his coattails as she imagined, but I’m sure it was just her being her.

    • Old Enough says:

      Nothing to do with SH, but am I the only one who would love to have tea with Wanda? She seems like such a hoot and must have some wonderful stories from her life in show business. Quite apart from I’ve been a fan of hers since she was in UFO .

      • MissMary says:

        Omg I think she’d be so fun to chat with! I loved her outtake they released with the others from Sherlock, lol. It really supported my notion that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is pretty brass-tacks about things.

      • gg says:

        Now we know where Benedict gets his penchant for dropping H-bombs from! I just can’t for a moment see Wanda putting up with Ms. Stick-up-her-Arse, even for grandchildren. And I know that Benedict is not palling around with Martin and Amanda when they are not filming Sherlock, but can you just *imagine* what those two would think of her?? People are actually worried that Sophie might get cast in Sherlock, or even Hamlet. Ain’t gonna happen. I actually think she *might* be somehow involved with Hamlet and that could explain why she has been hanging around so much but it would be behind the scenes, for sure.

      • Encumbered says:

        I have thought for some time that I could put up with BC kicking around the house so that I could have Wanda to shoot the shit with–and Timothy, too.

      • MissMary says:

        I would legit not be surprised to see SH’s name pop up in relation to a theatre project soon, something she wouldn’t have been able to swing without “help from friends” or something. Or even a credit in a Sunny March production.

        @Encumbered: they seem like an adorable couple, ngl (Timothy and Wanda, that is) and, from what I understand from cast and crew comments regarding the last season of Sherlock, they’re pretty much IRL like they are on the show. Just…moreso, lol.

  36. Kazlock 1307 says:

    MissMary…. There are so many posters convinced that he and SH are totally committed to each other on there.Anyone who disagrees is either in denial,delusional or batshit crazy!!

    • MissMary says:

      I will promise you on my last dime that, this time next year, they will be in the same frothing certainty over him being with some other woman who he was spotted with once or twice, or even just rumored to be standing near. This is like the brouhaha in his “friend’s” fandom regarding gfs and not gfs–it’s all a bunch of hooey. These are the same people sure he was proposing to KB in Italy or Greece, or certain he was having a long distance ,secret relationship with that Polish actress or a mysterious american actress.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        So I can stay in denial then MissMary?
        I’ve no sooner made up my mind one way, then something crops up that make’s me question it.
        Fair point about Wanda….hadn’t thought of that.LFF is still the thing that most twists all my theories.Because they didn’t look together…yet I don’t get why she acted the way she did?

      • MissMary says:

        Personally, i’m a big fan of them being friends and he’s “helping her out” with a bump of publicity by being seen or rumored to be with him and/or she’s been his plus one for some events as he’s being rebranded into more of a romantic leading man sort, based on how eager he seems in his recent interviews to be sexed up in media images.

        Want to see how fast their slobbering over SH changes? Wait till she’s not seen with him consistently for a month or so, and he’s spotted talking to a “mystery blonde” again.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:


      • sigh((s)) says:

        Meh. I think he’ll ditch her (if she’s PR) for awards season because whatever the hell it is they’re doing isn’t working and is possibly backfiring.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I live in hope that whatever it is they’re doing ,comes to a rapid end.
        Miss Stickupherarse is an odious creature.

      • MissMary says:

        He may say he doesn’t follow social media but he’s let slip more than once that he has people on his “team” that keep him apprised of what fans are “asking for”. And I will bet dollars to donuts he knows what people are saying about his “relationship” with SH (no matter what it is in real life). If it’s a PR stunt, it’s going to fade out fast. Hell, even if it was just friends and he was giving her a bump in her popularity or something, I’m sure he knows the general opinion about the situation and we’ll be seeing less and less of her.

    • gg says:

      Whoever gets cast as his Ophelia will for sure be his SGF this time next year. Unless she’s already married. Then she will have secretly divorced the other guy and secretly married Benedict.

      • MissMary says:

        Oh, lordy, back when he was in Frankenstein, people kept trying to link him to every single and straight female in the cast and crew.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I’ve come for some fresh air.The dark side is getting nasty!

        A slanging match between pro and anti Miss Stickupherarse.
        Firmly in the anti camp.But damn those pro guys can bitchslap!
        Going over tweets from months ago,trying to disprove things….Senyorita must have plenty of time on her hands!

      • MissMary says:

        If you feel snarky, post the pic from James Rhodes wedding of Bc with Stephen Fry and point out he’s with a tall, intelligent, well-educated brunet–was that who he was spotted with? *snerk*

        Senyorita seems to be heavily emotionally invested in this being a thing. She’s already said publicly she “tips off” tabs and such… maybe she is just super desperate to be known for this.

    • anon says:

      Anyone else think SH will be cast as Ophelia? She’s played her before and might explain some of the odd behavior.

      • MissMary says:

        Oh, not even a chance. I think Turner would walk off production. They aren’t going to let anyone who isn’t a very experienced West End or “higher” actor set toe on that stage.

  37. MissMary says:

    The Telegraph has a new(?) interview out with him re TIG and other projects-the tone is very different than the ones for Out and Elle. Part of that is to be expected as they’re very different publications but at the same time, it’s kind of whiplashy.

    • Nic says:

      I liked the telegraph one, apart from the looks rudeness. And unless I’m mistaken, one of the very few times he’s admitted he’s struggling with the pace and workload.

      • MissMary says:

        That’s one of the things that stuck out for me, too. WIth as much as he works and we all speculate about how intense the pace must be, this is the first time he’s really said anything about how it is wearing on him somewhat.

  38. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Is BC still filming in Derbyshire does anyone know please?
    Not heard anything about if his part is finished or not x

    • MissMary says:

      I think he’s there till mid-week. I know he’s heading stateside around then for a round of awards events and some premieres for TIG.

  39. Green Earrings says:

    There is no way anyone involved with this production of Hamlet is going to let Sophie Hunter anywhere near it. Lyndsey Turner and Es Devlin both won Olivier’s this year and they are hoping to continue their winning streak with their production of Hamlet next year. Sophie has had limited acting experience for good reason. She is not a talented actress. Maybe she has talent as a director, but I doubt she will share the lead in Hamlet.

    • MissMary says:

      Oh I don’t think she’d set a single toe on the stage for Hamlet. I think Turner would quit before that happened. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if, within the next year or so, she was directing a play that she otherwise wouldn’t have had access to thanks to a bump from her “friend.”

      • Green Earrings says:

        So far her association with her “friend” has only landed her a car commercial sans speaking part. I read on a blog her part in it was almost removed when it was aired on tv. That’s odd, since it wasn’t large to begin with. I question how much actual directing she did. I think there was a lot of confusion between her an the other director by the same name. A serious director wouldn’t be doing car commercials.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Please God let the association with him be work related!Perhaps not Hamlet, but some form of work!
        Miss Stickupherarse has all the talent of a plank of wood!Which could possibly be insulting to the plank!
        Off topic.Has anyone ‘spotted’ him this weekend? Was expecting a sighting in Brighton,Edinburgh or London.
        All places where he obviously went to visit her family.I get quite worried when he isn’t seen for a week

      • gg says:

        I’ve heard he’s going to be at the Museum of London tomorrow for the launch of “his” Paddington bear (the Sherlocky one) then should be coming over to the US shortly after that. I think he’s probably been quite busy with the Hollow Crown lately because he’s going to be doing TIG promo for the next few weeks.

      • MissMary says:

        Re Lack of “sightings” and TIg promos… I know they bumped the premiere date in the US to the 28th for theatre release but he’s doing some NYC premieres/previews next week, and some awards show on the west coast before that… I doubt he’ll do the heavy duty talk circuit but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on Fallon and Conan–he had a good rapport with them last time. Letterman, not so much. I can see him being on Daily Show or Colbert due to the nature of the movie but I doubt it’ll happen this go ’round. He’s been filming like crazy on Hollow Crown so any sightings would be just on set, and as it’s been a closed set… no “sightings”.

        Re Sophie and being “involved” in Hamlet. It’s not going to happen. I think Turner would chew her arm off before letting sophie “grace” the stage.

  40. anon says:

    Slightly different topic-am I the only person who thought that Magnusson was basically blackmailing Sherlock into being his sex slave in return for keeping quiet about Mary and Irene. If left in it would totally change the dynamic of the shooting. Scene was pretty creepy.

    • MissMary says:

      Magnusson creeped me out more than I thought he would and after seeing the deleted scene, I have to agree that there was definitely, if not an outright sexual element to his plans for Sherlock, then a very visceral one, maybe forcing him to confront his lack of interest in the human condition, etc.

  41. MissLou-Lou says:

    OT but folks over at EB are still convinced that BC is treating SH ‘special’ and that they are being discrete because she’s more than a fling. I don’t know what these people are smoking but FFS if this is the way BC treats ‘the one’ then Miss Octipi can have him! Some EB folks are covinced she was in Italy, Paris, Edinburgh AND Brighton with him, making it oh so sure that its serious and long term. Now, I am new to this board and new to the BC craziness, but WTF are they seeing that I’m not? I love the less crazy that goes on around here, you guys rock!

    • Kazlock 1307 says:

      Welcome Misslou-Lou

      I spent ages shaking my head at EB posts last night!They’re going back to LFF premiere ffs!

      They’ve decided that because she had an ‘umbrella girl’ and left from the hotel then that’s all that’s needed as proof of a committed relationship!Never mind that several, twitter and instagram, said they didn’t see her seated with BC or f+f inside.And not the after party either.

    • MissMary says:

      Considering his LTR with Olivia was “the one” for a huge chunk of his adult life, comparing how he “treats” SH to how he treated Olivia… yeah no. Even on that basis alone, he’s treating waitstaff more “special” than Sophie. The umbrella thing was all her doing–everyone had a “handler” and each person on the red carpet took control of their own umbrella–you can see it on video. A lot of “Oh, I’ve got it, thanks!” No “No, you have to take it now BYE!” and the umbrella handlers shoving at ’em and running off or something. That was all SH.

      EB needs to change it’s name to “Thirsty SH Fans” and get it over with. Though I will dearly love to see how fast their tunes change when he’s spotted talking to a “mystery blonde” or she’s not with him at events now.