Beyonce isn’t doing a ‘surprise album,’ she’s dropping a surprise mega-box set


Here are some photos of Beyonce out and about last week, pretending like the baby bangs never happened. Beyonce’s wig situation is interesting, but I’ll save that conversation for another day. Soon after these photos were taken, Beyonce dressed up as Janet Jackson for Halloween. Blue Ivy was Michael Jackson, circa the Rhythm Nation era (God, I loved that era). Then Beyonce dressed up as a sad Frida Kahlo for a second Halloween party – go here to see some photos. There are also some photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z at a Nets game last night and Beyonce is wearing a new bob wig – go here to see.

So, why has Beyonce been so visible/thirsty lately? Some say she’s still off her game because of the mess with Solange and all of the reports about her marriage drama. But some think Beyonce is about to drop another “surprise” album, although I don’t know how it could be a surprise considering there has been widespread reporting about this album. Billboard churned up the speculation yesterday when they drew attention to this tweet of Beyonce’s “platinum album” track list… allegedly.

So is it on? Us Weekly says it’s on.

Who run the world? Beyonce is back at it with plans to release new music, the Grammy winner announced on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The “Partition” singer, 33, is putting a spin on her industry-changing 2013 album Beyoncé, re-releasing the self-titled album as a Platinum Edition Box Set. The package of two CDs and two DVDs will include all of the original songs and videos included on the original album, as well as copious additional footage and music.

Mrs. Carter will debut two brand new songs with the release of the new edition, dropping tracks called “7/11″ and “Ring Off.”

The record will also include four new remixes of previously released Beyonce material. The additional audio CD boasts a “Flawless Remix” with Nicki Minaj, a “Drunk in Love Remix” with Kanye West and Beyonce’s husband Jay Z, a “Blow Remix” with Pharrell Williams, and a “Standing on the Sun Remix” with Mr. Vegas. This will be the first time that “Standing on the Sun” has made it onto an album, as it was previously released as a promotional song for an H&M campaign.

The supplementary DVD will feature video of live performances from Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, with the addition of commentary from Queen Bey herself. Due out on Monday, Nov. 24, the package will also include a 2015 Beyonce calendar and various photo booklets.

The news of the box set follows widespread rumors that Beyonce would be debuting a second half to her smash hit album. The talk was sparked by a photo making the rounds, which showed a supposed release from Bey’s Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. While the widely circulated image was correct about the four-disc set, the tracklist did not match the official release from Beyonce’s camp.

[From Us Weekly]

So, there you go. The Hive has been appeased. It actually sounds like a pretty decent “box set” with some interesting new and newish material. People actually were clamoring for more Nicki Minaj remixes, although didn’t we already hear Kanye’s “Drunk In Love” remix? And didn’t it suck?

bey halloween

Photos courtesy of Bey’s Instagram and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Hissyfit says:

    Featured artist: Blue Ivy. Really? Lol.

    I like her wig like that. She looks good. And that Michael Jackson Blue Ivy photo is so cute!

  2. bns says:

    It’s not a surprise if everyone knows.

  3. Candy Love says:

    Well its not really a surprise if everyone knows about.

  4. Brionne says:

    Are her legs spray tanned or has she been wearing white tights on tour?

    • Annie says:

      Laneiy on her gossip blog saying Beyonce wears little 3 pairs of spanx stocking when she’s performing especially for the Grammy’s she was so locked in surprise she could move .

  5. FingerBinger says:

    Blue Ivy as Michael Jackson is cute.

  6. QQ says:

    I never mess with Beysus music too much cause it’s somewhere between CORNY as hell to me to “I don’t even get the melody here??” ( tho she has a good voice) But this last cd I liked a LOT of songs ( Flawless,Partition, Drunk in Love, Blow, Grown Woman, Haunted) so I might check this out (For FREE) once it’s out!!

    also Im fascinated by the following Beyonce Things:

    A) The Logistics of Clothes and packing all that stuff t-fro, including the baby clothes, the photographer, the wigs

    B) The Wigs, the Installation, what happens to the real hair?? when Is her real hair? did you all know EACH wig is like from 10-25K?!??!??!

    These are my Beyonce Questions… I await for her devotees to tell me

    • Reece says:

      I’d like to know about he wig situation myself. You need a separate person just for wigs nvm the hair. Is the hair destroyed by the years of weaves, is that the cause of the new found wig deployment? Therefore allowing the hair to grow out, if possible re: Naomi Campbell’s hairline, and negating the need of a full time hair person?

      I need to go find some Rhythm Nation on youtube.

    • Brionne says:

      There’s a video of bey wearing black spandex and performing onstage with Jay Z. That’s her real hair. She had a moment of minimalism. I assume she wears cornrows underneath the weavery/wigs as most others do.

      Allegedly her real hair circa 2006-2007

    • Ann says:

      It literally must be exhausting being her , some days I don’t even want to brush my hair just put it up in a ponytail , imagine what the crazy ass up keep she has going on with her hair situation besides the logistics …. And this is when she on break and down time.

      And to wear two different costumes for one day , the second one the hair , make-up clothes way too much for a night out and she dressed Blue in two different costumes too.

    • Brionne says:

      I read in a magazine that she has a special temperature controlled room in her home just for her custom made wigs and weave which cost thousands.

  7. Nev says:

    Beyoncé as Miss Jackson. Yeah sure. Please.
    She wishes. Now THAT ‘S thirsty.

  8. Ann says:

    Beyonce must have a wig room , like celebrities have rooms for their clothes , not what we peanuts have a closet.
    She must have a rooms in her houses just siting with dozens of plastic heads all with her wigs on them , there’s no way she don’t own at least a hundred wigs , easy.
    Her wig collection alone must worth a least haft a mill.

  9. mernymerlyn says:

    “So, why has Beyonce been so visible/thirsty lately? Some say she’s still off her game because of the mess with Solange and all of the reports about her marriage drama.”
    Yeah she seemed TOTALLY off her game while she was in Paris. And her tour. And the VMA’s. And the HBO specials. Yeah she is in a tail spin.

    • kat says:

      This. Right? She’s living her life! She’s not asking people to put her in the papers every day, or talk about her.

  10. Whatwhatnot says:

    I’m only here for her collabo with Rih Rih.

    I don’t think the two have ever collaborated on a song together, and although Bey has the better voice, Rih usually brings better hits. Hoping this one doesn’t disappoint

  11. saraghina77 says:

    I sort of love the Kanye remixed Drunk in Love. It’s got some classic funny lines. ” You a MILF and I’m a motherf*cker” haha