Scarlett Johansson loves Elizabeth Warren, baths, key lime pie & acupuncture


Here are some photos of Scarlett Johansson out and about last night for the Friends Of Rockaway 2nd annual Hurricane Sandy fundraiser at Hudson Terrace. This is a rare outing – she’s been very quiet for months now. Part of it was that she just wanted some peace and time off while she was in the last months of her pregnancy, then she wanted to spend time with her newborn daughter Rose Dorothy without any interference. I like that about Scarlett – she really is able to disappear when she wants to. I think she looks good here, although I don’t like her hair.

Anyway, there were a few pieces of ScarJo news this week! TMZ reported that Scarlett was in LA last weekend, looking at some real estate. Scarlett has been living in NYC for years now, although she obviously travels a lot for work. But sources told TMZ that Scarlett is looking to buy a place in LA again, after selling the home she shared with Ryan Reynolds several years ago. She looked at a $2.9 million Los Feliz place but she didn’t like it, so she’s still shopping around. I’m sort of surprised that she’s not buying a place in Paris? I thought that was the idea of getting with Romain Dauriac? They would live in Paris and New York and it would be very intellectual and amazing. Hm. Meanwhile, Scarlett did a “20 Questions with…” feature with Elle Magazine.

1. Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party? Bette Davis, David Bowie, and Bono.
2. What brings you the greatest joy? My family. And Key lime pie.
3. What item in your closet do you wear the most? Black high-waisted jeans.
4. What movie had the greatest ending? Citizen Kane.
5. What song instantly puts you in a good mood? “Jump Around” by House of Pain. (I’m a kid from the ’90s.)
6. What should every woman try at least once in her life? Acupuncture.
7. What is your fantasy itinerary? A three-month tour of India.
8. What quote do you live by? “Live! Life’s a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!” —Auntie Mame
9. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Woody Allen’s glasses.
10. What is on your perennial to-do list? Moving.
11. What is your greatest indulgence? Taking a long bath followed by a long nap.
12. What can you not miss on TV? I Love Lucy reruns or House Hunters International.
13. What is on your nightstand? Moisturizers, a glass of water, my phone, a La Leche League book, and a limited-edition collector’s edition of Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance.
14. What makes you cry? Thoughtfulness and my sister’s sentimentality.
15. What makes you laugh? My boyfriend [Romain Dauriac] and Louis CK.
16. Who are your heroes? Volunteer workers and Elizabeth Warren.
17. What is your go-to karaoke song? “New York State of Mind.”
18. What are your pet peeves? Nail biting, knuckle cracking.
19. How did you make your first dollar? Selling tickets to my family for a “show”—aka me performing in my bedroom.
20. What is one thing you wish you had known when you were younger? To invest in Apple.

[From Marie Claire]

Damn, ScarJo and I are very similar. Cracked knuckles = wince. Louis CK makes me laugh. I too get stuck on House Hunters International marathons. I too love Elizabeth Warren. And I keep a glass of a water and some face cream on my bedside table. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, SCARJO. No, but really… who wants to eat dinner with Bono? Nope. And did Woody Allen give her his glasses?!


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Estella says:

    She isn’t bugging me as much as she used to. The boyfriend is lame though (that no socks pic ugh). Wish the baby belonged to Hiddles. I read he and Scarlett hung out in her apartment alone during Avengers filming. Hot.

    • Kitten says:


      I could have done without the Woody Allen part, but Elizabeth Warren is a great choice for a hero.
      Also, I was just saying to my BF last Sunday that my biggest pet peeve is knuckle-cracking. It makes me gag when people do that.

  2. OTHER RENEE says:

    Interesting that she refers to him as her boyfriend, not fiancé. Don’t know whether to read anything into that though.

    • Erinn says:

      Ha, we did that. Mr. Plumber thought ‘fiance’ was a snooty word. On the bright side, he’s only referred to me as girlfriend instead of wife once or twice, and received some suspicious looks at the time.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    I LOVE House Hunters International. I want them to find me a place in Amsterdam.

  4. Jegede says:

    I can’t believe she still name checks Woody Allen.
    Even after Dylan Farrow called her out.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Sickening. I can’t stand her.

    • Kitten says:

      I know right? You would think she would leave that alone. It’s not like anyone is asking her about him and she’s not working with him on a project. No need to bring him up.

      • Rita says:

        There are a lot of people who still support woody allen because allegations against him were so flawed and disproved. I like when people admit to still supporting him. I sure do.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        The allegations against most certainly NOT disproved. It was decided, wrongly in my opinion, that the case would not go to trial because the only witness against a powerful man was a child, and children don’t make reliable witnesses. By his own admission, Allen was in therapy for inappropriate sexual feelings towards his daughter at the time of the abuse. Many friends and relatives had found Allen’s behavior towards Dylan inappropriate and disturbing. Allen and Dylan disappeared for 15 or 20 minutes on the day of the abuse, and the babysitter panicked because she was under strict instructions NEVER to leave them alone. When she found Dylan, she wasn’t wearing underpants. There are many reasons to believe the allegations against Allen, but people like you don’t want to believe it, so they perpetuate the lie that it was “disproved.” In spite of the fact that Dylan has bravely come forward as an adult and tried to be heard as she could not be as a child. Tell me, how does one “disprove” that sexual abuse took place, anyway? You can’t. Anyone with any sense can see that these allegations are true. But there is a lot of evil in the world, and there are none so blind as those who will not see. Woody Allen thanks you for being one of them, and for fostering the career of a man who abuses little girls.

      • Sarah123 says:

        Just the fact that he started dating his girlfriend’s daughter when she turned legal age is so revolting. Literally makes me gag. Even if it was legal, it was morally reprehensible – and gives you an idea of what twisted choices he can rationalize. I have biological and adopted children, who are brothers to the core. Sleeping with the teenage sibling of your child – to whom you were some sort of adult figurehead when she was a child – is seriously messed up.

        Mia’s kids are a family. Mia and Woody had kids together and were partners. He couldn’t be an adult around some of the kids and not all of them. He had more power in the house than the kids – all of them. It’s as close to incest without technically being incest as I can imagine. Gross.

        There’s no justification for THAT.

  5. SkinnyFatHunnam says:

    I like Scarlett but her photos confuse me. She either looks beautiful or like Miss Piggy.

    • Etheldreda says:

      She rarely looks good in non-photoshopped pics imho. TBH, I’ve never really understood why she’s considered such a looker.

      • Diana B says:

        I read “considered such a hooker” and lost it. Thank you.

      • The other paige says:

        Also- SHE NEEDS HAIR.

      • Etheldreda says:

        Yes – she doesn’t have the kind of classically beautiful face – think Charlize Theron or Natalie Portman – which can carry off a short hairstyle. I suppose she’s sexy – in a non-threatening way – rather than beautiful and looks better in motion than in non-photoshopped pics. But even then, I’ve never really got it. Even her much hyped body is nothing special.

  6. Size Does Matter says:

    I like her more after reading this (except for the Woody Allen glasses thing, bah!). And a long bath and long nap are my favorite, too. Children of the 90s unite!

  7. bns says:

    I love cracking my knuckles.

  8. Gwen says:

    Perhaps it was being with Ryan that made her so annoying, she’s growing on me. The only thing I can’t get with is the Woody Allen thing. Why are so many (good!) people still on his side? So sad.

  9. don't kill me i'm french says:

    She has a home next of Bradley Cooper’s home in Paris

  10. don't kill me i'm french says:

    And if you meet Bono one day,you’ll understand why he’s a great ideal guest

  11. LahdidahBaby says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzz. Charlotte Jozzzzzzzzzzzz.

  12. Aa says:

    Anyone have an ID on her dress? Just gorgeous!!! I want one!

  13. bella says:

    i have always liked scarjo.
    i think she looks lovely and healthy especially after recently having a baby.
    elizabeth warren????? and name dropping woody allen?!
    i’ll never see her in the same light.
    this from someone would have forgiven her anything…even seeing her foot in sean penn’s crotch…
    but warren and allen?!

  14. Sara says:

    ah again Woody. And her whole soda endorsement also showed what kind of person she is.

  15. QQ says:

    I Love that she got a haircut … that’s all I’ve got

  16. serena says:

    Oh, I didn’t know she has a sister.. Being a 90 kid myself, I agree with her song of choice ‘Jump Around’, though it made me laugh.

    Btw I think she looks great in general.

  17. poppy says:

    i’m surprised she doesn’t keep woody’s glasses on her nightstand with her endorsement parfum.
    sell it hard, grl.

  18. INeedANap says:

    I kind of wish she wouldn’t have gotten into Hollywood, because all her casual, “at home with ScarJo” answers are relate-able and charming. But her Woody Allen thing, ugh, no. Maybe she’ll be like Keira Knightley, where the older she gets, the more grounded she becomes. She did start acting young, after all.

    But! Quoting Auntie Mame? A girl after my own heart!