Amy Winehouse Upsets her Parents with Quickie Marriage

Amy Winehouse is a great musical talent, fact. Her song lyrics are amazing, and she has that whole blue-sy “I’m a divorced 40 year old black woman who has been done wrong by her man” voice that I love. If I play Rehab in my car one more time my family will indeed have to send me to music rehab (for which “I won’t go, go, go…”)

Amy lives her life as passionately as she sings her songs, and although it makes for great music to play in my car, I can see why her parents worry about her. She hasn’t been looking very healthy as of late, and she’s just married her ex Blake Fielder-Civil this weekend. Her and her boyfriend had such an acrimonious break up that it was used as material for most of her Back to Black album.

From The Daily Mail:

Amy Winehouse is said to have upset her parents by marrying on-off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil in a quickie Miami ceremony.

The north London singer said they would be repeating their marriage vows in the capital soon, to make it up to her parents who were not included in last week’s low-key ceremony.

She said: “My Dad was all right about it really and I would have loved my family to be there but we were getting married for us.

“We’ll do all the other s*** for everyone else in London. Blake looks so handsome I can’t even tell you.”

But she said there were no honeymoon plans. She added: “Every day is a honeymoon. I married the best man in the world.

“It was lovely, lovely. We always knew we were going to be together forever. We knew we were going to do it and we just wanted it to be fore us because that’s what we’re like.”

I know Amy sounds happy, but I’d be worried to if my little girl was walking around LA with an octopus on my head, looking like she hasn’t eaten a cheeseburger in two years, and married to a guy who had reportedly cheated on her in the past. It all seems romantic, but a bit too sudden. I hope Amy does know what she is doing and that she will be OK.

In the meantime, could someone from her label please send her a Happy Meal with a Barbie brush and mirror as a prize?

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