Katherine Heigl does the Jolie leg at Trevor Live: cute or put it away?

The TrevorLIVE Los Angeles
These are photos from the Trevor Live event in LA last night, with proceeds to benefit The Trevor Project, “the nation’s leading provider of crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.” A lot of big names turned up to support this worthy cause, notably Katherine Heigl in a purple velvet gown with a slit halfway up her thigh. I like that the gown is full coverage apart from the slit, and it has a nice wintery feel. It does look like Heigl is pitching her leg out far from her body in most of the red carpet photos I’ve seen. She could have just posed normally instead of emphasizing the slit, it seems like that is played out. Other than that I like her look. She likes to dress “older” and her style tends to be matronly, but this is a nice colder weather gown.

The TrevorLIVE Los Angeles
The Daily Mail points out that Heigl told Meredith Vieira that she was “hanging out” with John Mayer around the time she started dating her husband, Josh Kelley. Heigl claimed that they were only friends, but that she used her “friendship” with Mayer to get Kelley to commit to her. The Mail has a clip of the interview and Heigl gets flustered explaining the story. I do think she had more than a platonic friendship with John Mayer, that guy is a dog and Heigl seemed embarrassed about it.

Here are some more photos from Trevor Live, including Sarah Hyland in a mod sequin dress, Kelly Osbourne looking retro in an a-line skirt and braids in her gray ‘hawk, Beth Behrs in a diamond fringe gown and Molly Ringwald looking gorgeous in a silk red dress.

The TrevorLIVE Los Angeles

2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

Guess who else was there – Monica Lewinsky! She needs to blend her foundation and blush better.
2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

Also Kellan Lutz looked studious in some glasses. Kellan Lutz!
The TrevorLIVE Los Angeles

Wentworth Miller has still got it. I would love to see more of him.
2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

Here’s Lisa Kudrow looking great apart from her makeup. She needs help with her eye makeup, the liner is too dark and close to her eyes.
2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

And here’s Kiernan Shipka in a very cute embellished gown. She’s still just 15.
2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

Oh and this is how Heigl did her hair. Tony Pony much?
2014 TrevorLive Los Angeles Benefit

Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. Beckysuz says:

    Pretty sure Kellan Lutz wears more makeup than I do

    • QQ says:

      No cause Monica Lewinsky is there doing the face and body non match and extra servings of blush… so she is the Standard of heaping makeup servings

    • FingerBinger says:

      He needs to give some makeup tips to Monica Lewinsky then.

  2. Erinn says:

    I think Heigl actually looks good. Sometimes when she smiles, I get the feeling that she’s not a complete jerk. I actually like her when I see photos of her with her family. I think she looks pretty good here.

    • Fan says:

      Agreed. I think she looks great in the dress and if you don’t show the leg with that big slit it is a wasted opportunity. Love the dress!

    • may23 says:

      I also think that just because someone in Hollywood thinks she is a jerk doesn’t mean she IS one. It’s like high school over there.

    • Anne tommy says:

      Heigl looks very pretty. So does Shipka, very cute dress. And Wentworth handsome as ever…

  3. Sugar says:

    Kiernan’s fashion is on point! That child knows how to dress. Everyone else looks a mess. Heigl shops in her Mother’s closet and Kudrow’s dress came from Dress Barn.

    • lucy2 says:

      Kiernan always looks amazing, and age appropriate. Whoever chooses her looks, her or a stylist, they have done a fantastic job over the years.

  4. aims says:

    Kathrine’s dress is so bluh. The fabric alone makes me itch.

  5. kittykat says:

    She bugs me…. period.

  6. Penelope says:

    KH looks great. I find myself rooting for her, maybe because she is so universally despised. She needs a friend! LOL 🙂

  7. Liz says:

    Love, love, love Kiernan Shipka’s dress! Can anyone ID it?

  8. minx says:

    Meh. It’s not bad, but she needs some kind of makeover. She dresses older than she is.

  9. GingerCrunch says:

    Molly Ringwald wins the night!

    • lassie says:

      I agree. I loved the color and cut of the dress but didn’t recognize the face-actually had to scroll back to find out who it was.

  10. silken_floss says:

    Girl, no.. Put it away please

  11. Kim1 says:

    I love Wenthworth

  12. Abbott says:

    If no one was cured of scurvy, then it wasn’t The Jolie Leg.

  13. mimf says:

    Wentworth Miller! That is all.

  14. Mrs. Wellen-Mellon says:

    Lisa Kudrow, love you, hate your dress. Very Talbots, 1991.

  15. QQ says:

    Heigl looks like the wife of a Boca Raton exec at an end of the year party

    Kelly and Kiernan and Sarah Look all adorable, with it and their ages

    Monica Lewinsky did a Classic Estee Lauder Counter Makeup Job- too much, not a match to the body AWLL THE BLUSHER

    Wentworth Looks delicious

    Kellan Luttttzz ( said like Matt Damon in Team America)

    There is a Lady that Looks like she came from a Time Machine of a party in 1920

    Lisa Kudrow looks spectacularly Bad Like Incredibly Bad… did she always dress like a girl at a formal Bat Mitzvah in the 90s?? what is happening?? (especially when you compare how her other Friends cohorts usually dress super young is what makes this more Jarring??)

    • Abbott says:

      QQ, I’m besotted with you like Sparkles is with Twigs. You just went down the line and ticked them all off like the Celebitchy iMessage.

    • mimf says:

      Mahtt Daymahnnnn!

      • QQ says:

        Abbot: We need an messagey accounts OH-SO- BAD

        Mimif: there isn’t any time in recent memory that i don’t see that puppet or think of that line and don’t just LOSE IT ( BTW DID YOU SEE THE CHRISTMAS TREE I MADE THE BF HAPPEN??!!? IT’S ALL SOUTH PARK AND YOU WOULD PROLLY DIIIIIEEE it’s on the IG

  16. khymera says:

    Kellan Lutz likes his tox I see

  17. Reece says:

    Everyone has something I’d tweak so meh on them all.

  18. eribra says:

    Molly looks gorgeous, wish I’d seen her hair before I got mine cut cause I really like it.

  19. WTF happened to Kellan Lutz’s face? He looks like a wax doll.

    Wentworth Miller is FINE FINE FINE.

  20. Luciana says:

    Katherine looks good and great legs by the way.

  21. WTF says:

    Kellan Lutz is that dude that should be fine. He has all the attributes of a fine man, but then somehow he just isn’t. And it seems to be just as confusing for him as it is for us.

    Monica Lewinsky – Seriously? She’s walking the red carpet now?!?! The next time she’s whining about how she can’t move on with her life because of the Clinton scandal I want someone to slap her with her red carpet photos. You can’t court it and hate it at the same time.

  22. Blythe says:

    Sarah Hyland looks amazing with the lighter hair.

  23. Jayna says:

    I miss Molly with red hair.

  24. Kara says:

    I love KH’s dress but the styling is horrible! She could have popped it with an orange lip and slick back hair, hot shoes and interesting art deco jewellery. But no, she just plain sucks.

  25. serena says:

    Sara Hyland needs to stop going to the tanning salon, she really is too orange!

  26. Carrie says:

    Sarah Hyland is so cute.