Teresa Giudice’s 13 yo daughter releases holiday music video, funded by Teresa

No matter what is happening, Teresa and Joe Giudice are going to act like everything is fine. That’s how they defrauded creditors out of millions and continued to dig their legal hole deeper until they both got saddled with prison sentences. So that’s why it’s not surprising to see that Teresa’s 13 year-old daughter, Gia, has released a holiday music video with her all-girl band, 3KT. This will be the last Christmas that Gia will spend with her mother, who must report for her 15 month prison sentence in early January. It’s all good though, because Gia is psyched for the holidays and she’s dancing around with her little buddies.

Here’s the video:

While I didn’t get through the entire thing, that was much less horrible than I was expecting. It was mediocre and not memorable at all, but it wasn’t horrible. The thing is, Gia is just 13. She seems way too young to releasing stuff like this publicly. While she’s wearing a lot of makeup here, at least she’s wearing normal clothing, which is more than you can say for her last video, a cover of Britney Spears’ Circus. In their last video the girls were wearing crop tops, bustiers and what I guess what you would call hot pants shorts, so this is an improvement.

There’s also the matter of funding for this video. The girls had started a kickstarter asking their non-existent fans for money. They raised just $900 out of the $7,500 they claimed to need to film the video. So guess what? Teresa and the other parents paidfor this video. Teresa wasn’t about to say no or “spend less money” to her daughter despite the fact that she’s millions in debt. She will never change. Oh and the huge home with the giant fireplace in the video is of course Teresa and Joe’s mansion, custom made with other people’s money.

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  1. Penelope says:

    Gia’s growing up to be a real beauty. But she will not have her head on straight if those two keep demonstrating how NOT to behave. Good Gravy.

    • Kori says:

      I don’t know. I watch RHONJ and Gia actually comes off as more mature than the adults around her. She’s often been the level-headed one in the squabbling between her mom and her uncle (her Mom’s brother) who is her godfather. Maybe she’s seeing first hand how NOT to behave. Her sister, Milania, on the other hand, is a holy terror!

  2. aims says:

    How ridiculous! And by that I mean, these frauds are throwing money that’s not theirs to fund something like this. How delusional.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Very, very offensive. They owe a lot of real people real money for goods & services they had no intention of paying for. Jail can’t happen soon enough to these awful people. Gia needs responsibilities (like, school? Babysitting? Even chores?), not vanity projects like this.

  3. scout says:

    Yup! In their own delusional World, they are THE stars!! Have fun.

  4. Jess says:

    What in the hell!?! This woman will never learn, sickening.

  5. Apple Tart says:

    Everything in that home is from fraudulent actions. They should have to sell the house to payback the stolen money.

  6. FingerBinger says:

    They needed $7,500 for a video they could have shot on an iPhone?

  7. dragonlady sakura says:

    Way to pimp out your daughter, Teresa. Real classy parenting there. I hope her children can have a some what normal life.

  8. Sam says:

    I hope that Bravo drops her, but I have little hope of that. I actually am among the few that tends to think that her going to jail is not real justice. Real Justice would be forcing them to make full restitution to every party they ripped off and keeping them on a strict middle class income and lifestyle. That would be actual justice.

    I don’t think these girls stand much of a chance. They have been spoiled their whole lives and their parents seem to have no intentions of stopping. I worry constantly about spoiling my kid (especially around the holidays). My husband and I have actually argued over how many presents she can get for Christmas (I’m in the less-is-more camp). I think Theresa’s kids will sadly carry this warped view throughout their lives.

  9. Arock says:

    Welp, had to see that coming at some point.
    Hopefully they are all recouperating well from the self induced whiplash. That’s a lot of neck work.

  10. littlestar says:

    They still live in that giant mansion? I assumed they would have been forced to sell it to pay off their debts/restitution. Does anyone know how that works? How are they still allowed to live in that giant home?

  11. Yellowshaba says:

    It might be that im high, but i thought it was really good!
    Cute and age appropriate

  12. missAmina says:

    Their house has been on the market for some time now and if im not mistaken that includes two price reductions as well. Still overpriced IMO. Ugly gaudy house. Ugh.

    So they raised 900 that leaves 6600 left for Teresa and the OTHER PARENTS to pay for. Not sure how this is even a story when we don’t even know how much Teresa actually paid or how many other parents were abLe to chip it. Yall stay getting outraged for no good reason. Even if she paid 2000, it’s still Christmas time and that may be her daughters gift. It’s not like they spent money on clothes shoes or any other vanity items. This is for fun and something her daughter can look back on when she gets older.

    • MaggieOwns says:

      The issue here is that she doesn’t have $2,000 to spend on a vanity project for her daughter. She is millions of dollars in debt, and first thing first she need to pay back the people whose money she stole. She shows no remorse or even a basic understanding of the crimes she’s committed. How do you know she hasn’t spent money on clothes or other items for her kids? Teresa has not indicated at all that she will change her spending habits. I do hope Bravo fires this lying crook.

    • anne_000 says:

      The issue isn’t about Christmas or the $2000 but that she’s guilty of de-frauding people and corporations for years to get money and now she’s going to prison because of her own actions.

      She owes individuals loads of money, small business owners and whomever else. They could use that $2000 and whatever she paid for the first video for their own businesses and family more than Gia needs a useless luxury fun time. The people she bilked need money for Xmas too. It’s not just her and Gia that celebrate Xmas.

      You know what would have made a better Xmas gift? Not bilking people and therefore not spending time away from her kids.

      By using this money on this useless expense, she’s teaching her daughters that it doesn’t matter who you hurt, how much you hurt them, and about making amends with your victims but that the priority is to spend money on yourselves for fun.

  13. Sumodo1 says:

    And, the delusion continues into the next Guidice generation. Yikes, Gia and her friends are untalented.

  14. anne_000 says:

    For a song about ‘joy’ they or single singer sounds very unemotional and lackluster. It sounds like just one girl is singing and like it’s auto-tuned.

    Last time there were stories about how Teresa paid 5-figures for her share in the first video, her people then said somebody else paid for it. This time, it’s reported again that she’s paid her share but she’s probably going to say again that somebody else paid for it. I guess it’s her thinking that it sounds better if she says her money didn’t go into it when they still owe 6-figures to the court and millions to creditors.

    For all the money they’ve spent on useless stuff, including these videos, I wonder if they’ve saved any money for college funds for the kids?

  15. JenniferJustice says:

    Boy! these people will do anything other than actually work, for money. The daughter thinks this is the beginning of a budding career in the music industry but she’s just being pimped by her mother to bring in some much needed cash for the family. Nothing more, nothing less.

  16. Michele says:

    This kid is an unattractive brat and so is her mother. Too bad this came out after sentencing.

  17. Lucy2 says:

    My guess is they somehow duped those other parents too, and took their money for this stupid video.
    Their actions since the sentencing show they haven’t learned anything, have no remorse, and will continue to live off whatever they can steal from others.

  18. Anony says:

    This video made me cringe. I’m not sure why. The girl’s are cute and young but it just seems so ‘our-parents-paid-so-we-could-have-a-video-and-we-are-too-young’. I can’t quite put my finger on it what bothers me. I feel like the older one that does most of the singing will stay until she can find a jump-off act/career. Stay in school kids!
    Also, cannot wait for Tre’s prison sentence to begin!!!!! I wish her ‘booking in’ was televised. I WOULD WATCH THE S&*^ OUT OF THAT!!!!!!!! Seriously! Can you imagine! “Remove your earrings, hair extensions, put them all in this little plastic tray…put on this orange jump suit”