Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are friends with Jen’s ex, Scott Foley

Jennifer Garner split up from Scott Foley in March, 2003 after less than three years of marriage. She’s managed to move past any hurt feelings and along with her new husband, Ben Affleck, is open to friendship with her ex.

Scott Foley and his fiance were even invited to dinner at the Affleck’s house:

According to an insider, Jen and her husband, Ben Affleck, 34, recently invited Scott, 34, and his fiance, Polish-born actress Marika Domincyzk, 26, round for a cozy dinner to cement their budding friendship. “Ben thinks Scott is great,” says a friend. Jen, 35, who was married to Scott for nearly three years, is “absolutely thrilled” that he has found love. The pal says both Jen and Scott are happy with their current loves and are eager to renew their bond.

[From In Touch print edition, May 28, 2007 via Sammie’s Effluvia]

From the way the article is worded, it’s unclear whether the two couples have actually met up for dinner or whether Ben and Jen just extended the invitation. They say that everyone ran into each other at the Pacific Palisades Farmers’ Market on May 6, and maybe that’s when they were invited to dinner.

Good for Garner and Affleck for being so friendly with Jen’s ex. I don’t think I’d be comfortable having an ex around to dinner at my place, but it depends on the circumstance I guess.

Garner and Affleck seem like the most drama-free Hollywood couple around, and after Affleck’s history that’s a real accomplishment.

Header photo from Splash News and used by permission.

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