Sean Penn sort of proposed to Charlize Theron in Paris (without a ring)


This is pretty much the one-year anniversary of Charlize Theron and Sean Penn getting together. At this time one year ago, they went on holiday together in Hawaii. It took days/weeks for everyone to realize that Sean and Charlize were actually vacationing together in a romantic way. But once that realization kicked in, we still spent the entire year going, “Really? They’re really together? And it’s still working out? What in the world?” They even went to Africa together to film a movie for several months and they’re STILL romantically involved. Amazing. So would it be any big surprise to learn that Sean proposed to Charlize during a recent trip to Paris?

Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. And it sure seems Sean Penn felt its influence. The actor reportedly asked Charlize Theron to ‘take their relationship to the next level,’ when he proposed on a trip there in late November, a source revealed to UsWeekly on Monday.

And the actor looked every bit the doting fiancé as he put a protective arm around Charlize on a trip to the cinema on Sunday night. After sharing a cigarette outside the Los Angeles venue, the 54-year-old led Charlize inside as they chatted animatedly. The outing came as it emerged that the 39-year-old actress and her beau had secretly got engaged, although the beautiful blonde wasn’t yet wearing any bling.

The source added: ‘There’s no ring, but they are committed.’

[From The Daily Mail]

My take: it’s not a real engagement without a ring. Maybe that makes me old-fashioned and people are about to yell at me, I’m sure, but a ring makes it REAL. Before the ring, you’re just two people talking about what it would be like to get engaged/married and you’re probably living together already. Which I think is probably where Charlize and Sean are. Charlize and Sean split their time between Sean’s place (which he completely child-proofed for Jackson) and Charlize’s place. Plus, I’ve always believed Charlize when she says she’s not interested in marriage. Sean is “the marrying kind” obviously (he even married Madonna, for the love of God), so it should be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Charlize hold strong with her anti-marriage stance? Or will Sean Penn (of all people!) change her mind?

Some photos of Charlize at Whole Foods with Jackson the day after Christmas – look at his pink kicks! Awesome.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. COSquared says:

    Not to be nitpicky or any thing… Why not be country-specific and say South Africa instead of Africa?

    • Tippy says:

      Charlize Theron is technically an African-American.

      • Amanda_M87 says:

        Yes, that is correct.

      • TremeHBOfangrl says:

        No, not really….no she isn’t…but that was cute and mildly funny the first time it was said 200,000 times and 10 years ago, though.

        ‘African-American,’ is an identifier created by black folk in these United States to denote an ethnic identity that was stolen from them (pre that term, they were black, colored, negro — none of which have to to do with a place of ethnic origin). ‘African-American,’ is a way of reclaiming some semblance of ethnic roots and ethnic origins.

        Theron’s ethnic origins, are not South African, she and her family are not native to the content of Africa – her roots lie elsewhere, not unlike for example, whites (race) who are Americans (nationality) of Italian (ethnic) descent.

        Most likely Theron is of Dutch, or German or French ethnicity, and South African was her nationality. Since she has a NEW nationality, which is American (she became a U.S. citizen in the last several years I think), she would be a Dutch/French American, for example.

        Or, since I’m sure her cultural upbringing and language is Afrikaans (dutch-ish? lol) and European South African, she could be an American by way of the Netherlands and Africa.

      • Vodkalovesme says:

        That is technically not correct but fun to say anyway!

  2. NewWester says:

    I like how Jackson is giving raspberries to the paps. I think him and Zahara Jolie-Pitt would be a awesome couple in 20 years or so. With Zahara’s side eye and Jackson’s raspberries they would teach the paps to show some respect

    • Kiddo says:

      oops just saw your comment; great minds and all.

    • Amanda_M87 says:

      Maybe they’ll date/ get married some day. Who knows?

    • TremeHBOfangrl says:

      I heard Zahara has a crush on Adam Pearl (Danny and Marianne Pearl’s son, who is her age, not a toddler). This is the year 2015, she doesn’t need to ‘stay within her race,’ and neither does he.

  3. Kiddo says:

    Jackson has already learned to give the paps a raspberry. That’s probably step one in Theron/Penn parenting. Step two: no sharing of any bicycles, stationary or otherwise mobile.

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think you can be engaged without a ring. Some men like to let the woman choose her own and some women don’t like engagement rings. However, my first husband proposed without a ring and our marriage was awful, and my second had a ring in hand, so maybe there’s something to it.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Jackson sticking his tongue out at the paps. That is the equivalent of the bird for toddlers. He is his mother’s son.

  6. Sea Dragon says:

    One of my favorite couples irl got together and after a year, he asked informally. She said yes and he presented her with the ring soon after. They’ve been together five years and have an awesome marriage. I think some guys want to be sure a woman will say yes before spending a couple paychecks only to hear no.

    Charlize and Sean don’t have that issue so maybe it was spontaneous? Or maybe I couldn’t possibly guess because there’s so little information provided. The story is from The Daily Fail so until I see a ring, it hasn’t happened.

  7. Gemma13 says:

    I’m old fashioned too. My boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage for 2 years, but we don’t consider ourselves engaged, just talking, We’ve been in school, so there was no money for a ring. I guess for us, the ring means hey! We can afford a wedding, we can afford car payments, we’re financially stable, we can afford to finally do this. There’s also, again for us, something official and I like that.

  8. Paloma says:

    She’ll do an Aniston; be engaged forever but not marry.

  9. break says:

    I’ve been married for almost 9 years and we never had engagement rings.

  10. Angela says:

    Plenty of engagements with rings are not all that real, in my opinion. Plenty of people buy the ring as a way to buy time without making a legal commitment. Think Pam and Roy on The Office. My take? You’re engaged when you start actually planning the wedding. If a date is set, reservations made, or deposits paid, you are really engaged to be wed. Before that, it’s just promises.

  11. Amanda_M87 says:

    What’s wrong with proposing without a ring? Many women don’t want engagement rings (I wouldn’t want one myself). Engagement rings are really a modern concept thought up by jewellers to bring in more money.

  12. msd says:

    I really wouldn’t want a guy picking out a ring for me. It’s something I’m (hopefully) going to wear for years, I need to have a say in it.

  13. Ice Queen says:

    I don’t want an engagement ring. The ring doesn’t make anything real except the money that the jeweler puts in his pocket. If you think that the ring can make an engagement or marriage real and good then I really feel sorry for you.

  14. becki says:

    My husband proposed without a ring, and I got mine about a month later. Sometimes I wish I had gotten the whole down on one knee, beautiful ring proposal, but it didn’t happen like that. We’ve been married for 12 years and are still going strong 🙂 I don’t think a ring changes your level of commitment, it’s either there or it’s not and that is what will get you down the aisle and keep you together forever, not a ring!!

  15. Chinoiserie says:

    I am from Finland and here nobody proposes with a ring, the couple go to by the ring together and both get engagement rings. Only the woman gets a wedding ring.
    It must be difficult to buy a ring to somebody and I rather pick my rings myself anyway so I think our tradition is better.

  16. roxy750 says:

    Do you see all that she is stuffing in her car? WOA…also, I wonder what she has in her back pocket.

  17. BengalCat2000 says:

    My parents were married in the early 70’s. My mom’s engagement ring looks like something a tacky Drag Queen would wear. If I ever get married, I sure as hell want to pick out the ring.

    • Chrissy says:

      My aunt has the most god-awful marquise cut engagement diamond. So old-fashioned! Needless to say she doesn’t wear the ring but her and my uncle are still going strong after almost 45 years. The ring does not make the marriage work.

  18. Anastasia says:

    My husband proposed first without a ring and I said yes but reminded him it wasn’t official without a ring. Five months later, he proposed again, this time with a ring. I said yes again and it was official this time. I only told him I wanted yellow gold (it was 1990) and I liked marquis cut diamonds. And to keep it simple. He did an excellent job and it turns out he has excellent taste in jewelry. We just celebrated 23 years of marriage on Sunday!

  19. scout says:

    FUN!! Who needs a ring when you have such a KIND HANDSOME YOUNG man proposing to you!!! Who would dare say NO?!

  20. kri says:

    All I got out of this is Jackson is awesome and I have small feet..I want those shoes.

  21. lunchcoma says:

    Eh, they’re celebrities. Even if it wasn’t a “real” engagement, they’d still get a ring. I’m sure these two will get one or have already gotten one already. Most women I know wanted to have a say in what theirs looked like, which means agreeing to marry before any jewelry was purchased.

  22. KayLastima says:

    It might be wrong, but the fact that she is with him and has stayed with him through rumored controlling behavior and outbursts makes her new commercial for Dior perfume unwatchable for me. All I can think of is she must be a tad bit horrible and mean too. I picture epic screaming and throwing matches and it churns my stomach.

  23. OTHER RENEE says:

    My first husband proposed without a ring because he’s from Israel and that’s where we lived and people didn’t know from engagement rings there. But I told him it’s not real to me OR MY MOTHER without a ring so we bought one. The current Mr. OTHER RENEE is American and woke up one day and said “Wanna go look at engagement rings?” BUT when the ring we designed was ready, he asked me out for a “special go get your nails done date” and got down on 1 knee on the beach and proposed. Singing a song he’d composed for the occasion. It was lovely.

  24. melain says:

    Love the pic of that kid sticking his tongue out at the pap! That’s about the most normal reaction I’ve seen.

    And they are engaged? Two egomaniac rage-aholics. MFEO! This could be fun. As long as they don’t actually kill each other.

  25. Vodkalovesme says:

    That kid’s a toddler? He’s gonna be a giant!