Teresa Giudice’s New Year’s resolution: stop bad carbs, avoid negative people

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Teresa Giudice is headed to federal prison in three days to serve her 15 month sentence for financial fraud. I’m sure we’ll receive an update when that happens, and it may or may not be filmed by Bravo for posterity. Reports vary, but the latest news is that Teresa’s march to the slammer will be private.

In the lead-up to serving her sentence, Teresa has been doing video blogs for The Glam Network. Earlier this month she released a cooking video in which she prepared spicy shrimp over angel hair pasta. This was a recipe from Teresa’s Fabulicious book. A few days ago she did a video blog with Dina Manzo in which they talked about their New Year’s resolutions. Teresa didn’t reference her prison sentence at all and when Dina asked her to name a New Year’s resolution, Teresa said “going forward, I would like to stop eating bad carbs.” Nevermind that Teresa won’t have much say over her menu choices for the next year. Then they talked about simplifying their lives, exercising and being spontaneous.

When Dina asked Teresa for her next resolution, she said “I just want to keep being around positive people… and just keep the negative out” Another thing she won’t have much control over. Here’s that video:

Dina and Teresa also pledged to spend more time together this year, again ignoring the fact that Teresa will have specific visiting hours. This lady is so deep in denial. I might feel sorry for her under different circumstances. Also, Teresa’s entire cookbook branding is based on eating “bad carbs” in moderation and enjoying them. It’s ridiculous for her to say that she’s giving up “bad carbs” this year especially when her diet is about to consist of prison cafeteria food.

Right after the holiday, Teresa was spotting skiing with her family and doing shots with friends.

In other Teresa Giudice news, The National Enquirer claims that Joe is going to serve her with divorce papers when she’s in prison. I doubt that he has the wherewithal to do that, but I could be wrong.

Update: After I wrote this, Radar published a story claiming that Teresa has told her two youngest daughters, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 4, that she’s “going away to work.” Teresa’s two older daughters, Gia, 13, and Gabriella, 10, do know what’s happening. Teresa allegedly told Milania and Audriana that she’s going to jail to write a book or something. I hope that’s not true and she didn’t really lie to her daughters, but Teresa is not known for telling the truth, even to herself.

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  1. Darkladi says:

    After all is said and done, I wish her luck.

  2. ketjo says:

    LOLOLOLOL…. In prison…..where the meals are all heavy on bad carbs and choked full of negative people…..they are goina LOVE her in prison………

  3. teatimeiscoming says:

    Good luck with those resolutions while incarcerated.

  4. NewWester says:

    How about a resolution to be a better role model for her children when she gets out of prison ?

  5. chloe says:

    I see they are still enjoying the rich life with nice vacations and expensive clothing, these two just don’t get it, of course it doesn’t help that Bravo and several gossip rags are throwing money at them right and left for interviews. If I was getting sent to prison I would be hiding under a rock.

  6. Loopy says:

    It kills me when all these so called bankrupt people like her kerry katona, toni braxton to name a few still live the high life…unless bravo paid for her ski trip.

  7. Belle Epoch says:

    Who is the negative person here? How about a resolution not to screw other people out of millions of dollars in goods and services – and then lie about it? Maybe a resolution to understand her role in leaving her children in the care of that troglodyte? Or a resolution to stop trying to make a star out of her spoiled 13 year old? I can’t say I wish her well. She is a vortex of self-absorbed, self-serving behavior. She needs a resolution to volunteer somewhere.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Someone out there thinks that tackball is glamorous? Yikes.

  9. scout says:

    Book deal and movie made after “serving”, I am sure!

  10. CK says:

    I’m pretty sure she won’t have a mirror in her prison cell so she’ll definitely achieve goal #2.

  11. Ginger says:

    I used to be in a volunteer program in college where we visited places like the Veterans Hospital, etc. I also had the chance to visit a prison mental ward and a juvenile jail. The food there is worse than you can ever imagine so good luck avoiding bad carbs Teresa since you’ll most likely starve to death trying to do that in jail. Why do I have a feeling that this whole experience will not change her ways in the slightest?

  12. Talie says:

    Wow. I thought she fell out with Dina. Anyway… you think she’ll do the full year and change? Does prison let you out early like jail?

    • Sunny says:

      She is going to Federal Prison so she is absolutely required to do 80-85% of her sentence. She will be in for a full year at the minimum. There is no time out for good behavior…etc until that 80% mark is reached. And just my opinion she will not change. I do try to see the best in people and be optimistic but I just can’t with her. She really is an awful person, so deep in denial she won’t ever change. She may change for the worse, in that 15 months from now we will be hearing how awful prison was and that she didn’t “deserve” to be there, and BLAH blah blah…

  13. BeckyR says:

    She is too stupid to realize the sun is setting on the public fascination with the Giudice family. She is a common felon and so is he. Just go away, already.

  14. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Sorry to ask, but what did she do exactly? The kind of fraud I mean? Can’t be bothered to look it up.

  15. Gina says:

    So the forehead challenged Teresa thinks prison will be full of positive folks! Haha, good luck on that one. Something tells me she won’t be so vocal in her new home. On the other hand, she is a pseudo celebrity, d list at best, so I’m certain she won’t be pounding any bricks or making license plates.

    • teatimeiscoming says:

      I would love to see how the general population and guards respond to such actions as table-flipping.

  16. Lol, does she think that she’s going to the spa or something? Good luck with that.

  17. FingerBinger says:

    Some prisons allow friends and family to send food packages to inmates. Depending on the prison Teresa goes to she might be able to get her own food.

  18. Country girl says:

    Wow. That video was hard to watch.

  19. Decorative Item says:

    The guards choose the shows the inmates watch so, like the food, the tv is the least brain nutritional sh-t there is. All those hard core inmates sit around and watch reality show after reality show and will know all about Teresa and her ways.

  20. BorgQueen says:

    I felt bad for Teresa going to jail but I read an article in a legal (attorney) newspaer where the Bankruptcy Court gave a statement about why the punishment for Theresa is so severe. She lied to the Court repeatedly. Below is an excerpt from the legal article:

    The Giudices listed values for their personal property which were surprisingly low, given Teresa Giudice’s demonstrated penchant for spending on the show. The value of the entire family’s clothing was listed at only $3,000, and their jewelry was valued at only $2,150. Viewers who remember Teresa Giudice paying for household furniture with wads of cash would be shocked to note that the Giudices also indicated in their petition that they had no cash on hand. The Giudices also claimed that their combined income for the previous year totaled $575,000, and that their combined current income averaged $16,583 per month.
    At first, the Giudices’ bankruptcy filing did not factor extensively into the RHONJ. At the
    beginning of Season 2, Teresa Giudice announced on her blog that she had given birth to her
    fourth baby girl, and that she had also written a cookbook called “Skinny Italian.”7 Just one
    month later, the chapter 7 trustee appointed in the Giudices’ bankruptcy case filed an adversary proceeding objecting to their discharge. The chapter 7 trustee alleged that the Giudices concealed their interests in multiple businesses, including a pizza parlor and laundromat, as well as Teresa Giudice’s company, TG Fabulicious LLC. The chapter 7 trustee also alleged that Teresa Giudice had failed to disclose her interest in a published book written prior to the filing of the petition, a.k.a., “Skinny Italian.” Nonetheless, Teresa Giudice continued to flaunt a lavish lifestyle on the show by throwing an extravagant baby christening for her newest daughter, complete with a Marie Antoinette lookalike serving sushi off her dress.

  21. anne_000 says:

    I think Teresa told her older kids what she’s been telling the public: That she didn’t do anything wrong, never had any intentions or schemes to do wrong. That it was all a mistake and that unfairly, innocent people go to prison. She’s probably going to make her kids think she’s a victim rather than a perpetrator.

    As for her younger kids, Milania is smart enough to know better. It’s unfair to her to lie to her while everybody else around her, including kids at school knows the truth. It’s probably going to make her sensibilities kind of warped.

  22. FurballFriend says:

    Kind of difficult to avoid both while in prison.

  23. Leah says:

    Maybe this is her way of coping. Pretend like she is going on an adventure, to write a book. Act like things are normal, make resolutions like normal. Maybe that is how she is approaching it, for her own sanity. I can understand it. If you take that outlook, it will be easier to cope with the one year. I think its smart for her to act like its a big adventure. You either drown in the morose reality, or you create something out of self-preservation. That’s what this is for her; self-preservation to survive. A good way of coping, but her children will have to learn the truth sooner or later.

    • anne_000 says:

      Teresa’s default of being the Queen of Denial is what helped lead her to this point. She’s not honest with others let alone herself.

      I remember how she was pissed to Hell at Kathy’s husband Rich when he said that maybe she should spend within her budget. Or when her Aunt said something similar. She thought these statements were offensive. Why? Because they didn’t picture her as perfect and blameless.

      Even her current excuse of why she was sentenced to imprisonment is that she was ignorant of any wrongdoing. She said all she did was sign papers without reading them because she’s so trusting, not because she wanted to defraud anybody. She blames everybody else for not reporting to the court all her possessions and incomes. She has yet to accept 100% responsibility for anything.

  24. Palermo says:

    Neither of these will be possible in prison