Jeremy Renner’s ex, Sonni Pacheco, steps out in LA, says ‘everything is fine’


Here are some photos of Sonni Pacheco out and about on Friday in LA. Fame/Flynet says she went to Trader Joe’s and then went by a friend’s house. This is the first time I’ve seen Sonni get pap’d on her own, without standing next to her now-estranged husband Jeremy Renner. She’s a lot thinner than I remember? But yeah, she’s a pretty girl. I imagine there was a lot of heat between Sonni and Jeremy when they first got together. And then she got pregnant, and they tried to make it work but at the end of the day… they just couldn’t. That’s one version of events. The other version might be that Jeremy is some kind of control freak or emotional abuser who stole Sonni’s passport, Social Security card and other vital documents. Which do you believe?

Just after the news of Sonni’s divorce filing (citing “fraud”) went public last week, The Daily Mail caught up with her outside of her rental home:

Avengers star Jeremy Renner’s marriage is over after just 10 months. But according to his wife Sonni Pacheco, who filed papers earlier this month citing irreconcilable differences, ‘everything is fine’. Speaking exclusively with MailOnline from her rental home in West Hollywood, the Canadian model discussed her divorce from the actor.

Sonni exclusively told MailOnline, ‘Everything is fine. Yep,’ regarding her divorce filing after less than a year of marriage.

When asked if she thought the divorce would settle and resolve quickly, Sonni replied, ‘Yep.’

According to the legal filing, however, everything may not be going as smoothly as she claims. It appears to be shaping up to be a bitter split, with the Canadian model demanding he return her passport, birth certificate and social security card, in the legal filing. Pacheco says they have a prenup, but adds it should be considered invalid because it was based on fraud, according to the legal documents. There’s no further explanation about the ‘fraud’ accusation.

She is also seeking spousal support and physical custody of their girl, the use of a Range Rover and for Renner to cover her rent and moving expenses.

[From The Daily Mail]

She doesn’t sound like she’s traumatized or anything, but she only said five words to the Mail, so God knows. My theory is still something along the lines of “this is about money.” Maybe it’s also about custody of their daughter too, but it sounds like it’s mostly about money and how Sonni can invalidate the pre-nup. I think she wanted to show Jeremy that she could really make him look bad IF he doesn’t pay to make it go away.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Tiffany27 says:

    If you meet someone and enjoy fu*king them, great!
    That does not mean you should create a child together. Have a good week everyone!

  2. Kiddo says:

    So Renner was a daft frau too. He didn’t get the bargain he thought he paid for.

  3. hanie says:

    Wow.. she looks so different. I keep going btw the 2 posts but still couldn’t believe it.
    And that ‘yep’ probably code for I got dirt on him.

  4. t.fanty says:

    I wonder how much Renner paid for those three little words.

  5. Dońt kill me i'm french says:

    She lost many weight
    To use fraud to divorce is a way to delete the prenup

  6. epiphany says:

    Heat? I thought the whole world knew she was a beard.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Heat…if you want to see heat, check out Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4 or 5 or whatever the hell one they were in together…they were making goo goo eyes at each other!!!!

      I’m sure I will get a lot of “heat” for saying this, but if JR wasn’t an actor, there is NO WAY a girl who looks like that would give him a second glance! jmo He looks like a troll!

  7. Jegede says:

    Why is she reminding me of Gisele?

  8. shunty says:

    I find it crazy how every celebrity have been pronounced gay on gossip sites. Is there proof? Don’t you think you’re chasing the ones who want to come out right back in the closet? We need to stop making it sound soo negative

    • ummm says:

      200% agree. It’s like some sort of witch hunt.

      Can you blame someone for wanting to keep their personal sexuality private? It’s really none of our business where Renner falls on the ever-sliding scale. It has nothing to do with his work.

      And I know ppl like to disguise their interest as “well, if he came out then he would be inspiring a million closeted teens to do the same…” but we all know what they really want: Gossip fodder. And to be able to say “Told ya’ so! My gaydar (or my gay nephew’s gaydar, as someone recently thought fit to post) is sooooo on pointe!”

    • kcarp says:

      I do not think every single one of them is gay. I think that Hollywood has the biggest closets in the world though.

      Personally I will never believe Kenny Chesney is gay no matter how many times I hear it. he could be on a Gay Pride Float making out with a dude and I wouldn’t believe he was gay. It is truly what you want to believe.

      • ummm says:

        there’s the truth and there’s “what you want to believe.” In this case, neither really matter.

        when it comes to who someone chooses to bed, as long as it’s legal it shouldn’t really matter either way. Whether Kenny Chesney is gay or not should have no direct effect on a stranger’s life, and it should have no effect on a person’s opinion of him.

      • kcarp says:

        I was thinking of what does it matter as well…I know many singers are scared to come out of the closet as to not damage their career.

        So I was singing a Melissa Ethridge song the other day in the car and I thought about her being gay and singing this to a girl. Not being gay myself I thought what do I care who she is singing to? I am not singing to a guy or a girl I am singing because I like the song.

        Does the fact Ricky Martin, Elton John, or anyone else in the entertainment business is gay make me like a song less?

    • littlestar says:

      Does anyone remember that blind gossip writer (I cannot remember his name for some reason) who lost his job for outing Renner? That’s the incident that made me believe that it’s possible Renner is trying to keep hide his real sexuality (it’s also possible he’s bi-sexual too, so who really knows).

    • Orly says:

      But who’s making it sound negative? Speculating that someone is gay isn’t negative unless you believe being gay is negative. It’s ridiculous to stay mum on the topic when every other straight celeb incorporates their hetero status into their public image, be it via their partner or the red carpet or their families. And it’s also eye-rolling to say it doesn’t matter. If it didn’t matter, then people wouldn’t be discriminated against, be cast out of their families, be the victims of violence etc because of it. So saying it “should” have no effect on someone’s opinion is meaningless, since it does and it will continue to do so until it becomes more normalized. btw, referring to it as “pronouncing” someone gay (like it’s a defect), calling it “crazy” to speculate, or referring to speculation as “witch hunt” is all part of the problem.

  9. Tig says:

    To me, she looks a little like Jessica Biel on a bad day. Really wonder what kind of dirt she could have on Jeremy Renner- it’s not like he’s a household name with some sort of image to protect, so why should he care? The passport issue may be to keep her and child state-side. Poor little baby.

  10. Talie says:

    And wait for Lainey’s post about how they had really hot sex and that’s why he rushed into marriage….

  11. Sway says:

    In divorce papers, isn’t “fraud” the legal word for “my husband didn’t tell me he was gay”?

    • Julaine says:

      Fraud appears to be the legal definition for all sorts of unacceptable situations so, *shrugs*.

    • The Original Mia says:

      She’s alleging fraud in the prenuptial, not the marriage. She’s angling for more money.

  12. icerose says:

    well all I can say is that she has amazing cheek bones

  13. Stoner says:

    When Bearding Goes Wrong

  14. Jenny says:

    This is not a surrogate/bearding contract gone wrong. He might not be the richest man in Hollywood, but he has lots of extremely powerful friends to help him pull off something like that seamlessly. So there is no way this baby wasn’t an accident, at least on his part. He probably knew where this was going from the moment she told him she was pregnant. They might have made a real attempt to give it a go, but I suspect the whole thing was a series of manoeuvres, to get more money on her part and to get custody on his. I am starting to think that he is a lot more in control of this thing than it appears, even to the point of nudging her into actions which will ultimately be interpreted as money grabbing and make sure there is little sympathy for her when he tries for full custody. I can’t say I feel sorry for her though, with her back ground a genuine contraception accident seems unlikely.

    • Tulip says:

      Why should Renner go for full custody, exactly? This woman doesn’t deserve any rights regarding her own child because…?

      • Jenny says:

        You are right, that is mean. I think co-parenting in LA was the plan, but if that is being threatened and she intendeds to take the child back to Canada then I think he will try to get physical custody and I can’t blame him for that. Maybe she has been threatening it? I guess it will all come out in court if it comes to a full custody battle, so far it is just accusations with no evidence to back them up. Can i just point out again what a truly awful choice she would be for a surrogate – nobody would choose a foreigner.

      • kcarp says:

        I am with you. I hate how when people split up people take sides and think the child should go with the side that they are on.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Isn’t she going for full custody? I’m sure it’s just a threat because no judge would award either of them full custody without some serious, damaging information on the other. And Jenny has a good point. Why in the world would Renner choose a foreigner to be a surrogate for him? This situation right here is the best reason not to enter into a surrogacy contract with a foreign national. Sad situation for Ava, but more preferable for it to happen now than when she’s older and it’ll effect her more.

      • Lilliputian says:

        He probably chose her because being a foreigner meant she had even less bargaining power than your typical American star f***ker. He was counting on her desperation not just for the lifestyle but to remain in the mix of things in LA.

        I doubt the pregnancy was an accident. This rampant heterosexual who doesnt know how to unroll a condom made it into his forties and never had an accident until Sonny came along?

      • Jenny says:

        The idea that no pregnancy is accidental makes me laugh. I have male and female friends to whom it is happened, often resulting in abortions. I also have two relatively well off male friends who had accidents in their late thirties. Both wore condoms and had many worried conversations with my husband about what they should do. One got married, the other didn’t, but in these cases the women said absolutely no to an abortion. The reality is that a condom is not always effective, I certainly never relied totally on that before I settled down, but men cannot guarantee there are two forms of contraception in play. They are also sometimes stupid enough to believe it when they are told they don’t need to bother.

    • kai says:

      What’s her background?

  15. The Original Mia says:

    Funny how we never saw her unless she was with Jeremy, but now…she’s papped on her own and in the DM twice. Yeah, I’m sure she isn’t calling and selling her side of the story. I’m sure.

    Jeremy should have stayed cynical about marriage and stayed single. Ava would have been fine. He didn’t have to marry Sonni. I wonder what her game plan is now. She isn’t going to get a green card from the marriage. How is she going to stay in the States without it?

    • Tulip says:

      It’s not letting me reply to your comment above for some reason, but no, she isn’t going for full custody. Joint legal custody but does want physical custody, with visitation for Renner.

      This situation sounds messy, hopefully it turns out okay for the kid whatever happens.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Thanks, Tulip. I wasn’t sure. I knew she wanted physical custody, but wasn’t sure about legal custody.

    • Lilliputian says:

      Ofcourse she is being papped more. Her pics probably cost more now given the scandal that is unfolding. Demand/Supply, hello?

      • The Original Mia says:

        What scandal? There are no allegations of cheating, beating or anything else. This is your garden variety divorce. Jeremy isn’t high profile. Her pics aren’t any more valuable than Matt Damon’s wife. She’s giving exclusives to the Daily Mail.

  16. minx says:

    The check must have cleared.

  17. Mean Hannah says:

    Not that this is important, but her weight loss could be from pregnancy, nursing, and motherhood. I gained 30~35 pounds with my pregnancy, in addition to extra 20~25 pounds I gained just before pregnancy. Just a few months after giving birth, I had lost just over 60 pounds, and I looked gaunt. I was nursing on demand, eating 5 to 6 huge meals, 2 to 3 snacks, and drinking seaweed soup or pigs’ feet soup 3 times a day and even with no exercise (my back and stomach took over a year to heal), I was alarmingly skinny. Well, my mother, sister, best friend, and I were alarmed. Everyone else congratulated me on my amazing weight loss.

    • HoustonGrl says:

      Same thing happened to my sister, she couldn’t keep the weight on. I know that sounds like a compliment and lots of women complain about the opposite situation. But in this case, it was a little scary. My sister’s baby was HUNGRAY and no amount of breastfeeding would do. Once she finally got to solids, my sister was able to gain some healthy weight back.

  18. kcarp says:

    Are we measuring heat on the Ryan Seacrest, John Travolta, Derrick Hough thermometer?

  19. PJ says:

    Wowzas. Girlfriend has lost a TON of weight since the very first pics of her with Jeremy were taken around two years ago. I remember being seriously impressed with her great, muscular athletic figure in the tank & shorts…Whatever the case, clearly something has taken its toll on her of late :/ (Maybe she just couldn’t keep up the lie anymore for the sake of her child? But then, why bring a child into what is **allegedly** one of Hollywood’s most transparent “beard” relationships in the first place?)

    Sigh. Is nothing sacred anymore?

  20. someone says:

    Did anyone else notice they checked the box requesting a determination of paternity on the divorce filing? I wonder if this is standard in a California divorce? It’s surprising that there was any question of paternity – Jeremy seems gaga over the little girl and not at all like he would question being her father.