Kim Kardashian slams Kendall Jenner: ‘I bought her a f—ing career’

First, Kim posted this ^^ on her social media over the weekend. It’s her cover for Love Magazine. This is the photoshoot she did several months ago, where she bleached her eyebrows. I guess Miuccia Prada and Kim interviewed each other? Blah. I’m sure we’ll get more photos at some point.

Anyway, let’s discuss the new trailer for Season 10 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I know, I know, you guys aren’t interested at all. Right? Except this is so stupid, it’s actually enjoyable. Gossip filler, as I always say. The most interesting thing to me is that Kris Jenner is worried that Kylie and Kendall Jenner aren’t following the same trajectory as the older girls, which is to say… Kendall and Kylie aren’t very interested in being part of the Kardashian Circus anymore. One of the funniest lines to me is from Kim, who seems to be referencing Kendall Jenner’s shoe line, saying: “I’m not buying her a f–king pair of shoes, I bought her a f—king career.” BURN!!! Still, Kim speaks the truth. Kim’s fake ass bought careers for the whole family. Here’s the trailer:

You know how I’ve been saying Bruce has had so much work done, he looks like Billie Jean King? (Or did I just say that privately to CB?) In any case, Bruce’s face in photos is nothing compared to his face in motion. OH MY GOD.

Yesterday morning, Kim also tweeted this: “Up all night redoing my whole wardrobe with Kanye….. I’m so ready for new looks for the New Year! New 2015 vision.” OH MY GOD. 2015 is going to bring us even more Kim-as-Kanye’s-Barbie-Doll. Kanye really needs to stop dressing Kim up. He’s making her look worse, and that’s quite a feat.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. NewWester says:

    Kim likes to shop, she bought Kendall a career and she bought herself a new face and rear end. I don’t get why Kim is so upset?

  2. Jag says:

    Regular people stay up all night with sick kids, studying for exams, or even hanging out with friends. Kimye stays up all night redoing her wardrobe for the year. /le sigh

    I only come to these posts to hear what y’all have to say about whatever it is that Kimye is doing, and to read the comments. lol

    • Pandy says:

      Just what I was going to comment Jag. What a shallow life.

      • snowflake says:

        exactly! Oh girls, I’m going for my phd, nope. going to volunteer at a charity, nope, i’m going to visit sick kids. no! her life is so shallow all she does is shop and get work done on her body and face.

    • aims says:

      Absolutely Jag. Us civilians stay up for normal reasons. I have been married for 17 years and we’ve never stayed up all night organising my clothes. The thought of it actually makes me laugh because my husband would rather stab his eye with a poker then do that.

    • Rach says:

      Me too Jag! 👍😁

  3. Loopy says:

    She has some nerve, she may have ended up buying her whole family a career but she is the ultimate user who climbed on top of so many to get to the point where she could ‘buy’ careers i.e her first husband,riding on her fathers coat tails, then Bruce, then Paris Hilton, then all those guys in between Ray J then she finally hit the big time with Kanye, she has used everyone in her wake( masterminded by PMK of course) to get where she is so she shouldn’t sound so uppity.

    • Angela says:

      Won’t someone please think of poor, defenseless Paris Hilton?

      • Hautie says:

        “Won’t someone please think of poor, defenseless Paris Hilton?”

        I know! Poor Paris. How did she ever let the ass of doom run her off her perch?!?

        If Paris hired the correct wizard of PR. She could probably regain some traction in the US market again. But all Paris wants to do is hang out in bars & being messy… plus being self centered… and that is not a sell-able trait. Over the age of 24.

        Where as Lucifer’s Home Girl… has all those daughters hustling on every platform, she can shove them out on. And they only way they are in a bar… is for a big fat paycheck. And I can not recall any photo’s of them being jacked up & messy in a public bar…..

      • MonicaQ says:

        Well she’s too busy being one of the highest paid DJs in the world. Which makes me cringe even as a tangential follower of EDM.

      • Bridget says:

        Paris Hilton is the only person that says rhat Paris Hilton is one of highest paid DJs. She gets a nice check for a few gigs like at Ibiza but those are the same clubs that would pay her to host so it’s not particularly diffrrent. She’s no Aviccii, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Skrillex, etc.

      • FLORC says:

        No Bridget
        Paris really is doing extremely well for herself.
        She commands a larger than average fee for being a dj and has had a career last long than many others that appear, peak, and fade out.
        Add to that very continuous work outside of Ibiza. She’s in high demand.
        I’m with Monica though. That is cringeworthy, but very true. Paris might not be someone you root for or like as a DJ, but her success is very real despite you not thinking so.

      • Bridget says:

        @FLORC I’m not saying that she’s not well paid, I’m saying that her claim that she’s the 5th highest paid DJ in the world is crap and that her “DJ-ing” is just another version of hosting a party. The fee she’s being paid isn’t exactly for her music skills. She’s not producing and mixing music, she’s standing around at a club playing music that other people created for her.

  4. samanthalous says:

    That entire family has gotten famous off of Kims back, I think Kanye has made her more aware of this. Also she has been dressing pretty fly since she has been with Kanye, her color combos are very chic.

    • Loopy says:

      And Kim got famous off a lot of people’s back too right?

    • snowflake says:

      now she just needs to buy them in her actual size. Idk, I have a problem with her dresses. who wears skin-tight midriff dresses in the middle of the day? imo, that would be something you wear to a club or a sexy dinner with your hubby. but i guess she’s got keep the milf image going.

    • kdlaf says:

      Yeah if Kim’s clothes fit better I would actually like her style – especially compared to pre-Kanye – i like the neutral look. She just needs to stop the fillers and plastic surgery in my opinion. Not necessarily a fan but I dont get the Kim hate – it just fuels her “career” even more honestly.

      • snowflake says:

        well, if she had worked to achieve her career, people wouldn’t hate her as much. but she’s gotten where she has because of her family, paris, her sex tape, her marriages. people talk about born on third base, think they hit a triple. kim’s a great example of that. i don’t hate her, but imo, she makes young girls aspire to looking good and nothing more. nothing intellectual, etc. promotes a shallow, vapid lifestyle imo.

    • fritanga says:

      “Chic” and “Kardashian” are mutually exclusive. Or, to put it more accurately, “chic” and “Kardashian” are like the repelling poles of a magnet. One will never touch the other.

      And was Prada drugged or what? Why in the world would she even be in the same room as Kardashian? Like Vogue, Prada is now considerably less impeccable having come within the PMK influence.

      As for Kartrashian “buying” her sister a career – I think that was actually their demonic mother. Kartrashian was just the instrument.

    • littlestar says:

      I personally think Kim’s style was at its best when she was dating Reggie Bush. She had awesome street style then, even her club wear was great.

      Kanye’s a great musical artist, but he doesn’t have a very good sense of style. Kim’s too tight clothes now make me feel uncomfortable for her, especially looking at the top photos with her back “fat” hanging over her too tight bra.

    • Hannah says:

      “she has been dressing pretty fly since she has been with Kanye”

      Please tell me that’s a joke…

      • Helene says:

        I know! I didn’t really appreciate her style before Kanye but compared to now it was practically classy. Now she looks like a drag queen and a hooker had a baby and it was trashier looking than both of them combined. I really think Kim’s first thought every day must be what angle to photograph her ass at today. Followed by two hours picking a trashy outfit, two hours taking selfies and another two editing and airbrushing them and posting them on social media along with fake sounding claims that Kanye is straight, even though he stays up all night picking out clothes. Then she goes to bed because heaven forbid there be any time left to see her kid.

        Sorry, that got a bit out of control…

  5. Dawn says:

    Well this shows the world what awonderful and nice person Kim is. Her first husband spilled the beans long ago that this was the most hateful family he had ever seen and their closeness is a lie. Without Ray J and without Kris Jenner Kim has no career other than chasing men who had money and status. When will this shrill be over?

    • Loopy says:

      And allegedly Kim and her sisters scammed Brandy and Ray J’s mother when she was working as a wardrobe organiser used her credit card to open their store, that story must have been buried to the Gods.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I remember Bossip ran that story but no other mainstream sites did.

      • Christin says:

        That credit card lawsuit story was covered by People, this site and a few others (with quotes from the mother explaining what allegedly happened). I did a quick search and found several still out there.

      • me says:

        The Kardashians settled out of court with Brandy’s mom. I think they knew they would lose that law suit. I think Brandy and Ray-J were the only people Kim ever “styled”. Not much of a stylist yet she always tells people “it’s how I got my start”…lol no her “start” began with Ray-J, but not as his stylist !

      • Venuslotus says:

        I remember that too.

  6. maeliz says:

    Kim should be thanking her mother for selling her sex video. If she hadn’t, would we even know who she is?

    • Lucy2 says:

      That’s like some beautiful parallel reality you’re describing…where no one knows or cares who these people are. I want to go to there.

      • bettyrose says:

        A parallel universe where the words mother, sell, and sex video would never share a sentence?

    • Loopy says:

      Something tells me they would have used every means necessary until she become famous, they just seemed determined no matter what.

      • me says:

        They have no morals and no shame. Kim would have tried to date every famous guy she could just to get noticed. Paris Hilton has stated she knows Kim used her. I could just imagine how jealous Kim was when Paris got famous. She wanted to be seen with Paris anywhere and everywhere. This is when people started noticing Kim and wondering who she was…then her “tape” came out and the rest is history.

  7. swack says:

    Just can’t. Really sad to see what is truly important in her life. Problems of the rich.

  8. zut alors! says:

    I’m pretty sure her clothes cost a lot of money, but why do they look so cheap on her? Honestly it looks like it came from Wal-Mart. How does one wear haute couture and make it look bargain basement? Kim must have a special talent for it.

    • COSquared says:

      And her ass is DEFYING the laws of gravity. It looks ready to hit the ground!

      • I Choose Me says:

        Not defying but OBEYING, I think you mean. Defying gravity would imply that thing is perky/ non saggy which it definitely is not.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Because they don’t fit, lol. I think I’d faint from shock if I ever saw her wearing something in her actual size, instead of the size she thinks she is. I’m not saying she’s fat (she isn’t) but she doesn’t dress to flatter her shape, so everything she wears looks cheap. :P

      • Annie says:

        With all her money, she should get all her clothes tailored to her body- she certainly doesn’t have a ” normal” or mainstream body shape.
        She looks so good in the all black outfit-in above picture- just shows that dressing properly can actually look good on her!

    • Blythe says:

      It’s her ass. Haute couture isn’t designed to cover three gallons of injected fat in someone’s rear.

  9. Talie says:

    She does speak that truth… she made that family rich and successful.

    But Bruce, you’re right… those clips of him were scary!! Poor man.

  10. Christin says:

    Has this show actually lasted 10 seasons?

    The first time I ever heard of Kim, she had a date with Nick Lachey and was described as a closet organizer.

    Seems like her current life involves closets as well, so maybe not much has changed.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Lol. Maybe Kanye told her he’s still in the closet, and she’s too dense to realize that doesn’t mean picking out a wardrobe.

    • jujoki says:

      A closet organizer actually gets a closet organizer for her closet?

    • Talie says:

      She was on The Simple Life briefly as well and Paris Hilton treated her like crap on camera… and then Nicole Richie took a dump on her a few times, calling her a ho.

      Kim got the last laugh though.

      • Petee says:

        That’s how I heard of her first was she had a date with Nick Lachey.At first people liked her because she was the anti Paris.Pretty,dark and curvy.Now look at her.Fake from top to her head and down to her toes.Even her marriage is fake.How this show is still on and lasted this long is a pretty sad.

      • Venuslotus says:

        Ugh, so sad. And she’s never going away! Thanks a lot, Yeezus.

  11. Kemper says:

    If they don’t appreciate her gift, she should take it back. Take it all back!

  12. Bess says:

    Kim sex tape and PMK’s incredible ability to capitalize on it are what bought the entire clan their fame and money. Kris Jenner deserves a “Marketer of the Decade” award for creating an empire out of a sex tape.

  13. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    Dolce & Gabbana is who should dress Kim. Polka dot Sophia Loren dresses with built-in push-up bras, Brigitte Bardot bouffant hair and pouty lips. Kim in an explosion of Sicilian color, NOT a Japanese minimalist palette. Kanye is getting it so wrong.

    But the Kardashian who needs a makeover evenore desperately is Kris

    • Oh. says:

      Exactly, she should wear colours because they would look gorgeous on her.

    • samanthalous says:

      I agree Dolce does sexy for curves but her curves are so insane that she should stick with muted colors.

    • Dawn says:

      Why should they dress her? Who is she anyway? She hasn’t a talent in the world and she makes everything she wears look cheap and trashy. In my mind she ruins every brand she wears and I think lots of people agree with me that the fast way to ruin your brand is to see Kim Kartrashian wearing it.

    • RussianBlue says:

      Omg you are SO RIGHT!!!! I’ve never even considered that because she never wears stuff like that, but that would really look great! That’s such a clear example of not every trend is for every person. If Kim (or kanye) we’re true fashionistas, they would start their OWN trends using what works for her, not force her into a mold.

  14. Bonitamamacita says:

    I wish Kanye would buy her a decent bra while he’s on it.

  15. Delta Juliet says:

    I can’t imagine my husband being up all night, organizing my annual wardrobe…….

  16. maeliz says:

    Her and Kanye redoing her wardrobe sounds like he’s in charge. So many midriffs and turtlenecks and awful lace up shoes. She needs a new stylist. She must be jealous of how good her younger sister looks and is doing

    • minx says:

      Well, that’s what I think. Kim is jealous that Kendall is tall, slender, younger and not married to a closeted guy.

  17. Hope says:

    When has Kim ever been that tall or slender? Seriously looks like they took a model with a similar skin tone and photoshopped her head on.

    • Jessica Fletcher says:

      Agree about the photoshopping, she is just not that slender. I don’t think the skin tone is similar AT ALL, though. I think she’s been painted to look like she’s black, which is unbelievable.

      • littlestar says:

        She used to be slender though, before all of the injections she did. Look at the old pictures of her out there. She used to be such a natural beauty. She’s beautiful now some of the time, but in such an over the top plastic, manufactured way. If she is jealous of her younger sister, she only has herself to blame.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      Thanks, ladies, regarding the header photo. I thought it was just me and my bad eyesight, and started thinking I shouldve gone to SpecSavers… She looks horrible in that pic.

      Does she ever wear any clothes from her “own” line? I’ve only cottoned on to her since coming on here, but I’ve noticed on a website I subscribe to that they often have KK garments at greatly reduced prices. I’ve not seen any commentary on her wearing stuff from the KK Kollection, so was just wondering.

      I can’t stand any of this narcissistic, vapid, famewhoring mob.

  18. MonicaQ says:

    Oh Kim, you just mad that she’s a model doin model things and you’re still considered one of the most over exposed people ever and loathed. Which speaking of loathe, no Justin Beiber around aside from him fake buying a plane and falling on his face. It’s been nice.

  19. Gabrielle says:

    I’m sorry but I love this show.

  20. snowflake says:

    kim is screwed imo. curvy has been in so long and she capitalized on that with her breast and butt implants. but it always swings back the other every so often. i see skinny coming back into style and kendall’s perfect for that. she’s gonna take kim’s spot. with kim’s marriage and baby, she’s not seen as quite as desirable to men. despite her best efforts to portray a milf image. hence, the posing naked. her star’s falling and she’s trying to revive it. I hope Kendall blows up bigger than Kim, it serves kim right using and marrying people to climb the social ladder. kris humphries said it best,, when he said no one will know who she is in a few years. when you have a career based on sex and looks, you have an expiration date.

  21. Kim1 says:

    She needs to use the stylist she had before she got with Kanye.She hasn’t always looked like a hot mess.

  22. Paloma says:

    Kim leads such a vapid existence; selfies, picking out clothes — how can she stand herself? Does she ever pick up a good book?

  23. Carrie says:

    And her Dad’s name and Ray J’s di*k bought her hers. Circle of life.

    • Dawn says:

      No one outside of California knew her Robert Kardashian was until O.J. drove over to his house going thirty miles an hour. Her father was a sucessful lawyer but he wasn’t all that. If he was do you really think Kris would have left him for Bruce? I don’t think so. Kim is only famous because she and Ray J made a sex tape and her mother was quick enough to edit it and re-release it making it a porn tape. She has those two people to thank for EVERYTHING she has today.

      • Carrie says:

        Of course no one knew who her dad was prior to OJ, but she didn’t become famous until after that, remember? I can’t speak for everyone but the first time I heard her name, I knew who her dad was.

      • Kori says:

        It was her dad who brought her into the orbit of the Hilton’s, etc. Kris was good at exploiting those connections and expanding them through her marriage to Bruce. It’s funny how incestuous those circles are. Kendall is running around with Gigi Haddid whose mother Yolanda is married to David Foster, former stepfather of Kendall’s half brothers Brody and Brandon.

      • word says:

        If Kim’s father was not such a rich lawyer, she wouldn’t have lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills and went to school with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, as well as some of the Jackson kids. Kim is a huge butt kisser. She used her connections and especially used Paris and clung to her like super glue the minute Paris became famous. If Kim’s dad was not rich and they didn’t live in Beverly Hills, I bet Kim would be some girl who worked at the mall and dropped out of community college (actually she really did drop out of community college…she was studying to be a massage therapist but dropped out).

        When it comes down to it. Kim does not want any of her family members to be richer, more famous, or prettier than her. Kendall is her biggest threat. Kim also wants to remain her mom’s favorite (probably why she won’t move out of her mom’s house !).

  24. kri says:

    Is this the first time she ha spoken some truth?! I can’t believe how ..aware..she was when she said that. Almost as if she knows what is really going on…..hmmm. No, impossible!! The Blow Up Barbie has testified.

  25. scout says:

    WHOA!! What a bitch sister to have. True colors are coming out. Jealous much, Kim?
    Kendall may have gotten easier access get in the industry because of her association with K’s but to make it as supermodel, she has the body and discipline to boot, has father’s blood. Take it easy Kimmy, just enjoy your big booty.

  26. word says:

    They needed to make this next season of KUWTK (which I believe is premiering this month) a really good one as they desperately need the ratings. I expect there to be a lot of “shock and awe” in this season. Otherwise, their contract is up and it may not get renewed after this year. I believe nothing this family does or says is genuine…it’s all for the cameras. Though I do believe Kim thinks her family should kiss her butt at all times as she believes she made them all rich and famous. What Kim needs to realize is their reality show would have tanked had it not been for the personality of the rest of her family. We all know Kim is pretty boring on her own.

  27. me says:

    So with a whole new 2015 wardrobe I’m expecting A LOT of pap strolls from Kim.

    I’m also expecting a new “charity Ebay” auction selling off her “out of style” clothes from 2014…lol who would buy that sh*t?

  28. MJ says:

    Well at least now there is definitive proof about who is responsible for her hideous, ill-fitting outfits. She really does fancy herself a fashion icon, doesn’t she? Hahahahaha. The delusion runs deep. Her and Kanye’s “relationship” is pathetic. She is nothing but a big-bummed Barbie doll to him. What empty lives they lead.

    Oh, and Kim, Kendall is actually a LEGIT model. At the very least she’s a better model than you’ve ever been or ever will be. You look like crap in clothes:

  29. Dirty Martini says:

    Will somebody please stick one of Rob’s socks in her mouth and shut her up?

    She’s famous for being peed on and her mother’s twisted promotion of same. No, Kendall wouldn’t have much of a career without the notoriety of her sisters trashy porn and the residual famewhoring that catapulted the whole family into a universal laughingstock–they get paid outrageous money so we can all make fun of them. What a world.

    And now that one of the younger sisters has actually used that to jump off into what might be a legitimate career….Kim is green eyed slimey jealous as all get out. Sister is younger, in the fashion world doing legitimate work and no one has pictures of her with urine splashes.

    Yet. Keep it up, Kendall.

  30. me says:

    I have a strong suspicion that Kanye is the one paying for Kim’s clothes and that’s why he is the one who picks what she wears. Kim is known for being cheap and tries to get discounts at designer stores all the time. Most celebs get discounts though.

    Also, has anyone seen the rant Charlie Sheen did about Kim this morning? OMG !

  31. Jay says:

    Hypocrite. If she can claim she got where she did with “hard work” (ha!) then her sister can.

  32. G says:

    Paris Hilton bought her career and isn’t even related!

  33. Denise says:

    Why is Katie Grand so up this family’s ass with her magazine? I mean, I know she and her entire staff would fit in Kim’s ass, but it’s still no reason to go up there.

  34. bdaysprinkles says:

    Greater jealousy has never been seen. You can hear her seething through that comment about what she wish she were. And if the rumors are to be believed, Kendall had to do some ‘favors’ to get where she’s at (as many models do)…so not sure if Kim’s ‘buying her a career’ is entirely accurate.