Jennifer Aniston was just slammed by her ex-boyfriend’s widow, ouch


Remember about a month ago, when Angelina Jolie had a really terrible week? The Sony Hack blew up and everyone found out that Scott Rudin called her a minimally talented spoiled brat. Angelina got chicken pox, and Unbroken was majorly snubbed at the Golden Globes? Angelina weathered that storm because this too shall pass. And now it’s time to pass on that message to Jennifer Aniston, because she’s having a bad week. She lost the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Her Globes dress was boring. Her Cake premiere dress was awful. And today, she’s going to have the sinking realization that she spent easily more than a million dollars trying to score an Oscar nomination and she failed miserably.

And now this: remember how Jennifer Aniston mentioned her first great love in her NYT interview? The guy passed away in 2007, and some people were uncomfortable with the way Aniston spoke about a dead man who had completely moved on and married someone else in the years that followed their breakup. They had two children together, and his wife was with him until the bitter end. And now his widow wrote a Facebook post slamming Aniston. The guy’s name was Daniel McDonald and his widow is Mujah Maraini-Melehi. Here’s what she wrote:

In light of what’s been happening around the world, this may seem like a very trivial and superficial post. This past 24 hours have been very difficult for me….. I am very upset that the media is exploiting Daniel’s memory in connection to Jennifer Aniston. What is precious shines in our hearts and should not be splayed for everyone’s consumption in the media this way.

Why now? I wonder. After decades of stardom, she is media savvy enough to know that any casual comment she makes becomes front page tabloid news. Jennifer Aniston is Jennifer Aniston, and that means that anything that she says about her love life to any journalist, even someone as reputable as New York Times’ Frank Bruni, will be later dissected and exploited.

My heart aches to see our tragedy of losing Daniel to serve the media’s hunger for sensationalism. I remember how journalists often called our home to ask Daniel for information about Jennifer, and being the gentleman that he was, he would always decline to comment on anything at all. I imagine he would be appalled to be caught up in this media circus, especially after he had found Love and built a family of his own.

His love is part of our fabric — part of me , part of Fosco, part of Ondina. Please respect our love and especially our Loss. The children lost their father. I lost my partner. I am sorry that Jennifer did not realize the treasure that was Daniel when she had the chance, long before he and I met and long before he died. It pains me to read the headlines that allude to her losing him tragically when she was not present during his long and difficult illness.

That said perhaps Daniel’s gift was to teach her how to love and appreciate Justin Theroux. I know how much Daniel cared about her, and how protective he was of her. That was part of what I loved about him. I find it very hard to believe that she may not have married Brad Pitt had Daniel and I not married months before as some unnamed “sources” declared to the Daily mail on line. After Daniel died, I reached out to her to give her back all the photographs from the time they were together. I never got an answer back from her.

Please ignore the gossip and remember what is essential; the music in Daniel’s heart lingers on in us, in his dear friends, his mother Pat, his siblings who miss him every day, his cousins, his nieces and nephews, his colleagues, his fans, his children, and me.

[From Facebook via The Daily Mail]

The Daily Mail has a few more details about Jennifer and Daniel’s relationship – it was when Jennifer was in her early 20s and living in NYC, before she moved to LA to do Friends. Daniel stayed in NYC and Jennifer quickly moved on with Tate Donovan. After Tate, she dated other dudes and then she met and married Brad Pitt. After Brad, there was Vince Vaughn, that weird British model guy (he always seemed like a rent-a-date), John Mayer, John Mayer again, random non-celebrities, and then Justin Theroux. And out of all of those guys, Jennifer chose to talk about the dead guy who left a widow and two children? So… yeah. Aniston is having a terrible day. She’s going to have to smoke so much pot to relax today.



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  1. Charlotte says:

    Yeah, this man never sold her out but she had no such qualms in her Oscar desperation. Not good, Jennifer. Not good.

    • Jayna says:

      Bingo. Bingo. Bingo. She went on to be engaged to Tate Donovan, marry Brad Pitt, on and on.

      “He would have been the one. But I was 25, and I was stupid. He must have sent me Justin to make up for it all.” Seriously, Jennifer?

      The narcissistic comment how he brought her Justin, just WOW. The man was leaving his devoted wife and two children he adored and mother and siblings and friends, all the people in his immediate life, but she thinks he’s up in heaven worrying about bringing her a caring man.

      The insensitivity of that cavalier remark with little thought to his family who are still grieving him and always will is astounding.

      And it was all so calculating during her Oscar run interview that she used him in reference to her great love now and tied it in, oh, I had another great love who died of brain cancer but he’s looking over me.

      So disappointing, Jen. Talk about a “sensitivity chip” missing and so narcissistic. I hope she apologizes, and I hope she sends a personal private apology to this widow.

      And I thought the widow was so gracious in parts of that response towards Jennifer but so honest in her feelings on her husband being used, but stated it in a very classy and thoughtful manner. My heart breaks for her and her children and family who lost what sounds like a wonderful man.

      • Charlotte says:

        My man is an actor and drama teacher. It’s ALWAYS about him. ALL. THE. TIME. don’t get me wrong, he has many wonderful qualities, but yeah. Narcissistic tendencies galore.

        I hope now that the widow has given her quotes, they’ll let this drop and give her peace.

      • Yeah, and I find the comment that the widow made about her trying to reach out to Jennifer about some pictures of Jennifer and Daniel together–WOW. She never got back to the woman who was trying to do her a favor (and didn’t have to–she could’ve burned or SOLD those personal pictures), and then brings up this same woman’s husband when she’s in the middle of doing her best to shill for a damn Oscar?!?! Wow.

        This is exactly why I didn’t like Jennifer’s Oscar campaign. I said that I didn’t think her movie looked that good. I said I didn’t think she was a good actress AT ALL. I said that I thought it was really try hard to campaign for a movie that no one wanted. Fine, okay. Even after all of that–I can’t really hate on a woman going up against the studio system, and I admire her hustle for it.

        But as soon as she inserted herself into the convo for all of these big awards, THAT’S when she’s giving all these quotes about how sexist tabloids are, allowing questions of her ex and his wife to be asked, and bringing up her DEAD ex boyfriend who had a WIFE AND KIDS when he passed. And saying that he was the one–and yet doesn’t manage to say anything about her future THE ONE, except to say that he got her an ugly ring that she didn’t like.

        And then on top of all of that, was dismissive of her first love’s WIFE, and then brings him up! Yeah–this entire campaign has made me dislike her even more. Wow. There were/are classier ways to campaign. All I got out of her role was that she wore no make up, gained 10 pounds, and had to use a back brace to help her ACT.

      • Brittney B says:

        Hahhhh… I hate to perpetuate the Triangle, but damn. Missing a sensitivity chip INDEED. Spot-on.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Best comment and eloquently stated!

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Jayna- you hit it on the head. That comment made me hate her. What a selfish horrible thing to say. Narcissism is a disgusting thing. Anti- fan for life now.

      • Charlotte says:

        Have to keep coming back to re-read your post, Jayna, because you keep updating! Very well, I might add.

      • Aussie girl says:

        @ jayna your comment was spot on and worded perfect

      • Guesto says:

        @Janya – beautifully said.

        And that response by Mujah Maraini-Melehi is filled with the grace, eloquence and dignity that Aniston so lacks.

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        Excellent comments Jayna and Virgilia Coriolanus, you both nailed it and I agree with you as well.

    • Christin says:

      There is no excuse for what she did. As the widow’s statement so eloquently mentions, anything JA says will be dissected.

      She owes the lady an apology. A heartfelt, private apology, assuming she even understands what love and grief really are.

      • Charlotte says:

        Or what ‘private’ really is.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        I fully agree. The poor widow; what a cruel blow in their time of mourning.

        Says quite a bit about Jennifer…particularly that this good woman tried to return private photos and couldn’t be bothered to respond- much less respond with grace and gratitude and sympathy.

        I wonder how long Theroux will stick around after this?

      • elo says:

        The widow was so eloquent, much more so than Aniston would ever be. How lame of her to talk of him when he has a wife and children and is passed.

      • Kosmos says:

        I just don’t understand the relevance of stating, after all these years, that Daniel “would have been the one?” You might say something like that to a very close friend, but not publicly, especially when Daniel had gone on to marry and have a fruitful life with someone else. Add onto that his untimely death, and her statement certainly seems inconsiderate to Daniel’s wife. Personally, I think Brad was the ONE, had he not left her, and even John Mayer would have been the one, had he not been so disappointingly bad at relationships. I’m not even sure that Justin is the one. Maybe she just wants to jab at Brad a little more by saying there WAS someone in her life she would have settled down and been happy with even more than Brad?

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      I can’t really think of a thing to add to what you ladies have so eloquently expressed, except to say … uncool, Jen.

    • MG says:

      If she was specifically asked about her first love, is this really a bad thing she said?

      • Charlotte says:

        I guess it’s all a matter of opinion, but I think some reasons why so many celebitches find it distasteful have been eloquently laid out.

      • Christin says:

        She could have given a very generic response, IMO. She did not have to dredge up his illness and death, which trailed back to his lovely family.

        Dolly Parton was asked if she had any regrets in life, and instead of saying something remotely specific, she said not really. Everything she had done led her to where she is now, so why have regrets? Jen could and should have a similar, highly generic response related to her love life. She’s been in the game long enough to know how it works.

      • Green Girl says:

        @MG: I get what you’re saying. I’ll try explain my take:

        If she had simply said: “He would have been the one. But I was 25, and I was stupid” – I think it would have been OK. We all have regrets about our love life, right? But I think to say that he sent her Justin is just OTT. In the widow’s shoes, I’d be angry at JA, too. Her husband’s dead – if he’s looking over anyone in the afterlife, it should be his own family, not some woman he dated 20+ years ago.

      • I also think that by itself, it’s not a horrible comment. When I first read it, I rolled my eyes, because she’s never, ever mentioned any of her exes as “the one”. She famously said that she didn’t think that Brad was THE love of her life, but A love of her life–so I eye rolled and thought OSCAR CAMPAIGN!

        But what really gets me is that this man’s widow, with whom she publicly said she was an idiot for leaving him and that he would’ve been THE ONE for him, contacted her about personal photos, and never got back to her. That, to me, implies that she didn’t really care about this guy–not to the point about thinking about him YEARS later–if she couldn’t even get back to her. That is SO rude and disrespectful–and then to go and talk about this woman’s husband, like you were there when he died? NOPE.

      • Green Girl says:

        @VC – agreed.

      • MG says:

        @Green Girl, yes that’s true. That comment was so ridiculous about him sending her Justin. Side note…I don’t like JA, not sure why, I just don’t. Was so happy to see she didn’t get an Oscar Nom.

      • Addison says:

        I don’t think that anything that she said was wrong. Why is the widow even calling attention to this. If she says nothing then it is not an issue. If she didn’t care for the comment, she should not dignify it with a response.

        Jennifer was probably asked. That thing about Justin being sent to her, if that is true (which it is not) then he is punishing her for leaving him because I don’t see Justin as being anything special. The guy kind of creeps me out and I always wonder why she is with him).

        And who knows maybe he also regretted that they never stayed together. He married someone else and he had a great life. He probably loved his wife and family enormously but that does not mean he also could not wonder what might have been. Good for those of you who have no regrets but there are others that do. And if they do, it is their right.

        I say forget the past but if she can’t it’s sad, but I don’t think it’s wrong to answer a question honestly.

    • Scarlet says:

      I think the widow has strength and dignity to address this. Good for her. It was a despicably selfish, thoughtless thing for ja to say. Really low. Lacking in empathy for his family.

    • SnarkGirl says:

      What’s really going to be telling is how she handles this. The right thing, as many have pointed out, would be a private apology to the widow. The self-serving, narcissistic and wrong thing would be to address it publicly in an attempt to look contrite and gain sympathy.

      Any bets? I’m guessing she’ll keep it public.

    • Lovelee85 says:

      I’m so happy the wife spoke up! Sit down, Jen…and shut up!! I hope Jen feels terrible about this, exploiting a dead man to gain a sympathy vote from people, it makes me SICK! I have never commented on a Jen post before because I don’t care about her in the least..BUT this is so horrible of her.

      • Charlotte says:

        I mostly think of her as harmless fluff surrounded by some repulsive pit bull friends, but this was too far for me. She knew what she was doing. She dug this man up to hustle for her nom’ and she didn’t care about his family or friends’ feelings at all. Classless.

      • Ganger says:

        Charlotte, I was thinking the same thing! Normally I roll my eyes at JA stuff and “turn the page,” and her Oscar campaign didn’t really bug me because I never thought she’d be nominated anyway. But this comment blew me away. It is shallow, callous, desperate, and thoughtless. It really drives home how narcissistic and aggressive the Awards Circuit Campaign is.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Ding Ding Ding!

  2. Nicolette says:

    Million, schmillion. It takes a little something called talent to reseive that nomination.

    • someonestolemyname says:

      Yes, she thought she could schmooze a Nomination. Sorry but Jenn A. is just not on that Level….yet.
      You can maneuver a GG with schmoozing and hard push, but hard to maneuver a Academy Award nomination with false PR pushing and not much to back it up.

    • Maggie says:

      Please tell me that was sarcasm…

    • wolfpup says:

      Doesn’t this sound like a “sour grapes, anyway” story, meant for Brad and Angelina? Such a proud woman, Jen is proving herself; let us talk about cat-fighting!

    • Scarlet says:

      I think it’s ridiculous that she thought she was even remotely deserving of a nomination!

  3. Rose says:

    My comment has nothing to do with Jen I saw into the woods I thought Meryl was good but not Oscar good im also shocked that David O got snubbed for Selma

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Rose …

      I also don’t understand the Meryl nomination. I actually thought Emily Blunt was much better in the film than Meryl.

  4. someonestolemyname says:

    Well…great minds think alike. No Nomination for JennAnn.
    I Knew it! Called it a few days ago….Jenn was NOT going to get a nomination.
    Felicity Jones

    P.S. Feel bad for Amy Adams. Oh well. She’ll have more nominations in her future.

  5. The Original G says:

    Well, Jen can say whatever she likes and so can Daniel’s widow. Meh. Messy.

  6. Mike says:

    I love how she makes his death seem like something bad that happened to her. Yet she did not have time for him or his family when he was sick or after he was dead. I do not like Ms. Anniston and have not for some time so maybe my opinion is too harsh but this seems very much lacking in taste to drag a long time ex into an interview to seem more sympathetic. It just makes her look even more self centered and shallow

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      Agree with you x10000000000
      I never had much of an opinion about her until I started reading this site. Now, she just grates!

      • noway says:

        Isn’t that so true. Sometimes it is just better to be clueless about these people’s lives, because once the curtain comes down a lot of them and then their work seem undesirable.

        As a widow with a child myself, if an ex-girlfriend brought something like this up in such a public forum I would feel the same. I hope for his wife though this is it, and she can go back to her life without this crap being thrown in her face. I hope she doesn’t regret opening the publicity can more. I don’t say this as any shade on the wife, but I know sometimes things just seem so bad you want to scream about them as in this, and then it morphs into something you really didn’t want to happen. For her sake, I hope that is not what happens. I respect her immensely for setting her husband’s legacy straight.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        @ noway, so sorry for your loss. My mother was a young widow and if any of my father’s old girlfriends had made a statement like JA, I would have lost my sh#t. I’m so tired of this woman and her transparent manipulations of her image to the media. And people never call her out on it. To be fair, most celebrities do these things, but she is too much, imho.

      • noway says:

        When I read this it felt surreal as I am sure the whole thing seems to the wife. My husband died in 2008, and even though it has been a while and things have moved on, and mostly you don’t have the same pit feeling that I had the whole first year you still think of it everyday sometimes sad sometimes a smile. I think it is especially difficult when you have young children and death that just seems too young. Thankfully, my husband never dated any celebrities, but I know I would have said something truly spiteful, and made it worse and then regretted it. I admire her style and eloquence in her letter, and hope it doesn’t blow up as you can never tell with these things they have a life of their own.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I think that says more about the, um, intensity of the dialogue on this site regarding JA, AJ, and BP than it does about anything intrinsically wring with any of them.

        Just be sure you know what you’re drinking before you take a cup from that Kool Aid pitcher.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        @noway, watching my mother and brother grieve was harder than dealing with my own. That’s what annoys me about this article. To me, it’s more rude of her to say those things because his children have to watch their mother deal with it.

    • chaine says:

      I agree. Until i read this post on CB, I had only seen the headlines about the “lost love” and assumed he died while he and Jennifer Anniston were dating. Learning that he died literally decades later, after both had gone on and married other people, makes her comments seem like a gross grab for publicity at his family’s expense.

    • Andrea1 says:

      @Mike Exactly
      Justin Theroux knows what “Leftovers” really feel like now…. Ouch <<< that's a line from Newyork daily news
      His brother confirmed he was getting many media calls. The media has been hounding them obviously. She said she lost him tragically, he had died, implying that they were together when he
      passed. She had NEVER mentioned him in the previous twenty years since they had split. Conveniently during a PR blitz for her Oscar push, she mentions it, knowing that it will buy her another week in the tabloids…
      Well it all backfired as we can see. So glad she is been called out! She has been treated with kids glove for So long. Its about time!

      • Aussie girl says:

        So her long lost dearly departed old spouse sent her high brow Justin…? What a low move on her part to try garner up sympathy for a oscar nod. I would like to think it was some Devine intervention and he blocked her chances of a oscar nom, but we all know Jens lack of acting talent sealed the deal there. This really leaves a bad taste in my mouth and goes to show how low she would go, as in upset a whole family that loved and cared for this man, to champaign for that oscar. Really letting your true colours shine through miss jenny and it ain’t pretty at all.

      • Lady D says:

        Andrea 1, was that line really in the paper? Wow. The guy has been turned into a laughingstock compliments of his beloved (with the too big a ring) fiance.

      • Andrea1 says:

        @Lady D yes it was! I didn’t believe it myself I was like wow. Had to read that line over and over again. It was the first line in the article. Justin is a laughingstock I tell you :(

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I agree whole-heartedly. I’m getting the Lindsay Lohan “OMG! Heath meant so much to me” vibe. Really?! What part of his life were you when he passed away? Oh, that’s right – no part. He had a wife and child(ren) – an entire loving family that you were in no way a part of. The more she talks the more I see what a dumb vacuous person she is. It’s disgusting when people use others to try to look good and someone whose not even here anymore? Making a joke that he sent you Justin? Just gross. Go away Jennifer Aniston.

  7. vdubs says:

    My favorite part is when she says she reached out to J.A to give back old pics and she never responded. That totally makes J.A look like a liar. True or nah?

    • Ginger says:

      I’m wondering why she wouldn’t have responded given her remarks about him in the press. It seemed like she looked upon that relationship fondly. Why wouldn’t she want the photos? Unless of course if she is lying or using this as a pawn in her Oscar game. If so then I don’t feel badly for Jen. The remarks by his widow are both heart breaking and respectful of Jen so she would do well to respond.

      • The Original G says:

        Why wouldn’t Jen respond to the widow of “the one” whether she wanted the photos or not, or already had them?

        I don’t think Jen anticipated how her remarks would be received.

        It must be a bit tiresome for Justin to be always living in the shadow of some other husband/boyfriend?

      • She’s gonna have to, otherwise she’ll look like a total a-hole. I mean, why would the widow lie? It’s not like she brought any of this stuff up after her husband died, or even after Jennifer supposedly didn’t get back to her….she did it after Jennifer brought her family up.

      • BNA FAN says:

        JA did not respond because she did not care. JA mentioned his name and death to push her Oscar chances and to pretend Brad was not the love of her Life, DMcD was. Now all her lies are coming to the light.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        I see a frantic PR scramble in her future.

      • Aussie girl says:

        @ BNA FAN you are 100% spot on. This was a PR Oscar move.
        1) to say this poor deceased man was the love of her live, not brad.
        2) to garner sympathy because the love of her life is dead.
        3) to say that he sent her Justin again pushing the whole Brad debacle out the window.
        Shame on you Jen, these are people, a family that your using in your little game.

    • JenniferJustice says:


    • kibbles says:

      That says it all for me. I’m pretty sure her ex-boyfriend did not matter that much to her. At least she did not feel he was important enough to send a condolence card to his family, meet with his wife for old photographs, or reach out to him at all in the decades before his death. I think her ex-boyfriend was just an old love during her days in NYC before she made it big in LA, and they parted on good terms. Maybe she has fond memories from that period of her youth, but I definitely do not believe that he was the love of her life or that she thought much of him until she learned that he had died. This incident is embarrassing for JA. Her entire love life is a mess.

      • wolfpup says:

        I totally agree, Kibbles. I also believe that she should not have anything to say (at all!) about Brad, as he is the father of many children; and he loves their mother. Jen professes to love children – so – for the love of g**!

  8. Luca76 says:

    Ugh how many times have her fans gone on about how classy she is? This was the exact opposite of class.

    • someonestolemyname says:

      She was totally using the story to try and garner sympathy from the Academy and it didn’t work.

      • wolfpup says:

        And she is saying that Brad was sour grapes – take that, Angelina!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Wolfpup, who wrote: “And she is saying that Brad was sour grapes – take that, Angelina!”

        But wouldn’t Tate Donovan be the ‘sour grapes’ as he appears to be the most serious relationship Jen had after her ‘dead ex-love’? She was with Tate, just before Brad, for 3 years and they were engaged.

  9. Jaded says:

    It was an utterly tasteless and self-serving decision to talk about how much she loved him, his death and how it hurt her. She’d moved on a million miles from those days. It showed a complete lack of sensitivity to his wife and family, and I’m sure her only motivation was to put herself in some sort of sympathetic light, to show the world how sensitive and just like the rest of us she is. She’s not. She’s a cold, calculating celebrity who plays the media relentlessly.

    • Birdix says:

      It did show a complete lack of sensitivity to his family, and the widow’s note is lovely and right. But don’t you have someone in your past that got away for whatever reason that you’d be gutted from afar if they died of cancer? She shouldn’t have said it, definitely, especially to a reporter. Very thoughtless and self-serving. But I can’t fault her the feeling.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I can because I don’t beleive the feeling is even really there. She used him to appear delicate, sensitive and hurt – all Oscar campaigning. Hurt = wounded and it’s human nature to want to help the wounded. I find it calculating and beyond distasteful.

      • Jaded says:

        Hi Birdix – I was actually going to cite an experience in my post I had where I was madly in love with a man when I was in my 20s, so here goes. He was a well-known athlete in my city. When he broke off with me to go back to his high school sweetheart and got married I was gutted. A year later he died in a car crash and I was heart-broken once again. I pretty much kept my feelings private, only shared them with a couple of close friends. Oh tributes poured into the newspapers from his team-mates, friends, etc., but I kept my feelings to myself simply because I didn’t want his widow to read some maudlin, teary declaration from a woman he’d dated before he reunited with and married her. Jennifer really should have kept a respectful silence on the subject instead of turning it into a ploy to get the sympathy vote, coincidentally during her blatant Oscar campaigning.

    • FLORC says:

      Insensetive, classless, tasteless, and just a shining example of desperately wanting a nomination. You do not use the death of someone you once dated and never spoke to again to garner sympathy. You just don’t.
      This is deserved backlash.

  10. Artemis says:

    And the celebrity world is in balance again.

  11. Chinoiserie says:

    I do not think Jennifer failed miserably in her Oscar campaing.. Her film was such a small one she needed to campaing a lot for anyone to notice it and she got other nominations and good reviews.

    Anyway so glad for Marion. I love her and even tough she is an Oscar winner she dies not seem to be appriciated enough.

    • Birdix says:

      And perhaps it was part of a strategy to get more of a different kind of role. The schadenfreude is being served on toast this morning!

    • FLORC says:

      I’ve heard Marion is horrible to work with and isn’t appreciative of what she has. Her past costars have said this and a few potential costars have refused to work with her.

      And the point of this was to start associating Aniston’s name with Oscar caliber acting. It worked. She was never going to get a nomination for a film that no one wanted to back.

  12. kay says:

    Sad, because I don’t think she was lying about caring for him. The people you know before fame impact you more than during so. They love you before you become someone to the world. Sad thing is, she probably never knew he was sick or when he died, let alone that his widow was trying to contact her. So much gets lost in the world of fame. People are everywhere and everyone loves you. Without a strong spiritual sense of God with calm time to think and meditate, you probably get lost. I believe in God and love him and don’t judge others. I love people and if I were famous, I would keep a strong hold on my memories I have of people I shared love and time with. Without it… It would just be a life with money, power, luxury and pleasure… Somehow that seems so empty and sad. Sad mostly because with all that a famous person can have, surely they could make room in their hearts for others.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I think she cared about him too ,but bringing him up was in poor taste. I don’t think she’s ever brought this ex up in interviews before. She was schilling for an oscar and it was an obvious ploy to get some sympathy.

      • Aussie girl says:

        Yes why are we only hearing this story now…? When she as we all know was on a desperate awards champaign..?

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Kay, who wrote: “Sad, because I don’t think she was lying about caring for him. The people you know before fame impact you more than during so. They love you before you become someone to the world. Sad thing is, she probably never knew he was sick or when he died, let alone that his widow was trying to contact her. So much gets lost in the world of fame.”

      She mentioned that he was dead in her interview. Jen said he probably sent Justin to her (from Heaven) to make up for the fact that she was too stupid to realize a good thing (her now dead ex-love) when she had it.

  13. scout says:

    I was thinking the same about his widow, how she must feel to hear this one talking about her husband. Aniston is a terrible person, no wonder Brad ran for his life. That ex guy was happily married, have 2 children, wrote a song “True Love” about his wife, died of cancer at a young age and this fruitcake bringing his memory back to help her agenda. What a b…! She needs more than smoke, may be some Psych help or else JT is the next to run and she will replace as female Jack Nicholson, bitter and lonely in the end.

  14. Lin says:

    Good for her for speaking up. He was her husband and the father of her children and Aniston used his memory for her -failed thank God- Oscar campaign. I never liked Aniston but never expected her to do something like that for a freaking Oscar. That was low Jen, really low.

  15. wolfpup says:

    What a tasteless comment – my opinion of her is changing after that remark! In my mind, this was extremely narcissistic, and inhumane. Daniel’s widow, on the the other hand, was gracious as all hell; as violated as she was by Jennifer’s, very obnoxious statement.

  16. Paloma says:

    I get why Daniel’s wife is upset. It’s like Jen made a claim on him. Also, I think it was a passive aggressive snub to Brad.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Paloma, who wrote: “I get why Daniel’s wife is upset. It’s like Jen made a claim on him. Also, I think it was a passive aggressive snub to Brad.”

      Why would it be a snub to Brad Pitt? She was with–and engaged to–Tate Donovan for 3 years before she got together with Brad. She and Tate broke up in 1998 … just a few months before her blind date with Brad. People seem to have a blind-spot for the many men Jennifer has dated. There are actually quite a few men in her past.

    • db says:

      It may be a veiled swipe at Brad, but I feel more it’s a swipe at the gossip world.

  17. BNA FAN says:

    Oh snaps! mrs McDonalds gave it to JA good. Good for her. I like the part when Mrs McDonalds says, “I find it hard to believe that she may not have married Brad Pitt had Daniel and I not married months before…”. OH SNAPS, DOUBLE SNAPS!!

  18. Kim1 says:

    So she broke up with him in 1995.Yet she never mentions him in an interview until 2015.I can’t figure out from story if she ever even spoke to this guy again after they broke up.He died in 2007 , two years after her divorce.I really can’t understand why she brought him up.
    Now this guy’s story is featured in Star Magazine(she is on the sidebar).It is in National Enquirer.I saw it on Inside Edition yesterday.I wonder if his kids even knew he dated her.

  19. Hawkeye says:

    Maybe this was a reading comprehension fail on my part, but I was under the impression that he died while he was with Jennifer Aniston, and that’s why she was talking about him. Now that I know he died in 2007 long after they broke up and both moved on, AND that she didn’t respond to the offer to get those pictures back from the widow, I’ve further downgraded my opinion of her.

    • Lucinda says:

      I didn’t realize until just now that he died 7 years ago???? That makes it even worse. I assumed first that he had just died. Wow. Her comments were cold. Just cold.

  20. Brin says:

    Bet Anne Hathaway is relieved.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Indeed she would be. We have all rolled our eyes at oscar champagnes before but has anyone ever swooped so low..? Enlighten me if any of you can think of such a low move regarding an award champaign…?
      She has gone on my shit list and I don’t think there is anyway of redeeming herself.

      • MariPoodle says:

        I know many of you lean toward Mimosas but I think we have a new CB Festival drink named the “Oscar Champagne”. Fab!

        Recipes, anyone?

      • TotallyBiased says:

        @Maripoodle– recipe for ‘Oscar Champagne’:
        Moet Chandon White Star
        with Organic Grass-Fed/Cream on Top Milk for nominees,
        Lactaid 2% for ‘snubbees’ (AKA Oscar ‘Sham-paign’.

      • wolfpup says:

        Hahahahaha! – love it, TotallyBiased!!!

      • Erm says:

        Aniston running an Oscar champagne? Seems rather appropriate.

  21. tealily says:

    Aniston seems like a horrible person.

  22. tabasco says:

    Totally agree with all the comments saying that this move kind shows the “real” Aniston. Not very nice. What I really “like” – if you can “like” something about such a sad story re: this man’s passing – is that the widow was so eloquent. I like that she spoke up – and I really like that she did it in a way that you really can’t shade her for. She showed respect for Aniston’s WAY OLD relationship with Daniel – which she did not have to do – she didn’t resort to calling names or being b*tchy – she made Aniston look like a real as*hole, by calling out what JA did there (using an ex to further her campaign) and by doing so in a classy way. It leaves JA with no way out – she can’t call out the widow – she’d look like a major b*tch – and she can’t say “oh, what I meant was blah blah blah” without playing into exactly what the widow is saying – that this man and his passing is NOT for your publicity fodder.

    • noway says:

      Tarsha I see your point, but cunning and manipulative implies intelligence of some sort. I just think there is at least a 50% chance that she is as dumb as a bag of dirt, and didn’t see the consequences to her out of left field love declaration. I do feel like it was her Oscar push people who thought of this to give her more depth. Seems like a PR idea not well thought out to me. She should ask for a refund.

      • MariPoodle says:

        I respect you for your charitable thought. It’s the most benign of all possible reasons she brought any of this up. Even then it’s still ghastly.

  23. Dante says:

    I get that celebrities are self involved but why would you do this to someone? She had to know the tabloids would research this story and name this guy. Now his widow is being hassled by the media. Sad thing is, Jennifer Aniston has a team that will handle any negative publicity that needs to be dealt with, but his widow doesn’t have that and is left venting on Facebook. I was reading about this on Jezebel and the posters were attacking his widow. How deluded must you be to attack the woman he married and had a family with because you don’t want “poor Jen” to be criticized?

    • Dante says:

      Jesus, seriously, what do they get out of it? That is so messed up. I didn’t know anything about this Heidi chick, off to Google.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Remember how they attacked Heidi Bivens, saying it was ‘her’ fault Justin Theroux left her for Jen and that she was stupid for staying with a man who wouldn’t marry her?

  24. Evyn says:

    Heidi, it’s your turn. Get her,girl! Get her!

  25. littlemissnaughty says:

    Oh yikes, people really love to hate her. I understand where the widow is coming from. Her husband never said a word about Aniston and here she is, talking about him after he died, making it about her – seemingly. It’s not her best move.

    Only, was her comment really that bad? The way people are commenting here, you’d think she screamed “He never really loved you he was MINE!” She didn’t have to talk about him, no. Especially knowing about his family. But saying he would’ve been the one doesn’t imply he felt the same way. It doesn’t diminish his marriage, it just makes her look stupid.

    She’s reminiscing and whether that’s to further her agenda or just because she was asked the question I don’t know. But that facebook post reads as if she drove over a child’s hamster just to make the kid cry.

    • Alex says:

      Thank you!

    • Esmom says:

      I agree. Context is being overlooked. She was musing and reminiscing and reflecting on the important people in her life, past and present, as many people do. It’s just unfortunate she didn’t have the foresight to remember that nothing she says will be taken lightly and that everything she says is put under a microscope and that collateral damage is a possibility whenever she mentions anyone.

      • Evyn says:

        I disagree. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knows that everything that comes out of her mouth regarding relationships is going to be reprinted 50 times over.
        As far as the “context” goes, she wasn’t even asked about her boyfriends. If you read the article, the conversation went from discussing the movie to her all of a sudden talking about Justin and then her ex. The writer even made of point to write, “Before I could ask…”
        She knew the media would pick up on this and run with it, just like her “no fuel to the fire” comment.
        Jen plays the game better than anyone, but she should never had brought that man and his family into her bs, period.

      • noway says:

        I think we have to start admitting that some of these celebrities that we put on pedestals are just not that smart. Should she have known that this would get out there like this? Sure a person in her position of average intelligence would have seen this coming, but maybe that isn’t her. I wonder with Anniston maybe the pot has deteriorated her few remaining brain cells. Honestly, her Oscar campaign seemed poorly executed to begin with- without this mess, and if she paid a mil. to an Oscar campaign expert that doesn’t seem like a wise move. Think of it logically ,even a lot of the Oscar winning actresses have trouble getting work. Seems like a poor investment to me. I think in addition to lacking sensitivity to others, she may also be lacking intelligence.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Noway is right. I posted earlier, she’s dumb.

      • Erm says:

        Musing and reminiscing is fine though it would probably have been classier to keep it to herself, both for his family’s sake and also for Justin’s sake. I do think adding the part about him sending Justin to her was a really dumb and unnecessary thing to say. Agree that it wasn’t malicious or even a grab at attention, I think she’s just self-centred and had a dumbass moment.

      • snowflake says:

        I agree. much ado about nothing

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t think she was deliberately malicious and the comments on their own are innocuous had they been made in a private conversation; I think she just didn’t think through the comments and what the comments would mean to other people. She was thoughtless at a time where she had to know that someone would run with comments about this mysterious love of her past who is now dead.

    • Lexie says:

      You have a point. If she had stopped at saying the man would have been the one, it would have been fine.

      But then she took it a step further and attributed her current engagement to DmcD. Not a good move. Not a smart move. In fact, knowing that he was deceased and also probably aware of his family life before his death, just a rude move. Imagine being the widow and knowing that thousands of people now will associate her husband’s name as “JA’s one-who-got-away”.

      At best it was a really dumb move on JA’s part. At worst, it was a calculated attempt to exploit a dead man for an awards nomination.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Littlemissnaughtly, who wrote: “She didn’t have to talk about him, no. Especially knowing about his family. But saying he would’ve been the one doesn’t imply he felt the same way.”

      Perhaps not, but saying “He must have sent Justin to me to make up for it” certainly does.

  26. tabasco says:

    p.s. I also feel like this move re: the ex really proves the point about Aniston intentionally playing the victim card for various purposes. i feel like this extra proves it b/c this one had nothing to do with the uncool triangle, but it was the same move in tenor.

    it’s a bad week for her, sure, but i wonder if the events of this bad week solidify her lower tier status, rather than solidifying a higher tier status for her. i mean, who knows, the world spins fast, but i feel there’s a chance that, at the end of the day, the narrative of all of this winds up as not “oh, JA is to be taken seriously as drama actress now”, but “JA got sorta kinda taken seriously as a drama actress for five seconds – but only because she *bought* it – and it still didn’t work!”

    i happened to catch some part of the Globes where Seacrest or somebody was talking with her about a comment she made to the effect that you have to do “dark” work to be taken seriously and she said something like “it seems like you have to do ‘dark’ in order to get that reaction you want – - – - that’s all I’ll say” – - something about the terse tone and the hesitation and “that’s all I’ll say” gave me the impression that what she REALLY wanted to say was people like, oh say Jolie, get more “serious” attention b/c there’s always wallowing in the muck of sad stories.

    And then that shtick with Cumberbatch – - she came off as b*tchy and annoyed, and not in a funny way.

    • wolfpup says:

      Jen threw herself into acting after the demise of her relationship with Brad…maybe trying to show up Angie, a little bit? Angie’s winning this competition IMO. *The past is over* – come into the NOW, Jen – show some ovarious! We all have growing pains, but this is over the top! Maybe she shows her heart, only on a movie screen. Needing Chelsea Handler to bash Angie, for her, is so utterly boring and childish at this point. Chelsea needs to show some maturity on her part as well, or she’ll be seen as ridiculous, as well.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Wolfpup …

        I don’t think anyone is going to take the bait.

        What do you think about Bradley Cooper being nominated? I don’t think he was on anyone’s ‘Top 5′ list. I personally think he’s a wonderful, underrated actor. :)

      • wolfpup says:

        I am not attempting to set leg-traps,but I do love conversation.

        Bradley? – I don’t know, but I’m sure that he is an interesting actor, and will try to see his film. Oscar night will be fun,

  27. db says:

    Yeah. I give the side-eye to the whole thing. The widow seems media savvy enough herself to know that her post on FB about JA is going to blow up. Not feeling either of them right now.

    • Amcn says:

      She was probably really pissed and it was her only medium. Doesn’t she have a right to say something? Why should her husband’s memory be used like that. She said it eloquently and made her point while keeping dignity.

      • db says:

        Of course she has the right to comment.

        I’m not feeling the whole 15-minutes-of-fame, put everything on blast culture today, sorry.

        Saying you had a true love you were too young and stupid to appreciate at the time is one thing. Saying it in a NYT interview is in questionable taste. So is getting in some grubby shade throwing on FB. The DM and media feast on this kind of “fight” so why give them more to chew on?

        That’s how I feel. So sue me.

    • Toot says:

      The wife is completely in the right.

      Jennifer had no sane reason to mention her husband. She’s being hounded now because of Jen, so I don’t blame her for responding.

      • And I think what’s worse is that she was dismissive to the widow when she tried to contact her AFTER her husband died about the pictures. I think it’s safe to say that the widow probably would not have said anything about it, if Jennifer had been gracious and responded to her when she tried to contact her.

        But it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to hear someone talk about how the love of their life died, how she always regretted being young and stupid and ending the relationship, when it comes out that she was dismissive toward his wife. Obviously she didn’t care too much about the relationship or any relationship that he formed AFTER they broke up to even respond to the woman–right after “the first love of her life” DIED. That is sooo disrespectful to me.

    • Little Darling says:

      I kind of feel the same way. I’m not a JA apologist by any means at all, I kind of just don’t care about her either way.

      However, I think preserving Daniels memory would not be posting a big statement like that via Facebook. Everyone who knows her and knew Daniel would have known everything she said already. It’s almost like she sold them out too.

    • noway says:

      I think as she has kids once she saw her husband’s story splayed over the tabloids she thought she had to respond. I hope this is the end for her though and Anniston, as I fear she may have bitten off more than she meant to.

      • db says:

        I hope she declines to comment further on this subject. Maraini-Melehi felt she had to make a statement, and did so eloquently, full stop. To me, silence from here on is more powerful than words.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      If, Heaven forbid, my husband died and of brain cancer no less, and I heard that some chick was talking like his death was her great loss and he was the one that got away, I would be mad too. He was nothing to her when they were together or she would have worked something out. He was nothing to her when he passed. She didn’t call his widow back to get the photos or even give her condolences. She brought him up in an an interview in an attempt to push her agenda. If somebody used my dead husband for that, I would take a swipe too and it probably would not be nearly as eloquent or classy as this widow’s swipe.

      • db says:

        Well, I think a lot of people are reading into it too. The widow actually addresses the media coverage of the comment, more than the comment itself.

        I don’t know JA’s history well, so never heard of McDonald before the Times piece. However, his widow mentions he never responded to questions from journos about her, even though they called their home often. So their connection was well known enough to field calls about it often, and he and his family dealt with it graciously and respectfully.

        I would hope JA sent her condolences when she found out he died, even if it was well after the fact.

    • Tippy says:

      Time will tell what the widow’s true agenda is.

      She seems less concerned with mitigating any damage that Jenn may have caused by anonymously referring to her deceased husband and more interested in perpetuating a public mudslinging campaign.

      We’ll find out soon enough if she decides to sell out her dead husband’s memories to the highest bidder.

      • Josephine says:

        Yikes, looks like your decision has already been made. I can see disagreeing with the widow, but the full on hate for her seems oddly placed.

    • Lucinda says:

      I don’t know….We don’t really know what kind of media crap the widow has been dealing with since the interview was published. It’s been awhile since the husband died. Maybe she felt like this renewed interest is bringing up a bunch of old hurt and loss and she’s angry. I wouldn’t blame her one bit for lashing out in one way or another. It seems to me if she was going to capitalize on the relationship with JA, that would have been done a long time ago. But it sounds like the ex and the wife had dealt with the JA connection for years and she probably thought it was done once he died. Then for JA to bring it back to the forefront…yeah that would suck big time.

  28. The Original Mia says:

    My deepest sympathies to Mujah, Daniel’s kids, friends, and family. To have to relive his illness and death because some ex of his was trying to garner sympathy votes for an Oscar is despicable, insensitive, and uncool. I hope it’s a small comfort that Jen’s campaign failed.

  29. Janet says:

    I’ve said before about Aniston and will say again, the woman has absolutely no class. Zero. Zip. Nada.

  30. Amcn says:

    Can you imagine if it was your husband, the father of your children and some banal celebrity decided to use him in their tabloid Oscar campaign? His kids have to see this on the news. their friends from school will see it. She had no right. And OF COURSE she knew reporters would dig and find out who it was, she has been in this tabloid game long enough. She knew and didn’t care probably because Oscar voting would end by then. Hopefully this is the end and his family can be left in peace now. Good for his widow to speak out. Now if Heidi does an interview it really will be the worst week of Jen’s life.

    • tabasco says:

      I suspect Heidi has been paid well for her silence, but if an interview with her did happen – - oh me, oh my!

    • Cecilia says:

      So true! Oh how those kids must be suffering knowing that their father was once Jennifer Anniston’s boyfriend. One can only imagine how they will be bullied at school because of this. How cruel of Jennifer to subject them to this shame and torment.

  31. Paige says:

    Someone is missing a sensitivity chip.

  32. Annie says:

    All I can say is that Aniston is such a USER. She used Brad for a long time to keep herself in the limelight and relevant in HW, she uses her friends to trash Angelina, and worst of all now she even used a dead person for her Oscar campaign.

  33. Lucy2 says:

    Knowing that this guy moved on, and left behind a wife and children, it was very inappropriate for her to mention him like she did. And for the media to now go digging into his life.

    • Christin says:

      It also forces his family to relive a long, undoubtedly horrible chapter of their lives. I lost a cousin and a good friend (both far too young) to long battles with brain cancer, and I feel for his family. They helped him wage that fight, not some vapid celebrity who was likely posing in a bikini as he battled on.

      • Jayna says:

        My mother died of cancer that spread to the brain. It’s horrific and caring for them is so heartbreaking and watching the horrible things that come along with cancer in the brain. He knew who was “the one” when he died, not the one after being dumped or hurt by numerous men looked back when she was in her 40s, then and only then decided he was “the one.” I highly doubt when she fell in love with and she got engaged to Tate Donovan she was thinking about the ex she left . When she fell madly in love with Brad, he was “the one.” So because seven years later Brad broke her heart and she moved through some years of other relationships that didn’t work out, then this man became “the one.” I think he was the one that won, because his wife always thought he was “the one.”

      • Christin says:

        Jayna, I am sorry for your loss. The changes and challenges of brain cancer are terrible. I would be sympathetic regardless of the man’s cause of death, because this ‘he was the one’ claim is self-serving and thoughtless. Even if she really thinks that now, she should have kept it very generic so his family’s privacy was maintained.

        I have been neutral about her, but this ruffled my feathers big time.

  34. Toot says:

    Thank you for this post Kaiser. Jennifer was very thoughtless with her statement which was no surprise. Glad the widow spoke up.

  35. TheOnlyDee says:

    I thought that woman’s (the widow) statement was great. It’s 2015, of course Aniston’s comment would spread quickly and people would try to dig up whatever they could about her ex and his family. He died almost 8 years ago, and little things like this can reopen a wound that you think is healing. I have no doubt Jennifer thought fondly about her ex, but it doesn’t seem like she kept in touch with him and the fact that she didn’t answer his widow about the pictures is telling. In my humble opinion, it would have been quite different if she had kept in touch and visited him or helped his family with the financial burden when he was dying of brain cancer. However, she was just using his memory to gush about Justin. I found it insensitive, and I usually have no problem with her and what she says in interviews.

    • Jayna says:

      Great points.

      I’ve always enjoyed most of Jen’s movies and like her. I have no Jen/Angie beef like some on here seem to have. But this transparent statement just really rubbed me the wrong way.

  36. Dee says:

    People connect in life and beyond.
    Facts are facts. Jennifer and this man had a connection.
    A significant one.
    One that clearly left a soft spot in Jennifer’s heart.
    Just because the man died, doesn’t erase his past.
    Or make him anyones property..for Gods sake.
    This widow can sing whatever tune she wants.
    In my opinion, it is she who is soaking this for publicity.

    • Yeah so significant that she never mentioned him before (except when she’s shilling for an Oscar, lol) AND she wouldn’t get back to the widow about PERSONAL pictures of her and her ex. So wow, I can’t believe anyone can defend this.

      And the widow is the one who’s having her life turned upside down because of what JENNIFER said. She didn’t brag on Facebook about how her husband used to date Jennifer Aniston 20 years ago. She didn’t say anything about Jennifer until Jennifer talked about HER husband. Wow.

      • Dee says:

        For kicks and giggles lets think about this?
        The offended widow found the pictures of her husband and Jennifer that he obviously placed value on so he kept them (in spite of his extreme and loyal and eternal bond with his wife) The wife reached out to JA to get the pics back to her following his death. Chances are that JA never knew about this gesture. Can you imagine the negative press Jennifer would have received in accepting these images? I think it is ironic that Jennifer gets bashed no matter what she does. She stepped out of this mans life and went on with her own. That is her method of operation in all of her relationships. Classy. Honest. Respectable. Now lets take a look at the widow. Surprise..Surprise…Surprise…guess who is a wanna be model with new published head shots. Who stood to gain here? Jennifer never named him, but the widow punches out a diatribe on Facebook. Who is gunning for press?
        Jen had a 5 year relationship with the man…then they drifted apart. Most likely she didnt even know he was sick. Yet the widow sends out the insult and jab that Jen was no where in sight when he was sick. The whole thing is sickening. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m not buying that Jennifer had any malicious intent. With anyone. At anytime. So carry on sister.

      • noway says:

        @Dee your reaction is what I am afraid of for the wife. As a widow with young children whose husband died around the same time, I can tell you if I saw stories about my husband being Jennifer Anniston’s “one that got away” in tabloids I probably would do something very similar, and I am not looking for publicity. It is not that I am delusional that my husband wasn’t with others, but somehow I just wouldn’t feel like his memory should be portrayed in a tabloid in that way for his children to see. I would hope someone who has been in the media as long as Jennifer would know this is what would happen.

        Also, Jennifer obviously knew he died so she must have had some tangential contact with friends at least. As my husband was quite young when he died, and I did not know all people he interacted with I occasionally still run into people who didn’t know he died. Whereas, you are willing to give Jennifer the benefit of the doubt, I wonder why not this woman who did lose a husband. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, and Jennifer too as I think she is just not very smart and didn’t see the consequences of her actions. She should have spent her million dollar Oscar campaign money on a better PR person who might have seen the consequences of her words.

      • Dee says:

        My advice to the world;
        Not everything is about YOU.

      • Lucinda says:

        Wow Dee. Noway wasn’t saying it was about her. She was just comparing her very comparable life experience to the widow. Have a heart. No need to get nasty there. I realize your advice is to the “world” but it was in direct reply to Noway. Noway–so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine.

    • Annie says:

      Well, it was Aniston who brought up the dead ex first, albeit, she did not name him. but she is media savvy and she knows that his name will crop up once she mentioned it.

      I really think everything she says during her Cake campaign has been planned rehearsed and been talked about and discussed with her PR team and her Oscar strategist, that’s why she had blurted some good quotes in some of her interviews. And I bet, this bringing up the Dead Ex was one of the strategies, and now it backfired on her. I guess, karma is a bitch, it’s probably the reason why she did not get the Oscar nod. Lol!

    • cat1 says:

      I agree this is an overreaction on the widow part while I feel her pain. The writer (bruni) said aniston was very cautious in that new york times piece and maybe she just had a moment where she let her guard down. maybe she never got the womans note or call about the pictures or was in the middle of something intense herself and couldnt * go there * . who knows? it seems a little sad for this woman to get so upset about this and put a motive onto aniston saying she should have known what the mention would do. maybe she should have known… maybe she had an off moment (talking to new york times!! ) … maybe she didnt get the email or message (which seems like what provoked this). maybe aniston isnt feeling theroux so much but wants to and is reflecting on the nice guy who * got away *. she is human after all. imperfect but human.

    • Josephine says:

      Yikes. Sometimes a grown-up has to think about what she says, and how it may affect others. Jennifer can pine away and think lovely thoughts about this guy, but her decision to make it so public was a poor one. I think had she left it at her lovely thoughts of him and her youthful bad-decision, it would be slightly different. But the business about him thinking of her and sending her Justin was kinda creepy, and that is what seems like a violation to me. The widow is the one who is hurting over his death – jennifer seems just fine.

    • CH2 says:

      yeah I agree… she goes on to say “and he would hate this media circus”… but nobody knew who he was before you responded? I feel like at worst, they’re both using this dead guy for publicity and that’s just sad. Especially since it sounds like he was very private when he was alive.

    • db says:

      The widow states clearly that journos called their home often to get a comment from her husband about his previous relationship with JA. So his connection with JA was already “out there.” While I can see why JA’s comments would be considered insensitive and tasteless, let it go. It would be sad to have his legacy — he sounds like he was an exceptional man — turned into yet another tawdry media slugfest over who loved who more. Better to take the high road — the Jolie Road, if you will — and say nothing more.

      JA bringing up McDonald was a bit odd. I mean, she’s no genius, evil or otherwise, but I kind of wonder if she named him as her one true love before Justin in the hope that would tone down some of vitriol over Brad Pitt and her label of “wronged” woman. That’s gotta get old.

      • Josephina says:

        Initially, I thought the mention of the ex was to take the focus of her and Brad’s uncoupling. The game plan could have been that if the world knew she had a greater love, then her role in the tired triangle would go away as she no longer has use for.

        She is FULLY responsible for bringing up a dead guy and informing the public that there was a great love in her life in her past that was not Brad. The problem is she HAS talked about Brad as a great love and NOW she introduces a dead guy with children and a widow as “The One.” It wouldn’t matter if he were alive or deceased, it is such a disrespectful and insensitive thing to say, given her celebrity status. People will now research, speculate and DIMINISH the wife’s life with her family… all because Aniston ran her mouth too long.

  37. Little Darling says:

    The widow is an actress and a filmmaker. Just saying she’s probably going to benefit more from this than had Jennifer not said anything, which might in turn help her provide and support for her family in a way that might not have happened previously.

  38. Bliss says:

    WOW, Jennifer really missed a sensitivity chip !

  39. DenG says:

    Ah, come on — Aniston has plenty of class. Didn’t you hear her shout at someone to “give us a ride f**ker”"?

  40. JosieJ says:

    I posted about this in a different article but I will say again, this time she sunk so low. It was so obvious too. Now she brings up this great lost love? Now?
    She used his families tragedy for her awards campaign. Imagine his wife, parents, or children now reading about her “loss”
    I am so glad she is getting called out but expect most of the media to cover for her. They always do for America’s sweetheart.

  41. Angie says:

    Not a Jen hater but I completely understand Mujah Maraini-Melehi’s POV. The man had a wife and children. He had a very FULL life after Jen. It’s like JA was completely dismissive of that.

    To be clear, I don’t take issue with her looking back wistfully on a relationship that might have gone a different direction if she’d been older and made other choices. I don’t even care about her talking about his death. Even though they had not seen one another in quite awhile I believe it’s possible he had a special place in her heart. I have people like that in my past too. What bothered me was her flat out saying “He would have been ‘The One’”.
    I think that’s pretty disrespectful to Mujah and her children with Daniel.

  42. Aysla says:

    Yeah… I like her well enough, but she had that coming. The whole dead boyfriend bit really seeked to come out nowhere, with absolutely no prompting. It was very obviously out of some playbook to garner her “points” for her Oscar compaign. It’s disappointing and she should have known better.

  43. Janet says:

    Aside from Angelina’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week, I’d say she had a very good year overall. She starred in a movie that made three-quarters of a BILLION dollars, she married the love of her life, she was honored by the Queen of England, she had a private audience with the Pope, and she directed a movie which was #1 at the box office on opening day and has made $116 million in less than three weeks. Not too bad at all.

    In contrast, Aniston’s “Horrible Bosses 2″ got godawful reviews, “Life of Crime” was an unmitigated disaster, “She’s Funny That Way” still doesn’t have a distributor, and her tacky Oscar campaign for “Cake” blew up in her face.

    If I was Jen I’d pack it in and go back to TV.

    • kendra says:

      Amen.10000 I could not have said this better. It’s funny Jennifer spent over a million dollars to get zero Oscar nom . Now that is KARMA.

      • GoOnGirl! says:

        Do we know for sure how much Jen spent?

      • Janet says:

        GoOnGirl, we know Lisa Taback charges $2 mil for an Oscar nom and $3 mil for a win. I don’t know if the $2 mil is non-refundable in case there is no nom. If it’s not, then Aniston is out $2 mil with nothing to show for it.

  44. CH2 says:

    oh please… If she was so traumatized by this why would she come out of anonymity? Clearly she was wanting to say “hey, I’m the widow she’s talking about… look at me, Jennifer Aniston wants my husband”… C’mon. If anything, I would be pleased to know that my husband touched someone so deeply that they remember them years later.

    • CH2 says:

      um… yeah… really. I would have said “I’m glad my husband touched you the way he touched me… He was a special man”… I guess I’m not insecure about my relationship with my husband to be threatened by anyone’s comments.

    • CH2 says:

      Man you’re the one taking this personally and going into hysterics. I’m being super logical about this. I don’t know either of these people and don’t feel the need to protect one over the other. I honestly just feel I would be proud to hear my husband touched someone so profoundly. I didn’t even know JA was nominated for anything. I don’t keep up with that crap so maybe that’s why I assumed she was sincerely saying “man he was a catch, I wish I had not let him go”. Why is that so wrong?

      In fact, I speak from personal experience. I had an ex of my husband tell me that she made a mistake letting him go. I was proud that someone else realized he was so special… I guess I’m just not getting the outrage here or I’m missing something…?

      • Vampi says:

        I too have been told, and one actually told my hubby that I am “The one that got away”….
        Don’t get me wromg, it was very flattering. But what is the point? Really….what is the point of saying that? Who does that benefit? made me feel good…and perhaps made hubby glad he “caught” me????
        I dunno.
        All I know is that if my hubby’s EX from 20 years ago came out in the press and said that after he died he “sent” someone to be with me, I would lose my shit. 20 years and you just HAPPEN to be wanting an Oscar, and want people to feel sorry for you because…..
        You know…
        That is your THING!
        That is ALL you have!
        “Look how I’ve suffered!”
        “Poor me! Brad left my skin
        and hair! How could he?”
        “I’m a serious actress y’all!”
        “My dead ex ( from 20+ years ago!) sent me my new love cuz I’m so unforgettable!”
        “Let them eat cake!”
        “I mean WATCH Cake!”
        “I had a pet that died once! I feel things you guys!”
        “did I mention that I have suffered because I’m not taken seriously?”
        “seriously you guys! I’m super DEEP! I feel things you guys!!!”
        I just can’t with this beyotch any longer.
        Transparent is thy name Jen. You turned a real fan of yours into someone who cannot stand seeing your face now. You suck! Full stop. Bye.

      • kendra says:

        That’s the point, the ex of your husband told you and not the world. Jennifer should not have used this woman’s grief as part of her Oscars game.

      • Janet says:

        Vampi, I want to print that out and frame it. That was CLASSIC.

    • vauvert says:

      Really? You would want an ex girlfriend that had long moved on to make your dead husband and father of your children a prop for her self promotion, conveniently ignoring that hello, he had moved on to a whole other life after their breakup and they nothing in common other than memories at the time of his death?
      She is setting the record straight. For over 20 years JA never mentioned this fabulous love but all of a sudden in the middle of a campaign she brings up a man who is dead and cannot speak for himself, who had a relationship with her in her twenties and who went on to get married, have a family, and die way too young from a tragic illness. Not only did she never reach out to this grand love throughout time, she did not acknowledge the wonderful gesture the widow made trying to return private pics after his passing. You know what she could have done IF she had wanted publicity or cash (as some insensitive JA supporters suggested above)? She could have sold the damn things and a sob story to the media when it happened.
      I applaud her for standing up for herself and setting the record straight. If her husband is arranging things in heaven I am sure he is keeping watch over his family, not introducing vonBrow to Miss $10,000 hairdo.

    • cat1 says:

      I agree. then to address the comment apparently by an insider saying she would not have married pitt. just let it go… I know you are sad and had a hard time but is this really worth delving into? can you not give her the benefit of the doubt? maybe throw in the thing about the photos (it is possible she didnt get the email or the message or whatever…?) … that could be your zinger but to assume so much else is really low brow – to assume aniston did this on purpose. I think she (JA) just is feeling she messed up the relationship thing and because bruni (times writer) thought she was so guarded she let her guard down for a moment… and mentioned this. then look what happened! but this lady who everyone is sympathizing with really went overboard in my opinion. She could have just said as CH2 said, I am glad he touched her. He was a very special person. I am surprised at all this interest. He kept all his photos of the two of them.. hey jen, do you want them? I tried to reach out and never heard from you. (!)

      • Josephina says:

        Um… that would be coddling Jennifer.

        AND she does not relate to that way of thinking because she is not a Jenhen.

    • Little Darling says:

      Can I say I’m both saddened for the widow to have lost the love of her life, and that I also think her reply was a bit opportunistic? I definitely wonder if she would have spoken out if she wasn’t an actress and a filmmaker?

      What JA said had nothing to do with the family he made, it had to do with her being an asshat and not realizing what a good guy looked like.

      The most idiotic comments she made in my
      Opinion were bringing God into it and saying Daniel gave her Justin. Those comments made me want to hard shake her.

      But lamenting over a love by one of the best men you knew that you were too idiotic to keep…yeah, I can get that. Even if the guy moved on a married someone else and had a family.

      • Jayna says:

        Yeah, lamenting after Brad Pitt dumped her. If Brad had not left her, she never would have decided Daniel was “the one.” It’s like Daniel won by default, after Jennifer went through a rash of failed romances and hit 40. There was just no need to mention this in her Oscar chasing article, an article it appears, though, where she’s trying to seem deeper and more complex as she’s campaigning for the Oscar, and not use Brad as the narrative. Here comes the tragic death many years ago of an ex-boyfriend of 20 years ago who was “the one” she has decided (who left a widow and children), but he made up for it by bringing her Justin.

        Oh, my. It almost makes me laugh. It reminds me of a friend of mind, whose wife had an affair on him. She married the affair, who left his wife also. Cut to over a decade later and they are divorcing and she is trying to get her first husband back, who is married by the way. She couldn’t care less that he’s married with a child. She said she made a mistake now that her marriage is over and she’s lonely. LOL

        The next example. My friend met and married a divorced father of two, whose wife had had an affair and fell madly in love and left him for the man. For 10 years she was with her lover, crazy about him, they married and divorced. Then she fell in love with another man, who left her after some years My friend’s husband adores her and has no feelings for his ex-wife other than as the mother of his children. But the ex, hitting an age and feeling alone, starts calling her ex, saying she never should have left him and wants him back. LOL He thought it was funny, like he would ever leave the wife he was so crazy about now. But he said, as usual, it’s all about the ex, and because her relationships didn’t work out, now he doesn’t look so bad.

      • nan says:

        I don’t know if I would call it opportunistic but I think it’s in bad taste. She should’ve just let the thing go. She’s not famous and her kids are not famous. It sucks, but that’s how the fame deal works — people (in general) really only care about the famous people in any given situation. I’ve been elbowed hard in the ribs by people trying to get to someone famous next to me (whom I had every right to stand next to, ahem) — that’s just how it goes. Yeah it hurts and you can complain all you want but trying to go after Jennifer Anniston publicly like that is just tilting at windmills, imho. I’m sorry Jennifer didn’t reach out to her — she seems like she would’ve if she’d been aware of it.

      • daughterofjean says:


    • Kim1 says:

      The Daily Mail identified the boyfriend.his wife and kids the next day after Aniston’s article came out.They showed pictures of the family .If this woman was a famewhore she could have done a paid interview with Inside Edition or some tabloid.She expressed her thoughts on Facebook for free .
      Now Aniston fans are vilifying this woman making Aniston the victim
      Long last “Poor Jen”

      • norah says:

        when someone has done countless interviews and has been in the biz for years and years jennifer didnt need to talk abt this great love before brad as she has never mentioned him before. why now? why in the middle of this oscar season did they talk abt this guy who moved on from jennifer and made alife till his death 8 years ago. why talk abt him at all? timing sucks and it is rather odd to mention the guy

  45. Penelope says:

    So glad JA’s pathetic, disgraceful pandering was disregarded when it came time to actually vote for the noms. The widow’s message was far more classy and gracious than Jennifer deserved.

  46. The Original G says:

    I just think that this demonstrates that Jen doesn’t do well outside of an extremely limited format of conversational topics and products. She has, has in my opinion wisely stuck to what has made her mega famous and wealthy. Rachel, hair and water.

    She’s had a great career. I think she’s being pushed into stretching herself beyond her strengths, though here. Her lack of an Oscar nom puts Cake direct to video.

  47. Dirty Martini says:

    I don’t think this was intentionally thought out on JA’s part. I think it was a move that was thoughtless with the singular motivation of what JA does best–her self interests.

    That said–because she was thoughtless she was unintentionally cruel and she is now being called on the carpet for it. SHe really does just need to a) go away, far away from the spotlight (that means no Cabo vacays within the photographers lens’ either sweetie) to get her bad taste out of everyones mouths……and b) do a complete mea culpa of apology that isn’t accompanied by explanation , excuses or “I didn’t mean…..” Look to your friend Reese’s handling of her post arrest for a hint or two for how to execute b).

  48. Nephelim says:

    Jennifer ´s dream : winning the oscar using a “walk to remenber” situation…
    reality :
    a walk of shame…

  49. too soon says:

    Yeah, well give Jen time it’s been just over 20 years since she broke up with the dead boyfriend, who caused her so much pain by moving on AND marrying someone else AND having kids with her- it’s REALLY HARD, guys! Paloma- I can see the Brad diss- A BIT- but Jen dissed him worse while they were together (Brad was not the love of her life, she liked it when he was away, etc.), so this is pretty. How dare the wife of the dead boyfriend “add fuel to the fire (that Jen started!)”.

  50. Dr.Funkenstein says:

    It’s been said a dozen times here already, but all I can say is I’d be spitting mad if somebody pulled this on me — especially if I’d lost my spouse the way this poor woman did. I don’t care how some might try to spin this — this is about narcissism, pure and simple. Ms. Aniston thinks the sun rises and sets upon her and that anything she feels is reasonable to say is something we all ought to stop and ponder. Making a statement of this kind implies ownership of the guy despite the fact that the were in their 20′s when they dated and he had long since moved on, married, had children, suffered a fatal illness, and died. So what if she had a fond memory of the guy (assuming that’s true)? That gave her no right to drag his widow and children into her little circus, at the same time implying that he was “the one that got away,” diminishing the importance of the relationship he had with his actual wife in the process. If it was me, I would book a flight to wherever I thought I could find her and punch her right in the mouth. It would be worth the weekend in jail.

  51. michele says:

    There’s no sweet in this sweetheart at all. What a user. This widow reached out to JA and JA didn’t give two shizzes. She used this man’s death for her own end. She’s the big B everyone rumors her to be in Hollywood. This is why she’s single.

  52. Dee says:

    You must have had a charmed life, with such a wonderful lady.

  53. fan of angie says:

    Daniel could not have loved that hag very much if he gifted her with Justin!

    • Janet says:

      Now, now… *wags finger*

      Hee hee hee! :lol:

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Burn! I kept staring at his GG pics and trying to figure out who he reminds me of, then it hit me…Count Chocula (or the Count from Sesame St., like a weird combo of the two?!). He’s just so plastic yet vampiric/creepy. I wish she wouldn’t fawn over him so, and I do feel a bit sorry for the widow though she’s only gone and turned it into more of a circus.

      I think Jennifer was probably thinking what we all sometimes think about the nice boyfriends we ditched (not the husbands who left us for other women or other guys who broke our hearts). It’s natural to have rose tinted glasses about relationships that didn’t hurt us – she really should have thought before she started jabbering about it like a beneficent stoned hippie love goddsess and embarrassed the poor guy’s widow though. Was she calculating it as a risk that she thought would make her seem more sympathetic? Is she that dumb? Who knows.

  54. lisa2 says:

    I don’t think that there is anything wrong with remembering someone that mattered to you. I think the problems is the context in which she talked about him and the timing. She and anyone in her position knows that if she mentions or alludes to some “great love” that the media would not be on it. Especially since she has never ever mentioned this man in countless interviews. I think it is sad that her fans are attacking his wife for not appreciating it and saying she should get over it or that she is using Aniston for attention.

    This was not a smart move and it was disrespectful of his family.

  55. daughterofjean says:

    I think the wife is over reacting myself and agree with some of the comments regarding her an opportunity for herself. What’s wrong with saying you let a good one get away? I’ve let a few good ones get away myself. They are now happily married and so am I. Relationships, a lot of the time, are about timing and your level of maturity or where your head was at. I see nothing offensive. Isn’t there enough hate in the world right now? This is petty imo.

    • mea says:

      There’s nothing wrong with ‘saying you let a good one get away’ but bringing back his death to this story is totally wrong. JA acted like his death was her loss, never mentioning that they hadn’t been together for over a decade when he died. It was his widow and children who suffered and still suffer because of his death. JA knew what she was doing (gaining sympathy votes), she just underestimated the widow’s reaction. I find JA behaviour disgusting and feel sorry for the man’s family.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Yeah, using someone else’s tragedy is the real tacky move here, She went a step too far, she is just obviously in her own little bubble and it didn’t even occur to her how this would affect the guy’s wife.

        That said, I doubt many people (other than the diehard haters) really give a crap about Gwyneth voicing similar thoughts about her decades over ex Brad as some sort of one who got away (for awhile she seemed to feed off the ego boost, now she’s added in regret for good measure despite slagging him off as a him-bo on numerous other occasions.) Don’t talk about your exes in middle age is the lesson here, you just sound a bit desperate.

    • daughterofjean says:

      I see no motive. She’s basically saying she let a good one get away and recognizes a good man now because of that relationship. The wife should take that as a compliment imo. My husband would not be who he is now without his past, nor would I. Your past relationships can help you grow and if you take what’s good from them you can also be a better person. Death does not change that. Why would the wife take what Aniston said as a negative when she’s actually saying the wife had a good man?

  56. word says:

    I am sorry for her loss, and for her children.

  57. Vampi says:

    Jennifer is disgusting, blatant, all about “mee, meeeee poor meeeeee! Using an ex of 20+ years ago is SICK!
    Newsflash JEN… He didn’t send Justin to you. He never gave you a thought. He only had thoughts of his long time wife and children!
    Yeah…he sat on a cloud and thought. “Oh! I dated that Jen Aniston waaaay back it the day…(I spelled it right, right?)Anyway, my FIRST thought after I died and left my loving wife and amazing kids behind to live without me was to think of who I could send from Heaven to be with a GF I haven’t seen on 20 plus years! Priorities people! She has great hair! And…! And water! And hair…and cake! Yeah…I totally care who she ends up with! That’s why I picked Eyebrow LaDouche for her! Total perfect fit!”
    GAH!! Jenn is the WORST! (and I used to be a fan!)
    Bye girl!

  58. Xantha says:

    Why the hell are people trying to defend Aniston over this and side eyeing the widow? If the widow was looking for some publicity and cash for herself, she could’ve sold those pictures years ago and make a sob story to go with them. She stands to gain nothing from this because this is the type of story that gets attention for about 48 hours before people move on to something else.

    But then again maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Jennifer was just being sincere when she decided to talk about a man she dumped 20 years ago and never mentioned in interviews until it was time to start shilling for that Oscar nom. An America’s Sweetheart would NEVER be a self serving aholr, right?

  59. db says:

    I’ve come to love these JA threads, and the other kind (winky winky) too. They are hilariously unhinged

    • CH2 says:

      Yeah seriously… I don’t know if you’re a fan or what but I think the most fun in these threads is watching peoples’ over-reactions. It’s quite fascinating.

  60. cibele says:

    (Boo, messed up thread! This is for the lady above, or below?, whose handle sounds like a chemical substance)
    It’s different in your case, because the ex acknowledged you. If I’m reading it right, it sounds like the ex is giving you kudos for a good man whom she did not value at a point in time. It’s not what Aniston did, I think.
    Anyway, I don’t see Jen’s intentions as malicious, but I rather see her as wooly-brained and quite a bit egotistical, like many in that profession, I presume.

  61. Carol says:

    Oh Aniston. Hopefully this will be a learning lesson for her regarding what she says in interviews. Even seasoned actors make stupid PR mistakes. Plus, Aniston needs to tone down on the media complaints (even if she has every right to be pissed) – it just comes off as whiny. Take a look at Jolie, she is a master in interviews. I do like Aniston though. I am a fan.

  62. minx says:

    Aniston is a marginally talented person who married well and has a hyperactive PR person who worked overtime to keep her name in the news.
    There’s a lot of phoniness in Hollywood and she is right up there–from her hairline to her love life to the stories she and her agent spin.
    I never thought one way or the other about her until the Big Divorce; the shameless pandering for public sympathy (and the weekly pregnancy alerts) turned me off her.
    Fake, fake, fake.

  63. Lady D says:

    This wonderful man sent Justin to Jen because he was watching over her. This wonderful man destroyed a 14 year relationship so Jen could be happy?

  64. Cynic says:

    The most telling detail in the widow’s open letter was the revelation that Aniston didn’t even thank her for trying to give her back the old photos. Rude.

  65. HoustonGrl says:

    I’m glad she got called out for her bad behavior.

  66. CH2 says:

    Why is it a given that she was making rounds for an oscar nom? I mean, wasn’t her movie not well reviewed by critics? How often do you have a movie that is not well reviewed get nominated for an oscar? I presume she would know this… I feel like people have made this narrative of a woman they know nothing about and have basically constructed a whole fantasy around it… the emotional investment is a bit much …

    • CH2 says:

      Listen, honey… you are the one who is emotionally invested. I’m just seeing a bunch of crazy people over-reacting so it makes me leery right away. and by the “news” do you mean tabloids? Because I’ve never seen legitimate news cover a Jennifer Anniston story. I would HIGHLY doubt she’d hire an oscar consultant for a movie that was panned by a majority of critics. That seems like the height of stupidity to me since critics are the ones who nominate these films. It really makes no sense…

      If I’m defending JA at all it’s because my instinct is to stand up for people who I feel are being bullied… but that could apply to anybody and isn’t something I’ve developed specifically for Anniston. Quite frnakly I’m not much of a rom com person anyway.

      And why is it important to you that everyone should condemn everything she does? Isn’t that an illness in itself?

      • Josephina says:

        Aniston is being held accountable to her thoughtless comments- particularly the comment that implies that the 20-year old ex that she did not keep in contact with is consumed with thoughts of her, now watching over her from the heavens above, and mindful enough to send her Justin, a man that left a 14 year relationship to be with her…. the widow was clearly affected by her comments and responded.

        In other words, Aniston’s rendition of the way she thinks this man is STILL thinking of her, given his family life and early exit, is an INSULT to his remaining family. And to dismiss the widow’s point of view in favor of Aniston’s is equally as classless and thoughtless.

      • kendra says:

        Well said, spot on.

      • michele says:

        Agree Josephina and it’s mind blowing in how JA cannot fathom her own selfishness in even SAYING this. Ridiculous that the cat lady Jen Hens continue to defend Manniston til the bitter end. And this is the bitter end for JA’s career.

    • Janet says:

      Listen, honey, you are wrong about the Oscar consultant. Her name is Lisa Taback and she charges $2 mil for an Oscar nom and $3 mil for a win. What I want to know is, was there a clause in her contract for Aniston to get her money back if she wasn’t nominated? Because if there wasn’t, she’s out $2 million with nothing to show for it.

      • maggie says:

        Well she’s not the only one!

      • Cindy says:


        You are right!. JA did hire an Oscar consultant.
        Someone on the other thread just post this link(start at 10:45):

      • Katherine says:

        Why would Lisa Taback have to return money? She worked for it. Plus I can only imagine the expenses incurred chasing the Gold Man. The only thing I can imagine is that once the nom was secured that the campaign would go into stage 2 and that would require a second payment for work to be performed plus expenses.

        Also if this commitment to Aniston limited Taback’s work for others than she may have been smart enough to have a complete campaign mapped out and paid for from start to finish.

    • Ducky la Rue says:

      @ CH2 “Why is it a given that she was making rounds for an oscar nom?”

      Why would you hire an Oscar consultant (Lisa Tayback, I think) if you weren’t trying to get an Oscar nomination?

    • Ducky la Rue says:

      @CH2 Why is it a given that she was making rounds for an oscar nom?

      I would presume that you would NOT go to the expense of hiring an Oscar Consultant (Lisa Tayback, I believe someone else mentioned the name) if you weren’t trying to get an Oscar.

      The invented narrative happens on both sides, BTW.

  67. Brittany says:

    I haven’t read the comments on here and I’ll probably be shredded for this…but I think the wife made a mountain out of a mole hill. Jennifer Aniston never said that she was ‘his one’. She said he could have been her one but shit happens. She didn’t say his name. What, so even thought they shared 5 years together, she can’t ever mention him EVER AGAIN because he got married? I had an ex that was killed in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. I’m married now, he was married too. His wife reached out to ME. I have brought him up throughout the years, with sadness, that for one, he was dead, but two, because he was an amazing person while we were together. Was he my ‘one’? No. I was struggling with my sexuality (I came out a few years after we ended things) but WTF, she said something sweet about him. IMO I think the wife is doing this solely for publicity. I would think she would say it was a sweet thing to say and hell, she could even say ‘I”m glad he wasn’t your one so he could be my one.

    • WhereTheWindBlows says:

      The media was hounding the widow so she was forced to respond. The fact is Aniston made a comment that even big Aniston fans are saying was self-serving and thoughtless. You mentioned his wife reached out to you. Well, so did she, but Aniston ignored her and no condolences to her, or anything. No reference to him, ever, in 20 years. All of a sudden she drags him up? It was purely for self-serving reasons, so clearly it is different than your situation. Aniston ignored the widow, gave her the cold shoulder, no condolences, not even a reply to her about the photos. Nothing. And NOW she brings it up? Seriously, even the most diehard fan can see that Aniston did this solely for self-serving publicity and it was a low act, even if they can only admit it to themselves.

      • Brittany says:

        Enough with the die-hard Aniston fan BS, I never said I was, I was giving my 2 cents considering my personal situation. I can defend somebody and not be a die-hard fan. To be honest, I do NOT think that the wife is all that upset with Jennifer, I think she is more upset with the BROTHER going to the press. I feel that the brother and the widow are making this into more of a story than JA did. JA’s interview was such a non-event and the widow and brother going to the press turned into more of a media spectacle than anything.

      • WhereTheWindBlows says:

        The interview was a non-event? The interview thread on here proves otherwise. And on other places, it became a big scandal. The media would not have hounded and harassed the poor widow, if Jen hadn’t mentioned it. Surely this is obvious.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes. We don’t have to pretend our past with other people never happened. It seems like everything Angie or Jen does or says is leaped upon as evil and manipulative by some, I don’t really understand it. This man was once part of Jen’s life before she was famous, they broke up, she feels some regret even though they didn’t stay in touch, he’s dead and in some religions the dead do help those they cared about in life. Hence the musing about her current love being somehow guided by her first. That doesn’t diminish his relationship with his wife and children, just as his love for her before they broke up did not diminish his love for the woman he married. She didn’t name him and it’s quite possible that she didn’t think anyone would track down the widow, which is so tacky of those who did. I doubt that she was using his memory to promote herself or trying to hurt his widow and children. She was just saying something about a part of her life that made an impact on her, much more than she had thought it would at the time. She wasn’t asked about his family, it was just a passing reflection during an interview. She very likely never received any attempt at contact by his widow- celebrities have layers of people dealing with such things, it could easily have been overlooked. Really, if people had to make all the disclaimers and careful explanations that folks here seem to insist upon, no interview would ever be finished! People just say things as they talk and think about the questions. And if you have ever been interviewed, as I have, you would not expect the journalist to get things right anyway. Bucket of salt, people.

      I remember a friend said that each one of the three long-term/living together relationships he had before meeting his wife taught him something valuable that he then could bring to his marriage. The breakups were very hard, but without them he would not have met and loved his life partner and had his children. I’m sure his wife knows about those relationships, and very likely so do his adult children. It’s part of his past and he has no reason to be ashamed of it. This man’s widow is undoubtedly still hurting from his premature death, but his past did include Jen at one point and that’s not a bad thing. Everything he did before meeting his wife also made him the husband and father she loved and remembers.

      • Brittany says:

        Yeah, I highly doubt that this widow was able to personally contact Jen about these pictures. We all know that went through dozens of handlers first and she never got the memo. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with with her comment and I feel like the widow (and now apparently the brother) blew it out of proportion. I wasn’t much of a media story but now it is thanks to people bringing it up.

      • WhereTheWindBlows says:

        It is clear to anyone that Jen did this as an Oscar ploy. This is clear, I don’t understand who some are denying it.

      • WhereTheWindBlows says:

        Really? You’re now calling the widow a liar, now? Is that what making excuses for Aniston has now come to? Is it that important that Aniston isn’t called out and seen as less than perfect? Is it really worth it? To denigrate a widow?

    • CH2 says:

      “Enough with the die-hard Aniston fan BS, I never said I was, I was giving my 2 cents considering my personal situation. I can defend somebody and not be a die-hard fan. ”

      Yeah, seriously… .who are these “JenHens” anyway. All I’ve ever seen is Aniston bashing. I hardly see anyone ever defend her. They must be extremely covert.

    • Brittany says:

      That’s because on this website everyone starts frothing at the mouth any time a Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie post is made.

    • Emilybmore says:

      I agree with you 100%.

  68. Rosalee says:

    Aniston did not get nominated but, the good times roll, as I wrote in the other post, reading the bat crap crazy posts are pure entertainment.

  69. kendra says:

    I just don’t understand this blind following of Jennifer Aniston. She never does or says anything wrong. She is always the victim and her Jenhens will defend her with their last breath. She should never have said anything about this woman’s husband. Now that she has, the widow is wrong for responding, Jennifer is forever the victim. She was with Justin ,while he was till with Heidi, but poor Heidi became the problem and again Jen the victim.
    I’m so happy people are seeing the evil and manipulations that Jennifer uses to get her way.

    • WhereTheWindBlows says:

      Agreed. Even when she is ever so clearly in the wrong such as here, some will just not ‘see it’. That people are attacking the widow for responding after the media hounded her because Jen dragged her deceased husband into the Oscar campaign, its disgusting on so many levels. The widow did nothing wrong. It was Jen that dragged her and her husband into it, and the widow was forced to respond, she didn’t want to, she was forced to. How is it, that in some fan’s eyes, Aniston has more right to talk about a dead man, than his own widow does?

  70. kendra says:

    Well Jennifer’s desperate attempt at getting a Oscar nom did not work, even though she tried to throw everything out there. I have to laugh, Jennifer had already set up a press conference to talk about her Oscar nom and had invited the press. She was so sure she was getting that Oscar nom. LOL poor pathetic thing.

  71. Kim1 says:

    This woman and her kids are in the current issues of Star Magazine and National Enquirer.That’s a fact.Last week they were in Daily Mail newspaper and Mail online.Their privacy was invaded because Jennifer decided to out of the blue discuss a relationship that ended twenty years ago.A relationship that was so important to her but has never discussed before in an interviewer before . I don’t believe it was done with malice I believe she is just self centered.Saying that she knows everything she does is analyzed so she knew that in the information age we live in now the man would be identified .She is not naive or stupid.She has been famous for too long not to know.
    Last week I said Inside Edition and tabloids will bother his family.Now that she wasn’t nominated there will be less interest in
    her so this will blow over for his family.

  72. lily says:

    I think this is a very passive aggressive woman. I believe this is her way of slamming all of her exes in one fell swoop. May I add thoughtless as well.

  73. KatyD says:

    Yep, I totally bet her dead ex is consumed with who Rachel Green is boning. I’m completely sure that’s the number one thing on his mind up there in heaven, , rather than say, his wife and kids. Aniston sounds like a classic narcissist here. If I was his wife, I would not be as kind.

  74. nicolenm says:

    I previously wasn’t happy or sad about her lack of an Oscar nod…now I’m kinda happy.

  75. Luna says:

    If I were Brad Pitt, the more stupid stuff this woman says, the more relieved I would be for having gotten out of the marriage.

    Huvane must be working overtime now to correct this PR mess.

  76. Meg says:

    it was brought up to her by that person she hired to campaign for an oscar-if you bring up the guy you used to date who just passed away its new news most haven’t heard and its sad so you’ll get sympathy and look like a good person. she used his death for an oscar-good that she didn’t get a nomination. angle’s been nominated many times without stooping to these levels-but correct me if i’m wrong

  77. rianic says:

    I don’t know how old the kids are, but I think the wife is kind of being in momma bear mode. Think if her kids saw that in the news? Oh Daddy’s true love wasn’t Mom? I would be beyond pissed as well.

    Think, with all this going on she could sell those photos now, but she hasn’t. Think of all the money for JA before she had a good hair stylist (have you seen The Leprechaun? )

    • Crumpet says:

      Oh please, she looked perfectly cute in Leprechaun. Let’s not turn this into a hen peck free for all.

  78. Crumpet says:

    I really HATE that she used that past relationship and acted like this man’s death mattered to her so much. And HE sent her Justin?

    She owes that woman a HUGE apology, and she needs to own up to the fact that she tried to turn another family’s heartache into something all about HER. It had NOTHING to do with her, and it was extremely tacky to try use his death to gain her some sympathy.

    Jen, I get that your mother is a pathological narcissist and you struggle with self worth and probably learned some narcissistic behaviors yourself from her. BUT RISE ABOVE IT.

  79. Gigi says:

    Actually … Jen was still with Tate Donovan when she arranged a blind date with Brad through their mutual managerial agency. Tate found out from a tabloid reporter that his engagement was over.

  80. Christin says:

    Now a source close to JA claims a girl friend from the 1990s also died of brain cancer. They were so ‘close’ that there is no mention of JA helping the friend during the illness, but she sent flowers to the memorial service (which she chose not to attend — it was too hard on HER!!!). Yet another DM story and another grieving family dragged into a media spotlight. Unbelievable.

    I was fairly neutral about JA until these latest transparent stories. It’s not helping her image at all.