Amal Clooney, blow-out perfect & wearing Versace at LAX: fab or fug?


We’ll be getting back to our normal gossip schedule tomorrow, but before we end today, I just wanted to cover these new photos of Amal Alamuddin-Clooney. Amal was spotted at LAX yesterday, finally flying back to London (maybe?) after a lengthy stay with George Clooney on the west coast. They were in LA in December, then they went to Cabo with Rande and Cindy for Christmas, then they were back in LA for those stupid white gloves at the Golden Globes. When Amal wants to go underground, she’s capable. She learned that from George. Thankfully, she’s also learned to never pitch a fit about being photographed in a public space.

She looks great here, right? Great blowout, great lipstick, and the long red coat in by Versace. I have similar coloring to Amal, and I always feel like red is one of my best colors too. Too bad her hair didn’t look this good at the Globes.

Meanwhile, the restaurateur who provided George Clooney with his bachelor party dinner in Venice is speaking to the media. The guy says George and his dude buddies ate thousands of dollars’ worth of risotto, antipasto, pasta with truffles, bread and lots of ice cream. Oh, and lots of tequila and wine. Apparently, Clooney was stuffing his face with all of it. So it’s no surprise that the British tabloids claim that Amal has put George on a strict diet! A source says:

“Amal told me there are five rules for George’s new eating regime and healthy lifestyle that should get him back in shape as quickly as ­possible,” a source said. Alamuddin is hoping Clooney can shed 15 pounds before the Academy Awards, which is scheduled to take place on 22 February.

“George is a pretty disciplined guy on set but, although Amal’s new eating rules seem straightforward, he’s going to find it tough because he loves Mexican food and even binges on the fast food variety several times a week in LA,” the insider added.

“Rande [Gerber] and Cindy [Crawford] have promised Amal they’ll do everything they can to help her lick him back into some sort of shape ­before the Academy Awards,” another friend said, adding, “But it’s going to be tough as there’s nothing George likes to wolf down more than a couple of spicy fish tacos followed by a shot or two of his own tequila.”

[From IBT]

Seriously, it feels like I can’t even read a silly tabloid story without some mention of tequila. I used to joke about how Amal and George’s marriage is all just some promotion for Casamigos Tequila, but that’s really what it feels like. And of course Amal wants to go to the Oscars. Of course! I wonder what stupid trend she’ll try to start there. She already did the gloves. How about… trying to make a veiled fascinator work at the Oscars?



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Blythe says:

    “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” looks.

  2. minx says:

    Well, if he’s going to the Oscars, of course she would want to go.
    They’re, uh, married.

    • sally says:

      totally valid point. the reason this is snarky is because George’s PR has been all about how cerebral Amal is and so many tabloid stories talk about how bored she is around his friends and tired of the Hollywood scene. However, i personally think it’s normal to be educated and also be interested in Hollyweird. However most ppl tend to think they’re not mutually exclusive.

  3. Ravensdaughter says:

    What about her very important and challenging work? Has she just written that off? Or has she at least had the decency to take a leave of absence so that other attorneys can take over where she left off.

    Honestly, I didn’t expect her to be so star-struck.

    • Santia says:

      She may have an “Of Counsel” type arrangement. Of Counsel get paid only when they work and if they don’t feel like working, they don’t have to.

    • Susan says:

      The very impt and challenging work she has been doing for 4 whole years…..

  4. jinni says:

    She’ll wear an elaborate powdered wig a la Marie Antoinette that depicts a scene to advertise Casamigos tequila and fake mole in the shape of the brand logo for the Oscars.

    • Gea says:

      For some reason I think she is wearing wig or perfect hair extensions .

    • Suzanne says:

      As a former hairdresser…I can spot wiglets, rugs, extensions and the like…from miles..and the color variances in her hair are easily spotted. She had thicker hair the day she married…and scraggly looking hair at the Globes. Proof in the pudding…right there…that half her hair is fake.

  5. Oooh, I LOVE that jacket. Can’t believe it’s by Versace……with a few exceptions, they seem to put out crap.

  6. Sea Dragon says:

    She looks glamorous and beautiful. But the dark leather sleeves on the Versace coat-no.

    Do I sense a power struggle between the two? George is fit but she’s already colluded with Gerber and Crawford so that he won’t become so? If she was concerned with his health, I’d get it. But the source makes it clear it’s about his image. Hmmm…

    • laura in LA says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it.
      George may like to indulge, but he’s always looked fit to me. Amal seems too thin now, so her perspective may be a bit skewed. Yet why should she care if her husband has some extra lbs.
      Maybe he’s just enjoying married life…or stress-eating about it?

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Or maybe it’s both! He’s getting a LOT of positive attention from others because he finally married. At the same time, he might be stressed because she’s not the woman he thought she was. Oh the drama.. lol

  7. AntiSocialButterfly says:

    Her hair looks just magnificent in these photos.

    • Pandy says:

      Her hair has a LOT of extensions. I noticed them on the carpet photos of whatever was on the other week. Then Fashion Police mentioned how many extensions she had in that they had noticed – was happy my eagle eye was validated lol.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        I also noted them during the Golden Globes, those extensions were not blended well and in close up shot , Very, very obvious. Messy up close.

    • Santia says:

      I wonder if hair is curly, naturally. It always looks like it’s trying to revert.

    • someonestolemyname says:

      Loads of Extensions. It was so obvious at the Golden Globes, NBC did a closeup of back of head and the ratted unblended, different texture of her hair and extension hair was so obvious and I could see through the dividing line of where the stylists tried to blend , but at the Golden Globes it was poorly done.

      • laura in LA says:

        Eww, whenever someone wears ratty hair extensions as you describe, I think of hair-loss and bald spots, not worth it!

      • someonestolemyname says:

        I wondered that too, because if you can find the NBC closeup video..GGlobes,, her hair is definitely see-through, where the extensions seem to start….at the back, it looked very odd on tv. I was kinda shocked because I wasn’t even thinking about extensions in the slightest when she was standing there w George, until the camera zoomed in on her and …it looked obvious that there was an extension shelf break in her hair where the add ins started.

    • Tack says:

      She definitely wears fake hair. It looks like she alternates between extensions and a partial wig. Pics of her pre-Clooney hair are out there for perusal, if George hasn’t had them taken down yet :)

    • Sara says:

      She has typical Arab hair. Every other Arab girl has hair like this.

  8. Tiffany says:

    But…but…but…she is above these celebrities and HW. She is a serious lawyer who just happens to be married to George Clooney. Yeah, she does not enjoy this at all.

    • zinjojo says:

      So here’s my question: what was her personal style before she hit the spotlight with Clooney? When they first went public, her casual style was pretty funky, and that seems to be gone (at least publicly). Has she ramped it up and changed her look from her single barrister days or was she always going for a very glamorous look?

      • someonestolemyname says:

        Before Clooney, she seemed more Hello Kitty, Forever 21, with designer purses and weird shoes!

    • Ethelreda says:

      LOL! Before the wedding she dressed like a 12 year old girl, yet now she wears Versace, professionally styled hair and full make-up just to go to the airport? And seems to spend more time trailing after her Hollywood husband than she does at work? But she’s So Above all that superficial celebrity nonsense because she’s A Serious Lawyer?


      • Sea Dragon says:

        To be fair, if she dressed and styled herself the way she used to, she’d be criticized in every blog and entertainment news program across the world.

      • Ethelreda says:

        Yes, but if she’s a Serious Lawyer and So Above all that superficial Hollywood stuff – as we’ve been told – why would she care? If she’s as devoted to her work as her PR claims she is, what does it matter what a few bloggers think?

        And surely there’s a happy medium between dressing like a pre-teen and getting professionally styled just to get on a plane? Most celebs – and she’s not a celeb, just the wife of one – don’t wear Versace to the airport and nobody calls them out on it.

      • jen2 says:

        George is styling her and making sure she has a fashion make over the same way he did with his other women, which to me means she is just like them, no better, no worse. She has degrees yes but she is not the second coming the way she is described in the press. George may have created a Frankenstein’s Monster as she seems to love the press, attention and fawning and he will have to keep feeding the beast. George’s ego dictates that he has a stylish woman, but not sure he can handle one who gets more attention than he does.

        PS: The gloves did not fit and seemed a bit much, but the press went crazy for them, which was the point. Without them, she would have just been dressed in a plain black dress which was nothing to fuss over.

    • Kosmos says:

      Before they were married, her dressing style was very chic and understated, yet classic and beautiful, and I even loved her white gloves at the Golden Globes. Everything I’ve seen her in is likely carefully chosen and I find it refreshing to see a well-dressed woman. This airport photo is no different–her outfit is perfectly suited to show her off–but, would you wear this if you were trying NOT to be noticed? Perhaps when she is getting off the plane, she wants to look spectacular, otherwise, wouldn’t you wear something less formal?? The Red coat surely makes her stand out, as well as the hair and huge glasses.

  9. Kiddo says:

    I interrupt these comments to put out an APB on Abbott and Taterho. What are Klooney posts without these two, their BIGGEST fans?

  10. PunkyMomma says:

    And slowly, ever so slowly, Amal Clooney morphs into Jacqueline Onassis. Keep dreaming, Mrs. Clooney, keep dreaming.

  11. Observer says:

    Unpopular opinion: I don’t like her hair.
    It looks strange, like two different textures (?) I think she’s wearing a hairpiece at the back of her head. Also, it’s too…poofy, like news anchorish (??). Just too big.
    Something nice: Her skin looks good.
    Something not so nice just because: Her shades are ugly, too big and just ugg. Her fashion sense is blah to plain ugly.
    The coat looks good but not on her or not with the big hair, big shades….she just does not have any style imo. Her style is sort of tacky.
    Something is always ‘off’. Either her hat is too big, or she wears ridiculous gloves that just doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit, she just goes over the top most times from what I’ve observed.

  12. Cindy says:

    Why does she bug me?

    I said this in the last george post, but he should have married one of his “fun” girls. She seems like she could be his worst nightmare. She is way too smart for him and when I try to picture just the two of them at a non-public event, I come up blank. What do they talk about?

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      She bugs me for a plethora of reasons:

      1. She’s a famewhore.
      2. She defends criminals/terrorists and is considered a “human rights” lawyer-LOL!
      3. Her political leanings are questionable at best.
      4. She’s a famewhore.
      5. Did I mention, she’s a famewhore? LOL!

      • Lotta says:

        In a fair democratic society everyone deserves a fair trial, even criminals and terrorists, and therefor they need lawyers. Otherwise we are no better then we are no better then dictators and countries that don’t care about at all about human rights.

        I like her and think she is beautiful. I don’t believe what cheap gossip papers, that are known for lying, reports. I’m not much for conspiraty theories, so I hope and think that they are in love and generally happy.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        To each their own Lotta,

        But weather these criminals and terrorists deserve due process is really a matter of moral conscience. She chooses to defend these people and that makes me question her judgment, ethics and moral compass.

        For example, she could have chosen to prosecute these type of people rather than to defend them. Sorry, but that says something to me, and their victims, about her personality, How do you sleep at night knowing these are the type of people you defend and can potentially set free? I once knew a defense attorney who quit his job because he admitted to me that 99% of his clients were guilty and he couldn’t sleep at night knowing he got them off on technicalities.

        Also, I don’t consider the Guardian, who reported on her defending Muammar Gaddafi’s notorious spy chief Abdullah al Senussi, a gossip rag. Ditto with all the hard news publications who reported on her defending the womderful Julan Assange among other questionable committees she was reported to be possibly sitting on.

        Finally, you may like her, but trust me, there are just as many who don’t. Again, to each their own, but I think Clooney made a big mistake.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        LeeAnn S.
        She is a total fame o

        The entertainment media is nice because it’s George’s PR and they have no reason to bring up the negatives on her, but the Political press if George ever dipped his toe in, would make roadkill out of her legal connections to terrorists…dictators…people who blew up an airplane, killing people.
        Not to mention her Arms Dealer Uncle…

      • jen2 says:

        @Lotta, true. Then she and the fawning press need to stop calling herself/her a “human rights” attorney, the one who defends those who are true victims of the dictators and those who damage and ignore the rights of humans, and call herself an “equal rights” attorney, because even the scum of the earth deserve a defense..which, with her client list, is more like what she is doing.

      • noway says:

        I don’t have a problem with her defending the alleged criminals. (Can you see I know a lot of lawyers) I do have a problem with presenting her as the person defending the downtrodden. That isn’t her career. She was on the Enron defense team, not the poor people who were bilked by them, and she is defending several shady characters including one client who is suppressing freedom of the press, yet she wears a Je Suis Charlie button at the Golden Globes. Not saying she doesn’t have a right to do that, and just because you may defend someone doesn’t mean you believe in what they did but you do believe in the system. Still she is letting her resume be presented differently than what she is, and that bothers me. Most defense lawyers I know are proud of what they do, and defend the justice system when they are attacked. She doesn’t seem to have that, and it bothers me.

  13. Reece says:

    And now I really really hope/need to see a veiled fascinator on anyone at the Oscars.

    The thing about the gloves for me was 1. they fit badly, 2. were the stark contrast to her dress, 3. if you’re gonna do gloves then do it at the Oscars, not the Globes.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I’m probably one of the few, but I liked the gloves. They did look too big though, and as you said, would have been better saved for the Oscars. Now she HAS to wear a veiled fascinator to the Oscars to top the gloves.

  14. Janet says:

    I love the coat and the boots and the hair. She bugs the bejesus out of me for some reason and I have no idea why, but I can’t stand her.

  15. Paloma says:

    So she’s already trying to change him? I don’t believe this.

    She looks great, but this is way overdressed for the airport.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I hate the way the media portrays relationships, like the woman is this big nag who tries to change the man the second they get married.

      • Ethelreda says:

        And given that pre-Clooney Amal dressed like a 12 year old girl at her friend’s birthday party, and less than a year later became this sophisticated fashionista who wears Versace and full make-up to the airport, it’s obvious that Clooney and his team are trying to change HER, not the other way round.

  16. Birdix says:

    What’s wrong with fish tacos?? (Rethinking dinner tonight…)

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      The only thing wrong with them is that once I had the best fish taco the ever existed, and I have been disappointed in every one I’ve had since. Yet I keep ordering them and the heartache continues.

      • laura in LA says:

        GNAT, where did you have that fish taco, San Diego? Mexico…?
        See, this is why if Amal doesn’t let the man have his fish tacos, she’ll only leave him wanting anyway.
        So instead of thinking about his new bride, Jorge will be dreaming of fish tacos…

      • Birdix says:

        I have the same experience with breakfast burritos–still trying to match one I had in Santa Fe (in 1997).

  17. Biki says:

    She has new lips, too…

  18. smcollins says:

    I love the coat, except for the sleeves. It’s a beautiful color, and a nice cut. I like the little belted closures, too. Just…the sleeves. Nope, don’t like them.

  19. Christin says:

    I once read that George supposedly loves Big Macs. I can’t see her going anywhere near the Golden Arches, so that probably will be the next story.

  20. Brasileira says:

    If only she’d wash the smug off her face…

  21. Nick says:

    I just do not understand the people who say what a great beauty Amal is. I guess I am mean but I just do not find her attractive. She’s not ugly by any means, she is just not pretty or beautiful or any comparable adjective. She’s a nice average looking woman which is fine but it gets annoying to hear how she is drop dead gorgeous. Rant Over.

    • siri says:

      It’s probably a matter of perception, but aside from quite manly/hard features, she completely lacks warmth. Nothing friendly, or ‘cozy’ about her. And that isn’t appealing to me at all, no matter how nice her hair, or how stylish her cloth are. She comes over as calculating, arrogant, cold. No beauty here for me.

      • someonestolemyname says:

        I don’t see the beauty about her. Seems more like a hardened , cold fish and quite arrogant. Nothing beautiful about that, to me.

      • laura in LA says:

        siri, what you’ve said is so true. Someone otherwise average can seem more beautiful because that person radiates warmth. She’s certainly trying to be glamorous, but she lacks any charm.

      • siri says:

        @laura in LA: That’s what I was trying to say, you don’t really need any fancy cloth, or big hair, or expensive makeup. Never mind if one enjoys that, and can afford it. But the lack of a warm glow from inside no designer dress can hide.

  22. Amelie says:

    (1)I am surprised that the truly enamoured George did not escort his TRUE love to the airport and reluctantly bid adieu at the gate. ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’ as Juliet said.

    (2)Marriage mistake 101 is thinking that one can change one’s spouse after the wedding. Instead of putting a 53-three-year-old-set-in-his-ways-George on a stringent diet what about working with their chef to develop a fish taco recipe that is tasty, but low fat? I guess Amal is too busy glamming up!

    • notasugarhere says:

      In more serious interviews with him, writers have point out Clooney is very “slight” in person, big head thin body. One interview years ago, during the Sarah L era, included tidbits about his obsession with calories in salad dressing. Added weight probably makes his neck and back hurt more. If he was more active before the injury – and when younger – it would be easier to eat heartily and work off the extra calories with exercise. If the Mrs. is putting him on a strict diet – it is because he wants to lose the weight and needs someone else to help control what he eats.

    • Bad idea says:

      totally agree, red flag that george didn’t send her to the airport. It’s not a big deal or anything but this couple isn’t really in love

  23. Jess says:

    I love the lip color on her, wish I could pull that off, and the jacket is gorgeous other than the sleeves. I wonder how she took so much time off, if she’s so focused on her career and as important as they’d like us to believe why would she just take off and follow him around all this time?

  24. Odessa says:

    Goodnamesalltaken: I feel your fish taco sorrow. I too have eaten the best and everything else tastes like garbage.

  25. OliviaPope says:

    I wonder about these two. She looks good here, well put together and glamorous even. Guess we will all have to wait and see how this cookie crumbles!

  26. boredblond says:

    Okay, first Clooney doesn’t go to the Oscars if he’s not nominated, or connected to a nominated film. Second, we know what she looked like before… Third, is she just misunderstood? Well, there was a blind item regarding the spouse of a celebrity who wanted someone fired because they didn’t treat her like the star she now thinks she is.. blinds can mean nothing, except yesterday on CDAN, that blind was confirmed..yeah, everyone knew it was her.. Nobody overdresses and dons dark glasses for a long flight unless they really, really want to be noticed

    • noway says:

      Not that I always believe these, but I was hoping it wasn’t her as I think it is probably true. She just has that stuck up look to her with her nose in the air now.

      Who wears Versace on a transatlantic flight? Why does her hair look better here than at the Golden Globes? She is way to into her specialized attention, sans any other celebrity. That outfit is thousand of dollars. Angelina Jolie looked fabulous leaving LAX the other day, and I bet her outfit was half of what Amal’s was if not more. You can look good without dressing to nines like she did. She is way too into this.

  27. P says:

    Unpopular opinion time: Amal seems so annoying.

    • Nick says:

      Popular with me.

    • Lori says:

      Noway: No kidding. Per Amal’s #1 fan at amalalamuddinstyle:

      That Versace coat? $2000
      That Gianbattista Valli dress she wore to a doctor’s appointment? $3000
      The Dolce and Gabbana coat dress she wore at Heathrow? $7275 – a discounted price!

      The last one has to be seen to be believed.
      I can imagine Reese Witherspoon wearing $200 pants, a $150 blouse, and $300 boots – the difference between Target and Madewell. However, I cannot imagine any other celebrity wearing a haute couture dress straight off the runway for a six-hour flight. It is vulgar – and so discordant with the image of the world beating “human rights lawyer” image created for her before. I am beginning to wonder if everything about her is constructed – the expensive clothing, the “enhanced” hair (with extensions), the redone teeth and nose.

      • noway says:

        I don’t know about vulgar, but it is weird!!! You are sitting for what 10ish hours. My experience with expensive dresses is they aren’t all that comfortable, but then I have never been in a $7,000 Dolce dress. Can you imagine trying to hang up the Versace coat, where does it go on the plane? Or do you just wear it the whole time, maybe it is a dress coat. God forbid you have an emergency on the flight. Who are you trying to impress, oh yeah the cameras. The reason celebrities or most people dress more casual for these long flights is because it is just practical. That is one of the many reasons she is such an odd duck, and seen as a fame wh(*(*( by a lot of people.

      • Lori says:

        Sorry, I was a bit inarticulate last night. I was referring more to the vulgar display of wealth associated with wearing such overpriced clothing, rather than her choice to wear such clothing on an airplane. I agree — she’s making weird, uncomfortable, and possibly attention-seeking sartorial choices for a long airplane ride. It’s hard not to see her as a famew&%$, especially when one sees the video of her airport excursion on the Daily Mail.

        I also wanted to reply to your earlier comment regarding her legal career — now that I know that I’m replying to the right person. :) I don’t have any problems with her choice to serve as an international criminal lawyer, mostly in a defense capacity. Aside from what you related, there is something powerful (and human) about standing up for someone in their darkest hour, who may have no one to stand up for themselves. There are a lot of reasons why people get into trouble with the law. In the ordinary criminal case (maybe not Al Senussi???), defendants are rarely the sum of the worst crimes they are accused of committing. There’s also something to be said for fighting against abuses or incompetence by law enforcement, that can lead to a defendant’s unwarranted loss of liberty.

        I also don’t have a problem with her role as junior counsel on much larger international criminal law matters. She’s involved in large, complicated cases. There are serious barriers to entry in her field of law. For instance, the International Criminal Court requires ten years of legal experience in a relevant field as a prerequisite for an attorney’s admission to the court. There are very few junior barristers who graduate to the ranks of Queen’s Counsel.

        That said, I wish she would represent her role in these international criminal law matters accurately. I have to admit that the engagement piqued my interest, because I couldn’t understand how a “public interest lawyer” who could have been my law school classmate became involved with a celebrity. Then, I looked at her profile on her law firm’s website, and noticed two things: a) the vast majority of the matters listed on her “case profile” concluded long ago, and b) her role in each of these cases was….obscured.

        I knew that there was something wrong when her website profile indicated that she “represented” Enron and Arthur Andersen as a *very* junior associate at Sullivan & Cromwell in NYC. I haven’t worked in big law firms for most of my legal career, but I knew enough associates at such firms to know that she wasn’t doing anything for those large corporate clients apart from low-level research and discovery…..maybe back-benching at a deposition. That reference has been removed, but other ambiguous references remain. For instance, the profile mentioned that she “represented” one of the parties in Cambodia v. Thailand, when a cursory review of the decision from the ICC shows three different levels of counsel — and her at the lowest level. As Siri mentioned previously, we may have photographic evidence of her involvement in the Assange matter (at least, in walking with him from court to the Ecuadorean Embassy) but the lead counsel on his case in the UK is former Rhodes Scholar, free speech advocate, and all around bad a@@ Jennifer Robinson. (Seriously, look at *her* CV — amazing).

        In addition, I don’t buy the argument that she can work out of the office indefinitely as an ostensibly “self-employed” barrister. I am a self-employed lawyer. Even self-employed attorneys have to be in the office on occasion, and have to be responsive to clients. Indeed, I spent my Christmas Eve e-filing a brief with a federal court of appeals in the US, rather than being with family.

        I’ve been trying to figure out what infuriates me so much about her. She resembles none of the *actual* human rights lawyers I know, who *do* spend long, hard hours advocating for their clients’ interests. Her obscured case profile, her fixation on expensive clothing, and her attention-seeking behavior all lead me to conclude that she is using her new found fame to leap frog over perhaps more deserving attorneys to a higher position in her chosen field.

        *rant over*

      • cleo says:

        Both very interesting comments Lori. I learned a lot. Thank you.

      • siri says:

        @Lori: Thank you for doing the ranting FOR me;-) That is the one thing I dislike the most about her: she actually gives a bad name to human rights activists, lawyer or otherwise. I happen to know a few, and they will not only never really be known by the public, they also don’t parade through airports, or award shows like this. Actually, they might even actively try to prevent to be overexposed in the media, especially regarding unsolved matters. If at all, you read about them in specialized magazines, not in VF. These people work hard, and cannot do most of their work on a laptop. Amal’s profile changed so many times, that I have to conclude her firm is trying to use her new celebrity status for their own PR, and business, even if there might be plenty of other talented folks around. And she willingly allows that to happen. There’s so much work of so many people behind the curtain for every single case, but ok, I myself start getting agitated ;-) Yes, she IS smart, she IS educated, and I’m always happy seing a woman becoming successful in a men’s world- but please, adress the right ones!

  28. RobN says:

    She looks hard. The hair looks hard, her style is hard, her attitude generally seems hard. I find it tough to believe that she ever just kicks back and has any fun. Once he’s tired of being proud to be married to her, I think George is going to look back very fondly on some of the fun girls he’s been with.

    • siri says:

      Absolutely. He/his PR had a wrong pick. They should have given it a bit more time- but obviously he wanted/needed a ‘presentable’ wife for this award season- I mean, seriously, just imagine that…and she learned fast how to act when cameras are around, how to turn her face, and play with her hair. Her wardrobe couldn’t be more exquisite, and expensive. But Clooney likes the simple life, having a drink (or more) with pals, just sitting in the sun- she’s not that kind of person. It will soon start bothering him (if it doesn’t already), and he will be happiest when she is away. He is paying a high price, literally, and metaphorically, for that new ‘serious’ image of his.

    • Lori says:

      Sorry for the double post – I was trying to reply to Noway’s comment above. :P

  29. DottieDot says:

    Why criticize what this chick wears to an airport? When I fly I am in sweat pants and sweatshirts. Not a fashion occasion for an incredibly long flight.

  30. Susiecue says:

    I thought she was so pretty until they got married, now she just looks…processed, or something. I think it was just that she seemed normal like a real lady with a real job, and now she’s all Hollywooded out and thirsty seeming and it’s unappealing.

  31. pato says:

    She so loves fame. Annoying. I hate how she poses for the pics. Annoying!!!!

  32. GingerNYC says:

    Amal Alamuddin Clooney = Carolyn Bessette Kennedy 2.0

  33. ChcagoGirl says:

    Some of your posts are unreadable because there is an ad that keeps bouncing me to the apple App Store.

    • Jag says:

      You might want to do an antivirus and malware scan on your computer. I don’t see an ad popping up.

    • Tack says:

      I was greeted by the Apple ad too , when I came on the site.

      I believe it’s George’s doing, for us talking about his missus. The man is known for carrying grudges, allegedly. :)

  34. golden retriever says:

    She’s looking very Real Housewives of the U.A.E. I wonder if she is bummed about all the haters … I personally would be crying/rocking in a corner somewhere stuffing chocolate down with my sadnesses nobody likes me feelings… but then I probably would have played the marriage to a megastar celebrity quite differently slash better.

  35. Jag says:

    First, her two-toned hair bugs me. Just make it jet black and be done with it because it looks better on her than the brown. Why does her hair look better here than it did at the awards show? That’s baffling.

    Love the color of the body of the coat, but dislike the leather arms.

    George is a grown man. The article makes it sound like she treats him like a little boy. If it works for them, so be it, but I want a man – not a boy.

  36. Sandy123 says:

    It just hit me that she looks like a budget 1990s Maria Del Mar, just her face.

  37. Alex says:

    A little over done for a long haul flight I’d say. She looks like she’s going to a fashion show. She loves the limelight that’s for sure.

  38. sad DSA says:

    OMG. She’s so glamorous. But not like tacky, pageanty Hollywood glamorous, but the good kind of glamorous.

    She reminds me of a classmate I used to have. So I was in a mixed class with older students (who studied part-time and already had careers, but wanted an academic upgrade) and fresh grads (who went straight from undergrad into grad school). Anyway, one if the older students was this super glamorous lady. IIRC she was married to a senior diplomat at the time, but then she also had her own career and worked at a UN agency and she specialised in nuclear warfare or whatever (to eliminate it, obviously, not to promote nuclear bombs. LOL). And everything that came out of her mouth in class came from real-life experience and not some lame ivory tower textbook nonsense. Anyway, she was always impeccably dressed (she’d attend class in her work attire neatly pressed—I barely used the iron at my dorm because I’m lazy like that, colour coordinated, shoes/bag match perfectly) and perfectly groomed. Her hair was always in place (I think it was permed or something, IDK, but it was always neat). I can’t remember if she smelled nice, but I’m sure she did (you don’t just get away with looking like that and not smelling nice, it’s just common sense). And she was always nice and friendly to us.

    So anyway, one day, I’m at the train with the other fresh grads on our way to shop for some sweatshop-manufactured H&M and Zara (BECAUSE DUH? Where the hell else do you shop when you’re a fresh grad…) and one of my friends is a major fashionista who can tell what brand something is even when it doesn’t have those nasty ostentatious labels printed all over the pieces. And she was like, “you do realise everything she wears is designer from head-to-toe?” And we’d be like, “she’s so glamorous…”

    Well, anyway, Amal is kind of like that classmate except she’s famous and people wish they were her like at a global level instead of a small class level. There are other Amal types around the world (not many, but I’ve met one IRL). They exist.