Howard Stern on Sam Smith: ‘He’s ugly, fat & gay & little girls worship him’


Many people have been calling Sam Smith the “male Adele” for about a year now. They do have a lot in common – both were very young when they achieved massive success, both are British, both have beautiful voices and baby faces and both have struggled with not fitting in (physically) with the traditional “pop star” model. Personally, I couldn’t care less what Adele weighs, I just want her to record more music. And I couldn’t care less what Sam Smith weighs, because it doesn’t affect his lovely voice. Much like Adele, Sam has talked about his weight and feeling like a loser, and he does seem to be sensitive about his looks (and everything else).

Well, Howard Stern was trying to draw those same kinds of comparisons to Sam and Adele, but Stern ran it off the rails in a way that was really offensive.

There was just no way that this was going to go well for Howard Stern. Most would agree that Sam Smith has one of the most wonderful voices on the planet, but the radio show host finds the singer’s appearance and lifestyle more noteworthy than his success or his Grammy nominations. While talking about the singer’s successful song, “Stay With Me,” Stern referred to the British crooner as “fat” and an “ugly mother–ker.”

Oddly enough, the Sirius XM host was saying those qualities are what he likes most about him.

“You know what I like about the guy? He’s an ugly (expletive). He’s fat…Is he gay? He looks gay to me, not that anybody looks gay, but he does seem effeminate…I like that he’s chubby and gay,” Stern said. “That’s why I love him. He’s one of those guys I feel like, he’s really good but I feel like [“Stay With Me”] will be his only hit song.

“That’s how good that song is,” he added. “He’s fat and he’s gay and little girls worship him. That’s when you know you have a good song and a good voice. I’d like to get him in here to congratulate him on beating the odds. He’s like the male Adele.”

[From E! News]

I don’t know if it’s really “beating the odds” when a slightly overweight white man with oodles of talent is somehow able to succeed, you know? Odds were always pretty good that Sam was going to make something of himself. And while it’s interesting to see male pop stars undergo the same kind of public body-shaming that female pop stars go through, it’s still pretty rude. It was rude when it happened to Adele, and it’s rude when it happens to Sam.

But Sam has learned to deal with it in the best way possible. This is what he tweeted:

Perfect. Excellent non-engagement, Sam!

(Besides all that, I do think Sam is attractive. He really does have a George Michael-circa-Wham vibe.)


Photos courtesy of WENN, Sam’s Instagram.

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  1. Lahdidahbaby says:

    I adore Sam and I think he’s got a beautiful face and voice. Now, as for Howard’s face and voice…just ahahahaha.

    • Snowbird says:

      Stern looks like his face is melting. Hardly the one to put someone else down.

      • Petee says:

        This is getting so blown out of proportion.Did anyone listen to this on SIRUS yesterday?I did and it wasn’t meant as a put down.Howard has huge issues about his look’s and say’s he is ugly almost everyday on his show.You Tube it to listen for yourself.I can’t believe how the media can make such a big deal about nothing.And Charlie this was a comment and not calculated and in no way to shock anyone.Those day’s of being a Shock Jock have been over for decades.

    • V4Real says:

      Howard shouldn’t be calling anybody ugly but he does say the same about himself. I adore Sam. Adele not so much, she has a nice voice but that woman does not have a baby face as the article claims. Adele looks like she’s in her thirties.

      • Charlie says:

        And Sam looks like he’s in his 40s.
        Adele is really really beautiful but she does look older. So does Sam.

        I don’t get how Howard calling himself ugly makes this any better. I mean, when hear bad comments about yourself, surely you don’t want to make someone else feel that way. At least that’s what I do.

        And yes, I know Howard like so shock people and this is all calculated.

      • V4Real says:

        Yes Sam looks older too, I agree with you on that. I don’t think Adele is ugly but I don’t see beautiful when I look at her.

        This is Howard Stern and nobody should be surprised at what comes out his mouth.

    • Shaz says:

      Howard – meet kettle, kettle meet Howard (except Sam isn’t ugly)

  2. Sixer says:

    1. I have no idea who Howard Stern is and it seems as though this is a good thing.

    2. Is that a REAL picture of him? He looks like someone who had a number 1 hit with a novelty song twenty years back and STILL won’t go away.


    • David says:

      Where have you been for the last 30 years?

    • Kiddo says:

      He’s a shock jock. It’s a back-handed compliment, but Stern has said that he was ugly himself, in the past. It’s a bit if controversy, but like how others have said, low on the Stern assault scale.

      • Sixer says:

        We have a few shock jocks here but they don’t seem to be an entire breed like you guys have. Ours are all right wingers, too. Are yours? And do they all have novelty pop star haircuts? I’m suddenly feeling SO well groomed!

      • Kiddo says:

        We have those too, but Stern, I would describe as socially liberal, for the most part. I can’t think of too many right wingers with pop star haircuts, maybe someone will come up with one. I think they are mostly buttoned-up old guys, and of course Sarah Palin qualifies.

    • Christine says:

      Do you honestly not know who Howard Stern is??

      • Kiddo says:

        She’s a Brit, give her a break. We don’t know all the UK cultural references and personalities.

      • Sixer says:

        Nope! I don’t. But I do now. You guys can keep him, even if he is liberal-ish. I have decided to do a stereotypical Brit thing and hold my nose at your low class American entertainers.

        (I jest, as usual, in case I ruffle any feathers. Although you can still keep him. Kiddo – always happy to NOT be given a break. It all adds to the gaiety of interwebz life. Merci anyway!)

      • Kiddo says:

        Every now and then, I guess it’s nice that I’m not the only one getting fake baby-ed.

      • Sixer says:

        I like fake-babying! Feel free. Any time. I’ll be your Aunt Sally.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      He has been around forever. He can say things occasionally that make you laugh so hard you cry, but 90% of what he says is vulgar, cruel, sexist, offensive trash. I can’t listen to him.

      • Kiddo says:

        Plus you have to pay to listen to him, GNAT.

      • Sixer says:

        You have to PAY?! How does that work? We don’t have any pay-radio.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Is he on Sirius now? I use to occasionally try to listen when he was “free” but while he would sometimes make me laugh, he would also gross me out of tick me off much more often, so I quit.

        Sixer, we have subscription radio that you pay for, and it’s commercial free.

      • Sixer says:

        I suppose that’s another way in which the BBC distorts our market, isn’t it?

      • Pandy says:

        Yeah, never caught on to him. Too annoying to stay for any of his “funny” bits. Is he still relevant anymore?

      • kcarp says:

        He is actually a complete bore now. I am shocked he said anything. All his does is kiss Hollywood rear these days.

      • funcakes says:

        Howard loves to call himself mr. honesty, but he is far from it. When he went from radio to sirus Howard shilled to get people to buy subscriptions to listen to the show. His fans would call and say they could not afford to follow him and Howard would tell them that the subscription is affordable and that they will be getting a great deal with all the other channels. Some of his fans called in to tell him how they even bought a lifetime subscription. This is the days when he was on five days a week.
        Then after the honeymoon period was over with sirus Howard sued them because he was suppose to get millions on top of the money he was already getting to get people to subscribe to the company. The company did not give him the money he thought he was due. He took them to court and lost. Cut to years later and Howard is barely on the radio after getting his fans to by subscriptions to a show that might be on two days a week.
        Plus it’s not Howard that’s funny, it’s the people around him that made him funny. He had a good team throughout the years that wrote the comedy material that made the show what it once was, but Howards ego wanted all the credit. Plus the fact he ran most of the people away because his favorite game was watching the staff turn against one another.
        Now all that is left is Howard,is ego and the yes men that’s afraid to tell the emperor he has no clothes. It’s barely a show anymore because he spends most of the show kissing the ass of stars that is now 90 percent of the show because he went mainstream to stay on America Got Talent. Hampton Howie is all that is left.

      • kcarp says:

        Funcakes we are on exactly the same page. The show use to crack me up, now he just makes me sick. I have never seen such a bunch of a**kissers.

        You forgot in addition to AGT talk, he talks about kittens and raising money to build a 7 million dollar wing for them at NSAL. Keep in mind he bought a 52 million dollar house in Florida he is too embarrassed to talk to about. Keeping asking your fans to buy a stupid calendar of your gold digger and some cats trying to get away.

      • funcakes says:

        There was so much more I wanted to add but it would have turned into a book, but you summed it nicely. I loved how he would make his staff feel like they were being used for their celebrity by their wives. Now Howard has a wife who is the biggest user of all. When he met her Howard said she wanted nothing to do with the show. Next thing you know she’s selling calendars, hosting shows and was making frequent visits to the show to promote her causes. Howard has turned into the texted book average joe who bought into his own fame. Now he hangs out in the hamptons, talk about the stars he meet at parties and call the average person unmotivated if they are not on his financial level.
        PS-I miss Artie until this day.

  3. paola says:

    Jealous much?

  4. LAK says:

    If that’s the worst that can be said about him, then he is doing very well.

    Howard Stern says rude things about people all the time, this one doesn’t register on the scale of rude things said by Howard Stern over the years.

    • Red says:

      Exactly, Howard has been saying racist, sexist stuff directed at everyone who isnt male and white for decades (and for some reason getting a pass for it). Nothing new here.

      • Patricia says:

        I’ve listened to Howars for years. I have absolutely no tolerance for real racism. I think Howard pokes fun at racists, he says things to shock and be sarcastic. But the reality is, the person he holds in the highest esteem is Robin, who is black and a woman.

        He also has no tolerance for real bigots and racists. He’s not nearly as bad and mean as his persona, once you really listen to him.

      • Meaghan says:

        @Patricia I love him, and thank god I am not the only one on here that does. I agree with everything you say, he has so much hate towards him but if people took the time to actually listen to him they would actually understand his beliefs.

        Also, he does the BEST interviews, nobody can deny it.

      • BaeOnBoard says:

        I’ve never gotten over his schtick (not sure if he still does it) of asking his white guests whether they’ve slept with someone black (or whatever color), but phrasing it in a way that would suggest it’s on par with sleeping with an animal or doing something utterly vile and repulsive.

      • kcarp says:

        I deny he does the best interviews. I have listened long enough to know that he will ask how much money they have, how often they masturbate, and do they hate their parents. Half the time like the Larry David interview their will be no prep work and he will ask questions prepared for him by his staff. Or even better is his obsession with SNL and 90’s bands. Who wants to hear a 2 hour interview with the Smashing Pumpkins AGAIN.

        Sorry just because he tells you he is the best interviewer doesn’t make it so. The pre-screened callers who get on air to say Howard hit another one of the park, doesn’t mean he is a great interviewer either.

      • funcakes says:

        Let’s not forget his obsessing with the beatles. How many times do we have to hear about John Lennon? I’m almost 50 and I keep up with the latest music somewhat. Sure I miss the music I listened to in high school. And when 867-5309(or Jenny) comes on the radio I do my embarrassing shuffle dance. Then I move on and sing with Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande.
        And the Saturday Night Live obsession is dated. There are so many great shows since then that he would like if he gave it a chance, but he refuses out of professional jealousy.
        I remember when Seth Macfarlane came in only because one of the staff begged him to. Howard was acting like he never heard of him before and treated him like it was a waist of time to talk to him.
        One of his staff suggested interviewing the Black Keys. Howard just laughed it off. But he’ll invite Billy Joel’s daughter on the show to play her crappy music. Howard has lost his way.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        @Baeonboard: Wow, that’s vile. I didn’t even know about that part of his history.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Don’t know Sam Smith, but wow. Howard is not as cool as he thinks he is.

  6. It is what it is says:

    Howard Stern is ugly, wrinkly and treats women like objects more often than not. Look in the mirror Howie baby

  7. PunkyMomma says:

    There’s a reason Howard Stern is called a “shock jock”. In one ear and out the other. 👀

  8. Toot says:

    Sam looks like Boy George to me. Like he’s his long lost son or something.

    • Hautie says:

      “Sam looks like Boy George to me….”
      Oh yea… that is it! He does look like Boy George!

      Not the crazy meth years… but when George is clean with his face full of MAC on…

    • Charlie says:

      I think Sam’s really cute, but he doesn’t have a baby face. He has a really mature face, and an epic side eye.

      Did you guys hear that Tom Petty sued Sam and won? Apparently “Stay with me” wasn’t entirely original.

  9. Maria says:

    Stern is always offensive, but i see his point. he is saying that most stars, be it female or male, are nowadays only judged based on their looks. so Stern sees it as a good thing that a guy he sees as not the conventional rock star or pretty boy is succesful with little girls. same as Adele not having to go naked to sell because she has talent.

    its worded very horrible and offensive but the underlying point is good. basically the whole entertainment industry is about looks., would be great if that changes. most of the posts here on this site about men are “would you hit it?”, women are judged by what the wear, people discuss who would make a “great couple” solely based on looks etc. lookism is very real and its still so accepted. there is no privilege as big as beauty.

    • Joy says:

      I agree totally with you. I think in his own wretched distasteful way Howard was trying to say something nice. It is remarkable any time a person male or female who isn’t the industry standard of perfect makes it big. But I think that speaks to the fact that consumers are less concerned with image than industry bigwigs are.

    • BaeOnBoard says:

      But if this is truly the point he wanted to make, could he truly not have said it in a way that wasn’t horrible and offensive? I know his whole deal is to shock people, but is there really never a time where he can’t just make a point in a thoughtful manner so that it will resonate on its own terms, instead of causing so much distraction and detraction because of how he chose to word it?

      • Joy says:

        I can only compare him to an insensitive grandma. The kind that tells somebody they have a pretty face to be a big girl.

      • Petee says:

        People.Do you listen to him?Really?He is not a Shock Jock anymore.He is honest and speaks his mind.That might be shocking to most people because you don’t hear a lot of people like that anymore.Shock Jock put him on the map decades ago but he hasn’t been like that in years.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Yeah, in this instance I don’t think his message is offensive, just his word choice. I don’t think Adele’s not getting naked can be solely credited to her talent though- Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera have both gotten naked and worn revealing costumes, but they’re talented. I think sometimes it boils down to personal preferences- some talented people want to cover up, some don’t. But I do like Adele’s music.

      I don’t think Sam Smith is ugly. He’s not hot, but at worst he’s average, and he does have pretty greenish-blue eyes. He’s just not some ‘sexy boy’ type that the industry is trying to market to us. But not everyone listens to music based on what a singer looks like. I care about whether or not I like your music or your voice.

  10. Splinter says:

    This is vile. It is even more harmful when you are young, trying to find yourself and trying to have first relationship/s.
    When you are middle-aged you know who you are and people’s opinions don’t matter as much.

  11. ds says:

    Says a very beautiful Howard Stern. Bet his mirror just collapses every time it sees his beautiful, amazing face.

  12. Jayna says:

    Sam isn’t the norm to break out like he did in this pop climate, chubby white guy (now slimmed down) and to come out gay while just hitting it big, instead of long after established like George Michael. It was a backhanded compliment when he was trying to say the song is that amazing he wrote. Sam will be on his show someday and fall in love with Howard. It always happens. But Sam is young. And if he has body image and issues about growing up different, this kind of thing hurts as evidenced by his text. Howard will probably backtrack a little today after seeing the texts by Sam and that he was hurt. At least, I would hope so.

    At least, Sam is nice. Someone else would have shot back with, at least I don’t look anorexic. Howard has body issues because when he gains weight it goes all around his middle, so stays, to me, too thin. People try to tell him, but he can’t get past the days he used to look in the mirror and was chunky. But being this thin ages Howard.

  13. scout says:

    Has he looked himself in the mirror? EVER?

  14. Arlene says:

    I see Sam’s production team have finally ponied up some money to Tom Petty for basically stealing Won’t Back Down and repackaging it as ‘Stay with Me’. say what you will about Adele, she’s pretty bloomin’ original.

  15. Louise177 says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. For Howard, this is really tame. Does anybody even care what he thinks?

  16. Brittney B says:

    Until I read this, I had NO idea that anyone considered Sam Smith overweight. In the slightest.

  17. Jenni says:

    No lies detected.

  18. Sayrah says:

    It was a backhanded compliment. He will back track some today but Howard has been very self deprecating about his own looks since he started 30 years ago. He often acknowledges talented people who don’t fit the beautiful mold. It didn’t sound so offensive live.

    • Susan says:

      +1000. I heard it too and it really wasn’t offensive live.

    • Stephanie says:

      Yup. He knows he himself is ugly, and calls them like he sees them. Hate him all you want, get pissy, he isn’t going anywhere until he decides to retire.

      On a side note, Howard is actually a pretty good guy.

      • Petee says:

        Couldn’t agree more Stephanie.Obviously no one here with the negative remarks heard this live.He is not going anywhere and people love him.He also does the best interviews with celebrities and brings out their best.There is a reason SIRUS paid him 500 million to stay on.

      • Sayrah says:

        I think Howard was all shock in the 80s and 90s but in the last 15 years he has mellowed and truly has become a great person. He’s the best interviewer and he’s not afraid to call bs.

      • FingerBinger says:

        The people that slam Howard don’t listen to the show. They read a quote like that or hear a soundbite and they go off. It’s typical.

  19. Sasha says:

    Genuinely surprised by Stern’s comments. Is Sam Smith what passes as ‘ugly’ these days??? WTF?

  20. Tiffany says:

    Someone was feeling ignored by the press lately, eh Howard.

  21. Talie says:

    Howard will probably apologize — he did the same thing with Lena Dunham. But she had more of a sense of humor about it. Of course, she’s American, so she gets Howard.

  22. Kim1 says:

    Sam has lost weight .
    Besides calling him ugly I agree with Howard.Despite not being really attractive (IMO) and being openly gay Sam has been sucessful.He is a lot like early Boy George.Safe, non threatening,virginal or innocent.
    BTW I am glad he realized that guy he was dating was just using him.When you become rich and famous you become more attractive to shallow people .

  23. Tippy says:

    It’s a thinly veiled form of extortion and Stern has been doing it for decades in order to dare guests to appear on his show.

    Howard phrases his insults in such a way that he can subsequently claim that he meant it as a compliment if the person eventually acquiesces to his overtures.

  24. Megan says:

    I like Sam’s response. Classy.

  25. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Perfect response on Sam’s part.

  26. jenn12 says:

    To quote JK Rowling, being fat isn’t the worst insult. Evil, cruel, vicious, etc, is. Rock on, Sam! Howard is a weirdo in a bad wig, admits it, says stupid things, makes money off it, and just roll your eyes at him.

  27. Mimz says:

    Well regardless of his “point” being valid he phrased it horribly.
    He’s a stupid f*ck IMHO
    perfect answer Sam!! and hes not ugly!!!!

  28. Adrien says:

    What’s with Howard and overweight people?
    I think Sam is good-looking and his weight isn’t even the first thing I notice about him. He’ll have a long career, he won’t be super famous but he’ll go beyond the novelty.

    • Kim1 says:

      We will see
      People thought Christopher Cross would have a long career.
      Time will tell
      There are tons of one hit album wonders.

      • Dree says:

        Sam has already had two hits actually. Money on my mind and Stay with me. So one hit wonder doesnt apply. And writes his own songs so he will always have a career in my opinion. Like adele he’s a good songwriter unlike most of the current crop.

      • Kim1 says:

        Christopher had three hits,won Grammys never to be seen again.Having a hit album doesn’t mean you will have a long career.
        Time will tell especially in the fickle music industry

  29. What was the point of just full on attacking him like that? People are just so out of line sometimes. There’s honesty and then there’s just being rude.

  30. Melymori says:

    To me looks very similar to Robert Pattinson.

  31. GingerCrunch says:

    The first time I heard this guy’s “hit”, I knew I’d heard it before. And in this day and age I assume people sample and give the proper credit. Sooooo, we’ll see how talented this guy is in the future (we already know he’s gonna be a little less wealthy!). Howard’s a truth-teller, for the most part, and admits that talking for 4 hours has its pitfalls.

  32. JenniferJustice says:

    Can the media and public please stop feeding this ego-maniac’s need for attention please?

  33. bella says:

    i get howard’s shtick, but i’ll never get why anyone, wildly successful, accomplished and talented or otherwise, has to be judged on appearance.
    it’s shallow and petty.
    that aside, if we are going to judge sam on his looks, he is sweet and so very interesting looking and appealing on so many levels.
    throw in his MEGA TALENT…come on!
    what an assanine discussion.
    such is howard…love him or hate him…that’s his MO…

  34. maeliz says:

    It’s what Howard Stern does and is famous for. Did Sam Smith not know what to expect? Did anyone warn him about Howard?

  35. micki says:

    A singer can either sing or not. The rest is simply an extra. Should I care how slim Ariana Grande is when I find her voice grating?

  36. Rhiley says:

    I think Sam Smith is beautiful. He has lovely skin and lips. He kind of reminds me of a John Lennon/George Harrison combo, when the Beatles were just starting out. Of course, he also reminds me of a young Boy George, but young Boy George was awesome. Thus, Sam Smith is awesome.

  37. Irene says:

    Yeah, and Howard Stern looks and sounds like one of those evil muppets from the Dark Crystal and gross men worship him. What’s his point? Everyone’s got a fanbase, even if they are ugly inside and out, like Howard.

  38. MAC says:

    20 years ago when stern was on regular radio I could not listen to him. It did not matter what he said it was his style. His drilling of people. Even his voice, I just thought he was a immature gross guy.
    He had ads for a company that helped men cheat on their wife, not kidding. That is when my husband stopped listening to him, he came home and said told me how disturbed he was that it seemed Howard and his radio co would do for money. My husband wasn’t even that much of a listener to him only as back ground in the car.

    I did listen to him interview Roger Waters on you tube becuase it was Rogers Waters and was annoyed at all the stupid bedroom stuff he threw in, Plus all the old resentments, which Waters never took the bait. It was a shame because the rest of the interview was good I mean from Waters.
    Than I saw him on Comedians in cars getting coffee and actually felt sorry for him. He has been in therapy forever. He needed constant attention on the show with only two people on it. I felt so bad for him. At that age to not be comfortable with who you are.

    What he says about people in wrong and I do not listen to him. He has been doing the same show me your boobs, etc stick for decades. I am amazed he has a job. Let alone a millionaire. It says a lot about our culture that people pay to listen to him.

  39. sarah says:

    I love Howard Stern. He loves his co-host Robin, and his beautiful wife Beth. He’s hilarious, and the best interviewer on the land. My days are better if I listen to him. What he said about Sam wasn’t shocking or offensive if you listen to it. Sam did beat the odds. Anytime someone who is overweight and not the ideal body type makes it it’s amazing in Hollywood. And Stern should know. He’s constantly talking about how ugly he is.

  40. XtinaDurango says:

    This is uncalled for. I think whatever reason you have to insult someone, it need not be so harsh. I’ve been on the Loaded Gun Diet and had a great success, but if someone called me fat in the middle of dieting, I’d break for sure.

  41. Iheartgossip says:

    And yet Howard is ugly, inside & out; married a dumb Barbie doll – after dumping his wife / kids. Howard is so insecure and awful. His wig needs to take a break and his teenage boy persona was over – oh about 55 years ago.

  42. Anna says:

    It must really burn Howard to be so irrelevant that he needs to clutch at Sam Smith’s coattails.

    • Kim1 says:

      Howard is not clutching on Sam’s coattails .He simply made one comment about the guy.If he mentions him on a regular basis then that’s a different story.
      Most people I know have never even heard of Sam Smith.

  43. EM says:

    I’m not a big fan of his voice and doubt if he can really pull off a live concert without his voice giving out at some point, so agree with the one hit wonder prediction, but what Stern said about him was OTT and rude. I think Stern forgets himself. His show is like his second home and he just says stuff without thinking about it.

  44. Amy says:

    That kid is fat!? Says who? I don’t see it!

  45. Dorky says:

    Every time Sam Smith’s song comes on, I hear Rick Astley.

  46. Michelle says:

    Howard Stern should just shut the fuck up already. Is he really still going for his “shock jock” shtick, all these years later?

  47. Lauraq says:

    I hate his voice. I’m sorry, I do. I also hate “She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert, because I feel like she oversings it and the lyrics are super cheeseball. I was worried that I might be being homophobic but I hated Sam’s voice before I heard he was gay and I love Mary’s other stuff. And I love me some Elton John…