Rosamund Pike & Chelsea Clinton’s friendship ended because of Obama


God, I still can’t believe Rosamund Pike wore this fugly Dior mullet dress to the SAGs. I’m so disappointed in you, Rosamund!!

Anyway, I have what is easier the most random story of the week: Rosamund Pike knows Chelsea Clinton. They were friends back in the day. They met at Oxford, according to Star Magazine. I’m trying to figure out if they really could have met back then – Rosamund studied (or “read” in the British system) English literature and she graduated in 2001. Chelsea began her graduate work at Oxford the same year. I really don’t see how they could have met? However, I also found this old Rosamund Pike interview where there’s a mention that she and Chelsea were friends at Oxford, although Rosamund doesn’t confirm it. There’s also a mention of their friendship in this old Telegraph article, which claims Rosamund and Chelsea became friends at an Oxford party. Who knows? Well, for argument’s sake, let’s say they met (maybe) and they were friends (eh). Star says they had a falling out over politics!

Rosmaund Pike and Chelsea Clinton were once BFFs – until politics got in the way. Chelsea and Rosamund met when they were both studying at Oxford University and quickly bonded over their many common interests, including the German language, in which they’re both fluent.

“They became really close and hung out a lot,” says a source. “They’d sometimes speak to each other in German.”

The friendship lasted right up until the 2008 election, when Chelsea’s mom, Hillary Clinton, was campaigning against Barack Obama.

“They had a talk one night about politics, and Rosamund made it clear that she preferred Obama’s political beliefs over Hillary’s,” the source says. “Chelsea rally took it to heart.” After that, their friendship was gone, girl.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Most Europeans wanted Obama to be president in 2008. It was the fashionable thing back then. Besides, it’s not like Rosamund was voting in the primaries! But it just goes to show you – Chelsea might be more like her parents than we will ever know. Once a Clinton cuts you off, there will be no forgiveness.

By the way, Hillary is taking her sweet time announcing her next presidential run, isn’t she? I suspect she will announce once those pesky Bubba & Jeffrey Epstein headlines die down. Bubba’s going to ruin her chances once again.



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  1. lunchcoma says:

    I take it Star had trouble coming up with things to write about this week? This is even more like fan fiction than their usual fare.

    • Pixi says:

      I’m thinking they only wrote this piece to use the “their friendship was, gone girl” tag at the end. I suspect someone thought that was very clever…

  2. NewWester says:

    Can we discuss Chelsea Clinton’s dress in that pic? It looks like a apron my mother got for Christmas from her ex husband

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I can’t believe a friendship so strong could be broken over mere politics involving the mother of one friend. I mean, these women bonded over the German language, y’all. There IS no stronger bond than, hey, you speak German? I do, too! What’s a mother compared to that? So shallow.

    • Alexandra says:

      Ha! I could not believe that they sometimes spoke to each other in German! What a friendship!

    • Maria says:

      “But Chelsea, your mother doesnt have a Präsidentenerlaubnisbescheingungszertifikat”.

      “Take that back, you Donaudampfschifffahrtskaptitänsflittchen.”

  4. Kaley says:

    I imagine that living thousands of miles away from one another and having completely different careers was more of a deal breaker than an election one of them couldn’t even vote in…

    But because it’s there…THANKS OBAMA.

  5. jen2 says:

    Star is now a great source? I don’t think either woman is as petty as this story makes them out to be, but they need a new feud. But hey, fake marriages, made up pregnancies and the beaten to death ” fake triangle” will take you only so far, so they are branching out.

  6. Sixer says:

    Mr Sixer Senior and I were talking about Obama t’other day and how much we all liked him when he was all Brand New. Mostly because he was promising to extricate the US (and by extension, us) from all these nasty Middle East meddlings. And although we weren’t particularly fussed about his being the first black president, our cold little British hearts did stir a bit when Jesse Jackson cried and all that jazz.

    Then he didn’t extricate us from the Middle East. And he did his whole pivot to Asia thing and somewhat turned his nose up at Europe. So now we are disappointed in him. All for foreign policy stuff, though. Only political geeks like me really take an interest in the domestic issues in US politics like healthcare, gun control, Fed printing money and all that stuff. People here really only see US politics in terms of the non-domestic. Hawkish Hilary isn’t offering any kind of foreign policy u-turn so, aside from a brief flurry of “Oh, they’ve got a woman in the top job 35 years AFTER us,” obnoxiousness, I don’t think we’ll be that interested in a Hilary POTUS.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      She’s never actually said she was running so who knows. Meanwhile, the Bushs are gearing up again because they haven’t done enough damage to the country’s economy or world peace.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      1. Jesse Jackson was probably crying because it wasn’t him up there. He wasn’t exactly working night and day to make Obama happen. 2. I’m very disappointed in his foreign policies as well. I think his lack of experience shows more there than anywhere else. 3. I would love to see a woman as president, but I will just croak off if it’s Hillary.

      And do you know who the Republicans are probably running? JEB BUSH. Are there only two families in this country? WTF. A Clinton vs. Bush AGAIN? What is our problem?

    • Kiddo says:

      Sixer, I read an article in Salon yesterday on the new cold war with Russia, that the situation was escalating toward later potential nuke war, and was absolutely confused by the writing, so I went to the ‘authority’ referenced in the article, Stephen F. Cohen of Princeton U. What are your thoughts on this, and other people who you speak with? This guy is called a lot of names for his opinions, but when that happens without a counter argument, I have to wonder if there is substance or lots of tin foil hats.

      As far as the next election, not at ALL interested in Hilary Clinton.

      • mimif says:

        Ugh I am so not ever no way uh huh voting for Hilary. COME ON Elizabeth Warren, get your sh-t together and run. Please!

    • Esmom says:

      I’m not sure how much of a sense Europeans get of the insane partisan divide in the US. If you’re disappointed in Obama I think a lot of the credit needs to go to the Republicans in Congress who have made it their sole mission from day one to make sure Obama is as unsuccessful as possible.

      A recent example, I heard one Congressman recently admit grudgingly that the US economy has improved. But he said the only reason was because gas prices are now low, which can’t be attributed to Obama. I just can’t believe people can say these things with a straight face. And don’t even get me started on Benghazi…

    • Maria says:

      Obama was a president that was all hype and was cooler in appearance than others but had no substance. if Bush hadnt been before him he would get even more backlash.

      i even fear Hilary will be worse. Obama at least turned down some wars, Hilary was in favour of every “intervention” in the Middle East.
      im generally no fan of those family hegemonies like the Bushs and the Clintons. people were joking when Chelseas baby was born: “Here America, is your future president” it would be funyn if it wasnt so sad.

    • WinterLady says:

      I was living in Central Europe when Obama was running, and he definitely was a Rock Star to many over there. I realized though that removing ourselves from the Middle East in any reasonable context would be extremely difficult, and I think Barry probably didn’t realize that till is was sat down in the oval office and given the real rundown that all is dreams wouldn’t come true. And I agree with Maria, there is always the worry that the next Bush or Clinton will create more wars and dig us in further. I just wish the US could pull out of conflicts that don’t concern us and stay within our boarders. Not going to happen, though.

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    I just don’t think Hillary will win in 2016, but we’ll see. I don’t think any U.S. political party has had 3 consecutive terms in the White House.

  8. scout says:

    Loose long Mullet is uglier than short short Mullet or IS IT?
    Chelsey is a mean girl!!

  9. Rachel says:

    I hope Rosmind picks up her dress game at the Oscars. This and the GG dress were painful.

    • Esmom says:

      NOTHING can be worse than her GG dress. While this one is pretty bad, it’s still a step up from that white horror.

  10. Jaded says:

    Between Jeffrey Epstein and Monica Lewinsky, I don’t think old Hils stands a chance.

    • kcarp says:

      You are right which is unfortunate. If she would have left him 15 years ago then she would not have his baggage on her back. It really hurt her chances by sticking by him. She cannot play the wronged woman any more since she stayed with him.

      If anyone has seen Scandal when Mellie was about to tell about the President’s affair they promised her a political career after the 2nd term, I sometimes wonder if that was very close to the reality.

    • CK says:

      Don’t underestimate the power of the GOP to make people vote in spite of them. Both parties have their loud and crazies. Unfortunately for them though, their loud and crazies tend to get elected (redistricting fights back) and get public speaking platforms. They also tend to do and say racially/culturally troubling things in a year when it’s been shown that you are going to need a coalition with more than white men to win the White House. That and their business/establishment bench is basically down to Bush or Christie and with neither of them the predestined nominee, were going to get a lot of crazy to sow up votes.

  11. Merritt says:

    I hope Rosamund picks a better dress for the Oscars.

    I call BS on this story. The dates make it questionable that they would have gotten close. Besides you would also have to believe that Rosamund is completely rude and tactless to give the story any credibility. I don’t believe she would tell the child of a candidate, especially if they were friends, that she supported the candidate’s opponent.

  12. Brittney B says:

    This story sounds like a stretch.

    And if I were Chelsea Clinton, I’d find it refreshing if a peer actually challenged me/my parents… if it was done tastefully, obviously. It’s not like she was endorsing Romney or Palin… Hilary herself worked for the Obama administration, and they shared many goals and talking points during those primaries. I guess the division was MUCH more heated from Chelsea’s perspective, and it felt like a friend wasn’t supporting her mom. IF this is true, that is.

    Politics is already a troublesome topic in social situations… imagine if you were raised by two of the biggest political players and lived in the White House. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if she were defensive about it… but I cannot believe that she only befriends people who agree with her 100%. If she learned anything from her parents, forgiveness and diplomacy had to be high on the list.

  13. Gauchita says:

    It wasn’t “the fashionable thing to say in Europe”, everybody I know and the media in my country; (a non-european one) we , just like you, wanted the basic things for you (healthcare, paid sick leave, etc) and for you to F*CKING STOP MILITARY AND/OR ECONOMICALLY INVADING AND RUINING THE WOLD.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Ok. We’ll also stop giving more money than any other nation in the world to help the fix problems caused by your own corruption and incompetence. Since we’re ruining it for you.

  14. Hannah says:

    Re the Hillary comments: I would love for Hillary to win and it has ZERO to do with politics. I’m a Wellesley College alum and would be delighted if the first female president also graduated from Wellesley. It’s nice that 2 of the 3 female Secretaries of State are Wellesley grads (M. Albright, class of 1959 and Hillary, class of 1969) but I want us to have the BIG prize.

  15. Ravensdaughter says:

    No bets on 2016 for me, except that friends don’t let friends vote Republican.

    Rosamund should have zipped it-Chelsea is very close to her mother and she was actively campaigning for her. I adore Chelsea-I think she is a young woman with a very generous heart who is devoted to both her parents. . Also, I was a big Dem at the time and I really felt that the party was giving Hillary the cold shoulder, almost from the very beginning. Just my opinion, and the opinion of most Hillary supporters in 2008. Given the above, it would be very hard for Chelsea to listen to Rosamund pronounce her opinion and not take it to heart.

    We all have had experience with entering either religious or political waters with others and hitting the rocky shore. One must proceed with great caution.

    My experience, which is semi-amusing. I have a friend who does handyman chores for me almost for FREE-he says he’s an Independant but OH PLEASE-he must watch Fox, given the following comment.

    I mentioned Obama just in passing-he is our current President, after all-and he said “I just don’t understand why Obama seems determined to bring about the destruction of the Western World.” Excuse me? He’s not HItler, he’s not a terrorist, although he may be both to the wingnut Tea Party folks, who still call him Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

    Oh, I had so many smart ass comments-let alone WTF? questions to ask, but I thought about his value to me. I am a single mom short on cash and this is the man who fixes my faucets and my backed up drains and jump starts my car for me and assembles cheap furniture I order online and will probably be scooping me up after my upcoming eye surgery (which is kinda major). My ex lives close by but I could drop dead as far as he’s concerned. Handyman did profess his love for me and even though he knows it’s not reciprocated things are working for the time being, dammit. So, instead of ramping up from the outrageous claim he made, I just said “let’s just not talk about it.”