Paris Hilton holds on to her extensions, and is about to get a lot more hair in jail

Paris Hilton has been praised by prison staff for her cooperative and friendly demeanor. She is doing well they say, on this her second day on the inside.

Paris was allowed to keep her hair extensions in, with staff claiming they allow extensions that are “tightly wound.” I would bet that they made an exception for her, but who really cares at this point? I mean she’s getting it tougher than she ever has or will again in her life unless she’s kidnapped or there’s a prolonged natural disaster.

Paris isn’t crying like her blabbering buddy, Joe Francis, did in jail. She’s said to be very quiet and focused, according to TMZ. She did have a visitor yesterday, her lawyer, and it was thought that she missed her lunch of bologna on white bread.

An orange jumpsuit that a seller claims Paris Hilton tried on and rejected was said to be for sale on eBay. I couldn’t find the listing by searching eBay for “Paris Hilton Jail,” “Paris Hilton Prison” or doing an extended search using a phrase from the description listed on MSNBC’s The Scoop, so the listing has likely been removed. There are a lot of t-shirts, buttons, and domain names capitalizing on Paris’ time in jail for sale.

According to the seller of the now-unlisted prison jumpsuit, Paris Hilton wasn’t that cooperative when picking out her prison outfit:

“Paris has been in jail for less than 1 day,” noted the seller. “Shes [sic] has b*****d about everything!”

The eBay merchant says that the high-fashion-loving heiress didn’t like the way the clothes fit. “She demanded a femal [sic] med and they didnt [sic] fit. These are the Original pair of Paris Hilton Orange jail shorts and jump suit! Dont [sic] miss this once in a life time opportunity!!!”

It could be a fake listing, but if it’s true you can’t blame the girl for wanting an outfit that fits! She tries on new outfits every day, it’s second nature to her.

The NY Daily News speculates on how hairy and ugly Paris is going to be when she gets out of the pokey. Her mugshot was glam, but she can’t have any makeup, hairbrushes, hair implements, razors or tweezers in the slammer. She does get soap and a wide-toothed comb issued by the prison.

At least Paris won’t have to worry about gaining weight in jail. The food is said to be awful, with a breakfast of cereal, lunch of bologna on white bread, and the only hot meal being a low-sodium chicken-based dinner. Her trainer says he worries that Paris won’t eat.

Jail might be the best thing that ever happened to Paris. She’s big news here in Switzerland, and I keep seeing her face on television and hearing her name on the radio. What doesn’t kill her will only make her staggering fame stronger.

Thanks to USWeekly for these pictures inside Paris’ prison.

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