Clay Aiken stinks up first class flight with his feet

On a recently flight from LA to Clay Aiken’s hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, the American Idol runner up didn’t get drunk and rowdy, but he did act weird and smelly.

Aiken was said to have taken off his socks and shoes and to have put them on his assistant’s lap. His feet stunk up the whole first class cabin.

Clay, who was accompanied by a terrified-looking female assistant, draped his feet over her lap and removed his shoes and socks – allowing a foul smell to invade the small cabin! Even stranger, after fidgeting through most of the flight, he ended up sitting on the floor in front of his expensive seat! Exclaimed one passenger, “He’s an odd one!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 11, 2007]

That’s kind of rank. I can understand taking off your shoes on a long flight to get comfortable, but your socks too?

Don’t ask me, though, I hate to fly. It’s one of the most unpleasant things to do, in my opinion. I’d rather drive twice as long than fly, but I’m cramped back in coach with the normal people.

Images are of Clay on 11/21/06 at the American Music Awards.

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