Gwen Stefani on Gavin: ‘I never really saw myself landing a guy that hot’

Cosmo March '15 Cover

Call me crazy, but I kind of like this Cosmo cover with Gwen Stefani. I like that it’s more of a body shot, I like the star-spangled dress thing, and I like that the cover isn’t all about cleavage or whatever. In the interior shot (I’m including it at the end of the post), Gwen does flash her abs. At what age should we stop expecting celebrities to flash their body parts? Jennifer Lopez still has amazing abs at the age of 45, and Gwen is the same age, plus Gwen has given birth three different times. It’s kind of crazy. My instinct is to say, “Eh, put it away when you’re in your 40s.” But maybe we should celebrate these #ForeverYoung celebrities. Anyway, here are some highlights from Gwen’s Cosmo interview:

On her marriage to Gavin Rossdale:
“We go through so much together—it’s a miracle that we could stay together this long. [Gavin’s] on a short tour right now, and he wrote me the sweetest note this morning. It’s good to have those days when we both do our own things. I think that’s what keeps relationships going, when both people can be themselves and have their own individuality. That’s especially important for women—it’s hard to find time for yourself.”

On marrying a “hot guy:”
“I never really saw myself landing a guy that hot. I don’t know if I was a nerd in high school, but I definitely wasn’t the super-cute cheerleader so I never saw myself getting somebody like that. But I do think he’s quite handsome. It’s not the most important thing about him, but it is nice…and he makes really cute babies!”

On her gratitude for her long and successful music career:
“My parents taught us, ‘[music] is your hobby. People don’t make it. It just doesn’t happen.’ It still shocks me that people care about me. I trip out about it all the time. It’s mind-blowing! For me, I’ve never gotten to a point where I felt, ‘Okay, I’ve made it, I’m number one!’ It’s an amazing feeling to hit number one, but it’s not that different a feeling from not being number one. It’s really about the journey—that’s where the joy comes. It’s not about the end result, because there isn’t really ever an end.”

[From Cosmo]

With Gavin and Gwen, I always thought that on paper, they were perfectly matched. They were equally hot, not too far apart in age, both were equally successful when they got together, etc. But I think Gwen really doesn’t have that much experience with men, which is strange to think about it. Like, she only really had two major relationships in adulthood and one of them was Gavin. But whatever, I think their marriage does work and I don’t see them calling it quits any time soon.

Cosmo March '15 Gwen Stefani 5

Photos courtesy of Matthias Vriens-McGrath for Cosmo.

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  1. Maya says:

    Well the secret to their marriage could be that it’s a deal between them ala John Travolta.

    There are several rumours of Gavin being gay and having had relationships with men famous and non famous.

    Other than that – I love Gwen and her designs.

    • Sarah says:

      She still landed him, orientation notwithstanding.

      • Petee says:

        He has admitted it.It’s Marilyn that is bitter.Gwen and Gavin seem happy and have been together for a long time.I like them both and wish them a nice life of growing old together.

    • Babalon says:

      To my understanding, he’s bi-sexual. Also, there are poly people in the world. Marriages aren’t necessarily invalid because the people in them are polyamorous.

    • Frida_K says:

      He did finally admit that he’d had a relationship with Marilyn* back in the 90s. Marilyn was gorgeous and oh-so-sexy, my God. Boy George wrote about it in his memoir and Gavin initially denied it; later he admitted it. So…

      That said–if they are happy, good for them.

      *British cross-dresser, absolutely gorgeous.

    • Adrien says:

      He’s bisexual. It can work. Daisy Lowe is his daughter.

      • Ginger says:

        I’m bi sexual and married to a man. You love who you love. I was glad when Gavin admitted it was true. It’s not shameful. Maybe he thought it would hurt his career or something? Obviously it hasn’t.

    • (The original, not CDAN) Violet says:

      Yeah, the rumor is that they have an open relationship in the sense that Gwen turns a blind eye to his affairs. Not sure she has affairs, though. (Probably not, since she seems to have self-esteem issues.) Maybe Gwen is willing to put up with him sleeping around as long it’s only with men?

      I can’t believe that she’s so insecure. After all, her career continues to flourish while his pretty much ended years ago. Gwen is the bigger star by far and has exponentially more money, and is arguably every bit as attractive as him. Frankly, Gavin is extremely lucky he found someone to put up with him!

  2. BengalCat2000 says:

    She never thought that she would get a guy as hot as GR? Has she never looked in a mirror?! I’ve always loved her and her style. Her sons are freaky beautiful as well.

    • Brunswickstoval says:

      Exactly. I remember thinking at the time he was the lucky one

    • FLORC says:

      Her kids will be heartbreakers!
      No one looks in the mirror and thinks they’re so hot other hot people will want to be with them. We’re always tougher on ourselves.

    • Coco says:

      I can relate as I think our self esteem can sometimes be wrapped up in who we were in high school. I was the chubby funny drama nerd with zero style. Even though I’ve grown out of that stage, there’s a part of me that always feels like that ugly teenager. When I met my husband at Burning Man five years ago (ok, I guess I never really grew out of my love of costumes) there was a bit of me that was taken aback that he was flirting with me. He is HOT. Like a come to life Adonis or Ken Doll, 6’4″ blond hair, blue eyed triathlete with a heart of gold. Then I found out we were both the funny chubby kids growing up so it all made sense. But to this day, I still will have a moment or two where I’ll look at him and wonder how in the hell did I land someone so hot?

  3. FLORC says:

    Haha! I think the same about my husband.
    It’s a hallmark of love.

    I don’t think having only a few relationships in your adulthood hinders you chance fo a successful relationship. Some people need that more than others, but not having it doesn’t mean a likelyhood of failure.

    • Maria says:

      having more partners before marriage actually increases the chance of infidelity and divorce.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I find that hard to believe, but maybe I don’t understand what you mean by “more partners.” More than one? More than 50? I think there’s a happy medium missing in there somewhere. I wouldn’t advise people to marry the first person they ever dated, would you?

        Well, I knew you would land somebody smokin’ hot – because you’re you!

      • Artemis says:

        I am going to look up the receipts 🙂

        I don’t think I believe it either. Dating is still a game, if you settle down with your first or second love, I’m assuming you’re quite young and maybe they think you cannot get any ‘better’ so they stay with that one person. We don’t know if those people are happy or not, we just know they stay married, that’s all.

        Looking at my friends who dated their first love until their early 20s (say 15-21) , they were horribly sad, felt trapped and subsequently felt guilty because they had these emotions but at the same time, didn’t have the courage to break off such long-term relationships. They felt like they had some kind of duty to ‘make it work’ after all those years. They were like kids in a candy story once they started dating and learnt how to deal with some rejection. I also noticed their tastes obviously changed throughout the years which is why I also think that dating makes you realise what you really want.

        The stories that I have heard about first loves getting married, there were a few break-ups in between that allowed them to date other people which I think is a smart choice.

        Or the always funny stories about first year uni or learning opportunity abroad which made some of my friends go ‘well, maybe i should break-up so I can hook up with some hot guys’ LOL. And they did, well most of them…

        Maybe the ones who dated/hooked up more realise they’re unhappy quicker and are able to call it quits. I don’t know what is the best situation although I don’t want to marry so maybe I’m inbetween 🙂

      • FLORC says:

        Lol GNAT
        Always happy to receive a compliment 😀
        There’s a point there. When we met we were with mutual friends and were so relaxed and confident that was key to the attraction. You always shine when you’re not trying to force anything.

        Love chemicals/endorphines have been found to spark up and not burn out until as late as 3 years. You can ride that wave of love/lust for some time. Also, lots of couples tend to get engaged and married within that 3 years window. Never really letting the high subside and see eachother at their worst. It’s my opinion you find who can really stand you at your worst and still love you after that time.
        If anyone has seen Austenland Henry Noble at the end in her apartment sums it up quite well.

        I’ve heard the opposite.
        Those who don’t experiement, play the field, get it out of their systems are more likely (imo) to cheat. I can explain it like this. You have your favorite ice cream flavor before you’ve tried others and found 1 better than the rest.

    • Ginger says:

      Personally, I sowed my wild oats and had fun before marriage. I zeroed in on what I wanted and was happy to settle down. Unfortunately, my first marriage did not last. We made it fifteen years but our issues were too overwhelming despite all of our efforts. Now I’m in a very happy second marriage. I really don’t think there’s a “magic bullet” to predict who will make it and who won’t. And the way things are going I’m wondering if marriage may end up being an obsolete institution someday.

    • **sighs** says:

      I’ve never understood when people who have 2 or 3 long term relationships are deemed “not experienced with men”. It’s just a different kind of experience, isn’t it? In fact, it’s probably much harder to keep long term Relationships going, I really don’t see how dating 20 guys for 3-4 months at a time makes you more experienced. It may make you more experienced with different types of people, but it doesn’t make you more experienced with love. When you roll through people so fast all you have to go on is that lust-filled rosy glasses stage where you’re both on your best behavior.
      Different strokes for different folks.

      • FLORC says:

        Completely agree. Relationships that are long enough to be deemed long term are (imo) the ones where you get more experience.
        You sail past that honeymoon phase and go right into the getting on eachothers nerves phase. You have to learn how to handle conflict and resolve it. The facade slips away.
        You’ve really said it all.

  4. Sugar says:

    Ooh, Tyra would be mad about that last pic cuz she lost her neck.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      She’s not smizing enough, either. Lol
      When I’m sick, ANTM is my marathon show.

  5. Grace says:

    I say if you have a great body at ANY age, why not flaunt it in a magazine spread. I think its crazy to say that since your over 40 you should cover yourself up.

    • LT says:

      Completely agree – enough with the ageist attitudes! Beauty of all ages should be celebrated.

    • Ginger says:

      I’m 45 but I don’t look anything like Jennifer Lopez or Gwen Stefani. But if I did I’d probably wear shorter skirts and tighter tops. Most definitely a bikini at the beach! I know these ladies work really hard for their figures so why not?

    • L says:

      I never understand that you are ‘supposed’ to do things at a certain age. Like hair-when I hit 30 people were telling me to enjoy my long hair while I had it-because once I hit 40 it was time to cut it all off for mom hair. Older women aren’t supposed to have long hair or something. Um…says who?

      I mean, Helen Mirren looks awesome in a bikini-who cares how old she is. If you’ve got it flaunt it.

      • Ramona Q. says:

        Yes, women over 40, 50, 60 are sexy too! We are supposed to recede into the night and disappear sexually? Eff that.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        It seems a lot of those ageist limitations are falling by the way side. People now-adays don’t care nearly as much about maintaining the odd rules that we don’t even know the origins of. I see business women wearing white after Labor Day *gasps* and mixing colors I grew up being told “clashed” like orange and red together or different shades of blue in the same outfit. I’m 45 and have no plans to cut my long hair and I still wear bikinis at the lake. My son’s favorite color is pink and he wears it proudly.

        I’m glad to see these bizarre rules fading. Most of them are stupid and have no real reasoning behind it. I’m sure they came from some where and had a reason that initiated them but that doesn’t make them valid in this day and age. Why not wear white after Labor Day? Is it because we might blend in with snow or what?

  6. HoustonGrl says:

    “when both people can be themselves and have their own individuality. That’s especially important for women” Soooooooo true!

  7. MP says:

    I’m not sure how autobiographical her songs are but she has written several songs over the years where she is really unhappy because she has been lied to and cheated on.
    They frankly make me a bit uncomfortable because if they are true I think it’s mean to publish them. If you have forgiven your husband and decided to stay together you should keep your issues between the two of you.

    • Renee says:

      You know what I thought was weird?? Was how she wrote all of those songs about her bass player, I guess they used to date and he broke up with her then she kept writing songs about it that the whole band would record. And he had a girlfriend!!! I think that a lot of her songs are fairly autobiographical, but I guess that you are supposed to write what you know.

      • MP says:

        I know! Playing Don’t Speak over and over again over the years must have been interesting for the bass player.
        Well at least the song made them very rich, I don’t know what Gavin gets from songs like Early Winter or 4 in the morning.

      • Artemis says:

        They were touring for years and she said how uncomfortable it was doing that with Tony 😀

      • Petee says:

        Tragic Kingdom was about Tony.All the rest of her songs have been about Gavin.Return To Saturn was all about Gavin when they first got together and their relationship was sort of off and on.

  8. caitlin says:

    Her quote about it being a “miracle” they’re still together and they’ve been through so much…I wonder what that’s all about. Sure, it is a miracle of sorts in Hollyweird, but I’m sensing there’s something more to it.

  9. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Your instinct is to say put it away in your forties?! I don’t care what you look like, you have every right to be as sexy as you want to be no matter what your age. If you feel it then be it. No one should tell you that as a woman you need to tone it down after a certain age. No one says that to men!

  10. Lucy says:

    I love Gwen! Always have.

  11. Sally J. Freedman says:

    Gwen is my absolute Goddess! I had my daughter rocking out in her carseat to her and she just turned twenty. She dressed as her in the 2nd grade for career day and all throughout high school for wannabe day every homecoming week. Always No Doubt Gwen though, never solo Gwen.

  12. Livealot says:

    I get where she is coming from because you think Gavin would settle with a supermodel in the traditional sense…despite how dope Gwen is. I literally would go gay for her and Angelina. And I love that they are friends.

    Oh and enough with the ageist stuff. Yes some things are inappropriate but my general consensus is F off.

    • Luna says:

      + 1000000 on the girl crush. She’s supah hot. And what if she and Angelina had a badass secret love affair?! The sun would melt.

  13. A.Key says:

    I can’t believe she’s 45!!!!

    Also, love truly is blind because her husband looks skeevy and sleazy to me.

  14. GingerCrunch says:

    WoW! Can’t believe I think a Cosmo cover is CUTE! I love it! But then it IS Gwen.

  15. Cinderella says:

    Gwen is blessed with some damn good genes.

  16. Jayna says:

    That’s a great cover.

  17. daughterofjean says:

    I’ve watched her on the Voice and she looks so botoxed and filled. She comes across as a really nice person though. I don’t find her husband attractive at all.

  18. sara says:

    When did Gwen become so pathetic? Or may be she was always this way. Talking about how she is surprised to get a hot hubby, mentioning in past interviews how she is always wearing makeup and looking perfect for him, how insecure she is around him, always being perfect, perfect, perfect for Gavin. Ugh! The list goes on. To think I wanted to somewhat be her as a young girl years ago and thought she was this independent, strong woman. It’s such a let down and a farce of what she tried to portray to young girls/women years ago and somewhat today. Maybe this is why her interviews back then were short with her barely talking about shit other than clothes and style. Her true self was not seen until now. She was always a man pleaser. Such a shame.

  19. snowflake says:

    i’m glad their relationship is working for them. But personally, I feel like how hard can it be to keep a relationship going when you each can see other people, have plenty of money and don’t have to spend every day together. that’s the things that get on my nerves and stress my relationship.

  20. BlackBetty says:

    I don’t know what she sees in Gavin. She always seems to have an inferiority complex conceding him. I’ve envied her abs for years!