Felicity Jones keeps up with the Kardashians & their ‘incredible work ethic’


Felicity Jones covers the new issue of Violet Grey – you can see the photoshoot here. I wish major magazines would take a page from Violet Grey and do some bolder editorials. This is what Felicity has been missing this awards season: boldness. A “look at me!” quality. I mean, she’s not going to win the Oscar, so why not have fun and really kill it on the red carpet? Anyway, here are some highlights from the interview:

How she celebrated her first Oscar nom: “I just needed some junk food,” she says, explaining her lunch of Chicken McNuggets and French fries. “I woke up at 4 a.m. and was so nervous I couldn’t get back to sleep. But it’s been a pretty awesome day.”

She’s not too fancy: She cites Britney Spears’ “(Hit Me) Baby One More Time” as her favorite shower song… and dutifully keeps up with the Kardashians. “Watching their show is so relaxing,” she says. “It’s how I switch off. And they all have an incredible work ethic, don’t they?”

The city in which she feels the most beautiful: “In Paris or Barcelona you feel your sexuality just from being female. It’s something England and America should definitely adopt.”

The movies that make her cry: “Notting Hill. I love that movie. And I couldn’t stop crying when I watched Blue Valentine. It was so moving and emotional.”

[From Violet Grey]

Never do I feel more embarrassment as an American than when a foreign actor or actress name-checks the Kardashians. It’s bad enough that Americans have to deal with the kat-faced monster we’ve created, the multi-headed famewhore hydra known as the Kardashian Klan, but why do non-Americans have to watch the show too? Don’t watch it! Watch Mad Men or Breaking Bad or something. Although, I guess if you just want to tune out to something mindless, the Kardashians aren’t a bad choice. I prefer zoning out to cooking shows, but everybody is different.

Oh, and word is that Felicity has been hired for a “stand-alone” Star Wars film which may or may not have her playing Princess Leia. You can read more about it here.



Photos courtesy of Violet Grey.

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  1. Maya says:

    We Brits have been holding our heads tall and high because of the way Brits are ruling this awards season.

    And now we can all hang our heads down thanks to Felicity and her saying something nice about Katrashians…

    • CM says:

      Could be wrong but I read it as her kind of shading them – as in, the nicest thing she could think of to say was that they have an ‘incredible work ethic’. I don’t imagine it was said with real admiration. I think she knows it’s embarrassing to watch the show so justifies it by saying it’s purpose is to numb her mind. It’s like me and Dinner Date.

      But anyway – what a gorgeous face. And I agree – she should’ve been using this award season to kill it on the red carpet and make her mark. What a waste.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        This American feels no shame. I love KUWTK! Its a mindlessly entertaining show. Guilty pleasure all the way. Thats also why I love celeb gossip in general. Gossiping is fun and Its a nice escape from the pressures of everyday life.

      • Ashley says:

        SnarkySnarkers is absolutely right – and I don’t think anyone reading this entire site has any right to be offended by people who enjoy smut – this IS smut (and love it)

  2. paola says:

    She’s kinda right. The Kardashians starve for attention and they know they have to hustle like crazy to get to those levels of fame.. so yes, they have a great work ethic and I think it’s all due to Kris. I’m sure they sleep with one eye open to check the gossip sites and they only fall back to sleep when they’re sure they’ve covered at least 3 pieces on the Daily Mail.
    Their job consists in getting papped in full make up and drag clothes. You can’t fault them, they do that every single day. I couldn’t do it. It’s just too much effort for nothing

    And I agree again with Felicity Jones: their show is relaxing. You don’t need a brain to follow the plot and even if I only watched once years ago, I’m sure it is the perfect thing to watch if you want a break from your thoughts.

    • L&Mmommy says:

      Agreed on all points. Their ” job” maybe ridiculous and pointless to some but they do it incredibly well and with such dedication hence why they are so famous and rich. On a lazy day I like a good kardashian Marathon, it’s lighthearted fun and does not require a lot of attention and concentration. Their valley girl voices(especially Kourtney’s) narrating in the background is relaxing. 🙊

      • sally says:

        I agree with both of you.

        Plus, they didn’t land so many magazine covers, launch books, launch makeup and hair lines, design clothes for Sears, own their DASH boutiques, be the faces of products and other campaigns with a bad work ethic. They hustle, They work. They show up on time.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        I agree, that’s why when people say they don’t Do anything, I don’t get it. They do work, regardless. Those ladies know how to hustle.

        Felicity has such a Beautiful and Cute face all in one. I love her look.

    • Kdlaf says:

      Agreed! Recently Ive been watching old episodes to tune out after work. I really believe they are as harmless as we want them to be. People give them too much credit on this website and other gossip blogs. Yes their faces are everywhere and they just plaster their name on a bunch products and get papped everyday but the more mad you get the more popular they will become. So look away and they will eventually go away, remember Paris? Its harder since its the whole family but their fame will eventually fade if we stop giving them attention.

  3. Chrissy says:

    How can anyone take her seriously after she said THAT????
    It almost makes me wonder how much they paid her to mention them.

  4. Sixer says:

    I don’t watch it! I don’t watch it!

    Neither do I watch Housewives, those guys with the beards who say racist things whose name escapes me, nor shows with the singer/man/other woman love triangle weirdery whose names also escape me, nor any of the other odd-person American shows that Sky puts on its minor channels over here.

    I do watch Breaking Bad et al.

    Kaiser! Kaiser! Do I get a biscuit (cookie)?!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Have some cake.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      You’re perfect! Never change. And try to encourage your fellow countrymen to pretend the Kardashians don’t exist to cause us endless embarrassment. Thank you.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I’m pretending they don’t exist and I’m American. I’m surprised their father’s ghost isn’t haunting them.

      • Sixer says:

        Heehee. I was elsewhere on the interwebz the other day and discovered gazillions of Americans avidly watching the current series of Celebrity Big Brother UK (Perez Hilton is on it). They wouldn’t believe me when I said I’d never seen a single episode of any Big Brother. So it does cut both ways!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Not only have I never seen an episode of Big Brother, I never saw a single episode of Oprah.

      • Sixer says:

        Ooh, me either! I saw my first X Factor episode this last series, thanks to a visiting pal of one of the Sixlets. Otherwise, I’ve managed to avoid it.

      • Petee says:

        I can’t wait to be on here tomorrow after everyone has seen her new nude pictures that are posted on the Daily Mail.I am sorry I don’t like this family and their show is showing a horrible example to younger women.

    • vauvert says:

      May I offer some maple syrup fudge as a symbol of Canadian appreciation? (And a martini on the side…)

  5. Sabrina says:

    Is Felicity being sarcastic about the Kardashians’ work ethic or not? It’s sometimes hard to tell from a print interview.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I got sarcasm from it.

    • perplexed says:

      I took it as her British sense of humour showing through. So, yeah, I read it as sarcasm.

    • Esmom says:

      I detected sarcasm. But still it would have been better had she not mentioned them at all. I agree with Kaiser that cooking shows are the most relaxing TV.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        I think she was serious. One thing about the K’s they do work.
        No one can deny that , the family works and hustles.

  6. minx says:

    Oh, brother.

  7. aligoat says:

    I just saw The Theory of Everything and Felicity is now one of my favourites. What she said about KUWTK makes sense – it’s brainless, easy to watch television that you don’t have to think about. Very relaxing haha.

  8. Gill says:

    Felicity is a really talented actress, and looks great in those shots. She hasn’t been sitting the red carpet alight this year, but then she probably doesn’t have to – her quality is obvious, and the roles will inevitably keep coming in. (Although I wonder whether she has the charisma to take a lead role in a blockbuster – but we’ll just have to wait and see how she does with the Star Wars role, she certainly is a good match physically for Leia.) As for the Kardashian shout-out, I suspect actors like consuming empty TV in their down-time, as a break from the intensity of their work, and I wouldn’t judge them for that. Either that, or she’s been studying the J-Law playbook on how to win over the general public…

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      I loved her in the Theory……. She’s such an amazing actress.

      This is a generation that grew up on the K’s, I can see them relaxing with K’s in the background, although I don’t watch it. I can see her point.

  9. scout says:

    LOL! heard that they love to watch “Honey BooBoo” too in Europe. Have fun watching American train wrecks in massive proportions, must be very gloomy there!

  10. Kaya says:

    I loooove the top photo. These pictures are great

  11. LAK says:

    It’s really odd, but I find her irredeemably bland. I’ve seen her on so many covers over the years as well as watched afew films she’s in and yet I couldn’t pick her out of a line up if you asked me.

  12. Adiellybelle says:

    I think her face is gorgeous. Classic beauty

  13. Sadie says:

    I’m not much of a reality TV person (Hart of Dixie is my go to silly show), but I can’t fault Felicity for enjoying something frivolous. Everyone needs to relax and turn off their brains for a bit. Trying to be high brow all the time is boring.

  14. Lucy says:

    I wonder if she and Eddie watched reality shows together on their off time during filming…I bet they did!

  15. Jen says:

    all I can think when I see her is that crazy Cape Wrath she did opposite Tom Hardy. geez.

  16. Micki says:

    Generally I don’t watch reality shows. Unless there’s a reference or something.
    But some names stick and some dissappear after their 15 min. I guess the Kardashians must do their thing right (businesswise) otherwise they won’t cash so much.
    As for watching trash to switch off… it’s not such a big deal.

  17. Paloma says:

    Taking selfies every day is an incredible work ethic?

  18. Josefa says:

    I used to watch the Kardashians. They were brainless fun. I stopped watching it when they started messing with serious subjects (racism, cultural appropiation, etc.)

    I’ve always said the same thing about them – I don’t mind that they have a dumb reality show and make a lot of money out of it. But stay dumb. Keep your controversies dumb. Silently donate money to people who need it. Keep your dumb ass away from smart and serious discussions.

  19. kim says:

    She’s such an awkward little thing and I dig that. Go Felicity!

  20. Veruca Salt says:

    After she basically said she was on the same level as Ralph Fiennes, acting chops wise, during an interview, I can’t help thinking she’s a little full of herself. This was before Theory of Everything and I had seen her performances and she’s not bad but she’s not that good either. She is overrated in Theory of Everything and doesn’t deserve the Oscar nom. She was stiff and not once did she convince me that she ever loved Redmayne/Hawking in the film. She also delivered her lines with as much depth and emotion as a board. Eddie is a fine actor, he made her seem like she did a decent job but without him as a costar, it would have been so much more obvious how underwhelming and uninspired her acting was.