Lily Allen gets violent on paparazzi – again

Lily Allen looking demure at the Chanel show on 3/10/09. Paparazzi freak out pictures are on These photos credit:

I really like Lily Allen, she’s cute, she says what’s on her mind, and her music is great. But she should just stop feuding with people, and maybe put her third nipple away too, we’ve all seen it by now.

A fired up Lily Allen risked putting her grand US tour plans in jeopardy after she was pictured kicking an irritating paparazzo who allegedly shunted into the back of her car whilst chasing her.

The raging singer certainly lost her Smile as she was pictured swinging a punch, throwing a bottle and kicking the photographer before her own bodyguards were seen pulling her away.

Allen, whose new album It’s Not Me, It’s You, stormed the American charts is due to play State-side in April following her current UK dates.

But should the photographer file a complaint and police find reason to arrest the 23-year-old, she could have her US working visa revoked once again, similar to her ban after a similar scrap back in 2007.


This is hardly Lily’s first violent incident, she assaulted a photographer in May 2007, and in August of last year she punched a heckler. Lily has a framed, enlarged copy of her police caution hanging in her flat. This incident led her having visa issues in the United States. Eventually her visa was granted, but will another be denied after this? Lily has an album out that needs promoting.

Lily has talked in the past about how the paparazzi make her feel bad, and her relationship with the press.

If i wanted publicity , i’d be accepting invitations not to mention money for turning up to glamourous events . I’m actually trying really hard to be out of the public eye , as I’m really proud of the work i’ve put into my album and I want people to appreciate the music , yes I enjoy attention and praise , thats why i went into this job . But don’t accuse me of purposely slipping out of my clothes to get attention and press . I hate the fact that there are always 10 middle aged men following me everywhere that i go .

I understand that it’s the price i pay for having a nice house and nice clothes , and i treat them with courtesy when i don’t think that they particularly deserve it . i’m a very independent person and I like to live as normal a life as anybody where I can ,I live by myself , i drive myself around and run all my errands by myself . It’s actually incredibly embarrasing and lonely when I’m walking down the street and men are chasing me with their cameras , drawing attention to me and people then pointing and taking out their camera’s and phones all getting in on the action . I’m 5″2 i’m 23 and this stuff gets to me every so often , so when you see pictures of ” lily looking , glum” or ” lily in tears , again” it’s not because i’m upset about my relationships or because i’m hungover . It’s because i’m on my own and people are pointing at me like an animal in the zoo , talking about me as if i’m not there, meanwhile 10 -20 guys are all making money catching every second of it . Anyway my point is , i would never use my body in that way , I’m just not that kind of girl .

Lily’s official blog

Lily, you might try ‘really hard to be out of the public eye’, but in the last 12 months you’ve had public squabbles with Katy Perry, Elton John and Perez Hilton. You’ve made controversial comments about drugs and alcohol, been involved in another violent incident and shown your boobs a few times. For most of the last 12 months you had no new music to share, were you just terrified of ‘difficult second album syndrome’ and desperately trying to stay in our faces?

Lily says she googles herself ‘ten times a day’ so if you’re reading this Lily, stop hitting people! This is absolutely unacceptable behavior. And consider keeping your mouth shut and giving up blogging.

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  1. blunderbuss says:

    She’s no Keira Knightley! :(

  2. lway says:

    I think she’s very pretty. When she’s not fighting that is. The photo’s of her having it out with the Papz are not flattering at all.

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