Emma Stone in Monique Lhuillier at the Spirit Awards: lovely or boring?


Here are some photos of Emma Stone at yesterday’s Independent Spirit Awards. She was nominated for Birdman and she lost (to Patricia Arquette), which is going to happen at the Oscars too. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Emma cares that much. She’s barely campaigned for her nomination, although she has dutifully promoted Birdman for months. It’s always funny how she’s able to find that balance – she did it with The Help too. She made tons of appearances on behalf of The Help, but she found a way to take a backseat the entire time and let Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer get all of the (deserved) acclaim.

Her dress is Monique Lhuillier, a label I have never associated with Emma. The dress has a weird cut out detail at the waist, and it provides a weird illusion to make Emma’s waist look even smaller than it already is. I just saw Birdman this weekend, and let me tell you… her thinness bothered me. I’m not trying to start a flame war or anything and I’m not yelling at her. I’m just saying that her weight loss is really noticeable and I sincerely hope she’s finding a way to get and stay healthy.



Marion Cotillard continued her parade of WTF-ery with this completely odd Valentino ensemble. Really? This? I mean, the skirt looks like a typical Marion choice: patterned, chintzy, bordering on silly. But then to throw a Walmart-looking sweater over it?! What the hell?



Kerry Washington in Balenciaga. Is it just me or is this a little bit extra for the loosey-goosey Spirit Awards? Like, it feels pinched and much too serious.


Scott Eastwood brought the bro to the Spirits, hells yes.


Common is probably going to be “Oscar winner Common” by the end of the day.


Diego Luna is always perfect. I love him.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Kerry is so very pretty. So very pretty.

    I want to give Marion a hug wearing that jumper. She looks so comfy. More comfort!

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I like Emma’s dress except for the cutouts.

    Love the expression WTF-ery. Lol

    • Liv says:

      I absolutely love the dress! I looked it up and found out that Emma’s got the same stylist as Zoe Saldana – no wonder! I agree though that the cutouts make her look super thin and that she would look better with more weight on.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I agree. When I was her age, I went through some times when I was underweight. I would just lose my appetite for some reason and forget to eat, especially if anything stressful was going on. I hope she’s ok. I “outgrew” it or something. Maybe she’s just going through a phase.

      • Bridget says:

        We obviously don’t know Emma, but I would imagine that the pressure on her is just enormous. She’s one of the most in-demand actresses out there and has been for a while, and she’s a fashion darling. Personally, I’m sad whenever a young actress has a breakthrough into the big time and then immediately loses a great deal of weight (it’s strange to go back and see her in Superbad). It could be simply that she’s stressed and busy, which could come with the increased workload. But I can also imagine what she hears from the folks in the movie biz.

      • Maggie says:

        GoodNames, Emma has mentioned on more than one occasion that when she is stressed, she can’t keep weight on. I think this started happening when she had a family member (a parent?) who was going through a rough medical treatment. Or maybe I am remembering it wrong, but it was a couple of years ago. And it appears that she hasn’t been able to regain that same weight, right?

  3. Ice Queen says:

    Marion’s outfit scares me. I don’t like Kerry’s dress but she is beautiful. Emma looks weird.

  4. Katie says:

    I love Emma but this look is not her best. Boring dress and too much eye make up

  5. dr mantis toboggan says:

    I love Marion’s skirt, shoes and earrings. The jumper … Not so much

  6. Kiddo says:

    I almost like the dress, it’s cute, or she’s cute, but the triangular tip kind of ruins it, making it a table-doily-runner.
    Cumberbatches’ wife should get Marion Cotillard’s outfit, it’s covered in comet sophies.

  7. InvaderTak says:

    Common! Yay!

  8. vauvert says:

    I love Emma and this dress was almost fantastic. That weird triangle and cut outs ruined it. No idea who Diego is but brother, if you can’t bother to put on shoes, stay home. Marion is fun to watch. She is so lovely and talented but she could have been stunning in that skirt with a simple top… why ruin it with the sweater? And that hair?? I mean if you want comfort, throw on a sweater dress and call it a day.

  9. charlie says:

    This is my favourite look of the entire award season. Emma looks perfect, head to toe. I can’t wait to see what she’ll wear to the Oscars.

    Diego Luna was my first ever celebrity crush, ever since I saw Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights when I was about 11. Wish we would see more of him.

    • Gemma13 says:

      Ahhh, I just watched Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights for the 100th time today. I fall in love with Diego every time I watch it. Still hot sneakers n’ all.

  10. paola says:

    I’m sure Emma’s thinness has a lot to do with the fact her mother is sick. She seems like a great girl, lots of personality and a head well adjusted on her shoulders. I’m sure it’s nothing but a side effect from family issues more than an eating disorder.

    • smcollins says:

      I hadn’t heard about Emma’s mother, that’s too bad. I know they’re really close, so you’re probably right about her weight loss being stress related. I hope her mother gets well. I love Emma, she’s one of my favorite actresses.

    • Lost account says:

      She’s been this thin since she started filming the Spider-Man films. She claims it’s her normal weight. All young actresses go to the thin size zero phase when they become more famous and/or start working on big studio films. My guess is that they start believing the whole “camera adds 10pounds” or there is subtle brainwashing to fit in a specific dress size based on what designers that big studios partner with start sending you.

      • Bridget says:

        I don’t think it’s even a subtle brainwashing – I think there’s a relentless pressure on women in Hollywood to be thin. Overt pressure.

    • EC says:

      I thought she was extra thin on purpose in Birdman because she was playing a recovering addict. The thinness, combined with whatever angles made her eyes looked extra bug-y and her incredible acting were all very effective. I think she looks great here – I love her as a redhead!!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      You can have a good head on your shoulders and still have an eating disorder. Not saying Emma has one, but I felt the need to point that out. An eating disorder is an illness that even rational, well-adjusted people can fall prey to.

      Also, stress and the need to control an aspect of one’s life when other parts of one’s life are out of their control can be a catalyst for an eating disorder. I’m not speculating on Emma, just saying that generally-speaking it’s possible for the illness or death of a loved one to precipitate an ED in someone.

    • Isadora says:

      It could also be that she is depressed or stressed or has thyroid problems (quite a few people with “bug-y” eyes have hyperthyroidism which makes it very, very hard to gain weight).

      Not everything is about Hollywood, eating disorders and size zero. Could be, but as we know next to nothing about her lifestyle it’s really hard to say.

  11. AG-UK says:

    All I have to say is COMMON😍 i can’t see anyone else. What are they wearing??

    • EC says:

      RIGHT??? I love how he poses with his fingertips together. He is HOT.

      Fun tip: he uses the same stylist as Lupita Nyongo (the things you learn on instagram). She does a great job with him because I think he always looks sharp!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He’s so fine. Sexiest smile in the business.

  12. jenn12 says:

    Love Emma’s tousled bob! The dress, not so much. And, Marion, W. T. F??

  13. serena says:

    Oddly enough, since I never do, I like Emma’s dress. I love her, but yeah her thinness has been bothering me for awhile. Also, usually she dresses like crap but this looks good (except the weird cut-outs on the waist).

  14. JH says:

    I LOVE Marion’s style. She’s so beautiful she can pull it off.

    • bella says:

      marion is a goddess and her style is perfect on her.
      no one – except emma stone – can pull this look off.
      they have a similar look and often the same taste…

  15. Ginger says:

    I like Emma’s dress from the side but from the front with the cut outs it gives a weird triangle illusion to her body. Otherwise I love her hair when it’s colored red. It suits her better than the blonde. Kerry Washington…so pretty! And dayumn! Scott Eastwood is gorgeous!

  16. lucy2 says:

    I like Emma’s, but it makes her look about nine feet tall!
    I hope Marion is getting all this fug weirdness out of her system and goes classic and elegant for the Oscars.
    I like Kerry’s except for the neckline.

  17. Jib says:

    I think Emma Stone is one of the few young actresses with a great head on her shoulders and who seems kind and smart, too, so I hope that she is OK. I think the pressure on these women to be and stay ridiculously thin is just horrendous.

  18. Chihiro says:

    You can find sweaters like that at Walmart? I never knew, I’m going to start shopping there. I think Marion looks good, I hope she wears Valentino to the oscars as well, he has put out a lot of beautiful dresses recently. Unfortunately, she will probably end up wearing some hideous Dior creation. Emma looks nice, but the way she is posing is quite strange.

  19. Moana says:

    Love MC’s skirt! Love the sweater…just not together. That is great fabric!

  20. M.J. says:

    I actually love what Marion’s wearing. She looks gorgeous!

  21. kri says:

    You could put Common in a ripped T-shirt and some Old Navy sweatpants and I’d still get tingly. Usually I love Marion, but this…no.Oh, no.

  22. Reece says:

    Emma- The shoulders with the poofy-lite skirt is throwing me off. It’s kinda half-@ssed. Two half-a’s don’t make a whole. <–There's a dirty joke in there somewhere. I know it, I can feel it.
    Marion- Maybe I'm totally nuts or it's just too early on Sunday but I kinda love it! I looked at it and started hearing SirPat's Star Trek intro in my head. LOVE IT!!!
    Kerry- No bueno.
    Scott- *eye roll*
    Common- Hello there!
    Diego- Hi.

  23. bns says:

    LOVE Kerry’s dress.

  24. Judyk says:

    Love Emma’s dress…think she’s always lovely. Glad to see it’s connected at the waist.

  25. lisa2 says:

    I like Emma’s dress.. I think she has been the most interesting this awards season. Everyone seems to be waiting for what she is wearing. I enjoy how effortless she is in her fashion. It never feels TRY HARD TO IMPRESS. Some people can’t pull that off. Marion looks comfy.. but that look is a miss for me.

  26. ac says:

    Emma’s dress really reminds of the one she wore a few years ago for the Crazy, Stupid, Love premiere…like she gave her stylist a photo of that premiere dress and said I want this but inverted.


  27. jen2 says:

    I like Marion’s whole outer space theme. I love the skirt and like the sweater..just not as an outfit. The sweater belongs with trousers or a plain black skirt, it looks juvenile with that skirt. I hope that Common and Legend win tonight. That song is very powerful and so appropriate for the film.

  28. LaurieH says:

    From top to bottom:
    Emma Stone – love the look. Would have preferred hair with a deep side part.
    Marion Cotilliard – I don’t understand this. Particularly the ribbed sweater thingy.
    Kerry Washington – Perfection. Right for the Spirit Awards? Probably not.
    Scott Eastwood – ??? It’s a guy in a suit. So….????
    Common – Perfection. But again – right for the Spirit Awards? Not so much.
    Diego Luna – dirty sneakers? Really? Next time, just go barefoot. It would be an improvement.

  29. Grace says:

    I’m not sure what’s going with Marion. This is something you would wear to a party you have to go to when you have really bad cramps and sort of need to look good but don’t really give a f**k because you have really bad cramps.

  30. Nimbolicious says:

    Emma’s gorge no matter what, but I think this dress looks too baggy on the bottom. She’d look better in a more tapered, body-hugging silhouette, in my opinion.

  31. Seraphina says:

    Love it: WTF-ery. I choked on my coffee. But I had a good chuckle.

  32. Adrien says:

    Omg! Diego Luna. We need more Diego Luna.

  33. EKP says:

    Can’t it be lovely and boring?