Blake Lively complains about ‘Gossip Girl’: ‘there are so many films I can’t do’

Does anyone still believe that once a television girl, always a television girl? Of course there have been notable exceptions of a television actress making a successful and sustainable film career cross-over, but not every television girl is so lucky. Two of the most recent cross-over girls have been Jennifer Garner and Katherine Heigl. Post-Alias, Garner’s film career has flourished in diverse roles showing off her range as an actress. On the other side, Katherine Heigl seems in danger of alienating everyone she has and will work with in television and film. Perhaps it comes down to personalities?

Currently, Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively seems somewhere in between the Heigl sanctimony-filled downward spiral and the Garner flourish. Showbiz Spy is reporting the Blake is whining about her beckoning film career. I doubt Blake gave these quotes to Showbiz Spy, and I haven’t been able to find the source interview. I tend to think Blake actually gave this interview somewhere, judging solely by the way Showbiz Spy puts the quotes out there without covering their asses with “Friends say Blake said…” or “A source tells us that Blake said…” Here there are:

Blake Lively says Gossip Girl is holding back her movie career.

The 21-year-old actress – who plays Serena van der Woodsen in the hit TV show – says she has been so busy filming the teen drama that it’s been impossible to take up film offers coming her way.

She explains, “We shoot nine months out of the year, so there are so many films I can’t do.

“On my latest movie I would go and take a day off from Gossip Girl in New York and go to Connecticut and shoot that and then come back the next day. And they don’t really like to share you.”

From Showbiz Spy

Are there so many film producers clamoring to work with Blake? She’s very pretty with an average talent, but how many films is she really being offered? Before Gossip Girl, she had some supporting roles in films like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Accepted, but there’s no doubt that Gossip Girl put Blake on the map. Even though these quotes aren’t that bad, she might want to tone it down and be quietly thankful she‘s even got a job.

Blake Lively is shown on the set of Gossip Girl on 3/9/09. Credit:

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  1. lara says:

    “Post-Alias, Garner’s film career has flourished in diverse roles showing off her range as an actress.”
    Is there a new definition for ‘flourish’? Like ‘bomb’ maybe?

  2. FF says:

    She might want to consider that this was the very complaint of Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson while they were on The OC – and David Duchovny when he was on The X-Files.

    Witness how their movie careers took off like rockets.


    She might want to heed the warning and just do small parts in films while on TV, and generally suck it up. This may be as famous as she’s ever going to get.

  3. the original kate says:

    it’s not that difficult – when natalie portman was at harvard she filmed movies on her summer break. in fact the star wars trilogy was planned around when she would be available. oh, yeah, but natalie is talented and i guess directors were willing to wait.

  4. Jenna says:

    Am I alone in thinking I would love to see Rachel Bilson in movies more so than any young television actress at this point?

    But I’ve never watched Gossip Girl a day in my life so I can’t say if she’s a good actress or not. I’m just tired of her and the whole “Gossip” crew period. Why can’t the CW air previews for their good shows like Supernatural?

  5. Kate~ says:

    Pffft, screw Blake, put Chuck in a movie – playing Chuck….but maybe naked…the whole 2 hours….:P

  6. I Choose Me says:

    I’m with Kate. He’s the only reason to watch. Nobody gives good glare like

  7. Gaby says:

    Yes, Chuck and maybe Blair are the two good things about the show.

  8. Because I Say So says:

    I would be happy if Serena was written off the show. Her, along with the Humphreys, add nothing but annoyance to it

  9. sweetzy says:

    i love Serena, she’s beautiful n lively.. but i will agree on Kate 2.. 2 hours of Chuck would be great.. he is so sexy, hot and delicious hehehe

  10. YaddaYadda says:

    I think she may be insecure about her role on the show b/c her character was supposed to be the central one and she’s been upstaged by Leighton Meester.

    LM is the better actress and IMO, much more classically beautiful. She has a juicier, more complex role and has also struck a unique chemistry with Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck. I don’t think they planned that pairing but when they got together, the producers saw the spark and C/B became the big couple on the show not BL’s Serena and Penn B.’s Dan.