Star: LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian ‘are in a rut & she’s freaking out’


How long have Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes been together? It’s going on six years, isn’t it? Looking it up… yes, we’re at the six-year anniversary of the beginning of their affair. They famously began their affair while filming a Lifetime movie, and paparazzi got photos and video of them making out (Us Weekly published the pics in March 2009). I’ve always believed that Eddie continued to sleep with LeAnn after they were discovered and while he was allegedly working on his marriage to Brandi, although I think that was mostly due to the fact that LeAnn was pretty much stalking him and trying to get him to pay attention to her. Anyway, why bring this up? They’re close enough to their “seven year itch.” At least according to Star Magazine’s sources. The sources claim that Eddie just isn’t interested in spending any alone time with LeAnn anymore. Huh.

The seven-year itch came three years early for Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes.

“They’re in a rut and she’s freaking out,” tattles a friend. LeAnn, who wed Eddie nearly four years ago, was spotted in Victoria’s Secret loading up on $1000 worth of sexy lingerie and candles to help light a fire under her not-so-amorous hubby. But it seems her passion pleas fell on deaf ears.

“It’s like Eddie doesn’t want to be alone with her for any extended amount of time. It’s a shock to her ego… she doesn’t want Eddie’s eye to wander, so she’s doing anything she can to keep him happy in the bedroom.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Some of you said that LeAnn and Eddie didn’t even spend Valentine’s Day alone, that they had to be surrounded by friends. LeAnn’s girlfriends – who incidentally all look like Eddie’s type – are usually around on all of their vacations. So, is the magic gone? Probably. I think Eddie gets “bored” very easily, and he likes to have a “variety” at hand at all times. Does this mean that he’s going to leave LeAnn? Probably not. He wants to stay married to her AND have his variety, you know? And he doesn’t want to spend any time with LeAnn, ever.

Which is why LeAnn keeps getting “sick.” LeAnn posted this photo of her 29th (!!!) dental surgery this week:

Ms Piggy Goes To The Dentist #twins #29thsurgery almost done #thankgod

A photo posted by LeAnn Rimes Cibrian (@leannrimes) on

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram & Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Insomniac says:

    Thank you for the shartface pic. That’s almost as funny as the shot of cranky Baby Biebs getting slung into the SUV.

  2. Size Does Matter says:

    “Star – LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: SNAFU.”

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Note: While getting 29th surgery…phone is clutched firmly in hand #loser

    • maeliz says:

      She has to tweet and take pictures of everything in her life for all to see. I haven’t seen a picture of her not holding the phone for a long time, but while having dental surgery really pushes it

    • Charlie says:

      Her phone is the only friend she has, how sad. I never see other singers carrying their phone like that, it’s her security blanket to stalk Eddie. Her bad press will be the end of her, very sad she threw it away to catch a loser.

    • Christin says:

      Did she bring a blanket as well? #hadtoleavesickbedfordentalwork29butwhoiscounting

    • puravidacostarica says:

      First, why would one schedule dental surgery (or even dental work at all) when you supposedly have the WORST EVAH! bronchitis? Second, she’ll be clutching that phone one day while they are embalming her. Third, anyone want to place bets on how likely she’s addicted to pain meds with that many surgeries?

  4. Ladybug says:

    We saw this coming along time ago. Eddie doesn’t go for girls like Leann only reason he married her was for the financial security. Eddie will ALWAYS want variety and You can’t change him Leann. To bad they can’t fix those flaring nostrils along with your teeth.

  5. maeliz says:

    29 dental surgeries? ! No wonder she can’t perform. How many will it take to fix the ugly mess her veneers caused

    • arabella says:

      seriously! If I were a singer, I’d be afraid to mess with my skills just b/c of some fake teeth.

  6. Brin says:

    Who wouldn’t want to be alone with this insecure, stalking hypochondriac?! Ediot is a fool.

    • Charlie says:

      Eddie needed a meal ticket, he deserves the hell his life has gone now. Look back on Dean’s interviews, he said Leann needed taken care of. Dean has moved on to a wonderful future, a great wife, and Lea is still sitting on the floor crying over her none life. Tells you what she is all about, and to support a loser is her reward for screwing a married man.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      What does she have left in her mouth that hasn’t been worked on? Is her dentist a quack? I can’t imagine there is anything else that needs to be done to her mouth.

  7. Eddie fits a type. That type is the handsome player part. He flirts innocently but its really not as innocent as he tries to tell her it is. Men like him change wives BT they don’t change how they treat each one. If u want to know how he treats Leann, look at how he treated Brandi and his fiances of past. All the crap Leann posts regarding how they r so different is a smokescreen she wants to believe. I guarantee u he finds her easy to manipulate, boring and mundane. But, now the real reason for story…Leann has been ignored since Christmas and since absolutely nothing else going on she will have mags print ridic story so she can then counter it w happy pics and posts. Repetitive crap recycled to death that we still like to comment on. Lol Good Friday to u!

    • Harleylover says:

      ^^^^^THIS, SPOT ON^^^^^

    • claire says:

      Yep. She’ll make a zillion references to the stories and post tons of retaliatory pics on Instagram, then at same time be on Twitter telling all those special fans of hers that she pays no attention. SHE IS CRAZY.

  8. anne_000 says:

    In a rut? Like it was ever just the two of them and Eddie didn’t need outside stimulation? Was there ever a time that Eddie seriously considered monogamy?

    What has to be so seriously wrong with your teeth that you need 29 surgeries? Really bad dental hygiene? I dunno.

    Didn’t she go to Brandi’s dentist and then sue him/her?

    • anon33 says:

      I know right??? I didn’t seek out dental care for FIFTEEN YEARS, and just recently got everything in my mouth fixed. And I only needed three surgeries!

      In sum, this chick is nutso, crazypants, floating up the Rio de Caca.

    • bettyrose says:

      He was probably never completely faithful to her, but maybe he initially got a kick out of spending her money on lavish dates and now the bloom of that has worn off. C’mon haven’t y’all ever sobered up one day and realized even boozy fun doesn’t make the relationship worth it any more?

    • Singtress says:

      Maybe she considers every filling, cleaning, and mouth rinsing a surgery.

  9. Stacey says:

    Call it a day and just get dentures girl

    • Ellie66 says:

      LOL! 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      I think she has dentures, 29 surg means probably all pulled now. Her singing is terrible, and venues that hire her should be boycotted. We know Le, you won 2 awards 20 years ago, nothing since. The real stars have continued on, leaving these trash behind where she belongs. Remember Carrie Leann?

      Ed is a total loser, no role model for anyone except for the stroll he picks up on the corner. imo

    • maeliz says:

      She comments on how painful all the root canals she’s had to have are. All the dental problems caused by badly done veneers could be over with dentures. I’m sure a good pair would look a lot better than the teeth she has now

      • Cat says:

        I’m no dental expert so can an expert look at the tray next to her and know what she’s having done and tell us??

  10. Cris says:

    Interesting she’s being put under after have “severe” bronchitis last week. Wouldn’t they wait longer to be sure her lungs were clear if that were true?

    • Charlie says:

      Yep, no doctor would touch her is he was that sick unless she demanded so maybe she could sue him. She recorded this week or wrote her cheesy Christmas songs, how laughable. Singers are busy traveling, she is at home with a fat load sitting on the floor. 7 shows is not a tour, heck HS swing choir kids travel more than she does.

      She has no appeal at all, her parents have to be the biggest losers ever. She seems one step away from doing something really bad, and when it happens, they can all call the press and point the finger at Eddie. That’s seems to be the way her family has always been, blame someone else. I feel sorry for Brandi’s sons, both Ed and Le should never have these children without supervision. Fat dimple face seems to be scary and works his crappy tricks, and now on a show the public needs to know he is a silent abuser in his own way. It’s time he pulls the plug on this marriage, but he needs a new $ chick before he can let go . He is lazy, fat, a user, and a poor actor. imo

    • claire says:

      Yet she laughs and insults those who question these sick stories she puts out to cancel shows. It’s mind-boggling how she doesn’t put together how transparent these cancellations are, when she does stuff like this.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      Yes, she’s a liar. Besides, that nasal cup is only pumping nitrous oxide, a.k.a. laughing gas. It in no way renders you unconscious. Even if it did, covering only the nose would be NO way to effectively deliver anaesthesia. God she is such a mentally sick attention seeker. Pshh, surgery my @ss. It’s a friggin’ procedure, not surgery… this trick is certifiable.

  11. Jess says:

    Given her history with personal hygiene I’d say she doesn’t take proper care of her teeth. She always looks so greasy and unkempt, ugh. I love that she’s clutching her phone even during surgery, so ridiculous.

    Of course Eddie doesn’t want to be alone with her, they never go anywhere without his friends. She’s obviously trying to get attention from tabloids by buying that lingerie when she knew the paps were there, she has nothing else going on other stalking Brandi’s twitter.

  12. 90shasbeen says:

    Let’s clear up one thing….she called the paps to photograph her buying lingerie. LeAnn isn’t interesting enough to be papped. Same agency AKM-GSI who she uses and splits profits with. Truth!

    They didn’t even spend their honeymoon alone so Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a shock. I believe she is a bore. Nothing fun about her at all. I’m sure Eddie misses Brandi because she is wild and fun. She tries way too hard to be like Brandi and ALWAYS misses the mark.

    They may never get divorced because she’s too crazy and can be easily manipulated. He needs money and toys. There’s no way she can convince anyone he’s not cheating on her. She just ignores it and allows it to save face. Her constant “tour” cancellations tell the truth. She can’t trust him at all and rightfully so considering how she chased him down like a b**ch in heat.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      She’s living a low budget lifestyle for a wealthy woman so my guess is she didn’t buy a thing. And if the paps caught her at the register, she probably turned right around and returned it all.

  13. Susan says:

    Eddie reminds me of the guy who would always cheat. Needs a wife but wants the side pieces and marriage drama. He won’t leave LeAnn until he has a guaranteed wifey replacement. I can’t believe Brandi is carrying this bone for six years (and that she tolerated it for two of the years). I always thought LeAnn had talent – why doesn’t she spend the energy rediscovering it.

  14. Birdie says:

    Didn’t she sue a dentist, because he messed up her teeth? This is the only time I will feel somewhat sorry for her. It must be horrible to have this much surgery in your mouth.
    And six years?? That’s a long time in Hollywood, so slap me hard and call me Rhonda, but props for that.
    Btw, can’t stand her and I believe she fakes all of her other injuries, so Eddie pays attention.

    • anne_000 says:

      That’s the story I heard too (about the suing) and it was allegedly Brandi’s dentist. I remember Brandi tweeting in support of her dentist during that time.

    • claire says:

      Half the time she’s said she’s having surgeries, she’s then tweeted doing something you would never do if you really had that surgery. Oh, and sometimes she came out with new facial features like newly prominent cheekbones, plumper lips, lifted eyelids. How then is anyone to know what’s real, what isn’t, what she did herself to ruin her teeth? She lies too much to figure it all out.

      • briargal says:

        And don’t forget how everything is dramatically more than it really is in Leaky’s delusional little mind. A simple filling would probably be a “surgery” to Leaky. Weren’t her sprained/bruised fingers broken once upon a time? Such a liar!

      • Nick says:

        How does the saying go: If she’s breathing, she’s tweeting..

      • briargal says:

        And if she’s tweeting, she is lying!

    • Cat says:

      He stays because he’s in over his head. They both have so much debt. He’s not leaving because he can continue to ignore her while she pays all of the bills and he cheats. He’s not loosing nothing. Serves her right for all of the pain she put the ex through. She wanted the cheater well that’s what she got! Enjoy your miserable marriage LeAnn!

    • jenniferjustice says:

      Hey Rhonda. Sadly you are right. They’re relatively brief marriage is a lifetime in Hollywood. Surprised it’s lasted this long. Will be interesting to see the pics posted from here out BC they’ll either be her alone cleaning her toenails and such or old ones passed of as new. The Lewees trackers will report to us the actual dates and places of the recycled ones. Somewhat disturbing but always entertaining.

  15. Christin says:

    Eddie should start planning a seven-year itch party for early next year. He should rent a nice venue, invite People to cover it, etc. He should be sure the big magazine spread mentions they are thinking about having a baby.

    Then, shortly after the issue hits the stands, rumors of an affair can surface (complete with video).

    Oh, wait, she already did that with Dean.

    • briargal says:

      Yeah and then shortly after the party where she faked looking soooo happy, she cheated on Dean. Who knows, she was probably already cheating even while “celebrating” with Dean. She is such a liar!

  16. Andrea says:

    Eddie and LeAnn just make me sick. Any couple who has to convince everyone—look at how happy we are…look at us, has so many serious issues and ultimately breaks up. No one who truly is happy needs to “sell” the relationship.

    • Chellbelle says:

      Noone and I mean noone is buying it. People that are happy don’t spend their life on Twitter or other social media constantly selling it. A few old friends and acquaintances on FB that constantly talked about how happy they were with their husbands. All happy statuses nothing negative, seemingly braggy, all but of 2 them officially DIVORCED and a few going through a divorce as of last yr. That’s what I was told as I closed my account. The ones that had a variety of statuses from happy to sad, to good to fed up in their relationships, rants and all…Guess what? Still married.

      • msw says:

        Eh, I dont post negative things. Part of the reason why is because I don’t want attention when bad things are happening, part of it is making a choice to be positive, and part of it is respect (I wouldn’t want my spouse airing out our issues to our friends, families and acquaintances). But when someone is constantly going out to their way with bragging and calling attention to their perfect life, they are most likely selling something, either to themselves or someone they hope is paying attention.

  17. Shambles says:

    Translation: “Eddie Cibrian got a job and is going to leave the house to be around other living, breathing females and Leann is freaking out”

    • Chellbelle says:


      And, it’s not pathetic that she is as insecure as she is. It’s pathetic the lengths she goes to, to try and stop the inevitable.

  18. Anon says:

    Forget Leanne and Eddie for a minute and does anyone know how many recent Star articles have been proven wrong. Its not really a great source but it sure stirs things up. Lol

  19. Deanne says:

    They took other people along with them on their honeymoon. His friends of course, as she has none of her own except Darrell. He only looks affectionate with her when he’s drunk and it’s painfully obvious that despite her pathetic “choosing little girl names” tweets, he doesn’t want a child with her. She does know that she could have a boy right, or is she really that stupid? Eddie is a serial cheater. Whether he loves the woman he’s in a relationship with or not isn’t a factor in that. He’s cheated on every woman he’s been with in the past and will cheat on every woman he’s with in the future. This list includes LeAnn.She doesn’t have to worry about him leaving her as long as she keeps up the lifestyle he thinks he deserves. This photo of LeAnn seals it that she was in fact, lying to get out of her shows. She was claiming to still be deathly ill, but supposedly attended meetings, wrote songs and got dental work done. They wouldn’t be able to do the work to someone coughing up a lung and lying down would certainly aggravate her cough. She’s clutching her phone to her like it’s her security blanket, which it is. Just like Eddie, she needs to know where it is at all times or she can’t function.

    • claire says:

      Could you imagine being with someone for 6 years, taking tons of trips and not ONE of them just the two of you? I’ve honestly never heard of such a thing. Everyone seems convinced it’s because Eddie doesn’t want to be alone with just her. I think it could be just as much for Leann, too, though. She NEEDS attention 24/7. She has to be getting her narcissistic supply or she falls apart. Hence, that she’ll spend all day chatting with all of those special needs people on Twitter.

      It could just as much be her that needs all the people on trips because if Eddie for one second is doing something on her own and not paying attention to her, she’ll freak out so the extra people are there to fill the gaps. just a theory.

      • Deanne says:

        Interesting theory and very possible. When LeAnn and Eddie take the boys with them, she tweets all day and night because it’s obvious they ignore her. When they travel with the other couples, she posts way more photos of her with her BFF’s, aka Brandi’s disloyal, overly tattooed, plastic looking ex- friends, than she does of her and Eddie. It’s only after he’s good and sloshed that she can get him to pose with her. Her needing the others present so that she can have attention directed at her, is even more pathetic than Eddie wanting a buffer and says about the same thing, in regards to the kind of relationship they have.

      • Christin says:

        I can buy into the theory that she’s exhausting and he’s a self-absorbed user.

        I think his pals go along as buffer, and I would not be surprised if she pays every penny, every time.

      • Jess says:

        She really tried to make people think it was just the two of them on that Valentine’s day trip, which is pretty funny and to me it says she’s self conscious about it. She forgot to tell Eddie’s friends to not post pictures of her on their instagrams and she got busted trying to lie.

  20. Rita says:

    This must be one of the most God awful relationships in the world. Eddie leaves town for one weekend and she cancels a concert to stay at home in a bottle of booze. Eddie has never cared about anything other than himself and where he can get some money (aka LeAnn).

    Tori Spelling’s article on “My Worst Date Ever” with “dimples” was a great insight into “dimples'” character.

    In any case, if Eddie could ever provide for his own financial needs, he’d walk out the door and remember nothing of this whacko he hitched-up with. Reptiles have more capacity for emotion and empathy than Eddie Cibrian.

  21. Pegasus says:

    Not even the power of anasthesia can loosen her deathgrip on that phone.

  22. Cindy says:

    Does anyone else here think Leann could have borderline personality disorder? I’m no psychiatrist, but my sister has this and Leann seems to fit the criteria.

    I don’t think Eddie will leave Leann anytime soon-I think he has fun manipulating her and as long as she has money and he can do what (and who!) he wants on the side, he benefits. Also. where else can he go? His looks will continue to fade, he has no substance and he has no reliable income-who wants to take that on?

    • funcakes says:

      Everyone has suspected this
      For years. The problem is that she believe it everyone but her with the problem.

    • funcakes says:

      Everyone has suspected this
      For years. The problem is that she believe it everyone but her with the problem.

    • KT says:

      Totally. I’m a masters level mental health professional who specializes in personality disorders and while everyone calls her a narcissist it’s actually one of the many characteristics of BPD. The hypochondria is a dead giveaway. She’s not a psychopath either. She lacks empathy because she emotionally stunted. Good God, people like her are miserable to work with. I cannot imagine living with her.

      • briargal says:

        How in the world did Dean do it?? He is a saint. Edie just ignores and manipulates her. Then he goes and does his own thing while she makes a total ass out of herself. She is a pathetic loser. She lost a great husband, is losing her career and losing any respectability.

        The “emotionally stunted” remark hit the bull’s eye. She is acting like a girl in high school having her first teenage crush and getting angry with anyone who disagrees with her.

      • Lady D says:

        She reminds me of Will Smith saying that when you live with a teenage girl, the world ends 3 times a week. It would be freaking exhausting being around her 24/7. No wonder they take a whack of friends on holiday. They take turns babysitting the hysterical teenager.

  23. Leslie says:

    Does LeAnn ever do anything exciting or fun? She has to be the dullest, most boring person in the world.

    • funcakes says:

      Her day does seem to revolve around on what Eddie’s going to do. Or she’s waiting to take him on his next vacation.

    • Christin says:

      Well, she seems to have found a new, riveting daily routine of writing others’ motivational thoughts on a chalkboard.

      She even includes the weather, in case no one in her household can look at a smartphone basic weather forecast. (I actually think the latter is just to brag about how she’s in warm, sunny Cali.)

      • Andrea says:

        Wow, just went to her instagram and wow just wow on the chalkboard, just the entire thing really. This is why I don’t do twitter and instagram because I sadly associate it with attention whores like LeAnn. I know a lot of people do not use it for attention seeking purposes, but I feel like my life isn’t that interesting enough to document in such a way.

      • Oh the chalkboard dear sweet hubby made for her w wood from a vacation they took. Her fans just eat that bs up when she tweets it! Just so happens its identical to one sold on the internet someone found n posted! Lol.

      • Christin says:

        Does anyone know why the chalkboard photos are always taken at a nearly identical side angle?

    • claire says:

      They are really boring people, for sure. Leann spends all her day on social media talking to rejects. Eddie does who knows what. They have all that money and they don’t travel anywhere interesting at all. They don’t volunteer or really do anything with causes that require more than getting paid to sing at a gala or donating online. They both are very vapid people.

      • Deanne says:

        What do you mean they don’t volunteer or do things for worthy causes? They just donated cans for Jake’s food drive and they charitably donate vacations to Eddie’s friends. I’m starting to get the feeling that they really don’t have a lot of cash available. The bi-weekly vacations have become a lot less fancy.They are however, both total dullards as you said. Money or no money.

      • funcakes says:

        You forgot about the Christmas CDs LeAnn donated to Goodwill.

      • claire says:

        Now that we’ve mentioned it, we’ll probably see them both in aprons serving food at some celeb charity homeless event. Count on it. LOL!

      • puravidacostarica says:

        C’mon, she gave her leftovers to a homeless guy in New York! Shouldn’t she get credit for that??? {sarcasm}

  24. Deanne says:

    One thing I’ve wondered about LeAnn and Eddie’s relationship, is how it would change if he actually got a real, longterm job. If his pilot gets picked up, he’s not going to be available to travel with her and go on vacation every other week either. He’ll have to travel to promote it and she won’t always be able to go with him. She also won’t have as much access to the boys because if Eddie’s away, they go to their Mother. It’s probably encouraged this sudden frenzy of trying to be creative, the insanity of her magic chalkboard and recent “dibilitating” illness. She can’t follow him to set every day. It must be really starting to sink in. For a control freak, narcissist, that’s a complete nightmare.

    • Christin says:

      This might explain why she has no gigs showing until July (unless some have been added within the last week or so).

      Eddie may finally have a full time job and she has more time than ever on her hands. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Deanne says:

        Imagine her stress level right now. Couples who have strong relationships can spend a few days apart without suffering a nervous breakdown. It’s weird and codependent to HAVE to spend 24/7 with your partner. If she has nothing lined up for the next 5 months, it’s about more than just babysitting Eddie. It shows that she isn’t in demand at all. Not surprising with the constant cancellations. With Eddie working and nothing to do, we’ll be treated to a month long build up to each boy’s birthday, an Easter extravaganza, more moronic ramblings about her Christmas CD and lots more chalkboard madness. Like you said, what could possibly go wrong?

      • briargal says:

        “what could possibly go wrong?”—- Ohhh, let me count the ways!!! Too numerous to mention! Fun times ahead!

  25. Kisses says:

    HA HA HA 😉 #dieslowbitch

    Ya know the more oral surgeries she gets the more I feel she has a bulimia problem. She has veneers so how the hell do you need more surgery already

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Veneers are not problem free. Most people get them to cover up other dental problems, but some people have huge problems with veneers. Supposedly she claims a prior dentist did a crap job on her veneers and caused her a lot of problems. I only have two veneers. Both on my upper front teeth. I got them because I had deep indentations on my upper two front teeth caused by over aggressive orthodontic work in my teens. I do a lot of public speaking and it showed up in photographs, so I had them fixed. Knowing what I know now about veneers and the precision it takes to do them right, I’m just thankful I had a skilled dentist create them. Now she’s probably going for full dental implants instead of going the denture route. It’s conceivable it would take as many surgeries as she has teeth in her mouth. Most celebs get that sort of work done on the down low to protect their healthy images. She needs to shut up about it.

      • claire says:

        Early photos of Leann show seriously awful inflamed gums. She had really poor teeth and hygiene to begin with. I doubt it’s all a dentist’s fault.

      • briargal says:

        And her personal hygiene hasn’t improved to this day. Always looks dirty and her hair looks greasy. Maybe biomom should call her everyday to remind her to bathe and shampoo. Unless of course biomom doesn’t do that either. Biomom sure didn’t teach her any manners, morals or humility.

  26. Willa says:

    I honestly think she already has dentures because her teeth look different at times. Sometimes she has those huge chicklet teeth and sometimes she wears a set that looks like Brandi’s teeth. I’ve even seen on occasion a set that looks like it has a gap between the 2 front teeth. She’s probably just getting fitted for a new set that looks like Monica Potter’s.

  27. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Well, if it looks like a pig, quite fitting don’t cha think? Although, that is quite an insult to Miss Piggy.

    Also, why is she suddenly freaking out? Eddie’s peener has been wandering as long as some nomads in the desert. He was even two timing both she and Brandi with that waitress. She is such a loser. The amount of delusion she lives in order to convince herself, and the world, that he will be different with her. It’s comical.

  28. why? says:

    “They’re in a rut and she’s freaking out,” tattles a friend.

    Eddie and Leann have always been in a rut. Eddie dragging his friends on vacation with him and Leann isn’t something new. It’s something that Eddie has always done, even before they were married. When Leann first took Eddie to Aspen, Lizzy was there with them. Leann was papped picking up Lizzy at the airport, Lizzy, Eddie, and Leann were papped by x17 “playing” in the snow, and Leann was papped alone at a store buying alcohol.

    Eddie didn’t even spend Valentine’s Day with Leann last year, Leann spent it tweeting about her broken foot/ankle and bragging about how she gave a homeless man her leftovers. I don’t even think he spent Valentine’s Day with Leann in 2013 either because Leann tweeted that she and Eddie had a picnic in the new house and posted a photo of a picnic basket. That too was probably a lie too because when they moved into the new house, Leann was always tweeting about how it was there first time there. If they had the picnic in the house on Valentine’s Day, it wouldn’t have been the first time they were together in the new house. Leann tells so many lies she has trouble keeping track of them.

    Leann was spotted in a Victoria’s Secret because she saw Eddie’s reaction to Brooklyn Decker, who is a Victoria Secret’s model, when they attended the tree lighting at the Grove. You know Leann, she thinks that if she becomes the woman who Eddie desires then Eddie would finally love her.

    Eddie isn’t going to divorce Leann, his parents, friends, and the friends of his friends are employed by Leann and Leann invests in their businesses. Leann’s Angelfish company is “co- partnering” with the owner of Kik Vantage, the owner of Kik Vantage is a friend of Michelle Harvey(Darin’s ex wife who went on a big twitter rant against against Brandi in 2012 when Darin and Brandi got fake married and who tweeted to Leann that she should get her phone number from Elisa because she has something to tell her about Brandi in Oct 2011).

    Leann is taking Eddie on a 10 day vacation to London(Leann told one of her fans that she was going to London for a BBC gig with David Gray and writing and label meetings). That explains why Leann was on instagram posting about Jake last night. The cycle is never ending. Eddie wants a vacation and so he pimps out Jake and Mason to Leann to get that vacation. Last night because she was so busy writing music for her Christmas album, Leann posted on instagram that Jake was helping her write music with a photo of Jake sitting on the floor while Darrell was at the piano pretending to play it. You can tell that Leann made Jake sit there because his game is right next to him and he is looking over at the fire and not at Darrell. When people told Leann that she needs to stop posting about her stepkids on a public forum, Leann posted on instagram that she could do it because they are family and she is blessed to have Jake and Mason and their creativity. Leann is having so much trouble with this second Christmas album that she can only get her fans interested in it by dangling Jake and Mason in their faces.

    Elisa got another tattoo, expect Leann to go on a tweetfest about how she wants another tattoo. Leann is still on her Monica Potter single white femalefest, thinking that she can become Monica Potter by posting quotes from pin on the chalkboard that “Eddie”(one of her fans) made her. What else will Leann incorporate into her life from Monica’s life?

    • Shelly says:

      Brandi? Is that you?

      • why? says:

        Hi Beep/Queen/Reece/Cat/Someone:

        Now your name is Shelly? It never fails, every month you show up here with a different name to write this post to me. Who will you be the next hour you come back to this site? The last time you did this, you posted as Laura, then you came back an hour later and used the name Beep, then an hour later you used the name Queen, and then an hour after that you came back and posted as Cat. I thought you would have learned the lesson by now.

      • Birdie says:

        @why?: I find your behaviour quite rude towards others and accusing people who don’t agree with you to change their name shows how you cannot accept other peoples opinions.

      • Reece says:

        You think Leann is crazy, and I think you and Leann are crazy. You both would be great friends. Delusions and disconnection from reality.

      • why? says:

        To Birdie

        Yet you don’t find it rude that “Shelly” and the other names(Beep, Queen, Laura, Reece, Cat, Someone) I mentioned call anyone who writes negative things about Leann Brandi or went on a “you are way too obsessed” speech just because it disagreed with what we posted about Leann. This isn’t about accepting the opinions of others who disagree with me because those posters weren’t disagreeing with me. What’s rude are posters like Beep, Queen, Reece, Laura, and Cat who proclaim that they hate Leann, but spend more time trying to police those who comment on Leann.

        Shelly should have learned her lesson last month when she used the Laura, Beep, Queen, and Cat combo and all those posts made by those 4 posters were removed from the thread. Here it is again with a new name. Just as I predicted, a different person shows up with a different name the next hour.

        Like I told the Laura, Beep, Queen, Cat combo last month, we know that people are using multiple names because in the posting guidelines it says that if you use multiple names that the person would be banned.

        I look forward to the next “different” person who will show the next hour! It never fails. Every month this happens and every month the same thing happens. The posts get removed, the “you are way too obsessed” and I hate Brandi posters disappear, and then a month later, it starts all over again!

      • why? says:

        Leann must be having a very bad day.

      • why? says:

        To Reece(aka Shelly/Beep/Queen/Cat/Someone):

        Says the person who came back with another different name(Shelly) after what happened the last month when you pulled the Laura-Reece-Queen-Beep-Someone-Cat combo. You Leann fans are always so predictable. If you thought Leann was crazy, you would spend your time posting about Leann, not trolling sites and writing posts telling others that they are way too obsessed or crazy like Leann. Delusions and disconnection from reality are what drives you to repeat this process every month. This just keeps getting interesting. Every hour you come back with a different name! Who will you be next? You went from Shelly to Birdie to Queen!

        What? Are you upset because you thought people forgot about what you pulled last month with the Laura-Reece-Queen-Beep-Someone-Cat combo?

        Let me guess, now Beep will make a post? Will you show up as Cat? Better yet, you pretend to be a new poster who has been lurking for a very long time?

      • jenn12 says:

        Why isn’t Brandi. S/he has a much different way of writing, and though I like Brandi, she doesn’t spell as well as Why.

    • Birdie says:

      @why?: How do you know there is one person posting on different accounts? Any proof?

      • why? says:

        To Birdie

        Your “Where is the proof” post reminds me of aaa’s “Show me the proof” posts. We know that there is one person posting on different accounts because you do this every month. You are the proof.

        The #1 reason we know that people are using multiple accounts to post here is that it’s written in the posting guidelines at the bottom of this page. If people using multiple accounts wasn’t a common problem, then there wouldn’t be a reason to include it in the guidelines, now would there?

        Another reason we know that people are posting using multiple names is because laura-reece-beep-cat-someone-queen combo and all the I hate Brandi haters all disappeared last month after their posts were removed from the thread.

        Another reason we know that it’s one person using many different names is because someone was using names from other sites to post here and when I reported that person, it was revealed that the person had used 2 names in one thread, the name that he/she stole from another site and the usual name he/she was using to make posts.

    • anne_000 says:


      Never mind the others upthread of me.

      I always enjoy reading your posts and thank you for all the information.

  29. why? says:

    Leann Rimes: “Woke up to the sweetest email from Billy Joel (surreal) I can’t wait for you all to hear “Lullaby, Goodnight My Angel” #honored”

    Leann’s tweet about Billy Joel’s email reminds me of the time Leann tweeted that the head of VH1 personally called her to tell her that her reality show did very well on it’s primere night(on it’s premiere night, Leann’s reality show received 374,000 total viewers and a .2 in the 18-49 demo).

    Leann recorded a song for Billy Joel’s tribute album on January 14, but before she recorded the song, she got drunk at lunch with Kiki to prove to all those mean tabloids that she wasn’t pregnant, set up a staged photo-op outside of doctor’s office to further fuel pregnancy rumors, and bragged about all the fun she had bonding with John Mayer. Since the blogs ignored Leann’s first tweet about how she was hired by Billy Joel, Leann posted a video of herself singing the song. A minor blog listened to the song and posted that it sounded bad. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because Leann was drunk when she recorded the song for Billy Joel. Billy Joel hired Leann to perform on his tribute album and Leann thanks him by performing the song drunk. This is why no one takes Leann seriously and why she can’t invited to Grammy events. Since we are on the topic of Grammy events, Stevie Wonder had a tribute party the week of the Grammys( they filmed it the week of the Grammys, but aired it on February 16). The one thing that stands out about Stevie’s tribute party, was Leann’s absence. Leann bragged about how she and Stevie Wonder bonded at Tyler Perry’s birthday party, so why would Stevie Wonder and his people leave Leann off of the tribute party guest and/or performance list?

  30. Chellbelle says:

    In a rut? I’ve always thought they were in a rut from the start of the relationship, built on lies and denial.

    Imo I don’t think he was ever attracted to her. He’s been caught on tape admitting he thinks she’s ugly and that he was not attracted to her. I would be insecure as heck if I married a man that told his ex wife in a phone conversation that he found me ugly and loved her still. Did he compare her to some old lady at one time? (I can’t remember the woman’s name) she had crazy hair, that’s all I can remember. I read that online.

    She could buy the whole damn store, it’s not going to change anything. I think he would’ve preferred Leann giving him the 1k cash in hand rather than waste it on lingerie he doesn’t care to see her in. They can’t even vacation alone together, that’s insane. They have to bring people with them, like a distraction so he doesn’t have to spend time alone with her. That’s bizarre. I couldn’t be in a relationship like that, I would be so unhappy. However, she deserves her insecurities and ruined career for being a ” C U next Tuesday.” and Eddie deserves having someone watch his every move, yanking his leash tighter and ruining his career for being a C U next Tuesday as well. They both deserve one another and I hope they stayed married for a very long time, making each other miserable.

    When you look at the pictures of him and her together, she looks like some of her hardcore fans. Like a Leann r fan posing with Leann R husband. If you get what I mean.

  31. why? says:

    Leann continues to take details from Monica Potter’s life and incorporate them into her life to create a story for herself. Someone said that Leann posted a blog on her tsu account. In the blog she talked about how she was play dough and being molded into something new, better, and wonderful. I googled Monica Potter and play dough. A blog that was posted on Monica’s webstore/blog on February 16, 2015 came up where she makes glitter play dough. Leann has no identity.

    Things that Leann has single white femaled from Monica Potter…

    Pigtails-February 8, 14
    Family arts & crafts project (Jake’s Valentine’s box)-February 11
    Chalkboard-February 17
    Turkey Tacos-February 21
    Play dough-February 25

    • anne_000 says:

      18 hrs ago, Brandi tweeted a photo of Taco Night at her house.

      1 hr ago, LeAnn posted an Instagram photo of a taco salad that she allegedly made after allegedly going to Farmer’s Market.


      • Deanne says:

        No. She is a straight up SWF and not just to Brandi. It’s like she lays in wait to see what she’s going to copy or mimic next., from various people. There’s Brandi of course, this new Monica Potter weirdness, Taylor Swifts birthdate marketing thing, posting constant quotes from other people because she has none of her own, etc. etc. She obviously has no idea of who or what she is.

      • anne_000 says:

        @Deanne – Yup. it is straight up SWF. I agree.

        It’s just so creepy and I think potentially scary.

      • Christin says:

        I doubt the taco salad photo was taken in her home. Looks too staged, right down to the rustic board table. Doesn’t look like anything ever shown in the bargain casa.

        Given how WeWe copies famous people, what about other people she encounters in everyday life? I can just see her copying the waitress or cashier she sees in daily interactions.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Christin – I think you’re right. It doesn’t look like something she made but instead it looks like it’s from a photo that she got from somewhere else and then is pretending that it’s actually hers and that she actually made this taco salad.

  32. jenn12 says:

    Leann is essentially convinced that she and Eddie were meant to be (in the Everybody Loves Raymond voice) and that they are the world’s greatest love story. At one point, it was fun, intense emotions, sticking it to Brandi, using the boys as pawns because they were so little, etc. Now it’s just old and an bore; my guess is Eddie fools around on her and she deals with it, and she spends her time recreating the days when things were exciting and seemed to go her way. The boys are getting too old to be used against their mother anymore. She seems to be in that state of mind where it’s just a huge party all the time and she and Eddie are just that cool. This really isn’t going to end well, but the one good thing is that the boys are older and she can’t torment their mother as much. She is going to pay and pay when they see what she did, and they will. Mason is old enough to be on social media now and Jake isn’t far behind.

    • Deanne says:

      I had an inappropriate step-mother and trust me, she makes LeAnn look like an amatiure in comparison. LeAnn is going to pay for what she’s done. So willl Eddie. When the boys see how they allowed people like Darrell, who called their Mother a whore, compared her to a child murderer and said LeAnn was the better parent, around them, the way LeAnn has tormented Brandi with Eddie’s approval and how their Father allowed LeAnn to interfer with co-parenting, things are going to get messy. Really messy. The fact that Eddie’s sat on his arse for the last several years, paying 1000 dollars a month in child support, while their Mother works her butt off, also won’t go over well. There will come a time when they are going to turn on her. That is if she and Eddie even stay together.

      • briargal says:

        Darrell is as much of an ass as Leaky is! They both deserve to be sent off into space. How much of a career does he really have? And hanging around with this loser and defending her can not be doing whatever his career is any good. Pretty soon people will be laughing at him too. If they aren’t already. They are both jokes in the music industry.

      • jenn12 says:

        It’s just sad that Brandi had to spend her children’s young years fighting for the right to be her children’s mother after what LR/EC not only did, but then to bully her and try to displace her… they will get what’s coming to them, but it won’t give Brandi and the boys those years back. It won’t give the boys their privacy back and it will break their hearts to realize that their father saw them as a commodity and their stepmother used them to break their mother’s heart and use their images for financial gain. They will find out that EC allowed people who were hateful to their mother around them and referred to them as the boys’ family. What an awful thing to have to come to grips with- their dad not only cheated on their mother, but then bullied her and had his mistress and her minions torment her in public. It’s so sad. The silver lining will have to be the boys making those 2 accountable and having Darrell, Mateo, and the fans realize that they are as well.

      • Deanne says:

        @jenn12 Losing those years is very sad. While having the boys half time suits Eddie, because he gets to play Daddy and still vacation twice a month, pay almost nothing in child support and have LeAnn pay for a nanny and all of the kids expenses, Brandi would obviously love nothing more than to have her kids full-time. Having experienced a step- parent who refused to leave my parents alone in a room, who insisted on attending school events where she had no business being and creating unnecessary stress for all involved, who called us ” her kids” in a possessive, not loving way etc., I know what’s in store for LeAnn and it’s not good. We weren’t subjected to people who attacked and insulted our Mother, however, so those boys have more to resent than we did. I can’t imagine either boy wanting to spend quality time with ” Uncle Darrell” when they see how he attacked their Mother.

    • briargal says:

      I cannot fathom accepting my partner cheating on me. Even if others don’t know. I guess I have way too much respect for myself than to allow that to take place. If I couldn’t be the one and only for my man, I would throw the bum out along with all his clothes in a trash bag. I guess Leaky doesn’t have the same respect for herself as she is more afraid of being caught up in the lies than admit that he would cheat on her. I sort of understand because she has made such an ass of herself with all the bragging about how happeeee they both are and he would never cheat on her. (Even though he cheated on her with Brandi and Sheana at the same time.) The humiliation would be too much for her. She is so pathetic!

      • Deanne says:

        Yes, but you not only have more respect for yourself, you probably haven’t spent years trying to create the facade that she has. She can’t give it up now. You are right about that for sure.

  33. why? says:

    Leann bought Eddie a new toy yesterday(expect Leann to go on a tweetfest and photofest about Jake and Mason today), she posted a photo of Eddie pointing a bow and arrow and tagged it “Robin Hood”. Even subconsciously Leann knows that Eddie is only with her for the money, vacations, and gifts because Eddie “steals” from the rich(Darrell Brown and Leann’s father) to give to the poor(his friends and parents).

    You can tell just how miserable Leann is being married to Eddie by how often she does the single white femaling. Leann is still on her quest to become Monica Potter by stalking Monica’s webstore and blog for ideas to create a story for herself. Leann is still writing quotes from pin on the chalkboard that “Eddie”(one of her fans) made for her. Last night Leann went single white femaled Brandi by tweeting about Ronda Roussey. Brandi and Darin tweeted about Ronda a lot, Brandi tweeted to Ronda, and Ronda would tweet to Brandi. Now Leann is all about Ronda.

    • Sonia says:

      I saw then picture Eddie with his bow and arrows….he seems rather thin. Is that a recent pic?

  34. why? says:

    Someone on twitter pointed out that Leann called Eddie a hood rat. In the comment section of the photo that Leann posted of Eddie with the new toy she bought him, one of Leann’s fans wrote, “Robin Hoodlum”. Leann replied to that fan with “yes, …hood rat”. How does one go from hoodlum to hood rat? Either Leann doesn’t know the definition of hood rat(she was trying to sound cool and ended up making herself look silly) or Leann is subconsciously confirming that Eddie is very,very, very promiscuous and has slept with all the women within their neighborhood.

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      I am going to take a guess that LeAnn is too stupid to know what hood rat means. I think you’re right — she thought she would sound cool using the moniker, but didn’t realize what it really meant. But I also think she doesn’t know that she’s actually right — I bet Ediot has been boinking the women in their neighborhood for a long, long time. Sort of like lobster claw guy on American Horror Story. The neighborhood freak.

  35. msw says:

    I love the way she looks in this photo–like she is actively taking a dump in her shorts.

  36. BlackBetty says:

    What “surgery” is it this month?!

  37. why? says:

    Leann is tweeting about “exciting” business meetings again, so expect another negative story about Brandi from the tabloids this week. Every time Leann tweets about important or exciting business meetings it’s always followed by some negative story about Brandi.

    Ever since February 25, Leann hasn’t had her usual tweetfests. On February 26 she tweeted 6 times and posted 4 times on instagram; on February 27, Leann tweeted 1 time and posted once on instagram, on February 28, Leann tweeted 3 times and posted 3 times on instagram, and on March 1 she had mini tweetfest and posted 1photo. So far today, she tweeted 4 times and posted once on instagram. What happened on Friday and Saturday for Leann to tweet and post on instagram less than 5 times? Leann was getting plastic surgery. The only time Leann is that quiet on twitter and instagram is when she is getting something fixed. What did Leann get fixed?Nose? Her implants? Abs?

    Leann is also tweeting about how she is grateful for all the possibilities she is getting in 2015 to make it sound like she is busy. She is just trying to make herself look important because Monica Potter is doing an interview with Home and Family TV today.

    • Deanne says:

      She always tries to sound busy, then outs herself as lying. Next she’ll announce she’s starting a line of wine. It will be red of course, because she’s passionate about wine and ever so original. She’s been bragging about opportunities and her exciting plans for years. Everything fails. Maybe since Eddie’s so talented with a hammer and
      ” made” ( bought in the gift shop) that fabulous chalkboard, they could start a home accessories line. All handcrafted by Eddie, the carpentry genius.

  38. Christin says:

    How I wish Dean’s new interview (with someone named Nat) will be covered here. It’s lengthy, but worth the entire read. Google his name and Nat to find it.

    • briargal says:

      I read parts of it that were on another blog and it was great! He hit the nail right smack dab on the head.

  39. why? says:

    Now Leann is on twitter claiming that Eddie just made her a mug with a Maya Angelou quote. The lengths Leann will go through to prove that Eddie isn’t cheating on her. Did Monica Potter talk about mugs yesterday during her interview on Home and Family TV? I googled Monica Potter and mugs. No mug DIY projects came up; however, an ad on Amazon UK for a “I heart Monica Potter” mug and a photo about Monica Potter signing mugs at the grand opening of her store came up.

    Eddie doesn’t even make his kids Easter Baskets(in her last interview, Leann said that SHE, not Eddie, is Cupid and the Easter Bunny), so why would Eddie make Leann a chalkboard(the same DIY projects his new costar specializes in making) and now a mug? Why was Leann even up at 5:53 am bragging about the mug that “Eddie”(one of her fans) made her? Leann’s lies never make any sense. When exactly did Eddie make this mug? At 4 am today? What mug/ceramic/gift shop is open at 3 am or 4 am? If Eddie made the mug on Sunday or Monday, Leann would have bragged about it last night when she was having her tweetfest. On Saturday, Leann tweeted a photo of her Taco Salad (her single white female tribute to Brandi)and a photo of Eddie with his new toy, but nothing was ever mentioned about a mug, so we know that Eddie didn’t make the mug or give it to Leann on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The only option that is that Leann bought the mug or paid one of her fans to make it yesterday.

    Leann is back to her tweetfests. It could have something to do with Dean doing promotional interviews for his cookbook. Or does it have something to do with Monica Potter? At 10:20 am, Monica tweeted that her new show was in pre-production. No wonder Leann is in a panic and going on tweetfest about mugs. Eddie is going to be surrounded by a lot of women on Monica’s new show. Leann has to compete with Monica Potter, the 21 year old woman (who looks like Scheana)who will be playing Eddie’s daughter, and the 26 year old woman who will be playing Eddie’s girlfriend.

    The summary for Eddie’s girlfriend sounds like they are making fun of Leann…

    “Jealous of the relationship Jason still has with ex-wife Bridget, Heather is not above spying on Bridget’s house when Jason is there and will often pop up unannounced and uninvited. ”

    They must have changed the storyline because I thought originally, Monica was going to be living in the same house with all 3 of her ex husbands.

    Off topic, Leann has been tweeting a lot about Dr. Seuss, so if the lyrics to her 2nd Christmas album sound like it’s something you have heard before it’s because Leann stole them from Dr. Seuss.

    • briargal says:

      Eddie is a gem of a hubby, isn’t he? He is lights fires in the fireplace for Leaky, leaves little ole love notes on a chalk board “he made”, decorates the yard and house for Halloween, reorganizes her closet and now shows how crafty he is by making a cup for Leaky. What more on earth can this super guy do for a failure of a wife?? And with him doing all that, she can’t follow through on committments for gigs to earn money to generously give him more gifts and vacations! Tsk-tsk!

  40. why? says:

    Yesterday, Leann tweeted that Eddie made her a mug with a Maya Angelou quote on it and now today Leann is bragging on instagram that Eddie made her a travel chalkboard. The same Eddie who can’t even be bothered to make his son’s Easter baskets or design their birthday cakes. Leann needs to be more consistent with her lies.

    Leann is still writing quotes on the chalkboard trying to make people think that Eddie is writing love notes to her. On the “travel chalkboard”, Leann wrote, “I love you today, tomorrow, and forever”. Eddie doesn’t even love his own kids, so we know that he doesn’t love Leann. Notice the date on the travel chalkboard. Why would Eddie write the date with dashes, the same way that Leann writes the date when she writes on the chalkboard that “Eddie”(the fan she paid to make the chalkboard) made her. Why would Eddie be on pin, the quote that Leann posted on the travel chalkboard came from pin, looking for quotes to write on the travel chalkboard, when he hates twitter? Leann and her lies.

    Why would Eddie give Leann the same item twice that his new co-star blogged about her webstore? Isn’t that selfish and lazy of Eddie? Eddie hates being married to Leann that he can’t even be bothered to come up with an original gift for his wife. Leann is really nervous about Eddie working with Monica Potter. It must be so hard for Leann, comparing everything that Eddie did while working on Baby Daddy and Monica’s show to what he did when he was trying to hide his affair with Leann from Brandi. Is Eddie playing pool with Monica Potter now? If Eddie is a changed man, why is Leann single white femaling Monica Potter?

    Things that Leann has single white femaled from Monica Potter…

    Pigtails-February 8, 14
    Family arts & crafts project (Jake’s Valentine’s box)-February 11
    Chalkboard-February 17
    Turkey Tacos-February 21
    Play dough-February 25
    Mug-March 3
    Chalkboard-March 4

    Why is Leann even on instagram bragging about how “Eddie”(Leann had spare chalkboard left over from the Chalkboard she paid her fan to make) made her a travel chalkboard when she is supposed to be in the studio recording her second Christmas Album? Leann tweeted that she was kicking *** in the studo and then a second later, she tweeted that Eddie made her a chalkboard and bragged about the hat that she will be papped wearing in the staged photo-op she set up in the parking lot of Capitol Records today. Things must not be going well for Leann in the studio since she would rather have a bragfest on instagram and search for quotes on pin to write on the scrap of chalkboard she had leftover from when her fan made the chalkboard for her, than spend time working on her Christmas album.

  41. why? says:

    Leann Rimes today : “My sweet hubby made me a travel chalkboard! I can #chalktalk even when I travel. He’s the BEST!!”

    Where did “Eddie”(Leann) get the idea for the travel chalkboard? Monica Potter’s chalkboard notebook. Leann had scraps of chalkboard left over from the chalkboard that she paid her fan to make, so she decided to make herself a permanent “chalkboard notebook”. No wonder Leann was posting about doodling on instagram last night(she posted a photo of a song with scribbles at the bottom of it and in the hashtags she put “#crazytown #musicoverload #doodling #hollyfreakingjolly #capitolrecords #christmasalbum #parttwo). Leann has no identity. Most artists go to the studio to work, but not Leann. She uses studio time to stalk Eddie’s co-stars.

    On September 15, 2014, Monica Potter blogged about making a chalkboard notebook…

    Chalkboard Notebook
    Remember those days of doodling on your notebooks when you were in school? I remember my mom wrapping up my notebooks and books with brown paper bags when I was little, and I would doodle all over the covers. Well, I wanted to make Molly a notebook for school this year and thought it might be fun to make her a Chalkboard Notebook. This way, she can doodle or take notes and just wipe it clean once she’s done with it. Molly and I were so pleasantly pleased with how it turned out that she asked me to make more for her. This is something fun that you can do with your kids and is also a great way to get them excited for school. Another fun idea would be to make these as party favors for a birthday party—just include some chalk, wrap a bow around it, and it’s the perfect favor during the school year!

    Things that Leann has single white femaled from Monica Potter…

    Pigtails-February 8, 14
    Family arts & crafts project (Jake’s Valentine’s box)-February 11
    Chalkboard-February 17
    Turkey Tacos-February 21
    Play dough-February 25
    Mug-March 3
    Doodling-March 3
    Mini-chalkboard-March 4