Katy Perry thinks Kim Kardashian ‘is not dressing appropriately for PFW’


I have a bunch of Kim Kardashian stories and assorted photos for you today. Aren’t we lucky? Ugh. First of all, North West was finally allowed to leave the Paris hotel today. Kim brought North out for some kind of outing in Paris. I hope she’s not bringing North to any runway shows, because Anna Wintour pretty much had babies and toddlers banned.

I’ve actually been wondering for a while if North understands that her mommy is a Botox monster, and if North is even capable of recognizing Kim with her newly blonde hair. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one wondering. Judgy moms at Yahoo Parenting spoke to says Dr. Tovah Klein, Director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development, and Dr. Klein basically says North was and probably still is very confused by mommy’s new look, saying toddlers “like things to stay the same as this is where they gain a sense of control and predictability. Change is frightening and they don’t know what it means, so a change to mommy can be a sudden jolt.”


Next story: a few days ago, Kim posed with Katy Perry at the Givenchy show. The photos were funny because Katy looked particularly stone-faced, like she really didn’t want to pose with Kimye. Hollywood Life says :

“Katy Perry looked mortified when she ran into Kim at Givenchy and people wanted to take pictures of them together. Kim was in one of her boob exposing outfits and you could tell Katy wanted to get away. Katy has worn revealing outfits in the past but even she thinks that Kim is not dressing appropriately for Paris Fashion Week.”

That’s not all! Our source dished that Katy is not the only star who doesn’t like her style. “She’s not alone either, celebs like Salma Hayek, Kristen Stewart and others thought Kim looked totally out-of-place at the sophisticated shows.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Katy and Kanye are sort of friends, aren’t they? And at this point, Katy could use all the friends she can get, because Taylor Swift is trying to out-maneuver Katy at every turn.


Final Kardashian thing – this was one of Kim’s costume changes yesterday. Huh. So she did pack at least one bra. So why hasn’t she been wearing it with any other outfits?!?


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN.

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  1. EC says:

    Not sure that Katy Perry should have the final word on appropriate dressing. But yeah, Kim has looked terrible for 10 days straight. It’s an accomplishment of sorts.

    • yomamamama says:

      Only ten days? Youre far too kind.!

    • ShortyLove says:

      I just realized like him looks so different, she isn’t getting her crazy orange spray Tian’s now that her hair is white blonde. Does anyone else notice this? Her skin is the same color is Katie Perry’s in that picture. I personally don’t like the orange so this is a welcome change to my poor bleeding eyes!

    • CB says:

      Katy Perry dresses exactly like a 12 year old girl would if given a credit card with no limit and told that she was going to be a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. That’s how bad and weird her style is.

    • mrs.bryant87 says:

      Did you forget her pregnancy? She dressed horrible for 9 months.

    • alicegrey12 says:

      Kimdork’s outfits at Paris Fashion Week were just hideous and gross.

  2. kri says:

    I am giving thanks to the heavens for that top pic where she is totally covered, including her hoof toes. The way she is grasping onto North withose talons-ugh. And if KP is mortified at your boobage, you are just beyond the pale.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      I noticed the mommy claw, too. Scary stuff at every turn for that poor baby girl.

      • AG-UK says:

        Exactly she will scratch that poor baby with those nails.

      • jwoolman says:

        Isn’t it an odd hand for Kim to be grasping? Wouldn’t you naturally take the other hand to walk together? Or is she just trying to drag the kid along? Nori seems to have a new fascination with the paps, though, unless she’s looking at the nanny.

    • Neonscream says:

      She’s even worked out where your arms are supposed to go in a coat in that pic.

  3. tifzlan says:

    I think it’s funny that Kim&Kanye probably thinks she looks stylish as all hell, fashion-forward and revolutionary but the thing is…. so many industry insiders are probably snickering behind their backs. It’s kind of sad when you think about it too, but like, i can’t believe Kim looks in the mirror every morning and thinks she looks good.

    • SnarkGirl says:

      Yup! You know everyone in Paris, and especially the fashion crowd, are dividing their time between laughing and eye rolling at these two. K&K (or Kanye the Svengali-wannabe) are determined to make it all about them.
      I’m betting Kim’s new stone face, dead eye look is all part of Kanye’s managing her image too. He does the same face in public all the time. Probably think it makes him look more of an “artist”.

  4. Shambles says:

    She’s giving me ice cold Karl Lagerfeld in the top photo

  5. doofus says:

    she doesn’t dress appropriate for HER LIFE, never mind one week in Paris.

    and North is SO SO SO cute!

    • halleygee says:

      She is so cute, just think if they actually dressed her like a child! Poor thing stuck in black everyday.

      • pinksock says:

        I know. It makes me so sad. You can’t dress a baby in black! I get it, you cant let her wear a track suit or pj’s every where and you may not enjoy that girly girly princess look. But let them be a child! They’ll grow so fast and you’ll be arguing about her shorts being too short in no time.
        Provided we weren’t going some where special I always let my 2 year old daughter pick her clothes. She’s really into her fairy dress and sparkly rain boots right now.
        I try to encourage her to be ladylike and beautiful, not “hot” or “fashionable”. other than that, I stay out of it.

      • Valois says:

        And what if North likes black (because most people around her are wearing it and she hardly sees other children)?

  6. lucy2 says:

    I feel like poor North is thinking “Stranger Danger!” in that first photo.
    And oh yes, let’s all turn to Katy Perry, I repeat, Katy Perry, for what is appropriate and classy to wear.

  7. Tough Cookie says:

    ugh…I see those stupid peep-toe boots again.

  8. Sarah says:

    When Katy Perry calls you out for being a trashy dresser, you’ve hit bottom. Regarding Mommy’s new look, I’m sure North is fine. She probably just thinks she has a new but very part-time nanny.

    • CharlotteCharlotte says:

      I don’t want to nitpick too much, because yay!bra, but it doesn’t fit. Her boobs are squished and busting out and forming a very unnatural, unflattering shape. Maybe she thinks everything has to look unnatural and unflattering.

      As for North, my toddlers remark any time I wear lipstick. They can’t stop talking about it. I can’t imagine what it be like for them if I completely jacked my entire face/hair.

      • LAR says:

        Hee, that gives me the funniest image of a gaggle of toddlers commenting in little voices. My toddler likes to comment on painted toenails.

      • CharlotteCharlotte says:

        LAR, I have to paint their toenails too, if I do mine. Then they have to show them off to everyone. Which means taking off shoes constantly.

  9. Lilacflowers says:

    Some day that little girl is going to discover that clothes come in COLORS, like ORANGE and YELLOW and GREEN and PINK and PURPLE, especially PINK and PURPLE and then she’ll revolt.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:


    • Syko says:

      She would be adorable in peach, it would set off her coloring so well. And while we’re at it, can we get some tumbly curls here, and stop slicking her hair down so flat?

      • Michelle says:

        Isn’t it odd how Kim and Kanye change their style regularly, yet poor North has been rocking the same ugly, drab bomber jacket and Doc Martens for like months now? Just goes to show they’re not paying too much attention to the baby. Most parents love dressing their babies, these two can’t get over themselves long enough to concern themselves with North’s outfits. The best she gets is a bullet proof vest and combat boots while they slick down her natural hair.

    • maeliz says:

      North in colors might make her not look so sad all the time. Gloomy and depressing to dress a cute little girl in black and gray all the time.

  10. Chinoiserie says:

    Am I the only one whi thinks North looks excactly like Kanye? Seem like nobody ever mentions it but it is all I can see.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      All Kanye with KK eyes

    • Kitten says:

      The resemblance is really striking in these pics.
      She’s adorable.

    • RockytopNC says:

      Their afraid to mention it because the race baiters with jump up on their wagons and start screaming that you are implying the baby is black and that it’s racially motivated……Geez I’m so tired of that crap……Yes she looks just like her daddy and no amount of scraping her hair back to straighten will make a difference….she has the typically bi-racial mixed child looks. Not any prettier than other babies or and uglier just average and normal…What I do see is she has circles under her eyes ….and that is not normal for a 19 mo old baby….

      • cr says:

        Toddlers can have eye bags and circles as well, trust me.
        But to me she just looks like she has her dad’s eyes, so normal.

      • Dawn says:

        I so agree with RockytopNC. I get so sick of the cutest baby ever crap. Most babies are cute but very few deserve to be called the “cutest baby ever” when one is NOT related to the kid. North is just a cute kid and she is nothing more or less than any other kid in her age group. And yes she does look like West.

    • Michelle says:

      Agreed, Chinoiserie. North looks 100% like Kanye, I don’t see any Kim at all in her. It is strange to me how many people want to say she looks just like Kim, as if it makes her unattractive that she looks like her father, which she blatantly does.

  11. MP says:

    This is getting ridiculous; so now you can’t change your hair style while you have small children?! You shouldn’t dye your hair while you’re pregnant, use make-up, shouldn’t eat this or drink that and based on the Cumberbatch threads you shouldn’t travel or be in the sun.
    Let’s just lock all women into their homes until their children are old enough to move out.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      Do you know that last year in USA,a pregnant woman was in jail because she tried to suicide whereas she was pregnant?

    • AG-UK says:

      Well I must be going to hell as I did dye my hair (once) , I had a drink and I was in the sun. My son is a lovely 14 y/o now :)

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Surprisingly enough, kids actually DO recognize their parents even after a hair color change.

    • mernymerlyn says:

      I was just coming to say that!
      All the videos of dad’s with beards suddenly coming out with no beard we find adorable! But she can’t change her hair?
      Oh please.

    • Seapharris7 says:

      I have a friend who models, and she has a 2 year-old. I’ve seen her in pictures & at shows where she dressed up as zombie/monster, super gothic with masks, & all sorts of things – then you see her son still the same loving baby towards her. I think it’s based on the kid and also the connection the parent has to their kid. North doesn’t know who her mother really is period, with or without different hair/make-up, nose, etc.

    • Anon says:

      I don’t love the Kardashians or anything, but give her a break. I cut my hair from long to a short bob and my 3 year old freaked out. I felt bad that she was upset (just because I hate to see my kid upset), but would do it again in a heartbeat. She adjusted within a few minutes. It’s just hair, and to imply that her dying her hair in any way hurts her kid is ridiculous. Dads get the same reaction when they grow/shave facial hair.

    • j.eyre says:

      Every time I think about losing all the weight I should, I consider the children; if I ever meet my goal weight, my children will likely walk throughout the house keening, “what have you done with our mother? Where is the woman we had to grease up to push through the doorway? Who is this impostor with the great @$$?”

      *sigh* The sacrifices I make every time I dive into another box of Girl Scout cookies.

  12. Dońt kill me i'm french says:

    After how KK looked during Paris Fashion Week,I hope she fired her stylists,hair “artist” and she will divorce.Honestly her entourage must hate her to let her exist with these outfits….

    • Michelle says:

      What stylist? I thought Svengali, I mean Kanye dressed her. Their relationship is obviously crazy unhealthy but a quick look at her Instagram serves as proof that she is happy as can be with all the glitz and glamour and fame being married to Kanye has brought to her life. Before Kanye, she wouldn’t have been able to get near Fashion Week, now she is able to make headlines just for being there. I think the Kardashian family creed is “anything for fame.” I don’t care what anyone says, Kim and Kanye have no great romance between them – it’s a mutually beneficial relationship where they each get to gain more hype and attention by being linked to each other. Kim would probably love any man who garnered her as much attention as Kanye has, and no man can possibly really love a woman he wants to change absolutely everything about the way that Kanye has done with Kim. He uses her like a science experiment; “let’s try this new look and see how much attention it gets us.” They’re both mentally unwell as far as I’m concerned.

  13. Kitten says:

    Kim’s PFW look: boobs are on their way to da club, while the rest of her body is going to a funeral.

  14. Judyk says:

    A see-through bra under a see-through top…I can see her nips. Bored with her need for attention.

    North, however, is adorable and appears happy, well-loved, and well-taken care of (by someone).

  15. Susan says:

    There are adorable photos of a smiling, annimated North wheeling her own Frozen luggage. As In an age appropriate, princess-pastel colored-sparkely item and task that challenges and enhances the growth of a toddler. Thank god.

    • RockytopNC says:

      Those photos also show that Kim has no interaction with that child, what so ever and that the baby is just tolerating being carried around by Kim ..She wants down and keeps looking for nanny behind the cameraman…..and I get the feeling her real interest is that suitcase and getting her hands on it…..and Kim is keeping her from it…and you finally see her smiling not because she is with her mother but because she is getting down away from her mother and getting a toy aka suitcase to play with.

    • oneshot says:

      I assume Kim and Kanye bought it for her? Or maybe one of the aunts……either way, nice to know at least SOMEONE in that little girl’s life spares a thought for things she might actually like.

  16. MandyMillJ. says:

    Kim has a way of making even the most expensive clothes look trashy. Katy isn’t much better BUT Kim is the worst. The woman isn’t overweight at all yet she always looks like a stuffed sausage in all of her clothes.

    • Michelle says:

      A huge part of why Kim looks so awful all the time is that Kanye is clueless about fashion and always puts her in clothing that is completely unflattering for her. Kanye puts Kim in clothing that belongs on someone built like Kendall and the results are always disastrous. She either looks fat or just plain stupid.

    • Chris says:

      Sausage jokes are the wurst…

  17. erin says:

    the problem is the way the clothes work on her body. a slim, smaller chested woman could wear the hell out of that black crisscross front dress, but on Kim it’s trashy and pornographic. she could be slightly more…demure.

    • Michelle says:

      Exactly! She dressed so much better when she dressed herself. Kim’s clothes have always been too tight, but at least she showed her curves without looking skanky. Since Kanye has been in charge she looks fat and cheap all the time because nothing ever flatters her short, stumpy body.

  18. kim says:

    Why try to be classy when she’s the icon of trashy american?

  19. QQ says:

    That’s Like the Pot calling the Kettle Slutty Tho

  20. Melidora says:

    She looks like a damn fool walking around with her coats on her shoulder like the botox godfather. Put your arms in the sleeves, heifer.

  21. Nancy says:

    Can someone PLEASE answer this question…

    Do the designers actually want KIM wearing their clothes??? I understand the “exposure” these designers get….BUT, OMG, she looks ridiculous in all these designer duds!

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      They even pay her to wear their clothes.She’s over popular and exposed.She’s in Daily Mail twice per day and the writers give the brand of her outfits.Look the post on Kendull and Calvin Klein.Since Bieber is on CK’s commercial,CK Instagram gained 6 millions of followers

  22. spring says:

    I feel for North, she seems to be a doll for Kim (and Kim a doll for Kanye ) toddlers should be wearing clothes that are actually age appropriate, color sparkle flowers, letting north pick out what SHE likes rather then wearing black bullet proof vests, i guess all hope s in her nannies which hopefully let her be a toddler.

  23. bns says:

    Her blonde is growing on me.

    • Michelle says:

      I kind of agree, although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think her face looks good again. The blonde really pointed out how bad her cosmetic surgery obsession has gotten and how much her face now looks like a mask.

    • NGBoston says:

      Eh. Kim looks better as a brunette. This bottle bleached blonde isn’t doing it for me at all.

      Katy Perry is a very attractive young lady, but IMO–she should talk about fashion choices. Typically… She looks wayyyy better than KK on any given day but who is she to throw shade. Plus, she dates John Mayer for crying out loud. On a scale of total Douche-tastic-ness…I think he has the edge there over Kanye a tiny bit. Lol

  24. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    The only nice thing I can say is, North is an adorable little girl. I just want to pinch her little cheeks…and slap her mother upside her head.

  25. maeliz says:

    All that black she wears makes her white straw hair more noticeable. Kim has lots of clothes and shoes, could North wear something besides the same Doc Martens every day

  26. Tracy says:

    I don’t know where to start. Child perpetually in sad black. Mommy perpetually in Fredricks Of Hollywood. Daddy thinking he’s a fashun designer. The world is off its axis, for sure.

  27. oneshot says:

    the funny thing is, Kim had a phase post-Kanye when she upgraded her fashion beautifully – lots of lovely belted MaxMara coats and well fitted pencil skirts, pretty much a great template for any lady with curves (and I mean curves as in in-and-out, not curves as a euphemism for fat). Shame Kanye got bored of that and made her downgrade to sexbot.

    (seriously, the face she was born with was effing gorgeous – I don’t know why she ever felt the need to go under the knife. I hope at least her daughter will be spared from that in 15 years’ time)

    • holly hobby says:

      Doubt it. The first thing Kimmy will make Nori do is get a nose job to get rid of the ethnic nose. This is so sad. I can tell that baby will grow up to be beautiful with her original face.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        #1 KP looks like a goddess compared to Kim in the picture.
        #2 Nori is a beautiful little girl, but that doesn’t always equal beautiful adult. Case in point-Chastity/Chaz Bono. Chastity was an adorable, beautiful little girl. She really didn’t stay beautiful after she grew up, even before she/he transitioned into Chaz. There is no shame, we all can’t be beautiful. Right now Nori looks like she will be a gorgeous lady someday, but you can’t always tell.

    • NGBoston says:

      This x 100! Agree

  28. ThatMitsyGirl says:

    Even when her outfit isn’t the worst ever she manages to throw something in there that makes you wince.

  29. RockytopNC says:

    You know ……I have never seen Katie Perrys nipples or her lady parts …I have never seen her baring her entire breasts for the camera and I have never seen her baring her complete a(( to the public so to call her a slut like Kim is ridiculous…..In fact I have never seen her bare as much of her body then half the singers out there ….Beyonce, Jennifer Lo, Mylie , etc ….so I am not a fan I do draw the line at the slut name….Kim is a slut….Katie is just slightly smutty……

  30. Katie says:

    Poor North.. She needs color in her life! And surely those boots are heavy for her feet???

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      That would be my objection. The Doc Martens look cute, but aren’t they pretty heavy? Surely not a good choice for a toddler.

  31. Beckysuz says:

    She looks like a tired truck stop hooker all the time

  32. Michelle says:

    Katy Perry has absolutely no right to judge other people’s fashion choices when she alternates between dressing like what would likely be a toddler’s dream outfit; something that lights up, a romper that looks like a strawberry, or those pathetic angel wings she wore to an award show, or her lame attempts at looking chic, like the ball gown-looking dress she wore with music notes all over it.

    Kim is obviously trash, but Katy Perry has awful style.

    • Josephine says:

      I doubt there is any truth to this story, but if there was, Katy was talking specifically about what Kim was wearing to runway shows. Katie doesn’t dress in her crazy costumes for runway shows.

  33. swack says:

    Is the bra just part of the outfit or is it actually one of her bras? Either way the fit is horrendous.
    I think Kim and North are on their way to the airport and not just out and about in Paris.

  34. HK9 says:

    Kim doesn’t dress appropriately any damn day…..how is this news to Katy?

  35. Enny says:

    Katy Perry and her strawberry shortcake whipped cream tits should take about 10 seats. But, she’s not wrong…

  36. M.J. says:

    That outfit with the sheer top is horrifying. I’m not quite sure why she thinks everyone wants to see her breasts. They are not that spectacular.

  37. G says:

    My kids as toddlers would freak out every time I straightened my hair or my husband shaved off his beard. North is adorable I just wish we could see her in some colorful clothes.

  38. qtpi says:

    The way she is walking and holding North’s hand is completely strange and disengaged as well. There is no way she is parenting that child at all. I would doubt they spend over an hour a day in the same room.

    • Lindsey says:

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that! The way Kim is holding North’s hand looks completely unnatural. She’s holding the wrong hand and just dragging poor North along!

      • Snappyfish says:

        Exactly what I was going to mention. It looks as if she has no idea how to hold a child’s hand. Oh a camera!! grabs at hand for photos. I feel quite sad for this little girl

  39. Pegasus says:

    Rainbow Brite and her cupcake boobs frown upon the platinum femmebot’s nipples. Got it. Somebody find me a pen; I need to jot this down IRL.

  40. Its nice to see North smile..I’d like to see a foto of her with the nanny. Parents: when you walk your child, don’t you use the hand that is next to them, to hold their hand that is next to you? This awkwardness tells me that Kim is Not used to holding a childs hand, and she’s just not into it. Its just a foto op. And Kim, its not Paris slut week.

  41. Why is she dressing like it’s Fall? It’s so warm in Paris. Today was amazing. It was like 60 degrees (which is considered warm here).

  42. Scri says:

    Katy having thoughts on appropriate attire is pretty rich. I give her til July to bust out her next borderline racist costume or video.

  43. imp says:

    this site is hilarious, but when i checked the writer i wasnt surprised. b!tching about kim not having a bra for all the feminism righteousness y’all got goin on. c’mon now insult the outfit if ya want but she was great breasts that look good and it’s for FASHION i don’t even give a sh!te about the Kardashian’s but making snide comments like that just seem pathetic :( Bless yer heart <3

    • Vampi says:

      Bless YOUR heart. I think you missed the point. It’s not about not wearing a bra…It’s about what looks good without a bra and what doesn’t… and in no way is that related to feminism. It’s a matter of fashion and opinion. But that’s just MY opinion and interpretation… and of course you are entitled to yours. Ain’t freedom of speech and thought great? :)

  44. lucy says:

    Why bother with a bra if you’re going to wear it halfway down one’s torso? Those b00bs are getting no support.

    I guess Kimye is applying the same concept to the bra placement as they did with cardigan placement as FUPA-warmer.

  45. Hannah says:

    Katy could use friends but Kim and Kanye would only hurt her reputation.

  46. Trashaddict says:

    OMG stop with the boobs already!

  47. rudy says:

    Why Do We Have To See Her Boobs In Every Single Outfit.?

    • NGBoston says:

      Rudy —I dont care about various stages of boob flashing…but this shirt… Uhhhmmnn….why even bother wearing a top at all. No, kim—- just no!!!!

  48. pinksock says:

    She’s dressing inappropriately for life in general.

    When Katy thinks your boobs are too much, you’ve crossed a line.

  49. Cali says:

    I hate that I’m recognizing certain designers now because of seeing their clothes on Kim. LOL I was paging through the ASTRA awards pics and went “oh, that’s Balmain” to a dress because I recognized it from when Kim wore something similar. It’s just so wrong. haha. (I’ve never been much of a fashionista but she’s turning me into one for all the wrong reasons lol)

    Kim dresses so terrible but is it evil genius? Because it gets us all talking about her all the time…