Celine Dion on her husband: ‘I am scared of losing him, because it’s bad’

I had the chance to watch Celine Dion’s full interview with Good Morning America, in which she revealed that she’s returning to Vegas after months at home caring for her husband. As we covered yesterday, Celine’s husband of over 20 years, René Angélil, 73, is unable to speak or eat following surgery for throat cancer. Celine revealed that he requires a feeding tube. I was so moved by Celine’s story, and the full interview just confirmed that. She’s always been such a sincere, classy person.

During the interview, they showed Celine and René walking out on the stage in Vegas where she’s set to perform again in August. René moved gingerly and you could tell was having problems. In a new interview with People Magazine, Celine reveals that it was René’s idea for her to return to Vegas. People also says that René has lost much of his hearing due to radiation treatments for his cancer. It’s hard to read all she’s been through. Here’s some of what she told People:

Her outlook for the future
I always remember that saying when you get married: ‘In sickness and in health.’ I am scared of losing him, because it’s bad… but I have to show myself, my husband and my kids that I’m strong and we’re ok.

When I stopped performing, I wanted to be just a wife and mother. He wants me to sing again, and I want to do this with him.

On everything they’ve been through
It’s made us strong. We’ve been through a lot and we’re not questioning, ‘What happened and why? And how come again?’ We just have to get through it the best possible way… sickness is tough, it’s not something you choose.

You just have to live every day to the fullest… we don’t know what the future will bring, so we decided to just go for it.

How her children are doing
The twins are fine because they’re young, but I’m worried about RC. [Her oldest son, 13]. He understands what’s going on, and I feel a lot of empathy for him and I want him to feel like he can talk…

They [her children] help me to keep busy and stay positive. I just can’t sit around and worry.

On Rene encouraging her to get back to work
He was ready before me. He amazes me. I feel very fortunate I still have him… Rene has a little written destiny, but what exactly and when, nobody knows, and we’re not waiting for it.

[From People Magazine, print edition, April 6, 2015]

I like what she said about how she’s doing what she has to do and is trying to live every day to the fullest. As I mentioned yesterday, I do wonder if Celine is going back to Vegas because she’s contractually obligated to do so. You get the impression that she’d rather stay home with her family at this difficult time. She’s not complaining though, and she’s doing what she has to do. She’s also showing how vulnerable she is. Celine is honest, genuine and real and that makes her a rarity. So many people care about her and her husband.

Love you #20

A photo posted by @celinedion on

A photo posted by @celinedion on

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  1. Esmom says:

    Wow, I had no idea. How sad. But she seems to be handling it with grace and strength, here’s hoping they continue to have lot of quality time together.

  2. Mzizkrizten says:

    I feel genuine empathy for her and her family.
    On a snarky note, holy headgear, batman.

  3. Dani2 says:

    The age difference here has always bothered me, he’s known her since she was 13. I do feel so sorry for their family, he’s 73 but they’ve still got young children, I really hope he’ll stick around to watch them grow up.

  4. Maya says:

    Nothing harder then seeing someone you love slowly dying and being in horrible pain. Not only is it hard to watch a strong independent person feel so helpless that they cannot take care of themselves but the helplessness you feel when you cannot do anything to make the pain go away nor that you would do anything to switch places because you cannot watch them being in pain.

    I can totally relate to every single thing Celine said because I watched my mum die slowly. I took care of her and it was painful and heartbreaking to see her going away from us day by day. To this day – I am glad that she is no more in pain and is in heaven but also upset that she wasn’t given more time to be with us.

    I personally feel the only thing I can do to keep my mother immortal is to be the kind of person she would be proud of – strong, independent, warm, generous and loving towards fellow human beings.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Oh, Maya, so sorry about your Mom…your post had me in tears…I’m sure your Mother is very proud of you….and she must have been a great Mom to raise such a wonderful daughter…

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      She is so proud of you, Maya, I know she is still, and your words also moved me to tears. You are so right and it is such a loving thought that you can keep a little of her goodness alive by being the good person she raised you to be. You are very strong and brave. I am dreading the day I lose my mother so much, but I will try to remember your beautiful words. Thank you.

    • Maya says:

      Thank you for your lovely words MrsPitt & Goodnamesalltaken.

      Yes my mother was a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother in law and mother. She was loved by many many people and people still come up to us and say how wonderful she was and how wonderful she has raised us children.

      I think as children the best way for us to repay our parents love & guidance is to honor the manners & morals they have raised us with. Humans are not immortal but atleast we can make a part of them immortal by teaching the things they taught us to the next generation.

  5. vauvert says:

    When they originally got together and he left his wife (with whom he had grown children older than Celine) I gave them the stick eye… But she has always really loved him, and whether that’s because she had daddy issues and he practically became her second dad when he started managing her career as a teenager or not, they do seem to be a solid couple and seeing a lev done suffer is painful no matter how rich and famous you are.
    Hope he gets better, and kudos to her for staying strong. Not sure why she needs the work, they have more money they could spend in five lifetimes. I don’t shade anyone who works because they want to, but her comments make it sound like it is more out of obligation?

    • pandora403 says:

      The article mentioned something about having contractual obligations which may be why she’s returning to Vegas. It’s been said that Rene had a bad gambling habit and gambled away large sums of money. They might not have as much money as people think.

  6. MrsBPitt says:

    So sorry for Rene and Celine and the children…Cancer is horrific…watching someone you love, suffer with this disease is devastating…I have had so many family members who have had one type of cancer or another…My heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with cancer…

    I’ll be honest, when Celine married Rene, my thoughts were “well, this marriage won’t last”….boy, was I wrong…

    • FLORC says:

      Same. I thought they were creepy at the age difference and age of the start. They lasted though and always came off very in love and very stable.

      We should all be so lucky to meet someone we can love that much and that loves us back that much.

  7. paola says:

    She is such a strong woman. Such a professional performer and a humble human being.
    I always find difficult to understand why horrible things always happen to the best people. I don’t want to curse bad people with that but we all know there are many people out there deserving this.

  8. Tracy says:

    Honestly, there really is nothing bad to say about Celine. And how rare is that.

  9. sensible says:

    I lost my father to the side effects of cancer treatment 4 weeks ago, he was Rene’s age. Nothing will ever be the same again, and the upside about CD is it sounds like she gets it and will be there for her husband in the best possible way. As for me, I am just trying to work through the feelings about the doctors basically betraying my family with their stupid ineffective tretments. I will get over it with time I guess.

  10. Kali says:

    Any kind of throat/mouth cancers are just on a very special level of the “no, seriously, f*cking f*ck cancer” scale. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I hope Rene is truly turning a corner.

  11. Susie Q says:

    She’s lucky she has the money to make things easier and has the option to stay with him if that’s what she wants. We just found out last week my boyfriend has inoperable stomach cancer and he’s still trying to find the strength to go to work. He had colon cancer last year which wiped out our savings and he feels obligated to go make money even though I’ve told him he shouldn’t and he really isn’t up for it.
    Money does make things easier.

  12. Allison says:

    My grandfather battled three rounds of throat cancer and it…

    So hard. I’ve had family members and friends with other types of cancer and the damage throat cancer does is one of the worst. Ugh. Many prayers for Celine and Renee and their family. He’s at a hard age to be fighting that kind of cancer. Same as my grandfather. I hope Renee has a few more years left.

  13. FLORC says:

    This story makes me think of Roger Ebert and his wife near the end. Ebert couldn’t speak and needed assistance feeding. His wife never seemed anything less than strong for him. Just as Celine seems to be. You watch your love you never want to be apart from slowly pass away and you stay strong for them. Not sorry for yourself.

    I watched my mom care for my dad until the end. It’s not easy.
    We should all be so lucky to love an dbe loved that greatly.

    Now, excuse me while I blow through a box of tissues before I have to go to work.

    • sensible says:

      My mum was incredible with my dad this last year too, they actually had a conversation where she said to him she knew she was being a bit emotionally hard with him and she could be softer and more feeling with him, but she may not be able to keep it together. He chose for her to be strong for him and she did that, and now we have swapped roles, I am being strong and practical for her while she grieves and lets go of all the stress. Cancer is a cruel but masterful teacher about the stuff that matters.

    • Sassy says:

      Roger Ebert’s story is mind boggling. Did you know that even as he suffered he put together a cook book of bland dishes that featured rice? He could only eat soft food. He is my hero. How he withstood the agony and continued with a rather normal life is beyond me. His autobiography is excellent as well.

  14. Jaded says:

    I’m a Reiki therapist and work almost exclusively with cancer patients going through chemo, radiation and surgery. I’ve come to admire these people and their families so much for their tenacity and bravery through a grueling battle. Bless Celine and I hope Rene wins his battle.

  15. wonderwoman21 says:

    Prayers to Celine and René

  16. DrMrsTheMonarch says:

    Prayers for their family. This has to be devastating.
    I’ve seen a few relatives pass from head/neck cancer, and it is terrible.
    I lost my parents in my 30s and 40s, and still felt that it was too soon.
    I am so sorry for everyone.