Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen at ‘Mad Men’ LA event: high drama or blah?


I’m splitting up the photos from last night’s LA premiere of Mad Men, which they called the Black & Red Ball. Jon Hamm had some extra stuff, so I covered it in another post. This post is just for the other cast members! Unfortunately, my girl Elisabeth Moss wasn’t there. But Christina Hendricks got a lot of attention last night for her over-the-top Zac Posen ball gown. The skirt was massive… and then it wasn’t. She walked the carpet with the massive ball-gown skirt and then she detached part of it and the gown just became a sleek look. I like the gown more with the skirt detached – it’s a cleaner, simpler look. It’s more flattering too.


January Jones seemed almost low-key in this Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2015. I like the idea of this more than I like the execution – the midsection isn’t very flattering, right? And let’s be real: January has an amazing figure. You really have to try to make her figure look bad.


Kiernan Shipka is adorable. She’s growing up to be such a lovely young lady.


John Slattery is everything!


And finally, here’s Vincent Kartheiser, looking better than he has in years!! It helps that he’s months past shaving back his hairline to play Pete Campbell. The beard helps too. But he just looks happy all-over. I think his marriage to Alexis Bledel is really working out.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Joy says:

    I don’t like that weird hair color. I know she’s not a natural ginger but that deeper more rich red is way more flattering than this weird orange blonde thing.

  2. Nikki says:

    Agree totes with Kaiser on these; a first! I wish C H’s dress was some spectacular color. Maybe winter’s dragging on has affected me, but I want some COLOR!

  3. HoustonGrl says:

    I love this gown! Wow!

    • GlimmerBunny says:

      Yeah, me too! It’s so dramatic and beautiful. And I actually think the big version is more flattering.

  4. mazzie says:

    Zac Posen only seems to do one silhouette and it’s kinda meh.

    • Sugar says:

      I loathe Zac Posen’s work and this dress is wickedly unflattering on Hendricks; the thick, widely spaced straps and voluminous skirt only serve to make her look larger and wider plus the fit in the bust is awful! The cut of the waistline is doing her no favors, either. The color is luscious but the dress is just BAD.

  5. Really says:

    My first thought was Ursula from Little Mermaid.

  6. j.eyre says:

    Overall, Christina’s dress is amazing. I love everything and I would never detach the drama but instead work it with a hip pop at every turn.

    But are we still doing the half-moon cleavage? Am I the only person who wants the breasts brought together over the breastbone look back? i have defied the “keep ’em apart” look for over a decade and cannot condone half-moon cleavage.

    • Marty says:

      “…and cannot condone half-moon cleavage.”

      Nor should you have to. It’s the lady in you, which always gets eclipsed by the perverted side. 😉

      • geekychick says:

        I don’t get it-is the “half-moon” or over the breast bone unlady-like? Because “Half moon” always look more natural to me, opposed to “squish them, pop them, men love it” brought together over the breastbone look. There are exceptions, but it usually looks vulgar to me. But hey, to each their own!

      • Marty says:

        Yeah, I was joking.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Miss Jane has a lady in her? Sounds a bit painful.

    • j.eyre says:

      Yes Marty, my darling – my greatest shortcoming is how diligently I maintain my decorous deportment.

      @geekychick – I don’t find the half-moon look vulgar, I am just not a fan of how it looks, completely my personal opinion with no judgement. My preference for my décolletage is to smoosh my breasts together in the center of my chest, creating cleavage that resembles a credit card swipe machine. But then I am a product of the ’80s and that is hard to get out of a girl.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Is it even possible for her to “separate” her breasts? Seems they would be smashed and “card sliders” no matter what. I have no idea. I have small ones that are always separated. I like to think I just have a very wide cleavage. 🙂

  7. Jess says:

    I think Christina looks great, but I also think she can do no wrong, absolutely love her!

    I also love Vincent, it kills me seeing how handsome he is in real life compared to his character. I read that he lets them shave his hair to look like he’s balding on the show, and that he doesn’t even care if it grows back, which makes me like him that much more, he’s not Hollywood at all!

  8. kibbles says:

    Christina Hendricks looks like a bombshell as usual. Kiernan Shipka looks beautiful. I just love that girl and think she has so much class. A lot of other child stars could learn from her. January Jones looks like a mess to me. Not a good look at all especially standing next to Kiernan and Christina. January looked the worse of the three.

  9. Santolina says:

    Yes, yes, yes to the bearded Vincent Kartheiser! They had to work hard to make him look fugly, in Mad Men. What a hottie! And where’s our other bearded Mad Man, Jay R. Ferguson (a.k.a. Stan Rizzo)?

  10. Lama Bean says:

    Mmmmmm John Slattery

  11. BendyWindy says:

    Christina looks thinner to me. I dislike her hair color, but I LOVE that gown. I like the big poofy train. I like the sleeker look. The color is amazing on her skin and I just freaking love it.

    Also, John Slattery: I so would.

  12. Kiddo says:

    The dress January Jones is wearing, coupled with that smooth arm positioning, makes for an interesting pose and imagery. Not quite an action pose, but awkwardly enjoyable nonetheless.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I almost didn’t recognize her. Does she look different to you?

      Eta-pretty, just different

      • Kiddo says:

        She’s like whatserface, who was in the fakebaby movie, in that she doesn’t solidly ‘register’ to me, if that makes sense. Someone has to keep pointing her out. On the plus side, if she committed a crime, and I had to describe her,I would just say, “She was blond, no other distinguishing characteristics” and she would likely get away with it. I never watched Madmen, tho.

  13. Murphy says:

    I’m so glad that Vincent is a much happier, more pleasant person than Pete Campbell.

    Also Slattery <3<3<3<3 LOVE that silver fox.

  14. RobN says:

    I’m going to assume that January Jones actually has a waist there, somewhere.

  15. Kelly says:

    Love them all, Vincent looks really good!!

  16. Lucy2 says:

    Kiernan always looks the best!
    I really like Christina’s gown, I think the color is very pretty and would have been even more striking on her with her more reddish hair.