Tori Spelling fell into a hibachi grill at Benihana & suffered severe burns

We’ve been on an unofficial moraTORIum lately and return with some somber news. This photo, which was taken on Easter, hails from Tori Spelling’s Instagram page. She’s sitting in a Benihana restaurant with her nephew. Tori posted several photos on Easter, one of which made reference to a “Benihana Burn!” Tori’s caption went unnoticed for over a week. Now a report has miraculously materialized to fill in the Benihana blanks.

The Mail’s exclusive report says that Tori and Dean McDermott were enjoying a peaceful Easter lunch with family when disaster struck. Tori reportedly tripped and fell onto a grill at Benihana. Her “heel caught” as she left the restaurant, and she “fell backward onto a hot hibachi.” She “shouted in pain” but tried to appear “brave” in front of her children. The Mail has photos of Tori checking out her arm outside the restaurant. She rushed to the hospital and needed immediate skin grafts to avoid infection and scarring.

Are you following so far? Kaiser, CB, and I spent too much time attempting to digest the logistics of this report. The story does sound embellished, and it almost certainly came straight from a Tori source. The delayed timing of the tale is too suspicious, sort of like someone was frustrated the press never noticed something was amiss. Honestly, I’ve lost track of how many times Tori has required hospitalization for medical conditions over the past few years. She gets sick a lot, which happens. But Instagramming hospital selfies seems like an attention grabbing tactic.

The Benihana hibachi is an interesting specimen. These things aren’t cavernous, unguarded pits in the middle of a room. They’re enclosed inside a table (Michael K at DListed posted a handy reference pic and analysis). It would take a freak accident to land atop the grill portion. All I know is that where every Tori goes, drama follows. There was also a bizarre story last week about Dean allegedly cheating again, this time with his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace. Tori can relax. Mary Jo knows she isn’t missing anything when it comes to Dean.

FYI: Dean gave a timely interview yesterday about his “amazing, absolutely amazing” marriage to Tori. Dean just happens to be promoting his upcoming cookbook called The Gourmet Dad: Easy And Delicious Meals The Whole Family Will Love. I’m assuming the book contains NO recipes from Benihana.

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    am I the only one that translated that into ‘drunkenly stumbled into the grill’ ?

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I translated it into Tori wanted attention and maybe some pain pills too.

    • Little Darling says:

      Nope! I’m thinking a combo of pills and booze. Doesn’t that also numb your receptors so that you might not realize immediately that your arm is resting on a hella hot grill?

    • LadyMTL says:

      That’s the only thing that would make this whole weird-a*s scenario work.

    • Diane says:

      My translation was “LAW SUIT”. Tori and Dean need the cash.

    • Beatrice says:

      My first thought, too. By the way, she looks really rough in those pics.

    • Sarah says:

      Impossible to even drunkenly stagger into a grill at Benihana. Like the article says – they are surrounded by tables. You have to purposely walk through a place where it is clear you are not supposed to go and then….falling backwards onto it? No way. I call shenanigans here.

      • chaine says:

        I don’t think it is out of the question. Those hibachi tables are usually spaced back to back, so that there are two unguarded grill sides facing each other. When the cooks for the tables clean up and leave, those sides of both grills are unprotected, but still not cooled off. If you’re at the far end of your table from the exit, it looks way easier to walk through that big empty space between the grills then to walk around the other side, where you are going to have to navigate between two rows of chairs.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      nope right there with you. ouch

  2. Kara says:

    i always wanted to read a cookbook from the guy who left his wife to be with a has-been.

  3. Mirn says:

    Tori is trying to replenish her bank account with a lawsuit.

  4. NewWester says:

    I don’t get how this happened. Was she on top of the table or a chair and fell onto the grill? Just looking at the photo, it seems rather difficult for someone to fall backwards onto the grill. Something does not add up. Maybe the sentence”after having a few drinks” is missing

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed, something doesn’t quite add up. But it’s lucky she wasn’t holding that baby anymore when it happened!

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    It has been years since I went to a Benihana, but this seems impossible to me.

    • whipmyhair says:

      And if she is making it up/embellishing, you can’t fake a skin graft. A burn victim may get state of the art medical treatment and care, but I’m 90% sure she would end up with permanent scarring due to these burns.

      So I see three options:
      Making it up
      not thinking things through
      or playing a long game where she never wears short sleeves ever again in public.

      I think it’s door number two.

      • Judyk says:

        I also pick Door #2 or would except for the fact it’s a very public place and there were lots of witnesses, which there would have to be, to make a lawsuit fly.

  6. Deanne says:

    The melodrama with this trick is just too much. She’s so attention starved it’s ridiculous. Seriously, she fell on the grill at Benihana? Was she drunk? She probably threw herself on it because Dean was eyeing another woman and she needed to distract him. Weird how both Tori Spelling and LeAnn Rimes relationships started the same way and both are always ill and/or injured. I guess being insecure in your relationship takes it toll on your immune system, balance and mental health.

  7. raptor says:

    I’m sure this is all part of an elaborate and nefarious trap set by Emily Goodhand.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Probably I am an awful person but I think this woman would be capable to hurt herself to get attention and press…

    • Dragonlady Sakura says:

      You’re not an awful person. I immediately thought the same thing. Tori is such a professional drama queen, nothing surprises me.

  9. savu says:

    Haven’t even read the story yet, but I’m sorry that is a golden headline.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    I’m on board with the suspicion, something doesn’t seem right- and if you add promoting a project to the mix, I don’t put anything past them as far as getting attention.

  11. Belle Epoch says:

    Seems like she is ALWAYS in the hospital for something! And I have no idea how she fell backwards into a grill that has a counter around it. She must have fallen into the chef’s side – but it would have been turned off after the meal, right?

    Any doctors out there? Does skin grafts make sense?

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      Yeah, I thought the chef’s turned the grills off when they were finished cooking. So, by the time the family was done with their meal, you’d think it would have cooled off significantly.

    • Sunny says:

      Not a doctor, just someone who was burned. I was burned on my arms, and there was a huge risk for infection, and lots of concern about overall infections, scarring, and the health of the skin tissue as it healed. Usually anything that is a 2nd degree burn or worse you’re being checked and having your burns cleaned by a doctor every day until you heal. Depending on how sensitive the skin was/where she was burned and how deep it went a skin graft is within the realm of possibility. How this whole accident went down…I have no idea..

  12. lower-case deb says:

    wouldn’t a slip land her on the floor, or knock her head/neck/upper body against the side of the table? unless she lunges backward as well. like a trip slip high jump combo to get her upper arm into the grill.

    it would make more sense if it’s a fire spark, or oil spark or something, because the picture makes it look like it’s not a huge area. i once had a bad stove accident and i couldn’t even handle anyone even breathing over the burned area or around it, let alone touching it. and forget dignity. the hospital better haul ass to ME it hurt so bad.

    they have a similar restaurant here, not Benihana, but the set up would be similar. the grill is deliberately placed deeper across the table so that most determined and curious children would struggle to even reach the edge of it.

    • cr says:

      Looking at the location of the burn on her arm, I do not know how it would have happened if she had fallen backwards. Or even forward. To get her upper arm like that it seems like she’d have been at such a wonky angle. And very, very close to the grill.

  13. MrsBPitt says:


    signed: Tori Spelling

  14. bette says:

    As others ynoted, this would be impossible. Can you imagine all the lawsuits not just from drunk people stumbling but from old and frail people stumbling, or mistakenly grabbing on a hot hibachi grill to stabilize themselves?

    Where are the witnesses?

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Exactly. The design of those restaurants (the layout) was scrutinized beyond imagination just so this could not happen. And have we ever heard of any regular joe falling on a grill at Beni Hana’s, Mongolian BBQ, or Ukai? No, because they’re designed in a way that it’s impossible unless intentional hurling of selves is involved kamakazi style. Give me a break.

  15. hadlyB says:

    Wait, the story was ignored because its tori Spelling and you didn’t want to give her any more ammo? Great !

    Can you do that for the whole Kardashian family as well?

  16. Ninks says:

    100% don’t buy a word of this story. From the pictures, I can’t fathom how anybody would fall backwards onto one of those grills. Even drunk, it seems like it would be impossible. From the looks of the pictures on the DM, she’s looking at her inner arm, which would indicate that she was falling forwards. It also doesn’t look like she’s in a lot of pain. I know I’ve had minor burns while cooking and they hurt like a bitch. If I had something requiring medical attention, it would be incredibly painful and not the type of injury that I could let go unattended for hours.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      I agree. I don’t know how you can hit the front of your upper arm on something when you’re falling backward.

  17. Christin says:

    And yet they soldiered on with their meal, if I read the DM article correctly. They had a photo of the alleged injury, and it was maybe the size of a nickel. It actually looked like a little bruise.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I once burned my leg on a mini bike engine, and it made a tiny red mark. It hurt like hell and I complained about it to my mother, who told me, in a nice way, that it was really nothing and to please stop talking about it. The next day, it had grown to the size of a pancake and the skin was black and flaking off and blood red underneath. So I wouldn’t go by that picture, BUT you make an excellent point. She stayed and kept eating. I’m telling you, that little mark hurt like someone was touching me with a hot poker. No way could I have calmly stayed and finished eating.

      Btw, my mom is still apologizing for that, poor woman.

    • ElasticBean says:

      Ugh I really don’t want to defend her, but…
      I’m an emergency department nurse and I’ve seen plenty of burns in my time. The ones that hurt like hell are actually the more superficial burns, where there is plenty of nerves to damage. When burns are deeper, they don’t hurt as much because there’s not as many nerves in the deeper layers of skin.

      So if you are burned, you actually want to be in a lot of pain because it means it’s probably not as deep and will heal easier.

    • Mixtape says:

      Yeah, to be fair, the DM article said she initially didn’t think it was a big deal and waited until the following day to go to the doctor, and that it was the doctor who instructed her to go to the hospital–she didn’t rush there right after the event.

      The fact that I know this means it’s time to reevaluate my life’s goals.

    • Christin says:

      I’m sorry if I sound callous, but she is (to me) like the little boy who cried wolf. She seems to go to the hospital so routinely that I just doubted this whole story because she didn’t immediately cause a huge scene.

      The medical information about burns is interesting and good to know, BTW.

  18. Ameoba says:

    “Tori Spelling is approximately 98% plastic so her ass is brave for even sitting near that hibachi grill. I’d be afraid that I’d melt into a puddle of liquid plastic on the floor and then I’d have to count on Dean’s incompetent ass to take me to the Mattel factory to be put back together” From Michael K at D Listed.

    Idk buut I loaufghed so hard a tthis i csnt even….

    And tori, seriously? Is she that gone? At least make up something believable.

  19. Mon says:

    Some peoe just love making victimes out of themselves and she is a prime example of that. Her life would be so empty if it were not filled in with drama. Sad.

  20. BetseyLu says:

    LOL! yeah right!!!!

  21. FingerBinger says:

    It sounds like Tori has munchausen syndrome.

    • cr says:

      She has something. If she were to continually show up with all these injuries/maladies where I work, at this point we’d probably have done a psych eval, among other things. To determine if she’s really just an klutz with bad health or if there’s something else going on.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      It’s no coincidence, that like LeMann Rimes, she continually gets hurts, is sick, has to be hospitalized, etc. It’s a ploy for Dean’s sympathy and to guilt him. Unfortunately, guys like that don’t care. All her injuries and illnesses are falling on his deaf ears.

    • RobN says:

      I tend to agree. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up as a proxy situation and those kids start having mysterious accidents and illnesses.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I thought about that too, or a pain killer addiction, or both, but a burn is so radical. If it was just pain killer addiction, back pain is the way to go. But burning yourself? No. Possible Munchausen though.

  22. L says:

    Is it bad that I laughed out loud at that headline? Tori is such a drama queen and is always getting sick or hurt. Like who the heck just falls into a grill at Benihana? I just have this mental image of her going “AHHH!” and dramatically & randomly tossing herself on top of a grill.

  23. Nikki L. says:

    She looks a bit bigger in these pics (that’s a good thing, certainly healthier), and she’s wearing flowy tops … pregnant or perhaps trying?

  24. drea says:

    Will she join a cult like kelly taylor 😆

  25. Melain says:

    Two ways this could happen while walking out of a Benihana:
    1. Backward, triple flying Walinda.
    2. In a work of fiction written by a hack.

  26. Size Does Matter says:

    My first two immediate thoughts:

    1. She was drunk/on something
    2. She was so hungry after years of “eating air” that the smell of grilling shrimp caused a moment of temporary insanity and she dived face first onto the grill.

  27. cakecakecake says:

    A ploy for more pain pills???

  28. JenniferJustice says:

    She got severely burned? Oh my gosh! They’re right. Look at her face!

    Sorry, that was mean, but I couldn’t resist.

  29. Cali says:

    What makes it smell even more like BS is that the Daily Mail has photos of her outside the restaurant, looking at her burn – angling it for cameras to see. Cameras who just so happened to be waiting for her outside of a restaurant for Easter lunch? Not a coincidence.

  30. anne_000 says:

    I saw the DM photo of her arm. Why does it have a green dot near the area where she says it got burnt?

    I read somewhere that she tripped on the carpet and fell forward. Would that have given her more reach to get near the griddlel? Even so, wouldn’t you have to fall over the chair too and that way decrease the distance you can fall towards the griddle?

    Like some of you upthread said, maybe she might be looking into suing the corporation. It would add another story arc to her reality show. I hope Benihana has cameras inside their restaurants and they caught this ‘fall.’

  31. Carmen says:

    Was she drunk? I’ve been to Benihana several times and this makes no sense at all.

  32. Crumpet says:

    It is entirely possible she stumbled and hit a flailing arm on a grill hot enough to give her a serious burn. I don’t get the whole stumbling and falling backward onto it though…?

    • anne_000 says:

      The thing is, how does she fall over chairs and a counter in order to get her arm on the griddle? She’d have had to fall in such a way that she basically fly over these things. Was she running when she fell? I dunno.

  33. Cankles says:

    What in Hot Topic hell is she wearing in the pics where she’s carrying a pizza box?

  34. Judyk says:

    Just tired of Tori’s drama but still hope she wasn’t seriously hurt.

    However, I saw a pic of the hideously ugly brown sandal heels she was wearing with that outfit…they didn’t go at all w/ the outfit…big chunky heels…how do chunky heels get caught in anything, and I agree with GoodNames (especially after reviewing pics of the Benihana grills–haven’t been to one in 20 years) that it seems impossible (unless pre-planned–my words, not hers)…just a guess and plausible opinion and nothing more, and I would be less skeptical if Tori weren’t such a Drama Queen, having to televise every segment of her life to the point that it’s embarrassing to watch.

  35. jenn12 says:

    This woman has serious issues. I always thought she kept having kids for the attention and sympathy (wow, how you’re doing this with all those kids so close in age) and thought that once she stopped birthing, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. She’s someone who always needs the next big thing, more drama and so on. And it is weird to see her suddenly dressing like riot grrrls did twenty plus years ago, when she was always such a beach bunny and into the California girl look. At any rate, she seems to always want to be someone’s victim. She can’t be the best mom- she’s so into needing attention for herself and starting drama.

  36. KatC says:

    I have a friend from college who used to work at a hibachi place (not benihanas) and fell onto one of these grills. She had a pretty gnarly burn from about her elbow to her wrist. It looked a lot like an exclamation mark. However it only happened because she was behind the grill area (again, she worked there, so this wasn’t a weird place for her to be) and there was spilled oil on the floor.

  37. Skye says:

    “Ohmigod..Donna Martin immolates!”

    I’m sorry, Jesus.

  38. Anastasia says:

    Did she jump really high and then simultaneously fling herself backwards? That’s the only way I can figure this…