Vegan Heather Mills signs $6 million deal with Burger King


Heather Mills’ plans for vegan world domination just went a little askew. Though she’s been busy promoting the plant-based diet for impoverished kids in the U.S., Heather’s not above taking some serious cash in exchange for promoting Burger King. Now to be fair, she’ll be helping to advertise their new vegetarian burger – presumably in the U.K., since they already have a meatless burger in America.

Heather Mills has signed a £3 million deal to promote vegetarian food at Burger King, according to a report.

The ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney has apparently agreed to back the launch of a new meat-free burger at the chain’s 11,350 outlets worldwide.

A friend told The People: “Heather is ecstatic. She believes she can change the eating habits of millions. She’s also being paid a lot of money and the deal will help boost her standing.”

News of Mills’s deal comes just three months after McCartney announced plans to revamp his late wife Linda’s vegetarian food range.

A source close to McCartney commented: “Sir Paul will probably see a certain sense of irony in Heather’s career move. But he won’t be fuming. If more people become vegetarian as a result of this, then some good will come out of it.”

Mills has also decided to launch a range of plant-based food at her new seaside cafe.

A spokesperson for the ex-model said: “Heather has been a vegan ever since she lost her leg and she has been developing and refining vegan recipes ever since.”

[From Digital Spy via Gossip Rocks]

I don’t think it’s normally a vegan-approved thing to promote a product for a company that still sells a lot of meat. I’m no expert, but I practically get mowed down by PETA protestors every time I go into KFC, and they sell salads. Okay salads with chicken, but you can get them without it. They also enjoy trying to shove pamphlets of chickens having some fiery, oily death into my hands, but that’s neither here nor there. I guess I’m just surprised Heather would associate herself with Burger King as long as they’re still selling the Triple Whopper with cheese. Or as I like to call it, the triple bypass with cheese.

I realize there’s little Heather won’t do for money, but she’s so pushy and self-righteous about her vegan stuff (I’m not saying all vegans are, I’m just saying she is), that I assumed that would be the line. So I guess we now officially know exactly how much Heather Mills can be bought for. So we all need to pool our resources and come up with $6 million to buy her eternal silence.

Here’s Heather Mills checking into Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight out on March 6th. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.


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24 Responses to “Vegan Heather Mills signs $6 million deal with Burger King”

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  1. Anna says:

    The height of hypocrisy. And I’m an omnivore.

  2. Sunnyjyl says:

    6 mil? Hahahahaha . . .
    The jokes on Burger King, because I would do it for one million.

  3. Roni says:

    She’ll do anything for the “almighty dollar!” I remember reading about her when Paul McCartney first met her and was dating her…I don’t know her from Adam…but I can tell you the God’s honest trust, I smelled a fraud! And she turned around and did show her “true colors,” I hope she goes and chokes on a whooper!

  4. Ggirl says:

    I hate that vaseline colored blonde hair on her. It makes her look harsh and cheap…oh wait, I forgot that IS Heather!

  5. becca says:

    Sounds like the vegan heard “cha-ching, cha-CHING!”


  6. Gossip says:

    What’s wrong with promoting a vegetarian burger at a ‘non vegetarian’ joint? I don’t find it hypocritical because it’s giving a vegetarian option to people, and why not have a vegan advertise that? You people judge way too quickly. Not liking her is fine but calling her a hypocrite for promoting vegetarianism (at any joint) is silly.

  7. JayBird says:

    ^ I think it’s more that Heather has gone out of her way to harshly criticize any meat-eating lifestyle, so jumping on board with a company that promotes one seems hypocritical. Lots of vegetarians are accepting of other people’s dietary choices, Heather just doesn’t seem to be one of them.

  8. viper says:

    …well we all have to live with our contradictions…

  9. geronimo says:

    I’d love to have been at the meeting where Burger King decided that Heather would be a good face for their brand.

  10. michellle says:

    Just love these self righteous animal rights activists condeming carnivores while wearing leather.

  11. Penni says:

    Oh my, i think she thinks she is the almighty what a trollop……

  12. jess says:

    mills is a twat but at the same time, speaking as a strict veg i can see the good that can come out of this and i hope she succeeds.

  13. TaylorB says:

    “Heather has been a vegan ever since she lost her leg and she has been developing and refining vegan recipes ever since.”

    Not to nit pick, but I fail to see the correlation between losing ones leg and becoming vegan. But to each their own.

    I am also curious to know if that is a veggie burger or a vegan burger, many fast food, pre-made ‘veggie’ burgers still contain dairy/eggs so they aren’t exactly vegan. Not that it matters, but I wonder if she is ok with that.

  14. Dena says:

    are her breast implants vegan?

  15. JayBird says:

    TaylorB I found the leg loss = vegan thing strange too. I have a friend who became a vegetarian after hitting am animal with her car. She cried for days and realized if she felt that badly about killing one accidentally, it didn’t make sense to eat them. That’s a logical connection to me. Losing your leg? Not so sure.

    I know the Burger King veggie burgers here are supposed to be pretty good as far as those things go (according to aforementioned vegetarian friend), but that’s mostly because it’s practically half mayonnaise. Which is definitely not vegan.

  16. Orangejulius says:

    No kidding. Burger King actually thought it was a good idea to use HER? The woman that people love to hate? I think I would go out of my way not to eat anything there.

  17. susan says:

    What is shocking to me is that anyone would pay her six dollars,let alone six million to rep a product, as she is so hated by so many here and in the u.k.

  18. Mairead says:

    JayBird has hit the nail on the head – BK definitely does have an excellent range of non-meat burgers, even at the smaller branches, which Mickey D’s doesn’t – but most of them ain’t vegan.

    Surely Alicia Silverstone or someone would have been a better fit than HM? Must have been a lot of coke…*ahem* I mean “cola” ingested at that meeting.

  19. the original kate says:

    i’m stunned that they would pay her $6 million…wow! there are other famous vegetarians who would have done it for less, i bet. in any case, i do think it is weird that she is taking money from burger king. i hope she at least donates it to animal shelters or something.

  20. OXA says:

    To my knowlege Burger King UK has had meatless burgers for 20 years or so. I remember taking my veggie nieces and nephews there and being suprised at how easy it was to eat veggie everywhere we went.
    Heather Mills is hated in the UK so this could be a bad business move for them if people choose to boycott.

  21. pixiegirl says:

    As a vegan myself, I’m constantly annoyed at HM. She makes us all look bad. There are plenty of other ways to promote the BK (disgusting IMO) veggie burger (which I don’t think is even vegan).

  22. lrm says:

    yea,Sting,Ellen/Portia,and Paul himself-they could do like those Gap ads,and have different stars star in the commercials/ads for the new vegan burger…that’d be cool!
    you know what,yea,maybe it’s BK’s way of scamming-good PR to have a vegan burger and give options to get patrons with vegan friends to come in…but meat eaters may also want to give it a try,and here is a chance to do that w/o having to what? go to whole foods or something radical like that,huh? lol

    anyway,people that get all in your face b/c of hypocrisy-i think this is more of a venting about how horrid Mills’ is.
    Because honestly,we do live w/contradictions;you make the best choices you can,but they are not perfect. It’s similar to people acting as though,b/c herbs and holistic medicine don’t
    ‘always work’,somehow they are not valid.
    Never m ind that chemo,or whatever drug rememdy for whatever disease,doesn’t always (or even usually work)…but there is a double standard for any of the perceived out of the box stuff.
    I think it’s retarded,literally,for people to be hostile towards vegans,and i’ve seen it-nothign to do w/PETA or radical antics. Same as when people are hostile towards feeding your children healthy or being strict about not feeding them chemicals,paints and poisons.
    The status quo’ll kill you,i tell ya.

    Tangent aside,Mills is such an a*s,and a golddigger. Where is her kid?

  23. orion70 says:

    whoa Irm..

    my initial reaction to this was to wonder if people in the UK actually would buy a product endorsed by HM…is she liked any more there than anywhere else? So yeah, surprised at that choice there BK. Maybe HM, in her manner, forced herself upon BK.

    As for BK’s veggie burger, I actually like it (i’m vegetarian, not vegan, and I didn’t overthink the ingredients the few times i’ve had it anyway). On the run it’s a good quick source of protein.

    However, ingredients aside, even when a resto offers a veggie burger, you can’t exactly guarantee that it’s not been cooked on the same grill as the regular ones, thus picking up “meat-bits” etc.

  24. hesus says:

    Health conscious, animal loving, anti-BK/mcdonalds/KFC vegetarians wont eat there anyway, even if “healthier” junk food is offered. Pam anderson promoting KFC vegan burgers or Heather’s BK burger will not draw in people who ideologically disagree with these corporations.

    and it’s not just the fact that they sell meat – it’s the way that the animals are treated and tortured at the farms which supply the meat to these fast food chains.