Tyga: Kylie Jenner is very mature, I’m doing nothing ‘morally wrong’

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner (17) and Tyga (25) are still together and still gross. Yesterday, I talked about how Kylie finally admitted using lip plumpers, which is probably a precursor to an endorsement. Kylie has several such deals (including one for Nip + Fab anti-aging products and a hair extension line). That’s how she makes most of her money, along with what she receives for KUWTK.

Kylie recently purchased her first mansion for $2.7 million in Calabasas. She was busted taking photos while driving close to her new digs. This is never a good idea but veers into clueless territory when one’s own father is under investigation in a fatal car crash. She captioned the pic, “Born & Raised … & I’ll probably die here.” Anyway. Kylie’s preparing to move into her own 5000 sq ft home even though she never learned to do laundry. TMZ reports that Tyga is very impressed by Kylie’s adult-like nature and thinks she’s more mature than most adults, which is why he’s dating her.

Tyga is now defiant about his relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner … he doesn’t care about the laws prohibiting adults from having sex with minors, and the reality is … unless someone complains, neither do the cops.

Tyga is telling friends, as far as he’s concerned Kylie is more mature than most adults. She’s a millionaire who runs a company and even owns her own home.

The rapper won’t squarely say if he’s intimate with Kylie, but it’s not hard to read between the lines. He says he “doesn’t give a f*** about what the law says.” He thinks age is relative, and there’s nothing “morally wrong” with a mature 17-year-old dating a 25-year-old.

Fact is … the cops may be on his side. Law enforcement sources tell us they won’t investigate statutory rape involving a 17-year-old unless someone complains, even if the relationship is widely reported. And they say, so far no one has complained.

[From TMZ]

Ugh. Of course no one has complained to authorities about this relationship. Kylie’s family loves Tyga and is thrilled about the situation. Fellow gross guys, Kanye & Chris Brown, blessed the pair. Tyga himself has expressed an us-against-the-world attitude. I find it hilarious that Tyga thinks Kylie is so grown-up and mature. Surely, he’s speaking in a purely physical sense. Most adults don’t have time to prep in the mirror for hours and take 2-hour showers. Tyga only has one thing on his mind.


Kylie Jenner

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  1. Snazzy says:

    He is disgusting

    • Mia V. says:

      The t-shirt says everything: are you serious?

    • nikko says:

      He’s only 25, for a man mentally he’s 18 yrs old.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      He has the most punchable face. Especially in that 2nd picture with the orange shirt. Hollywood loves their sexual predators. Gross.

    • Tristan says:

      He is so utterly repulsive he manages to make even Kanye Kartrashian West marginally less repulsive by comparison. Gross is about right & she is a complete moron. Even more disgusting is the laissez faire attitude of her parents, who ought to know better, but don’t

    • wolfpup says:

      Bedhead is right. He is a typical man with one thing on his mind. Many men will tell you that this is all that is on their minds…

    • Mare says:

      And obviously doesn’t know the meaning of “morally”

  2. NewWester says:


    • atrain says:

      It’s absolutely gross, but I like how typically pro-kardashian TMZ isn’t trying to paint this as some epic romance. It’s disgusting and illegal and her parents should be trying to prevent this from happening.

      • KGWM says:


      • Sabrine says:

        Her parents can’t do anything. Kylie is getting ready to move into her own home. She will do what she wants. If she’s on birth control, doesn’t pick up a STD from him; he doesn’t start trying to control her and most importantly, doesn’t get her hooked on drugs, is about the most that can be hoped for at this point. It seems like a tall order but she’s almost 18 and there’s nothing anyone can do except hope she has enough brains to make decisions that are not detrimental to herself.

      • Cyndi says:

        “…but she’s almost 18 and there’s nothing anyone can do except hope she has enough brains to make decisions that are not detrimental to herself.”

        Weeelll, she’s doomed.

    • katP says:

      I find everything about him gross, to be honest. So, so wrong.

    • V. says:

      A million+ times GROSS! Kylie will wake up a few years from now and hate herself for ever hooking up with this guy! Poor girl. She has no clue and clearly no real guidance.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    When I was 17 I had a boyfriend who was 25. She will regret this one day trust me. There’s a reason he won’t date anyone his own age.

    • Shambles says:

      + 1. Been there too.

      • Loopy says:

        yes when I was 19 I had a 26 year old boyfriend, even though I was of age,i strongly regretted it. At the time there was nothing you get tell me, I was so in love and we were going to get married and live happily ever after. Gosh teen hormones!

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        Me too. 19 dating a 32 year old. I couldn’t believe my parents had a problem with it! I mean, he was an amazing artist with a garage Apartment and mid-century modern furniture! What was their damage, man?!

        Despite all this, I remained close friends with him until his death, but still….

      • lulu1 says:

        Reader, I married him.

        Wow what a lot of us there are – I was 21, he was 33. I thought it was amazing…until I grew up and he didn’t…

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I was 21, he was 32, it was good and then it was very bad.

      • oneshot says:

        19 year old me thinks back to the 27 year old “worldly” ex I was so wowed by, and agrees.

    • nicole says:

      I have been thinking the same thing! When you’re a teenager you think you’re so mature and age is only a number and only guys a decade older ‘get’ you. Then you grow up a bit and see that you were an idiot and the dude was an immature creep who couldn’t date ladies his own age. Always exceptions but this isn’t one of them.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        I’m glad you said there are exceptions, Nicole. My adored late brother was madly in love with a 16 year old girl. The age of consent in Australia was, and is 16. She was madly in love with his best mate. They got engaged and then discovered she was pregnant, so brought the wedding forward. I became close friends with her, and she and her hubby, who by now worked for my brother, all remained close. At 37, my brother had a heart attack. His best mate, who was staying with him at the time, gave him CPR until the paramedics arrived, but he’d died instantly. The couple is still together, having raised 5 sons (I got to name the second!) We are still very close friends, too. They have been married 42 years, and still love each other madly. Mind you, my friend really was a mature 16 year old, and her husband – nine years older – adored/s her, and was a very decent hard-working young man. He’d suffered God-knows-what in Vietnam, and had had a horrible upbringing with alcoholic parents, and I think he really was ready to settle down. I’m not feeling the same vibe for this girl and her *cough* man. As many have already said, he is gross. When does she turn 18? I’m wondering if all her present behaviour is going to seem mild and humorously harmless when she comes of age.

    • Michelle says:

      @Tiffany27 – I agree, but I wonder if she actually will regret it at some point. Most of us grew up with people looking out for us and Kylie doesn’t have that. We all have a moral compass, and this family doesn’t even have morals period. I think that they’re letting Kylie do whatever she wants because they know Kylie is the least attractive girl therefore the least marketable so they let her transform her face and get a grown up boyfriend that they view as a legit celebrity with $$. Let’s not forget, Kim started out the same way with Ray-J, another low budget loser whose name alone incites cringes. Tyga is Kylie’s Ray-J. I really do believe that Kylie will end up making a sex tape with this loser, especially since this poor idiot idolizes Kim so much. I expect that Kylie is going to try to do everything that Kim has done because they really all view Kim as the pinnacle of success.

      • Magpie says:

        While he is a sexual predator, i Also think the kk clan is using him. He will have a starring role in the sex tape and maybe a quickie marriage à la Chris humpfries. Then she will move on to a bigger kaynefish. Like you said she is Kim 2.0

    • Lama Bean says:

      18 years old dating a 26 year old. And it was over when he disrespected me in public by grabbing my crotch.

      • HH says:


        I was 19/20 dating someone in their late 20s. Looking back on it, what’s funny is how immature he was…UGH!

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        19/20 dating a 34 year old. I matured right on past him. Ugh.

      • Livealot says:

        Ugh. I despise that sort of pda. Slapping butts, etc just seems so degrading, unless it’s in the privacy of your own home of course. The opposite of emasculating I suppose (?)

    • Ladybird83 says:

      You are so very right. When I was 21 I dated a 31 years old thinking he was mature and knew more about life. WRONG. Wasted year of my life.

      • Christin says:

        Similar story and timeframe here. And I would not listen to my parents’ warnings.

        The guy was charming yet shallow, immature in many ways and a commitment-phobe who did finally marry when he was in his 50s. One of his ex-girlfriends actually left her husband of 20 years for him. And her son refuses to speak to her over it. She has a large house and her family is (mistakenly) thought to have money.

    • prissa says:

      @Tiffany27 Same here. 15 “dating” a 23yr old. Moved out my parents house when I was 16 to be with him. What a HORRIBLE decision, but I had all the answers. A broken jaw, several black eyes and a beautiful daughter later I finally got away from him. Thank God we never married. He proposed. I accepted. Then, after eating crabs, I accidentally threw the ring in the trash. That was an obvious sign of where that relationship was going! You are absolutely right – there is a reason people like Tyga don’t date women their own age.

      Their break up will be interesting. This will not end well at all…

      • queenofcauliflowers says:

        … gee. I am sorry that all of you have had such horrible experiences.
        But, hey, calling a year of your life a comlpete WASTE just because you dated somebody older than you … that’s kinda harsh, no?
        Don’t get me wrong, I see where you are coming from, I dated a lot of jerks (often twice my age) myself but I am still greatful for the experience.
        It made me grow as a person and also realize what I want (to date nice, kind men my age) and what I surely don’t want (to date any more jerks).
        But reading all your comments and learning about all your wasted years, I got a better idea about why relationships with an age gap get so much hate on this page. The bitterness is always coming through. (And I know that I’ll also get a lot of hate from a lot of you for saying that …) EVEN THOUGH I get why this particular relationship here is getting a lot of disgust … He seems (more than) fishy. She seems lost.

      • Amy says:

        …I think you missed the point where she suffered abuse queen, in which case your comment reads a little insulting.

        There’s a difference between an unpleasant relationship and a devastating one and that’s why I think many of us call the bullsht for what it is. Some older individuals make it a point to manipulate and use their younger partner, especially when they feel that partner has now been forced into a situation where they depend on them for safety or financial stability.

        Tyga and Kylie will end in devastation. We the public may never know about it, but the writings on the wall. This is the girl who totally changed her face at 16/17 for the general public’s approval. What parts of herself will she tear up next to not lose him?

    • kb says:

      Me too. You couldn’t change my mind at the time and my parents were livid. We dated from the time I was 16 and he was 21 to the time I was 20 and pregnant and he abandoned me. I wish so badly at times that I could take it back. I strive to not live in the past but I deeply regret it. It ruined my life for years. She’ll wish she’d never done this.

    • G says:

      That reason being he looks and acts like a 15yr old.

    • Wren says:

      A friend dated a 33 year old when she was 19. We all side-eyed the hell out of the relationship but, of course, you couldn’t tell her anything and he was “so wonderful and mature”. Oh, and “I can’t believe he wants to date me! I’m so lucky!” He just mostly just an immature deadbeat, nothing really bad happened, but she sure feels stupid about it, and how she defended his stupid life choices now.

      • Pandy says:

        Yeah, I have a friend who was 18 and moved in with a man with an 8 year old. He was a functioning alcoholic but at the time, she just thought he was “fun”.

    • Indira says:

      Same. Ages and everything, all match up. And now I look back and see so many shitty consequences from that. Ugh, past me.

    • novaleenationstate says:

      Agree with all of this. Like many others have mentioned, I also had a relationship with someone who was much older (late 30s) when I was Kylie’s age (16-17, all the way until I was 19), and it was exactly the same script. He would come pick me up around the corner when I got out of my high school, take me out to places — it all felt very cool, very sophisticated, and I felt like it was because I was naturally just more mature than other girls my age. Dead wrong. And like Kylie, I (unfortunately at that age) had next to zero adult supervision and no one looking out for me, so there was no one at the time to really cry foul on what was happening. It made me an easy target.

      I feel for Kylie, truly – she seems vapid and annoying, but she’s also just a kid, and she’s the most vulnerable kind of kid there is: the kind who thinks she isn’t one. It opens up the door to all kinds of predatory behavior. Personally, I now look back at that time in my life (I’m in my mid-20s now) and I cringe. There is absolutely a reason why age of consent laws need to be enforced, and it’s to keep young, vulnerable people (esp. women) out of predatory situations where the power structure is dramatically skewed and they are more easily taken advantage of. I really hope she doesn’t do anything with this creep that she can’t walk away from when she’s ready to, but given the pack of fame-thirsty vampires she calls a family and their influence on her, I’m not holding out much hope that she’ll really get the chance. Still, all the shame belongs to the older party here (in this case, Tyga), not Kylie — he’s a total creep.

      • Anita says:

        I was barely 16 when I started dating my 25 year-old ex boyfriend. My mum had abandoned my sister and I, and I was sad and lost, and in need of a parental figure who could give me love and support. Instead I found a man who was less mature and more messed up, insecure and needy than me, and we were having sex within a fortnight. We were together for two years before I decided to stop feeling sorry for him and end it, though I would still sleep with him out of pity on occasion for the next few years. I never loved him, because I lost respect for him as soon a he caved on his insistence that we just be “friends”. I haven’t been in another relationship because I felt so bad about myself for being with my ex, that I haven’t wanted to risk being in a similar dynamic. I used to blame myself but now I have a hard time forgiving him for being so selfish and thoughtless and taking my innocence (in many ways). Of course I wanted to be with him, because I was a sad, lonely, hormonal/horny teenage girl, but as mature as I was for my age, he really should have known better.

        So I feel for Kylie. Like in my situation, her parents are absent, and her sisters support her self-destructive choices. I hope she gets to develop enough self-respect to realise that Tyga took something from her that wasn’t his to take. I pray that my future daughter/s don’t make the same mistakes I did.

    • dimsumum says:

      Sadly, I’ve been there too. Still regret it. What on earth could a 25 year old fellow have seen in 16 year old me?

      • Anita says:

        Sorry to hear that. I understand why grown men would be drawn to teenage girls, even beyond the physical appeal. I was so eager to please, and had no concept of self-respect enough to expect being treated with respect in turn. I think that for weak men, and men with low self esteem it is a real ego trip to be with someone too inexperienced to know that they deserve to be treated with respect.

    • Veronica says:

      I was of legal age in my situation, but yep. There’s a reason I won’t date men who are more than 2-3 years older than me.

  4. mememe says:

    That baby is so cute! Let’s focus on that and not the grossness of everyone else involved.

    • Dawn says:

      Nope I will not keep my focus on the toddler. This is about the kid this man is bedding and probably started bedding when she was 16. His claim that she seems mature means nothing, she is still a minor and still underage and YES he is doing something MORALLY wrong but I have a feeling money comes before morals in this crowd anyway. What a horrid young man he is truly is and Kris and Bruce Jenner are the worst parents ever.

      • Michelle says:

        @Dawn his claim about her seeming mature DEFINITELY means nothing. If a 25 year old and a 17 year old have anything in common, it is obviously because the 25 year old has something deeply wrong with him and HE is the one who is the least mature in the situation. Tyga is childish as hell for what he is doing with Kylie. Even if he thinks she is amazing and adorable and so wonderful, the age difference would be enough in a normal person to make them realize “this girl is not for me, she is too young.” Tyga is the immature one, and that certainly doesn’t mean that Kylie is mature, only that Tyga somehow manages to be LESS mature than a 17 year old.

    • Joy says:

      I feel bad for the toddler. Why do stupid twats insist on having kids?

      • Dawn says:

        I agree with @Michelle and @Joy. The little boy is going to have to live with the decisions his parents make for themselves because it is about him too.

      • swack says:

        I worry about what this child is going to learn as he is growing up. I see Tyga dropping Kylie as soon as she gets too “old” for him (probably at age 20) and he will continue this same pattern.

    • Susan says:

      If I were Blac China I would be cringing that my child is being publically photographed with her. Every photo or filming becomes part of their show or a news article.

  5. Rocket says:

    Tyga was the curtain raising act at the Adult Video awards (thats the Oscars for Pornographers) two years ago. He is every fathers dream for his 17 year old daughter, Stop the jealousy y’all.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’m complaining! I think this sets a terrible example for everyone, and I’m disgusted by all of the adults in this situation.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Me, too. I will say this – Kylie is probably very different from most 17 year olds, but her parents allowing a kid into adult circumstances does not make her mature. Her brain isn’t even fully developed yet!

      • Kitten says:

        The only thing that seems different about her is the fact that she has her own mansion and a boatload of money. Otherwise, she seems VERY much the typical teenager to me.

        As far as her brain not being fully developed, that’s a given in her family.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        Yeah, that’s what I meant. The money and the experiences. She’s seen and done things at 17 that I will probably never see or do (most of which I’d probably prefer not to see or do, but still).

        I’ve been trying to keep from saying it, but I can’t stop it – she must have forgotten the lipliner in that header pic.

    • QQ says:

      @TheXDExperience on Twitter has a Podcast and he’s been Been Advocating for people to call California Child Protective services and have that mess on speed dial for Kylie, It’s funny but not at the same time, he is always saying If her parents won’t do it, we have to, beloveds!

  7. Regina Phelange says:

    Tyga is not even hot, IMO. If he was Idris-level hot, maybe I’d understand her attraction to him, or at least try, ages aside. He must have an amazing personality, right? Yeah, that must be it.

    • **sighs** says:

      Right? If you’re going to break the law, do it with someone hot, or at least somewhat interesting. This guy is an idiot, wrapped in a douchecanoe, floating in a bowl of ugly.


  8. Shambles says:

    Less than a month after I turned 18, I met a 23-year-old man. It took me almost 3 years to realize I was being used and emotionally manipulated by this man. I know the age difference isn’t as big and I wasn’t as young as Kylie is, but the situation still left me with some pretty deep scars. As I was reading through yesterday’s KJ thread, some of the discussions started to hit a little too close to home for me. Bedhead is spot on when she says that Tyga has “one thing on his mind.” I don’t care what the cops say, I don’t care what her “parents” say, I don’t care what she or Tyga says. No 17 year old has enough life experience to deal with the baggage that comes along with dating a full grown adult with full grown adult issues, not to mention the fact that he has a child. This man has known this girl since she was 12, and in my eyes that’s all the reason anyone needs to know that this is in no way okay. Kylie’s parents have failed her, her sisters have failed her, Tyga has failed her, and the media has failed her by labeling this manipulative situation an “adorable relationship.” Sad.

    • **sighs** says:


    • Hautie says:

      “….I don’t care what she or Tyga says. No 17 year old has enough life experience to deal with the baggage that comes along with dating a full grown adult with full grown adult issues, not to mention the fact that he has a child. This man has known this girl since she was 12, and in my eyes that’s all the reason anyone needs to know that this is in no way okay….”

      I believe that behavior is referred to as “grooming”. Preying on a 12 year old… till she was 15? wasn’t it. Flat out stalking and grooming of a child.

      Yet, I also realize that for this issue. Kylie lives in a bizarre world. There is nothing genuine in her daily life. It is nothing but self created drama, by everyone who should give a damn about her.

      • Shambles says:

        Yup, definitely grooming. And I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in her circus of a world. I can almost understand why she wanted the injections, though I still find it disturbing and sad. But she was being made fun of for her looks starting at what… Age 11? Must be an awful life to live.

      • Snazzy says:

        Yup. Scary and disgusting. I cannot believe that the people around her are ok with this

      • Chrissy says:

        Nobody has this kid’s back and it’s disgusting. What her parents have done to her is unforgivable. At the very least your parents should have your interests at heart.
        I have a feeling that this will not end well. SMH

      • Christin says:

        I’m still not over the comment Dumbye made over how he was getting in there young.

        No moral compass at all for her.

    • Bess says:

      I wish that I could “favorite” your comment.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      **Raises hand**

      Add me to the list. 15 year old sheltered virgin, started dating a 21-year old that I worked with. He always told me I was very mature too. We dated briefly before he drugged me and raped me.

      Sorry, that “very mature” teenager line is the exact sort of crap these predators use to flatter and entrap these girls.

      • Shambles says:

        @ Delta… speechless. So sorry to hear that you were subjected to such a thing. Thank you for adding your voice and your story, and I admire your strength and straightforwardness more than you know.
        And you’re 100% on point when you say the “she’s so mature” line is just predator justification. Slimy. Ugh.

      • Joy says:

        I worked with kids for a very long time, and every super mature girl I saw dating a grown ass man got burned in some way. You’re spot on.

      • NorthernGirl_20 says:

        I was the same, sheltered 15 year old dating a 22 year man. Lasted almost 3 years because he stalked me and threatened me. I tried to leave so many times but he would always threaten to hurt himself or me if I left. He abused me.. took my virginity and raped me. When I finally left him he tried to kill himself, and me (with a pillow). I have PTSD from all this. He stalked me for quite a long time afterward. I didn’t feel safe until he got hit by a car when I was 26 and died.

      • queenofcauliflowers says:

        So sorry to hear that, NorthernGirl_20.
        All my love and compassion to you.
        It’s beyond my understanding how some human beings are capable to cause so much harm and damage.
        May you heal from what had nothing to do with you (ever) and move forward with your life!

      • moe says:

        I work in domestic violence support and sadly for the young women we encounter in our center there is often this age gap dynamic. I’m not saying that all older men who date teenagers or near teenagers are necessarily going to be abusers, but it feeds right into a power imbalance that is (helpfully for the abuser) built right into the relationship. Usually we would look to a woman’s family to give the love and support needed if she wants to leave the situation (not always an easy thing to do if you are being subjected to mental manipulation) but in Kylies case it seems her family are pretty f***ed up, no offence.

        And my god it breaks my heart that like it or not this girl is a role model for other young girls who see the kardashian freak show as Oh so glamorous.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for everyone’s comments in this thread. This is devastating and true, I’m glad all you ladies are in a better place now and that with time the effects from that dark time in your life will fade.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree. It is important for people to share their stories because it helps everyone understand why this is an important issue and not just a matter of petty celeb bashing.

        Young girls are victimized all the time. As a society, we shouldn’t enable or tolerate it.

    • Val says:

      Amen !

  9. Catelina says:

    To be honest, I do believe that age is just a number to a large extent. And as long as nobody feels taken advantage of or threatened or anything like that, and as long as the age difference isn’t too extreme (like 30 years) then eh. I think a 17 year old is old enough to make desicions like this for herself (or himself).

    • kufrt says:

      Although given that her decision-making so far involves dropping out of school, butchering her lips and dating Tyga it can probably be described as “dubious” at best!

      • Catelina says:

        I don’t follow either of these people enough to know what their past desicions have been, maybe they are far too immature for any kind of real healthy relationship. I’m just saying as a general rule I don’t see much difference between an 18 year old dating a 25 year old and a 17 year old doing the same thing. Other than the fact that I think people should avoid breaking the law as a rule of thumb

      • Amy says:

        Her lying about her lips alone indicates she’s working with the intelligence of someone much younger than 17. She really tried it hoping the lie would work out.

    • Josephine says:

      Science would suggest otherwise. The brain isn’t even fully developed until the mid-twenties, and 17 is a bit far from that. But clearly these parents have already robbed her of her youth and probably not only approve of this relationship but have actively pushed it. This has nothing to do with her supposed maturity, which very clear she lacks from own actions and words, and all about keeping her in the gossip rags.

      • Christin says:

        I think every person in that family is expected to have a storyline at all times.

    • TeresaMaria says:

      Age is “just a number” after the life-experience allows one to fully embrace that.
      28 and 45 might go well together but that is definitely not the case with a 17-year old girl (who doesn’t come from even a somewhat normal environment) and a 25-year old “dad”

      • Amy says:

        Yup. Age is the number that tells everyone who you live with, what your daily activities are, and what your experiences have been.

        For most kids that’s: parents, school, and normal teenage stuff. For Kylie that’s: alone, nothing, filming fake show.

    • swack says:

      All I can say to your statement is WOW! Seventeen year olds are not old enough to make these decisions. Her parents should have stepped in a long time ago because this relationship didn’t just start when she was 17.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      There’s a reason it’s illegal, Catelina, and that’s because we, as a society, have decided for good reason that a person under 18 is not mentally an adult, and cannot legally consent to sex with an adult. The very nature of such a relationship is unbalanced and unfair because of the discrepancy between life experience, brain development and judgement. The older person can manipulate the younger, has more power in the relationship and, let’s face it, has some issues himself if he’s interested in preying on a vulnerable young girl. We have to protect our children. She looks like an adult, she thinks she’s an adult, but she’s NOT an adult. It’s up to us to say this is wrong. We have drawn the line at 18, and that should be respected.

      • Jesmari says:

        I agree with you good names, but Hollywood doesn’t seem to care. Famous men are always targeting young girls, but media looks the other way.

        Wilmer Valderrama/Mandy Moore & Lohan
        Brad Pitt/Juliette Lewis & Shalane McCall
        Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith
        Paul Walker/Various 16 year olds.

        I have notice that with minors, just like in domestic violence cases, famous black men catch a little more heat that famous white men.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        You are so right on all counts, and I just wish the public would give them ALL more grief. It used to be enough to ruin your career.

      • MBP says:

        I will add that 18 isn’t the age of consent in many places, and I find it very odd to focus on “the law” as if on the date of your 18th birthday you are suddenly fit to do all the adult things.
        Having said that, skeevy is skeevy, and this whole situation is skeevy.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        Jesmari: Even as far back as Elvis and Priscilla… Celine Dion also married a friend of her parents, whom she’d known since she was a small child, didn’t she?

        We’ll never know how much effect her parents stepping in would have had. It’s not like this situation suddenly reared its head. This Tyga (gawd help us) character has been sniffing around the pen for years, hasn’t he? All responsible parents know that supervision, guidance and protection are parenting responsibilities that never relax, much less end. We are always on guard for behaviours that need correcting, or antics from others that we must educate our children about, and always be at the ready to step in and put an end to suspicious behaviours in order to protect our children. In this girl’s case, sadly, her antics are welcome fodder for their brand. Whether it’s her lips, breasts, clothes, hair changes, dropping out of school, the company she keeps, what she buys, her house, or anything else that gets attention, it’s all good publicity for their show and (krappy) merchandise. It’s just another form of pimping. Emulating her older sisters and mother is pretty much her only option and interest at this point, because it doesn’t seem like she or anyone else wants things any different. What else has she known? Can we really see her going back to school and working in a cafe part-time? What kid ever doing that was able to buy a $2.7million house?

        Sorry, I’m all over the place with my post – I’m still in hospital, so am blaming all the meds…

    • Michelle says:

      @Catelina – You’re entitled to your opinion, but I strongly disagree that age is just a number, especially in this situation. Even if Kylie doesn’t feel taken advantage of now, there is no telling whether or not this will do a lot of damage to her down the road. Khloe Kardashian wrote in some memoir they released that she was having sex with someone “a lot older” at the age of 14 and she went on to elaborate on what a mistake it was, and how if she could take it back she would in a heartbeat because it messed her up mentally for years in retrospect. The problem is that young people THINK they’re mature, they THINK they can handle it, they think it makes them cool because they get to be around older people. This particular situation is exceptionally bad because this is a guy who is still married and has a child. So now she is a 17 year old girl wrapped up in baby mama drama with a boyfriend who is going to be going through a divorce. She is not mature, and there is not a single person looking out for her and it is dangerous.

      Think back to when you were 17. Please tell me how many wonderful decisions you were making. I’m 27 years old now. I wasn’t even making great decisions at 21. I was practically infantile at 17 comparing myself to where I’m at now. Kylie is a sad case. I’m sure to a lot of people being an 17 year old buying a $2 million dollar house, driving a $100,000 Mercedes G Wagon truck, and being decked out in $1,000’s of dollars in designer clothes shows how “successful” Kylie is, but she lives an empty existence and it will always be empty.

      • swack says:

        Think Tyga and Blac Chyna were only engaged, not married. Could be wrong.

      • Michelle says:

        @swack I’m not sure. I read recently that she served him papers at some event he was at.

      • Cyndi says:

        Child support maybe?
        Count me in as continuing to make immature decisions up til I was almost 30, but in my defense I led a very strict and rather sheltered life. As a child of sexual and physical abuse also, it tends to leave your maturity level at a stall. Always looking for love and knowing I was “in love” with every guy I went out with once! (And as a true DListed ho, every guy I met and hooked up with! 😉) Anyone who pays attention to you could be “The One”. I Think maybe this is the deal with her and Tyga (I just can’t with that name). Her parents pay no real attention to her, and face it, she is no beauty (before OR after all her “lip liner” and plastic surgery she has had). So, there he is, paying attention to her so….just my thoughts from personal experience.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      You can feel anyway you like but the law is clear and specific, hands off until 18. On top of which this 25 year old has a two year old with another woman, it’s pretty obvious he’s a user switching from one woman to the next girl, he’s going to dump Kylie and because she’s 17 she can’t see it. She wants to believe “age is just a number” too but this is no great love affair, this is some creepy dude preying on a vulnerable teenager.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        None of us knows for sure what will happen in the future with these two, even though I’m one for erring on the side of caution, and am in agreeance with most of you..

        I also think this is all great publicity for this Tyga twat. In his world, I’m sure his name plastered over trashy nags, with the Katdashians, no less, is seen as hitting the big time. Yeah, he’s loving it. I’d never heard of him until his relationship with KJ became public. It’s going to be interesting to see what their moves are once she turns 18.

    • Neonscream says:

      I find the pearl clutching about age differences on this site a bit OTT. I give *this* particular relationship the side eye because he knew her since she was in her very early teens but not everyone who dates an older guy whilst in their teens has some horrible abusive relationship they end up regretting.

      I dated an older guy when I was 17 (age of consent where I lived was 16 but I wouldn’t have cared if it was higher) and while I regretted the relationship *just* after we broke up (like I have for a while after every break up – that’s why you break up because things go sour) I got over it and we stayed friends for a long time (still vaguely in touch but live in different countries). I have nothing but good things to say about him.

      In the U.S at 17 with parental permission, you can join the army and go kill people who’ve posed absolutely no threat to you or your country but you can’t choose to have sex?

      • Veronica says:

        You can have as much sex as you want at seventeen. You just can’t have it with somebody who is past the age of legal adulthood. There are people who abuse the semantics of the law, but for the most part, it’s there for a good reason.

    • Veronica says:

      Age is a certain number once you pass the threshhold of adulthood. It’s entirely significant number when one partner is still an adolescent and the other is well into maturity. Do I think this is an emotionally abusive relationship where she has no agency? Hardly. Do I find a lot of the commentary from his cohorts and the reports that he was hanging around her when she was even younger really skeevy? Hell yeah I do.

  10. snowflake says:

    oh yeah, a 17 yr old is perfect to become a step mommy! bish please, he’s bragged about hitting it, we all know why he’s with her. I feel bad for Kylie. She got called ugly by everyone and then people give her a hard time b/c she got plastic surgery. can ya blame her? her self-esteem had to be so low. but her parents should have at least made her wait until she hit 18. girl with low self-esteem? easy pickings for creepy guys like tyga. if he was interested in an actual relationship, he would be with a woman his own age, not a minor. and black chyna and amber should leave kylie alone, she’s a teenager, I don’t care how mouthy Kylie might be or how grown-up she might act…she doesn’t realize she’s being taken advantage of, and won’t for awhile. as long as people tell her not to date him, she’ll keep on doing it. that’s prob why her parents let her do it, hoping she’ll get it out of her system. I was wild and sexual like kylie due to low self-esteem and creeps took advantage. and then grown women were mean to me b/c these creeps wanted me. they were using me and it was made worse by grown women being mean to me because of it. I didn’t have women around to wake me up, just one’s who picked on me because I was a “tramp.” idk, i guess i see myself in kylie. I hope she wakes and dumps tyga

    • Josephine says:

      I think it is more likely that her parents are letting her date him for the ratings, not so that she “gets it out of her system.” Ratings, ratings, ratings. They needed a story line for this one, and this appears to be it, along with the typical body butchering.

    • Hannah says:

      What Josephine said was spot on but let’s also not forget that Amber only said things out of concern, then khloe attacked her out of nowhere. She never said anything mean to Kylie, only khloe which was deserved. I think it’s funny that one of the only people who showed genuine concern for Kylie got attacked by her own sister. It’s sick.

  11. Kiki says:

    What do you expect for a rapper who has a 9th grade education?

    • Veronica says:

      That’s just classist and has nothing to do with his actions. There are plenty of people who never graduated who are decent human beings.

  12. Hautie says:

    “….She’s a millionaire who runs a company and even owns her own home….”

    Yes, Kylie is very young. She is a successful new home owner… who happens to have a decent monthly income flow.

    But can he say the same?

    Unless something outrageously goes bad. She most likely can continue that income flow. Just think of what happens when she turns 21. In FOUR years. And can start “hosting” parties in Vegas.

    • Magpie says:

      And that biz is like her fame. Be real if she wasn’t a kk she would just be a regular teen with a part time job at hot topic. There is nothing wrong with that but my point is girl has had it all handed to her.

    • snarky mcsnark says:

      I’m curious about what company she “runs”? She does nothing but take selfies, shops, and rides the coattails of her family’s ill gotten fame! PMK has gotten every deal for her, and I’m sure most of the time, the business only wants Kendall, but she sells them as a package deal. Hopefully one day she realizes there is more to life than huge lips and having Insta wars with her boyfriend’s baby-momma!

      • Michelle says:

        @snarky mcsnark – I love your name! I admit I watch the show, and PMK was saying on a recent episode how people sleep on Kylie and don’t give her enough credit, so of course they know no one is interested in her and I totally agree with you that she likely sells Kendall and Kylie as a packaged deal because most people probably only want Kendall. At this point, Kendall probably does certain things just so that Kylie can get the money/recognition since Kendall’s modeling career has seemingly really taken off.

        As far as the company Kylie runs, she sells weaves. Bellami hair is a company that seeks low budget reality TV stars to promote their products for a cut of the profits. Kylie isn’t running anything, she’s basically a spokesperson. Two of the cast members of Shahs of Sunset on Bravo have or had deals with this company. It is really ghetto and a pretty desperate move to make, but we all know the Kardashians have been majorly shameless for money in the past (remember Quick Trim? Which they got sued for…LOL) I think most of Kylie’s money comes from her cut of their show, along with the products she markets with Kendall; they have a shoe deal with Steve Madden, they had a ghost writer write a book for them, and they have a clothing line with Pac Sun.

      • lisa says:

        thanks @michelle

        i thought it was a porn site she was associated with, but apparently that is bel ami. that extra l is everything.

  13. LAK says:

    Can a member of the public complain?

    • MG says:

      Crack me up!

    • Louisa says:

      I was just going to say the same thing. Does it have to be someone who actually knows them or can anyone make a complaint? I usually ignore anything Kardashian and it’s hard feeling bad for a 17 year old who is making enough money to buy her own million dollar mansion, but this girl really does need someone to step in. She has been groomed by her family and this tool to be nothing but a piece of meat. It’s child abuse and maybe she doesn’t see it now, but I would think one day she will look back and wonder why no one (anyone) cared enough to do something.

      • Cyndi says:

        Ii think anyone can file a report/complaint to CPS. The more, the better the chance they “may” actually look into it. If people file reports they HAVE to look into it.
        All they have to do is read K(T)MZ, they’ll find everything they need. lmao

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I was wondering the same thing. It sets a terrible example.

  14. LetItB! says:

    Mature my foot. Can’t deal with this BS.

  15. idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

    I still don’t see whats gross about a 17 year old dating a 25 year old, I don’t get the outrage. Dating someone who already has a kid and left his baby momma at 25 is definitely side-eye worthy, but just based on the age difference alone??

    I was 18 when I got together with my 27 year old fiancé. I’ve been working full time since I was 17, lived on my own since then (being an orphan), a guy my age would have never had the emotional maturity to understand my struggles and truly be a partner in these problems.

    I dont get why people are so judgemental wen it comes to this, if it was a 20-30 year old huge generational gap maybe I could see some of the arguments against it as valid, but still, unless somebody is being hurt, emotionally or mentally abused, what is the problem?

    • Ana says:

      Well from what I can tell the big difference is that you seem like you were quite mature at that age and could fend for yourself. Also this guy knew her since she was very young. That adds a lot to the creep factor.

      • idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

        Yes I did forget that he knew her since she was 12 (who knew he has been around that long, I thought he was an up and coming rapper, only rolling with the Kardashians by Kanye’s association), but that does make it seem grooming like…

    • idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

      Maybe what I described is the exception rather than the rule, and not specific to Kylie J, just wanted to also share a diff.perspective :) Live and let live ;)

      • swack says:

        You are an exception to the rule and bless you for being able to do what you did and still are doing. My daughter has a friend who was emancipated at 16 and has lived on her own since then. Kylie has lived in a bubble all her life and has had the means to not have to work. Just because she “runs” a business (not) and owns a home doesn’t make her mature. She has no idea what it entails to own a house and probably never will because she will have someone else do all the work.

      • lucy2 says:

        Exactly, swack. She doesn’t have education, skills, experience, work ethic, training, maturity, or any sort of common sense, apparently. She just has money and fame – that’s all that has facilitated her having a house and “business”.

        I find it odd that after the initial backlash and denials, everyone involved is admitting it and acting like it’s no big deal. And there’s no way this all just started recently, he’s been hanging around her for years. Sad.

    • Jesmari says:

      Well the difference is that in their state it is illegal. At 18 you were a legal adult. She is a minor and this is statutory rape.

    • Amy says:

      You sound like a mature and hardworking individual, that’s the difference.

      Kylie is a girl used to having everything done for her. She can afford to move into a mansion but she doesn’t know how to do laundry. If anything happens to her mother does she have the business sense to keep money flowing and protect herself from becoming bankrupt?

      This is the same girl who had a ton of plastic surgery and lied about it for months until even her own sister outed her for being stupid to lie. The same girl who takes 2 hours to get ready and reposts her posts to Instagram several times if people post mean comments under it the first time. She is the equivalent of a mental toothpick who keeps pretending to be a great redwood.

    • Dena says:

      The difference is the the potential exploitation based on the power dynamic. While it’s true that older women are exploited and manipulated, under ordinary scenarios the life experiences, awareness of the world, emotional / mental/ and psychological differences and frankly the sexual experiences of the 17 year versus that of a grown and functioning adult are way out of whack.

      Two scenarios that I am familiar with (and a little bit of a 3rd):

      1. A former co-worker started dating her boyfriend turned husband when she was 15. He was 23. He went to the army. I met the co-worker probably at about 12 years into her marriage. They’d invite me over to dinner. He treated me like an adult and her like a child not only when I was there but according to her in all aspects of their lives. I felt so sad for her. They didn’t know how to break out of those roles. He basically had the lion’s share of the experience & she had a timble’s full.

      2. Worked at an after school program. It was mostly a hangout for teens. Staff and volunteers were floored once we began noticing the grown ass men who were picking up their “girlfriends.” At first, we thought fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins then we were like “oh no, f*ck that, not on my watch.” Of course, we followed up with the law, etc. but it’s a shame how men (and women) prey on barely legal teens (boys & girls).

      3. I am beginning to become disturbed by incidences of sex trafficking and the “under cover” sex work and “related occupations” teens are being manipulated & coerced into doing. Me, personally, I’ve decided to reach out to other concerned groups & entities to see what we can do to help some of the kids out there. The focus is on heterosexual girls but I’m sure it’s just as ugly when you throw in kids who are unsure about their sexuality or who are gay/lesbian/trans.

    • Cyndi says:

      Of course there are exceptions to every rule. But, the life decisions we’ve seen her make so far don’t show us (others looking in) that she’s the “super mature” adult she likes to think she is.
      The human brain hasn’t finished developing until the age of 25, and there are all types of red flags showing up in this “adorable” relationship. My daughter is dating someone now who is 25, and she just turned 20 on the 7th. I don’t particularly like the age difference now, so ther is NO WAY in hell ahe would have been allowed to “date” a 25 year old man when she was 17! Her Father would have Lost. His. Sh!t. if some 25 year old guy came to pick her up for a “date” (Thats assuming he made it past me at the front door!)

  16. Elisabeth says:

    Nothing says you are doing something morally wrong then screaming ‘I’m doing nothing wrong morally’

  17. Ana says:

    Eww eww eww.
    And what do they even see in him? Both physical and mentally?

    On the laundry thing? Does someone even need to learn that? Is down to pure logics, right? I’ve never used a dryer before 2015, but I didn’t need to ask for help and was able to use it succesfully…

    And well Bruce was seen texting and driving after that car accident, so what can we expect from her?

    Poor girls would have been better off if they had been raised by wolves. At least then they would’ve been taught to get their own food.

  18. spring says:

    your can run a million dollar business and still be immature, Kylie is very immature , watch her on KUWTK and she acts like the teenager she is. 17 and step mom, no thanks. the fact that her mum and dad don’t care is a real worry, I feel sorry for her, your parents are suppose to protect you and guide you, I can just see Kris walking in on them saying ” Want a condom?”

  19. Beep says:

    Add him to the long list of hw men who were too old to date teens but did it anyway. Elvis, Brad Pitt, Wilmer valderama…

    • Kitten says:

      I always forget that Pitt did that. Gross.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’m actually not surprised, although I just DON’T understand it. Where I live (small town life, same as Brad), half the girls my age were dating guys in their twenties. Late twenties. A few of the guys who were creepers in HS were dating girls in middle school. I know of this woman whose kids I used to play with moved in with a 16 year old and his mother (wtf?). Not trying to defend Brad/anyone else who did it–but it’s something that isn’t even remarked upon where I live, currently.

        Anyway, I’m pissed off because my twin got arrested and charged for dating a 15 year old girl when he was 17/18 (over a year) at 19, almost 20, and the judge was trying to act like he wasn’t a minor when it happened…and he’s black. It seriously makes my eye twitch because a lot of (white) men date freaking teenagers, everybody knows it, and nothing is done. No one cares.

    • Neonscream says:

      Plus Celine Dion’s husband who’s about 20 years older than her and knew her since she was a child. Yeah sure he *suddenly* got the hots for her when she hit the age of consent right? Why does everyone gush over their love story while conveniently forgetting the gross bits.

      • NewWester says:

        I had completely forgot about that aspect of Celine Dion and her husband. Wasn’t she like in her early teens and Rene in his thirties when he first became her manager?

  20. grabbyhands says:

    If either of these two had any degree of maturity, I might not side eye this so much, but the more I hear him talk about it, the more it is obvious that it has become a childish, middle finger to anyone who challenges it. And for her, I’m sure the attention and notion that she’s doing something scandalous makes it attractive, which in turn just cements her lack of maturity.


    Tyga is telling friends, as far as he’s concerned Kylie is more mature than most adults. She’s a millionaire who runs a company and even owns her own home.

    I think this is the obvious primary motivating factor in their relationship for him. Well, the millionaire homeowner part anyway-the running a company idea is laughable.

    • jwoolman says:

      His comment that she’s mature because she owns her own home and runs a company makes me think maybe they are emotionally well matched. What mature man of his age would even think this child is running a company? Her mother just sold her name and image to help peddle its products, she doesn’t do anything managerial or creative concerning the products. A mature man with real experience himself in business would know that. The shill is not running the company.

      And I’m sure Kylie doesn’t own her own home. She’s not old enough to enter into such contracts on her own. Her mother and the bank own her home, she’s just allowed to live in it. Again, a mature man in his mid-twenties would know that.

      He’s mistaking physical maturity (puberty) with the kind of maturity that really only comes with living day by day for a lot longer than Kylie has been in an almost adult body. She lacks life experience. But Tyga may be so deficient himself in such things that he may not notice. He may be living in a bubble, too.

      The sad thing is that Kylie has so few opportunities to get real life experience that would help her mature. Cutting her off from school was a huge mistake. I hated school myself and would definitely have benefitted from a modern homeschooling experience in the computer age, but I was very self-driven. I even happily played with math workbooks in the summer between first and aecond grade, probably castoffs from my uninterested older brother. I read about nuclear physics and math and chemistry and microbiology on my own time in grade school. Formal schooling of the day was holding me back and a waste of time and energy. Kylie, on the other hand, needs that formal structure and social opportunities with kids her own age who have interests other than their lips. She would benefit so much from going off to a good boarding school to finish high school and then to college far far away from her family. Won’t happen, though. She’s Demon Mother’s little moneymaker now and DM’s grip will never loosen as long as there is an ounce of profit to be squeezed from her. Kylie is condemned to a boring and shallow life at the age of 17.

  21. Trillian says:

    I don’t get the fuss over age here. She is 17, not 13. He’s 25, not 40. He seems a total douchebag, but I doubt they are that far apart maturity-wise.

  22. whatwhatnot says:

    There is a story over on Bossip that shows the two high and going to the “hood” for Popeyes chicken, because she’s never had it before apparently. Last year he posted a pic giving her a bottle of liquor to drink. The fact that he I’d getting high and drunk with this minor is so disturbing and wrong! He’s such a predator.
    Also Jonathan Cheban had the audacity to call Black Chyna and Amber Rose “ghetto” because he claims they are bullying Kylie. I can’t stand him. He’s such a brown nosing sidekick.

    • Murphy says:

      Oh is that why Blac Chyna posted that thing on instagram about ‘if you’re really from the hood you’ll know how much this cost’ a pick of strawberry soda and some other stuff

  23. ToodySezHey says:

    So much for them being on a break.

    This is the budget version of Robin Williams who divorced one of his wives and married the babysitter.

    • lucy2 says:

      Except the babysitter in that case was like 30 years old or something. Not a teenager.

  24. Beckysuz says:

    “Mature” ….Um no. You think that because you’re so immature you can’t handle a grown woman your own age. Creepy pervert trying to justify his inappropriate on every level “relationship”

  25. Annie says:

    Kim and Khloe started having sex at age 14, with the blessing of their mother. Kim says her mom took her for birth control at 14 because she wanted to have sex. 14 is way too young. A mom should just talk to her daughter instead of supporting that decision so blindly just to be a Cool Mom. Why? Khloe says she regrets losing it so young to someone much older. She says she felt pressured and that the relationship was “gross.”
    Why on earth isn’t she talking to Kylie, and why are all of them into rappers who like them for the press and money. Do you think Kylie’s guy loves her? There is no other 17 year old as followed as Kylie. Her social media influence is ridiculous.
    She will regret this one day. That girl has no parents. And I support Bruce 100%, but his only focus should not be his transition when he still has young kids doing idiotic things. He’s never been a good dad.

    • Veronica says:

      I’d probably put my daughter on BC anyway just in case she decides to go for it regardless of my intervention, but otherwise, I agree with all of this. Both of the Jenners have serious lackings as parents.

  26. Jayna says:

    Her mom set that company up and runs it. LOL

    By the way, he’s broke. He was being sued for bouncing a check that wasn’t even huge and had no money to pay the debt. The guy is in debt and pretending to have money. What a catch he is, Pimp Momager, letting your at the time 16-year-old daughter get involved with a 25-year-old father of one who is a wannabe, in debt, but trying to live large.

    From a few days ago on TMZ:

    “Tyga rented a fancy house in Calabasas back in 2010, but fell way behind. The landlord got a judgement for nearly $90k in back rent. But that’s not the end of the story.
    Tyga never paid the judgment, so the landlord filed legal docs to force Tyga back into court, so a lawyer could grill him on where he’s keeping his assets … assets that could be seized to satisfy the judgment.
    You may recall last month, while Tyga was hawking his L.A. Gear kicks at a release party, he got served with papers … and now we know that was to demand he show up for the hearing.

    Tyga, it seems, had better things to do, because he was a no show, which pissed off the landlord. Tyga’s lawyer then tried to mollify the landlord by offering to pay his lawyer bill for the hearing, which came to $1090. Tyga wrote a check … and it bounced!
    To add insult to injury, the landlord noticed that Tyga posted on his Instagram — 5 days before the hearing — stacks of hundred dollar bills.
    So now the landlord’s out for blood, demanding he pay the full judgment, plus interest, which has now swelled to $124k. And, the landlord warns, if he doesn’t pay, he’ll get an arrest warrant because Tyga failed to show at the hearing.
    Something tells us … it’s not over.”

    • Amy says:

      Ooh that is good, God I hope he does it.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      Perhaps sweet, generous, mature Kylie will settle the bill…? We’ll never know for sure, I guess, but given his dramas ~ ^^ ~ , if the landlord suddenly gets paid, it certainly would make me very suspicious. Wow, what a prize he is, huh? No wonder his granny was singing the Kardashians family’s praises. Not only can they big up his profile, but they can take care of him financially. Now I’m convinced he’ll move in with her in her new house when she turns 18. Perhaps it wasn’t necessarily a “wise business decision” on her part, to have bought the property, but also (more of) a way of providing their love nest? She’ll have that over him, I guess, but only for so long. If she somehow sees that as having a modicum of power over him, it doesn’t really say much for the relationship. Then again, look at the parties involved.

  27. Susan says:

    i agree this is akin to grooming. Let’s hope this ‘mature woman’ doesn’t get pregnant or at 21 open up her bank account or business decisions to Tyga. Young, trendy girls are a dime a dozen, but rarely are they worth millions and can offer celebrity status to people in their lives. He seems to know what he is doing with this girl.

  28. briargal says:

    Why isn’t this child molester being charged and in jail? Again, celebs get special treatment! What he is doing is against the law–also morally wrong. But then these people have no morals at all. The parents are disgusting and sickening. Why are people even watching the TV show this bunch of immoral nitwits spew out?? Please people just stop watching them and maybe they will go far, far away.

    • Susan says:

      I agree. I thought children are protected and represented by the law. And this supercedes rights of parents when there is potential harm to a child.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      Briargal, in Australia, the age of consent is 16, but I’m sure that if a girl who was almost 16 was “involved” with say, a 24 year old guy, someone would firstly need to report the inappropriate relationship to the authorities. That could be a parent, teacher, doctor etc. However, even when mandatory reporting comes into play, there’s not much anyone can do if the girl denies any wrongdoing on the guy’s part. Even if the police wanted to proceed with charges and a court case, they’d need to refer the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who would determine the likelihood of a successful prosecution. If the chances of bringing a guilty verdict were very slim, it’s very unlikely they would proceed, especially if the girl was about to turn “legal”, and reluctant or outright refusing to testify against the fella. Perhaps it’s similar in California?

      • Neonscream says:

        Exactly, all that would happen is a bunch of court time and tax dollars would be wasted taking this to an already over stretched court system so Jenner could say “we’ve never had sex”, not sure what people here want – her to be forced to undergo a virginity test against her will?

      • Ange says:

        Yeah you don’t often see much happening in Aus if the girl is around or close to the age of consent. I lived in a town with very high teen pregnancy and girls were popping kids out at 15, often with older guys, and nothing was really done about it because why bother?

    • Cyndi says:

      Because her “parents” (and I use that term loosely) aren’t going to report it. And no one else from the industry, their friends, relatives, etc have filed a complaint with CPS.

  29. Meatball says:

    Tyga is gross. I feel like I read something about him being with underage girls before. He is a predator. He has known her for a long time and saw people making fun of her and her insecurities and is using that to keep her. He also sounds like a gold digger. He can say nothing good about her that isn’t money related. He is definitely the one person I am not going to feel sorry for when that family throws him to the wolves.

  30. smcollins says:

    You’re so right, Tyga. Ditching your wife and the mother of your child to date a child is not morally wrong what-so-ever. You should be Sainted.
    Ugh! This whole situation makes my skin crawl.

  31. Ali says:

    I don’t understand the big deal about such a relatively minor age difference. There’s only a few strange States in the US where she’s below the age of consent. Everywhere else on the planet she would quite rightly be considered legal.

    It’s not good to infantilise older teenagers, they will only act as mature as you expect them. She’s capable of making her own decisions, so what if she later regrets him? She could just as easily regret a same age boyfriend and will surely regret at least a few in the future. We all make mistakes. That’s life. He may not be one.

    I find the comments about him being a ‘child molester’ to be histrionic and outrageously offensive to every child that has ever been abused. There’s a huge difference between a 7 year old and a 17 year old. Child molesters go for actual children and 17 year olds are most certainly not. Not in any sane society anyway.

    • Jayna says:

      He started with her when she was 16. He was in a relationship engaged and they had a baby. He’s not a child molester. But he went after someone who was underage while he was in in his mid 20s and in a relationship with a baby. I consider that highly inappropriate and my father would have had a field day with him when I was 16 if a 25-year-old father of one was coming around me.

      I remember at 18 this couple I used to babysit for, when his wife was out of town, he was calling my parents’ house drunk trying to find me and called the restaurant where I worked part-time. I was stunned. He was 28 and a vice-president of a bank. He was a married man with a baby and I couldn’t believe he had been lusting after me for the past two years that I had been babysitting for him and his sweet wife. It was gross.

      And I do call out her parents for not nipping this in the bud back when she was 16. She’s involved with a broke rapper with a toddler.

    • Amy says:

      Kylie is infantalized by her family and sexualized by her boyfriend.

      She has no education, no career, no basic life skills. She’s a 17 yr old girl who looks like a hard 40 because her mother allowed her to alter her face repeatedly due to insecurities. Her boyfriend has been a family friend since she was 12 and her sisters began having sex at 14. She’s made it quite well known she acts on her desire for others to like her and give her approval and is currently with a guy who it’s been revealed is hitting it and trying to get back with his ex.

      Mature individuals behave maturely, she’s behaving like exactly the child everyone considers her to be.

  32. Lucy says:

    What a f*cking creep.

  33. 9 says:

    Bottom line…a responsible adult, male or female, says “not until you are of legal age”. The fact that he prefers strippers and 16 year olds, does not pay his rent or bills proves that he is a child who is not responsible enough to be in a serious relationship and this will F A I L

  34. FingerBinger says:

    Kylie is 17. She should be taking the SAT and picking out a prom dress. Instead she getting lip injections and messing around with a 25 year old single father.

  35. HK9 says:

    For Tyga, this is about money and fame, he’s only out for what he can get. For Kylie, she’s in “love” and thinks she’s “special” to him because at 17, that’s how you see it. I personally feel sorry for her, because we all know, the day is coming when the truth of the situation will be clear to her and that day will destroy what little there is of the emotional foundation she’s got. This will not end well.

  36. Cait says:

    She picks Instagram fights and is underage. Oh yeah, she’s the very paragon of maturity and sound decision-making.

  37. Cynthia says:

    “She’s mature” typical creepy abuser statement. Since when having money and making money at a young age makes you mature? He’s disgusting.

  38. G says:

    I just can’t believe she has all those siblings and not one is like “WTF KYLIE?!”

    • Bess says:

      Same here. That’s just as shocking to me as Bruce apparently not objecting to the situation.

      • G says:

        Yes! My father would have met him on the porch while cleaning his .44 take one look and simply say “no”. He’s done it before. I was dating a 32yr old when I was 22. He still wasn’t having it.

  39. Murphy says:

    That idiot can’t even spell “Morals” let alone know what they are.

  40. katy says:


    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of a 17-year-old girl who wants a ready-made family, either.

    • word says:

      I keep saying this, but Kylie is Kim 2.0. Kim got married to her first husband at 19. She was a step-mom at 19 ! Kylie is going to have a very similar life to Kim….just watch.

  41. meme says:

    This family is trash…nothing they do or say surprises me. Trash with money because fools keep watching their show.

  42. Mikeyangel says:

    He has face tattoos!!!! Why does no one say anything about that! Anyone who gets tattooed on their face has no credibility in my book.

  43. Yadicakes says:

    This girl has become the Marilyn Manson of today’s youth. Naturally awkward looking but pile on all the make up in the world and she thinks she has reinvented herself. Nope. Still awkward looking.

  44. angel says:

    too many equate ability to make moneys maturity. how dumb.

  45. Caz says:

    I can’t get interested in this. A dodgy PR exercise for a boring vapid PMK “creation”. A bunch of gold diggers out to get what they can, zzzzzzzzzzzz. They all deserve each other. Real life relationships are very different to the fakery perpetuated by the kardashian jenner clan.

    PMK truly lacks in mothering skills.

  46. Punkypuss says:

    I started dating my husband when I was 19 nearly 20 and he was 27. My brother was the most vocal about not wanting me dating him until I made them hang out for a day now they are good friends. My parents have always adored my husband as he is from a similar family background with similar values and interests. Maybe they give klueless kylie and tiny tyga their blessing as they are all from similar walks of life “famewhore”

  47. serena says:

    LOL ‘mature’, I guess he doesn’t even know the meaning of that word. Kylie is probably more mature than him (and that’s not saying much, really). ugh

  48. kanyekardashian says:

    What’s with this family and their obsession with rappers? Most good parents would encourage their daughters to find brainy individuals to date, not uneducated thugs. Not Kris Jenner, though. Unbelievable that they actually believe the rest of us are jealous of their giant dysfunctional family.

    • Petee says:

      I agree.I am no way shape or form jealous of this family and there choice of men.It is horrible.I liked Reggie Bush and he seemed to care about her but he dumped her.After the Super Bowl he won and Kris and Kim running on the field they’d had actually won his face was priceless.After that they were done.

  49. Comet says:

    And Kris FAILS as a parent

  50. Boxy Lady says:

    Now Tyga has his Vietnamese grandmother doing interviews about how Kylie is “sweet” and that she likes Kylie better than Blac Chyna. Obviously the old woman is clueless because she describes Kylie as coming “from a well-educated family.”


  51. Andrea says:

    According to the law, 17 is not mature enough, and you are morally wrong lol

  52. Lis says:

    What’s with the Kardashians and ugly guys? There are no good looking guys with money??