About Bruce Part 2: ‘I have no plans to do’ sex reassignment surgery

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Part 2 of Keeping up With The Kardashians: “About Bruce” aired last night. It was more in-depth than part one, with Bruce’s daughters and ex wife questioning him about his plans for surgery and transitioning. As we saw yesterday, Khloe in particular was having problems with her father’s transition, but mostly because she felt that he hid it from them. Most all of his family members were loving and accepting, particularly Kim and Scott, surprisingly. Everyone expressed love for Bruce and said they wanted him to be happy. Kris and Bruce cried as they discussed the end of their marriage, with Bruce claiming that Kris had treated him badly and Kris lamenting that Bruce had lied to her for years.

Many of you are skeptical of this family, which is understandable. Even if they’re playing exaggerated versions of themselves, which they seem to have done for years, their emotions did seem genuine to me. This is a weighty topic and it’s real for Bruce and his family. Here’s some of what they said:

On if Bruce is going to have sex reassignment surgery
“That’s kind of the last thing you can do. You can do an awful lot before that. No, as of right now [I have no plans].”

On if he considers himself a lesbian
“I’m totally heterosexual. I’m not doing this for that reason. [sexuality]”

Scott didn’t know about Bruce’s transition but he’s cool
Scott: “Bruce is going to open the door for so many people who are going to be able to live their lives they way they want to… I’m just excited to see him be nice and be happy…It’s only a positive for my son and my daughter to know all these different things that go on in this world.”

Khloe is still mad, bitchy
Khloe: “What I was mad about was feeling like you were robbing me of having the opportunity to let go [of you as Bruce]… I’m mad that you weren’t telling us.”

Bruce wants to bring awareness to transgender issues
“I feel like I can help people. I can do some good… The transgender issue right now is kind of where the gay issue was 30/40 years ago. A lot of people don’t understand it, and what we need is tolerance towards that community.”

Kris and Bruce cry it out, she tells him to be honest
Bruce: “You’re an amazing women… We raised amazing children and those memories will live inside me forever… I would hope that you would be onboard.”
Kris: “I’m just so confused. I think you shut me out a long time ago.”
Bruce: “You know you treated me badly those last four or five years of our marriage.”
Kris: “You were just very angry.. You never said this would be the end result… being honest is something we all would have appreciated.”

Kris knew about the crossdressing but didn’t know about the hormones
Kris: “I always knew you struggled with… wanting to dress as a female… That’s the only thing I experienced with you, Bruce, and I don’t know when you went from this isn’t working for me anymore [to] I’m going to go all the way. You never even told me as a married couple that you were taking hormones.”
Bruce: “I wasn’t taking them when we were together… I took hormones back in the 80s when I met you and I told you.”
Kris: “No, you said you had taken them at one time… I didn’t know [when]. You’ve never explained… You need to own what the truth is. I never saw this coming in a gazillion years.”
Bruce: “Sometimes it’s much easier to talk to somebody that I’m not going to hurt… you’re the toughest one to talk to out of anybody.”
Kris: “Maybe it’s because I’m the one you lied to the longest.”

After that Bruce apologized to Kris, but it seemed half-hearted. She said she is still trying to process everything and “has to mourn this person I was married to for so many years.” You know, I really felt for Kris. She was bawling and it was emotional and raw. Bruce didn’t seem to get the extent of her pain but he was gracious toward her and told her he still loved her. They both said they wanted each other to be happy and she told him he was a great dad.

At the end of the episode Kim went over to Bruce’s to look through his closet. She took out some of his clothes and told him to get rid of them and helped him put a few outfits together. He admitted to stealing one of her outfits a long time ago. It was cute and fun-spirited.

As of the taping of that episode none of Bruce’s daughters had met Her, but Kim has since seen Bruce as Her and told Access Hollywood that “she looked beautiful, really beautiful.” Kim also said that she know Bruce’s female name but she’s not revealing.

Say what you will about this family, but I’m impressed with how they’re handling this and how they are sticking together. Sure these episodes were somewhat rehearsed, but I still found them uplifting and honest.

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photos are screenshots from E!

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  1. Livealot says:

    I just read the transcription between Kris and BRuce….very real and powerful. I overstand.

    On a shallow note – I want Khloe’s hat

    • meme says:

      you mean you read the script.

    • MCraw says:

      I like that hat a lot too lol

      It was a really well executed show. You could see their pain yet struggling to let him know it’s not about his choice, it’s about his honesty and timing.

      I think it’s unfair to say that Khloe was being bitchy. The girl doesn’t know who her dad is and has only known Bruce as a father. I thought Bruce was extremely insensitive when he made it clear that his only REAL concern was for his biological daughters. On top of springing the news on them the extent of his transition. It’s clear that he was so used to this being a secret, that he was still being secretive and withholding information. I can’t blame her for being upset about his dishonesty. Why wouldn’t you tell your kids, who are public figures, that you’re going public with it and gonna talk to Diane Sawyer? Withholding information is lying and it was interesting to see her make it clear that that was her point of anger.

      It was a very good episode tho. I learned a lot.

      • Jayna says:

        That’s because contrary to this show they never thought of Bruce as their father. Kourtney and Kim were in their 20s when their father died. Kourtney was 25 or 26 and Kim was 22. Kim had already been married once when her dad died. Khloe was 19 years old when he died. These kids were raised by their father just as much as Kris raised them. Bruce traveled all the time for work, a lot with Kris, until their kids were born and Kris wanted a career and Bruce semi-retired to be at home and raise the two little ones.

        Khloe is the only one of those girls who looks at him more as a father type figure but never called him anything other than Bruce her whole life. He was not her daddy. She had one she adored. But because of being the youngest and still her life is a mess with men, losing her dad at the youngest age of all the girls, 19, and the mess with Lamar, Bruce’s transition does affect her more than the two oldest who are more settled in life and never looked at Bruce as a father figure, until he complained on the show all the time how they treated him and didn’t appreciate all he had done for them and they began being more respectful.

        His two children, Kendall and Kylie, are who he is concerned about and should be concerned with the most everybody. They are still very young and he is the only father they’ve ever had and are losing him in a way.

      • MCraw says:

        I get that. But I also think that in the years since, when her paternity became questionable recently, she probably held onto the idea of Bruce being the only real dad she had all along. So to basically hear him tell her “I get why you’re mad, but you’re not really my kid” was kinda shocking to me. In an episode about a man becoming a woman.

      • nikko says:

        I agreee w/ MCraw, that was totally out of line. As Khole said, she’s been around him since she was 4 or 5 yrs old. Even though her real Dad was a part of their lives, they still grew up in the house around Bruce, and considered him as a step father, along w/ her father. I though he said he was going all the way (having the surgery down below). I watched the show on Sunday and Bruce said the was going to have the surgery to change, that’s why Khloe was so upset, now he’s not going to have it? She said to Kendall, he’s been planning this for a long time. What bothered me about Bruce, is how unsensitive he was toward them. If he’s not having the surgery than he’s just a crossdresser; a man that likes to dress up as a woman and continue to date women when he wants as a heterosexual.

      • Yoo Hoo says:

        I took it as he only cares about the because they are the youngest not because they are biological. Kylie is only 17. She’s going to have a much harder time with this than an almost 30 year old.

    • mytbean says:

      I feel terrible saying this for the simple fact that I may be totally and completely wrong – but – I’m inclined to think the whole thing is a giant pack of lies. Now, WHO may be in on the lies is still up for grabs but I can’t help it, someone isn’t telling the truth with this.

      1. The whole family is lying about not knowing Bruce’s transition all along and Bruce is throwing himself on the sacrificial alter (as we’re lead to believe he’s done from the beginning with these crazy women) as a ratings grabber for the show and a possible exit strategy for him.

      2. The whole family is lying for the sake of the show and Bruce’s surgeries/hormones aren’t really as drastic as we’re lead to believe they are – Can’t put it past a family that gets surgery like most people go out for a taco.

      3. Bruce is lying to himself and everyone else so he can finally get the attention he’s been denied. (I’m not totally convinced that he’s lying but can we really put it past the family to use him in this way for publicity if he was willing?)

    • pikny says:

      dam no detachable penis

    • LadidahBaby says:

      I have been watching more and more of this real-life drama playing out on TV – first the 2-hour Diane Sawyer interview, during which I was very turned off to discover how badly and for how long Bruce had neglected the children by his earlier marriages – and now I’ve watched all 3 hours of the KUWK series dealing with this (and KUWK is a show I NEVER watch). Why? Well, not because I’m obsessing, because I’m not, nor am I watching because I’m feeling Bruce’s drama so much, although I do have a couple of trans friends and I feel great empathy/sympathy for THEIR struggles.

      But the fact is, I keep watching Bruce Jenner’s transition drama playing out because I would like to feel more sympathy for/with him, especially since my heart is very much with people who face this issue. The problem is, though, that every time I begin to feel any real sympathy for Bruce, his own INsensitivity toward his children and stepchildren just freaking blows my mind. What he said in Khloe’s presence about only being concerned with how Kendall and Kylie are taking this – that was awful! How full of himself he is, and it’s just right out there with almost every sentence he speaks. It really grows old quickly and begins to turn my stomach.

      And dammit, to be a woman is a lot more than Bruce seems to think we are. We’re not ALL the superficial simpletons who live to get manis and pedis and “work” done and wear a sh*tload of make-up! Unfortunately, for decades he’s been around women who DO seem to think that’s the meaning of life, but there is a LOT more to being a woman than simply how we look.

      I just think it’s very odd how Bruce’s unlikeability is coming out more strongly in this situation than his vulnerability is – at least for me. His self-absorption is almost criminal in relation to his family members. So I keep watching because I want to feel better about him, I want to feel more human sympathy for what he’s going through. But he keeps turning me off. And while he obsesses with making Kim his stylist, thinking it’s cute that he has actually stolen clothes from her closet (I think that’s creepy), and says he just wants to be able to wear nail polish until it chips, rather than having to take it off so that no one will see it on him, 17-year-old Kylie is living a life that could be emotionally perilous even for a 30-year-old woman; Kendall is looking heartbroken and genuinely stricken, while at the same time worrying more about her father than he seems to ever have worried about HER; both girls were allowed to quit high school. Kylie has just bought her own $2.5m McMansion.

      I hate feeling the way I’m feeling about Bruce Jenner right now. I want to care more how he’s doing, I want to feel sympathy for the struggle he’s going through, and I want to admire him more for his very real courage in making this transition. Unfortunately, more and more I just see a selfish, insensitive, neglectful, narcissistic and even cruel man, and that makes me feel bad about him, and bad about myself for feeling that way. Oh well.

      • Dr. Mama says:


        LadidahBaby I cosign everything you just said!!! And the church said AMEN!!!!!!

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I feel relieved just to see your post, Dr. Mama. It was so comforting to realize I’m not the only one. Clearly, you chose the perfect screen name, because for me it was worth an hour of therapy!)

      • Viv says:

        This is a late reply so you may not read it, but I need to tell you that after years of Celebitchy this is the best and most spot-on comment I have read on here – EVER. Thanks for that.

  2. meme says:

    I’m confused. He wants to be a woman but he’s not getting a sex change operation, just plastic surgery. So does he want to be with men or women? I don’t understand this family and slam me if you must, but I never believed he was going to have a sex change operation so he’s not a woman?

    • LadyMTL says:

      It’s way more complicated than that. Your sex (gender) is not the same thing as sexual preference, for one thing. Bruce said in his 20/20 interview that he’s sexually attracted to women, not men…but that’s a completely different issue from being transgendered.

      And a transgendered person doesn’t necessarily have to have any operation, it’s a question of choosing what to do. Bruce can call himself “she” once he feels ready to, regardless of if he’s had any more surgery or not.

      There’s way more to it than just that, but I’m not an expert and I don’t want to try and explain things when I’m not 100% on everything myself.

      • swack says:

        I was confused too about not having the surgery and looked it up. Surgery is not necessarily part of being a transgender for various reasons. But I also thought it had been out there that he was doing the surgery – could have been speculation.

      • Rocket says:

        If Bruce is simply correcting his external to reflect his internal then Bruce is a woman. Maybe not on government documents and maybe not his genitals but inside Bruce is a woman. Bruce has never been reconciled with being male.

        Now what is a woman who is attracted to other women called? A lesbian

        The real question here ought to be why is Bruce so averse to acknowledging that in coming out as transgendered that now makes him a lesbian?

        It may not be apparent now but as he continues with the EXTERNAL transition it will become more clear that the refusal to embrace the homosexual identity is very very strange. Either its a clinging on to the male self (in which case he should significantly slow down the process and focus on therapy) or its an internalised homophobia (in which case he should also slow down and focus on therapy)

      • Justagirl says:

        @Rocket – I agree, it’s informative that Bruce continually explains the difference between gender identity and sexual preference, and also interesting. I’ve wondered about his “heterosexual” comments too, ie. has he yet connected those dots…? I would hope he’s still in therapy, but I don’t know if he’s refusing to embrace the homosexual identity….it may be an attempt at clarification.

        Often people think he’s attracted to men, along with the gender identity issue “oh, so he must be gay” – the flawed assumption that if one’s gender identity is as a female, then it must be as a heterosexual female. So he keeps reiterating that as a male, he is heterosexual, is attracted to women. Because at this time, still as ‘Bruce’, as a male, he is not gay. It’s a fascinating subject, and the journey takes so much more personal strength than winning the decathlon.

      • platypus says:

        From various answers he’s given regarding his sexuality now that he’s transitioning, he’s saying that he’s only been attracted to women so far, but he’s open to other possibilities after his transition is done. He said considers himself asexual until then, which is probably just a way of saying he’s not focusing on sex/dating at all right now.

        I’ve read approx 30% of transgender people (post transition) are gay, 30% are bisexual, and 30% are straight. Things can become more fluid, and he probably knows this, which is why he’s not giving any clear answers.

    • Regina Phalange says:

      Why do so many people care so much about who he is attracted to? If he wants to be a woman and now says he will be attracted to men, does that make this entire thing easier to understand? Why the need to put him into a neat little box? He can be a transgendered woman attracted to women and just be that. Or whatever the hell else he wants.

      • Regina Phalange says:

        Sure, whatever you say, but again, I just don’t get why people care so much, aside from his family and friends.

      • imsupposedtobeworking says:

        Amen, Regina. Bruce, and only Bruce gets to choose his identity. We’re all able to. Or, we all SHOULD be able to.

      • Brittney B says:

        meme, why are you so concerned about who finds who attractive?

        “Maybe you know a lot of women who want to date a man dressed as a woman but I don’t.”

        For one thing, I’m sure you DO know women who have dated cross-dressing men. Thanks to people like you, it’s not exactly something that people reveal in public. How would you even know?

        And more importantly: that’s not who Bruce is. Bruce identifies and presents as female, not as a “man dressed as a woman”. Gender, by definition, is a social construction that isn’t the same thing as sexual anatomy. They’re two separate categories, even if you’re a woman with female parts or a man with male parts. Do your genitals define you as a woman or man, or do you also reflect your gender in your fashion choices, personal interests, the company you keep, etc.?

        Please ask yourself: how would you feel if someone said they didn’t “believe in” your heterosexuality (or homosexuality)? It’s not a fair parallel, because of course you haven’t spent your whole lifetime defending your identity already (if you’re straight)… but you’re dismissing and refusing to accept those of us who are attracted to PEOPLE, regardless of their anatomy.

      • meme says:

        @Brittney B…I stopped reading your post at your “because of people like you” comment. One can’t get more judgemental than that.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I will tread carefully here as I only have family who are trans and am not myself:

      Some trans people feel that surgery can present too great of a risk. Infection, scars, post complications, even cost (that’s not a concern for this family) will cause people to hesitate. Others have reconciled their current “outside” with their “inside” e.g. they’re ok with they’re gender identity and physical selves. The “goal” of most trans people is to “pass”–for people to not double take and go “wait is that–?”. That just might be Bruce’s goal.

      Bruce’s “gender identity” (what she believes she is) is female. Her “sex” (chromosomes XY or XXY, unsure if they’ve done the testing) is male. She (if he starts referring to himself as “she”, I am now for the simple fact it makes it easier) prefers women still.

      In the state of Florida, people must live as their opposite gender for 1 year before being “allowed” to have gender re-assignment surgery. Bruce may want to simply be in that position which is ok too. If this struggle is real and not for ratings, I wish her nothing but the best.

      • S says:

        I’m a surgeon (though I’ve never done or participated in gender reassignment surgeries). There can be a lot of risks to those surgeries (they are more involved than a facelift or the small cosmetic procedures Bruce has had, including breast augmentation if he ever chooses to get that), and major impact on sexual sensation. Not all transgendered people want to take those risks. I had a patient who was genetic female and gender identify male – he had not had any surgical procedures at all, though he did ultimately have double mastectomies when he was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    • Sarah says:

      Sexual identity is not the same thing as sexual preference. Bruce is attracted to women. Now, it gets complicated with the women. Up until now, the women Bruce would have been with would have been heterosexual. With “Her”, the women will be lesbians or bisexual. But yes – people get hung up on the sex aspect as opposed to the identity aspect. My guess is that Bruce will fully transition at some point. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that transition isn’t already on a calendar somewhere.

      • Jayna says:

        Bruce is going to completely transition and have the surgery. He is just downplaying it and easing the world and his family into it. And as he said on the Diane Sawyer thing, when and if he does do it, it will be private. No one will know it was done.

        When he was trying to transition those five years back in the late ’80s, he had planned to go overseas and have the operation. He did everything else and he backed out of that at the last minute, afraid to transition completely and lose everything.

        The surgery is much easier to go from man to woman resultswise. It’s trying to go from woman to man that is tricky and not always satisfying not only lookswise in the surgery but regarding sexual satisfaction.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I don’t think anyone can say with certainty he will completely transition, it is no simple matter and many transgender people never fully transition.

  3. Pri says:

    I felt bad for Khloe when Bruce said he only cared how Kendall and Kylie were feeling about this. Even though he has helped raised Khloe since she was 4.

    • Livealot says:

      Well Bruce felt bad when Khloe decided to have ROb walk her down the isle instead of him.

      • Jayna says:

        Bingo. She had to be pointed out and guilted into even thinking of Bruce to walk her down the aisle.

      • Justaposter says:

        That is so not the same! Her brother has been in her life since birth, and a connection to her father. Bruce, although adored by her, is her stepfather.

        This simply could have been to honor her late father, and no shade directed at Bruce.

        This really is apples vs oranges type thing.

    • zinjojo says:

      I have to say, I’ve been feeling some judgement about Bruce but it has nothing to do with his transition — that I completely support; it’s because I think he’s a pretty irresponsible, lazy parent. During the Diane Sawyer interview, it came out that he did not have contact with some of his older children for YEARS at a time, and it really impacted them. He’s certainly been a laissez faire parent to Kendall and Kylie, given that neither of them actually made it to high school graduation or the fact that Kylie seems as lost as any teenager I’ve ever seen. He may be a kind, loving person, but he kind of sucks at parenting, and for someone who’s brought six kids into the world, it requires a lot of parenting, but he seems too self-involved for that.

      Rant over.

      • bella says:

        i agree that bruce seems entirely self involved and detached from what his kids are going through.
        he seems like a child – in the diane sawyer interview and in last night’s KUWTK (i only watched to see the rest of his story…)
        don’t get me wrong.
        i feel for him and through some freak miracle, i felt for kris – someone who i usually think is vile.
        the pain in her eyes and in kendall’s…i think that was 100% real.
        the rest of them…not so much…seemed scripted.
        i don’t know why or how he agreed to take this so public…
        i mean, the diane sawyer interview was more than enough.
        to play it out on the show…i just don’t know if he’s sly like a fox or if he’s lost his mind entirely or if it’s all about money.
        whatever is going on, i think there are major mental health issues happening with bruce and i hope that he has top notch professionals guiding him through in incredibly fragile event in his life.

      • Bess says:

        Bruce is a pathetically bad parent. He failed his first four children when they were in their formative years and he’s failing his youngest two now. I feel especially bad for Kylie because that kid has absolutely no guidance whatsoever.

      • Ally8 says:

        Frankly, he always seemed pretty dim on the show. He was lucky to find good managers (including Kris) after his athletic successes to monetize him long-term. Frankly, the kids that turned into the most well-rounded adults are the ones he had the least to do with raising (“oh the girls are dropping out of high school to do photo shots, oh well, I’m moving to Malibu”).

        On another topic, he’ll have a ways to go before being the member of that family who’s undergone the most cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures.

  4. MMRB says:

    i felt that as usual kris was trying to make it all about her and how SHE had been betrayed rather than having some empathy for how bruce had, had to live this way for so many years.

    I also felt that, because kris and kim are so klose, it was a little unbelievable for kim to have had seen ‘her’ years before and not have said anything to kris.

    kendall looks devestated. and will likely be in therapy in 20 years discussing what a profound effect this had on her modelling career.

    • Sherry says:

      This is where I disagree. Bruce did not have to live this way. He CHOSE to live this way. He made a CHOICE to marry 3 women. He made a CHOICE to father 6 children with those women. He made a CHOICE to be a second father to the Kardashian kids.

      As stated before and Kris admitted, she knew about the cross dressing. She did not know he wanted to fully become a woman.

      I felt bad for him during the Diane Sawyer interview; however, the more I have thought about it, the more I see him as a selfish narcissist who casually married, had children and discarded families when he wanted something else.

      This was true for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd marriage as well as all 6 of the kids he had. It was not fair to the women and it is not fair to the children.

      • Sarah says:

        I think certainly the first two marriages seemed related to his gender issues. He got scared and went “back in the closet” when he married Kris. I also think he was terrified about making a living. As he said on the Sawyer interview, he was confident that his public speaking fees would have been gone and that Kris revitalized his career as a motivational speaker.

        That being said, while he did not choose to be transgender, you are correct that he chose to live his life hiding that (at least somewhat – seems like it was actually known by more than a few people who just never wanted to talk about it).

        I also felt for Kris because I do believe there is a huge difference between enjoying wearing women’s clothing and wanting to live your life as a woman. But again – based on some of the clips I’ve seen, it seems as if they had all at one point or another seen Bruce dressed as a woman but no one ever wanted to talk about it. Kim’s comment that she just thought it was something they weren’t supposed to talk about was telling. Even Kendall and Kylie said they had seen him in women’s clothes over the years.

        That family must have been a confusing mess to grow up in.

      • Denisemich says:

        I agree with @Sherry.

      • IfUSaySo says:

        Agree w/Sherry!!

    • Rocket says:

      Discovering that your spouse spent your marriage lying about the most fundamental of things fully entitles you to make it about yourself. In a fair universe he would have to refund the wasted years but here we are. A person can knowingly fraudulently enter three marriages, bring forth a gazillion kids who he barely raises and still somehow be considered the only victim.

    • MadMenluv says:

      20 years? she’s probably in therapy now…almost her entire life has been televised and public and now her father is very publicly turning into a woman…it’s like the real life “Truman Show” and they’re in on it

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Well said. Regardless of what I think of the Kardashians/Jenners as people or as a tv show, I’m not going to criticise how any of them are handling this transition, least of all Kris, Kendall and Kylie. Kris has been essentially lied to her entire marriage and the girls are losing the only father they have ever known at only 19 & 17 years of age. And they are losing him in an incredibly public and controversial way. I may not agree with how they act in other parts of their lives but this is something that would be incredibly difficult to deal with. I, for one, admire this family wholeheartedly for how they are supporting Bruce and each other. And for people saying they are making it all about them – sorry, but it is about them! Transition not only affects the person who is transitioning (and obviously it affects them the most) but it also affects that person’s family as well.

  5. Abba says:

    I must say I was most impressed with Scott Disick in last night’s episode. I never thought I’d ever say those words… but he seemed incredibly genuine and I really enjoyed watching his conversation with Bruce.

    • Shambles says:

      I came to say the same thing. The two people I’m most genuinely impressed with (and surprised by) are Kim and Scott. It’s been a while since I actually watched the show, but from what I’ve seen they usually paint Scott as this awful d-bag. He gets huge props from me for that thoughtful, compassionate and open-minded statement. I really liked that he tied his kids into it, too. Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    • Jayna says:

      I’ve always liked Scott. I can’t get behind how he keeps going off the rails with his alcohol problem and hurting his family and refusing to get help, but when he is sober I’ve always liked him. I’ve felt sorry for the way Kris treated him all these years and then fawned over her famous, rich son-in-laws, Lamar and Kanye. It had to hurt him.

  6. perplexed says:

    What’s up with Khloe’s outfit?

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      I know! Talk about the hat pulling focus away from an emotional and serious conversation.

  7. Bishg says:

    How can you be serious about anything when you show up wearing Carmen San Diego’s hat?

    I feel for Bruce and his struggle, honestly, but I also think they are all in for the money. They’ve been milking this story for too long a time.

    • kcarp says:

      I was just going to say that when my dad tells me he is transitioning to a woman I plan on wearing a fur vest too. It’s really the only way to take this kind of news.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        You do think someone, anyone, on the production crew – stylist, assistant, producer – would have told Khloe to re-think her outfit just this once.

  8. Liberty says:

    So over mother’s day weekend, I’m out of town visiting my mom. One of her friends saw an image on my laptop and said in all seriousness, “Oh, so Bruce Jenner already turned himself into a woman? I didn’t hear that yet. Well, good for him. I hope he’ll be happier now.”

    The image she was referring to was a picture of Kris Jenner on a gossip site.

  9. Tifygodess24 says:

    I still think Kris is a bold faced liar, she knew – and I totally believe she knew more than she will ever let on. I get the feeling, even during the interview with Diana- Bruce wanted to say more about Kris but he didn’t or couldn’t. Whether that’s because of loyalty , not wanting to hurt the family more or Kris making some power move I don’t know. There is much more to the story than Kris and Bruce are letting on. Bruce kept alluding to a lot but never quite went there. And while I understand this is upsetting for Kris, rightfully so. I also believe she saw the lifestyle and the prestige from being with a world class athlete so she turned a blind eye. Kris also plays the victim so well that she will always blame Bruce and never acknowledge his feelings as well.

    I also believe this family will play the hell out of this for publicity and public sympathy and that has a lot less to do with Bruce and a lot more to do with their pocketbooks. Ever since Kim got caught with the crying sticks and faking scenes a few years back I can’t even take their crying serious. When You cry wolf too many times people just aren’t going to believe you when it’s happening for real.

    • FingerBinger says:

      By the time Kris met Bruce he had already taken steps to feminize his features. I think she knew something was up. I don’t think she was totally in the dark like she wants us to believe.

      • Luceee says:

        I was discussing this very story with a friend when she told me that her now sister (a transwoman) was in a similar situation.

        The now-sister who was born male (John) had began to transition just after high school. In college John initially presented as female but because he had trouble passing as a girl and drew so much negative attention, she stopped. Around that time John started dating a guy. He told the guy about the trans stuff but also expressed doubts over whether transitioning was right for him. The boyfriend understood this to mean that he had resolved the gender identity crisis.

        They were together for a full decade before John began to bring up transitioning again. Ofcourse the boyfriend signed on to date a man not a woman so that ended the relationship. But more than that my friend told me that it sent the guy into a terrible tailspin. He told Johns family he felt like he had been tricked into a relationship and that the years where he struggled to keep the relationship together thinking he was the problem had wrecked his self esteem. Johns (now Jane) family is very sympathetic but John apparently cant see that what he caused an innocent person a great deal of harm.

        Anyway, that story had me wondering if the denial over how your choices have affected others isnt just a coping mechanism people put on to blind themselves to the hurt they have caused others.

      • betsyh says:

        Luceee, I also think Bruce had blinders on when it came to his relationship to his wives and children. Someone on this site mentioned his passive aggressiveness. He tried to play the role of a man, resented it, and then shut down. His internal struggle was greater than his relationships. He still has blinders. His joy at finally being a woman consumes him and his relationships still take second place. Will this change in time? He says he can finally be happy so he implies that it will. We will see.

    • Janie says:

      Nothing this bunch does is out of loyalty, everything is tied to the almighty dollar. It’s always been that way and will be until the end. I don’t believe one word from Kris or Kim. Enough of this bunch. They all knew this was going on and Kris didn’t care until she wasn’t getting a piece of the pie. Their show is failing miserably and they’re grabbing on to anything or anyone to try to keep it going. Tick tock KUWTK’s!

    • Bell says:

      @Tifygodess +1000
      Bruce did not hide his gender issues from either of his first two wives so I call BS.
      Kris knew from the beginning. Also,
      they pretend this was filmed prior to
      the Diane Sawyer interview.
      It was not. Bruce’s hair is much
      longer. They filmed this after they
      knew Bruce received so much
      goodwill from the public. These
      two KUWTK episodes cheapens
      Bruce’s story.

      • BrandyAlexander says:

        Couldn’t agree more!!! I didn’t watch the special, but I saw commercials for it, and their were direct quotes from them that were given AFTER the Diane Sawyer interview aired in the commercials. It’s just to make it all about them, that’s why none of them showed up with his other kids to give their support.

        I hope Bruce is happier as a woman, but he’s still a pretty crappy human being.

      • KellyBee says:

        I agree with all of this. I think they did film before the interview with Diane Swayer but crap it when Bruce got so much positive feedback. Then filmed these new episode after the interview to go along with that story line.

        They did it before when Kim was getting divorced from Kris Humphries. They got caught filming makeup episodes to make it look like Kim had reservations before her marriage.


        I don’t believe Bruce is a cpretty crappy human being, just a crappy father

    • KellyBee says:

      O Kris knew years ago and what next steps Bruce was going to take now.

      Funny how around the time of there split in 2013 TMZ which is one of the media outlets Kris and Co have in their pockets. Stared saying Bruce was transcending and in 2014 we got even more specific details like him wearing Kim clothes among other things which is all true. Now how would TMZ know any of this if Kris hadn’t put that information out there?

  10. Regina Phalange says:

    The only thing Kris is crying about is the fact that she can’t control the message. She knew everything.

  11. prissa says:

    I must say that Bruce’s revelation sure makes his pose in the Kardashian Kristmas Kard of 2013 make a lot more sense.

  12. Yes to tifygodess..there is much more to the story. I remember a foto of Kris & Bruce–he is wearing a feminine shirt, and she had on a manshirt and a knotted knecktie, (pun intended). I’m sure even jezebel Kris has feelings, but this whole thing is staged–scripted and Kim didn’t shed any tears-she is trying to change her image.

    • Dawn says:

      This plus infinity. Bruce is helping Kris to make more money and get better ratings. If the ABC interview had been a bust we would be hearing different stories from the KarTrashian camp. I am sure that Bruce and Kris would not be speaking.

  13. Jayna says:

    Kris is hurt, but Kris ignored Bruce for years, focused on her empire she was building not only just to the exclusion of Bruce and her lack of attention to him, but pretty their two daughters the last five years or so. I think she feels sad losing the Bruce she knew just as a constant in her life, divorced or not, still family, but I think way more upsetting to her is he’s not allowing her to be his manager and is making his deals without her. Momager/Wifeager doesn’t get 10 percent of everything he’s doing, like his own docu-series. There’s nothing like an ex-Wifeager scorned, i.e. fired as manager and kept from the altar she worships at, more power and money.

  14. Murphy says:

    Bruce having to apologize to Kris at all about anything ever is absolute bollocks.

  15. Annie says:

    Call me cynical but I don’t think Bruce had any intention of undergoing bottom surgery ever. I think the whole thing is one big publicity stunt. Yes, I do believe he’s genderqueer but that is nothing we didn’t know already, and is not the same thing as being transsexual. Yes, it’s possible I’m wrong and he really truly does identify as a woman and has other maybe health related issues putting him off doing the chop, but like I said, anything that comes out of this family makes me cynical.

    • Jayna says:

      Did you watch the Diana Sawyer interview? You would know he truly identifies as a woman if you did,

  16. MaximeduCamp says:

    I wonder how much–if any–of Bruce Jenner’s reservations about having the surgery are age-related. It does seem that at one point in his life when he was seriously considering transitioning, he considered going to Europe (Sweden?) for the surgery. I mean, I’m not saying 65 is ancient and I assume he’s in good health, but it’s still a major surgery and maybe at this point in his life, he’d be happy just to alter his body enough to reasonably “pass” as female to the outside word?

    • Zip says:

      I was wondering about that, too. At his age, a surgery of that kind is a major risk even if he is in good health.

  17. IfUSaySo says:

    I’m sick of the knee-jerk hate on Khloe or any of Bruce’s kids if they arent SO HAPPY that their dad is transgender. I would need time and honest conversations to be OK with it and it seems like Bruce gave neither of those things to his kids. He is 100% self-involved and has been so fearful of people not liking him that he has married three women (and made MANY kids) without admitting he is a woman!

    He acts like anyone who isnt 100% thrilled and picking out dresses is some sort of awful wretch. I would be initially traumatized if my parent was trans. I would get over it and ALWAYS love and respect them but it would upsetting at first. My mom is a lesbian and I found out at 7, when she asked my dad for a divorce. My dad actually told me that gay people have sex with kids a few days before my mom came out and I freaked the hell out. I’ll never fully forgive him, but my mom and I are best friends and I have nothing but love and respect for her. I think the reason Kim has been so supportive is because she doesn’t have relationships with people past superficial “bonding” like clothes and hairstyles. Bruce loves this because his entire female identity is based on nails, clothes, plastic surgery. He doesn’t seem to grasp (or hasn’t shown it on TV) that female identity is much more than that. That is why I’m suspicious of this entire thing.

    • Frosty says:

      Thanks for your comment. Sometimes in wanting to be as supportive as possible I think people lose sight that transitions like this can be really hard for families to go through. When a female relative of mine ended her long marriage because she finally came out, her kids were in therapy for a couple years to sorting it out. They both love and support their mom, and her wife, now–but it took time. I think when someone comes out, it can make the people who were closest to them, and who thought they knew them best, wonder if they really ever knew them at all, and it can throw lots of other things up in the air too. So it’s a process. And with the Kardashians it’s coming off a little too easy breezy, despite Kris’ tears.

  18. Beep says:

    Bruce seemed happiest when she was going through the closet with Kimode and showing off the clothes and makeup she stole.

  19. Chuckles says:

    Bruce: “I wasn’t taking them when we were together… I took hormones back in the 80s when I met you and I told you.”
    Kris: “No, you said you had taken them at one time… I didn’t know [when]. You’ve never explained… You need to own what the truth is. I never saw this coming in a gazillion years.”

    Total BS. When they met, he had breasts from taking hormones. She admits to always knowing that he liked to cross dress, she was told about the hormones, she could see he had breasts, and she chose to marry him and have children with him anyway. She was willing to turn a blind eye or deny it in her mind because she wanted the status and money that he could provide. She basically made a deal with the devil, enjoyed all the spoils, and is now claiming innocence? No, no, and no. He’s been a bad father but she knew that going in as well. He had angry ex-wives and angry children that he ignored, she knew it, and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. She knew all of the negatives but rushed into a marriage with him anyway because he was famous. Status and money is all she’s ever cared about and I will never feel the least bit sorry for her. I think she’s despicable.

    • Luceee says:

      What status or money? When they met, the guy was broke, his speaking career was all but dead and he was already rumored to be “very strange”. She was basically his Sharon Osbourne. She resurrected his career, provided that veneer of respectability that allowed the “he is very strange” rumors to die and manouvered the media. And then ofcourse theres the reality show which he happily not only participated but shared in the rewards.

      Eighties Kris was crafty enough to score a middle aged plastic surgeon/dentist/lawyer/venture capitalist and get herself a set up in which she wouldnt have to work. She could even have held out for a cis hetero athlete, its not like they were scarse. Instead she married damaged goods that was already a salacious gossip item. Its clear from that from the monumental sacrifices they each made to be together they were in love once upon a time.

      • Jayna says:

        The difference is Kris wanted to work. She wanted a career. She was qualified for nothing, no education past high school, money troubles herself.

        She was over being stay-at-home mommy for years and why her affair on her husband. Who in the world was going to let her manage them? She met damaged Bruce with money troubles but still a household name to bank on and build back his endorsements and speaking engagements. She thrived on becoming his manager, traveling all the time with him, building back his career, negotiating his deals, his infommercials. She got exactly what she wanted by marrying Bruce.

  20. Justaposter says:

    This has rocked their family no doubt. Each one has to deal with their thoughts on this, and whatever they happen to feel, is how they feel. Does it mean they won’t change their minds and be more accepting later, or even become angry at the thought of ‘what was’, and they are allowed to feel whatever they feel.

    I feel for all of the kids, they are in a way loosing a “father” and gaining someone kinda of new in their lives.

    They also have to deal with the loss of a marriage. We all know no matter what people think or see or feel about them, they are loosing a family member, and dynamics are changing.

    In a way, seeing them go through and deal with this, can open up very real discussions for other families dealing with this right now.

  21. db says:

    I’m confused what Bruce means when he says he’s hetero. He’s said before he’s remains attracted to women, but if he’s felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body, would that mean he is a lesbian now that he’s doing some sort of transition? I appreciate that this process upends our understanding of what is “normal” but Bruce himself seems still to be working this part out too.

  22. MediaMaven says:

    A few observations from this side of the aisle:
    I have no sympathy for Kris – she has known about this for some time, she’s using these two shows to get as much of the ratings pie as the Diane Sawyer interview (good luck with that PMK). As always, she makes everything about her. Well – THIS is on her – every man that has ever been involved with that family has either major mental issues, or ran off screaming into the night. I have my microwave popcorn ready for the Kimye implosion – because, yeah, that’s coming. And it’s going to EPIC.

    What is going on with Bruce’s eye? His eyes don’t blink at the same time – it reminds me of a doll that I had when I was a kid – one eye blinked, the other blinked, but not together. I hope he lost the plastic surgeon in the divorce.

  23. susanne says:

    I just want to say that the depth of discussion here is amazing.
    Here we have this ‘guilty pleasure’ gossip site, shallow and fun, peeking in on this imaginary plastic world.
    The issues brought up here are so well thought out and personal. I love it. It makes me think and I want to write! Not poking letters on my phone, but with a pen. Good stuff.

  24. Vava says:

    The entire story is puzzling and fascinating. This is one family I’m glad I didn’t grow up in, that’s for sure.

    As for Bruce, hopefully he’ll finally get some happiness and contentment. I can imagine the devastation that Kris must feel, but for some reason I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her. For being such a control freak, I would have thought she’d be a little more clued in.

    Kim is patronizing and disgusting, I’m sorry but I have absolutely no use for her.
    The oldest daughter, she seems sort of detached, but maybe she’s already got her hands full with that BF and their three kids.
    I’m most impressed with Khloe, and Kendall how they are coping with all this. I’m sure when he fully changes over to a woman, it’s going to be the moment of reckoning for them. The youngest daughter, well, she’s probably too young really to understand what is really happening. She’s doing her selfie photos, her makeup, etc. and doesn’t fully realize what is going down.

    Like I said, I wouldn’t want to be in that family going through all this in a public way. They are grieving the loss of a past connection. Considering how famous they are at this point, I suppose they had to do this publicly, but still – – – I wouldn’t participate if I was in that inner circle. I’d keep my emotions private.

    • betsyh says:

      After watching the About Bruce special, I think that they actually are keeping their emotions private. The kids’ behavior is too politically correct. As an outsider, I commend Bruce for being true to him/herself and for doing it so publically (although I don’t think he had much choice). As his daughter, though, I would want the best for him but a father-daughter relationship is so impactful, fraught with complex emotions and memories and self-esteem-enhancement or -destruction. It’s one of the most important relationships in a girl’s life. No way would I just say, “you’re my hero, I can’t wait to meet her.”

  25. Yoo Hoo says:

    I was not impressed when Bruce said he’s finally going to live his life and not live the lie and role everyone has forced him to live all his life. No one forced him to get married three times. He could have become a woman in the 80s. I also picked up on a few people (Scott, Kris, and at least one daughter) mentioning how angry and mad and ticked off he always was for years. The KUWTK show presented such a false view of their lives.

  26. Helen says:

    I hate this story because it makes me feel sympathy for Kris Jenner. I never thought that would happen. And I thinks it’s awful the way Bruce is fronting that he is a boundary breaking hero spokesperson who is changing the world for the better. He seems like a selfish, shallow person who is a terrible parent. Not a good role model.