Sofia Vergara on having kids with Joe Manganiello: ‘How am I going to say no?’


Sofia Vergara covers the new issue of Redbook, probably to promote the absolutely terrible Hot Pursuit (easily one of the worst-reviewed films of the year). Sofia’s also doing some damage control following Nick Loeb’s attempts to make her look like a child (embryo!) abandoner, which is crazy. For what it’s worth, I think the public is pretty much on Sofia’s side, because Loeb looks like a crazy stalker ex-boyfriend. You would think that after an experience like that – where Nick and Sofia’s jointly owned embryos are the cause of so much legal and public consternation – that Sofia would be swearing off the idea of any future children. But she spends some time with Redbook talking about how she wants kids with Joe Manganiello.

Having kids with Joe: “Joe is younger than me. He’s 38. He’s never had kids. How am I going to say no? I tell him if we’re going to do this, we have to do it, like, now, because I don’t want to be 50 with a baby.”

Her relationship with Joe is easy: “I finally realized that relationships don’t need to be so much work. Ever since we met, it’s been so easy…I’m very suspicious. I’m like, ‘It’s not normal that we’ve been together for nine months and we haven’t had a big fight or anything.'”

Women need to learn “to let them be men”: “I think it’s very important not to try to take over on everything—even if you think you can do it easier or better. If you don’t let them do things, you create a cycle and then you complain that they never do anything.”

She hates to exercise: “I hate it! I do Pilates. I’m in a bad mood two hours before and while I’m doing it and then I’m done, because I know I have to come back and do it again. I’m always asking Joe, ‘Why do people always say they feel great working out?’ I just want to go home and lie down.”

[From Redbook]

On the plus side, I do believe Sofia and Joe’s relationship is pretty solid and “easy.” I think they both probably feel like they lucked out – Joe gets to be with his dream girl and she gets to be with a guy who is totally fine with whatever. Joe wants her to have a career, Joe is fine with Sofia being “the star” of the relationship, and that really works for them. As for the babies… I think it’s a bad idea. I don’t even believe Sofia wants another child and “He’s never had kids. How am I going to say no?” isn’t a good enough reason.


Photos courtesy of Redbook.

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  1. aims says:

    Oh girl, please be careful. The last time you considered having a baby with a boyfriend, it blew up in your face. Sure they’re two different men, but it can go south real quick.

    • KellyBee says:

      That’s exactly what happened last time. Last time in interviews she was saying because she dating a young guy who didn’t have kids she felt that she had to give him kids.

    • anne_000 says:

      I don’t like how she thinks she should give her men babies as if that’s an obligation or a compensation for being in a relationship with them.

      • Renee says:

        I never thought of it in this way but I think that you are right. And it’s totally f’ed up if she is thinking this way.

  2. Jem says:

    Well that would be a beautiful baby wouldn’t it? And fatherhood would look good on Joe

  3. Gigi says:

    Of course the relationship is easy. It seems like Joe is doing all of the compromising. Unfortunately “crazy” Nick may have a case since an embryo is made up of both a sperm (his) and an egg (hers). She stayed with him for 2 years. Most women who are used to drama filled bad boys don’t stick with nice guys for long no matter how handsome they are (note: Jennifer Lopez/Chris Judd). She’s lucky Joe is still around because she definitely didn’t think about the consequences of hooking up and “egging” up with this guy!

    • anne_000 says:

      I don’t think Nick has a case. I think the odds are more on the side that no judge would allow those embryos to be implanted and brought to full term.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      If a person does something that they want to do or don’t mind doing but that particular something seems like a “compromise” to a second person who is on the outside looking in, is it still actually a “compromise?”

  4. Sofia says:

    I don’t have much sympathy for her but appreciated this: “If you don’t let them do things, you create a cycle and then you complain that they never do anything.” I see this happening a lot.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah I agree. I have so many friends who complain their husbands never do anything, but when I’m at their house and their husbands are there, it’s just a never ending barrage of ‘why are you doing it like that’ ‘no, that’s not how you do that’ ‘do it like this’ ‘gosh you can’t do anything right can you’ ‘give me that, I’ll do it’. And over the most menial tasks too. Then they wonder why their husbands don’t volunteer to do these things.

      If someone was watching me like a hawk while I washed dishes, interjecting every few seconds with a ‘helpful’ suggestion, not doing them anymore would be the mildest reaction I’d be capable of honestly.

      • Sofia says:

        And doing the same with kids is another one too. Not teaching them and allowing them the time it takes to get better at something (doing the dishes, bed…) because they take too much time and things need to be done asap. Then they never learn, get used to have someone doing everything for them:/

    • Jayna says:

      It is so true. She was spot on.

  5. Lola says:

    Oh God, I was actually having this convo yesterday … having children is not the same as giving a “gift” to a man … and some women still think that way … if you feel like giving a “gift” to a man because he has never had children, ect. give a tie, a watch, … you know…
    Liked her honesty about exercise. And do agree that you have to let men be, or for that matter people need to let the other person be. (Unless they are cheating on you, and you need to get the hell out of there.)

    • Jayna says:

      True. But she was a great mom to her son and has had empty nest syndrome with him. I think she’s at an age she wouldn’t do it if her significant other didn’t want it, but she’s been a single mom her entire life and understands what having a child means and the love and devotion and sacrifice entailed. She may say things like that, like doing it for him, but she wouldn’t do it solely for that reason if not believing she will be an adoring mom, just like she was with her son, only this time to share raising that child with someone you love.

  6. Tifygodess says:

    I really like the dress and the sweater she is wearing. Now When it comes to having kids , you should have them because you want them not because someone else does. That’s never a good idea.

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    I saw them together this weekend. They were in Boston for her son’s college graduation. They seemed really comfortable and relaxed with one another and they are an absolutely stunning couple

  8. Jayna says:

    “I just want to go home and lie down.” That cracked me up.

    • Ankhel says:

      I loved her cranky attitude when it comes to staying fit! Just read one of Gwyneths speeches… ” It’s so eeeasy and inspiring..” No, it’s not! It’s a pain in the butt, literally.

  9. Kiddo says:

    Anyone else think this was a backhanded way of cranking the crazy ex’s chain?

  10. Talie says:

    Joe likes to play the fame game — that’s why it works. They make a good partnership, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hollywood relationships that last are built on more than just love.

    • Katie says:

      Or rather the ones that last are built on more than physical attraction–though physical attraction is an important component. Couples and their kids need a foundation of deeper values and stability for a happy and long life. If you don’t have those things a house will fall.

    • Fay says:

      Joe seems to have a similar mentality as Sophia. Didn’t he say in one of his last magazine interviews about working out and becoming an actor in order to date a certain “gene pool” (to paraphrase)? Not that his prior girlfriends were unattractive. They were lovely but they weren’t famous. Sophia has the looks, the MONEY, AND the FAME! Whether their partnership is any deeper than that remains to be seen.

  11. Lara K says:

    Relationships should be easy, but not too easy. Because eventually life gets tough and if you have never learned how to go through tough times together, the relationship implodes.

    For example, I can totally see them breaking up after a baby.

    It would be a gorgeous kid though.

  12. Susan says:

    One thing I must say for her: she’s pretty honest for a celebrity and I really appreciate that. So many interviews these days are bland and PR BS that are complete cliche. She speaks her mind and says what most are afraid (or their publicist won’t allow.) While I find her Latina stereotype roles to be a little….er…annoying I really like her as a person.

  13. Cali says:

    This women is talking about more babies while having two in the freezer that she’s about to throw out?! Lol, just STOP it crazy lady. You don’t have to give a man babies if it’s not for your lifestyle!! I’m liking her less and less…

  14. WTF says:

    I understand what she was saying about having children. If you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them and they want children, that is something that you have to really take into consideration. I don’t think she was saying she didn’t want kids. I think she was saying that she wouldn’t be the one pushing the issue, but if it’s important to him then she’ll do it. This is what happens when you are dealing with two mature adults.

  15. Ana says:

    A marriage won’t last if one person wants children and the other doesn’t so she’s right to want a child with him even if she’d be happy not having one if he wasn’t bothered. She’s done it before so she knows what she’s in for and she is probably a very good mother. That baby would be gorgeous too!!!!

    There’s no comparison between Joe and Nick, Nick is a deranged pschyo stalker, Joe’s hot and seems like a normal, decent man. One bad ex does not need to make you paranoid about relationships for life, all individuals are different.

    I feel exactly the same way about exercise. It’s a necessary torture to ward off fatness and lumps in the wrong places. Still torture.

  16. Bridget says:

    Anyone else think she can’t just say “of course I don’t want any more kids” while she’s in the middle of this stuff with her ex?